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tv   60 Minutes  CBS  August 30, 2020 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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yo youth? hopealsurvivre, and silience, whh ithas sts roo iotn anher coheme wn the rlwod was nvd ulsebysi cris, worarld w ii. aa tron,el wl ushr at yousparent bedid fo tre.he war y >> theanowned atd opered abu >>tcr shop. tinhis tervw ieikis unle any >> i ms yourtyentali. ouit's y.r soul ou's yr nmid.>> di increbly,on aar etelsr, a hocalosuust rviievor, dd twoye agyears o. wh's w theeheatr keliay tod? 'm>> i actually aor nni caotw ans terquhat es.tion in tickg ) l i'mesleyhl sta. per.>> bwill hir.take'msoeroo th'mcott pelley. osore sties,on thtigon, 60 " numis.te" (ti gckin ) 3mber60ma sedrt b.
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myno:12 -days-fofgr mi maineede.icin 9 it u'svybrel. th e aimigrneic medine i can take anytime, an heywigre mraeinst rikes withouwot ngrryi s if it'tetoo laor, i where onsee do oubf y relvwos itan cck quilyto smyp mraiginine i ttssrack thwiinwo trs hou-r-inlievg d andelibingtati sptym un olikeld merinedices ub lvreisy p athill at re dict blys lockcgrorp pte be edliev tbeo a usca me ofiginrae. doot nak twie onth str g p3cynha4 iiborit fepew hopleadid sfee efct mo cstn ommowe nreaause antid esredns. grmi haineithas t hiitback wh uby.relv e the,anytiman ywrehein migracie medine. ♪♪
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o whstupood .wh o d stoost.rong o whdeedmand t so beeen. btoare hed. b toe unco learnibong aut her agcoure grand it .. .cnsan ipioure y asto ps o.. the women who are next. fi ndr youfalymine's connctio to this moment in history. at atrncesy.
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>>le pely:th wi pmiandec and eltiewon ns, mayou y hanot ve cenotid atth, ovee r thsu,mmer shhaere ve be aenbo00ut 1 mass oos tinginer amic wa inhich fir ve omore peoweple ret. sho sttherhabes en vea momemont ang, "towes tard sllo-caed
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s.fllaag" w 19taantes d d theist tricof coialumb have theawse ls,ch whi alcolow nfcais otionf arfirems ifun a g owner esrais ad "re laflagwihth treatinenhag bevior. col, fal weol td thyou at ad irados of ne othtee last to opd t reflag, bn ut idecefian, lynear hf alothf e e'stats 2ntieces dlaredms theelves d dmamenent sanuact.ries codolora'sd reflawag l took y. lfectast new ys ear'da thstofory w hoitks wor, and wh'sy it fiercely tedebad, ap'sve e2, 017.dtragy-w- ne arentm t 24wahes a adheac for laugcos tuny ershf'ifs tidepuesn it shebsubur of >>acpak h:rris wt'hains gog on ?oghnit le pely: they'd mheet t rede, nthematw ehriefl, bore. at>> mt ehril:ap re! prae! p>>y:elle wi ethdiach spchat, deputi wes rereemdeind that ,aehl s nmetay ll hill,osleti med ard.
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li parshif: you epkeli yelng keha t wt, iiltl e akyotou orjail for disdecorly nduct. enel peley: had hn'bet t,olen b utatthni mornghe, 'd trve-sead merethanats d lkta ofuns. soie: hl iyes, i--ha do ve meea w.pons i n refiarms. e,haveee b yn, kouno iw, hav i' h sadsome cotch. le pely:ep diuteles biedve ehris l wasuffering a mental breaowkdn. r>>: iehlth eywetare y whthare ey knkiocng? th aeytire sll knocking. el>> ple ry:iehl dnharo't bken w,e la spuo deties cldouy onl r fonta mealva styod stin read,iehl rrbaedicad >>elf. rhlie a: goway! !w inearud yopen e th!door fyenti! hi>>y:elle deputy zack parrish t e thordo. >> priar: shsheffri o'sicffe! ?> riehl: what y'sr ouname (gun shots ) t out!shrib: k acup, back up! gegeout! t out! otshfis d!re shs otd!fire iy, g'mngoiin ! covemer !
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>> pelley: in a 96-minute shootout, five officers were hit. l'ehs bullets flewhr tough llwaans d wouedndwo tei nboghrs. >>gunfeir) e vee' got thricee offt.ers hi >>down! rishs y: depy utarzack p wa, killedlea aving awife, h--yurd ear-olan 1d an8-ntmo ma ttie rhl dd,ieh wit19 salegay-neowred fiar imsncluding mbatott ries, coa sh agun,nd piolsts. he h 1 fired8ds5 roun head67 1,0 ftle. >>onspy url wock:e d habeen aldething wi thivis indl iduafor alstmo m twoohsnt. butrntto ierve.enohiof tngts o t erthre wee oono tls aiave lablto o us tdoha tt. doel py:le thcae sutialhaes tt ugs latcouny ershtoiff ny ckurlo sfuf meredadhie m a inleadg voade catfothr de re awag l, iwhchll alaows w rcenfoemt entaso juk a dgfoe r
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onn exemre prisk ottiec "der. e thr orderequis ren trivep his weoapns. ifhe tm extre pe riskteroectiv thhader d beeavn aiblla ye toou dndo, youthyoink u ulwo have fskedor one?>> be spuoc k:prabob mly aonth fo, reowe wuld' bveabeen leo t teine rvenan id, on mypionni, mo lsty ikelwou hldsaave vetwd o we would've saved the suspect's lives and we would have saved el py:leh tree fld magemovten gabeafn r tesdyan hkoo elementary scolhon i1220. alntlt heah experts and gun asafetydvocatroes wteod a mel stlach whi mof st othd e reflag at aesedoptd. hoamonthte auhorsas w josh toz,it whos leadthcoe ioalitn >>p tovigun olceen. josh rwhoitz: istha is law streinraing o trderhat alwslo enfaemly mbes rawor l foemrctent o tgocoo a urant d
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fire mve theo lstl ethame- ans-a rem-arf- beortre a agyed .occurs td ifheu jdgree agesnd a suishees t oerrdw, la rcenfoemt enwl ilgond ave ser mereheve t firear, msthand en sobewhere tweeven sen 2 and1 t. urcobeveroildy wl mecok bac llere' bae fl ulinhearg. heif t psoernin, t, fac is fierngtoous lfseot or he, rsthe remsarl wil bkee bpty law nnrct,emen d antherat pso at ahaveccesso t fthemor ye. >>ge jud: do you mnsolelyar swe abir affm ethes tti ymonyou are ou gt toive? >> py:elle thiiss aed rg fla shwaoningt.nhste atofe j>>: udgeall r, ightthksan, ok. ok, enwheveyor >>ttoficoler ceso te t cheoury t whyou prtiti fonedoanr erextisme rk ottiecron odeinr s thica?se .c>>oless: ye cael aley:s witsth mo rlaed fg sehes, t pceoli hfiave led a sworfin afdaalvit leging atthreenbing ehavbyior a gun >>owne ma: olesthspe reondent n wasow kihrng teats that pifeolic shedp uto e the,hous hwoe uld owhis n .lifestan, end th teak ch p wice:ee hava arse t rrantoea sh rce thempresis.
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el pley:n ohe t jgeudrd's oer, weonape s art iakenntpoo lice tecuanody d the g oun iwners mparorbily d annefr bomguyin anhegur n. >>ortzwihe: ty veha r theight toes t.tify htheyavthe eht rig tcro oss- inexame tnwiesses. ruthiss mesothingit wurh cot le ws,rith ulf es oevenidce, is iths e kind tof whinghich is tughoulhtf, llweev-dopeled prestos inteenrvene wh it >>erttsts mo. pleelhy: tlae w qure tireshe n guetbe rurned ttho nee owr in noor mane th e onyear. peapal. thayea tr,wnhe oeran c ifhe ires still c arnonce at thene td ofhare ye, jua cadge n neree w thorerded bas onen w enevidce. nddo teshis l cawreompa ttho e kimp of teora rryaiestrningor tdershawt see ene wh apo suse cisrnonceed abt oug beinbeenat orild leby thveeir lod one?>> wi hortzin: om a descti vien lceaw,ou y c nannlot oy noseou yrr firmeat , buyocau oe prent edfroiom gngnt i wnur o heom. yocaben prenevfrted omee sing urid ks.
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wh wree' deinalthg wi, trexeme geriskawis, ryvero narw. t e thafirermut oan of it'so tive siuaontie befor tolate. >>ardrk ehe ir:f lyonco we uld lihil untihe coulgrd p ow uafm tt bleit. >>le pely:a mrerk dheewr kn abreout d flawsg la, but racolodon didav't he inone 2017 whenen mital ll onessveherwlmed n.s so d>>r:rehe theru e yogoch, ris. mi>> ple cy:hs rierdreh's faarly, nede boulr, wasde tovoted his meycholostsyc, pssthiatris, diticaon-- bus t chriwas >> dherer: he word ke pat alace idiso- ckeworrs.s nglosy pogcho e at hshlout d noha aveunny gs usbecae hhead icsu iidaldeioatn e so wtohok temy, awa titook aw, ayloand cd keit up. ehbut ens he rttaeled tli mng weat, ll, he d coulju gstto ou anbud oty anh oerne. le pely:n ad yoso, u rewe eefathd wi the rey alitth hat hauld ve aatgun a tnyheime
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edwant>> r: drehe yes. i de d aeal wh ithim. ckbat , buyoue havetto l mpue lligsr lockth on , e gunsand d th have es. key" anndhe fou a gway tomet the off. enand e-on- eig nhtu , yoknow, whs he wahavg in isomesss,ue aphetoent a acple hbyis arentmts. and.nd.. a heom cmiedttde suici el>> ple hy:oolw d s wahe? re>> dhe 2r:0. >>el p 2ley:0. 20ea orsld. 2. me pely:u sesicid--nd a mo oriesf samascrnces iluding thcoe mbinandhe tor aura ear-tes- pud heracolodo r'sed re fag laworwarind, agaeast hvy sianstce. 't>> sha sanddgrie: d youon akst te y awape'sople guns. thle pely:h te bi flld ailein e pureicblsean na.te om>> t sliulvanwe: d neetoe sav so lives. le pely: th ienedt passen, whvo ogtersave bhooth us tes atmocrs. eothlae w homas bec dira pdo'solalitic great vide.
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yeleha tlt iv te inheit c asat h tshi ithdea att iis a tht i in k,mo iretampornt,ly istha is policit ialuesswh, eer it a'se- votgtiet inguess. >>el p sley:teve s'well fyamil pohe'smo tngoshe fewho el 18. licatiplly-fuowerl ticirees a trngo tcorthral e sotrune.ysid wt'habs a teetear id? e >> wlswe: ll,nk i thi o onef to wthingsell reay t go stt looking at iisidndivual reonsplisibity. av i he faa miemly mbe ar,nd i k thinfoanr rey as tont hafamily wiergo is ingo tn be aisesu th f arirea wm, ge'reoi tngo e takth emayaw fm rohim. gowe'vbe comeso denep odentn anmernant m akingllhe t sws erefor ryve.body >>te rveeams: s theecdon enamt dmenis whivat gess uthe por sto htanderone s theteps ofhicas pitolnd ah pusba!ck >> py:elle dozef ns oshifernfs i cora hdoduave gn itheir hes,nc iludbiing llld ender a ste amres. >>eathms: ere p areors tionof lathe w si jut oflatut't can ann'd wot do. s wa bpassedley the urgislate.
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igit's s tned byovhe abodysk yed >>ea: ms'sthat rhtig. too jyourob. ou'rju esttexpecd enand foinrcheg t l iawurs yo job. ht.rea: gri ald i soke ta aoan fth o ceoffi tt hass ay si'lluprtpo s.the u. constitution, theco tinstituon ofta the ste ofco , loradoandhe t en i'llnforceth oe lawsf theta ste ofco .lorado seen tho things i aren nfco, lictyoknu yoow, u veha to ingtoh whi yoone gou are ae dherto. le pely:r ae yopru edepar to rloedck up iyon wnur o jl?ai >>theams: isat et somhihang tt ulcoend happ. jua uldge coder ord m me toy owa il. liyou owi , woulde bonthe e 'llteahng t iat, ssueanwed deatrmine p thatf oint ithis pd ag law cisutonstitional. >> oelley:ps ponentdsay re arflag vslatehe t rhtigbe to ar anth, ghe rit dtoroue pcess instuntrighga a .eonasable sechar s andeirezu r me sriffs y sa wtheyon a'tsk fod a reflag deorndr, a if th reyveecei e on afrom j,udge thoney w'tor enfce it. woe deorrs peand opiele d,efne o the t thcounty beia lfoble r
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e madages? ea>> rmsif: w laenrcfot'emens soly oecvtie isgo to take tes one'firrmeas, t andha peonti sll gouoes t dan commviits olence,o dthyou ink hethate ulwodn the tbe off yrok f a dnyamthage athe t inuld fltic? nope wopleoiluld stokl lo at did lyu on hetake tunir gs?hy h thepeidn'tdeou alit w rs?"on>> y: pelle bierll eldus told lethe giuslatreai is me td athe g wronta.rget >>il bde: nwetoeed heav heinndr g fomeanifungntl meal al athsssesntmes dan theaentmt. erjue rst anoe pgrroams. stthe athoe spilsta f areull. lothe cahol stapilsre a not r jands te toe bwathe reinhousg p ipeoplesin cris. >> jelley:as ilarthe we ne asums. anld: eravi he 701,ma0 intes. ywrehem fro 5 t0%% o 60of the main stesufr fe sfromome f form oamenthel ialthss.ue >>ely:le in prostte of eth w,larl neay lfhaco of lodora's ou64 cnts ieavhe cldeared lvemseess, liymbocay,ll
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"sonamd endntmeua sanctries." cotyuns commis sioner apassed sendnd amemreent sotilunon eve pain t cyount thalot acst zk rr tish,onsy puocrldek's pu.ty .>puocrlk: noey, th d'tonyo ast i ketd hem, t andhehay ve ion:atto awer mise th qstue whs doea secenond amtdmen estuy arcounty anme? doha tat meevn oderyby tsge to y carra n?gu whose o realhaady ve instrainorg ?ders ree seofnfedeatr th's gierstoed d twnhetr sheeet re it momfiy ofce? 's c arleve tuterm, b itli llteray amenshi notng. thlae f ws othete sta of arlora a ndthune sitedtates e tlawso be owfolledal by l teelecd fiofs.cial p>>y:elle ther be haveureen co chalnnges i s others tatebadse amon thedeconif and fth enendmts, butr, so fala red fg la hwsbeave edn rule p>>e:olic you e arirrequedo t >>reliuihsh tfie rearm. >> ieah, undersndtat. tha ,py:elle a stud iy inndnaia heblisd last byeary eth of"j ornalf hetri amecaacn yadem
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pchsyyiatr ahend t l,"aw maestiteths at foevr teery n drl , rfall rit. on ilife acveho seot sr,s auguhighan scolho. shlirnfoia ghhioo schlnidtoot sp oo itingn nbeovemr,or ny man ooshs tingovee r thsuermm. ofa t y studfm rounthe ivsierty cifalaorni c-davis rredits flagoith stppin21g ti potenal thurss mders inif calora niover e tlasthreyee ars. pror colado, a uilawst ilfaoed t evthent e redla ffrg law takit effec lt asy.januar the tme of lhes aw ithe"z riacka prarviish olence tiprevencon at, m" inemofory ulwoded you scre ibseyourlfs a gupro-n ghrits? rits.srlk:oc i pamunro-g a i'm second enamdmt enguy. yousule ty:hen howan c st orthis? utocpurlk:hi t ns isotbo a gkingunas way. memefor mesowhone o istrespe
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inan danger d mayot nma be king poontiecal dionsi ts athis in at,pn oportytuni tayo st ive. e thrtoppounity n totllo ki oantuppornity notot t hursome unowkntin cizen. s let'elinimate amus gech danr asca we n, so wn e cageatt th trdudivialme so ce arand >>t.tmen flleeliy: se nccodolora's red ag t lawookec efft gheit flmont amgo, e or 7than0 red agit petionves ha bnee suitd teto dgjues. inor me than caon ordewar ans g. >>ma ssshootingpes alrsonly afctfewed to aklawmers. eynow thd stanoson oppite desios of c'sloradola red fg law. spt60o minutoves.certimeom. d onsorebizy pfer.
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thsaounds of wenomwi thet mtiastac eabranst cce whicish t breasercanc th sat hasdprea toth oarer ptsf obothe dy ncibrae thwiom an areatas toinhibir f isoros pautmenopwosal me oror f miten wh hr+/r2he- stmetaat biccareast ,ncer ashe tir forst hmolnase baerd thap ra ibncple etus lzorole si angnificdetly ladye se diaspre ssogreio n usvers lzoetrole, raand shornk tums oinhaver lff oenpatits patstien tinakrag ibnc caden p velolo wwh itble ceood llou c wh icmah usy cae ri seouins iofectns th atan cd leatoea d ib e rancmacay e usvese re flintiammaonf oluthe ng th atan cd leatoea d th. te oull yr ctdoigor rhty awa yifavou he wneor wseor sningymompts, udinclintrg e oublbrthea ing, sh esortns of batreh, ug coh,r ot be fo treg akinibncrae, te ylldoour ct orif y houfeave ve cr,s,hill or er oth signsin of fen,ctio li ve kr oridprney ob,lems ar e egpr, nantbrsteainfeedg, p orlaton om bece egprntna. co smmonidefe s fectinclude d low receblood ll d anpllow atetels, countin fections, retis,dnes nseau so oure mthab, alnormitsiein lerivod blo ttses di eaarrh, thairhiinnn lg oros
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mi voti, ng,rash an d lo osspef apti.te be iyon omur men asyok tour docabr ibout ho dney,idou yr heaabthout w ese nesageico m? yollu'n get a15extra % op on tat of wh geicoalcould y readsa yveo. cai n ycallou back? you know your thfa er's learngnio toumake s.rdouh ugen thonoh he ki ws erpref r!ye th neere's enver bete a betmer tive to sage with switchy btoocseber vehntr foanxt e 1ra car toand molercyc iurns y, nmeext ti d let'sceo a fall ca!
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>>l:stahye this ksar mar the 75 aivnners tary of ohe endfwo r rld waii thand rae libetion ceof conntratmpion casss acro f st othse ur wvivorsaiho rem are hew in t0sir 8 a 9nd0s, soso eron, the w nill beleo one ofe ceperiene d thhoorrrs thusholocatir f.sthand tno oneo answerio questns or be war itnesstoe futur t,generaons. bu f as wereirst portedea
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andameth isaryew , a ne drffatic eounrt is tderway chan that,byss harneeing th nde esnologi pof the aresent th tfutureop keethalive eab toility talkan to-- d get answ-s from- stthe pa hi, ron. ar>> aonls eter: o.hell e>hl sta: can isk a s youom qutions? >>lsr:teu yocak n asme inan yhingou ntwa, thwi .ason >> srhl: ou iewntervi with hocalorvust suarivor ateon elsrh hischpentwo yf ears o iloodhd hid aden inbo neighr'sat astic, w unkeli a inyvinterew weav here ev done. did tforehr.e wawhr youpantres ls>> ete tr:hedey own and >>ta sithl: 'twasn ttehe con of tv interie ww thatas so eruausl. whyoe did u le?iv allwnete ir: rnwas bosm in a tola in pond scalledokoloo >>ta: hlit's thfae tct tha ithisntvieres w wawi ath man
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aawao os no lerngve ali. .oeln sterdiwoed t y aearsgo ?tat'shee wr atheliodke tay >>ls iter:'acm tu aally reincordg. >>nncansot awert thaqutieson. htheaaer mioth: rve suivsor reweti getng ve.ry old wi>>: tahlheheatior ma ce amup shhe ta ide fhior ts ojprect. e d ha oworkedbin exhits foyes,ar and edwant furuteors tineraonts hao vehe te sam oprtituny to tein wractith athems e'shd had. ho>> mo: w ianto ed tta tlko a louscart suvir vo ilike wldou wday,itth harst peonti sitng t righinn frot e of man wd weere >> aving convertisaon. th: tahlshene kw bthatack in e 0s'9t, afer mg akinthlme fi "sin'sdler ,"list snteve splbcrerg eat aednd fouatnio menar d fothe hebw re fwordor hothe louscatsh, oao h, tfilm ancod t llecttiesesmoni fm roas theyinave tvier newedeayrl.
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,055f 00 othe fm soard , anhave orstheed tm atht e ivuntyersi of soheutalrn cirnfoia. iot ma dare smed ofngomethi ynmore damic-be- abing leo t orsafcvelyonviterse wivh surv teeyr th'reon ge. anshfie gurined, t ahefge o arfialci inllteceigen tlsoo kelian siri d a, lexathe notechlo hgyatod bcre bleatae. >>te s sphenmit'vh: ie enbe voin ilvedn intewerviing >>yes.suust rvoviorrs f or ve20 shltae: sh bhtroug t ihedea veto sph senm eith,xeticu forect otf .she u.csh. oah unondati, nandower hnd husba. llcoeseagu wreeson't se.uri o: mai o neheof tm okloted a ta s wheas keli, ou"yt wanto lko t deadpeleop?" la( ug)hs be>>: tahlandou yd, sai "s,ye cae us'thats pothe in"t. .m>> taio:hathe's t pntoi hl sta: lweayl, mbeeo pple ghthout u'yortue rng inthe usholocat into someth ming,aybe hoy?ke th>> mo:ea yh. eyai sad tht, "you'oire gngo t sndiy-ey-f- >>ta syehl: s. dieyy -fhothe louscat."g
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7:28 pm
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7:29 pm
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7:30 pm
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7:31 pm
anher d thast iseahercans d brings e iclipn, you --just y'rou cungit a ltitle b oa f jump t. inbestg dirainctceg on weopdpe testard italkbong authe te fat ofin p'schas mifaly. mp.>> tahe cenhappedhe wun yo gr:utte as soo wn ase riarved th were,e were beseing padrate inifto dferent psgrou, and my tosteras somew hoedpush ans rdcthe hildren. d w i sahersh, e stmue hav sod ottemy mother. r.anhe r tordwas otmy mhe i w otmy anshd gge huehed r. mbremeern wheerevhi i tnkmy of sierhe is rg- lon- g,big, lon blde braid. >>ta sahl: thwat las the est tim hhe sawwis t sinsaister bina.he rn leaeda ltethr at dhaay tt e shboand this hen partsad h
7:32 pm
be kend illein ths e gachbeamrs. wanchas s a alonet age , 11put yodid u everansee ybkiody lled? ut>> gtenr: urtfoelunaty, i saw ma pnye eopldn ie ioffront y m .eyes rerdcowoing u hlde andlwh iat w hoyocan u tisavll he infaith >>d? gteutor: hcaw n poyou sslyib linot beeve id?n go hl>> sta: wel hl,owid dt he le >>this hpen? gr:utte ggaod vean hum bseing anowe knledge of t righanond wrg d llhe aowe td them wo dohat theyoished en thistoarth, hefind twir on way. toy , mindwn heesgod se what pehumabegsin upare to, ,s tciallyhin lgsgeike nodeci he wes.ep s>>: tahlwo.w sthe in,ld cou ask him anonestis rfo h tenours.
7:33 pm
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7:34 pm
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7:35 pm
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7:37 pm
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7:38 pm
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7:39 pm
7:40 pm
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7:41 pm
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7:42 pm
e spkor ent hifer le r afteth wainer tre hautnde, iiana. ofede di lastum smeatr the age hi5. hoeva. w are u yot?oday arvaor k: i'm fe,in h andow >>u?yo .s: tahli'm good itelnat tural tano hswerer esqu btionefore pinos og mywn. w , hoolwd ere whyou en you >>wento hauscwitz? kwhor: enar i riinved itschwz, i s watearn yes old. ralibetiwon, chhi wboas aute nin mohs lat er wwhene rewe belid.rate s>>: mithso mweada e lelitt anunmecent e cte w rewert stain tgprhis a t caa ll thnee ayxt d fm ro aldy cleevd r.a ko indi't knower h atht oiat pnt d e sh,says "wai o nt tbene o tof 3hose-d rvinteie."ws aho> "aio:i anw bt toe loamgr." i >> sth"-: -hoa amlogr." wa tnt o bea grholoam. ecexe utivdirecr toheof t u.c.s. ancoeallgue heaertho maihisife
7:43 pm
>>h,er we rngunni t phectroje. sthmisa: i id"w, iell,'m inavelg,' ivem ryor sry." re"whe'ryoe uoi gng?" yo.oh,el il,go've t gto no toew i'gom toing "d.c. c.d.?earyoe uoi go ng tgoo t inm gog to d.c." i entve in. d.cereoi tngeo th arverim at tey hol,'s she ngintt tg inhloe bbaiy, wti fome. e>tawhhl: eevn n a, oth rit, h ander twisin ste thamiv arre ad atuswichtz, eye werpuld le fawayroeim thr ntpares oand lditer serds an eytwinn a baacrrk ofullf th s neveraeiw thlyr fami again. meeltwe's iexn pemeri ants in orstcky ba in99 12,nd a we lytual ientrvweiee d thlingvi haa koater h he omerin tre ute. evto uldens th autboom becingexo meor: ngerymoing aned e dctor h
7:44 pm
dear, edy versaasrcllticay, hilaugng"t, oo bad. s she'soou yng. s she ha onlyo twtoweeks " live. shen iea rdatth, kni e ew hwa rit i and iiammedteadly me a sintle pdget thai d woulprove dyou,r.g menele,ng wro. >>taimhl: a pgineic ukingp a cosanvertialon mo0 st 3years .-late- d anaerft's eva dthea ata, tl usbo ar.ut d mgeenle. ke was hlike? a hor: heagod a rguseoe, fac moe vi starcefad , anvery y.saeaacnt, tuall da h dair,ayerk es. iwhen ldooke ihinto s , eyesi d coulsee notnghivi but el. ayople s that e theyears e thece f nter othe sl,oun and i ngmee'els case, tt haswa rrcoect.
7:45 pm
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7:46 pm
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7:47 pm
sh odingf aden olr lipo beleam ned e thkigurss,ho w'd snus crtome hs atisam fy'il r tchesh.op anshdie dn'wat o nt tta hkeim.he an start crngyi. d enth shed leuphim strsai. >>ta: hlaarhoon, w dlongid u yo istayn ttthe aic? cs>> ete r: ivelid hain tt tiat focltoose yetwo ars. >>ta: hl ytwoeawirs, tht jus e ont visia do ay tbrg infood waand ter. wh wt as ilike inhe tic att? in elshter: oe', therans so my thhags tt i rr.emembe the tnger, heea fr, the whab, lutetot lalonineless. y?o du yodl o alda yoreit sntierg the. deedca to tchli foues, t of wiioeratn, anted hear tir awf,s of sohe ty ulwo fdn'tly ayso, a i hthd emhe tre. hota: hlhowid d yurou svive? w yodid u visurven ithat atc? ls>> ete ir: had abthe iltoity daydam.
7:48 pm
y edwr to iteel novs min ad. s i wathhee rtho all .e time hand wetave haabt y-ilit- to r either tive inmio our ndsery a oundpain a r die, o tabsorbhe meic palainke by epou yr ntitaly, keouep yr ulsoep, ke so murind. ? s wari boed wai edscar? was din neef osobomeody t acptceor me ttoelmel t thai'm thay, at' ia m ni kceid? .sure featt th w nasarot pt yof m li. o>mi: thwe goa t onphlle ca t aty th aoareln adster h lysuddens pasedy. awa ti. wa cat aoernfen aceatt th oohe tt nexmorngniwe, i ntnt i lie-- tt leharoom t ht wead, sni rntued aon earonlsr'te onstimy. thi alreized s i wagog ineto b e rsfirt pesoern ev tclo ick
7:49 pm
th ltlite btoutd n anasak loquontis of ebomodwhy s o wano an per fonthe exsit urx hos, tp cleiame ann t d ouofha t om. hifuranel hotad n y tetaken ple,nd a yet l theegy acwas d anasit w a ryveer powfuanl nguchi menomt. d.>> yaio:ou'reoo g du'reoi ngeagrt. maso bone ailva tableo otherstha lohot caussurvovirs.fy e, maiyo: thein're goomg to c haveu d ey' greo oing t yo.look ta>> shla: hetherai mho smit yssa t, inhepr esocs of lodevepi angnstd teinisg th witechlo, gyshe w basgearrad thnq ieuiris. rspe lon--italernoly, t e-on- dhidat dn'ast ik mef they ulco im a sil arrvinteiewiw th eierthov a led e,on or rfo lvemsees. s>>: tahlunelr tatedo eth hocaloust? "clad.tenr uelate cd,elomplety ano i dththis wine someot tha ?"i know hl>> sta: whas t'thane swer?>> o: mai hl>> sta h: shetaas srt aedn tryiex to pd anthuse hie of t techlogy.
7:50 pm
w>> iasn stutna...rdin rvwsie withtoisri lyenanith yot ne aall.>> mo:ait whauwenit re i youn? t>ta: hlso do yhiou tnkha t this iju stingog btotoe a ol eveo pwple usill e? erodybly wibel rorecngdi r theihiorst--ies o: mai ierntveactily. ns>>tahl--: andth oeoer pplcae ietervw ethm? m>> uaio:h-huh. >>ta: hlit' jllbeust le?if m>> yaio:eah. we' greoing gtoeao ahd dan t getestard. s>>: tahlfor n, owghthou, eth wira t is ono ptcaurine ietervws ps a manycaholosuust rvorivs ase ossiblwlehi t'shere still ti, heso t nvcoonersatis can likelaron e.steryh witpeleop e yre want venge? >> wlster:h wen ias a yogsun iter, rwantedevengeve ryry, vey , vermuch. ani d.hate bud.hate mo omostf terhe ppeortrats, we of thk dea som ho ai gngoite to ha?th dce granhilendrha that
7:51 pm
nothog to d with? it'sigt. t no opartf mthy in.kingyif le, ha sta: uyo kw,noe heryou eehe tese p woplehoer w llsicay sdenetid btoe lanihited. hethathesuy rvevid tis buracl t eythe werpo supsetod be murd, eredkill.ed annothw ey ihavemmtaor.lity >>mi: ththerey we n sotseuppod avto he naa me. de weysuere psepo bd toe styerord fo t allime. anno tw,hrougish th pgrroam, wtheyilbel le ab tcoo uentin to yesr wetiquesonhus ndre odsf artes afr theis naz he av.gone >>ta: hlit'ths neat "ver etforg." t thing.eve a had l oiches ou l hiat ts edos,t is makesure th tat iheresn c'trelosu, beusca'se it not ouabt a emstatent. nit'sotbo aut rta paicarul thg in'sthat inbestg inruedct of thu. quusono is n yotou t askhe esontis. onthe uss ion yo bu toe cuourinds, a wtotoant arle oningn its hd easaand ys,th
7:52 pm
at n'moiot gntog l telyowhu sse leonos f e thcaholoust are. t m nogogino t ytellouha w loe hocatusea mns. buif w youa tnto ndfi, out th y couasan k." lyut g iter:to 's steibrr anportt. sp>>: tahlso e therweer wt e, aa ecl ianmomet tinwhime enhe t livia pinchgus tt cer touldalk fohe t w onehwio ivll le rever. yould u kas youue a qstfoion r us? >>wh mh isy favorite. o thene s: tahlokay.>> te gutr:a cn ngyou si me aso m ng froyour h?yout yontu wa me to t sing iu?for yo leyes, pase.♪ ♪ g singinin polish ) ♪ ♪ hl sta: awht esdot thame?an atwhth is e song? g>>r:utte ye, ahwe, ll ait's hay ngso. 'site lika broerth a and twer w--hich,f osecour, my inis s-ter- arera tngveli in thwoe orods ton ohe--n eth roanad, d ethcay n'get ert ov
7:53 pm
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7:54 pm
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