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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  February 25, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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be moving into the red reopening tier of effective next wednesday. they will be relaxing more of its covid guidelines. it comes amid falling case rates and with more vaccines being distributed. it means youth sports activities and rules for day camps will now be following state guidelines and rules for outdoor gatherings in general will be relaxed. also at 5:30, come back for live concerts, how one bay area venue is going above and beyond to make them safe. a plan to bring more life to downtown san jose. i the city may be doing an about-face on digital billboards. but first our top story at 5:30. new dna evidence has cracked the case of arete and attempted murder in san mateo, 32 years later. now the suspect, john harris jr., is facing charges. this is how he looked to the year of the attack, 1989, and how he looks now. good evening, i am alan martin. >> i'm elizabeth cook.
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andria borba is light in san mateo where the survivor never gave up on tracking down her attacker. >> reporter: well, that is right, the survivor in this case is in fact a true survivor. she came centimeters away from certain death in this attack. she kept going back to the san mateo police department to make sure that her case was not forgotten. and today, she has some closure. in the early morning hours of his apartment complex on cost of the campo in san mateo, the unthinkable happened to a sleeping woman. >> the suspect entered her home, had forcibly her, strangled her, held a knife to her throat, and subsequently stabbed her several times before slashing her throat. >> reporter: she somehow survived despite a stab wound that nearly hit her jugular. 32 years later, in december 2020, a dna hit from that case came back to this man, 55-year- old john harris jr.. the sergeant in charge of the
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case in the 80s and 90s says she has come to the police department during his career, and asked several times in the various years to run dna checks on him. do what you can, so she never let it go. >> reporter: he was arrested yesterday outside the surveillance video installation company where he works in manti cup. >> reporter: we are here today to ensure that there are no other victims that have been victimized by our suspect, that have not been brought to the attention of law-enforcement. >> reporter: he has lived all over the bay area including san mateo, san francisco, alameda, and san joaquin counties. the former sergeant says he is grateful that the victim now has some closure. >> she's come to peace with it and she told both of us that she has forgiven him but she needs him to be responsible for his actions and have justice. >> what has the suspect been
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specifically charged with right now? >> reporter: well, elizabeth, at the moment the suspect is facing that attempted murder charge because he came so close to killing the victim in this case. he is not being charged with , however, because at this point it is beyond the statute of limitations. we are told by san mateo county we can expect more charges in the coming days as this is still a pending investigation but at the moment attempted murder. after fire ripped to the garage, and spread into the attic. happened about 10:00 this morning at them and tell court. we are told one person was hurt, crews say there is significant damage to that home. the residents were inside when the fire started. they managed to get out safely. homes nearby were also spared. >> there were several neighbors who had their garden hoses out, wetting down fences and decks. but none of them were ever in
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danger. >> the cause of the fire is under investigation. a small fire along the church line has been causing delays all afternoon. broke out at san jose across from the glenbard park bart station. while the fire itself does not last long the response and the investigation blocked part of the tracks forcing them to start a bus bridge. looking like a downtown san jose right now, city leaders are meeting to discuss a plan that would halt the installation of dozens of new digital billboards across the city. lobbyists for the billboard industry say the signs can bring more life to downtown but many residents are against the idea, saying the l.e.d. illuminated billboards create life pollution, and that is harmful to some wildlife. now, they're starting to stop the construction of 75 new billboards on private property, near san jose freeways. stanford is preparing to welcome hundreds of its students back to campus in a
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little over a month. about 1300 juniors and seniors have requested to live on campus for the spring quarter, which begins on march 29th. those students will live in private rooms, so also be required to wear face coverings, and get tested for coronavirus twice a week. most courses are still remote, and only some small gatherings will be permitted. some residents will soon be required to report for jury duty. contra costa county courts and the clerk records office set to reopen on monday. anyone who gets a jury summons dated march 1st or later is expected to respond. those attending court will also be required to wear a mask. the state supreme court upheld a lob barring juvenile suspects under 16 from being tried as adults.
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prosecutors who challenge the 2019 statute argued that it violates provision of 2006 teens prop 57. 1114 and 15-year-olds to be tried in adult court if the juvenile judge decided the case belongs there. the ruling could set an accused santa cruz child killer free in just a few years. 21-year-old aj gonzales was 15 when he allegedly lord eight- year-old mandy middleton from her home with the promise of ice cream before and killing her. he has been jailed awaiting trial ever since and could have faced a life sentence in adult court. now he could be free as early as age 25. the family lisa statement saying in part we believe that the heinous nature of the crime the level of sophistication and manipulation and planning and cover-up indicates all the characteristics of a psychopathic killer who needs to be kept away from our children and society.
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a live look at san francisco city hall this evening. the mayor says the city will spend $60 million a year over the next two years to help the black community. the goal? improving their future. it is called the dream keeper initiative pick of this year the majority of that money, about $15 million, will go toward community health services like justice programs and food security. $10 million is slated for housing support, 7 million will be invested in a guaranteed income program. while the rest will go toward youth development, arts and culture opportunities, workforce training, and business support. state leaders promised they were revamping a coding system meant to increase vaccine equity. yesterday we learned it backfired and people skip the line. but as reporter kristine lazar shows us, people are still abusing the system. >> i was texted this code from a friend of mine who received it from a coworker. >> reporter: this man who asked us not to reveal his identity shared with us and access code generated by the state that was meant for community groups to get more people of color in
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hard-hit communities vaccinated. >> the french knew that they were not supposed to be using the code, and it wasn't meant for them but it was a way to get access to the vaccine immediately. >> reporter: sure enough i was able to use the code to gain access. even though i don't get qualified. on tuesday, state officials told me after it was determined by the state that a code was being used by those beyond the intended audience, all the appointments enabled by the code were canceled, and the community group was issued a new code to use with its constituents. and a news conference, the same day, governor newsom promised that the state was correcting the problem. so why are they still working for those who want to jump the line? that is still unclear. >> arthur appointments. >> reporter: she has been trying unsuccessfully for weeks to get her 73-year-old father- in-law vaccines. he suffers from dementia and has health issues. >> i know more people who are not eligible that have gotten shot dead people that are eligible.
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>> a state spokesperson says the group codes will go away friday at eight p.m. next week it will be all individual codes that will only work for 1%. california sy steep drop in new on the planet claims. 89,500 first-time claims were filed last week. it is down 50,000 from the previous weeeek. this is only the second time new claims have dipped below 100,000 since the pandemic shutdowns began. we are also seeing a sharp drop in claims for pandemic unappointed assistance, which applies to independent contraractors. >> and ththis particular category, the pandemic category, i think indicates the success, the effectiveness, of a number of anti-fraud measures because pandemic unemployment, basically, were 90% or more of the fraudulent claims that have been coming in. >> they also fell nationwide, there were 730,000, that was better than expected.
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the closing bell was a welcome sound for many investors, it was a rough trading day. they fell 560 points, nearly 2% slipping from a record high. the nasdaq was down 478 points, or 3 1/2%. the s&p fell 96 points. there were notable losses for some bay area stocks. out with that, facebook and apple each fell more than 3%. tesla dropped 8%. on the flipside, shares of gagamestop are back upup afafte weeks of going dodormant. they jumped another 19% % today after a 75% jump at the end of trading yesterday. still ahead, officers hailed as heroes for running to help the passenger in a burning car. new body camera video of the daring rescue. could your tweets actually be worth money? twitters musics -- new experiment. >> a loaded gun and that
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stolen. how a protein bars and authorities to the suspects. this time last week there were widespread calls for the removal of the oak the school
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a daring rescue to say the passenger from a fiery crash, body camera video, you see the car fulllly engulfed in flames, two officersrs managed to pull somebody out. a witness says they went off the road, slammed into a tree and burst into flames. the cause is still under investigation. twitter is looking into a new way to make money. a feature called super follows would let users charge their followers or exclusive content. this could include subscriber only newsletters, videos, deals and discounts. users would have to pay a monthly fee. super follows is not yet available just yet. twitter says it will have more to share in the coming months.
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victoria's secret is closing more stores this year, up to 50 locations in the u.s. and canada. that is on top of the 241 stores that closed in 2020. a plan by a parent company to spin off victoria's secret l3. the company still plans to offload the retailer in a matter of months. costco employees will get $16 an hour starting next week. it is a one dollar increase. the ceo announced the minimum wage jump during a senate budget committee hearing today. >> it helps us in the long run by minimizing turnover, maximizing employee productivity, commitment, and loyalty. on capitol hill, lawmakers argued about the minimum wage. senator bernie sanders said ceos earn millions, while the employees don't earn enough. senator lindsey graham says the minimum wage increase should be discussed but not right now, while businesses are struggling to hold on. >> there foes -- forced to rely on food stamps, to feed their
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children. they are forced to go into public housing to put a roof over their heads. >> the construct you set up about corporate america versus everybody else will have decades to talk about that. >> the president is pushing to double the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour but we learned a short time ago it will not be part of that massive covid relief b
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a new report from the cdc says why we should wear masks for working out at a gym. almost 70% of people attending fitness classes at a chicago jim tested positive over a two- week period last summer. of the 55 infected people, two were hospitalized. capacity was limited but those working out were allowed to remove their masks. ultimately the cdc recommends attending online fitness classes instead. >> it is like striking a match in the dark and finally seeing the hidden tumor. for prostate cancer patients and their doctors, this is a godsend. >> it is allowing us to localize the disease much more accurately. >> i'm very grateful i'm here. >> the game changer for prostate cancer and the bay area medical center at the heart of its approval.
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tonight, at 11. mr. potato head is no longer a mr. pick of the iconic toy is going gender-neutral. the spud will now go by the name potato head. hasbro is the latest to make it to update the classic branding, hoping to relate to kids today and reflect modern families. so as part of the rebranding, they will release a new potato headset and it will let kids create their own type of families. a massive chunk of highway one that crumbled into the ocean after a mudslide is expected to be repaired by early this summer. they say emergency construction on the project near big sur is set to start next week. the project is estimated to cost 11 1/2 million dollars. a section of road on the scenic highway collapsed during last month's atmospheric river. let's take a outside, little live look from newhall park in concord. hey. this a couple of -- hey, maybe spring is in the air. i don't know.
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it if you can grab the last bits of sunshine, head outside, why not? >> the daylight hours are getting a little bit longer every day and of course two weeks from saturday night we lose an hour of sleep but we gain an hour of daylight at the end of the day, so that is, looking forward to it. also looking forward to the long-range forecast. actual hints of above average precipitation near the bay area. a very weak signal in the 6 to 10 day outlook. we are just barely in the first shade of green but the better news in the longer-range outlooks, the 8 to 14 day outlook shows a better chance of above average rainfall, just surrounding the entire bay area so that takes us into basically the middle of march. that is pretty far down the line in forecasting terms but at least things are trending in the right direction. in the short term we get to enjoy more nice weather, beautiful out there this evening, a beautiful sunset as well. temperatures made up into the
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60s with a few low 70s, fairfield was the warm spot at 72, concord topped out exactly at 70. half moon bay made up to 60 degrees and it 60s for fremont and in the city. that is not bad. most of us are still in the 60s. 61 at sfo, 50 degrees downtown, only 52 in half moon bay. definitely back in effect but mid to upper 60s farther inland. get out and enjoy the mild temperatures is it if you don't, well, we will have them again tomorrow so no worries about that. temperatures dipping down into the upper 30s tonight inland with mostly low to mid 40s around the bay and upper 40s right along the coast. hour by hour temptress will warm up quickly tomorrow, similar temperatures pretty much across the board so low 60s in the city, maybe sneaking up into the mid 60s before temperatures start to cool off rapidly by this time tomorrow evening. santa rosa warming up to the mid-60s, maybe not quite as warm as today but still very nice outside. temperatures about 2 to 5 degrees above average and while
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there will be a noticeable breeze you can see the wind speed at the bottom of the bars, it is not going to be as windy as the conditions we will get on saturday. temperatures for concord up into the upper 60s, close to 70. san jose reaching mid 60s with lots of sunshine overhead throughout the day. let's take a look at the high temperatures for the rest of the bay area and it is going to be a fair amount of variation from the upper 50s along the coast to the low 70s for the very warmest spots. fairfield, mostly topping out in the 60s, a little bit warmer away from the bay. the wind speed on saturday will start picking up already early in the morning especially round fairfield, already indicating a near 40 mile an hour gusts to begin the day saturday and the wind will be gusty as we head towards midday. talking about 20 to 30 mile an hour gusts for most spots. getting a 30 to 40 mile an hour gusts and the peaks like yesterday, 50+ mile an hour. we will keep you updated on that. could see another wind advisory posted for saturday but also to disperse plenty of pollen in the atmosphere. medium high category tomorrow
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and skyhigh pollen count just- in-time for the weekend for saturday and sunday. it is mainly to pollen but you have seen all the supplement across the bay area and every flower you see is producing plenty of that stuff that makes folks sniffle and sneeze. sunday looks at the better half of the weekend for any outdoor activities, because of the winds. otherwise a saturday is looking fine. the more cloud cover next week but no rain out of those clouds just yet. maybe a hint wednesday and thursday but it is about a 10% chance. better chance after the seven- day forecast by friday and saturday. we take a look at that coming up at six a clock. and fbi agents a loaded gun and badge stolen. how a protein bar led authorities to the suspect. oakland school board members resigned after a hot mike landed them in hot water. but who is going to replace them? and will this be a setback for reopening schools? plus the bay area county that could soon enter the less restrictive red tear. details, coming up at six.
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still ahead at five, looking alive, it is music to the
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take a live look in san francisco where music fans will soon experience a whole new type of dinner show. don ford shows us the city is going to new heights to turn back live music. >> reporter: they have been closed now four months in the
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city but now, there may be a way to start them back up that is covid compliant. it is an interesting combination. they are setting tables, six feet apart outdoors for dinner. the small outdoor stage will showcase guitars, and drums only. no wind instruments. but the real trick is the vocalist. >> i as a single will be in this building here, up about, oh, what do you think that is? 30 feet up in the air? just high enough to get a little shaky in the knees. >> reporter: he will be alone in this room when he sings in front of a remote camera. his image along with other affects will be projected onto this wall. he will hear the band through special monitors. what could possibly go wrong? >> it will be strange and i did realize that in a sense, you know, the whole point of live performances, that interaction with the audience, the feeling of energy, feeding off, saying
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a joke between songs, getting a laugh out of this guy and working with the crowd that way. several bars and live music clubs have closed in san francisco supervisor matt heaney is starting a new $1.5 million fund to help save san francisco nightlife. >> they have a surplus in the current year. we have money left over from what we budgeted for and were going to shift some of that and put it directly in the pockets of our small businesses and who have been struggling and these venues are i think at the top of the list. >> there just trying to survive. >> no churches can open at 25% capacity. most people who are music fans, this is our church. now at six, some new images showing how thieves stole and fbi agents gun and badge and
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how a protein bar led authorities to the suspects. no decency among thieves, shocking new video of a purse snatching victim being dragged by the getaway car. new faces needed on the oakley school board after ex- members were caught mocking parents. why the shake of could delay school reopening's. good evening, i am ken bastida. >> i am elizabeth cook. and fbi agents loaded gun, stolen, and now this twist. how the case could come down to a protein snack bar. kenny choi is live at from where it happened and lafayette. >> reporter: diners were sitting right over there saturday afternoon when two thieves drove into this parking lot, broke into and fbi agents rental car, snatched a backpack and then sped off in that direction. surveillance cameras perfectly positioned captured this image moments before the smash and
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grab. >> two gentlemen across the street came on in the crossing somebody had smashed the window of a car, the car is behind you. the third car over was a white kia. >> reporter: he is the man breaking into the rear passenger window of a white rental car by fbi agents dining with his family nearby. the sequence of photo shows the thief snatching a black backpack. >> very unlikely to happen here and very uncommon. i know that it has happened maybe at night but in broad daylight at noon on a saturday, that is pretty brave. >> reporter: cameras capture the license plate, it eventually located in san francisco. jeff harp is a former fbi agent. >> if you are in a rental car that firearm should be on you at all times. if y


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