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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  January 24, 2018 1:37am-2:13am PST

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shake-up at city hall. tonight: san francisco has its third mayor -- in now at 11:00, breaking news, a shakeup at city hall. tonight, san francisco has its third mayor in six weeks. good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> i'm elizabeth cook. kpix 5 political reporter, melissa caen, is at city hall where mark farrell took over for london breed about 90
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minutes ago. >> reporter: we're here at san francisco's city hall where hours and hourses of public comment finally ended with a bang. he absolutely stunned the room. what we saw tonight was some political chess maneuvering, where he seems to have agreed to lose the battle today in order to win the war in june. >> i permly want to thank -- personally want to thank london breed for her leadership through this difficult time. >> reporter: of all the times floated, supervisor mark farrell was never on the list until tonight. >> this is an absolute shock. >> she wanted acting mayor london breed to continue on and be the interim mayor. >> i also want to make the nomination that we consider appointing her to be our successor mayor, thank you. >> and i will accept the nomination. >> reporter: hours of public comment revealed many supporters of london breed. they were eager to keep a
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capable black female mayor. >> if we looked at her took, we looked at her work, if we looked at her compassion. >> but not everyone wanted breed to continue to be mayor. >> that there are white rich men, billionaires in this city that have steered the policies for the past mayoral administrations if not. but those same white men and it is documented, they are so enthusiastically supporting your candidacy, london breed. >> reporter: supervisor hillary ronen voted for mark farrell. someone in politics who are very similar to london breeds. >> where were the progressive values? keeping in mind the voices against london were saying we don't want someone connected to wells or tech. you couldn't have gotten a more person connected than you do in mark farrell. >> when he won with, the reaction was severe. the meeting was shut down.
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>> madam clerk, i would like to recess the meeting. we will recess. >> this meeting is now recessed. >> supervisor london breed is still the president of the board of supervisors, still on the ballot to be mayor in june. now that's an important point because supervisor mark farrell cannot run for mayor. he has already missed the paperwork deadline. for some progresses, having someone like mark farrell in office is a good thing because that means progressive candidates like mark leno and jane kim and london breed all have to start an equal footing when they run in june. nobody gets an incumbency advantage in this election. in san francisco, melissa caen, kpix 5. we have breaking news in santa cruz county tonight. two earthquakes about an hour ago. it's been a seismically interesting day. >> it has been several months. this is south of san jose, but
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felt widespread throughout the santa clara area and all the way up to san brew no. it bruno. it is 16 miles northwest ofhollister. many folks are feeling a shake in the south bay about exactly one hour ago. we have rain on the way. it will not impact us tonight, but tomorrow morning. as soon as 8:00 or 9:00 in the morning we will begin to see the rainfall fill in to the north bay, and it will be raining steadily for the an hour or -- steadily for an hour over the next day. we'll have more in a few minutes. >> paul, thank you. tonight's freeway attack. this car shot up in san jose and the chp believes this is a completely random act of violence. the shooting happened on interstate 680 in san jose. the driver on her way to
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babysit her grandson. kpix 5, betty yu, caught up with the victim tonight. betty? >> reporter: ken, this woman says at first she thought it was a rock that hit her car. but then when the sound intensified and she saw the damage, she knew it was something much worse. that's what a woman heard while driving on 680 south before 6:00 a.m.. she asked her face not be shown. chp says that sound came from a pellet gun. it blew out her rear window. >> i went oh my gosh. this is not a rock and this is not just somebody playing around on the side of the road. i was very nervous and frightened beyond belief. >> the woman accelerated and drove with her head low to the steering wheel until she could pull over in a safe spot. officers say based on the damage, the shooter was near the car. >> they suspected it came from the person who was in the next
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lane to the right behind me because of the way the angle of the hits were. >> reporter: chp has no leads in this case, and believe it was a random act of violence. just last week, investigators were looking into what caused windows to shatter on five shuttle buses carrying employees from google and apple along 280 between cupertino and san francisco. passengers were on board when the buses were hit during the morning and evening commutes. >> but at this point we don't know what the actual thing was thrown or shot at them. at this point, we are not ruling anything out. it could have been anything like a rock or a bb gun. >> reporter: and again, chp has no suspect in this case. they are asking anyone who may have been in this area early this morning and heard or saw something unusual to give them a call. live in san jose, betty yu, kpix 5. tonight, a killer is on the
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loose in san francisco. police say a gunman shot two people around 5:00 p.m. one man died, the other victim is in the hospital. police blocked off richland avenue near leese street during the investigation. so far the motive for the shooting is unknown. well new tonight, the city manager of san leandro has been put on leave amid sexual misconduct allegations. chris zapata is accused of trying to pressure the ceo of a non-profit into having a sexual relationship with him in exchange for public funding. the ceo says the harassment went on for four years. she filed for a complaint calling for zapata to be fired. no response from him tonight. in kentucky, two students are dead, a 15-year-old classmate is in custody after the first deadly school shooting in the u.s. this year. veronica de la cruz tells us the motive is a mystery tonight. >> reporter: that's right, liz. tonight authorities released the names of the two students
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killed. baleigh nicole holt, and preston brian. the shooting started in the school atrium. the 15-year-old boy used a handgun to shoot randomly. it took less than ten minutes for law enforcement to respond to the scene, and arrest the gunman. >> we will tell you the 15-year- old is going to be charged with murder and attempted murder. we are working with the authorities now to proceed with those charges. >> the county attorney is expected to ask for the suspect to be tried as an adult. as of tonight, authorities are not releasing his identity. according to the new york times, this is the 11th shooting on a school property already this year. veronica de la cruz, kpix 5. tonight, tsa keeping a closer eye on their security lines to look out for stowaways. this is after a serial stowaway, marilyn hartman made it past the check point at o'hare last week and got on a
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flight to london without a ticket or passport. >> we are looking at how we manage the cue. to make sure we don't provide any opportunity for a passenger to get by that first person. >> you'll remember hartman, the woman who snuck onto a flight from san jose to los angeles. a north bay man under arrest tonight. >> he's accused of trying to sneak off in a 350-ton tugboat. katie nielsen with the high seas drama on richardson bay. >> reporter: police say this deck scraper is the weapon of a modern day pirate. they say the man broke this window, then tried to steal a 170-foot long tugboat. >> this boat was built in 1955 for the army. >> reporter: but this is no plain old o military stuck boat. it's now the part-time home of jennifer and joe flowers. >> we don't take it away from
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the dock, and we've had it for ten years. so this little adventure, this is it. this as big as it -- this is as big as it starts. >> 48-year-old douglass crandall got on the bright red tugboat and released the 10 heavy lines. >> he cut up the milled. >> reporter: then let the boat drift out into richardson bay. >> they ran into other vessels, it could have gone over other vessels. it's 350 tons of steel and it doesn't care what it diswhen had is under control or so, when they boarded the boat, they found crandall, who couldn't explain why the boat was loose in bay. >> in my 21 years at the police department, this is the first time anybody has ever stole a
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tugboat. we do have vessel thefts. far vessel this size to be stolen from sauce sausalito is extremely weird. >> reporter: since the boat is for sale, maybe the owner wanted to keep it for himself. >> a unique quality you cannot get anywhere else. and i guess the guy who broke in kind of felt the same way. [ laughter ] >> reporter: the tug is still for sale, but pirates are included. in sausalito, katie nielsen, kpix 5. tonight, a beached whale that washed up got tangled up in something before it died. the marine mammal center isn't sure what snagged a humpback whale, but said it had wounds around his neck and shoulder blade. it is unclear if it was the direct cause of death. who would abandon a dog at a bay area cemetery? andria borba shows us that dog
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is getting a second chance at life thanks to some good samaritans. >> reporter: you'd never knew how cosmo spent his saturday night. tethered to the fence of the sunrise memorial cemetery with a short electrical cord. no food, no water, no blanket, and chilly temperatures, abandoned. >> he had been there for, we don't know how long. >> reporter: someone snapped this photo, put it on facebook, and two good samaritans decided they couldn't allow cosmo to suffer any longer. >> they took him in and into their home. they gave him a warm place to sleep at night. >> 3-year-old cosmo was brought here to the north bay humane society. >> and it was more of a cosmic coming together as a community because somebody was good enough to post it to the internet. two other people were there to
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act on it and they brought him to us. >> reporter: for an abandoned pit bull mix, he isn't aggressive, just hungry. >> wagging his tail, taking streets. he loved his treats. >> reporter: and super friendly. >> dogs have a remarkable balance about them. once they are shown love and they can start trusting and loving then, you know, in a matter of day. >> folks at the humane society says he will be ready to be adopted out later this week. in vallejo, andria borba kpix 5. tonight, a san francisco police officer is back on duty more than a year after a man attacked him with a skate board causing severe brain damage. on thanksgiving day, 2016, officer robbie chon was chasing down a suspect when all of a sudden the guy bashed him in the head with his skate board. >> i can't just because of one
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incident, think it will have to. you have to see the positivity and forget the guy who actually did it. >> the suspect goes on trial in april for attempted murder. officer chon is back in the force on light duty status. tonight, a teenager dragged off a train in handcuffs for refusing to take her feet off the seat, let somebody sit down. los angeles police say the officer was just doing his job, but critics say he went way too far. reporter tom wait has the video. you be the judge. >> reporter: cell phone video showing an lapd sergeant pulling an 18-year-old woman off the red light train has gone viral and caught the attention of the mayor. the lapd says this chaotic scene played out after a sergeant repeatedly told a young woman to take her feet off of a seat. she did not comply, so the
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sergeant removed her by force. >> my expectation of the mta and supervisor thomas and i both chair it, there would be courtesy from everybody. i expect that from the individuals who ride, i expect that from law enforcement. i know mta and lapd have launched an investigation. sometimes videos tell one picture. we'll have the video of the officers, and as well as other videos made. >> reporter: receive snow the young woman at the center of the video, eventually cited and released. you'll see 22-year-old selena get in officers faces. they say she spits on them. she was arrested. the ugly scene is drawing varying responses. >> take her feet off the seat. he's doing his job. >> and this seems aggressive for the crime we're discussing. and now if she had been smoking crime like i've seen other
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people do, that's a different story. >> reporter: we spoke to the young victim's mother. she says her daughter is okay, but they are getting a lawyer. as for the officer at the center of the video, the one who pulls this young woman off, the lapd says an investigation is underway, but he remains on the job. in north hollywood, i'm tom wait, kpix 5. the remaining bridge won't be destroyed after all. instead four out of the six piers will be installed along the oakland shoreline. this is what they all look like. the project will feature one of a kind outdoor classrooms and access to the bay for small boats and kayaks. back in november, caltrans imploded the last two piers on the old eastern span. the bridge officials say they will save millions by not demolishing the piers. the new project is expect today be completed in december. nearly half of u.s. adults now use a digital assistance. tonight, apple is getting ready to jump into the smart speaker
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race. apple's home pod speaker arrives in had stores on february 9. pre-orders begin this friday. price taxer $349. it will go head to head against other digital home assistance including amazon echo and google home. artificial intelligence is on fire right now as our machines become more and more human like. will they augment our lives or some day take over? tonight, kiet do introduces us to the first robot that listens and learns. >> what is the weather tomorrow? >> you'll see lots of sun. >> reporter: digital assistance may be on the rage, but what if alexa or google looked and acted more like her? would it freak you out? >> you mean the concept if robots becomes too realistic, they become creepy. >> reporter: her name is sophia. the human-like robot powered by
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a.i., displaying more than 60 facial expressions. her creator says her brain is capable of deep learning via cloud-based technology. she learns by interactive with you. >> actually, i feel people like interacting with me sometimes even more than a regular human. >> we want machines to match human cognition and emotion >> hang on, i'm texting you right now. as to why, look no further than the smart phone. texting, posting, using emojis that have dramatically altered the way humans interact. americans are more likely to text than call a friend. >> the motions are missing from the digital world. they need to build a record. >> reporter: veronica wants to change that. >> we are increasingly surrounded by the advanced a.i. systems, but that are completely oblivious to our emotional state. this is using the ipad camera to read my emotions in real- time.
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>> reporter: the company makes software that adds emotional artificial intelligence to your digital experiences. with it, devices, games, apps can detect a user's motion in real time and expand immediately. >> we are able to identify 50. the other ones are pretty subtle like a lift. we are also able to read eight different emotional state, gerund arer -- state, gender, age, ethnicity. >> we have been learning from the brain. >> ibm's chief scientist for brain inspired computing. he headed up the team that created true north. >> this chip was drastically different. >> reporter: true north is aneuro chip. >> we can communicate with the machine, not just with keyboards, but in a way we might communicate with one
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another. >> it uses neurons and synopsis. >> saudi arabia granted her citizenship. >> i am very honored and proud for this unique distinction. >> reporter: the robot does bring up a troubling point. >> i hope you can tell i'm a robot by the wires coming out of my body. but maybe what we have learned is coming out of my body some day. >> reporter: as our machines become more human like, even perform super human tasks, will simply take us over. in silicon value valley, kiet do, kpix news. install more digital devices from your car to home appliances. what's driving the growth? consumers say it's easier and ai devices respond more quickly than you do. >> does this mean i can unplug you? >> yes.
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>> awesome. >> we always knew there was something different about ken. it was revealed at 11:20 tonight. all right, here we go. human. 46 degrees. livermore 42, san francisco 51. santa rosa 41 degrees. partly cloudy skies right now, but clouds are rolling in, not before we hit the upper 30s. liver -- liver mother, napa -- livermore, napa, san francisco. this thing has a long way to go before it gets here, but the front will arrive. best news because we won't see any flooding around here. we're going to see a lot of snow in the sierra, packing a good punch. one to two feet of snow above 4,000 feet in elevation. higher peaks, the stop of your favorite ski resort, up to three feet of new snow. travel delays are likely. once you get there, you will be happy with a lot of fresh powder coming through the sierra. the gulf of alaska is working their way south. we're getting the tail end of things, so the rain is slowly
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working south. why are we not talking about flooding rainfall? because we don't have the jet stream support to really enhance the rainfall, nor do we have any tropical conditions. yes, we'll have a front and rain for two days off and on, but we won't see any widespread flooding issues. timing tomorrow morning, we are cloudy, rain hitting santa rosa by 10:00. crossing the golden gate by lunchtime. that's when we'll have the most widespread right now. then we go into shower mode. wednesday evening, showers. thursday morning showers. thursday afternoon, still showery outside. add everything up though, we are talking about a quarter to half an inch of rain. more for the north bay, and more than an inch of rainfall for mendocino county. mountainview 57, hayward 55, pacifica 53. mid-50s in pittsburg, san ramon, and dublin. novato 53. highs around 50.
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showers will continue on thursday. that's probably the last rain we're going to see for the month. we go dry friday through the weekend, into next week. highs in the 60s inland over the weekend. ken is a robot. we learned a lot of information. >> that explains so much. >> see, now he's showing off. suddenly millions of people are playing this trivia game. tonight, the host reveals it who are these people?
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the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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the ch it has become a daily addiction for a lot of people. >> a live trivia game you play on your phone for the chance to win cash. >> here we go. question one. >> even our al martin is getting into it, hq trivia. players have ten sixties. if you tap the right answer to multiple choice questions, you get 12 in a row right and you win a share of the prize money. this woman's response to an $1,100 win is going viral. the game's secret to success. >> well, i mean beyond the idea of winning money, the chance to win money, which we all love to do. what hq trivia has done, take the old show quiz show, which has been around radio, and made it a participation sport. >> the prize money has gone up to $18,000, hitting a record of 1.6 million players at the same time. i have sports, trivia time. how many nba players have
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scored 30,000 points in their careers? paul deanno has his hands up. warriors get two more all stars, but can they knock off the knicks? tip- legend has it, the first voyagers arrived on canoes,
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sailing the seas day and night. they knew where they were going, by watching the clouds move in the sky or the way their boats rocked. that's how the waves and stars would speak to them. guide them. sometimes, you can find your way in the world,
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by getting lost in it. let your legend begin at aulani, a one-of-a-kind disney resort in hawaii golden state becomes the first team in nba history to have 4 all stars in conse warriors and klay thompson join steph curry as all stars. warriors have four all stars in consecutive years. the knicks all star porzingis sitting out with a knee injury. michael beasley off the glass. knicks led by ten. but golden state gets a wake up call in the third period. zaza, the spin move, the buckets. just 90 seconds later with the block, here comes a fast break. one of steph curry's eight three pointers. finishing with 32. golden state is the winner. 123-112. tonight, lebron james became
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the 7th player in nba history to reach 30,000 career points. and the first person to turn grudge and to congratulate curry is king james himself. sharks coach pete wasn't happy when they trailed winnipeg 3-0. late third period, down 43. scoring on the rebound. and the game is tied. we go to overtime. just 18 seconds left in the second period, and the jets will beat the sharks 4-3. the only american still playing tennis at the australian open, but they came to an end in the quarter finals. they lost in straight sets, who will face either roger federer in this semifinals. and this is a pretty incredible time when you think about roger federer being 36 years old,
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going for his 20th major grand slam win. and then you have tom brady on the american soil at 40, going for his fifth super bowl win. >> yes, it could be the sixth. >> well, he is playing in his 8th super bowl if you will. and how many did the 49ers win, ken? >> all right. >> and how many did they lose? >> none. >> they lost one. >> oh, well.
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tomorrow morning at 4-30. michelle griego and kenny choi will have all the news you
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