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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  February 25, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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evening. >> reporter: it was taken from the surveillance camera right outside the oakland beauty supply. she ended up right in the middle of oakland international boulevard right here. i spoke with the victim's husband this afternoon, he tells me that she is bruised, her left arm is injured, and the couple does not want to be identified because they are still very rattled. >> mentally, she's not, i mean, she seems a scare, she shaken up. >> reporter: shaken up after a terrifying purse snatching on it oakland street corner. >> a lot of people were standing and there were like what the heck happened? >> reporter: she was dragged by the suspect vehicle. they were grabbing her purse pick of the purse trap was crossed over her neck and shoulder. >> we heard some loud noise and i get out the car and i saw her on the street. that is all i see.
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>> reporter: when you saw that video and you saw your wife being dragged, what did you think? >> i got really upset. i thought that was awful. that is unacceptable. >> reporter: employees tell me she had just finished purchasing her cosmetic supplies. she walked out the front door, she was actually parked over here but she walked down to the grocery store which is at the end of the corner and that is where she ran into the suspects. they ended up dragging her all the way to this spot. how did she break free? >> i have no idea, but somehow she did. it is scary. >> reporter: this is the latest crime against an asian victim after a recent string of attacks. >> on the news, they target asian people but you know, we did not think about it when we were there. >> reporter: so obviously that
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surveillance video was very helpful, police are still looking for more information. the victim's husband tells me that they made off with her purse, which had her edification and her drivers license in it. anyone with information is urged to contact police immediately. police are investigating a deadly shooting that endangered dozens of children at an east oakland park. it happened yesterday evening at around 5:30 at concordia park on 64th ave., not far from mills college. chopper five flew over the scene this afternoon. at the time, dozens of kids were at the park for a youth football practice. and this is video moments after shots were fired. police set up a perimeter around the park with crime tape and the patrol cars. they found one male victim who died moments after their arrival. today the recently appointed police chief called on the community to stand together and work toward ending violence in the city. >> this is unacceptable.
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the fact that somebody would violate our community in this way says that we as a community have to come together and be clear about what is unacceptable and what happened yesterday was an example. >> the suspect walked into the san leandro police department and turned themselves in. police have not released the identities of the victim or the suspect. and ken bastida with some breaking news, the u.s. military just carried out an airstrike against iranian backed forces in syria. following rocket attacks against u.s. forces in iraq. president biden ordered the attack was reportedly targeted multiple facilities. it was designed to prevent future fire from the militia group. eight aboard 15 the attack on a u.s. base near herbal international airport injured a u.s. service member. several contractors, and killed a non-american contractor.
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another attack days later wounded at least one contractor on a base north of baghdad. this marks president biden's first known use of military force as commander in chief. a traffic alert for fifth -- san francisco drivers. a single is causing a major backup. chopper five flew over that gaping sinkhole about an hour ago to the intersection of sixth and brandon streets. check out the picture from the chp. it is right near the bottom of the elevated offramp and you can see some cracks in the asphalt. it is unclear just how long it will take caltrans to patch that up. one of our cameras live there at the scene. traffic is creeping by that sinkhole next to the center and the right lanes. take a look at the traffic map, creating delays, stretching past the northbound offramp. going to remain closed until
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further notice. the man accused in a deadly weekend crime spree spanning contra costa county was in court today to face more than a dozen felony counts. our cameras were not allowed inside the martinez courtroom where 26-year-old darian williams appeared this afternoon. his arraignment was continued. investigators say he killed a man in discovery bay and health of a convenience store in brentwood and wanted a pair of first responders during a drive- by in antioch. before finally crashing his car in richmond where he was arrested saturday night. the charges against him including murder, robbery and assault on a peace officer with a semi automatic firearm. he is now being held without bail. san jose mayor joined parents demanding plans to reopen schools be sped up. so far there is no firm timeline to reopen schools in san jose or santa clara county. devin fehely joins us live from horace mann elementary in downtown san jose.
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>> reporter: the mayor's position that schools should reopen sooner rather than later is not all that controversial. there are countless parent -- parents that feel the same way. the problem is the mayor has little power and no authority to actually make that happen. the classrooms at horace mann elementary in downtown san jose will not be feeling back up until either the county reaches the orange tier or all of its teachers are vaccinated. the parents say that is too far away. >> as a mother i would like for schools to reopen, as it is very important for not only me but were also my community that all of our children are at the academic grade level. >> reporter: he called the public health officials to prioritize and accelerate vaccinations for teachers and urge school leaders to possibly reopen, even before teachers got their shots. >> schools can be open, elementary schools, and teachers and staff and children kept safe even without vaccinations. >> reporter: the challenge for the mayor, are 19 different
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school districts, each with their own leaders and plans to reopen. in the largest district, they struck a deal with teachers to return to the classroom, only at the county reaching the orange tier, currently stuck in the purple, all teachers had a chance to get vaccinated. which would make the mayor's plan to reopen sooner basically a nonstarter. >> when you negotiate and say it is an agreement in honor that agreement. we have that agreement in place prior to the cdc most recent announcement. >> reporter: parents of public health officials say online learning does not compare to in person instruction. they fear that kids are falling behind academically, and suffering socially and physically. >> without in person instruction, a lot of students are not able to ask questions, they are behind and embarrassed to ask questions and they are not getting the help that they need. >> concerns on both sides of the elephant in the room seems to be the discussions involving teachers and the teachers unions. what are they saying? >> reporter: the teachers unions have been pretty clear. they want their members,
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teachers to get vaccinated. that is the deal that they struck. that is the one they are sticking to. and one other note, the schools in palo alto will be opening next week. there teachers is tricky different deal that did not mention vaccines so that has not been an obstacle to speeding up the reopening there. this just in, storing the pfizer vaccine is about to get a whole lot easier. files can now be stored in standard, freezer temperatures instead of an ultracold freezers. the fda approved the move an hour ago, pfizer has conducted studies on safe storage temperatures and applied for the change last week. the mass vaccination site at san francisco's mascone center is back in business. doors open this morning after a supply issue shut it down for a week and a half. kiet do shows us they were ready for the crowds.
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>> reporter: this is the line just at about lunch time today, they opened up an hour ago. they are rocking and rolling at this point. everyone that you see here standing at the blue tape are folks waiting to go in in 15 minute increments. they have been off for 10 days because of the winter storms blocked a lot of the shipments coming into san francisco but it looks like they are picking up right where they left off. >> supervisor matt haney says they were hoping to administer 4000 doses today and it looks like they have enough vaccine on hand to continue at that pace for at least the next two weeks. he has been lobbying the governor's office, kaiser, the department of emergency management and anyone who will listen to send more doses. >> my message here is this site is working. people, the reviews, we don't have no scandals, there is no this, this particular provider did the wrong people, it was a bad experience, this has had nothing but positive reviews. they can do twice the number they were doing before they had to shut it down. so giving more to this site is a win-win for everyone.
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>> it is back open tomorrow, 8 am to 6 pm. if you qualify you can book your vaccinated. three bay area counties are now suspending vaccine supply to a healthcare practice. this after accusations that dozens of people who are ineligible actually did get the shot. san francisco, alameda county, san mateo county's stop supply vaccine to one medical. they say they cannot verify all the vaccinations. san mateo health officials found 70 ineligible people were vaccinated. in alameda county, one medical plans to vaccinate more than their healthcare workers who were the only eligible group at the time. they were asked to return unused doses after those revelations but officials say anyone who got the first dose would get a second. now in response, one medical defended its actions, saying the data shows 96% of
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individuals vaccinated by one medical have eligibility documentation and the remaining 4% would vaccinated in accordance with zero wastage protocol. they have 33 locations in the bay area, most in san francisco. president biden is marking a milestone in the fight against coronavirus, delivering more than 50 million vaccinations worldwide. >> things are improving and were going from a mess we inherited to moving in the right direction. this is not a victory lap. everything is not fixed. we have a long way to go. >> he commemorated the occasion at the white house with shots going into arms. today marks the halfway point to the goal. he is aiming for 100 million shots in his first hundred days in office. so far the u.s. has administered more than 68 million doses. meantime at the capital, the 1.9 trillion-dollar covid
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relief package will not include a provision for a $15 minimum wage. the senate proletarian says it must be approved or must be removed, rather, from that proposal. the package gets its first real test tomorrow with a vote in the house. still ahead on kpix5, streaming on cbsn bay area, lady gaga's dog walker shot, two of her french bulldog stolen. the new lead in the attack in the pop stars were to get them back. just is coming three decades later for the victim if a horrific home invasion and . the breakthrough that finally led to an arrest. the day the music came back, how bay area venues pulling off a covid safe concert in the next hour. absolutely fantastic weather across the bay area, nothing but blue skies as we look out over the city and even the moon rising there over
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the victim reportedly had non-life-threatening injuries. no word on a suspect or a motive in the shooting. developing news, lady gaga is often a half-million dollar reward for the return of two of her french bulldogs. thieves shot the dog walker and hollywood and took off with two of her dogs and it was all caught on camera a we want to warn you the video that you are about to see is difficult to watch. >> reporter: surveillance video obtained by tmz shows the moment feels attacked lady gaga's dog walker and hollywood wednesday night. seconds later, a shot rang out. the suspect scrapped to french
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bulldogs and took off while the third -- 30-year-old victim laid on the ground yelling for help. and letting everyone know who the dogs belong to. but angel and racial mason heard the commotion outside of their home. >> i saw a white car was doors open is a gunshot immediately ranked. >> the neighbor across told us that he went out of his house and was giving the guy bandages and holding down his wounds. >> reporter: police recovered a third dock from the scene. it is unclear if the thieves knew the dogs belong to the global superstar. >> i don't care whose dogs they are, just give the dogs back. the doctor freaked out. >> reporter: he has been walking the dogs for years. >> he started to like step back a little bit to focus more because he is a singer- songwriter, to focus more on that but he still was like heavily involved with the dogs. >> reporter: the entertainer is offering a 500,000 and dollar
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reward for the return of her beloved dogs. >> the dog walker is recovering at the hospital. authorities say the shooter used a semi automatic gun and sped off in a white car. new details on the car crash that left golf legend tiger woods badly injured. the l.a. county sheriff says woods told investigators he does not remember the crash. he remains hospitalized after undergoing extensive surgery on his right leg and ankle. tuesday's rollover crash is under investigation but the sheriff is calling it an accident. he says there is no evidence he was impaired during the crash. and there are no plans to charge him with reckless driving. deputies will use data from the car and phone records to see how fast he was driving and if he was distracted. >> the man who coached the gymnastics team to a gold medal in 2012 has been found dead after formally charged with human trafficking. there is a michigan say that he
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took his own life. the 63-year-old was facing 24 felonies and have been expected to turn himself in this afternoon. he was owned michigan's famed twisters jim were a disgraced olympics doctor admitted to sexually assaulting young athletes. he was a fierce critic of saudi leadership. it will single out the crown prince for his killing in 2018. the prince has denied previous accusations. he spoke to king solomon today but a white house description of the call made no mention of him. able to enshrine
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protections in the nation's labor and civil rights laws is a step closer to president biden's desk but it is facing an uphill battle in the senate. the quality act that cleared the house today amends the 1964 civil rights act to ban discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity. the protections would extend to employment, housing, education and other areas, while the republicans voted yes, the party broadly opposed the bill on the basis of religious freedom. 60 votes are needed in the evenly split senate. >> it breaks my heart that this is necessary. but the fact is, and the fact that we had a sad event here, even this morning, demonstrating the need for us to have respect. take pride in our community. the illinois democrat has a
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transgender daughter. faculty member jennifer granholm has been confirmed as president biden's energy secretary. a few hours ago the former michigan governor was sworn in by vice president kamala harris. her husband, daughter, son-in- law, also attending the small ceremony. recently she had been teaching courses at berkeley on clean energy policy. she also grew up in the bay area and graduated from send carlos high school another really beautiful day today, you cannot really complain about it. it was a little windy last night. that wind died down today so calm weather sticking around again tomorrow, just cannot complain about this weather pattern, other than the lack of rainfall. day by day it is nice to enjoy the fantastic late tabori weather but in the back of your mind, we need some more rain for dry weather will continue, big area of high pressure over the pacific is just pressing down and we are close enough to
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it that it is suppressing any chance of a shower to develop around here. the next hint of a rain chance does not arrive until wednesday and thursday but we are far from getting carried away with those rain chances. a better chance of actual showers by the end of next week into the first weekend in march, so we are not done with the rainy season yet but you will have to wait about another week and by that point it will have been two weeks since we saw any measurable rainfall across the bay area. hour stretch of dry weather has been a stretch of snow free weather in the high sierra, so the numbers have been dropping a little bit in terms of where things stand and the snowpack. as a whole, 64% of what is normal but like the rainy season is not over yet, the snow season and the high terrain is not over yet. we get some rain late next week and into early march. they are likely to pick up additional snowfall and if you are heading out there for the weekend, ideal conditions, no snow to slow down travel conditions and at squaw valley, almost 8 feet packed powder and almost all of the lifts are
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open. just a great view right now, a few, temperature has dropped back a little bit. a high of 64 in the city, now 58 degrees. you can see the camera bopping around a little bit. there is a noticeable wind, not nearly as strong as it was yesterday and into last night. mid to upper 60s elsewhere, still above average for this time of year and temperatures tonight will drop down pretty quickly once the sun goes down with upper 30s on the map farther inland to around 40 degrees with low to mid 40s around the bay and along the coast. we warm-up tomorrow, high temperatures will be a few degrees above average at least, a couple of degrees above normal in san francisco, otherwise 3 to 5 degrees above average. mid to upper 60s in the bay. let's zoom in for a closer look. offshore, but like today, pretty light so you're going to climb to the upper 50s along the coast, the wind will not be strong enough to push away that
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marine influence. 60s for the southbay with upper 60s for the santa clara valley, temperatures inland in the east bay, reaching up into the upper 60s to around 70 degrees. they have the better chance of actually hitting or even exceeding 70. temperatures around the bay, low 60s for san francisco, mid 60s on the east side and mid to upper 60s for the north bay as well. a few degrees above normal and similar temperatures as we head into the weekend, settle ups and downs. until we the middle of next week, that is when we will see more cloud cover, starting to build and with that very slight chance of a couple of showers wednesday and thursday but not enough to put any rain icons in the forecast. a better chance of though showers by friday and saturday and the really long-range outlook, the two-week outlook, has even more good news. we talk more about that, coming up at 5:30. using hand sanitizer as a weapon. a bay area restaurant speaking out about the disturbing assault on an employee. i'm don ford in san francisco. if you that live music venues
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another act of violence against the asian community. it is surveillance video from outside burma superstars restaurant in oakland. it shows a customer throwing a bottle of hand sanitizer at staff members. according to the eatery, one employee was hurt. the restaurant says it shares the video online to bring awareness to anti-asian attacks. police have made an arrest. almost one month ago, his stork memorabilia and artwork was stolen from the shuttered clubhouse restaurant. weeks later on tabori 12, officers to search the home of the after richmond district and they arrested a suspect in that burglary. officers have also recovered the stolen memorabilia including this vintage sutro baths swimsuit. more local news at 5:30. just as any decades old cold case. i'm andria borba in san mateo county with details of a 32-year-old cold case. solved, by a dna hit. stanford students could get
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a shot. the plans for a return. dinner with a live concert? it is been a while since that
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you are watching kpix5 newsnet5: 30. breaking news in the southbay, just getting word santa clara county will likely
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be moving into the red reopening tier of effective next wednesday. they will be relaxing more of its covid guidelines. it comes amid falling case rates and with more vaccines being distributed. it means youth sports activities and rules for day camps will now be following state guidelines and rules for outdoor gatherings in general will be relaxed. also at 5:30, come back for live concerts, how one bay area venue is going above and beyond to make them safe. a plan to bring more life to downtown san jose. i the city may be doing an about-face on digital billboards. but first our top story at 5:30. new dna evidence has cracked the case of arete and attempted murder in san mateo, 32 years later. now the suspect, john harris jr., is facing charges. this is how he looked to the year of the attack, 1989, and how he looks now. good evening, i am alan martin.


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