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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  December 2, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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items. it happened in corte madera, burlingame and three times in berkeley. >> they are not there for very long. it's a property crime-focused theft. we know what they're there for. we are working with apple as well as the business district on 4th street to see what we can do to stem that time of crime. >> reporter: apple doesn't comment on security. but our sources say apple has contracted with a company out of l.a. to provide security for stores most at risk. the move may be out of place in apple's culture. but the customers we talked to today are grateful these guards are here. >> oh, yeah. yeah. that's what i think i'm going to do is, you know, be -- last thing you want to do is being inside and get robbed. >> reporter: you can see there's also a picture of the inside of this store. now, so far, in these robberies, they are very quick, no one has been hurt. but in the robbery in the burlingame some of the robbers put hands on the customers and the employees and got rough with them. so apple isn't taking any chances at this point. as you can see, they do have
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guards out here. ken? >> yeah. so private security inside and out. that's a good thing for shoppers. what are police doing especially here in san francisco? are they doing anything? >> reporter: sure. they're working together very closely with apple. in fact, i have spoken to police officers in berkeley as well as sfpd. they say they have extra security especially around the holidays but now that they know this is a trend with apple stores, they are actually keeping a closer eye on these stores and within the last 45 minutes, i have seen police officers drive by this store at least twice. >> emily turner reporting live from san francisco. thank you, emily. a close call at the capital just two hours ago we learned nearly 100,000 state employees will show up for work on monday after all. kpix 5's allen martin on why they suddenly called off their strike. allen. >> reporter: liz, the governor's office took the state's largest public employee union to court today trying to block that one day work stoppage but instead, both sides agreed to head back to the collective bargaining. the local is california's
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largest public employee union representing 95,000 state workers from administrative and custodial services to educators, nurses, even toll workers. the state is offering them a 12% raise over four years. well, the union is pushing back demanding more money, lower benefit contributions, and equal pay for men and women. as of right now they are still bargaining in sacramento but the union president says they believe they have found a path forward. at this point, no strike on monday. ken? >> thank you. the man accused of killing a san francisco city worker made his first court appearance this afternoon. the victim's wife and two children were among the people walking into court today. 27-year-old jermaine jackson was shot to death in the mission district on wednesday morning as he was working to remove graffiti for the city. today, an attorney for the suspect michael higginbotham said that he wants to do his own investigation. >> we're planning to enter pleas of not guilty, um, mr.
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higginbotham has denied this crime to the police. and we'll be conducting again our own investigation into what happened. >> the suspect was arrested in vallejo on wednesday night, hours after the deadly shooting, and an arraignment on murder charges is scheduled for next friday. a man accused of keeping a uc-santa cruz student in his car against her will is under arrest. police say jose calderon ortiz was under the influence and smoking marijuana when he gave the hitch-hiking student a ride. he picked her up from a bus stop on the uc-santa cruz campus just before 1:00 yesterday morning. but police say he wouldn't stop the car when she wanted to get out. the victim managed to escape as ortiz slowed down at one point. police arrested him on a traffic and probation stop. today is one year since the terror attack in san bernardino. danielle nottingham shows us how that community gathered to remember the 14 people who were
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killed and how survivors are trying to recover. >> and a moment of silence as we honor the 14 individuals who were lost. >> reporter: a somber ceremony marked the one-year anniversary of the workplace massacre that killed 14 people and injured 22 others at the inland regional medical center in san bernardino. >> we will never forget that day or the victims of this senseless act of violence. >> reporter: syed farook and tashfeen malik walked into a holiday luncheon for county employees and opened fire. >> take a picture by the christmas tree when he came shooting through the room. >> reporter: julie was shot twice by farook. her pelvis was shattered. four surgeries later remains a slow recovery. >> i have accepted the new level of, you know, just that everyday pain that's just kind of a new normal. >> reporter: while the community here is still trying to heal, it's still unclear if
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the husband and wife team had help planning the attack. the fbi believes farook and malik were radicalized but after hundreds of interviews and an unprecedented effort to recover data from a smartphone, officials have not made any arrests linked directly to the attack. she says she is focused on healing. >> the amount of love and community support -- [ whimpering ] >> that we have all received, you know, that's incredible. >> reporter: danielle nottingham, cbs news, san bernardino, california. >> the san francisco police commission is defending its ban on shooting at moving vehicles. the police union just put out a video ad taking aim at the policy. it envisions a terror attack involving a truck plowing into a crowd with nearby police powerless to stop the driver. but the police commission said today that's a bit misleading. they say no policy can predict every situation. and the language specifically states that officers are to
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rely on their own judgment in extraordinary circumstances. we're learning the identity of a man killed in a multi-car crash that happened in san fernando's marina district. police saythe 45-year-old was a lawyer, a pilot and according to his facebook page, a married father of three. four others were injured in the wreck yesterday morning. witnesses say that it happened when a white suv ran a red light according to san francisco's vision zero traffic data. lombard and divisadero where the crash happened is a highly injury corridor [sic] an area singled out for bad accidents. in other bay area headlines, two inmates who broke out of the main jail in santa clara county made their first court appearance since being recaptured. rogelio chavez and laron campbell are both charged with escaping from jail and destroying jail property.
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they could get an extra 16 months tacked on to their jail terms. police found chavez on wednesday in san jose and campbell a day earlier in antioch. a community meeting tonight in the north bay on proposed rules for marijuana. santa rosa and sonoma county will present details about ordinances on taxation and land use that could go before voters in march. the public meeting starts at 5:30 at the glazer center in santa rosa. commercial crab season is set to open tomorrow in the north bay. a 50-mile stretch of coast between point reyes and salt point has been given the "all clear." that's after domoic acid a harmful toxin found in algae fell with a safe range. state officials have been carefully monitoring the algae since derailed crab season last year. a spokesman for the trump team says the president-elect's support of the disputed dakota access pipeline is based purely on policy and has nothing to do
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with the billionaire businessman's personal investment in the project. federal disclosure forms show trump recently sold a small amount of stock in the company building the pipeline but still holds at least $100,000 worth of phillips 66, which observes one quarter of the pipeline. we'll have more on the transition coming up at 5:30 on the "cbs evening news with scott pelley." and new at 5:00 american airlines is facing a growing backlash from its own employees. they are upset about some new uniforms for pilots and flight attendants. kpix 5's len ramirez is live at mineta san jose international airport with what you could call a rash of complaints. [ laughter ] >> len? >> reporter: a rash indeed, ken. it's been about 25 years since the last uniform change at american airlines. they went with a new design and new vendor. but employees told me today that it is a real problem with these uniforms. it's making some people sick and they say it's not a safety issue but a lot of people are
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uncomfortable. american airlines flight attendants coming off airplanes at mineta san jose international airport are sporting their new red, white and blue uniforms. >> excuse me. can i talk to you about the union for issue? >> reporter: when i asked how they are making employees sick -- [ inaudible ] >> reporter: -- they didn't want to talk about it at least not on camera. >> we're taking a different approach with our uniform program and it's about our colleagues who wear them. >> reporter: american airlines produced this video when they rolled out the new outfit for 70,000 flight attendants, pilots and gate personnel in september. >> functions out in the operation. >> reporter: but within weeks about 1600 workers complained the new uniforms were giving them headaches and rashes. two told me privately something in the wool makes them itchy and eyes water. one said today would be the last time she wore it and the pilot said he already went back to his old uniform and won't
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change back. the flight attendants union is asking american airlines for a complete uniform recall. american airlines has not growed to that but they are -- has not agreed to that but they are giving them the option to wear the old uniforms or new synthetic nonwool uniforms and they are also offering skin tests for some employees who are affected to see if that is the problem. reporting live in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. well, it's a breezy day today in the bay area. you can see the waves thrashing this afternoon at crissy field in san francisco but it wasn't cold enough for these dogs playing fetch in the water. [ laughter ] >> chief meteorologist paul deanno is here with just how long the breeze is going to hang around. paul? >> the dogs will love it regardless of what the weather is outside. yes, it was breezy at crissy field, 30 miles per hour. the wind gusts there at 30 miles per hour. you need to double that and then some at the top of mount diablo, 62 miles per hour earlier. mount tam a 45-mile-per-hour wind gusts, windy in napa, port of oakland, alameda and
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petaluma and likely in your neighborhood, as well. wind speeds currently are relaxing. san francisco 10 miles per hour. far less than earlier today. san jose 9 miles per hour. napa still breezy and the breeze is coming out of the north one version of our offshore wind, 18 miles per hour. there's one day and one spot where we may see some 70s. i'll talk about that and our fading rain chances. that is all up next. ♪[ music ] see you then, paul. thank you. new hope for those suffering from the same disease as the late actor robin williams. >> doctors zeroing in on a new treatment and how it could help those slowly being robbed of life. >> reporter: the tanner family is home. look, lights are on at 1709 broderick street and there's a crowd here like something out of 1996. we'll talk to the show's creator next. >> and one of the most exotic mugshots you have ever seen. we'll show you the jailbirds. ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,
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>> closed cap tioning for this newscast is sponsored by "living spaces furniture" it is full circle for the san francisco homemade famous by the tv show "full house." >> the show's createdder now the owner of the iconic home on broderick street. kpix 5 reporter jackie ward is outside the house with some new plans for the old victorian. jackie. >> reporter: now, for some people who may never have watched "full house," ken bastida -- ahem -- this won't apply to them but for me, today was like taking a trip back into the 1990s and for the first time in a very long time, we're going inside the "full house" house. nearly 30 years have passed since jeff franklin randomly chose 1709 broderick street as the backdrop for what would become his had the tv show. >> it will be great to be able
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to actually shoot here and, you know, and freshen up our shots of the house. >> reporter: that's because the last time crews shot here was 1987. franklin doesn't have plans to shoot episodes inside the house but it will go through some remodeling. >> seismically retrofitting and replacing infrastructure in the house and then i'll figure out what to do with it because i'm not going to live here. >> reporter: even after all these years, "full house" and now "fuller house" is proving its longevity and popularity from one generation to the next. ♪[ music ] >> whatever happened to the milkman, the paperboy, even tv -- ♪[ music ] >> everywhere you look,
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everywhere [ indiscernible ] [ singing theme from "full house" ] >> one of the best sights to see, man, since childhood, knows central johnny carson brings back so many memories something -- nostalgia, brings back so many memories, something everybody can relate to. >> i always wanted to be cool. >> we like the nostalgia but we also think we're doing a show that, you know, that people now can enjoy for what it is. >> reporter: so in the video you may have seen some of the original cast members posing on the front steps here on broderick street. we actually got to talk to some of them and we'll share those interviews with you coming up at 6:00. for now in san francisco, jackie ward, kpix 5. ford is recalling more than half a million cars mainly in north america over a seatbelt defect. this comes after ford says that two people were injured when their seatbelts snapped during crashes. the recall covers 680,000
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vehicles including ford fusions between 2014 and 2016. and 2013 to 2015 lincoln mkzs. ford dealers fix it for free next month. a northern california wombatling breast cancer built up the courage to leave her home without her wig. only to be humiliated. it happened yesterday in alamo rental car at the sacramento airport. lee cook says she handed over her id and reservation to the clerk. he took one look at the picture and didn't believe it was her accusing her of lying. he called over a manager, who also didn't believe her. >> i'm trying to stay strong about it and keep my tears back but i couldn't. it was just like a punch in the stomach. i want my voice to be heard because i mean, this may happen to somebody else. >> after the humiliating ordeal, they eventually gave her the keys. when reached for comment, alamo rental says they are looking into the incident. there's new hope for
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treating the type of dementia that actor robin williams is said to have had before he killed himself. cbs reporter stephanie stahl takes a look at an experimental drug and one family's story. >> reporter: his hand tremor is part of why donald can no longer work on his vintage corvettes. he was diagnosed with "lewy body" dementia three years ago. >> he kept his sense of humor. >> reporter: his wife watched it rob his memory and caused hallucinations in parkinson's which causes tremors. >> it's devastating. >> reporter: what bothers you the most? >> i guess, something was [ indiscernible ] >> something is being robbed from you? >> yeah. the rest of my life. >> reporter: don is now working with a neurologist who is testing a new drug, the first- ever developed to treat "lewy body" dementia. >> i'm really encouraged that a drug company is aware of this
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disease because it's been way overlooked. taking this on, i think, is an exciting first step. >> reporter: the experimental drug is designed to boost neurotransmitters in the brain to improve memory and reduce other simple symptoms. >> and hopefully there will be a breakful, which is wishful thinking. but you never know. >> reporter: he remembers enough to be emotional about his condition and while hopeful for the drug, don doesn't know if he is getting it or a placebo. >> maybe if it doesn't make a difference for you down the road to would make a difference for somebody else. >> reporter: the couple says for now, they live every day the best they can. stephanie stahl, cbs news, pennsylvania. >> the drug trial is happening at 30 different sites around the country. "lewy body" dementia affects about a million and a half people making it the second most common type of dementia after alzheimer's disease. today thousands of wildfire victims in tennessee went back home to see what's left. for many there's nothing but
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ash. the fire hopscotched through gatlinburg and leveled more than 1,000 homes and buildings, but left others untouched. the emergency management agency put out an evacuation order monday night. many people never received the alert on their phones, possibly due to old technology. at least 13 people died and 8 others were injured in the fire. for the past couple of days been talking about a rain chance for monday into tuesday. that's changed. the rain chance has moved. find out if it will impact your weekend now coming up. >> and coming up all new at 6:00, tonight a vigilante poster turning heads on bart trains. the very colorful message taking a stand against "hate." ,,,,,,
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breezier and warm outside today. mid-60s still which is about 5 degrees warmer than this time yesterday in oakland. you're sitting at 64 degrees. it's 62 in san francisco.
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56 right now for livermore. san jose 59. santa rosa 54. beautiful friday evening. yes, you made it to your weekend! concord currently 58 degrees. want to check the radar. always spinning, always search for rainfall within 300 miles of anywhere in the bay area. we are rain-free. nice weekend to head to san jose stop at downtown ice. nice weekend. sunny and warmer choice will be tomorrow. tonight chilly but not as chilly fewer 30s out there. livermore staying in the 40s. san jose 42. santa rosa 39. 49 for san francisco. and 44 from mountain view. the change tomorrow is the wind will be a little bit less. we'll have less wind out there but it's still an offshore variety. even a north wind is not coming from the ocean. so an offshore wind will keep temperatures a little milder tomorrow. napa you may see 70 degrees tomorrow. same story for calistoga, saint helena and yountville. daytime temperatures mild three to five degrees warmer than average and more comfortable outside tomorrow because you will have less wind to deal
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with. high pressure is building in. it's going to sit just off to our west for a while. this will deflect all the storms and there are several up into the pacific northwest. we had too much of this over the past five winters. this guy is only going to hang out for a couple of days. but because of this ridge we'll get the cold front on monday but no rainfall. we'll not see a widespread rain chance in the bay area until this time next week. next friday. so monday is now looking dry. 70 degrees in napa tomorrow with that offshore wind. vallejo 67. livermore 65. redwood city 63. if you are heading into san francisco, 62 degrees with sunshine tomorrow. three to five degrees cooler on sunday but still pleasant. partly sunny skies. monday now we're rain-free. but the temperatures will still drop, tuesday and wednesday mid- 50s at the warmest and we could see a freeze away from the water and that widespread rain chance has been pushed back to our next front which is not until next friday. so a while to go before we get our first december rainfall.
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(ee-e-e-oh-mum-oh-weh) (hush my darling...) (don't fear my darling...) (the lion sleeps tonight.) (hush my darling...) man snoring (don't fear my darling...) (the lion sleeps tonight.) woman snoring take the roar out of snore, yet another innovation,
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the n-c-a-a moved the games out of north carolina... because of that state's new transgenger bill. this afternoon west the women's college soccer championships are this weekend in avaya stadium in san jose. the ncaa moved the games out of north carolina because of transgender bill. this afternoon west virginia beat the university of north carolina 1-nil and right now georgetown is playing usc, university of southern california, the final is on sunday. and that transgender measure is also reverberating
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through college basketball. the university of maine squad plans to wear rainbow themed t- shirts before a game on saturday at duke in north carolina. that's despite the fact that duke is a private school that is not affected by the new state law. well, talk about a flight risk. a man in oregon was arrested along with his pet parrot. there you see it. authorities say craig buckner brought the bird to county court with him. he ended up getting arrested but police let him keep the parrot for his booking photo. arrr! the mugshot has since gone viral. [ laughter ] >> giving new meaning to the term, jailbird. >> not guilty, not guilty! [ laughter ] >> oh, yeah. >> i didn't do it! [ imitating parrot voice ] >> what happened to the bird after it went to jail? somebody hopefully took it home or -- >> talking about the birdman of alcatraz. let him be the birdman of oregon or something. >> no. of jail? no. that wouldn't work. see you at 6:00. captions by: caption colorado mber latest news
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and weather is a bs s-f captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: turning foreign policy upside down. in a break with long-standing u.s. diplomacy, the president- elect talks to the president of taiwan, a move sure to anger china. also tonight, the trump and clinton camps reopen their battle. >> do you think i ran a campaign where white supremacists had a platform? are you going to look me in the face and tell me that? >> kelly, you did. >> really? >> pelley: the school tragedy that might have been. and steve hartman, a chance encounter with a cop changes a young man's life forever. >> and i noticed that it was a police car, and i was like, "oh, okay i'm not going to move. i don't want him to think i have any weapons."


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