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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  February 13, 2021 6:00am-7:01am PST

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questions over the timeline of the riots and why the defense laid the case out in three hours. good morning. it is saturday the 14th. let's check in with our meteorologist darren peck. >> it's only going to rain for the first few hours of this
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morning, emily but if you are up watching with us you get to experience the rain many people might miss. head of doppler shows us the showers moving in and a close up view shows an organized line coming up here working its way up to one country but let's come back for wider view and see what happens from here. there won't be a lot the last through the day but "futurecast" picks up beautifully for that line of rain and we can watch it merge its way across the bay area and here we are in the 7:00 hour going over the peninsula in the east bay and by the time we've gotten to 8:30 or 9:00 this morning still light rain and once we get to 11:00 or noon this morning it's done and we won't get a lot from this. rainfall totals 1/10th an inch of rain if that for most locations. there are two other chances for rain that show up in this forecast. plus it gets windy and i talk to you about all of that coming
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up in your complete forecast. emily coming up to you. a double shooting in san francisco's financial district and it happened shortly after 8:00 p.m. at a commercial building on trump street one block north of ohio street and the embarcadero center. one man has life-threatening injuries. the officers looked with flashlights as they looked for any signs of a suspect. so far they do not have anyone in custody or a description of the shooter. police try to establish a motive. a live look inside capitol hill. has managers and defense attorneys make their closing arguments today. a senate vote is expected to follow. the former president's attorneys wrapped up their impeachment defense yesterday arguing his incendiary speech was protected by free speech. >> in arguments that lasted just about three hours, the
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defense team distanced the former president from the rioters that attacked the capitol on january 6th. >> if you don't fight for the country and nobody believes that that was incitement to political violence. >> they played montages of democratic senators inciting people. >> reporter: a conviction would take 17. some republicans have questions about the timeline of the violence that unfolded. the secret service felt like
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the vice president was in danger. >> reporter: mr. trump's lawyers would not get into timeline specifics but said the former president was not aware the former vice president was in danger. and senator said mike pence had been evacuated and they asked what they did during the riot was not relevant to the charge. natalie brand, cbs news, capitol hill. coming up at 7:00 a.m. today and streaming on cbsn bay area watch a special cbs news report on the second impeachment trial of donald trump. across the bay area there were celebrations and to usher in good luck and prosperity in the midst of a global planned
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pandemic. people of praying in the new year of the south bay last night. there were fireworks just like other gears but the crowd was much smaller this time around. plenty of revelers with masks on came out akron century mall in east san jose who marked the three day celebration. >> i was surprised. >> a few minutes away the normally elbow to elbow crowd was replaced with a socially distanced gathering. one woman said they come to the temple to pray at midnight but this week the gates were closed. >> this is one of the biggest temples around and if it is this empty i don't think it will be that packed anywhere else. >> she says everyone she knows is praying for good health and
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an end to the pandemic. millions of californians with health conditions or waiting to get vaccinated will soon be eligible to get the covid vaccine. as kpix five katie nielsen reports. >> we are delighted they committed to a timeframe which creates some urgency. >> reporter: part of the community advisory vaccine committee which helps set state guidelines about who should get a covid vaccine and import order. >> people under 65 at high risk of getting covid and dying of covid because of their disabilities and they should be a priority. >> it started march 15th in people aged 16 to 64 with certain medical conditions can get covid vaccine, including those who have cancer, advanced kidney disease or lung disease for oxygen and down syndrome,
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sickle-cell, a woman pregnant and those with coronary artery disease. >> i want the disability community to know we've heard you and we will do more and better to provide access. >> that's an additional 4 million people to 6 million people eligible next month on top of the 13 million eligible right now. >> we have the tools and we have the supply and we will move through as expeditiously as possible. >> katie nielsen, tran25. >> by next month 20 million people will be eligible and that's about half the state and the goal is to get a quarter million people a day vaccinated once the sites are up and going and for details on who can get it and where check out our guide at kpix this morning we get a look at the cdc's roadmap to reopening schools. it's a system based on transmission at the local level
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and recommends schools can open for in person learning. if transmission is substantial or high or to read the schools should switch to hybrid learning or remote learning from grades six through 12. right now a few districts in marin contra costa in nampa back to school but most kids are still distance learning including students in livermore. our preference is to have our staff vaccinated. some people feel like it safe enough right now and we would feel like moving the need her toward safe would be best given the rate of infection in our communities. >> schools need to reopen especially for the younger students. san francisco police asking for the public's help. his family worries foul play could be involved. they talk to siblings who flew
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in from out of town to look for him. this is the last known location for the missing man. family members say he's lived here for a couple of decades. surveillance video shows chris entering the building walking to his apartment with a bottle of wine on january 8th. family members say they talk to him on the ninth and no communication or video of him walking out of the building. >> there is no activity on his bank. he has not been in his apartment and we are anxious to find them. >> they flew from san francisco to chicago. they passed out flyers at the corner of guerrero sleet and debose avenue. >> you can take a picture and put it on social media. >> reporter: it's out of character for the computer
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programmer to disappear. >> there is not a day that goes by that we don't wonder what happened. >> it's been horrible. it's hard to sleep and focus on anything else. we miss him so much. >> the family filed a missing search persons report with fft on january 13th and hired a private investigator that includes an acquaintance is involved in the disappearance. san francisco police are tightlipped saying they are actively investigating but would not say if they have interviewed anyone or developed a person of interest. >> fearful that something could have happened. >> the family since chris is 50 years old 5'10", and 200 pounds. they are prepared for the worst and hoping for the best. >> we want him to come home. >> the family will pass out flyers and they fly back to chicago on sunday. in san francisco i am don lemon, kpix five.
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san francisco police are asking anyone with information to contact them. 6:11 and streaming on cbsn and the bay area. how do you find love in a pandemic. after the break we have tips on how you can bring out the romantic side of valentines even with the mask on. are you headed to the snow? slow going and find out where chain controls are in place right now. a live
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today part is closing the
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richmond station so we can replace 50-year old tracks pick the transit agency is encouraging writers to go to the el cerrito del norte station or to use three ac transit buses between the two stations. richmond part will be close at the end of february and then again on march. this is your reminder, everyone. doctor's say there are important ways to stay safe. and expert gives the thumbs up to dining outside on a blind date but she says wherever people are gathering it's a good idea to keep a mask on between sips or bites. >> i know it looks dirty. that's what you do with someone you don't know. kissing is viewed as a hazardous move for people who don't know each other as well.
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we have deep breathing et cetera. >> they said if kissing seems likely that both people need to get tested for covid before hand. to our storm watch coverage. a live shop of i-80 and donner summit. you can see a fresh dumping of snow overnight in chains required from blue canyon pasts truckee ovovernight ththere wew fefew spinouts with ththe eastb traffic heheld upup a castle e for a a while anand up to six incheses of fresh h powder on t way some people are heading to the slopes for the holiday weekend and was stunning conditions like these at squaw valley, alpine meadows we don't blame them, right, darren? >> it makes me want to get up there. we just showed you the dark pictures of snow in i-80. it
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starts snowing in this era earlier with some systems because the mountains take advantage of it better. let's come back home and i want us to watch the rain here and we've been watching the showers that started half an hour ago in earnest. and organize line of showers stretching across marin county, southern sonoma county just getting to the city to the golden gate and we can see the better bands of rain coming into the golden gate and that will work its way across the heart of the bay. "futurecast" picked up on the line of showers. we play that forward and he keeps marching southward. it will do it pretty quick. by the time we get to 730 it's already down in the peninsula and display and by the time we get to east bay and it's a fast- moving system and by the time we get to 11 it's done. it will stay cloudy and be windy for today but as far as the rain is concerned it's now
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afternoon and that is noon at the latest down in the south bay before it is done and we pick up about 1/10th an inch of rain and we've only got 1/10th an inch of rain in santa rosa. 1/10th an inch is not a lot but in that amount of time it is good. as we look at the forecast totals in the south bay we see couple hundreds of an inch of rain. watch the wind picked up as we go into the late morning and early afternoon right here at noon and those are 20-mile an hour gusts across the area. it will be breezy once this passes through the remainder of the afternoon and it will feel cool and the wind should die down after sunset and it's not all that windy going into tomorrow. daytime highs low 60s but with the windchill it will feel cooler and it will be a damp cool day. clouds hanging over the city and that is the scene and has a say. your showers will arrive within the next two hours or so.
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current numbers have a low 50s in most places and we won't change that much for daytime highs. we go to the mark we saw a second ago. here comes the snow. we have 1/2 an inch or more up at donner pass. and that means the pictures we showed you a few moments ago that emily was talking about there is a winter weather advisory in the mountains that goes until noon today. so keep that in mind. we get a break on sunday until the next system gets here late on sunday night. book on the pacific and see the next system developing arriving late sunday into monday. same story as this one. not a major rain maker for us. we are going to get more light scattered showers centered mainly on monday and you see that in the seven-day forecast in the next chance of rain that shows up as we get into monday
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right there and we can take that into a sunny break for tuesday and wednesday before another chance of rain gets here by thursday and friday of next week and we have more on those next two systems as they get closer but the focus for this rain, emily is now through 11:00 a.m. and then we are pretty much done. >> it will clear up just in time for the weekend. >> yes, it will. it might not be the best day outside. it will feel cool but in terms of an umbrella by 11:00 we are done. >> thanks, darren. a clinic at uc davis are looking to help people who have lost their smell due to covid- 19. training with essential oils can help in another tactic is sticking a large camera up the notes and there is a scratch and sniff test and from there a plan is made. researchers say it is unclear what causes the long-term smell
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loss. >> it could be nerve damage. >> it is sort of terrifying and it produces a lot of depression and not being able to spell fire or gas) so many things by cooking. >> assignments rinse with anti- inflammatory drugs can help the nerves and it's helpful to start these therapies as early as possible when the brain still remembers specific sense. good morning, everybody, what is on my mind? golf. i will show you where my golf balls travel and land tonight. kevin durrant return to chase center. and emotions promise to be stirred up for so you wenent to ross s to refresh yoyour look fofor les? and snagag top brandnds for prs that have e you, like e "oooh y! styleses that takeke you here or herere or even n right the. slip into the best bargains ever.r... at rossss.
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you knknow when yoyou're at rs and find j just what y you nee. to m make any spspace your s s? (sighs)) yes! that's yeses for less.s. get the bebest bargainins everr everery room andnd every budu. at ross. yes fofor less. good morning, everybody. i have called up top.
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this time of year the curtain raises on the pga. second round play yesterday, no solons at pebble beach but phil mickelson, how many of you have done this? way lung and white. i have and i had a nine on my scorecard too. mickelson shot an 80 and missed the cut. a par 560 with an eager three, carter 666 and jordan spieth at five. hey jordan, how about a fresco. a shot under 57 and leaves the field over burger with 1200 total. nba and waiting for this one tonight. the gallant return of kevin durrant for the first time at chase center since he left.
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he wants to do this about his former team. is a time to think about it coming up the covid-19 quarantine. katie spent three seasons with the dogs and been with the nuts since 2019 and he said all the right things yesterday. >> look forward to being back in the bay area. >> we have attribute video which he servers and hopefully there will be some moment he will appreciate but outside of that is kind of weird. >> check this past to steph curry. a wide open three but look at this. to scotto anderson celebrated before the shot went in. the oakland native starting for the team even though there was a time when his fandom was challenged in 2012 when the team is rated as favorite at the time monta ellis instead of curry.
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>> i was just sorry monday left. i'm happy they made the decision but i get to play with this guy now. shout out to monday wherever he is at. one of my childhood favorite players. as a note definitely one of our favorite players. >> you can have love for monta ellis but i note to scotto anderson loves playing for number 30. we will see you later. coming up. a vote in the impeachment trial of donald trump could come as soon as today. plus despite new initiatives silicon valley is struggling with diversity. what is the solution. one black tech ceo weighs in. >> we don't fit the profile so people don't know what to expect. >> a live look
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix five news. >> thank you for joining us. i am emily turner. let's check with a look at our weather with meteorologist darren peck. >> those who are awake get to experience the best that this current rainmaker has to offer. this will not last long.
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the most impressive point of this weak storm. look at the showers coming across the bay and we see better rain coming in right through the golden gate down across the city now and down parts of the peninsula and we've been watching this for the last few hours. it started in the north bay two hours ago and got down to sfo and if we watch it on the futurecast we pick up on the line of showers and it will quickly march its way south. by 7:30 it's down the peninsula and by 8:30 it's in the south bay. it's falling apart as it gets there and they will not be a whole lot left by the time he gets to san jose by the time we get to 11 is done. about a 1/10th an inch of rain and we see not for the north bay. santa rosa's got a 1/10th an inch of rain and we will only get a few hundredths of an inch of rain in the south bay. two other systems coming our way and the wind that picks up later and we will see you later in our forecast. back to you.
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a verdict in the impeachment trial could come as early as today. attorneys for former president trump made the latest as mr. trump's argues it's only about impeachment. >> the article before the senate is an unjust and blatantly unconstitutional act of political vengeance. >> a verdict expected saturday with lawyers swiftly resting their case after arguing the deadly attack on the capital was neither his fault nor responsibility. >> no thinking person could seriously believe that the president january 6th speech on the day was in any way an incitement to violence or insurrection. >> republicans and the senators alike submitting written
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questions and a query from romney and susan collins. >> what president trump said the disparaging tweet at 2:24 p.m. regarding vice president pence was he aware that vice president had been removed from the senate by the secret service for his safety? the health prosecutor says it's impossible to think he was not aware but the defense attorney insisted otherwise. the answer is no. at no point was the president informed the vice president was in any danger. >> he dismissed the point beyond the question. >> it is not really relevant to the charges for the impeachment in this case. >> reporter: after two days from house impeachment managers, including security footage of pp pence to safety the defense team rewrote the narrative and quite the former president's own words.
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>> fight like hell and if you don't fight you won't have a country anymore to routine speeches of democrats using the word's fight. >> we each have an important role to play in fighting. >> never give up this fight. >> stay here and fight back. >> this is not what about is him. i am showing you this to make the point that all political speech must be protected. >> that was jeff zeleny reporting. the trial resumes at 7:00 a.m. with the final vote coming as early as noon. you can watch the special cbs report right here on kpix five. one of donald trump's attorneys was ready to quit on thursday but the former president talked david shaw and into staying. a source told cnn that the
6:34 am
resignation threat caused all kinds of problems. everyone got back on track after a dispute was resolved. it is not clear what the disagreement was about. lawyers for former president trump are disputing the presence of the entire case. we talked with margaret brennan from cbs. >> saying the former president's words were not linked to the actions when people laid siege to the capital and going after the former vice president, mike pence, because they believe and bad bed told by the president they could overturn the results of the election. the former president's attorneys are saying he is not responsible for their actions and hope that will be enough to dismiss this. >> market will have more on the impeachment trial tomorrow on "face the nation" at 8:30 a.m. here on kpix five. the battle to reopen indoor
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worship services headed to the state capital. a california senator requires churches to be treated as essential searches services. they can find a way to safely operate. just last week the supreme court struck down the total ban on indoor worship as unconstitutional. this morning we learn mor details ababout a police shooti in berkekeley. one officecer on admininistrati leavave while popolice ininvest the confrorontation wiwith the chain n wielding s suspect. 51-year-old vivincent bryayant caughtht on camera robbing a walgreenens on januauary 2nd. severaral blocks a away policec toto negotitiate but onone offi fifired the rerep and whenen th towaward him.
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the suspect survived and is expected to recover and is expected to face three counts of felony counts. a virtual form in san jose for candidates vying to be the next police chief. it includes the acting police chief and the current chief in piedmont and it's open to anybody starting at 10:00 a.m. on the city of san jose the youtube channel and on cable channel 26. a live look at the south by where tech companies are trying to create a diverse workforce. we continue our look at rates in the bay area through the lens of people of color making a difference. kpix five vern glenn shows a woman breaking barriers in silicon valley. >> reporter: welcome to sililic valley. . a papart of santnta clara cocou where ththe titansns rome.
6:37 am
for six seasons through 2019 the industry was depicted on an hbo kit show that bears its name. no african-americans were part of the main cast and in real life what is happening people don't know what to expect because we don't fit the profile of what they think is a silicon valley ceo or founder. >> that is one of the first african-american female tech ceos. in early 2000's, she took a struggling company and merged it with the metric stream and built it into a global giant. she's gone on to sit on the board of fortune 500 companies verizon. her story is chronicled in her book unapologetically ambitious. as for diversity in the valley? >> been in the valley for almost 20 years. and it is definitely better than it was at the turn of the
6:38 am
century. but is it where it needs to be? it is not. >> reporter: june 2020 study shows 67% of tech companies have fewer than 5% black employees. 89% of those companies have fewer than 8%. >> i was looking at some of these numbers in 2014. the black leadership percentage was two percentage and it's a lot better in 2020, 3%. >> i credit facebook for sharing their numbers pick the ones that are being courageous and sharing numbers should be applauded because they are trying to make change and be visible. there are companieies out there that aren't sharing and doing significantly worse. >> look at the bay area women of color who have become leaders. >> african-amamericans entrepreneur, julia collins, is trying to turn herer million
6:39 am
dollars san francisco tech company planteted fwd intoto billionsns like she has done before. the first black woman to achieve unicorn status. that's any start up company valued $1 billion. for those of color, with the ambition of entering the tech world archibald is calling out companies to say talent of color is out there. >> silicon valley has proven we can do anything. we can send rockets to the moon and we can buy talent in this world where 78% or 60% of the population is not a white male. >> that was vern glenn reporting. there have been baby steps but they are looking for diversity strides in tech. coming up on kpix five. a young third-grader inspiring a change in law.
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what happened when a nine-year- old girl wrote to her representative to help those with hearing loss. a babysitting adventure sparks a big idea find out how
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san franciscans remembering a long time resident and loyal giants fan. lucy died at 114 years old and believed to be the oldest resident of the city. her family tells us she loved watching the giants and throwing a first pitch at one game. just two years ago she came to california a century ago where she enjoyed dozens of cruises and had a zest for life and work don postles with a glass of wine and a memorial celebration is now being planned. congress considering new hearing aid legislation thanks to this little girl from colorado. the nine-year-old has of prayer birth defect and needs a bone anchored hearing aid. most insurance companies do not cover those or even the
6:44 am
cochlear implants. so allie wrote a letter to a representative to change that. the result is a bipartisan measure called ali's act and before lawmakers. the world health organization announced recently it was unlikely the coronavirus came from a lab and originated in and minerals. darren peck spoke to josh at the humane society and ask them about the relationships between pandemics and factory farming. >> we have to move animals outside of cages. most egg laying chickens are combined encourages the home the size of your microwave. they can't spread their wings or walk and they can barely move an inch. ensure cage free conditions in these animals have a much better life. mother pigs are confined to paid cages so small they cannot turn around and they are living
6:45 am
in the cage the size of the coffin for four years. we can get rid of these cages and allow them to have more space and allowing them to more space is better for them, it also reduces the risk of disease because they are not cramped together as much as they otherwise would and states right here in california have passed laws to ban these pet dresses and more states should do it. food companies should band these practices. we work withth mcdonald's to announce they are going 10100% all their eggs. every company should follow through on such a policy. if we can mandate these changes we cannot only improve the treatment of the animals we can reduce the risk of future pandemics within these factory farm operations. >> as a consumer we go to the grocery store and we see cage free eggs or cage free chicken.
6:46 am
is that how we can help and courage of these say food production practices? >> certainly cage free is a better direction and a better step forward to treat these animals better. at the same time as consumers we can do with so many people are doing throughout the area and eating more plant-based options. every major grocery store offers plant-based meals and they offer plant based burgers and veggie dogs and chicken and fish and bacon. >> just reminds us that there are plenty of local vegetarian restaurants in the bay area we can support and eating more plant-based food could reduce the risk for another pandemic. breaking news right now. senate republican leader, mitch mcconnell has told colleagues he will vote to acquit trump in the impeachment trial and we will bring you more details on this as they come in. let's switch gears and get focused on the rain happening out there. this is the most impressive it
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will be all day in terms of rain and if you are up early with us and you have to catch in the best of it. hi def doppler light showers focused right across the heart of the bait coming across the peninsula into the east bay. that the line of showers marching its way southward and with a lot of good details we can time it out and by the time we get into the 8:00 hour it's down in the south bay but it's falling apart by the time it gets there. you won't get a lot of that but you do get a few light showers. decent snow and i show you the totals on that in one second. once we get past 11:00 we are done. we get less of a 1/10th an inch of rain in most places but because the rain turns off at 11:00 it does not mean we are done with this system entirely. it's windy as the system clears out. here we are in the 7:00 hour and watch what happens is we
6:48 am
get into noon. we can see the winds gusting to near 15 to 20 miles an hour. that's enough to give you a bit of a windchill. it will be breezy enough to make it feel cool throughout the day and once we get into sunday the wind turns off. daytime highs might see 60 degrees on the thermometer. it will feel cooler than that because of the windchill factor. factor that in. here is a pretty look from our camera that sits on top looking back toward the city skyline. that is san francisco. this is what it looks like over the bay bridge and down in san jose we rate for the rain to get here and that will happen in the next 30 minutes to an hour. same story over here and although we don't get a lot of measurable rain it looks like it could rain here and that is the camera above dublin and light showers throughout the late morning and right now low 50s and we warm up to the low 60s. let's show you what happens in the mountains.
6:49 am
we pick up close to seven or eight inches of snow just today and there is a weather weather advisory that goes until noon and snow levels after 4500 feet. there is actually two systems coming our way. we put the futurecast on it and we bring that forward and reel it in and by the time we get sunday night into monday system number two gets here, even though we might see light rain sunday night it's monday right there that gets us into monday morning and it will be very similar to what happened today. the rain comes through in the early morning hours and we don't get a lot of it and there are the totals and that is your monday. that is system two. system three gets here thursday to friday and it will play out much in the same way today's and monday system well. not a lot of rain with that but
6:50 am
a chance for more light showers that get here thursday and friday. they are not blockbuster storms but they are light rain makers and they keep coming on and off for the next few days. emilie, back over to you. new research found 20% of people with peanut allergies develop them as adults. normally considered a problem for children but the author says it could have to do with microorganisms which make up the microbe i am of the gut, as well as hormonal changes and infections which alter the immune system. two young men making science more interactive and inviting, especially for underserved kids in the hometown of oakland. we introduce you to the bay area jefferson award winners. >> if you open this up here -- >> reporter: the 19 -year-olds teamed up after he spent time with his gradeschool nieces and
6:51 am
nephews. i asked them do you want to try out signs and they said no they hate science. >> the oakland senior decided for some hands on experiments. they loved it and the joy they felt is what i wanted to share. ahmed began creating science kits for elementary aged kids. his friend, eli shared his vision. >> growing up it's a huge disparity with education and wealth and i always wanted to do that. >> they began kids cubed and it contains three activities from throwing a plant made to growing a potato battery. they've sold 3500 science kits online at $15 apiece and the money goes back to making more kids. >> at the back they pay tribute to oakland giving its own
6:52 am
symbol and 510 area code. >> ahmed and eli have given 1500 free kids to underserved students like piedmont elementary. >> the parents said can i get more of these kids? >> the kids were so popular she got a $10,000 grant to buy more. the students are like i love those science kits. some kids gave it a five star rating. >> they started it from home and it is now sponsored by seneca family agencies, the nonprofit run by eli's dad, ken barrett and he is impressed by the pairs dedication. >> they were very responsible. and these are the things i look for in any nonprofit and they executed. >> reporter: eli, ucla freshman, and ahmed, accepted to stanford, find great reward. for multiplying science learning with kids cubed this week's jefferson award goes to ahmed mohammed and the library.
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tran30's three
6:54 am
a group from travis air force base help protects space and they began to enlist and begin their transfer to the u.s. space force. they will be known as the cyber warriors. a baby panda cub kicked off the lunar new year with a tasty treat. a five-month-old giant panda cub enjoyed this sweet potato served on a red insurance mentor and biscuits and banjo. we want to bring you the
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good news and go to
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time for a look at today's top stories. closing arguments about to get underway in the second impeachment trial of former president trump followed by a vote on whether to convict him
6:57 am
for inciting a resurrection. lawyer say he has no responsibility for the siege. two men shot in san francisco's financial district. the victims were found just after 8:00 p.m. on drum street just north of the hyatt regency. one of the victims has life- threatening wounds and millions more will be soon eligible to receive a covid vaccine. 6million people with underlying health conditions or disabilities are next in line and can start receiving shot march 15th. people marking the lunar new year are attending subdued frustrations. with face covering and social distancing and fireworks are attracting smaller than normal crowds. fresh snow fell in the sierra overnight and chains are required on i-80 from near blue canyon up past truckee. the ski area is expected to have six inches of fresh power
6:58 am
for the three day weekend. >> the snow is a lot more impressive than the rain here at home. hi def popular and you can see the showers marching through and if you blink you might miss it. by the time we get to 11:00 a.m. it's done. and north bait you are done and we see the showers get down to the south bay into san jose within the next hour and it doesn't last long. 1/10th an inch of rain. next chance of rain monday morning and another one for thursday and friday. >> that's it for today and thank you for watching kpix five news and stay with us for the second impeachment of
6:59 am
7:00 am
this is a cbs news special report. good morning, i'm major garrett in washington. welcome to your saturday, day five of the senatetrial we shou today. there's always variables in that. the vote would be on whether or not trump incited insurrection at the capitol on january 6th. as you might have heard, 17 republicans would have to vote yes to convict the former president. that is very unlikely. barring any surprising, closing arguments are expected this morning.


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