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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  September 10, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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it is tuesday, it is september 10. >> good morning. it is 5:00 right now. let's get a check on the forecast. it seems like it is pretty cool out there. >> we are looking at temperatures that will be on the cool side as we go through the afternoon as well. enjoy. we have mild temperatures and we have sunshine later today and we heat up through the day with temperatures soaring well above average as we go to the end of the workweek. for today, we are looking at the seabreeze kicking in once again. it is a breezy start to the day looking at coit tower, the roof camera. temperatures in the 50s to low 60s. another microclimate, gusty wind along the coast. 30 to 35 miles per hour, cool in the low to mid 60s, upper 60s to low 70s, breezy and mild, and for inland locations,
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topping out in the upper 70s to low 80s with the sunshine. we will talk about when we see temperatures inland soaring into the upper 90s to 100 degrees in the seven-day forecast coming up. >> firefighters on the scene of an injury accident. this is westbound 24 right at camino pablo. it looks like a vehicle overturned and flew off the side of the roadway. we've got a lot of activity. traffic is still moving okay. westbound 24 at camino pablo according to sensors, we see some okay speed setting through, we will keep our eye on that. it looks like a little slow on these downside. take a look at the traffic coming out of the south bay. so far so good. northbound 101 out of san jose with no delays. traffic is clear all the way from this portion as you work your way towards sfo. nice drive times to the south bay 87 and 85, heading towards the one-to-one passed sfo to san francisco. you are free flowing in both directions. a live look at traffic as you pass the airport. >> we want to give you an update on the walker fire.
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this is burning in he plnational park. you are taking a live luck or a look rather at video shot yesterday. you can see the sky filled with smoke. at this point, there are hundreds of firefighters. it is day 5. it is 44,000 acres and 10% contained. the drainage is very steep and treacherous. they have some mandatory evacuations in place as they work to protect the barns and private homes in the plumas national park. we will continue to monitor this and bring you the very latest. a live look at capitol hill. congress is back in washington with a crowded agenda including a push for tighter gun restrictions. in just a few hours, top democratic leaders will be ramping up measure for gun safety legislation. this comes after several mass shootings including the one in gilroy. senator chuck schumer is among the top democrats calling for hr 8 to be brought to the senate floor for a vote.
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it is the bipartisan background checks act of 2018. the bill passed by the house establishes new background check requirements for gun sales between private parties. >> too many americans are losing their lives to gun violence. too many families are just weeping because they've lost loved ones. >> it does not affect some weapon transfers like gifts between family members. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says he will not bring a gun bill to the floor unless it has president trump's complete support. the national rifle association is suing san francisco accusing the city of violating the freedom of speech. that comes less than one week after the city's board of supervisors declared the nra a domestic terrorist organization. the nra fired back calling the move unlawful and filing the federal complaint yesterday. it is seeking court orders barring the city from taking any
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action to enforce the resolution like discouraging the city's vendors or contractors from doing business with the nra. >> we believe that the nra is a hugely destructive force in this country. there are thousands and thousands of gun deaths every year. there are assault rifles and weapons of war that are on the streets and the nra, every step of the way has some division and sought to keep these weapons on the street. and in our perspective, that is a threat to public safety. >> that his supervisor met any who went on to say this is a frivolous lawsuit and a political move by the nra and it, he predicts it will get thrown out of court very soon. the nra attorney said this is an assault on all advocacy organizations across the country. there can be no place in our society for this manner of behavior by government officials. fourthly, the nra like all u.s. citizens is protected by the first amendment. we posted the full complaint on
5:05 am the san francisco resolution files, follows a number of corporate with the cut ties with the nra and membership. walmart and cvs and albertson's chains have asked customers not to openly carry firearms into their stores. happening today, the city of fremont is holding a meeting to decide which of two locations to build a homeless navigation center. the choice boils down to city- owned property on fremont's dakota road or a parking lot just behind city hall. the sender would help the 45 people at a time find permanent housing. happening in just a few hours, apple will make big product announcements. jackie ward is live in palo alto on what we can expect. a yearly event. >> this is the annual apple event where they announce their new product. we anticipate them talking about a new iphone 11 and we are speculating that there may be some upgrades to the apple watch that is announced later this morning. apple is planning, most likely, on announcing three new phone
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models today. bloomberg reports that two of them will be designated pro and will include a triple lens camera system that captures better lowlight images and wide- angle photos in your professional videos. a more affordable option to replace the iphone x are as reported in several announcements like in 813 processor and an upgrade to face id. apple could announce a new wireless charging feature that would allow your air pods to charge on the back of your phone. the apple invitation is an array of pastel colors. some tech reporters believe this could be a hint about the new colors of the product. 9-to-5 mac reports that the apple watch could soon have a built-in sleep traffic, tracking feature which makes people wonder about the battery life. according to 9-to-5 life, apple developed a feature that would alert people to charge their watch before going to sleep. it's happening in cupertino and it starts at 10:00 this morning. seven minutes after 5:00.
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the oakland raiders are now 1-0 after beating the broncos, but there was some added drama in the game. >> it was centered around antonio brown. look at this, tailgating fans turned and stomped on the former wide receiver jersey. and once the game began, someone held a sign reading antonio clown. this all unfolded after brown was released from the raiders just three days ago and then picked up by the patriots after feuding with management. despite the angst, the fireworks still went off at the coliseum on the raiders last opening day at the coliseum before the team moves to las vegas. >> i've been here for 22 years and i'm sitting right here for 20 years. i can't afford these seats in vegas, so this is my heart. >> you gotta be here like everybody else. love the raiders. >> those who can say that they will still follow the team in las vegas. antonio brown's agent
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telling cnn that brown wanted out because he lost trust in the organization and felt like his contract had been voided in many respects. the marine mammal center is awarding, a warning for bay area voters. if you see a whale, give it plenty of space. this comes after a dangerous encounter over the weekend. that sailboat has a near miss with a humpback whale in the san francisco bay. the two sailboats cruising quickly and get dangerously close to the humpback before diverting away at the last second. marine biologists say federal law calls for is to give a 300 foot buffer to whales. >> it's a beautiful thing to see wales and the san francisco bay. i think that something we all want to see, but there is a lot of traffic and we need to be careful. >> experts say this serves as a reminder to boaters to slow down as more humpbacks are
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returning to the bay after a two-month hiatus. >> the dive boat disaster off the santa barbara coast has turned into a criminal probe. the fbi and coast guard and u.s. attorney are overseeing the investigation and looking into some safety issues including whether a night watchman was on duty when the fire broke out on board on labor day. 34 people were killed and the majority were from the bay area. new images of the dramatic rescue. the ship that capsized sunday and broke out in flames, coast guard rescuers began to pull survivors one by one the next day. some were trapped for more than 30 hours inside with temperatures in the triple digit. rescuers say the crewmembers were in the engine room. they cut a hole in the vessel to reach them. >> there was a system of tapping where they would do 3 to 4 taps or more and eventually they got backs. it is more important that the crew knew where to go so they could touch the steel on the outside of the ship to make the
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taps. >> 20 people were rescued from the ship. officials say that they are investigating to see whether the weather could have played a role in it. officials are trying to figure out how to upright the ship. time is 10 minutes after 5:00. trouble at sfo. travels are dealing with delays and cancellations again, how many flights are already affected today. with our strong seabreeze, we are looking at gusty conditions this morning. as we go to the afternoon, we will continue with those gusty conditions. i will show you futurecast coming up. a couple of accidents brewing. one on the eastshore freeway and another on highway 24. details coming right up.
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try my $3 steak and parm loaded curly fries. get 'em delivered with doordash. the hurricane ravaged bahamas, the government estimates at least 10,000 people from the abaco islands will need food and water and temporary housing. residents are desperate to leave, but where to go next has become a troubling question. outside the freeport harbor on grand bahama island, chaos erupted. hundreds of hurricane evacuees trying to get into the terminal were met with lock doors and a number of security guards. ferry passengers without u.s. visas were asked to leave.
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president trump is defending the crackdown on refugees. >> i don't want to allow people that weren't supposed to be in the bahamas to come in to the united states, including some very bad people and some very bad gangmembers d some very bad drugdealerof disappointing. >> the united nations says the storm left more than 70,000 people homeless and at least 50 are confirmed dead and the number is expected to rise. >> a live look at sfo this morning where lots of travelers are being forced to deal with flight delays and cancellations. this is likely to continue for the next several weeks because of an upgrade project for the busiest road at the airport. 28 left shut down. the construction equipment is there with the runway blocked off. we just checked with the airport a few minutes ago, and
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so far, there are more than 62 flights canceled. 14 others are delayed. an airport spokesperson says even though the work was planned well ahead of time, flight scheduling is largely up to each airline, and they chose to cut back about 13%. >> all of these reductions are voluntary. airports don't have the authority to tell airlines how many flights to operate. ultimately it comes down to an airline business decision in terms of reducing the flight schedules. >> some travelers found themselves without a connecting flight. >> i'm trying to get my son to tucson. we landed from paris a few minutes ago and his flight was canceled. we didn't find anything out until we landed here. >> it is expected to be finished by late september. to avoid delays, sfo recommends taking a flight before 9 am. that is when the construction starts. and i have family members coming in on friday. i'm very nervous for them. >> tell them to check the flights. >> hopefully they will get in
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on time. >> you will make it on time if you on the freeway. heading to sfo, not bad at all. a live look here, i will show you in a second, 101 near san bruno avenue where traffic is fully, free-flowing. the traffic is clear on 101. taking a look at conditions elsewhere just south of there, coming northbound 101 out of san mateo, so far the nice speeds and it looks like southbound and northbound 280, it looks like traffic is clear to the peninsula and highway 1 checking in problem free. the mill valley area, trouble spot south 101, the slow lane is blocked due to a broken down vehicle. you have a tow truck on scene. pretty early. no major delays as of yet. of course, depending on how long it takes to clear, the traffic could get busier as the morning commute progresses. west 80 at abernathy, some cars tangled up your.
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not blocking any lanes working your way out of fairfield, traffic is pretty light and most of the commute along the eastshore freeway looks pretty good. 40 minute drive time from highway 4 to the macarthur maze on the westbound side of 80, no delays and traffic starts bogging down towards the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights have not been turned on yet, officially, at least no word from chp. the way the cars are backing up, that could be happening within the next couple of minutes. you can see, still pretty slow off the 880 overpass. still okay on 580 out of the maze. westbound 24 at camino pablo, this vehicle traveling westbound, it overturned and flew off the freeway and got stuck in the trees. a lot of activity. it doesn't look like it's blocking any lanes. traffic moving nice 24 down 680 working way down 580. we will continue to see breezy to gusty conditions as we go through the day all because of the strong seabreeze kicking in. here is a live look at the salesforce tower camera. this is looking north and we've been watching the camera shake
5:18 am
a bit in the breeze. ted san se and low 50s in santa this morning. let's check the wind. especially in san francisco. west and north westerly wind at 23 miles per hour. 20 at sfo, 15 at half moon bay and looking at 12 and oakland and san ramon, 14 mile-per-hour wind in pleasanton and 13 in antioch and 10 for concorde and 15 mile-per-hour winds out of the southwest in fairfield. here is the reason why, the low pressure system bringing the rain and thunderstorm activity to the pacific northwest. that strong low is bringing in that strong marine influence for us. so breezy once again today and it's keeping our temperatures below average for this time of year. about 10 to 20 mile-per-hour winds out of the west as we go through the acrosse balookg at
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conditions for the coast and up in the hills up to 30 to 35 miles per hour once again. very similar to yesterday. going to the afternoon, we will have a clearing. tomorrow we will see more sunshine and temperatures a little bit warmer for your wednesday as the high pressure starts to build in wednesday through the rest of the week. that means a warm ending to the week with a strong ridge of high pressure holding and for us especially by friday. friday will be the warmest day of the week. for today, below average temperatures once again. let's take you to the south bay, 76 for santa clara and san jose and low 80s in morgan hill. 77 in sunnyvale and 82 in concorde and fairfield, 80 in brentwood, 79 in livermore, 67 for you in san francisco. 71 in berkeley and alameda, 73 in san leandro and 80 for san rafael looking at 81 for windsor. the seven-day forecast and what you can expect, there you go with the start of the
5:20 am
warming trend for us beginning wednesday. that continues thursday and friday. check out the highs with upper 90s to 100 degrees inland and still above average into the weekend. coming up in the healthwatch, a new study revealing why so many young adults start using electronic cigarettes and how giving antibiotics to premature babies could do more harm than good. taking a live look from the traffic camera at the golden gate bridge, some of the cars coming in from marin. before we go to break, let's hear from colbert. >> a utah woman was recently arrested after calling the police to report a possible drunk driver. it turns out the drunk driver that she was reporting was her. she gave her own license plate number, and the police found a near empty bottle of fireball whiskey in her car. in her defense, when you are drunk dialing, 911 is the easiest member, easiest number to remember. geico makes it easy to get help when i need it.
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welcome back, it is 5:23. if you are going out the door this morning, you are in luck for the most part, problem free along highway 4 as well as one- to-one. a minor snag on the east shore
5:24 am
the way through fairfield and the typical sloan go conditions as you work your way to the altar month pass, your drive time is 37 minutes to go from to a 5 to 6 and 80. in this morning's healthwatch, nearly all preterm infants received antibiotics in the first weeks of life to protect against infection, but new research finds that preemies who were heavily treated with antibiotics can develop more drug-resistant bacteria and that could raise the risk of health problems later in life. shorter people could be at higher risk of type ii diabetes. an additional four inches of height, the risk decreased 41% for men and 33% for women. higher liver fat could be to blame. and a new survey of adults who use, it attracted many to start vaping especially among young adults 18 to 24 who had never
5:25 am
smoked traditional cigarettes. the american heart association found flavored e cigarettes or 3 1/2 more times likely to say they were addicted to the products compared to non- flavored users. new numbers show a big wage when it comes to how much a female doctors make. pediatricians make an average of $190,000 per year and a new study from the american academy of pediatrics found women make 51 thousand dollars less per year than their male colleagues even when adjusting for factors like women taking time off to have and raise children. >> i was interviewing for a position, and we were talking and negotiating about salary. in, and the person said why do you need that much, what about your husband? >> wow. female doctors are hoping that training will lead to more data quality pediatric. >> they take care of cooking
5:26 am
and cleaning and child care home compared to counterparts. >> critical testimony on capitol hill that has to do with the bailout of fannie mae and freddie. i have that just ahead. >> in a few hours, apple is expected to announce its new iphones, why they may be more expensive than usual.
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live from the cbs bay areae at the future of iphones. we tell you what to expect this morning. >> the nra takes aim at san francisco. the legal fight underway. and leaders in the east bay will try to strike a balance between housing the homeless and keeping residents safe. the navigation center fight in fremont. good morning, it is today, september 10. >> good morning. it is 5:30 right now. let's get a check on the forecast with mary. enjoy cool and comfortable temperatures at least for now. >> things will be changing as we look ahead to the rest of the week with temperatures hitting up. today, mild comfortable temperatures looking at below average once again. and here's a live look with the san jose camera. good morning. and san jose, 57 degrees, 60 in concorde and livermore, 58 in san francisco, 51 for santa rosa. as we take you through the day,
5:31 am
we are looking at highs below average for this time of year. 67 in san francisco for a high, 77 in san jose and 82 for concorde. temperatures running anywhere from 3 to 4 degrees below average. enjoy it, because things will be changing as early as tomorrow. details coming up. >> we have first sports of, we have first reports, byron at camino diablo, both directions of vasco have been shut down for the major injury accident. try to avoid the area if you can. there is a crash not too far from there on byron highway at brentwood boulevard. busy in those areas. also busy, westbound 580. you will have folks making the way out of tracy this one tried to get on 582 the altar month pass, slow and go to the tracy area making way through breadline with speeds going down to 13 miles per hour. drive time about 40 minutes into a five and 580 over towards 680.
5:32 am
past breadline, traffic was good past the dublin interchange. a nice ride. nimitz freeway, no delays northbound or southbound. next time around, we have a look at the bay area bridges. in just about an hour and a half, at capitol hill, you are taking a look there to the capital. trump officials will go before congress to testify in front of the senate banking committee. this is to and government control of fannie mae and freddie mac. they've been under government control for the last 11 years can basically since before the financial crisis and the billion dollar bailout. the treasure secondary in the second day of housing and develop it will both testify. basically saying that the companies have become profitable again, rather than the profits going to the treasury, they will instead go into an account for those companies to create a cushion in the event, perhaps, of future issues. a woman is recovering in
5:33 am
the north bay after getting hit by a car in a santa rosa neighborhood. it happened last night at west eighth streets and north dutton avenue. the woman was crossing the street when a driver may have been distracted by a phone hit her. the driver stopped and cooperated with investigators. the woman who was hit is in stable condition. >> a new lawsuit against san francisco. the national rifle association is accusing the city of violating its freedom of speech. the suit comes less than one week after the board of supervisors declared the nra a domestic terrorist organization. the nra has fired back, calling the move unlawful and filing a federal complaint yesterday. it is seeking court orders barring the city from taking any action to enforce the resolution such as discrediting vendors and contractors from doing business with the nra. the attorney says this is an assault on all advocacy organizations across the country and there can be no place in our society for this manner of behavior by
5:34 am
government officials. fortunately, the nra, like all u.s. citizens is protected by the first amendment. we have posted the first, the full complaint on the san francisco resolution follows a number of corporate moves to cut ties with the nra and its membership. walmart and cvs and albertsons chains all ask customers not to openly carry firearms into their stores. the city of fremont is holding a meeting trying to decide between three location to build a homeless navigation center. that point is that the city owned property on fremont's dakota road or a parking lot just behind city hall. the center would help 45 people at a time find permanent housing. >> the red flag law bill is on governor newsom's desk. they passed yesterday allowing school staff to take guns away from people they see as a danger to themselves or the public. the governor has not yet made any comment on the bill, but he
5:35 am
said he was interested in tighter gun control following the recent mass shootings. meanwhile, this morning, california governor signed a controversial vaccine exemption bill into law after an emotional day of protests and arrests in san francisco, sacramento. >> separate pharma and state. protesters crowded the state capital yesterday. chp says that seven people were arrested. the new law tightens up rules around medical exemptions for school kids in part by creating a state oversight board to sign off on them. the bill comes as the nation fights off the largest measles outbreak in decades tied to communities with low vaccination rates. >> federal health of parties are accusing san francisco- based juul of illegally claiming it's devices are safer than cigarettes. the fda sent a letter to the e- cigarette maker warning the company about illegal marketing
5:36 am
claims. meanwhile, one washington lawmaker wants the fda to ban vaping entirely in the wake of hundreds of serious and mysterious respiratory illnesses and a handful of deaths. >> previously healthy young people were getting seriously ill because our fda in washington has failed to protect them from the dangers of e cigarettes. >> they said they have seen the letter and will fully cooperate. the american medical association is calling it a public health epidemic and urging the public to avoid using this product until the cause of the recent illnesses is found. in a few hours, apple is electrifying it's line up in the annual fall event. jackie ward is live in palo alto with new announcements from the committee. do we know how much these iphones will cost? >> they haven't been announced yet, but what happens in
5:37 am
in jufew hours 10:00, we expect apple to announce three new iphones including two new pro models that will include a new triple lens camera system that captures better lowlight images, wide-angle photos and near professional videos. president trump's actions may affect how much these phones will cost. the president is threatening to tax hundreds of billions of dollars worth of goods imported from china. it is believed that u.s. consumers could pay around $100 more for the highest in versions of the iphone if this tax becomes a reality. >> the truth is the iphone is made everywhere. it is made everywhere. and so, a tariff on the iphone would hurt all of the countries, but the one hurt the most is this one. >> reporter: more on what is expected to be revealed today. it is an array of pastel colors this year. some tech reporters this may be a hint about the new colors of the products. the 9-to-5 mac is reporting the
5:38 am
apple watch may soon have a built-in sleep tracking feature which makes people wonder about the battery life. according to 9-to-5 mac, they developed a feature that will allow users to charge their watch before they go to sleep. there is a rumor about your air pods being able to charge on your phone. i know you are an avid air pod user. be sure to tune in for those details. the apple event is in cupertino at 10:00 this morning. i'm in palo alto. we will send it back to you. >> i'm paying close attention. >> the red and blue states are united on at least one issue, going after google. top law-enforcement officials from 48 states plus dc and puerto rico announced a joint antitrust investigation into google's dominance in digital advertising. they say the search giant may rive gone too far to shout out >> there is a fine line between
5:39 am
aggressive business practices and illegal ones, usually the line is clear and our investigation will determine whether google has crossed that line. >> california is staying out of this investigation along with alabama, and google declined to comment. they pointed to a blog post by its lawyers suing the company plans to work constructively with regulators. a major automaker is recalling nearly 700,000 vehicles this morning. diane king hall is joining us from the new york stock exchange with that story and much more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it was a big finish to start the week on wall street. the dow rose 38 points. the nasdaq lost 15 and the s&p 500 shed less than a point. with brexit less than two months away, the british government suspended parliament for five weeks, but before ending last night secession, parliament passed the session to block a no deal option. they also rejected prime minister boris johnson's call for a snap election to break
5:40 am
the deadlock. they have to come up with a deal to leave the european union by november 19 or ask for another extension. fiat chrysler is recalling ram pickups to fix tailgates that could open unexpected. the recall expects, affects 2017 to 2015 1500 2500 and 3500 with a locking 20am pickups with the six or eight foot power locking tailgate. >> i understand there is a new list of the happiest states in america. which state came out on top? >> so the u.s. maybe the 19th happiest nation, but personal finance site wallet have found some parts of america are happier than others. hawaii came out on top as the happiest state. utah was second and utah third, california was the fourth happiest state and wallet have weighed dozens of factors like emotional health and income level and employment opportunities. >> having those fantastic beaches in hawaii helps as well is here in california.
5:41 am
>> yes, and you guys in california. and you guys just have great weather in general. >> we love it. warm temperatures in the 70s today. >> that is true, we he a lot to be thankful for. >> west coast is the best ghost. e bikes, some bay area leaders discuss a plan in white causes concern over around the nation. speaking of beautiful weather, we got it again today. sunshine and mild temperatures a little bit below average for this time of year. tracking the wind this morning, will show you futurecast as we go through the day. details coming up. >> commuting for byron, major injury accident has vasco road shut down and delays of the bay bridge. we have that and more coming up.
5:42 am
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happening today, former trumpet ministration national security advisor michael flynn will be back in court. it is the first hearing in weeks as is laura's mountain aggressive attack on special counsel robert mueller's rush investigation. a judge is set to discuss his cooperation with prosecutors and whether the two sides are ready to set a sentencing date. flynn asked that he be allowed to continue cooperating with prosecutors in hopes of a lighter sentence. the polls are open in north carolina for a special election to fill a vacant house seat. president trump held a campaign rally in north carolina last night and singled out california. the president blasted the sanctuary city policy and
5:45 am
accused democrats of flooding the streets with criminals from other countries. he also made some unproven claims about voter fraud. >> if you go to california, which has so many sanctuary cities, they don't know what's happening out there. you people that will want to get rid of the century cities. they just aren't able to do it with the people they get elected. a lot of illegal voting going on. a lot of illegal voting. >> today's election in north carolina is a do over. and the last one, official discovered actual voter fraud on behalf of the republican candidate. the first of several talks of propose electric like rules. >> the meeting at marin this municipal water comics. they buckle for the new trump administration policy. it essentially classifies e bikes as regular bicycles rather than motor driven vehicles. that makes them eligible to ride anywhere. bikes are allowed on national park trails like here at the
5:46 am
headlands and the national seashore. >> in marin county, they have an aging population this is a way for people to continue the sport that they are passionate about into older years. >> major advocates say that e bikes pose a safety hazard and can threaten to destruct pristine trails. >> part is starting a $96 million product to replace dozens of escalated. a total of 41 of them in downtown san francisco. many of the escalators were made by a german company that went out of business not long after they were installed 40 years ago. replacement parts and maintenance were a problem from the start. the first of the new escalators are expected to be delivered for installation next spring. bart hopes to have them all in place in 6 years. that will be refreshing. >> yes, that will. >> new improvement always welcome. >> hemi times you lug in the bags just to get there and say i have to go up the stairs.
5:47 am
>> i've been there. >> a couple of weeks ago, and my suitcase on bart and i was riding on the escalator and i was running and i lost control of my suitcase, and it tumbled all the way down. i said i am so sorry. get out of the way. >> here comes mary, everyone. how are the roadways looking? >> we have some bright spots in not so bright spots. we started with the service did problem on vasco road near byron. we have and ask involving a motorcyclist. injuries reported, they issued a traffic alert the shutdown vasco road temporarily in both directions at camino diablo. they are diverting traffic on the freeway and it looks like that the medical helicopter landing. try to avoid that area if you can. we are hearing of pretty significant delays in the area. north and southbound vasco road in byron shutdown near camino diablo road as they cleared out of the. elsewhere, not too far. we have a crash on byron highway involving a motorcyclist. elsewhere, if you're working your way around highway 13 this
5:48 am
morning, southbound, right at 24, we reports of a crash. at one point, it was blocking at least one lane. things are back in the green. i guess it is has moved over to the shoulder. still moving okay on 13 connecting to 24. traffic was pretty light. no delays westbound 24 and it looks like they just updated it. the slow lane is blocked. richmond san rafael bridge, so far traffic is moving at its normal pace. a little sluggish to the toll plaza, but a pretty okay right as you work your way westbound. most bay area bridges are problem free. bray bridge, we do have accidents or incidences, but the typical sloan go condition as you go through there, we see stop and go conditions with meeting lights on. it looks a lot better working your way across the upper deck with no delays heading into san francisco. >> another cool and breezy day across the bay area. enjoy these mild temperatures as we will warm up through the week with temperatures soaring later in the week.
5:49 am
but here is a live look with the salesforce tower camera and you get to the patchy fog this morning all because of the ocean breeze keeping us on the cooler side. temperatures is running in the 50s and 60s. 60 in concorde and oakland and livermore. 58 in san francisco and 57 in san jose. and coming in the low 50s for santa rosa. the weather headlines, one more breezy and cool day across the region today. a warm-up against tomorrow as the ocean breeze relaxes and high pressure builds and. the hottest day of the week, likely on friday. that ends the work week. here is the satellite and radar view. the reason why we are to augment mild temperatures and cooler than average temperatures is because of a strong low-pressure system that's bringing the rain to the pacific northwest. they've had thunderstorms as well from this strong low- pressure system. for us in the bay area, it is ushering in the strong marine influence. that is why it will be another breezy day with that onshore flow. westerly with about 10 to 20 miles pehourst ofus.
5:50 am
for most of us, the hills and the coast looking at gusts up to 30 to 35 miles per hour once again. going for the day on futurecast, showing you the skies, we will have the skies clearing and we see more sunshine as we head through tomorrow and again, warmer temperatures beginning tomorrow through the week. and that is all because of the strong ridge of high pressure building in. so a warm ending to the week. the sunrise at 6:47 in sunset at 7:25. daytime highs below average running about 3 to 4 degrees low average for this time of year. 76 in santa clara, 77 in san jose. 81 in morgan hill, 77 in campbell and sunnyvale, 82 for you in concorde and fairfield, looking at 80 in brentwood, 79 for livermore. san francisco coming in at 67 for a high, low 70s berkeley and alameda. oakland, 73 in san leandro topping out at 80 for san rafael and looking at 81 for windsor. that's a seven-day forecast. temperatures will be warming up as we look ahead. starting wednesday, that
5:51 am
continues thursday, check out friday, the hottest day of the week, temperatures inland, upper 90s to 100 degrees still above average, but cooling down into the weekend. time is just about nine minutes before 6:00. >> a special moment between two best friends makes its around online. you gotta see this story, the story behind the hug. here is a look outside at the richmond san rafael bridge. traffic starting to stack up. we will keep an eye on it all morning, and we will be right back.
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5:54 am
good tuesday morning. traffic the wins, breezy start. downtown san francisco, northwesterly winds at 25 miles per hour. 10 in concorde and 50 mile-per- hour wind in fairfield. we will continue to see breezy conditions as we go through today. i will show you futurecast coming up. a traffic alert in byron due to this motorcycle accident. vasco road north and southbound, completely shut down between camino diablo and walnut. that will be there for quite some time. chp will help you get workarounds. use service streets in and around the area but avoid vasco in both directions near camino diablo. f to check out this next video. they are toddlers charming people they've never met. >> the warm green to each other was caught on camera and it is stolen a few hearts. >> you have to love it.
5:55 am
the innocence of it is exactly why it's going viral. a 26-month-old maximal and 27- month-old finnigan, pure joy at the sight of each other. mike, maxwell's dad said he normally does and post private things on facebook but this was different. >> with all of the racism and hate going on, i thought it was a really beautiful video. the reason it's getting attention, because it is with a little black boy and white boy, but if it can change someone some mind, or just change their view on things, then it is totally worth it. >> the pint -sized best friends have known each other for over a year. they live in the same neighborhood, so they have regular play dates. pg&e is laying out a roadmap for its plan to emerge from bankruptcy as a viable company. why that could come at the expense of wildfire victims.
5:56 am
>> and apple is expected to announce new iphones today. and the annual event, we will tell you what we think will happen coming up next.
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5:59 am
live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. dozens of prosecutors from across the country are teaming up to go after google, what could be act state for the giant. >> and the fight over a proposed alameda county center that is sparking fierce opposition. good tuesday morning. thank you for starting your day with us. it is september 10. we have annie mac in the house. and you know who else is working? it is mary lee working hard for your forecast. a cool afternoon as we go through the day. below average temperatures once again. enjoy the mild conditions, because we are going to see big changes going to the week with highs definitely g in
6:00 am
the 90s to triple digits ady fo an ocean breeze keeping us on the cool side. from the 50s to low 60s this morning as we go through the day, it will be another breezy day. westerly winds about 10 to 20 and gusty especially along the coast and up in the hills. gusts up to 30 to 35 miles per hour. for the coast, low to mid 60s and cool for the bay and upper 60s to low to mid 70s with breezy conditions in the inland conditions topping out in the upper 70s to low 80s with sunshine. we will talk about the big warm- up going to the week. details coming up. if your commute takes you through byron on vasco road, you want to avoid the area for some time. we have a serious accident reported right at camino diablo. both directions north and southbound have been completely shut down for this major injury accident involving a motorcycle


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