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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  April 11, 2021 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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covid has changed our company radically. we evolved to a decentralized workforce. we're zooming with all of our branches on a regular basis. in spite of the pandemic, we continue to grow and have really aggressive growth plans in the future, positions anywhere from technicians in the field, supervisor positions, we have several corporate positions available. what we do is pest control related, but it's really being in touch with the community.
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now at 11 on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, a new push to get more people vaccinated as bay area counties are being held back from moving into the yellow tier. plus a vaccine shortage in san francisco as thousands are turned away at their appointments this weekend. safety upgrade or dangerous divide? the political battle brewing over a bay area street closure. this park is better when there's no cars, it's a safety issue. >> we start with a live look at san francisco and health officials putting the brakes on moving into the yellow tier.
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>> here's where the bay area stands right now, solano was the only county in the red and now for the first time in months, none of the nine counties are moving into a less restrictive opening tear in the next coming week. if it sounds computing, we have where things stand. >> reporter: san francisco will not be moving into the yellow tier because the average case count is slightly higher above the state requirements. as the city and county of san francisco tries to move into a less restrictive tear, the city is launching a new campaign that is trying to further suppress the spread of the virus. in san francisco, health officials say hospitalizations are still low but new cases are declining at the rate seen in recent weeks. >> we do have to be cautious
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and make sure it's not a sign of a trend increasing. >> reporter: the latest cdc report shows 4 million doses and ministered across the country in a single day. in a recent poll, 55 percent of black adults say they been vaccinated or plan to get a shot, that's up 14 points from two months ago. 61 percent of latinos and 64 percent of whites say the same. >> we are addressing questions about vaccine. the people have the information they need to make an informed decision. >> reporter: the department health just launched its first for covid vaccination campaign. as millions more 16 and older become eligible in three days. >> san francisco has a history of doing these campaigns. >> reporter: the vaccinated honey bears will be featured on mta buses does later this week and have appeared at transit
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stops across the city. >> we know people can really connect to individuals in california throughout the state to encourage them to get vaccinated so i look forward to doing that more and more. >> reporter: san francisco will also lift its curfew, the 11 pm curfew for its restaurants this week, as far as the earliest date for the city and county to move into the yellow tier, that would be eight days from now on april 20. meanwhile just a day after big vaccine eligibility expansion in san francisco, the city is struggling to keep up with demand. eligibility was just expanded to anyone 16 and up in eight of the cities hardest hit the codes. but the two sites they are being directed to, the southeast health center and sf general, both ran out of shots within 90 minutes yesterday.
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they are supposed to be open to droppings from 9 am to 3 pm daily. the health apartment is asking people to come later in the week if they can or to try to make an appointment at a different vaccine site. overall, california has given up nearly 23 million doses so far. 8.8 million residents are now fully vaccinated and another 6.3 million have had their first shot. a live look across san francisco where in ours the biggest school district in the bay area will begin its long- awaited reopening. the first round of san francisco unified students will head back to the classroom for in person learning. the district will open three dozen campuses including 11 early education preschools, 22 elementary schools, and three county schools. students in higher grades will return over the next few weeks, all 107 campuses are expected to reopen by the end of the month.
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in the east bay, san leandro unified will launch their hybrid model to all grade starting tomorrow. about half the students are expected to return for in person learning and the rest remain online. in berkeley, students in grades three through nine return tomorrow. grades 10 through 12 will follow next week. city college students and faculty members march through san francisco today to protest budget cuts and the decision to lay off nearly 200 staffers. organizers want the school to rebuild instead of downsize. the college is facing a $33 million budget deficit this year. the board of trustees approved layoffs across nearly 40 departments. grace baptist church in san jose held a town hall in place of their normal sunday services today. this is one week after the easter service was bombed by a racist rant. the hackers insulted several groups from african-americans and latinos to the lgbtq and jewish communities, and today, the congregation came together again, both in person and
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online to talk about what happened. >> those words are mean. but meaningless. they've created a stronger community. >> they achieved what they wanted to achieve, but the rest of us have a burden as well and it's what kind of community will we build in the aftermath? >> reporter: the pastor said investigators are still trying to discover whether the easter service intrusion was a hate crime. meanwhile zoom has identified and banned the hackers. the closure of a main artery through golden gate park is approaching a political crossroads tonight. jfk drive has been off-limits to cars to the eastern half of the park for nearly a year now, but opponents tell us that keeping it cut off is creating an unfair divide. >> reporter: some say in a concrete jungle, this kind of outdoor space is priceless. jfk drive is filled with skaters, cyclists, and runners. >> my favorite part about it is the biking.
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>> reporter: a large group of people and families rallied in front of the california academy of sciences:on the city to keep jfk closed to cars. >> this park is much better when there are no cars. it's a safety issue. >> reporter: the rally organizer is known as the godfather of skeets in the park and he's been advocating for permanent closure for 42 years. supporters of the idea include one state assembly men. >> i believe this is important for equity and i hope we can have a fact-based, respectful conversation about how to move forward. >> reporter: one supervisor wrote an editorial piece calling it a sacred mission -- segregationist policy. he said many people in the bay view and hunters point rely on cloak cars. it would remove 300 free parking spots out of about 5000 in the park. many of those 300 spots are near the museums. >> it's a big challenge and it's a barrier so it's hard to
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park, people may not be able to come. >> reporter: this woman is the director of public off access at the academy. the academy believes losing free parking will hurt them more since they lost so much money during the pandemic. about 80 percent of their customers come from outside of san francisco. >> we are not against permanently closing jfk, we just believe there should be a process rather than trying to push this through. >> reporter: finding parking near the museums is tough. the underground parking not run by the academy charges 5 to 6 dollars an hour depending on the day, but some say there are thousands of other free spots in and around the park. >> the enjoyment level of the park out weighs the need to find a personal parking space. >> were told any permanent change to jfk drive would go through the public process and environmental review. the board of supervisors would have the final say. still ahead on kpix5 11, an intense situation in minnesota tonight where late-
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developing tonight, clashes erupted between police and protesters in minnesota, hours after police fatally shot a man during a traffic stop. the shooting prompted protesters to gather at the brooklyn center police departments. officers fired tear gas and deployed flash bang grades to disperse the crowd. police say they pulled over a driver with an outstanding warrant and shot him when he tried to get back inside his car. he drove for several blocks before crashing. a crowd gathered at the scene and protesters tore down crime scene tape while the victims family demanded answers. >> he was only 20 years old and he didn't deserve to be shot and killed like this. >> is and why did you get pulled over and he said they pulled him over because he had ever fresheners hanging from
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the rearview mirror. >> nearby minneapolis is already on edge in the middle of the george floyd trial. a minneapolis police officer derek chauvin trial enters its third week. his defense is expected to present their case this week against charges that he murdered george floyd, but what is not known is whether or not the defense will call derek chauvin to testify. day 10 wrapped on friday with key testimony from the medical examiner who conducted floyd.sp. todd mcdermott traders and counter protesters clashed at a white lives matter rally this afternoon. the rally was posted on flyers around the city, reportedly supporting the . counter protesters decided to hold a black lives matter rally and they are calling for unity and an end to hate speech. >> when their asian people being killed all over the nation, black people being killed all over the nation, mexican people that are being treated terrible all over the nation, somebody has to stand
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up and say something. somebody has to say this is not okay. >> authority say several fights broke out in a number of people were arrested. police broke up the protest by declaring an unlawful assembly. condolences continue to pour in tonight over the passing of queen elizabeth's husband prince philip. thousands laid flowers outside windsor castle today. philip second eldest son prince andrew stopped to talk to reporters outside sunday service giving an update as to how his mother, the queen is handling the loss. >> she described his passing is a miracle. we are rallying around to make sure we are there to support her. >> tonight the british academy of film and television arts honored prince philip's at their annual award ceremony.
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meanwhile back in the bay area let's take a live look outside at some of our local bridges. as you can see it's pretty quiet tonight but as more things open up, more people on the roads are driving up the cost at the pump. gas prices in the bay area are now averaging around four dollars per gallon. san francisco and napa are both over the four dollar mark, san jose, oakland, and santa cruz are little lower below the four dollar line. all of these prices are about one dollar higher than what we saw a year ago during the shelter in place. >> gas prices didn't stop a lot of people from driving to oaklands lake merritt today. clouds can be seen but crowds were taking in the nice weather. the dramatic increase in visitors has caused issues with
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parking and traffic safety and for the neighbors a lot of noise. >> so many people wanting to get outside and enjoy this weather while it's here. >> this was a day to do it. the pictures from lake merritt show you that story for sure. the daytime highs from today also do and we are looking at the forecast for tomorrow's daytime highs, but these numbers are almost exactly what we did today so for all those pictures we were just looking at in oakland, the temperature made it into the upper 60s today and we are going to do upper 60s again tomorrow. we were in the low 80s today and we will be in the low 80s again tomorrow and we will be in the mid 60s in the city but look how far above average we are. 10 to 13 degrees warmer than average for this time of year. we're not going to stay here. if we look at the trend, let's use those inland numbers, if
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you take a look at the average, 69 degrees in general would be the average daytime high right now from any of those inland locations. we know we were in the low 80s today and we will be in the low 80s again tomorrow and you can follow that wavy orange line which shows you even though it is subtle, there is a general cooling trend over the next few days, particularly look at tuesday when we go down to 73 degrees. tuesday will be one of the more interesting days and that's a nice way of putting this, because it's going to get windy again on tuesday, almost as wednesday as what we were experiencing for a good part of last week. this is really going to rule the way we experience the weather. how strong is the onshore wind? the seabreeze on steroids we get this time of year. here's what tomorrow looks like, tomorrow, you don't notice much in the way of the wind because we are actually going to be experiencing an offshore wind tomorrow. you could see the bright colors. offshore wind will push against the surge of wind trying to squeeze in from the sea through the golden gate and watch what happens tuesday. everything will reverse and the
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wind comes back and by tuesday afternoon you can see right there that there is a strong uptick in the onshore wind. a closer look at the details on that, just to show you how tomorrow it's like a 15 mile- per-hour breeze but when we get into tuesday, that's a 36 mile- per-hour gust coming across the city, the peninsula and around the media bay and along the coast for anybody at the beaches. tuesday is not good for allergy sufferers because it will blow the pollen everywhere. definitely going to make it feel cooler than those numbers would have you believe because there will be a wind chill factor if you are anywhere near the water and we will see the marine layer built back in again and that will happen tonight. tuesday into wednesday we will probably see a little more of that. not to overlook tonight, numbers out there right now it's a beautiful evening with current temperatures sitting pretty much right where they should be for this time of year , morning lows will take us back down into the low 40s for
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most places, we don't even have to experience any 30s, those are the daytime highs for tomorrow, that's what we saw already, which is just what we did today and in the 7-day forecast we pretty much keep doing this with the exception of that breezy day on tuesday. solar panels on your roof for no money down? sounds like a great deal, but for a lot of low income bay area homeowners, it has been the exact opposite. >> i think we've seen some predatory behavior. >> that's tomorrow at 11 am. decades-old toxic waste is killing california sea lions and tonight we are learning that may just be the tip of the iceberg.
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in the pacific ocean, could be the key to why sea lions are developing cancer. >> our reporter shows us the stunning findings on the ocean floor that could be affecting everything in sight. >> it's a feeling of how did nobody know about this? how are we the first people to ever see this with our eyes? >> reporter: it's hard to believe but for at least 30 years, doctor david valentine says the scientific community had heard rumblings about but frankly did nothing about reports of this massive chemical dumping ground about 10 miles off the coast of la. from 2011 to 2013, valentine and his crew on their own went looking in the deep water between long beach and catalina island. these are some of the images captured by a camera attached to an autonomous vehicle they sent to the ocean floor 3000 feet down. >> it's at first a shock, it's a gut punch and now we are talking about hundreds of thousands of barrels of industrial waste and much of it toxic.
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it was just dumped there because it was easy. >> reporter: since then his team has been putting together the pieces of how it got there, suspecting the second dumpsite of montrose chemical corps, once the country's largest manufacturer of ddt. a legal battle found the company dumped millions of pounds of pesticide intercounty sewers from the 40s until the 70s. last year valentine published his new findings, stunning residents and state leaders and offering clues that could help biologists understand high levels of ddt in california sea lions and their startling rate of cancer. >> about 25 percent of the adult and sub- adults do have cancer. that's an extremely alarming number.
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a live look at the chase center on the sunday night were dozens of women owned small businesses got a chance to sell some of their products. the event was hosted by the warriors today. customers had a chance to check out our work, unique clothing, self-care brands, sample some food and try and accessories at 30 vendor booths. >> i think it's such a gift to have this space here where we
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can come and just have access to have people come to us and try our products. we want to support each other, that's why we are also here. yes we are here to sell our products but we are also here to connect with each other and find out how to support each other. >> attendees enjoyed live entertainment as well. is a new art and wellness pop up in san francisco designed specifically with covid in mind. it's coming to the filipino cultural district in soma. nearly 300 volunteers helped build the gardens. it sits in the city-owned parking lot near sixth and mission, there will be a space for artists, i'm your residency, covid testing and a garden with plants native to the philippines. the space opens to the public
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did you know today is national pet day?
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we are celebrating pets all over the bay area and here's a look at some of the pets kpix5 viewer sent us on social media and also a few famous pets including first dog champ posted by first lady joe biden. here is a look at our kpix pets. >> this is our producer melissa seven-month-old great dane gibson. these cute pups belong to our producers lorena and sarah and editor steve and we also have several cat lovers. there's a horse and then here is boomer and bear. >> bear on the left and boomer on the right. what is slusser doing? >> i think she was an anteater in her formerly life.
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>> did you have peanut butter in your nose? >> that was genuine affectio >> that
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james wiseman, for the rest
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of the season after suffering a torn meniscus in golden state's win on saturday. a top blow for the 20-year-old who is coming off a two night's game. i'm dennis o'donnell, this is game day. warrior's new guard, gary peyton ii is coming up in just a few minutes. the japan olympics are less than four months away. my money is on hideki matsuyama to light the olympic flame to burn it up off a four-shot lead. but torres put the heat on the first hole. he has already cut that lead to three strokes. he does it again. so matsuyama, starting to leak a little oil, and then flood this chip. the lead was


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