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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  December 2, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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deadly shooting of mario woods. san francisco police killed the stabbing suspect in a tense encounter. they say they've since changed some of thei now at noon marking one year since the killing of mario woods. police killed the stabbing suspect. protestors say their reforms are not enough. i'm brian hackney.
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>> i'm michelle griego. kpix 5's anne makovec is live at the hall of justice with what's changed for police in the last year. >> reporter: there's going to be a protest in front of the hall of justice any minute now since it's been one year since mario woods was shot and killed by police. you have probably seen this cell phone video from last year. 26-year-old mario woods a stabbing suspect surrounded by police officers in the bayview. they told him to drop a knife and eventually shot him, killing him dead on the sidewalk. he was shot more than 20 times. soon after, city of san francisco pushed for reform, creating a "use of force" policy, crisis intersection used to be voluntary in the police department but this year it's mandatory. police officers have to go on 40 hours of training how to deescalate a violent situation often with mentally ill
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suspect. investigations into police shootings are now turned over to the d.a.'s office. also the city of san francisco declared mario woods day on july 22nd, which is woods' birthday. but protestors say justice still has not been served. they are also angry that the district attorney didn't charge the officer with woods' death. now, woods' family has a pending civil case right now in federal court. live in san francisco, anne makovec, kpix 5. the chief of silicon valley's largest police department says not in our city. he is taking a stand against president-elect donald trump's plans for immigration enforcementof current federal law. the chief just held a news conference. maria medina reports. >> reporter: the police chief says he has heard the concerns here in san jose and he wanted to send a message, they will not get involved. >> the san jose pd has not and will not enforce federal law. it is simply not our mission or
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our rule. >> reporter: that's chief garcia's message to undocumented immigrants. his officers won't get involved with immigration enforcement. >> i don't think families should be separated. >> there's a lot of fear right now. a lot of uncertainty about what will happen in washington, d.c. >> reporter: san jose mayor sam liccardo wrote an open letter to undocumented immigrants just a few weeks ago saying, we have your backs. as fear spreads throughout the bay area. >> i don't pretend to know what president trump might decide to implement but there's fear. >> reporter: standing next to the chief and other community leaders today, the mayor and chief reiterated the city stands on immigration. >> we are maintaining our policy to make sure our police department isn't engaged in immigration enforcement. >> i and my officers are committed to maintaining active community involvement to
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reassure the trust that we have worked so hard to achieve. >> reporter: the mexican consul- general was also there. he wanted to tell illegal immigrants to stay calm. he says if any of them need advice, just to go to the consulate. live at sjpd, maria medina, kpix 5. today marks the one-year anniversary of the deadly san bernardino shooting. newly released 911 reportings capture the terror and chaos from that day. malik -- opene n an office holiday luncheon. >> 14 people died and 22 others were wounded when husband and wife syed farook and tashfeen malik opened fire on and christmas lunch. it was laid discovered that they were radicalized by the "islamic state." survivors say they refuse to
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let hate win. >> it's just the amount of love and community support that i -- that we have all received that's, you know, that's incredible. [ whimpering ] >> while survivors draw strength from community support, they say they have not received enough support from san bernardino county. they say the workers' comp. system denied them medication and treatment. the man arrested in the murder of a san francisco city worker is set to make his first court appearance today. 26-year-old michael higginbotham is expected to face a judge at 1:30 this afternoon. he was arrested in vallejo in connection with a shooting death of jermaine jackson. the 27-year-old father of two was working painting over graffiti at 25th and vermont vitas in san francisco when it happened. supporters of president- elect donald trump have just filed a federal lawsuit. they are trying to stop the recount. the recount was requested by
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jill stein. she also requested recounts in pennsylvania and michigan as well as wisconsin. in both pennsylvania and michigan there are efforts as to stop the recount. that lawsuit comes as the president-elect says he will officially announce his choice to be the next defense secretary on monday. marlie hall reports, he couldn't resist letting it slip who he was going to pick during a rally with supporters. >> don't let it outside of this room. do you promise? [ laughter ] >> reporter: president-elect trump leaked a secret during a victory tour rally in cincinnati thursday night. >> we are going to appoint "mad dog" mattis [ applause and cheers ] >> as our secretary of defense! [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: james mattis, the 66-year-old retired marine corps general, served 41 years in the military. he led expeditionary forces in iraq and afghanistan. mattis, who retired in 2013 will need a waiver from congress to take up the role. federal law says the pentagon chief must be out of uniform
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for seven years. president trump still hasn't decided on secretary of state. he has been interviewing candidates here at trump tower. sources say there are four top contenders on the position including former new york mayor rudy giuliani, former general david petraeus, senator bob corker of tennessee, and former presidential nominee mitt romney. general mattis has told president-elect trump he prefers to work with petraeus. >> we all know who makes the ultimate decision here it's donald trump but it does matter to him to take the counsel of the people who already are trusted to be in his cabinet. >> reporter: general petraeus interviewed with president- elect trump in his tower on monday. marlie hall, cbs news, new york. >> general petraeus resigned as cia director after pleading guilty to mishandling classified information. he is still serving his sentence of two years' probation. the death toll in the devastating wildfires in tennessee is rising with 13 people dead.
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the fire leaving behind a path of destruction. hundreds of homes have burned to the ground and there are reports that many homeowners say they evenly knew to -- they only knew to evacuate when they saw flames coming close. national park and officials say they gave proper warning right when the wildfire started. the numbers are in. the u.s. economy added 178,000 jobs in november. this is the first jobs report since the election. the unemployment rate went down to 4.6% the lowest in nine years. it's probably because many americans aren't looking for work anymore. average earnings fell. here's the big board on wall street. the dow is down 28 points. the california state treasurer is trying to figure out how banks can be more pot- friendly. as it stands now, bankers refuse to handle money brought in by the marijuana industry own though it's legal in the state. it's still illegal federally. treasurer john chiang appointed a working group today to solve
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potential problems that the conflict creates. good news for california crab fishermen. starting tomorrow they can catch crab across a 50-mile stretch that was previously of limits. -- off limits. it's because the area from point reyes to sea ranch finally has domoic acid levels that fall within a safe range. the department of fish & wildlife has been carefully monitoring the toxic algae since it derailed last year's season but officials stress crab fishing is still not allowed farther north between salt point and humboldt bay. ♪[ music ] still ahead, landlords paying attention as millennials choose to rent instead of buy. the impressive amenities that the landlords are offering to get them to sign that lease. >> plus, all lit up and ready to roll. where you can see caltrain's holiday train this weekend. >> sure is brisk outside! but the day it will top off near 70 for the last time this year, we'll tell you when that day will happen coming up. g and less,,
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millennials are holding off on buying a home... and renting instead. cbs reporter karina mitchell shows us -- they're look enities... with home prices rising and less inventory available many millennials are holding off on buying a home and renting instead. they are looking for extra amenities and landlords are paying attention. >> reporter: lucy's decision to move into this new york city rental had more to do with what's outside the apartment. amenities include a pool, fitness center, basketball court, and outdoor spaces. but what really sold her was the on site doggy daycare center. >> it gave me the flexibility to work a lot and still have the dog taken care of when i'm
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not here. >> reporter: millennials are leading the charge to rent, rather than buy. in 2014, almost 72% of them decided to rent. this building is owned by the company "related" and was constructed with young adults in mind. >> in here, we have our billiards room which is open all day for our residents. >> reporter: related executive chris smith says millennials put a premium on lifestyle. >> it's not just about the apartment. it's actually about the community amenities and social connectivity. >> reporter: residents can even go from practicing their swing on the golf simulator to a private bar all without ever leaving the building. but an economist says while the allure of amenities is appealing, many millennials don't want to rent forever. >> a lot of them want to buy home but there are a lot of hurdles. they often times are having a hard time getting qualified for a mortgage or even saving for a down payment.
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renting in general gives them flexibility. >> reporter: she enjoys that flexibility. >> once i know my long-term plans, i can think about buying but also very expensive. >> reporter: for now, she is happy to keep renting. karina mitchell, cbs news, new york. >> as a result of increased demand, the average rents have risen more than 20% in the top 50 housing markets nationwide since 2006. a popular women's health magazine is going all digital. "self" magazine says it will no longer sell its print edition after february 2017. media company conde nast says more and more companies are spending money for online advertising these days. in the bay area it is beginning to look a lot like christmas these days. the caltrain holiday train is set to go full speed ahead this weekend. the train will be glittering with 70,000 lights as it makes stops at nine caltrain stations tomorrow and sunday s santa and mrs. claus are aboard. they will be there with carolers. it's a big fundraiser for toys
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for tots. >> we partner with the marines to collect toys for familiar there's wouldn't otherwise see them this holiday season. we have collected over 50,000 toys from donations since the train started. >> the train will stop first in san francisco at 4:00 tomorrow afternoon before heading to burlingame. and for a link to the full schedule, go to our website, click on "links and numbers." yeah. looks like a lot of fun. what's not so fun is the cold s [ laughter ] >> did you say cold? >> it's all the way down to the 60s, roberta, come on! >> that's nothing compared to what's going on in the great state of hawaii. we take you to the big island where a winter storm warning is in effect for mauna loa and mauna kea. those elevations up to 12,000 feet, a foot of snow is expected. in fact, i got a big tip from my friends at the national weather service in honolulu about the snowfall so they sean whent me this picture -- they sent me this picture here. it looks like mount hamilton.
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from the snow in hawaii to the pristine conditions here in the bay area. this is our live weathercam from from sutro tower towards the golden gate bridge. visibility is unlimited. the camera is wavering gently due to the strong winds. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. it is now 61 in san jose. but we are picking up winds out of the northwest at 18 miles per hour there. the relative humidity is dropped to 22%. that's pretty dry. 19 in pleasanton. 25 at sfo with gusts up to 35 miles per hour. napaat 22. it's windy today and it will be windy today north 10 to 20. it has cleared out the atmosphere. clouds are working in from an area of low pressure to the north of us bringing beneficial rain to the pacific northwest. look at these lines here. this is our wind particle map. it gives you a good feel for the winds coming in out of the north. so that's going to be bringing in cooler air, as well. but not until sunday. temperatures into the 50s
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across the central valley for this getaway friday. 31 the forecast high in tahoe but the winter whipping up with the wind chill at 18. if you are heading to the greater lake tahoe area, very mild conditions over the weekend. but grab the chains, a chance of snow by the time you make tracks heading back home. our numbers 50s and 60s. yes, livermore 8th consecutive day of not reaching 60 degrees. sunset at 4:51. it cools off rapidly overnight tonight. 30s, 40s and 50s. tomorrow nearly 70s inland. that's the last time this year that balmy. we have a pac-12 championship game, the colorado -- >> university of colorado buffs and ralphie. >> they're playing the huskies. [ overlapping speakers ] it is lunchtime. time for our fresh grocer's tip of the day and today a fruit that's
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great on its own or in salads. here's tony tantillo. >> reporter: well, today's tip of the day is going to be is going to be with blood oranges. the season just started. they are in the market for a while and the quality is great for so early in the season but again, you know why they're called blood oranges? they look like they're bleeding when you cut them in half. is that beautiful or what! the blood orange in the market and they are great in salads. the wedges in a salad, they are great in juice. they are great out of hand. so versatile. and did you know that the mora oranges is the number one orange sold in europe? let's talk about selection and storage. when you buy them, you want to make sure that they have a beautiful color all the way around. a little bit of a red blush on the outside is good. red on the inside and heavy for their size always like all citrus. so blood oranges, in the market. when i see them in the market, i know it's the season, i'm a happy camper! 'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. nd always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. oh, it's good!
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keeping your pets healthy especially as temperatures go down. the signs of pneumonia that you should look out for coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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pet expert to tackle issues that pet owners may be facing. today's topic -- pneumonia. dr. jill chase joins us, along with "p every friday is we check in with our pet expert for issues
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that pet owners are going to be facing. this is dr. jill chase. we are going to talk about pneumonia. >> we had a patient come in who was from a shelter in bakersfield and the owners live here -- the owners live here and they adopted this dog and fairly quickly after they adopted her, she developed nasal discharge an significant cough. so i thought this is a good opportunity to talk about the symptoms of pneumonia. they could be -- they don't have to have nasal discharge but they can have a cough. i want to demonstrate what this cough is like because it's national that typical gagging cough you hear from the throat. it's a soft ex-hilllation of air. they're laying on their chest or standing up straight and they will extend their neck so it's parallel to the ground and make the sound like -- [ breathy ] >> it sound nothing like our cough. instant chest x-ray. that's how we diagnose it. we do the x-ray, see evidence of pneumonia. the list of things that cause
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it vary from viral to bacterial to fungal infections which this dog had bacteria and fungal at this point. >> so you had to take x-rays? >> we take x-rays. this dog was very, very sick. i wasn't sure if she was going to make it or not of the she has been in the hospital for a week and a half now. >> so what's the treatment? >> so in her case, it depends. if it's viral a lot of times we'll do nothing. or we'll put them on antibiotics because it can develop what we call a secondary bacterial infection meaning that the virus damages tissue and bacteria take advantage of that and create a secondary infection. we can have bacteria that cause the problem so antibiotics. if it's fungal we need antifungal medication. >> so your dog is on the floor, stretching out the neck and making this sound. >> very soft and shut. >> it applies to cats, too. the moment you hear it get to the vet. >> if you have a question about
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your pets' health and well- being, just email us and dr. jill chase will answer your questions every friday at noon. ,,
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and why they didn't head south for winter.. that story and more at five. finally this noon... two two jailbirds behind bars. the viral mugshot of the suspects and why they didn't head south for the winter.
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hose stories and more tonight at 5:00. but finally, this noon, talk about better late than never. >> a couple married for 70 years never had wedding photos taken until now. ferries and margaret romero of louisiana were married in 1946 but no one had a camera at the ceremony that day. >> look at that. >> so seven decade later their granddaughter hired a photographer to mark the couple's anniversary. >> oh. >> they got their pictures. that's so sweet. >> what an amazing gift. >> yeah. we love that. >> 70 years. >> amazing. isn't it? have a great one. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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♪ >> liam: you taste like the ocean. >> quinn: this is my favorite thing about us. >> eric: what's that? >> quinn: small, quiet moments that we make. >> eric: no moment with you is small. >> quinn: [ chuckles ] >> eric: each one is vastly significant. >> quinn: [ giggles ] >> eric: you make me very happy. i'm happier than i've ever been in my life. >> quinn: well, i am so glad because i feel the exact same


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