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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  February 8, 2021 7:00am-9:00am PST

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up next. have a great day everyone. . good morning to you our viewers in the west. welcome to "cbs this morning." it's monday, february 8th, 2021, the day after the super bowl. i'm gayle king with anthony mason. that's tony dokoupil. it's tom brady's world, it seems. we're all just living in it. the greatest quarterback of all time wins his seventh super bowl ring as tampa bay rolls over the chiefs. we brought all the highlights of the game and the big show around it in the middle of a pandemic. president biden talks to norah o'donnell in his first network interview in office where he says he will compromise on covid relief and where he won't. new trouble for the popular stock trading app robinhood. cbs news investigates a young
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online trader's death and why his parents say the app is to blame. we'll show how robinhood is responding. and the powerful sounds of freedom. ♪ we'll talk to musicians h.e.r. and jazmine sullivan about their patriotic performances at the super bowl. >> another p word, perfection. first, here's today's "eye opener." it's your world in 90 seconds. >> here's brady's pass -- it's gronkowski back again. >> the biggest tandem for touchdowns in post-season history. >> in a season we will never forget, the vince lombardi trophy is staying in tampa bay! >> how about that? >> reporter: about 20 million american children have not been in the classroom for nearly a year. do you think it's time for schools to reopen? >> i think it's time for schools to reopen safely. safely. >> reporter: south africa paused rollout of the astrazeneca vaccine saying it offered
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minimal protection against the new variant in that country. >> reporter: more than 100 million americans slammed by snow and bone-chilling cold. >> another storm system on the way for tuesday. that is going to bring another round of some accumulating snow. >> reporter: in northern india, a glacier broke triggering a massive flood, and now a desperate search for survivors. puppy bowl teams faced off on the field. >> muffin takes it 99 yards to the house. it would not be a major sporting event without a fan on the field. >> he breaks the tackle from the security guard. the 20, down the middle, the 10, the e 5, they coconverge at t tl line. and alall that matatters -- >> let u us walk witith these warriorsrs, charge o on with th champions.s. >> poet amandada gorman mamade historory as the f first person recite a p poem at thehe super . >> while w we honor ththem todat isis they who o every day y hon. > on "cbs ththis morningng." >> who's reaeady for thehe week?
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>> james corden drdropped by t weweeknd's rehehearsals toto mae he h had what itit takes. ♪ >> first i wasn't sure, now i'm starting to think maybe i do need a bit of zaz. ♪ this morning's "eye opener" is presented by progressive -- making it easy to bundle insurance. >> the weeknd did a great job, amanda gorman, again, never disappoints. >> always, always. >> then you've got tom brady. >> it was a football game, too. >> then you've got tom brady. pulled it off during a pandemic. the seventh winningest quarterback up against the defending super bowl champs. now he has super bowl ring number seven. >> oldest player to ever win a super bowl. >> 43. wow. >> seven titles. seven. >> wow, wow, wow. >> amazing. a thought for patrick mahomes. bad day to have a bad day. >> he's got time to come back,
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though. that's the thing. he will be back. you know it. it was not the game everybody expected. >> not at all. >> or hoped for. but it was an incredible performance. >> it's remarkable that the nfl made it through the entire season without a single covid-related cancelation. >> exactly. let's start with that. kudos to the nfl for pulling that off. big deal. this morning we're going to be covering every angle of the big game which took a lot of careful planning behind the scenes. jamie yuccas is outside raymond james stadium with the latest. good job last night to the nfl. good to see you this morning. >> reporter: absolutely. good to see you, too, gayle. that is right. it's the first time the winning team's city has also hosted the super bowl. people here were elated to see their bucs come out on top, and they hit the streets to celebrate. with the pandemic as a backdrop, that's exactly what officials were worried about. last week tampa's police chief told me he was nervous because party plans had already blossomed out of control. overnight, we saw that concern become a reality.
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>> i think we knew this was going to happen. didn't we? >> reporter: the way the tampa bay buccaneers played sunday, you might understand why the victory felt like a foregone conclusion to super bowl mvp tom brady. >> brady play action. >> reporter: the bucs steamrolled the kansas city chiefs with unrelenting offense. >> caught! gronkowski again with the touchdown! >> reporter: and stifling defense, preventing last year's champs and their powerhouse quarterback, patrick mahomes, from scoring a single touchdown. on a night some expected to mark the passing of an nfl torch, brady instead became the oldest player in history to win a super bowl at 43 years old. >> we're coming back. we're coming back. >> tom brady's coming back. >> reporter: only 25,000 fans were allowed into the stadium, including 7,500 vaccinated health care workers.
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♪ the weeknd headlined the halftime show. ♪ i'm blinded by the light ♪ >> reporter: performing to a crowd outnumbered by some 30,000 cardboard cutouts. ♪ i can't sleep until i feel your touch ♪ ♪ party in the usa ♪ >> reporter: mask requirements and distancing rules were in effect throughout the event. at pregame festivities, not everyone appeared to fall in line. >> wear masks. stay socially distanced. get tested. get vaccinated when it's your turn. >> reporter: before the coin toss, president biden led a moment of silence to remember the more than 460,000 people lost to the coronavirus in the u.s. yet after the game -- [ cheers ] as tampa fans hit the streets to celebrate, many disregarded covid safety precautions altogether. [ chants ]
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a reporter for the "tampa bay times" was there as police tried to disperse rowdy groups in the soho area. >> let's go, bucs -- >> reporter: and a maskless fan interrupted our interview with one of the hospital workers invited to the game. do you find it disrespectful? you're a health care worker, and they're -- >> it's very disrespectful. you know, and everybody's trying to stay safe. and just to put people in danger is just not right. >> reporter: since the onset of the pandemic, florida has racked up more than 1.7 million coronavirus cases, and north of 27,000 covid deaths. now the cdc is also reporting that the state has the largest number of cases stemming from the more contagious variant first found in the uk. as for the effect of last night's festivities, it's a true case of only time will tell. gayle? >> jamie, thank you. the buccaneers put on a defensive show on their way to victory last night, in part
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thanks to defensive tackle ndamukong suh. he joins -- tackle ndamukong suh. he joins us. we stayed up late to watch the game. >> well how are you? >> not as good as you. we stayed up to watch the game. and it seems like you guys were high fiving each other when there were still four minutes left on the clock. please take us down to the field. take us to what you were thinking and feeling. go. >> yeah. we were excited the entire timer knowing we had an opportunity and gave them a hot of points the first time around. so we just knew we had to come out and stay in front as a secondary and defensively up front, get after that quarterback. that was our mission throughout the entire game. and i got some opportunities to get after him as well as a bunch of guys on our defensive line. super excited about what we got -- were able to do. >> patrick mahomes said, "they took away our deep stuff. they took away the sidelines. they played a heck of a game defensively, maybe one of the worst games he's ever had. that's an incredible achievement.
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what did you guys talk about going in? >> the coach is an amazing coach. he set up an amazing game plan. we wanted to execute that from the standpoint and make sure mahomes couldn't get to his right, forcing him to his left. making tough throws whether he's on one foot or on the ground, where he couldn't throw the football. that was our ultimate goal. >> let's talk about tom brady. the difference that he's made for the team. they're making jokes like champa bay or tompa bay. what do you think about the leadership of the team? >> tom is an incredible leader. i wish you could have been in the locker room at the beginning of the game. we talked about honor and the ability to win this game and the people around you and yourself will be honored for years to come. and forevermore. it was exciting to have a guy like that, to have that speech and know he's been in those situations before.
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you take to heart and know what to do. to execute. he's one of the most humble guys and guys that's an ultimate competitor. i'm glad he's on my team. he definitely owed me this one and took care of business. he took away a super bowl from me two years ago. >> you know, people talk about your humility. i understand you met warren buffett when you were in college in nebraska. he's a mentor to you. you're expecting twins. you got married -- this is a good year for you, mr. suh. >> yes. this has been the jump man year for me. we got married on the 23rd of may. we got engaged prior -- prior in july 23rd. so hopefully these twins come around march 23rd. we're excited about them. and really just all my mentors have supported me throughout the great times and tough times, as well. mr. buffett has been one of those guys who held my hand and guided me through all my times and making smart decisions and also just overall good advice. >> super bowl ring tops it all off.
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ndamukong suh. thank you so much for being with us this morning. congratulations, enjoy it. i know you will. and congratulations on the twins, too. >> yeah. bravo. >> i appreciate it. we're excited. i got some sleepless nights coming up. >> yes, you do. >> sleep when you can. sorry we made him get up this morning. good to have him. we have more coverage coming up. we'll talk to h-e-r and jazmine sullivan about their powerful performances and hear from the frontline honors honored at the big game. we want to take a turn to politics. in an exclusive cbs news interview, mr. biden said he expects next year's game to be played in a full stadium. the president is pushing ahead with the democrats' covid relief bill, but former president trump's second impeachment trial threatens to overshadow it. we have more from wilmington, delaware, where the president spent the weekend. nancy, good morning to you. good to see you. >> reporter: good morning. good to see you, too.
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president biden watched the super bowl with family here in a windy wilmington after sitting down for the wide-ranging interview with "cbs evening news" anchor and managing editor norah o'donnell. they talked about the toll that this pandemic has taken on schoolchildren, and he said that guidance is finally coming this week for how schools can safely reopen. >> you have to have fewer people in the classroom. you have to have ventilation systems that have been reworked. >> reporter: president biden told norah o'donnell that federal guidance for a return to school is coming this week. >> our cdc commissioner we just named is going to be coming out with science-based judgment within i think as early as next wednesday, to lay out the minimum requirements. >> reporter: the president also laid out some of his red lines in the next covid relief bill. you've said you're not compromising on the $1,400 checks. >> no. >> reporter: he said he is willing to deal on some things like lowering the income cutoff
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for stimulus checks and holding off on a $15 minimum wage. but on other provisions like $400-a-week unemployment benefits for the next six months, mr. biden is holding firm to the frustration of a group of senate republicans who had hoped he would meet them halfway. >> the administration is showing very clearly they don't care if they have to work with us. >> reporter: the covid bill could be overshadowed this week by the second senate impeachment trial of former president trump, accused of inciting an insurrection last month. >> we're going to walk down to the capitol -- >> reporter: over the weekend, wyoming republican liz cheney was censured by her state party. but the congresswoman said she did not regret voting to impeach. >> what we already know is enough for his impeachment. this is not something that we can simply look past or pretend didn't happen or try to move on. >> reporter: a conviction in the senate is unlikely. >> this impeachment in the eyes of most republicans is an unconstitutional exercise. >> reporter: mr. biden told cbs
7:14 am
news that his predecessor should no longer get classified intelligence briefings. >> reporter: why not? >> because of his erratic behavior unrelated to the insurrection. >> reporter: after that interview, white house press secretary jen psaki clarified that president trump has deep trust in his own intelligence team to make that ultimate determination about whether president trump should continue to receive those intelligence briefings. also, over the weekend, president biden was among those paying tribute to george schultz who was president reagan's secretary of state. schultz, president biden said, was a man of honor and ideas. he died on saturday at the age of 100 years old. anthony? >> an extraordinary career in public service. nancy, thank you. there's new concern this morning over a more infectious coronavirus strain that's starting to spread in the u.s. south africa has stopped giving
7:15 am
the astrazeneca vaccine, which is not yet approved in the u.s., after a small clinical trial found it provides only minimal protection against mild or moderate infection from that coronavirus variant first seen in south africa. more research is needed to determine the vaccine's ability to prevent hospitalization, or death. cbs news medical contributor dr. david agues says the reports show -- developing booster shots. the pandemic's victims in the united states the united sta than 28,000 grocery store workers who have tested positive or been exposed to covid-19. hazard pay for hazard papay, she
7:16 am
dedeserves. thrbertha ayayala has workeked butcher c counter at the long beach h food for 4 4 f for 13 y. last year was the busiest and hardest. when you go to work every day, do you worry about your health? >> oh, yeah. i'm worried. >> reporter: for good reason. she's democratic, 6 -- six, 61 years old, and working six days a week because she was told her job was essential. do you think food 4 less sees you as a hero? >> they stead, i don't believe it. >> reporter: you're saying they're not putting their money where their mouth is. >> yeah, i feel like we're not important to them. >> reporter: when long beach passed a mandate for hazard pay
7:17 am
last month requiring chain grocery stores to pay $4 an hour more for at least 120 days, parent company kroger announced the store was one of two closing. their reason -- the store couldn't afford to stay open. do you feel like you're stuck in the middle of politics here? >> yes. >> reporter: the union says her food 4 less store saw sales from march to august rise 29% from the year before and says according to financial records, kroger, the largest grocery chain in the country, earned twice as much last year as the previous year. the hero pay ordinance has also prompted a lawsuit from the california grocers association. ron fong is the group's president. >> you know, the one thing that we do agree with is that our employees are our heroes. however, it is really unprecedented to have a city council demand what businesses should do with their wages. >> reporter: fong says grocers should decide if they want to give employees hazard pay.
7:18 am
and some have. $. >> $2, $3, gift cards, gas cards. they are our heroes. and we have done everyrything possibible that w we can too ke them safafe in o our groceryry . >> repororter: berththa says k hahas given her a f few gifift toto spend inn its company'y's stores, but they're inconsistent and insufficient to hazard pay. now she faces a pandemic without a job or health insurance. >> i had to go today the doctor
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working just to make sure that we all can eat. thank you. ahead, america's deadliest week of avalanches in more than a century. how climate change could be making them even more unpredictable. first, it is 7:19 exactly. like w
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ahead, cbs news investigates the popular stock trading app robinhood. we're hearing for the first time from the parents of a young man who emailed the company for help believing he owed hundreds of thousands of dollars after a trade. why the parents now blame robinhood for their son's death. you're watching "cbs this morning." with new rewards from chase freedom unlimited, i now w earn even n more cash h? oh i got t to tell eveveryon. hey,y, rita! you u now earn 3 3% on dinin, inclcluding takekeout! bon apappetit. hey kim,m, you now e earn 5% onn travelel purchaseded through c ! waway ahead ofof you! hehey, neal! y you can earan 3% a at drugstorores. buddy,y, i'm m right here. why are you yelling? because that's what i do! you're always earning with 5% cash back on travel
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good morning. is there is a tentative deal to reopen schools in san diego. in the orange tier, vaccinationings not required but the red tier vaccinations would be required. tomorrow one of the largest vaccination sites will open. appointments are necessary through santa clara county website. the county reported the most covid cases and deaths in the bay area. and starting this week, educational staff across alameda county will be getting vaccinated because the county
7:27 am
health department has now opened up eligibility for phase 1b essential workers. and we have a traffic alert as you head along 101 through the peninsula this morning and this is sadly a deadly crash. northbound 101 near broadway commuting into the area and a lot of activity on scene and two right lanes shut down till further notice working on this incident involving two vehicles and will take time for the investigation as well and no word to when lanes will open and use 280 as alternate and pretty slow and go traffic along 01. mary. good morning, gianna. we have clouds today and cooler temperatures with on shore flow kicking back in and ridge of high clouds building in and big difference compared to the warm
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back now at 7:30. the popular trading app robinhood is under new scrutiny as part of a lawsuit centered on a tragedy. the site is part of the reason gamestop shares recently surged against expectations before quickly plunging again costing many small investors large amounts of money. it was a painful reminder for one family of their own son's death by suicide last june at a time when he believed he'd racked up massive losses on the robinhood app. we spoke to his parents who blame the company for his death. >> to be honest, it was really a joyful household. >> it was. >> reporter: late last spring,
7:31 am
dan and dorothy kearns had a full house after the pandemic brought their 20-year-old son alex home from college. >> one night he says to me, like, mom, i don't know what i want to do with my life yet, but i do know i want to help people. >> reporter: but alex was also interested in investing and had opened an account with robinhood, an app that lets anybody buy and sell stocks with no fees and no experience. >> didn't see the harm in doing that. it was limited exposure. so -- >> reporter: where did he get the money that he had from? >> that was grandma and grandpa money, gifts. all told, maybe $5,000 into savings. >> reporter: what the kearns didn't realize is he had also been approved by robinhood to buy and sell options, a riskier instrument with the potential for huge losses. >> i don't understand how they allowed that to happen in the first place. >> reporter: they say alex's inexperience is what got him into trouble one night last june when his robinhood account showed a negative balance of more than $700,000. at 3:26 a.m., the company sent
7:32 am
an automated email demanding alex take immediate action, requesting a payment of more than $170,000 on his debt. >> he thought he blew up his life. he thought he screwed up beyond repair. >> reporter: robinhood has no customer service number, but alex emailed three times to help understand whether he could still offset the losses with another trade. could someone please look into this, he wrote, receiving back nothing more than an automated message. >> and their response was a canned reply, basically we'll get back to you later. >> reporter: what do you do with that thought? >> it haunts me. it really does. >> reporter: later that day, the sheriff knocked on the kearns' front door to deliver the news -- alex had killed himself. >> i lost the love of my life. he -- i miss more than anything.
7:33 am
it's the kind o of pain t that don't think should be humanly popossible. >> reporter: robininhood says i mission is to democratize finance, bringing younger and more diverse investors into the market. an approach the company highlighted in a super bowl ad. >> you don't need to become an investor, you were born one. robinhood. >> it's the conduct. this conduct is reprehensible. >> reporter: william galvin is the chief financial regulator in the state of massachusetts and one of robinhood's chief critics. >> it was a very deliberate effort on the part of robinhood to particularly entice younger inexperienced investors. >> yeah, i bet he's investing right now -- >> reporter: he points to the company's marketing claiming it rewards daily usage of the app and encourages frequent trading. >> a new kind of investor i is changing things up. >> reporter: even working in virtual confetti in what a recent complaint by galvin's office described as gamefication. >> they call themselves robinhood for a reason.
7:34 am
right, robinhood steals from the rich and goes giveives to the p. is that happening? >> i don't think so. they've not acted in the best interests of their customers. it's not true. >> reporter: what happened to alex kearns is a particular worry to galvin and his team. they found more than 600 examples in his state alone of robinhood customers who by the company's own standards should not have been approved for options trading but were. >> their rush to make money out of this has caused them to add people to their base and to recklessly bring people on board who they probably should have said no, we won't qualify you for options now. >> reporter: we, too, were curious to know how easy it is to get approved for basic options trading. one of the first questions is how much investment experience do you have? i'm going to choose none. that resulted in a rejection. but it's giving me the choice to update my experience if i'd like to -- by simply changing no experience to not much, we got approved immediately.
7:35 am
welcome to options. >> how are those guardrails? how does that stop an 18-year-old from making risky trades that they don't really understand? >> reporter: in a suicide note to his parents, alex had similar questions. how is a 20-year-old with no income able to get assigned almost a million dollars worth of leverage, he wrote, adding, i also have no clue what i was doing. >> he said in a note, i didn't want to die. >> he also said that he was doing this for us. he was trying to save us from what he thought was impending financial disaster. >> reporter: in a wrongful death lawsuit they plan to file today, dan and dorothy kearns say robinhood must be held accountable. do you think if robinhood had somebody manning an email account or picking up a phone that alex would be here today? >> absolutely. >> yeah. i have no doubt. >> he just wanted an answer. >> he just needed a little help. he could have gotten answers to those questions, and there was nobody there to do that for him.
7:36 am
>> reporter: it wasn't until the day after alex kearns killed himself that robinhood sent an email suggesting he didn's and alex was trading, and also added a feature for customers in his situation to request a callback from the company. however, it still does not have a phone number for customers to call themselves. the company said it disagrees with the allegations made by the commonwealth of massachusetts. robinhood declined to address why it did not respond to alex kearns' emails the night before his death. >> let me get this straight -- he may not have lost any money at all? it may be a mistaken email? >> it appears he was led to believe he was deeply in debt and had ruined himself and his parents when, in fact, he
7:37 am
wasn't. so at issue here -- the state of massachusetts brings this up -- is robinhood is like your broker. your broker cannot lead you to believe you have ruined yourself if you have not. that's -- that's a big part of the issue here. >> it is a heartbreaking story. i'm trying to figure out, what is brief brobinhood's responsib? if you go on and willingly sign and you're over 18 which makes you an adult in many places, what is their responsibility? >> a duty of care to a customer who is like a person who you're giving financial advice to in esse essence. a broker/dealer relationship. it's different in each state. something the parents bring up which is key is alex was too young to go las vegas and gamble. >> yeah. yeah. >> he could go on robinhood in his bedroom upstairs and gamble just the same. >> a lot of questions. heartbreaking story. >> i want to understand -- basically if this is true then an erroneous email caused this young man's suicide. >> yes. >> which is just -- i mean -- >> so key question is why don't they have customer service available at a phone number's reach? we're going to talk about that
7:38 am
tomorrow. we investigate why robinhood has no phone number for customers to call, and we speak with former employees who have described some of the problems that they faced when robinhood users needed help. next, how a series of deadly avalanches shows the growing danger for skiers and hikers escaping to remote areas during the pandemic. that's ahead on "cbs this morning." alright, i i brought i in ensusure max prorotein... o give you t the proteiein you needed with lesess of the s sugar you't (grurunting noisise) i'll take ththat. yeeeeeeeah! 30 grams o of protein n and 1 1 gram of susugar drinink, play, a and win bigig e powered byby protein c challeng! ♪♪
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7:42 am
[ bleep ] look at that. this frightening video shows an avalanche barreling toward
7:43 am
snowmobilers in utah saturday. one of the snowmobilers you see had to dig his brother out of the snow. they are okay. others have not been so lublg lucky lately. 14 people died in avalanches in the u.s. in just the past week. the most for any seven-day period in more than a century. 21 people have been killed so far this winter. just two fewer than all of last winter. as carter evans reports, experts warn that avalanches could soon become even more unpredictable. i'm out. i got you. >> reporter: this snowmobiler's cell phone video captures his desperate attempt to climb out of the snow after an avalanche saturday. it barrelled down this slope in utah's uinta mountains. [ bleep ] >> reporter: no one was hurt, but they say it was a miracle everyone made it out alive. >> i heard hunter yelling, and here he is. you okay, bud? >> reporter: on the same day, four skiers died in another
7:44 am
avalanche in mill creek canyon, utah. four survivors dug themselves out and were flown to safety. they're the latest in a slew of devastating avalanches in the u.s. three died last week in alaska, and four were killed over the last several days in colorado in two separate slides. karl birkeland studies avalanches. he says climate change is complicating efforts to predict when and how these slides can happen. >> in an area, say, for example, where we tend to always see dry snow avalanches, we might see more wet snow avalanches. and this really creates challenges for avalanche forecasters and for others who work to mitigate avalanche danger for the public. >> reporter: his advice -- get the proper forecast, gear, and training before you hit the slopes. for "cbs this morning," i'm carter evans. >> very good advice. ahead, vlad duthiers will look at the stories we think you're going to be talking
7:45 am
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7:49 am
because lilike you...w.we loveve them likeke family, t . let u us w walk withh these warriorsrs, chargee on with t t chchampions, a and cararry foro call of our captainsns. we celebebrate themm by actinggh coururage and cocompassion,, byg what is rigight and justst. for whihile we h honor themem, it is thehey who every d day ho usus. > wow. time for "what to watch." and no better introduction than amanda gorman honoring three health care heroes at the game. >> exactly. the first time we've had a poet at the super bowl. and she honored these three health care heroes. one former marine who's working with the wounded warrior project, james martin. a tampa nurse, seizy dorner, who lost two of her grandparents to covid-19. >> i heard the story. >> exactly.
7:50 am
while still fighting on the front lines. and los angeles teacher tremaine davis. >> another first for amanda gorman, too. >> i was going to say that and say this young woman never, ever disappoints. the whole time she's speaking, could you hold a shot of her coat for a second. that was also stunning. >> i know. >> she knocked it out of the park again. >> we just love amanda gorman. can't get enough of her. congratulations for being the first poet at a super bowl. very, very cool. here are a few other stories we think you'll be talking about today -- history was made over raymond james stadium before the super bowl last night. not just amanda gorman. check this out. three different air force bombers, a b1, a b52, and a co over. sap tan sarah kociuba from ohio is one of only ten female b2
7:51 am
pilots and says she'd never felt intimidated in a male dominated field. >> i don't feel anything different. nor do the pilots around me. if you want to fly, you can make that dream happen. buckle down, don't let anybody else convince you that you can't do what you want to do. and just shoot for the stars. >> right on. her call sign is gucci. she promised to tell me about it one day over a beer. all right. twitter lit up during the weeknd's halftime show. ♪ ooh i'm blinded by the light ♪ >> so the pop star sang his hits along with other songs. some fans showed the show while others were confused, inspiring tons of hilarious tweets. one person compared the backup dancers to the creepy tethered child jason from "us." another pointed out the robotic force looked similar to the jawas from "star wars."
7:52 am
then the singer headed into a tunnel with the camera close to his face. one captioned it, 4-year-old me in the grocery stores looking for my mom. another compared it to looking for mute button when it's mime turn to talk to the zoom call. >> the whole past year getting lost in the hall of mirrors. >> i thought it was creative. we're talking about it today. bravo to him. one person. put all of that off. it's visually entertaining. >> put $7 million of his own money -- >> his own money. >> wow. >> you find yourself singing every one of those songs. >> vlad, thanks. ahead, only on " "cbs this morning," jazmine sullivan and h.e.r. on n their perfrformance. >> yay. i i now earn e even more c cash? oh i g got to tellll everyon. hey, rita!a! you now eaearn 3% on d dinin, including g takeout! bon appetit. hey kim, you now earn 5% on travel purchased throuough chas! way aheaead of you!! hey, neaeal! you canan earn 3% at drugugstores. bubuddy, i'm right herere. why are you yelling? because that's what i do! you're always earning with 5% cash back on travel purchased through chase, 3% at drugstores, 3% on dining including takeout,
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7:55 am
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7:56 am
good morning. fire fighters and marine patrol officers are searching for a man that went missing after his boat burst into flames last night. a new oakland police chief is set to be sworn in today. lamar armstrong is is a 20 year veteran of the force. meantime a big win for come california churches. they started to reopen for indoor service this weekend. the supreme court ruled the state's order prohibiting
7:57 am
indoor services during the pandemic appears to violate the constitution. i'm in the traffic center and we take a look at the roadway with a traffic alert along 101 northbound commuting into mill burn and unfortunately it's a deadly crash with two lanes shut down for the investigation. there's a lot of activity still on scene and a back up very slow coming away from 92 so if you want to use 280 as an alternate, that's probably a much better way to link out of the south bay or peninsula looking a lot better and closures in the south bay and altamonte avenue. mary. >> good morning to you. we're looking at more clouds streaming in for today and cooler temperature withs on shore flow kicking in and daytime highs on the coast in the 50s and we have 50s around the bay and low 60s inland this afternoon and see the clouds with mostly cloudy skies on future cast. very similar for tuesday and a bit more sunshine wednes
7:58 am
♪ ♪ ♪ whwhen it comemes to yoyour financicial health,, just a f few small s steps cacan make a r real differere. ♪ ♪ ♪ learn, s save and spspend wiwith guidancnce from chaha. confnfidence feeeels good. chase. make m more of whahat's your. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ (beeeeping soundnd) ♪ ♪ ♪ save on seselect new v volvo mos during our presidents day sales event, now through march 1st.
8:00 am
♪ don't believe me just watch ♪ >> it's monday, february 8th, 2021. are you sleepy this morning? >> after the super bowl you are. welcome back to "cbs this morning." i'm gayle king with tony dokoupil, that's anthony mason. the big game was also a big show and not just at halftime. jazmine sullivan and h.e.r. will tell u us about their stutunnin super bowlwl performrmances. >> foror somee superer bowl vie it's allll about thehe ads,s, b which oness playedd the best? first on "cbs this morning," the results of the "usa today" ad meter as voted by the fans. >> and heros in the stands. we've got video diaries from frontline health care workers who went to the super bowl about
8:01 am
finally having fun after a life-changing year. >> they deserve it. first here's today's "eye opener" at 8:00. >> third option. end zone. caught! gronkowski! again with the touchdown. >> tom brady up against the defending super bowl champs and now he has super bowl ring number seven. >> i'm glad he's on my team and he definitely owed me this one and took care of business because he took away a super bowl from me two years ago. >> it's the first time the winning team city has also hosted the super bowl. people here were elated to see the bucs come out on top and hit the streets to celebrate. >> do you think a year from now there will be a super bowl they can play in front of a full stadium? >> god willing, we're going to be able to celebrate it all as usual a year from now. >> this was the scene after games. fans more than excited. >> tampa bay! >> super bowl! >> the team had a lot of confidence, we came together at the right time. i think we knew this was going
8:02 am
to happen tonight, didn't we? >> there's more to come, right, tom? there's more to come football as far as football. >> we're coming back. >> tom brady is coming back. >> did they know it was going to happen last night? i think tom brady knew it was going to happen, everybody thought the game was going to be closer. it was a big night. >> i wish it was closer. great to hear tom brady is coming back. >> we could have this matchup next year. >> he's going to play as long as it feels right to him, so we will see him next year. >> sure feeling right, right now. >> great music. did you see this? two of last night's highlights were powerful performances by two critically acclaimed female singers, jazmine sullivan made history alongside eric church with the first national anthem duet in more than a decade. ♪ whose bright stars ♪ >> beautiful. and multi grammy award winner, that's h.e.r., put a personal spin on "america the beautiful"
8:03 am
with electrifying guitar skills. ♪ >> listen to that guitar. only on "cbs this morning," they both join us to talk about why last night's performances meant so much to them at this very challenging time for our country. good morning to you. good morning to you both. >> good morning. >> so let's start with this, guys, what's it like the morning after you nailed one of the most -- one of the most important performances of your life. what is that like? you go first, please, h.e.r. >> oh, my gosh. it felt crazy and i just -- i cans believe it. i was super nervous and just wanted to bring my flavor into it and to be alongside somebody like jazmine and for two black women to be up there was a powerful message. i was just happy to be a part of this year. >> h.e.r., if that was you nervous, hate to see when you're relaxed. that was a good example of black
8:04 am
girl magic a lot of people were saying. jazmine, i saw you earlier in the day you were rehearsing and had on a jumpsuit that looked similar to whitney houston's. people said tonight she's going to channel whitney houston. oh, no. she's going to channel jazmine sullivan and come out full force. what was that moment like for you to do the duet with eric church, country star, r&b star? what was that like for you? >> i mean it was definitely amazing. i always say i never thought i would get this opportunity. i was happy to be there and performing with eric was wonderful. i love the bridging of both of our sounds and our worlds and coming together. and i believe that's what we did. h.e.r. was amazing and it was definitely a moment, you know, for black girls representing who we are. >> jazmine, eric church said i will never ever sing the national anthem, it's so hard, but then he heard you and he said, i can't miss a chance to sing with jazmine. how did you two approach this? it's not an easy song to sing.
8:05 am
>> it's so, so hard. you don't even think it's hard until you're actually singing it. i think we wanted to bridge the two worlds. he's a country artist and i'm an r and b singer. we wanted to show you can come together and bring some unity within song and, you know, it was all about the soul for me. even if you change certain things it's about what you bring to it and what it means to you. >> jazmine, h.e.r. said she was nervous. were you nervous too? >> was i nervous? yeah. definitely. definitely. >> you couldn't tell. i wanted to talk about your guitar playing. everybody knows you for your voice and they certainly know your guitar skills. how did you decide you were going to do that rendition? nobody has heard "america the beautiful" played that way and you look so good doing it too. >> thank you. no. i mean exactly. i wanted to do it the way nobody has ever done it before, that, you know, the plan was to create totally me and represented so
8:06 am
many different versions. i listened to as lot of different versions and i was like you know what, i got to take it to my world and start with the soft intro, bringing some strings and then we got to rock it out, rock it out. and then wrapped it up. that was the idea to do something different. >> jazmine, you've got your first album in more than five years ago. so glad you're back. a number with h.e.r. on this album. tell us how that came about? >> i was writing the song and i felt like the song neededd h.e.. it neededed sometething e else. i contatacted h.e.e.r. a and sh dodown to do i it andnd i w was hahappy, soo a amazing to me. ii lovee everythining about her. her voice. she's so talented. i wanted her to do her thing. it's definitely a moment on the project and i'm so still just overjoyed she decided to do it. thank you, girl. >> thank you, girl. i love the "bust your window"
8:07 am
song. the whole album is really good. bravo to you on that. did you see each other before the is show? did you huddle and say this is what we're going to do or consult each other or do your own performance and hook up after? i'm wondering what it was like to actually be there during this pandemic with limited audience and all of that? what it was like? >> yeah. at sound check, when we were done rehearsing, you know, and i got to see it, i was like oh, my gosh. i was so hype and excited and it got real at that moment. oh, my gosh, we're here. it's crazy. i was blown away. you know, so we got to hook up and kind of say congratulations and i didn't get to congratulate you afterwards but it was a moment. >> is it easier or harder when the audience is actually a little bit smaller? >> it depends. that was hard. it was a super bowl and you know how many people are watching,
8:08 am
it's not just the people that are there. it's so huge. but you know, it was electrifying. it was definitely one of the biggest moments in my career so you know, my parents were there, my mom and my dad and my brother and boyfriend. it was amazing. >> congratulationses. >> the cardboard cutouts made it seem full, honestly. >> that's interesting. >> like there was a full stadium in there. >> you guys, we had cardboard cutouts. did you see us sitting there keerg you on? >> we were cheering too. >> i'm teasing, of course. you made people so proud on so many levels last night. congratulations and bravo, bravo. i can't wait to see what you do next. thank you, both. >> thank you so much. >> thanks. jazmine sullivan and h.e.r. ahead, president biden tells norah o'donnell what it's been like to return to the white house as president. he's been to the white house before but now he's president of the united states. more of his first network television interview sin
8:09 am
8:10 am
ahead, huggiess made its super bowl debut featuring babies who were born on game day. >> world, meet babies.s. boborn today l like literallyly agago. anand good news ---- > we willll review viewers' e favorite super bowl ads according to "usa today's" ad meter. gayle likes one. only on "cbs this morning." we will start to maluma. he will tell us about his surprise new album and his art
8:11 am
exhibit in miami that had to be temporarily closed because too many people wanted to see him. it's a good problem to have. >> yes, it is. >> you're watching "cbs this morning." good problem to have we appreciate it. >> you are watching cbs this mornrning. appreciatete it. doioing it. hey jay. jajay? charlototte! oh hi.. hehe helped meme set up my watch l lists. ohoh, he's tererrific. exexcellent tetennis playey. bybye-bye. i recognizize that voioice. an? yeah! she hehelped me fifind the rit bondnds for my i income strara. you'u're very popopular arououn. therere's a birtrthday goingn. karl! ! he took cacare of my 401k rolollover. wow, y you call a a lot. yeyeah, well i it's my monoy we'r're talking g about here. joinining us for k karaoke lat? ah, , i'd love t to, but peoeopt really e emotional w when i si. help from m a team thahat wl exceed y your expectctation. ♪♪ inintroducing g voltaren a arts pain gelel. ththe first fufull prescriripn strength non-stereroidal antiti-inflammay gel.l... avavailable ovover the cououn. vovoltaren is s powerful a arts pain relelief in a g gel. vovoltaren. ththe joy of m mov. lactaiaid is 100% % real milk,kt without ththe lactose.e. soso you can e enjoy it evevef you're senensitive.
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8:15 am
the senate begins donald trump's second impeachment trial tomorrow. the house impeached then-president trump last month, accusing him of inciting the january 6th assault on the capitol. the senate must decide if he should be convicted and if he should be prevented from holding federal office in the future.
8:16 am
tony shows us what to expect. >> people should remember, first of all, that impeachment is a political process, not a legal one. and it's also exceedingly rare -- or it was prior to president trump. there were only two presidential impeachments in all of american history. that would be andrew johnson in 1868, and bill clinton, 130 years later. consider that we have now seen it twice in a single administration. let's talk conviction. the senate needs a two-thirds vote to convict mr. trump. that means democrats and their independent allies would need 17 republicans to cross over. that's unlikely. only five republicans voted to have this trial at all. house impeachment managers are going to work like prosecutors preventing evidence to argue that mr. trump's rhetoric encouraged and resulted in lawless action at the capitol. mr. trump's lawyers meanwhile will offer a defense, he'll have an opportunity to build what amounts to be a case on a tech coloity. they're going -- technicality. they're going to see you've got to be present to be impeached from the presidency.
8:17 am
democrats say that essentially gives the president a blank check for behavior late in the term. the other point republicans are making is, look, polarization is a problem in this country. we've got to move on and now's the time. to that, democrats counter you can't have uniification without accountability first. >> and the january 6th incident at the capitol was a significant event that have to be accounted for. president biden wants to keep the focus on his agenda, not the former president's trial. "cbs evening news" anchor norah o'donnell spoke with president biden in his first network television interview since taking office. he talked about covid relief, sanctions on iran, and his return to the white house as president. >> reporter: mr. president, you've certainly been around the white house for a long time. you've walked into the oval office, you were vice president for eight years. but did it feel a little different when you walked in as president of the united states and sat down on the other side of theies resolute desk? >> you know what felt different? when i walked through the front
8:18 am
doors of the white house after being sworn in. >> reporter: there was that picture of you end bracing the first lady. >> yeah. yeah. president clinton and i used to talk about who's read the most biographies of presidents. he's probably red more than i, but i've -- read more than i, but i've read a lot of them. i thought of presidents in terms of abraham lincoln up there or, you know, franklin roosevelt, or george washington. and i thought to myself, how in god's name could i, you know, do -- compare myself to them. then i realized i know eight presidents, i've served eight terms, i know them. they're all really fine men. and it sort of brought it back down to life size. and you know their strengths and weaknesses, and it gave a little more of, well, you know, no, don't get me wrong, i think it's an incredibly challenging job, and i'm extremely flattered to have the chance to do it. i hope to god i live up to it. but it seemed to make it more
8:19 am
life size. >> and norah o'donnell joins us from washington. good morning. you've interviewed joe biden over the years many times. but never when he was president of the united states. this is the first time as sitting president. what stood out to you? what felt different if anything? >> well, i think president biden now realizes and feels the weight of being a wartime president. you know, i said something like you've been in office for 2.5 weeks. he said, it feels a lot longer than that. you know, i think there's the sense of really wanting to crush the coronavirus, the world's problems that exist up there. i mean, he would say they're trying to clean up from the past administration. and so that's all part of what this white house is dealing with. you know, already this week, right, they're going to try and lay out school guidelines, the cdc, to get kids back in school. they are trying to encourage moderna and pfizer to ramp up productions. i've learned from sources close to the white house that the president is going to in the coming weeks visit either the
8:20 am
moderna production or pfizer facilities in order to get a sense of that. and so they're really trying to project this idea of a competent president who's trying to push forward on this, and of course this week they're going to move forward on their own policy track while the senate is going forward on the impeachment track. >> on the covid front talking about schools, as you mentioned, he said the cdc will release requirements to reopen schools perhaps as soon as wednesday. any sense of what -- he talked specifically about reopening them safely, he paused to say that word. do we know what safely is likely to mean? >> well, he's talking about getting teachers vaccinated, although not a requirement. he's talking about ventilation systems and social distancing and masks in classrooms. but look, you have democratic mayors at odds with teachers unions in cities like chicago, san francisco, and other places. and so i think the question has been, you know, mike bloomberg, the former mayor of new york, said it's time for president biden to stand up to the
8:21 am
teachers unions and the teachers and get them back to school. it was something i asked the president about, you'll hear his answer tonight on the "evening news." there need to be leadership from the white house, leadership, science guidelines from the cdc. you see -- in chicago they've reached a deal. they're waiting for those guidelines from the cdc, that that could be the next step. how do we do this safely? can someone please tell us what we need to do? so that's what's coming this week. so there will be i think a lot of news from the white house on th froat because schools, of course, a top issue. as the president acknowledged in the interview, the fact that kids are not in school, some 20 million kids, that means a lot of women are drooping out of the work force. and the president acknowledged this is a national emergency. >> congrats on the interview. i know you only had 20 minutes with the president. you covered a lot of topics. i'm curious if you got to ask about hunter biden's book? a lot of eyebrows are being raised, called "beautiful things," talking about his battle with drug addiction. people are wondering about the timing of the book considering
8:22 am
his dad just got in the white house. did you goat ask about that? >> i did. we released that clip over the weekend. he said, i'm very proud of my son. i think he used the phrase he's back, he got very emotional. the book is in many ways not only about dealing with his -- the loss of his brother, beau, from brain cancer, but also about his own personal struggle with addiction and recovery. and so it's a very personal memoir. as the president said, he said, i don't need -- know one family in america that doesn't have someone in their own family or knows someone who has dealt with alcoholism -- >> did he know the book was coming out? >> the president told me that he did not know that the book was coming out. that he just learned about it recently. and he had just gotten the galleys in the last week. >> all right. norah o'donnell, thank you. you can watch more of norah's interview with president biden tonight on the "cbs evening news" when they'll discuss re reopening schools. we'll be right back. so gooood to seee you.
8:23 am
>> w what's up? great t to see yoyou, too.o. >> lelet's startrt here. when y you say we t the best. whoo exactlyly is we,, and how exactlyy are theyy thehe best? >> verery simplee -- w we the b. >> okayay. hohold that thoughght. i wawant to unpack that iff we. first, comoming up in n our nex hourur, we'll b be talking t to the crcrank yananker a about hi teterrifying b brush withh publ explore e floor and d decor your wayay, and comforortably shopop ovea millioion square f feet ofof in- stockck flooring! our expansnsive store e is fufully equipppped
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8:25 am
♪ that singer, maluma, singing his hit. ahead, he'll tell us hat this is a kpix 5 news this morning update. good morning it is 8:25. covid-19 compliance inspector were out at restaurants to see if owners were following guidelines during super bowl sunday. in santa clara county, in vectored issued warnings. >> a vietnamese community center burned down in oakland saturday. authorities believe that the fire was sparked by a nearby homeless encampment. the executive director said she asked the city to clear it out in the past. today, the san francisco first youth navigation center is opening looking to offer beds to up to 75 homeless young adults between the ages of 18
8:26 am
and 24. it will start with a few dozen during the pandemic. as we take a look at the roadways, one of the busiest spots is the ride northbound 101 through the peninsula. a traffic alert blocking a couple of lanes. it is still slow as you come away from 92. this was a deadly crash so the investigation continues. this will be out there for quite some time. 280 which you can see is adjacent to 101 is looking a lot better so use that as an alternate. police activity continuing on marine avenue. good monday morning. we are looking at clouds and, cooler temperatures today with the onshore flow returning. mid to upper 50s around the day and, low 60s inland. cloud streaming in and futurecast through the day today. cooler but seasonal for this time of year.
8:27 am
more sunshine wednesday and rain chances pi up
8:28 am
♪ we always s have a bigig part, it's a bigig thing foror us. everyoyone gets totogether... toto just haveve fun. the hahappy chaos.s... a lot t of noise a and... for me, , i just enjnjoy it al. ♪ ♪ ♪
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8:30 am
♪ i have no idea what they're saying, but i sure like it. welcome back to "cbs this morning." it's one -- i say -- i want to speak spanish every time he sings. that was global superstar maluma's new song called "tomika." he's i are leased "seven days in jama jamaica" featuring ziggy marley. he's no stranger to big-name collaborations releasing collaborations with artist jennifer lopez, doing a movie, too, and the weeknd.
8:31 am
did you see the ad for michelob ultra organic seltzer during the game? maluma joins us only on cbs auto -- there he is. hey, it's so good to see you. so good to see you. >> good to see you, too. how you doing? >> i'm doing really well. maluma, baby, is what he says. i didn't make that up. >> maluma, baby. >> maluma, baby. listen, were you as excited as i was to see you in a super bowl commercial last night? what did you do? where were you when you watched? what did you think? >> i'm here in miami, here in my house in miami. of course, i wanted to be there. that was one of my biggest dreams was to be in the super bowl. understood everything -- i mean, the weeknd, he got to do his thing, and the whole show was fine. i wanted to be there. i wanted to perform. i'm not going to lie. >> yeah. do you have any dreams, maluma, of performing at the super bowl one of these days? if you do, would you bring out a surprise performer? >> yeah. of course. i would love to bring my land
8:32 am
culture. i mean, that would be nice to be there and just try and put the flag of the latin culture, the flag of my country, because the super bowl, everybody -- everyone knows it's one of the biggest events in the world. so yeah, of course, i would love to be there. but it's going to happen. it's going to happen. going to keep -- >> i wouldn't bet against you ever. can we talk about your album "jamaica"? this is such an unusual -- people say maluma focusing on jamaica? that's unusual people say for a latin artist to focus on jamaica music. can you give us the back story there? >> yeah. yeah. the thing is that if you're like the roots of my music, they were created there in jamaica. and also africa. so that's what i really wanted to go there. i went one year ago with my friends, with the producers and composers, we were like seven people. we did seven songs, we stay thursday for seven days. and seven videos also. so that was like a pretty magical week that we had over
8:33 am
there. i feel a strong connection with jamaica, with the musicians from jamaica. i'm a huge fan of bob marley. that's why i wanted to make my album "seven days in jamaica" in jamaica. i feel very connected. sometimes i feel like i had another life there, you know. i was born in another life there in jamaica. that's why i really wanted to be there. >> i know bob marley means the world to you. why does he mean so much to you, and what did it mean to perform with ziggy, his son? >> well, that was great. i mean, the marleys legacy is still alive. i wanted to bring it back to my album. it never happened before. it's not like common that live artists want to work with jamaican artists. i wanted to mix both cultures. of course as i said before, bob marley is one of my biggest inspirations. that was a dream that i wanted to come true. ♪ >> you said you almost -- you
8:34 am
considered giving up music in the past year. this big trip was about reinspiring yourself. what happened? >> well, i was touring like seven or eight years on the road, and i was pretty tired, you know. like being in different hotels every day. flying every day. doing meet and greets and everything -- i love my career. i love what we built from the beginning. but i was feeling pretty tired. and i really wanted to feel like new vibes. that's what i wanted to go to jamaica. like trying to do like a reborn. so it worked. i feel like new. it's already ten years of my career. and going to jamaica made that -- i feel like a new artist again. >> you said you feel like a new artist. can i say the old artist is pretty damn good. last time i talked to you, you said that you were doing a lot of soul search being your life and about your career and about you as a person. what did you come up with?
8:35 am
>> well, i feel like now like after ten years that i started my career, i feel like a new maluma was born. >> what does that mean? a new maluma? what does that mean? go ahead. >> i feel -- yeah. i feel like the same hunger i was at the beginning. i was super tired of being like on stage and everything. and it's not like i want to quit my career because i love music, and i don't want to quit my career. but for sure, i feel like i want to keep working. i want to keep achieving dreams. >> i think achieving new dreams is good. ll cool j always says dreams don't have any deadlines. i think -- i never forgot that. you also tease this album with a baby announcement. do you want us to think -- people got very excited, maluma having a baby. that looks like a woman's tummy to me. so are you thinking about having a baby? is there a baby on the way? we like the name gayle for your
8:36 am
baby. what are you thinking? why did you do that? >> well, i feel i'm still too young for that. i mean, of course, of course i want to be a dad one day. i want to have my family. but i'm too young. i just turned 27 years old last week. and i feel like my career's just starting. i think that this marketing plan, it worked because i really feel like i was -- i was reborn in it. you know, that's meaning of the belly, that was me. >> and last time i talked to you, you were single. and i'm wondering if you're still single, or do you need me to help you meet somebody? >> i need help, for sure. >> right. i've seen how people react to you. you don't need no help. >> for sure. i'm single. i'm going to be single for a while. >> congratulations on your own rebirth. new maluma. >> thank you. thank you. the new maluma, baby.
8:37 am
>> and the baby -- >> the baby you were talking about. thank you so much for being with usus. >> aheaead, t the stars of "s world" m made a a retururn in t year's's s super bowll commerci teaming one c cardi b. firs
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
su the new tide commercial featuring a familiar face -- george costanza, aka jason alexander. here's the deal -- every year thousands of people rate their favorite ads. for your sake, today's ad meter. first on "cbs this morning," we're revealing this year's top three according to you guys, the fans. here they are. number three, amazon's alexa ad featuring michahael b. jojordan. tatake a look. >> i memean, i lititerally couo imaginine a m more beautififul for alelexa to o be - -- ininsi. ♪ alexa, h how many tablespspoons in a cup? >> t there arere 16 tablespooooa cup. >> welell done.. >> t the whole ad. the whole ad is -- >> okay. >> got to check it out. number two is rocket mortgage ad with tracy momorgan. we'ree pretty s sure youou'll l
8:42 am
it. tatake a look. >> i'm'm pretty susure we cann in josieie bosa's's spot. that s spot works, too. >> and the number-one ad is also from rocket mortgage. it is a different spot also featuring tracy morgan. and we are certatain youou'll e it. > can we eveven affordd this hohouse? >> i'm pretty s sure we can. >> preretty sure? with r rocket mortrtgage, yououe certaiain. nonot pretty sure.. >> w what's t the didifference?? >> let me s show you.u. i'm prettyty sure these areren' poisonous.s. pretetty sure these are parachututes. >> mine hasas a sandwich -- >> that's mine. >> "usa today's" sport columnist nancy arm our joins us. good morning to you. you are in charge of the people meter, the ad meter there at "usa today." were you surprised by any of the top three, and tell us how did tracy -- i want to say tracy jordan, his character, tracy morgan's rocket mortgage ads
8:43 am
take the top two spots? >> they were really, really smart. they had a coordinated effort to drive people to go vote on a we.
8:44 am
8:45 am
gayle's laughing. >> just you saying the poor little red m&m banging his -- what about the state farm with drake and patrick mahomes was in the ad. you had paul rudd, aaron
8:46 am
rodgers. i thought that was effective. >> i thought it was clever, too. mahomes, his backup was paul rudd, a huge kansas city chiefs fan. it was a nice tie-in. and drake is very underrated as an actor. i thought he did a great job with that. >> i did, too. >> fun to watch. >> you did a great job this morning. thank you so much. we appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. ahead, some of the health care heroes honored by the nfl take us along from their super bowl journeys from their hometowns to the big game. we'll be right back. toyota''s presididents day s ss evevent has bebeen decreeded. the e time is nonow to savee on your r toyota! so makake haste, a and get here any w way you canan for ththese presididential dea. just a announced, , get 0% aprr $1$1,000 cash h back on rarav4. or lease a a rav4 hybrbrid for r just $269 9 a month. or getet up to $1,1,500 cash bk onon highlandeder. or leaease a highlhlander for just $ $299 a montnth. toyotata's presesidents dayy sales evevent is herere!
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toyotata. let's s go places.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ as part of the super bowl lv celebration, the nfl honored 7,500 vaccinated health care workers from around the country with tickets to the big game. we wanted to share some of their stories with you, so we asked them to document parts of their journey. patty keller from buffalo, new
8:50 am
york, sharon alvarez from nashville, dr. christopher brown from kansas city, kansas, belinda spahnfrom from tampa, and tony neal from college station, texas, all helped with this project. here is their super bowl story in their own words. >> my name is sharon alvarez. i am the icu manager at asengsz st. brown. >> my name is dr. christopher brown, and i'm a hospitalist for the university of kansas health system in kansas city, kansas. >> had is one of my -- our covid patients. >> my name is patty keller. i'm a registered nurse at buffalo general in buffalo, new york. just finished working 12.5-hour night shift. i took my masks off, and i call these my war marks. >> hi, my name is tony neal.
8:51 am
i'm a patient service specialist in the department of mental health for baylor scott and white. >> what position do you play? >> water boy, whatever they need me to play. >> my name is belinda spahnfrom, i'm part of the teampinellas. >> you've been a source of strength during this pandemic, the work you do is nothing short of remarkable. >> here we come, tampa, for super bowl lv. >> just finishing up all the packing, and last thing in is my titans jersey. >> on my way to tampa bay. man, this is crazy. >> we're getting ready to walk into the game. there we go. hey! we made it through security. >> what's it like -- >> here's brady's pass -- it's
8:52 am
gronkowski! [ cheers ] >> yay! ♪ >> it warmed my heart to know that people appreciate us during such a hard time. i will never forget this. i will hold it in my memories forever. >> this is something that i will never forget. that will go down in history as being one of the greatest moments and opportunities that i've ever received in my life. >> boy, did they deserve it, too. you know, boy, did they deserve it. i love that the first thing that the buccaneers' owner said at the end of the game was, we're paying tribute to them. >> very nice. listen, when the football season started, people weren't sure there would be a super bowl. >> that's right. >> 268 games later, there they are. and you're so right, if anybody should deserve to go it's them.
8:53 am
>> as a reminder for all of us that there is a future, and eventually we'll all get to do that. with hard work, more of us will. >> we can't say thank you for everything they've done. >> thank you. say it again. that will do it fo this is a no-nonsense message from three. small business insurance is usually so complicated, yoyou need to o be a lawyeyr to u understand d it. that's w why three w was creat. it's a betetter kind of busininess insurarance. it's o only three e pages. straraightforwarard. if y you own it,t, three cocovers it. gogot a cheesese slice for "spopokesperson?n?"
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that's me.e. i dodon't even n need to see what's's happeningng behind e to know w it's coverered. (screamingng) thisis commerciaial is now o . logo.. three.e. no nonsenense. just commomon sense.
8:55 am
good morning, firefighters and patrol officers are searching for a man who went missing after his boat erupted in flames late last night. today, a hearing over the california handling of inmates during the pandemic. state is and officials have been facing criticism for transferring inmates into san quentin while covid-19 cases were spiking last year. tentative deal to reopen schools in san francisco. if the city improves the red tier, teachers could return.
8:56 am
in orange tears, vaccination would not be required. an alert continuing along one one. lanes remain blocked near driveway because of a deadly crashed that happened before 7:00 this morning. an investigation continues. used to 80 in the meantime. it will take you over an hour to go from san jose to the sfo area and traffic is backed up to 92. we have a trouble spot westbound 92 at hylan boulevard. debris in the lanes causing a backup in both directions. we are catching some dense fog this morning from along the coast, around the bay and parts of the south and north bay getting foggy conditions. clouds in temperatures this afternoon, mid-50s along the coast. mid to upper 50s around the bay and, low 60s inland.
8:57 am
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