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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  February 26, 2021 7:00am-9:01am PST

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>> y'all look good. >> we all look very smart. >> guys, thanks so much. that was fun. the news continues all day on cbsn bay area. >> cbs this morning is up good morning to you our viewers in the west and welcome to "cbs this morning ", it's friday, february 26th, 2021. heim gayle king, that's anthony m mason. a clear warning to tehran, the biden administration calls it retaliation for rocket attacks on u.s. forces. an effort to double the federal minimum wage s suffers major setbaback in congressss, the i increase cannonot be parta nearly $2 trillion relilief package.e. >> late nigight revelatation prprince harry, he t tells jama corden he isn't walalking away from his royal duties and
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explains why living in britain wawas destrtroying his mental health. >> a and only onon "cbs this morning" nominations, revealing the top nominees. first, here today's "eye opener,". eastern syria. >> the strike was targeting a structure reportedly backed by my sly sha groups. >> an attack in iraq. >> we're confident in the target we went after. we know what we did. >> the acting u.s. capitol police chief says militia groups involved in the january 6th insurrection want to blow up the capitol. >> they want to kill as m many members as possiblele. >> reporteter: the u.s. senate paparliamentararian a ruled aga a $15 minimum wage in the relief bill. >> we will pass a minimum wage bill. we must pass a minimum wage
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bill. john gedder died by suicide hours after being charged with sex crimes. a dog walker was shot by -- hasbro is dropping mr. and mrs. from the classic potato head toy line. >> all that matters -- >> reporter: the new coronavirus variant is beginning to spread in new york city. >> if you can get it, here it will be much more severe, worse than the flu, new york, new --- >> on "cbs t this morning." >> you're comfortrtable withh karaoke.e. > englishsh t t on thee 405. >> get it next. >> jamames cordenn thohought it time t to shohow princee harryr sights a and sounds s of l.a. > who lives in there, james? >> henryry winknkler. >> who?? > henry wiwinkler.
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>> i i guess tea iss not a good idea. >> clean it up, harry. >> this morning's "eye opener" is presented by progressive, making it easy to bundle insurance. >> killed the prince. >> potholes get you again. get you again, can't wait to see that. we welcome you to "cbs this morning," we're beginning in the middle east where a u.s. military attack sends an unmistakable message to iran, the overnight air strikes targeted iranian backed militia members in syria near the iraq border. responding to recent attacks to u.s. targets in iraq, one of them killed a civilian contractor and wounded several other people. >> defense secretary lloyd austin told reporters he's confident u.s. fairs had struck the same militias that carried out that attack. senior foreign affairs correspondent and face the nation moderator margaret brennan joins us, what's behind
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this decision to carry out this attack? >> reporter: well, this is the first military strike of the biden presidency, and as commander in chief the president chose to target along the syria/iraq border, he chose it carefully so it would count as payback for iran having put u.s. personnel in harms way last week in a rocket attack but stopping short of further escalating tension. an administration official told me the biden team selected the location to achieve those two things and avoid ticking off our partners on the ground in baghdad who are stuck between keeping good relations with both iran and washington. as our david martin reported previously, this was considered iranian enabled. these were iranian made weapons given to a shiite militia but not iranian directed. so by striking along the border they can send a message, but not have to take tehran on head on. >> so margaret, what do you think this says about the new
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president's approach to foreign policy? >> reporter: well, it shows how important keeping his options open with iran are to him. he is trying to avoid escalating tension but also felt he couldn't let this go. he had to send a signal. remember, just last week the biden administration put out two diplomatic fishing lines, one to reopen nuclear talks with iran, and also to start talks about releasing american hostages there. so by picking this target carefully they can say knock it off without saying all other options to begin talks are closed. >> margaret, the biden administration is set to release a report that ties the saudi crown prince to the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi. president biden spoke with the saudi king yesterday. what do we know about that conversation? >> reporter: this is an important relationship for the united states, the 85-year-old king, and president biden had to
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have this conversation about the broader relationship. and then this very problematic issue of the son, the 30 something-year-old crown prince and his direct role in approving the murder of the journalist is something that they would really like to be able to handle without disrupting the broader alliance between the two countries. but the biden administration's kind of in a box here. they have to look responsive. the president talked about this on the campaign trail. so what you can expect is for them to try to send a message. i would expect in the coming days to hear from the administration that they're going to adopt a new policy directive that sends a signal, do not attack u.s. journalists but that it won't just apply to saudi. that way they can look responsive without being really sort of provocative between the two countries. >> margaret brennan, thank you, margaret. president biden's bid to
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double the federal minimum wage apparently will not be part of his covid relief package. the house is due to vote today on the $1.9 trillion plan to address the economic impact of the pandemic, but the official in charge of senate rules says that raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour should be removed from the bill. nikole killion is on capitol hill for us. good morning to you, this affects millions of people. >> reporter: it does, tony and democrats plan to pass the president's plan through a budget process called reconciliation. that allows democrats to pass a big package in the senate with a simple majority but the tradeoff is that the bill can only involve taxing and spending. the non-partisan senate parliamentarian elizabeth mcd mcdonough said the provision doesn't -- that is the relief
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plan they are voting on today, it includes more stimulus checks for $1,400 and unemployment benefits will go up by $400 a week. there is also funding for reopening schools, rental and food assistance, vaccine distribution and aid for state and local governments. now, this is unlikely to garner much republican support. but if it does clear both chambers, democrats hope to get it to the president's desk by mid-march. anthony? >> nikole killion at the capitol, thanks. the president travels to texas this morning to see how millions are recovering from a deadly cold snap. texans shivered for days after snow and cold knocked out power and water and damaged homes across the state. dozens of people died. janet shamlian spoke to one family that's planning a funeral for a loved one killed by the cold while also rebuilding their own lives. janet, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, beyond the burst pipes and the water logged homes, a
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devastating human toll, the deaths from hypothermia. at least 15 of those happened here in the houston area. we're now hearing the stories from heartbroken families talking about how their loved ones died. >> i miss his phone calls. i never thought i would. >> reporter: when isaac ibarra couldn't reach his brother, he went to his house where he found hem dressed in layers on the floor. his cause of death was hypothermia. he was mentally disabled but lived independently. >> i don't think i would have ever thought anybody dying of hypothermia in houston, texas. >> reporter: gilbert's death came as lawrence as isaac's home were damaged aburst pipes. they're now recovering from their own disasters and planning a funeral. gilbert's sister has filed suit against center point energy in ercot which manages the texas
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power grid. >> reporter: what is your goal doing into this as you pursue legal action? >> our goal is for this not to happen to other people. our goal is for other people to be able to have power during not just winter storms, but also during floods if possibility, just everybody can stay safe and say, you know, well being in their own homes and be able to be safe. we hope that our government and local government can actually help make this never happen again. >> reporter: ercot says it hasn't reviewed the lawsuit. a spokesman for center point declined comment to a texas tv station. ercot is under fire for its handling of the crisis. texas lawmakers challenged executives thursday on their response to the outages. >> this is the largest train wreck in the history of deregulated electricity. >> reporter: ercot claims it has sovereign immunity which protects it from some lawsuits. the texas supreme court scheduled to decide that later this year. and as president biden and the
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first lady spend part of the day in houston in addition to recovery efforts they will also spend time at the megasite sponsored by fema giving 6,000 vaccinations a day. >> all right, janet, thank you very much. coronavirus case numbers are dropping, that's good news. but the experts worry that the upcoming spring break travel will treat new superspreading events, just like the one last year that was not good news. florida is one of the top destinations for spring breakers, we know that. manuel bojorquez shohows how ofofficials inn south florida a prepararing for potentially ver large crowds. ♪ >> reporter: the sun and sand of south beach is synonymous with spring break but for thrill seekers who get out of control miami beach mayor dan gelber has a warning. >> if you come here to go crazy go somewhere else, you're going to be arrested. >> i get corona, i get corona, at the end of the day i'm not
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going to let it stop me from partying. >> reporter: that helped siege south florida with covid last spring. the city has stepped up its police presence, banned open alcohol containers and set capacity limits on its most popular beaches but statewide rules prevent gelber from enforcing a mask mandate or capacity limits on most businesses. do you really think your restrictions for spring break will make a difference or is it trying to hold back a tidal wave with a dixie cup? >> we're not going to eliminate risk but manage it with the tools we have. >> reporter: one of the tools is a midnight curfew. >> we wanted to go out to bars and have a good time. it's miami, nobody wants to be done at 12:00 midnight. but i'm still having a blast. >> reporter: that's what businesses are hoping for, customers comfortable with the new normal. >> our goal is to keep you safe and give you a good time. >> reporter: so you're not letting things be the wild, wild
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west out here. >> far from it. >> reporter: this is the general manager of the kifrpton surf hotel, he says hotels and restaurants depend on this season for profit but after the virus devastated the industry last year they're not looking for another lockdown. >> i believe that from what we have done people can be safe, but there is always an individual responsibility. this is a two-way street. >> reporter: it's a tricky balance to strike, joe's stone crab is a miami institution. >> we're in the people pleasing business, we're in the yes business, now we're in the proctoring kind of business. but the truth is, is we're in a pandemic. >> reporter: joe's has been in the family for over 100 years, he says when the shutdown happened last year he wasn't sure they'd make it but he says protecting the public is good business. >> i thought this was possible. i said who's going to walk into an empty restaurant. i thought they wanted the crowd.
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i never thought it would take like it has and it's been very positive. this is a matter of life and death so we have to take the proper precautions. >> reporter: hotel bookings are already estimated to be 20% higher this march than they were last year before the virus took off. the mayor says he's definitely concerned about the potential for a superspreader event and not just concerned about what tourists could be taking home but what they could be bringing in and leaving here. tony? >> good point, thank you very much. a shocking new twist in a major gymnastics abuse investigation, a former u.s. olympics coach died by suicide hours after being charged with 24 felonies, including human trafficking and criminal sexual conduct. john geddert was the head coach of the u.s. women's gym that is ticket team, won a gold medal. he has tied to disgraced sports
7:15 am
doctor larry nassar who treated gymnasts at geddert's gym. mola lenghi has more. >> reporter: once accused of mistreating young gymnasts and lying to investigators about ever hearing of larry nassar's sexual abuse. for many, including one survivor we spoke to, geddert's death is forcing them to relive their trauma. >> john broke little girls. he broke our spirits and he broke our bodies. >> reporter: at 8 years old sarah klein began taking gymnastics from coach john geddert, the first known victim of larry nassar but she says the physical, verbal and emotional abuse geddert inflicted was worse. >> larry was at least kind, he was loving, he pretended at least to care about us.
7:16 am
and john was the one who tortured us in a way that it maked larry and his sexual abuse look like a walk in the park. >> reporter: geddert was expected to turn himself in on thursday. thursday. instead, authorities found his body at this michigan rest stop according to affiliate wlns. he died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. the michigan attorney general's office called his death a tragic end to a tragic story for everyone involved. >> felt like true to john geddert form, i am above the law, i am a narcissist, and i'm getting the last word. >> reporter: klein and her attorney who has represented more than 200 nassar victims, want usa gymnastics and the u.s. olympic and paralympic committee to be held accountable for the abuse. >> these people let this happen with nassar and geddert for
7:17 am
money. >> reporter: in an interview with "60 minutes," olympian simone biles called for an invest investigation into usa gymnastics and the u.s. olympic committee to find out who knew what and when. >> we bring the medals, we do our part. you can't do your part in return? it's just like -- it's sickening. >> reporter: klein agrees and said she believes there is still abuse going on in usa gymnastics. >> what you can do is tell the truth. give us the ananswers. help us u understandd how thiss couldd in on his own
7:18 am
because they had no indication that he would harm himself, tony. >> all right. thank you very much. a lot that's upsetting here, but one thing that comes to mind is that the victims will not have an opportunity for that public justice and closure they got with nassar. >> and they're still looking for a lot more transparency from the gymnastics community than they're getting. >> most people in the public hadn't heard the name geddert, but they knew. it's sad -- >> came up in the testimony. >> it did. >> when victims came to the microphone to speak at nassar's trial, they often brought up the coach. >> that's when i heard it. no closure still hurts a lot. still ahead, prince harry reveals how a threat to his mental health helped prompt his family's decision to move to
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ahead we look into the dramatic increase of hate crimes against asian americans, and we'll speak with one woman whose father was assaulted on his daily morning walk. what many say needs to happen to prevent future tragedy. plus, singer lady gaga is offering a huge reward after her
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>> thahat's countrtry duo osbor singing "stay a little longer." ahead, they will join us with kelsea ballerini to announce the big nominations for this year's academy of country music awards. looking forward to that. >> very exci good morning. it is 7:26. i am michelle griego. santa clara county just announced major changes to its health order. it is relaxing restrictions on youth and adult recreational sports as well as on outdoor gatherings. the county anticipates a move to the red tier as soon as next week. students in oakland can be back in the classroom in weeks thanks to a push from the school board. the goal is to reopen first schools by mid march. san jose set to receive in a federal grant to support small businesses and manufacturers.
7:27 am
the grant will provide technical assistance to businesses in under served parts of the city. good morning on this friday. i am gianna franco in the traffic center. we are starting with public transit delays, train 521 running 20 minutes behind schedule through oakland. plan for that if you typically take that. other than the rest is on time, no issues or delays. brake lights at the toll plaza, metering lights remain on out of the east bay to the city but not the case out of marin county. look how nice across the golden gate bridge. sunshine and chilly temperatures this morning. through the afternoon, enjoy the sun, mild temps a couple degrees above average for this time of year. it is breezy along the coast, breezy around the bay, mid to upper 60s inland this afternoon. gusty of
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welcome back to "cbs this morning," the dramatic increase in the tax against asian-americans continues with another here in new york last night. chinatown. one advocacy group says more than 3,000 hate crimes against asian-americans have been reported across the country since the pandemic began. activists and lawmakers say they believe the attacks have not been getting enough attention. weijia jiang spoke with some people who have been affected by the violence. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, anthony. it's hard to say exactly why they feel this story is not getting enough attention but one reason may be that not all of these attacks against
7:31 am
asian-americans are considered hate crimes. still, advocates say the community is clearly being targeted. and they believe it is the result of anger and misinformation about covid-19. president biden recently called on the justice department to get more involved in tracking these attacks. but the action has been slow. ratanapadkee came to san francisco in 2000. >> he loved kids, he loved all his children. >> reporter: his daughter monthanus has livid in the city with her husband eric lawson for over a decade. >> never in my dream would i think this would happen to him or that he die here. >> reporter: the devoted grandfather was brutally assaulted just one month ago in broad daylight. . do you think this was a hate crime? >> when i see this, and then when he run across and kill him, and without take anything from
7:32 am
my father, i think it's a hate crime. >> there's just no other explanation. >> reporter: their family story is just one of many attacks on asian-americans caught on camera over the last few months. from this random incident outside a bakery in new york city, to a street corner in oakland, california -- >> 84-year-old thai american was murdered. >> reporter: activist amanda nguyen highlighted the attacks on social media. the video has been viewed more than 9 million times. >> i was blood boiling in my veins mad. it was not only because i saw our community being murdered, being lit on fire, being stabbed, but also because the mainstream media wasn't covering it. >> reporter: community groups have mobilized as coverage of anti-asian racism, which surged to more than 200 stories a week early in the pandemic slowed to
7:33 am
a trickle by the end of last year. while at least half of asian-americans continue to experience cases of direct racism, nearly one in five of which were physical assaults. in your video you said our community is being attacked and we are dying to be heard. >> literally people have lost their lives, and it shouldn't have taken up to this point for us to be outraged. i'm just fighting for us to be seen. it is the bare minimum. >> reporter: 29-year-old yunhan zhang knows what it's like to live in fear. attacked with pepper spray last fall. he says actions like president biden's executive memorandum condemning anti-asian racism are a start. but don't go nearly far enough. >> we have a very practical issue of people getting attacked on the street. we need to do a lot more than an
7:34 am
executive order to prevent those things from happening. and so far nothing has happened yet. >> this is becoming almost a daily tragedy. >> reporter: c congresswoman ju chu chairs the asian pacific american caucus. >> right now the ability to fight hate crimes is very uneven across the different jurisdictions. >> reporter: she hopes the biden administration will support new legislation to track and prosecute hate crimes. chu and many members of the aapi community say former president trump not only failed to protect its members, his rhetoric led to their pain. >> kungflu -- >> we are still living in the aftermath of the trump era. we have a job to do. we still have to get the word out. and educate people about what is happening. >> reporter: back in san francisco a makeshift memorial is growing at the spot where ratanapadkee was killed.
7:35 am
what do you hope comes out of this? >> i want to see justice for him. this thing happened for so many year, and it has to stop it now. >> reporter: in a new statement the justice department tells cbs news that it is committed to addressing these attacks and in recent months has trained hundreds of law enforcement officials and prosecutors to identify, investigate and prosecute these crimes. but without a permanent attorney general yet, it seems like more federal action is on hold. tony? >> yeah, of course there is a context and a history for all this and i'm glad you included it. thank you very much and we'll continue this discussion on today's "cbs this morning" bod cast with benny lou, founder and ceo of n next shark, ann online publblication f for asian-ameme newsws. comiming up, whatt pririncey told james corden abobout the pressureres that drorove him ans famimily to move to america, potholes and all. we'll be right back. d be missing out on amazing things.
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t the house from ththe f fr prprince of bebel air. >> gooood enough f for the f fr princece, good enenough for t tl princece. dodo you rememember the s song? > now t this is a s story alt how m my life gott flipped upsi down.. now take a a minute,, sit righ ththere. >> i tell you how i bececame a prince o of a a t town calleded > bel air. . >> l look at you, see,e, i it's fofor youou. james cordenn inviteded pririnc harry - -- thehey're k knockinge door f for a specialal e episod carprpool karaoke on lasast nig late late show on cbs. this was taped before harry and meghan the duchess of sussex confirmed they will not return as working members of britain's
7:41 am
royal family. the show as you might expect had plenty of laughs but harry also revealed quite a bit about the disconnect between royal life and his family life and the factorss that leded t them too o californrnia. >> look a at us, bringnging a af class. >> reporter: this wass princnce harry's firstst sightseseeing t ththrough hisis new homometown te family made the big move to california. after a bit of joking with lite night show host james cororden e coconversationon turned t to ha dedecision too step bacack frorl duties. >> we a all knoww w what the b press canan be like. it was destrtroying myy m menta healthth. thisis is toxoxic. i did what any husbaband and wh any father would do, i need to get my family out of here. >> reporter: prince harry, his wife meghan markle and son archie and a baby on the way have settled outside of los angeles. they hope to cararve out m more indepependent livives away from intense mediaia scrutiny. . > w we never walalked awaway. as farar as i'm c concerned w wr
7:42 am
dedecisions a are made on thaha, i will nevever walk away.y. i willl alwayays be contntribu but m my l life iss pubublic se. so whererever i am in n the wor it's going to be the same thing. >> reporter: corden also brought up the fictional netflix show "the crown." ♪ >> reporter: which has reportedly upset some members of the royal familyy for taking arartistic licensese with thee lines.s. > they donon't preretend to news. it's fictctional. but i it's loosesely based on t truth. >> yes. >> of course it's not strictly accurate. >> of course it's not. >> reporter: harry says t the sw does not bother him. >> i refuse to o be blamed any longer for this grotesque misalliance.e. i watch my hands of it. >> reporter: or how it portrtra hihis p parents prince charles princessss diana. >> i'm way morore c comfortableh the c crown thann i am s seeing storories writttten about m my , mymy wife or mymyself. because i it's thehe diffeferen between - -- thahat is o obviou fiction.n. takeke it how you w will.
7:43 am
but thisis is being g reported s factct because youou're supuppo news. >> yeah. >> i have a real issue with that. >> wow, very interesting. >> a lot there. >> if you didn't see it last night it's worth going online and looking at the whole clip. it's very, very funny. james corden is so claefr aclevr and creative and harry as you see is a good sport. two of them are friends. >> it got serious. >> very serious. >> james gets into that serious stuff in the context of a light piece. >> at one poioint he textxted mn from harry's p phone. can y you imaginene if f your w calllling you,u, y you think itr wifefe a and thenn the phohone n and i it's jameses c corden and think it's harry calling. >> yeah. >> he's trying to convince her to say, hey, let's buy this house. great, great fun. we want to remind you that harry and meghan are talking to oprah, first major broadcast interview since giving up their senior royal duties, watch the two hour special on sunday, march 7th, 8:00, 7:00 on cbs, i've heard
7:44 am
from reliable sources, this is oprah talking, it's the best interview she's ever done. i'm curious. >> that's saying something. >> that's saying something. >> what a statement. >> coming up soon, march 7th. >> right. >> sunday, this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by the all new bronco sport, built wild.
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7:49 am
story on the only skating academy in harlem that teaches young girls to figure skate and educate some, very cool, coming up. very cool. i don't know how to skate at all. >> and we'll see that. >> you'll see it -- exactly. here's a couple of other things you'll see -- the stories we think you'll be talking about today. lady gaga is offering a half million dollar reward, no questions asked, for the safe return of her two beloved french bulldogs. police say they were stolen at gunpoint on wednesday. new video obtained by tmz shows the horrifying moment when two men in a white nissan approach her dog walker, ryan fisher. a struggle ensued and one of them shot fisher before taking off with the dogs. fisher is hospitalized but in stable condition. that's some good news. he was caring for lady gaga's three bulldogs while the pop star is in rome filming a movie. the lapd found one of her dogs, miss asia, at the scene, but gustav and joji are still moving. it's not clear if the dogs were
7:50 am
specifically targeted because of their celebrity owner. french bulldogs are in high demand and can be sold for thousands of dollars to willing customers. good news here is mr. fisher's going to be okay, he's in stable condition. >> let's hope they catch those guys. in addition to getting the dogs back, let's hope because ryan fisher could have been killed. when you listen to the video, horrifying. it's wrenching to hear him screaming for help. saying he feels that he's dieing -- horrible. horrible. let's send word about mr. fisher as well as the dogs. >> the frenchys are the fourth most popular breed in the u.s. the other three that are much bigger. so the frenchies are much easier to steal. >> they're small. people pay up to $12,000 to those who come from good breeders. hope he gets out of the hospital soon and gaga gets her dogs back. hasbro says mr. potato head will lose its gender title. the brand will be known simply
7:51 am
as potato head. the toy maker later clarified that, hey, you can still buy mr. and mrs. potato head items. hasbro homes to make all feel welcome in the potato head world. >> please tell me with didn't feel welcome buying a mr. potato head? >>yon w. i don't know who asked there -- >> i wanted to be in the meeting when they -- >> laughter in the room and then got serious. you can buy the individual mr. and mrs. potato head, but they are rebranding for the fall in which you'll buy a box of two plastic potatoes with all of these accessories and a child, but with no gender expression. >> we'll be called the potato family pack, and i'm not kidding. >> so people can mix and match. >> i know that as a childhood nickname i was called mr. potato head. i don't like that. >> now we'll just call you potato head. >> called me hot dog as a kid. all right. the california highway patrol says nice try to a driver who got busted in a carpool lane
7:52 am
with a fake passenger. check thought lifelike dummy riding shotgun. officers shared a photo on social media. the doll had facial wrinkles, glasses, and a cleveland indians hat. it even wore a mask. they said it was one of the best dummies they'd seen. the driver was ticketed. no points for creativity, but no points on his license either. >> at least he was following cdc guidelines. >> with the dummy. >> vlad, you were called potato head and app skate. are you okay? >> that's why we like him. thanks. ahead, kelsea ballerini and brothersrs osborne w will joinn for the acacm n nominationsns. d. i wawasn't goingng to jujust back dodown from m moderate toto severe rheumamatoid arthrhritis. psoriatic c arthritis s wast going toto change whwho i a. when i leaearned that my jojoint pain cocould mean p permanent j jt damage, i i asked abouout enb. enbrelel helps relelieve joint painin, and helplps stop permamanent jointnt dam. plus enbnbrel helps s skin gt clearer r in psoriatatic arthr. asask your dococtor aboutt enbrbrel, so youou can get bk
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7:56 am
good morning. it's 7:56. oakly unified parents won't have a say in who fills vacant seatats on the school board. members resigned after caught on camera criticizing parents. last night interim board members voted to appoint community members. stanford graduate students raising concerns over the mr. plan to welcome hundreds of students back on campus. 1300 juniors and seniors have requested to live on campus for the spring quarter. san jose police say recent
7:57 am
crimes linked to under ground gatherings. saturday they discovered agave sports bar and grill was operating indoors after two women were shot. in japan town, one man was killed at an under ground club. we've got brake lights for your ride along west 580. if you are getting ready to head outlook for a crash around isabell. we are seeing slowing west 580 out of tracy into that altamont pass area. 880 north bound near davis street, chp working on a crash center divide and traffic is slow onto 880. a beautiful day with plenty sunshine, mild temperatures a little bit above average and breezy conditions along the coast and especially around the bay. we are in the 40s, a chilly start to our day. through the afternoon, mid to upper 50s along the coast, mid 60s around the bay, mid
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ it's friday, happy friyay to you. u.s. forces send a message to iran with air strikes on its militia allies in eastern syria. what we're learning about the attacks this morning. >> first on "cbs this morning," the co-ceo of netflix responds to a study which findsds c cast that do not look like america. and the top nominees for the acm awards, only on "cbs this morning." >> can't wait. can't wait.
8:01 am
first, here's today's eye opener at 8:00. the overnight air strikes targeted iranian-backed militia members in eastern syria near the iraq border. >> as commander in chief, the president chose a target so that it would count as payback for iran having put u.s. personnel in harm's way last week in rocket attack, but stopping short of further escalating tension. >> president biden's bid to double the federal minimum wage apparently will not be part of his covid relief package. >> president biden is disappointed, but speaker pelosi says the house will keep the minimum wage hike in its version of the bill. >> beyond the burst pipes and water logged homes, a devastating human toll, the deaths from hypothermia. 15 of those happened here in the houston area. >> the ap reported mr. potato head is no longer mister. they're giving the spud a gender neutral new name, potato head. >> piers morgan tweeted, who is
8:02 am
actually offended by mr. potato head being male. i want names. those woke imbeciles are destroying the word. they are destroying the world. how will children grow up without a strong male potato role model? >> i think it is a very good question. we're going to begin with this, though. breaking overnight, the u.s. has taken its first known military ations approved by president biden, carrying out air strikes in syria. u.s. forces targeted facilities in syria along the iraq border used by iranian backed militias. a monitoring group says the attack killed 22 people. >> the pentagon says the facilities were used by militants responsible for rocket attacks in iraq last week that wounded a u.s. service member and killed a civilian contractor. the air strikes come as the u.s. is trying to restart negotiations with iran over its nuclear program. the south dakota attorney general faces possible
8:03 am
impeachment and growing calls to resign after police say he hit and killed a man with his car last september. jason ravnsborg was charged with three misdemeanors, he told the detectives he thought he hit a deer. after video of him being questioned was shared this week, a judge ordered that no more information on the criminal investigation be released. our lead national correspondent david begnaud has the story. >> quite frankly, wham. >> reporter: that's jason ravnsborg, this is one of his interrogation videos in which he appeared uncomfortable and looked like he had a hard time making eye contact with the investigators who wanted to know what happened. >> i'm thinking it is a beer at this point. >> ravnsborg is south dakota's top law enforcement officer. it was the night of september 12th, 2020, he was heading home from a republican fund-raiser, driving down this rural road in the central part of south dakota, when officials say he struck and killed 55-year-old
8:04 am
joseph boever, who was walking down the side of the road. ravnsborg called 911 that night. >> how can i help you? >> ally, i'm the attorney general. i hit something, in the middle of the road. >> one of the other things that we know, jason, is you weren't in the middle of the road. you were on the shoulder. >> ravnsborg claims he didn't realize he hit anyone until he returned to the scene the next day. but investigators point out inside of his damaged vehicle were the victim's glasses. >> they're joe's glasses. >> i wondered about that. >> that means his face came through your windshield. >> he's facing three charges, but they're all misdemeanors. before south dakota's governor kristi noem was ordered to remove the videos from the internet on thursday, this is what she had to say about her decision to release them. >> these interviews we specifically asked for the family's consent to do that. we will continue to ask the family what to release, what
8:05 am
they're okay with, throughout this process. >> a spokesperson for the attorney general said that the ag does not intend to resign and at no time has this issue impeded his ability to do the work of the office. but still, state lawmakers are planning to move forward next week with proceedings to impeach the attorney general. for "cbs this morning," i'm david begnaud. >> when you look at that interrogation, it is disturbing. one thing the officers pointed out is that mr. boever's flashlight was still on, they're saying it couldn't have been a deer because you know a deer doesn't have a flashlight, but the light from the flashlight was still on. i'm sure the boever family has a lot of questions. >> those calls for him to resign are coming from both sides, republicans and democrats. >> interesting how long he can maintain that position. >> investigators saying you weren't in the middle of the road, on the shoulder and how did you not notice the glasses. his office is saying it doesn't impede his ability to do his job. if i hit somebody and killed them and came through my windshield, i would have trouble coming to work the next day. a ahead on "cbs thisis morn"
8:06 am
wewe'll find out whatt happepe whenen netflix h home to ththe self-made starring octavia spencer tested diversity on screen. we'll give you the results in an
8:07 am
♪ ♪ befefore i evever kissedd y y i thohought i m missed you butt i misss mee morore ♪ >> t that was k kelsea baballer chchart topping s song c called
8:08 am
meme more".". coming up, she a and t the cou duo brothers osbourn will join us to announce some of this year's nominations for the academy of country music awards. can't wait to see the list. exciting. we'll be right back. awards. can't wait to see the list. we'll be right back. succeed ♪ don't ♪ and so are lost for good ♪ ♪ and some of them are pretty flawed ♪ ♪ and some of them are slightly odd ♪ ♪ but many are small businesses that simply lack the tool ♪ ♪ to find excited people who will stop and say 'that's cool'♪ ♪ and these two, they like this idea ♪ ♪ and those three like that one.♪ ♪ and that's 'cause personalized ads ♪ ♪ find good ideas for everyone ♪ if you have obstructive sleep apnea and you're often tired during the day, you could be missing out on amazing things. sunosi can help you stay awake for them. once daily sunosi improves wakefulness in adults with excessive daytime sleepiness due to obstructive sleep apnea.
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itit's the e speed you u nd wiwith threat t protection, plplus 24/7 susupport. geget fast intnternet and d add securityty—made s simple. anand bounce f forward— with c comcast bususiness. get ststarted withth a great offer,r, and ask h how you cn add comcasast businessss secucurityedge.. plus, for r a limitedd timeme, ask how w to get a $500 prerepaid cardd whenen you upgrarade. callll today. ifif you see w wires down,, trtreat them a all as if they're e hot and enenergize. stayay away fromom any dodowned wire,e, call 91, and callll pg&e righght after so we cacan both resespond ot and kekeep the pubublic safe. the streaming giant net netflix is taking action to hold itself accountable on hiring diverse talent in front of and also behind the camera. s januannenberg initiative to independent look at content, shows like "bridgerton" included and answer a question -- does
8:13 am
netflix represent how the u.s. looks today? netflix is revealing the results first on "cbs this morning." ♪ the usc annenberg inclusion initiative studied more than 300 movies and scripted series released on netflix between 2018 and 2019. it found that representation on screen is still far short of reality. white men, for example, are only about 30% of the u.s. population, but they dominate on netflix, making up nearly 40% of the speaking characters. meanwhile, the u.s. latinx and asian populations are sizable in real life, 12% and 7% respectively, yet only a fraction of that on screen, 3% and 4%. and according to the study, there would need to be six times the proportion of lgbtq characters and five times the proportion of characters with disabilities for netflix to look like america. but there is good news including a 40% increase in main cast members who are black. in fact, they now make up 20%st
8:14 am
characters on netflix, 5% more than america's actual black population. and this increase is also reflected behind the scenes with more black directors, more black writers and creators overall. >> this is a company that takes this seriously, and our hope is that with this data and the innovative spirit that they have shown that they have and will continue to have that this can translate into more audiencejoi headquarters for an interview you are seeing first on "cbs this morning." good morning to you. so you guys asked for this study. you paid for it. now here you are talking about it. it's clearly important to you. why does it matter so much for netflix? >> look, i think it's important if we're going to be successful
8:15 am
storytellers around the world that the content on netflix reflects the world we're serving. i think that we knew early on that that would start with our employees, and that would roll into the folks that are hiring to tell the stories both in front of and behind the camera. we commissioned this study because we wanted to be held accountable for this. >> yeah. >> and i not trans-- i think transparency is the best way. >> are you concerned about backlash, particularly for latino and asian american actors? i was struck by how underrepresented they are on netflix shows. >> no, we were struck, as well. and it definitely shows we've got a lot of work to do. we're -- part of all this work is, you know, what comes next. and that big part of that is we've created a creative equity fund putting in $100 million to -- both to find the stories that are out there and help cultivate that talent to bring more of those stories to screen on netflix. >> to fix the problem, you've got to diagnose it. when you see these numbers, what
8:16 am
are the -- what is the explanation that you come up with? >> well, it's really been -- it's a lot about the folks who are telling the stories and our ability to connect with them and to find them. those stories that are out there. i think we've got great high points in there. the one thing that statistically that doesn't get captured in the study is impact and volume. it would show "selena" which are big hits around the world and in the united states, are able to reach a number -- reach an audience that show you the potential is there. so we just need to be able to find those storytellers and do a better job of cultivating that talent. >> kudos to netflix for even releasing the information because it's not show the company in the most flattering light. one of the reports found lack of diversity among the leadership. what's being done to change that? it says of 8% of netflix employees, 8% are black while nearly half are white. why do you think that's the
8:17 am
case? what's being done? >> well, a few years ago we started talking about there a lot more explicitly, gayle. we talked a lot about it being in a state of constant improvement. i think today the netflix employee base and the netflix leadership team are about half male, half female, and about half of our employees are from an underrepresented group. and while we do have a lot of work to do in each of the groups, the number, the particular number you talked about is twice what it was the year before. >> uh-huh. listen, i happen to know, many people know that you're married to a woman of color, good morning to nicole if she happens to be watching this morning. alexis ohanian said something interesting about his marriage to serena williams. that it has certainly given him a different perspective about race and about issues associated with it that she's never thought of before. is that something that you relate to? >> 100%, gayle. because of my relationship with
8:18 am
my wife, i'm witness to things that i would otherwise not be witness to. it's heightened my sensitivity certainly and certainly heightened my own biases which makes me a much more open and receptive to the idea that these biases exist. i think that as i've said, absolutely has had an enormous positive impact on me. and then through the work that you're seeing and the results you're seeing in the study. >> ted, there's that audience within the household there and you yourself as a viewer. i'm curious beyond that, the netflix audience, had you been hearing from them about a lack of representation? and do you think that will change going forward? >> no, you know, like i said, the study really doesn't capture so much of the impact and the careers launched and the stories told and the impact on the culture of these stories being told in a very loud way. so i do think that these are reflective of numbers. we do want the population on
8:19 am
screen to look like the population we're serving. i think we're getting better and better and our viewership proves that. >> have you heard of the show called "bridgerton"? it's really good. >> i have. yes, i have. >> it's really good. >> i would tell you -- what's exciting about "bridgerton" is the first conversations i had with shonda about "bridgerton," there was flow discussion about the casting -- no discussion about the casting. i think it's a great example that any community can be inclusive. any period can be represented inclusively, and this show just happens to be our biggest scripted original series launch ever. i do think it -- it stops people from saying, well, what about -- that couldn't be or why would i think about that. so it opens up the world of possibilities when you do it in a great way like that. >> ted, it's so important. if you can see it, you can dream it, you can do it. a point we make a lot on this show. glad to see netflix taking this initiative. thank you so much for being here. ahead, "48 hours"
8:20 am
investigates a possible breakthrough in the case of mamadeleine mcmccann. you recognize that picture. soso you went t to ross too rerefresh yourur look for r l? and snag t top brands s for prs ththat have yoyou, like "o"oooh! styles t that take y you here or here e or even riright the. slip into the best bargains ever..... at ross.. yes for r less!
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atat ross. yes for r less. this week's "48 hours" investigates a new suspect in the disappearance. a child that made international headlines. madeleine mccann was just 3 years old in 2007 when she vanished from her bed at a resort in portugal while vacationing with her family. "48 hours" correspondent peter van sant looks at the german suspect, christian brueckner, and why authorities believe he may know what happened. >> reporter: in may of 2007, british doctors jerry and kate mccann were on vacation with theirr childrenn at a beach rest in portugal. as they had done every ninight the mccannnns left t their chil asleepep in their a apartment a went to meet friends for dinner about 50 yards away. jane hill is a bbc news anchor
8:23 am
who covered the story. > and the f friends wouould turnrns and just check on their sleeping children. >> reporter: at 10:00 p.m. when it was kate's turn, she found this bed, madeleine's bed, empty. >> please, please, do not hurt her. please don't scare her. please tell us where to find her. >> r reporter: desespite a glob media storm, a multinational search and investigation, years passed with no answers until this past june. >> a german prisoner has been identified as a new suspect in the disappearance of madeleine mccann -- >> reporter: german authorities made this announcement -- with several convictions.ffender >> reporter: the suspect's name is christian brueckner. >> he absolutely matches the profile of a person who could potentially abduct and/or kill a
8:24 am
little girl like madeleine mccann. >> mark hoffman is a germany-based crime and intelligence analyst. >> his cell phonene was tracked next to the crime scene the night maddie disappeared. >> reporter: jim gamble, former head of the uk's child exploitation and online protection center, is hopeful this tragic case may finally be solved. >> for the first time in 13 years, i have to say i actually felt here is a credible suspect. >> reporter: and the big break in this case came in 2017 when brueckner in a drunken confession told a friend he knew what had happened to madeleine mccann. >> wow. >> peter, thank you. wow. powerful story. hope there's news there. and you can see peter's report, "the puzzle solving the madeleine mccann case" tomorrow
8:25 am
at 10:00, 9:00 central on cbs. ahead, we're revealing the nominees for this year's academy of country music awards. country music stars kelly ballerini, yay, nd bro good morning. 8:25. i am len kiese. santa clara just announced major changes to its health order. it is relaxing restrictions on youth and adult recreational sports as well as outdoor gatherings. county anticipates a move to the red tier next week. today, introducing citizenship for essential workers act. this will provide a pathway for front line workers to citizenship. it's his first bill introduction as a u.s. senator. san jose set to receive more than $1 million in federal grant money to support small
8:26 am
businesses and manufacturers. it will provide technical assistance to businesses in under served parts of the city. chp just cleared a crash on west bound 580. everything is out of lanes. a slow ride out of livermore towards dublin interchange. we are still tracking a few brake lights. travel time on 580, 33 minutes from 205 to 680. the accident looks like it is blocking at least one lane and traffic is slow in both directions. better conditions at the bay bridge. things are easing up. a beautiful view with the sunshine. we are looking at plenty sun today, a gorgeous day, mild temperatures and breezy along the coast and especially around the bay. we are in the 40s as we kick off our friday with the sunshine. through afternoon, daytime highs are above average, mid 60s around the bay, mid to
8:27 am
upper 60s inland. gusty offshore winds develop
8:28 am
covid's still a threat. and on reopening schools, we know what happens when we don't put safety first. ignore proper ventilation or rates of community spread, and the virus worsens. fail to provide masks or class sizes that allow for social distancing, and classrooms close back down. a successful reopening requires real safety and accountability measures. including prioritizing vaccines for educators. parents and educators agree:
8:29 am
reopen schools. putting safety first.
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♪ ♪ welcome back to "cbs this morning." only on "cbs this morning" we're revealing nominees for the 56th academy of country music awards. yea. three of country music's biggest stars are e joining u us to anne the nominatitions. ♪ ththere's a hole in thehe bottltle ♪ ♪ l leaking all t this w wine ♪ >> you know her, kelsesea ballerini i was nominateded l l year foror female artisist of f year foror h her song "holole bottle." lolove her.r. rerecently hit number one on th country m music radioio charart.
8:31 am
♪ all night all n night ♪ >> all night indedeed. seseven-time g grammy nomominat, thatat's brorothers osborne, th you u very muchch, t they have fiveve acm awards, r rolling st magazizine called their latest album a record that shows off what this duo does best. kelsea ballerini and brothers osborne, good morning. we were watching you earlier, i heard kelsea say hello, boys. i like what you say about early morning winging it. kelsea, let's start off fwiwithe first category, group of the year who are the nominees? >> how exciting. all right, acm group of the year nominees are lady a, little big town, old dominion, the cadillac
8:32 am
three, and the highwomen. >> that's a very cool list. all right, kelsea, you also got a list for duo of the year. who are the nominees? >> yes. all right, duo of the year. brooks & dunn, dan and shay, florida georgia line, maddie and tae, and, of course, brothers osborne, y'all. >> look at that. >> yea, congrats! >> you guys have been here before, you won this award twice before. how does it feel to be on the list again? >> it always feels amazing. it is something you never takeg. i'm surprised they let us in the room to begin with. it feels incredible. >> t.j., that's one of the moments you got to hold your face straight, congratulations, the nominees, so glad you guys are on the list.
8:33 am
anthony and i are not surprised. kelsea, next is female artist of the year. who are the nominees, t.j., for you, could you read that list please? >> all right. miranda lambert. >> yes. >> ashley mcbryde. >> of course. >> maren morris. carly pearce. and our very own kelsea ballerini. >> that is such -- listen, kelsea, that's such a good category. all of you guys are so good, but this is your one, two, three, four, fifth nomination. what does that mean to you? i would like to think it never gets old. >> oh, my gosh. it never gets old, but i have to say, i've known carly pearce for a long time, since we both had anything going on, and this is her first time being nominated in this category. so i'm excited for me, but i think i'm more excited for her honestly. >> let's move on to male artist
8:34 am
of the year, t.j., you got the nominees for that. >> all right. dierks bentley, luke combs, eric church, thomas rhett, and chris stapleton. >> all right. that sounds good. the next category is single of the year, it is awarded to the song's artist, producer and the record label. john, you're up first, you're up on that one. who are the nominees? >> i got this. the nominees are "blue bird," miranda lambert, "i hope ," gabby barrett, "i hope you're happy now", carly pearce and lee bryce, "more hearts than mine," ingrid andress, "the bones" maren morris. great song. >> they're all good songs. kelsea this is the first time in acm history where all the nominees in that category are female artists. what do you make of that, if anything? >> progress.
8:35 am
i mean -- >> 2021, yes. >> the fact that that's happening again is really exciting and all these songs are so strong, so good. >> all right. one of the biggest honors of course is entertainer of the year. i think, john, you've got that list of nominees. >> i do. all right. the nominees are luke bryan, eric church, luke combs, thomas rhett, and chris stapleton. >> all right, we went from all women, now we have all men. are you surprised by that? >> i mean, i wouldn't say surprised, sadly, but i think the fact that we have seen all women in single of the year, it shows that we're getting there. progress is being made. let's hope as the years progress we'll see more females in that category. i think it shows maybe the females put out better songs
8:36 am
than we do. >> you know what i think is interesting, i love what you just said, kelsea, about how you had all the nominations and this is carly's first time, this is what i love about country music people, number one, you're so close, i think you're some of the nicest people on the planet in terms of supporting and cheering each other on. what is it like, though, when you read the category and you're in the same category but you like somebody else? aren't you still pulling for yourself sort of kind of? >> it is healthy competition, right? it is like of course you want to win, but if someone else wins you're not going to be heart broken because our a fan of them and a friend of them, so it is all good. >> but it is sure nice winning. >> kelsea ballerini and the brothers osborne, that's t.j. and john, if you will stay with us, we'll take a little break and we'll be back because we would like to continue the discussion, but, first, it's
8:37 am
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8:41 am
congratulations to all of you. t.j., i want to start with you, you made some news earlier this month, you shared your truth in "time" magazine becoming the only openly gay artist signed to a major country record label. you got huge support from many of your friends. what has been your reaction to the outpouring of support you got? >> yeah, when you first say i made some news, i had a hunch that's what you were talking about. it has been amazing, honestly. i would say to encourage anyone else out there dealing with the same thing, it is really a really -- it is a hard thing to describe. it is a very difficult thing to go through and i even had a lot of support around me. but once i came out, i didn't understand the magnitude of how much people cared about me and loved about me and supported me. and honestly had i known that the whole time, i would have done it probably a long time ago and saved myself a lot of strife. so i just -- anyone out there, if you're dealing with that,
8:42 am
there is people that love you and people that support you. lots of them. so feel encouraged by that. >> so, t.j., did you discuss it with your brother or your family to say i'm going to do this or did you just -- what was your thought process in going there? because it has made a huge difference and i hope you feel the tsunami of love that has been heading your way ever since you spoke out. it is a good thing. >> that's a good way to put it. it has been a tsunami of love and almost to the point where it was hard for me to comprehend it for several days. and my close family and friends have known for a while, but i really at the same time i thought publicly i was always kind of in this stuck in second gear kind of phase or something. and honestly, for straight people out there, coming out is really awkward. it is an awkward thing to talk about. and unless it is just out of the blue, it is a really odd thing to bring up. and i want you -- obviously i work in entertainment, so i like lots of attention. i don't like --
8:43 am
>> different kind of attention. >> that kind of attention is weird, uncomfortable. to do that in the moment and do it in all one felled swoop, it was nice. i think for a lot of people they don't come out, like for me it was just, you know, i'm, like, when do you do it? when do you say it? for me, it was that moment of just taking a leap of faith and after i did it -- >> bravo. >> yeah. >> gkels kelsea, i had the oppoy to cover the acms for the show and you made it a point to champion up and coming young artists like tiara who has an amazing call -- song called "shut it down." where does that come from, that drive to showcase some of that new talent? >> i mean, a big part of my journey so far has been other female artists turning around and reaching out their hand and sharing their stage with me and that's been anyone from taylor
8:44 am
swift to shania to reba. and even though my platform is nowhere near theirs, i just -- it has been really life changing for me when they did that, so it is important for me to try to do the same any chance i get. there is a lot of great music and if we are able to showcase that and share that, then why not? >> i want to pick up on that family aspect of country music as well. there is a family among the performers, but a relationship between the performers and the audience which includes me, tens of millions of other americans. and, john, you -- there was a tweet here and i'm not sure why you're the one to respond to this first, but i think everybody should comment here. there is a tweet from the bands' account that says if an artist speaks their mind, and you, meaning the audience, threaten to dixie chick them, you can't say bleep about cancel culture. dixie chicks made a comment about the iraq war, had a huge fall off of country radio after that in early 2000s, there is a
8:45 am
lot going on in that statement, it touches a lot of the big issues on the table today, do you think artists have more to say but are afraid to say it because of this kind of cancel culture? >> yeah. look, i understand if you don't -- if you're an artist and you don't want to say anything, there is no disrespect, i get it, it is actually stupid, every time we do it, it is stupid, it doesn't make sense. but there is a pilot light burning inside of us at all times that wants to see a better world for everybody. and, you know, we do want to be more inclusive. that tweet wasn't -- most of our tweets have bleeps in them, so -- and i just wanted to let everyone know, there is a whole thing about cancel culture, but that was like the ultimate cancel culture. so many people jumped on board, there were, you know, steam rolling the records and burning them and burning piles and stuff like that and now it is, like, pretty overwhelmingly people
8:46 am
agree that the -- it was a horrible, horrible, horrible idea and they were at the forefront of saying that and if it wasn't for them saying that, perhaps we wouldn't even be this far on a long long that we are, our duty not just as artists but as people to speak up. if we're just john and t.j. from maryland in a bar talking to somebody, we would tell you how we feel regardless. and being artists isn't going to change that. >> i sure appreciate anybody who speaks up because that's the only thing that will lead to change. i'm excited about for the first time in acm awards history, four black artists are nominated in a single year. jamie allen, mickey guyton, just had a baby and john legend. do you think that maybe, guys, anybody can answer this, this is a sign of the times that country music will become more inclusive. that's not normally what it is known for, as an example of that, and now we have for first time four black artists in one year.
8:47 am
anybody? >> absolutely. absolutely. 100%. we're here on the ground in nashville in this community and it is a very inclusive place, it is a lot more inclusive than maybe it looks from the outside looking in. and i think there is a reflection of that. >> and i think you see that -- i've noticed since me coming out how many people have poured in to say, hey, i'm not talking about weirdos looking for a response, people just simply saying, thank you, like, i will always love country music, i never felt like i could relate to it until now and then you have clearly a lot of black people who love country music, but never really had that artist for them, and you can really see that now that these people aren't showing up to say, like, hey, i do country to kind of find my place, they're country singers, they're country writers, and i think the bigger that when artists like cane and
8:48 am
mickey and jimmie, they show up to the scene, the thing that country missed the whole time is it makes the fan base and the singer country infinitely larger. i love going out and to -- to playing shows and seeing a diverse crowd show up because they have people there they can relate to. and i think music really should just represent everybody, should speak for everyone at some point in time, not every artist has to do it for everybody, but there should be something there for everyone, yeah. >> i can't wait until you can get out and perform again on the stage. >> that's what we're all waiting for. i'm sure you are more than any of us. congratulations on your nominations. good luck, we wish you the best. thank you so much for being with us. you can watch more acm nominations on and check out the list of acm nominees we just announced on cbsthis and twitter and instagram. the awards will air sunday, april 18th, at 8:00, 7:00
8:49 am
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and callll pg&e righght after so we cacan both resespond ot and kekeep the pubublic safe. ♪ i'm so glad that they joined us to announce the nominations and really glad that they were each nominated. >> that was anise thing. it could have been uncomfortable. >> great. >> everybody's ready to go. >> no eyes closed because we have a special announcement. >> better than the -- >> a very important adieu, a farewell to say to a dear friend, nancy who has -- our floor director here, been with -- >> nancy baron, come out of the shadows. >> come on -- >> come on. nancy has been -- [ applause ] nancy has been 32 years at cbs. she has worked in the soap opera, work friday spin sports,
8:53 am
with us. there is nobody you want on the floor more taking care of you than nancy baron because everything goes okay when nancy's in the house. she keeps is honest, makes us look good. now even. we love
8:54 am
8:55 am
good morning. santa clara announced major changes to its health order, relaxing restrictions on youth and adult recreational sports and outdoor gatherings. students in oakland can start heading back to classrooms in weeks according to a letter from the school board sent to families this week. the goal is to reopen first schools by mid march. stanford graduate students raising concerns over plan to welcome hundreds of students back to campus. about 1300 juniors and seniors requested to live on campus for
8:56 am
the spring quarter. look at the travel times. we are seeing a the lot of green, some good news as your friday morning commute winds down a bit. we've got an okay commute on the east shore freeway and things eased up nicely for the ride into the altamont pass. no trouble spots along 101 out of san jose. the metering lights are off but you can see brake lights across upper deck. at the toll plaza things are moving nicely. golden gate bridge, no delays outs of marin county, both directions in and out of the city via golden gate moving at the limit. san mateo bridge, not a bad ride at all. >> looking good. plenty sunshine. you can see that on the live traffic cameras. here is another view, temperatures in the 40s and 50s. we will continue to watch temperatures climb, a little bit warmer for today at least slightly above average. mid 60s around the bay, mid to upper 60s inland with breezy
8:57 am
conditions along the coast and around the
8:58 am
8:59 am
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wayne: hey, america, how you doin'? jonathan: it's a new tesla! (cheers and applause) - money! wayne: oh, my god, i got a head rush. - give me the big box! jonathan: it's a pair of scooters. - let's go! ♪ ♪ - i wanna go with the curtain! wayne: yeah! you can win, people, even at home. jonathan: we did it. tiffany: it's good, people. - i'm going for the big deal! jonathan: it's time for "let's make a deal." now here's tv's big dealer, wayne brady. wayne: welcome to "let's make a deal." wayne brady here. thank you so much for tuning in. we have our tiny but mighty in-studio audience, the at-homies, and we're going to make a deal right now. who wants to make a deal? that would be you, yes.


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