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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  May 31, 2021 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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the heat. >> everyone going out for the memorial day events, keep hydrated. sunscreen, maybe an umbrella. >> very important. thanks ever ody. thanks americans are traveling and we will ask dr. agus about the restrictions of americans traveling over the holiday weekend. and a dramatic last-minute walkout to stop republicans from passing strict new voting laws.
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what's next in the high-stakes battle? new technology to stop drunk driving. we will show you a breath test you must pass if before you start your car. and naomi osaka starts the french open with a win and fine. her not talking with reporters. why her upset loss may have triggered her vows to avoid the press. but first your "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> this is the busiest weekend we had since the pandemic started. >> millions traveled over the weekend with crowds flooding airports, roads, beaches. >> first relatively normal holiday. >> relief and celebration to be outside and feel safe. >> texas democrats walked out of the statehouse to block passage from a restrictive voting bill. >> republicans across the country want to make it harder to vote and easier to steal an election. >> an all-out manhunt is under way in miami after three people
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started shooting an attack crowd. >> it's a spirit of gun violence we have in this country. >> benjamin netanyahu's day may be misnumbered as they try to form a unity government without him. >> osaka fined $15,000 during the french open. >> she skipped hermida obligation. >> naomi osaka lets her racket do the talking. >> and all that matters. >> welcome to the four-time clup, helio castroneves. >> helio castroneves earns his place in the history books, winning the indianapolis 500 for the fourth time. he celebrated this the largest crowd since the start of the pandemic. >> the man in the back of the speedway. >> on "cbs this morning." >> thus remember the price that was paid for our liberties. >> president biden honoring those americans who made the ultimate sacrifice. >> they're the guardians of us
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and we're the guardians of their legacy, of their mission and living testament of their sacrifice that is not going to be in vain. progr welcome to the tomb of the unknowns at arlington national cemetery, where the ceremony will be held later this morning honoring those for the ultimate sacrifice to this country. we're also watching holiday travel and will hear from luol anna at l.a.x. in a moment rmgs but first overnight in texas, democrats block a republican move to tighten the state's voting laws by boycotting the final minutes of the legislative session. >> the sweeping legislation was created after former president trump repeated false claims of voter fraud in 2020.
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christina ruffini is at the white house where president biden called the proposed law wrong and un-american. christina, what exactly happened in texas last night? >> good morning, jericka. with the clock ticking down, democrats got a text message from their caucus telling them to leave the chairman mber, and did. holding the quorum and stopping the vote, at least for now. >> reporter: in a dramatic late hyphenate maneuver, democrats blocked the vote on texas senate bill 7 just before its midnight deadline. >> we killed that bill. [ applause ] >> reporter: and railed against last-minute provisions added to the bill behind closed doors including making it easier for judges to throw out election results based on the allegation of fraud. the bill is one of the most restrictive in the country. it bans drive-through and 24-hour voting, makes it illegal for counties to send unsolicited absentee ballots, adds new i.d. requirements for those ballots, and limits polling hours even during early voting, delaying the start until 1:00 p.m. on
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sundays. a time that democrats argue specifically targets after-church voter drives in african-american communities. >> souls to the polls sell sacred. republicans -- is sacred. republicans were determined to take that away. >> reporter: drive through and 24-hour voting popular with minority communities, were used for the first time last year in harris county which includes houston where president biden won by 13 points. republicans say the legislation is necessary to protect the integrity of the voting system. even though there were no major instances of fraud reported in texas in the last election. >> this may be more of an optics issue restoring confidence with the american people, andate you tremendous fraud. >> reporter: optics over evidence. republicans kept every one of their 23 house seats in 2020, and president-elect biden won the state with 2 -- and president trump won the state with 52% of the vote.
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abbott said he will call legislators back to vote on the bill. >> thank you. americans are on the move this memorial day weekend throwing aside and you can expect many people across the country traveling today. a drastic change from one year ago. we're at l.a.x., america's international airport. good morning. >> good morning. americans are breaking free from confinement, and the numbers suggest that seeing record number of flyers compared to last year. ♪ please don't worry about a thing ♪ >> reporter: this busy boardwalk in san diego, just one of the popular tourist destinations of welcoming back crowds this memorial day weekend. this memorial day weekend. >> the past couple days have
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been crazy. >> reporter: sarah blair, a manager at hollywood burger in los angeles, says the increase in visitors is a welcome sign of a busy summer ahead. what has business been like? >> super exciting actually. >> reporter: more than 37 million people plan to travel 50 miles or more this weekend according to aaa. up 60% from last year. at the nation's airports, long overdue reunions. >> it's been over a year since we've seen them. >> reporter: many families, like the hayes, who are visiting grandparents in arizona flew for the first time in over a year. there are signs of recovery across the country. the largest sporting event since the pandemic began at indianapolis motor speedway where 135,000 fans watched racer helio castroneves' indy 500 win. while rain kept many inside along the east coast, there were crowds at boston's famed fenway park and the streets of d.c., as
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well as on beaches and water parks. >> real relief and celebration to be able to be outside again and feel safe. >> reporter: the travel rush comes as covid cases decline to the lowest number of new cases in more than a year. this as over half of americans are now partially vaccinated. >> it's actually getting better. we see light at the end of the tunnel. it's refreshing. >> reporter: a recent poll found that 80% of those questioned were planning to travel on memorial day weekend, and that is more than double the number last year at the height of the pandemic. president biden has set a goal to have 70% of american adults have at least one shot by the next big holiday, f s it's good to see you, dr. agus. we know more than half of americans have been vaccinated
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and looking at the figures, travel is up 60%. what should people know now as we're leaving this very packed holiday weekend? >> good morning, youjericka. so nice to see you. a year ago i sat in this same chair and i said we're going to have rising cases a few weeks from now and i was really worried about the crowd memorial day. we saw them at the beaches and all over. this year, totally different story. more than half the adults in the country vaccinated and many more with immunity from being exposed to the virus, i think we're going to be in a very good situation going forward. this memorial day will not pose a significant harm or rise in cases. so we got there. we got there by working together with the vaccines. but we're not done yet. we need to continue to get towards herd immunity and we're getting close. i'm so, so praying we will get there. >> a lot of parents are worried about camps coming up, kids will be coming out of school soon. the cdc says that children who
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have been vaccinated no longer need to wear a mask. what advice do you have for parents? what should parents know right now? >> this is a big, big deal, right, is that now children should go to camp 12 and over to be vaccinated, hopefully most of them, and they don't need to wear masks. children who are unvaccinated don't need to wear masks outdoors and in play situations. in last groups they do. but this is going to be a very different summer. kids will be able to celebrate and be social compared to last year and i'm so excited for that. camps for very young kids will do testing beforehand and put them in pods to stay together and stay safe. i think the strategy the cdc set forward for camps make sense and we have a month to hopefully get more kids vaccinated and ready for camp. >> we've been talking about a series of variants that cropped up around the world, the latest in vietnam. we successfully fought off other
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ones. do you worry about this one that came up in vietnam? >> this has two mutations, uk and indian variant together. it looks more infectious and divides more rapidly. i think all of the data points to the fact it will be susceptible to the vaccines, which is very, very positive. the real truth is we don't know that much about the variant until we have a month or two to follow what happened. there's no test to show us the behavior of the variants. but i twhier going hink we're g okay in the short run. the more the world gets vaccines, the fewer variants will be going forward. >> dr. david degas, thank you very much. president biden returns to mark memorial day at arlington national cemetery. yesterday the president paid tribute to fallen service men and women in their families at delaware's war memorial plaza. i can't thank you enough for your continued service for the country and your sons and daughters, they live on in your hearts and their children as
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well. and we have to carry on without them but i know how hard it is for you. >> before the speech, mr. biden visited the grave of his son beau on the sixth anniversary of his death. police are trying to identify a suspect who shot more than 20 people outside a florida banquet hall yesterday morning. two people were killed and 20 others wounded as they left a concert there. we're outside jackson hospital, where some of the victims are being treated. manny, what else have we learned about this? >> good morning. a law enforcement source tells our miami station wfor, the gunman laid in wait outside of that facility about 40 minutes before opening fire and there's concern this morning the death toll could rise. 3 of the more than 20 people injured are listed in extremely critical condition. erupted out
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banquet hall in northwest miami-dade county jus the gunfire erupted outside the memorial banquet hall just after midnight on sunday. >> it's your brother! and handguns jumped out of a white nissan pathfinder and opened fire into a crowd of concert-goers. >> we're going to need rescues -- >> reporter: at least 20 people were injured, transported to nearby hospitals. two people died at the scene. angelica green said her son was shot in the abdomen. he's in an icu trauma unit in stable condition. >> he called us frantic, telling us he had been shot. that it hurts, it hurts, and he loves us. >> this is a despicable act of gun violence, a cowardly act. >> reporter: while police search for a motive, florida governor ron desantis tweeted that "justice needs to be swift and severe." >> this type of gun violence has to stop. every weekend it's the same thing. this is targeted, this is
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definitely not random. >> reporter: sunday's incident happened barely a dayrts distri. on "face the nation," miami police chief art acevedo expressed frustration over america's persistent gun violence, urging lawmakers to take action. >> without legislation, without certainty as it relates to holding these criminals accountable, we're never going to get through the summer. >> reporter: police have reviewed the social media accounts of two rappers who performed that night to see if they were involved in any feuds or had any threats against them. for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the men involved in the attack, one philanthropist is offering a $100,000 reward, and with other rewards out there, the total is now $130,000. michelle? >> we hope it yields some results. thank you. benjamin netanyahu's future as israel's prime minister is hanging in the balance this
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morning. former ally natally bennett announced his right-wing party is willing to form a national unity government this week with netanyahu's opponents. the action would end the cycle of deadlock that has plunged the country into four inconclusive elections over the past two years. it's also a major step toward ousting the israeli leader from his job for the first time in more than 12 years. netanyahu lashed out in a televised address calling the latest plan a danger for the security of israel. divers have found human remains in the search for seven people presumed dead after a small jet crashed into a tennessee lake. the victims include joe lara, an actor who played tarzan in the 1990s television series, and his wife, renowned religious diet guru gwen chamblin lara. every member was a member of the church that lara founded in
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1999. the cessna plane was heading to palm beach international airport when it crashed shortly after takeoff from smyrna, tennessee, on saturday morning. well, today is the 100th anniversary of one of the most violent racial attacks in american history. the 1921 massacre in tulsa, oklahoma,'s greenwood neighborhood. it had a thriving business district known as black wall street that was torched in an explosion of anger and hate. this morning the city begins a week of remembrance. omar villafranca is in tulsa where there is still a divide over how to honor th, 1921, a w attacked the residents. over 1,000 homes, schools, and businesses were looted and burned. historians say as many as 300 black residents were killed. three of the last known
7:17 am
survivors were honored friday in the black wall street memorial march. they've also spoken to lawmakers in washington about the tragedy they endured amid an ongoing debate about how to commemorate the massacr and push for reparations. reverend robert turner, who pastors vernon ame church, which barely survived the race massacre says he wants people to focus on justice. >> we knew the massacre was denied for so long until the last 25, 30 years. it is something that we must grapple with and atone for and seek to provide justice. >> reporter: there's a divide. there's been dust-up. how do you sort through it? >> i hate that incidents happened that we're still trying to figure out all of what the details are. i want to shed light on what was hidden for so long in our community. that was the racial terror. >> reporter: president biden will be in tulsa on tuesday to pay his respects, the same day the city plans to start digging
7:18 am
in an area which could contain a mass grave of victims from that massacre. jericka? >> wow. so much history. thank you. tonight gayle king anchors a cbs news special "tulsa 1921: an american tragedy," at 10:00 eastern, 9:00 central on cbs. ahead, tennis star naomi osaka was hit with a big fine after skipping a news conference at the french open. how she's risking even tougher punishment if she continues to avoid reporters.
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coming up, imagine a world without drunk driving and how many lives could be saved. new technology could help turn that dream into reality. >> all of the cars you're seeing here are equipped with brand-new technology aiming to keep drunk drivers off the road. i'm erroll barnett in richmond, virginia. coming up here on "cbs this morning," we'll show you what it can do.
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it is 7:26. i am michelle griego. a kayaker set out this morning before dawn for a trip from san francisco to hawaii. the 44-year-old has a specially designed kayak with a carbon fiber shell and he is hoping to reach hawaii within 70 days. good luck to him. memorial day observance today on the aircraft carrier in east bay. uss hornet is a museum in a the me today. it will host a ceremony including a traditional wreath toss into the bay. police say they were not
7:27 am
informed of encounter between u.s. customs and the suspect in the san jose mass shooting. cassidy was detained in 2016. officers found books on terrorism and notes on how much he hated vta. as we look at the roadways, pretty quiet overall since it is memorial day and a lot of people have the day off. a couple things to look for as far as accidents, west bound 580. there is a crash but no impact on the roadways. traffic is clear clue the castro valley area. travel times are in the green, no delays in altamont. vta light rail still suspended, bus bridges in place and public transit on holiday schedule. today will be at hottest day of the year so far with extreme heat. we have heat advisories, excessive heat warnings in effect starting at noon until 9:00. we have our first spare the air alert of the year. check out the daytime highs, mid to upper so, you have diabetes,
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welcome back to "cbs this morning." almost 40% of traffic deaths over memorial day weekend involve alcohol. now a technology supported by big automakers promises to help create what developers call a world without drunk driving. erroll barnett is testing it out in a car with the high-tech tool in virginia. good morning. >> reporter: hey there, good morning. let me show you, these orange sensors around me are the driver's alcohol detection system for safety. this is for demo purposes, and there's a green line showing how much alcohol has been detected in my breath. it's at zero right now. the mission critical here is to stop drunk driving before it
7:31 am
begins and prevent families from experiencing unimaginable pain. >> never took another breath. >> reporter: patricia kimmel recalling the moment her son steven died. >> we watched all of his veins turn blue because of lack of oxygen in his body, and my hands were on his chest. just because i wanted to feel his heart until it stopped altogether. >> reporter: t-boned in 2018 by a drunk driving, steven kimmel's car flipped three times before ejecting him. it was the other driver's third drunk driving arrest. kimmel says it's unacceptable that this continues to happen. >> it's beyond belief because again it's 100% preventable. >> no alcohol detected -- >> reporter: a promising technology more than hay decade and $100 million in the making is aimed at preventing such accidents. >>. >> reporter: this is the next seat belt. >> reporter: fits if your hand. >> right now it fits in my hand because the available space in a modern car is about the size of
7:32 am
a baseball. >> the sensors here as we're talking, they are picking up our breath. >> reporter: robert strausberger leads a group of over a dozen car makers joining forces with mothers against drunk driving to back the driver alcohol detection system for safety or d.a.d.s. >> verify me -- >> warning, alcohol detected. >> reporter: here's how it works -- the sensor can detect the blood alcohol content your breath all in a matter of seconds. if it's above the legal limit, .08, the ignition won't turn. joe belvidere hoping to test the system just had two shots of alcohol. >> car not started. >> reporter: the keys electronically taken away. but when i took the driver's seat sober -- >> please provide breath sample to sensor. no alcohol detected. >> reporter: the screen turns green, and i'm on my way. since each of us processes alcohol differently, the makers are calibrating in technology to account for differing driver weights, weather conditions, mask wearing, and attempts to
7:33 am
trick the system. >> you're sitting much farther away from the sensor. if you leaned over, you would rule that reasonable doubting -- >> reporter: for transportation businesses, the manufacturer says this ensures the driver is 100% safe. >> we really look at technology to help safety. and i think that's a huge benefit for the traveling public. >> reporter: james river transportation in richmond has been on the road testing this technology for two years. >> this technology actually provides us that extra benefit of knowing our driver's going to be safe with no alcohol in their system. >> reporter: a peace of mind patri patricia sums up -- >> why not have technology to prevent anyone from driving drunk? >> reporter: a very good point. the big news is that this technology is being made available for open-source licensing this fall for commercial companies. so you could see it installed in fleets and trucks any time soon. they're constantly improving the
7:34 am
sensitivity of its system. the hope is this could be an added safety feature in your car in the near future. parents, for example, could add this to their vehicle to make sure their teens don't drive with any alcohol in their system. anthony? >> yeah. that would certainly provide a lot of comfort to a lot of people. i mean, i don't know how much further they need to develop this technology. but it's -- it literally will save lives. >> yeah. >> i know there's no test for that other drug called marijuana, but other drugs would be also key because, you know, in many states it's now legal. >> yeah. >> it's just sad that with so much educations that we've had about not drinking and driving that you have thousands every year that die from that. >> and get behind the wheel. >> yep. all right. you can always get the morning's news by subscribing to the "cbs this morning" podcast. hear today's top stories in less than 20 minutes. coming up, tennis champion naomi osaka is slammed with a massive fine for not speaking to
7:35 am
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7:40 am
media citing concerns for her mental health. tournament officials say if this continues, she could face even tougher penalties. [ applause ] >> naomi osaka lets her racket do the talking. >> reporter: shortly after this first round win at the french open, number two-ranked naomi osaka skipped the post-match press conference. the world's highest earning woman athlete was soon slapped with a $15,000 fine and a warning. a statement from the heads of the four grand slam tournaments says if osaka continues to ignore her media obligations, she could be subject to other sanctions such as default from the tournament, more substantial fines, and future grand slam suspensions. osaka announced via twitter last week she would opt out of press during the french open saying she's not going to subject herself to people that doubt her. osaka's sister shed more light on the 23-year-old's reasoning
7:41 am
in a now-deleted reddit post verified by "the new york times." naomi's confidence was completely shattered after losing in the italian open on a clay court, she wrote, adding at every press conference naomi's told she has a bad record on clay. john murray is a clinical and sports psychologist. >> i understand that she might not want to be facing the scrutiny of the media. having said that, she has to understand that when she bought into this whole idea of playing professional tennis, part of that is to agree to do these interviews, to make the sport more vibrant. >> reporter: athletes competing in grand slam tournaments are required to make appearances as part of their contract. tournament officials said their decision was a matter of fairness. rules are in place to ensure all players are treated exactly the same. no matter their stature, beliefs, or achievement. fellow players like rafael nadal say they see press as part of
7:42 am
the job. osaka has not commented civil on the fine, but she is scheduled to play in the second round this week. and we should note that rafael nadal did say that he understands her on, the other hand he said, quote, i have my point of view that the media is a very important part of our sport. >> yeah. >> she has support, as well. zina gary garrison, serena williams, formula 1 racer nico rosburg. she is someone who suffers from anxiety. >> i understand both sides of this, and i love naomi osaka. i nthink she's been incredibly brave. sports say if everybody were to take this attitude wye wouldn't be able to publicize our sport. >> the key is everyone can't afford to take this stance. the key, too, in the piece, the highest earning female athlete. she can afford to i guess. >> we'll see -- >> the debate that goes back and
7:43 am
forth. >> yeah. we'll see what happens going forward. up next, jamie yuccas has the stories you'll be an f-150 i isn't anan f-150 because ofof the namee on the t tailgate. it's anan f-150 bececause itit's buililt ford tououg. built t to haul momore. buililt to tow m more. for ththe people who count t on it.
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7:47 am
and it's time for "what to watch" with jamie yuccas joining us from los angeles. good morning, jamie. >> good morning, how y'all doing at the table? looking good this morning. >> great. hey. you're looking good. we're matching today. >> i like it. you and i do that -- >> we do. >> here are a few of the stories you're going to be talking about today -- not just our clothes -- china announced a major change in family policy saying married couples will be allowed to have three children. the communist party created a one-child-per-family policy in 19 0 to control population -- 1980 to control population growth.
7:48 am
it worked too well. the population is ageing rapidly and is going to get smaller. there was a policy change in 2015 to allow two children per family. many families have not chosen to do so, though, because childcare in cities can be so expensive. on chinese social media that's what everybody was talking about -- how would you have more children. most saying they could only afford one at this point. >> that will be interesting. that's a big leap to three kids in china. >> i know. population explosion. >> yeah. if they can't afford them, they're not -- they don't want to have them. >> right. >> it takes the young people to take care of the older people. >> exactly. if you're looking to invest in stocks this morning, they're saying in china things like strollers, that kind of thing, are through the roof this morning. we'll have to watch that, too. the nba, by the way, dealing with another crowd incident after last night's playoff game in boston between the celtics and the brooklyn nets. yeah, it's messy. take a look here. a fan threw a water bottle at
7:49 am
nets star kyree irving as he was leaving the court. not nice. >> why? >> it barely missed him. why, that's a good question. >> i don't understand this. >> no. the man was later spotted being escorted out of the arena in handcuffs. it's just the latest in a series of fans lashing out at nba players. there were two incidents, you guys remember, last week. a philadelphia 76ers fan poured popcorn on the washington wizards russell westbrook as he left the court. that man's season tickets were taken away. the new york knicks banned another man from madison square garden after he spit on trey young of the atlanta hawks. i don't get this either. you guys questioning it -- you know -- >> so ignorant. >> grow up. >> throwing a water bottle at somebody is basically assault. i mean, you know, that could seriously hurt someone. i mean, i hope they do more than just ban them from season tickets. i hope they indict some of them. this is really crossing the line. i don't know what these people think they're doing. >> it seems to be worse now post
7:50 am
pandemic or not post but certainly coming out of the last year. i don't understand it. i don't think any of us do. >> they're not true fans. >> no. >> get them out of there. let's talk about honoring the life of gavin mccleod. the actor who shot to fame playing murray slaughter on "the mary tyler moore show." >> it frosts me when you read it over the air like you did last night. [ laughter ] mississippi river rises. thousands flee homes. take off glasses, look concerned. [ laughter ] >> he was great, wasn't he? macleod was supposed to test for lou grant but asked if he could try out for murray instead. i think it worked out. he was also known for his decade-long run on "the love boat." he earned 108 onscreen credit in film and tv between 1957 and
7:51 am
2014. in 2013, he published a memoir, "this is your captain speaking." he revealed his birth name was alan sea and he changed that confusing name after taking advice from an acting coach. he died saturday at his home in california. he was 90 years old. on social media, you guys, ed asner said he'll see him soon, ed asner and betty white, the last two characters remaining from "the mary tyler moore show." asner 91 and white, 99. >> hard enough being in one successful tv series -- he was in two huge series, from 1970 to 1986. 16 years he was in two giants of tv. >> yeah. i want to get to this before we go -- students at a historically black university in ohio got the best graduation gift ever. listen -- >> you represent the best of your generation. we wish to give you a fresh start. so therefore, the university board of trustees has authorized me to forgive any debt --
7:52 am
[ cheers ] >> can you imagine that? those students are entering the work force without student loan debt. the president of wilbur force university broke the news at the end of saturday's graduation ceremony. it applies to the classes of both 2020 and 2021. wilbur force, one of the country's oldest black universities says it cleared more than $375,000 in debt. the school was able to pul i off -- >> best present ever. thanks. coming up, cillian murphy of "a quiet place part ii," very scary movie. stay with us. advanced non-small cell lulung cancer can change everything. but your first treatmentnt could d be a chemo-free combination of two immunotherapies that works differently. it could mean a chance to live longer.. opopdivo plus s yervoy is for adudults newly y diagnod with n non-small c cell lulung cancerr ththat has sprpread, teststs positiveve for pd-l1 and does n not have anan abnormrmal egfr oror alk gen. opdidivo plus s yervoy is the onlnly fda-a-approved c combination of twowo immunotheherapies
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itit doesn't take a a superheo to helelp save thehe planet. small l decisions s make a world d of differerence. ikeaea. good morning everyone. it is 7:56. i am michelle griego. launch ramps closed at fulsome lake due to extremely low levels. the lake service is about 397 feet above sea level compared with 465 in an average good year. memorial day observance at 11:00 this morning at the uss hornet in alameda. travis air force base will be doing a fly over around 8:30. marin vets will hold a wreath laying at the avenue of the flags at 10:00 this morning.
7:57 am
pier 39 merchants say illegal vendors are cutting into their business by selling at an unpermitted flea market across from the main shopping area. a pilot program to regulate vendors is pending vote from the board of supervisors. your morning commute has an been easy one, no delays on the golden gate bridge. it is an easy ride out of the city. it's going to be warm so expect a lot of beach traffic if you are headed say on highway 1 and also highway 1 along the coast, half moon bay. bay bridge, toll plaza clear, no delays. san mateo bridge clear in both directions. if you can stay off the roadways it is probably a good idea. we are feeling heat as we head through today. it is likely the hottest day of the year. heat advisories, excessive heat warnings in effect starting at noon until 9:00. be safe in this dangerous heat. we have today a spare the air alert and temperatures it''s beautyty,
7:58 am
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- - [macaw vo]o] pretty bo. - oror the beastst. yes.s. - the e beauty, - [macawaw vo] pretttty bo. has faileded. the e beast, johohn cox, willll open schohools, get r ececonomy roararing. leararn about cacalifornia''s n, smartetest beast a at johncox.xm ♪ it's memorial day, monday, may 31st, 2021. welcome back to "cbs this morning." i'm anthony mason with michelle miller and jericka duncan. gayle and tony are off. americans emerged from the pandemic to celebrate memorial day despite record cold in the northeast and record heat in the west. >> only on "cbs this morning" we'll show you an incredible treasure-trove of u.s. navy artifacts waiting for a new museum to house them. and teenagers in tulsa, oklahoma, learn history and tech skills re-creating the community destroyed by a white racist mob 100 years ago today.
8:01 am
but first here's today's "eye opener" at 8:00. breaking news overnight from texas where democrats blocked a republican move to tighten the state's voting law. >> with the clock ticking down democrats got a text message from their leader telling them to leave the chamber, and they did, stopping the bill at least for now. many americans are eager to break free from covid confinement, and memorial day is proof that have with airports seeing record numbers of flyers compared to last year. the law enforcement source tells wfor the gunman lay in wait outside before opening fire. the death toll could rise. 3 of the more than 20 people injured are listed in critical condition. president biden will be in tulsa tuesday to pay his respects, the same day the city plans to start digging in an area which could contain a mass graves of victims from that massacre. kyle larson wins the coca-cola 600.
8:02 am
>> nascar ran a big weekend race. it was kyle larson's show at the coca-cola 600 in charlotte. >> thanks to all of you for coming out. it's just awesome. i'm living a dream for sure. welcome back to "cbs this morning." you're looking at the amphitheater at arlington national cemetery where president biden speaks today. we begin to honor, of course, those who sacrificed their lives for this country. we begin this hour with a look at the weather on this memorial day. it is improving along the east coast after a weekend washout in many areas. more than 3 inches of rain fell in parts of new york, new jersey, and connecticut from friday to sunday. the highest temperatures were so low on saturday they set records across the northeast. the high in worcester, massachusetts, reached only 44 degrees.
8:03 am
more like march than the end of may. it's a lot different out west where the big story is the heat. there's an excessive heat warning today in california where temperatures in some areas could reach as high as 110 degrees. forecasters say about 75 high temperature records in the west could be broken between now and midweek. with u.s. coronavirus cases hitting the lowest totals we've seen in more than a year many more americans are getting back to normal life. aaa projected more than 37 million people would travel at least 50 miles this holiday weekend. the real number could be a lot higher. meg oliver is on the jersey shore in asbury park. meg, the weather hasn't been good there, but that didn't stop people from coming out, did it? >> reporter: no, it didn't at all. good morning, michelle. you did have to dress warm. nothing like wearing a coat on memorial day. we talked to the manager here at tim mcclune's who said despite the nasty weather business was
8:04 am
actually pretty good this weekend. we saw a lot of record cold and rain out in california, people flocked to the sand where temperatures were much more conducive to the beach. as we told you things are getting hotter as a weeklong heat wave is in the forecast. as for travel this holiday, get this, aaa projected about 2.5 million americans would fly to their destination. the tsa says it screened just under 5.5 million travelers from thursday through saturday alone. that shatters that projection. and a massive increase from the same time in 2020 when less than 1 million passed through our airports. now back here outside mcclune's over the weekend we saw some nasty weather. it wouldn't stop raining. they told us the indoor option made up for the lack of seating outside in the rain, which is just another benefit of getting vaccinated, leading to new jersey lifting its statewide mask mandate last friday. jericka? >> i see you have the coat on but a peek of yellow symbolizing the sunshine coming later
8:05 am
hopefully. thank you, meg. ahead, chip reid gives us an exclusive look at hidden treasures from 245 years of the u.s. navy that have never been seen by the public. >> reporter: this warehouse in virginia that looks like something out of "raiders of the lost ark" contains 250,000 artifacts covering the entire history of the united states navy. we'll give you a tour later on "cbs this morning." >>
8:06 am
8:07 am
we have much more news ahead including how a group of students is using digital technology to remember the black businesses lost in the tulsa massacre 100 years ago today. >> what do you want people who see this to get out of it? >> i want them to understand the importance of our history. >> we'll show you how their project looks to both the past and the future. you're watching "cbs this morning." we don't fofollow the h herd. nevever have. nenever will.. because e those who o build e futurere aren't fofound in a p. theyey forge thehe way forwawan a path of f their own.n. and, jusust when youou think the dust h has settleded, we'r're kick it tt back up agagain.
8:08 am
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8:12 am
welcome back. you're looking at the world war ii memorial in washington, d.c., on this memorial day. we're honoring our troops' service and sacrifice with a look at one of the greatest collections dedicated to america's men and women in uniform. treasures from our navy's history stretching back to the country's founding on kept in a place that's never been open to the public. but only on "cbs this morning," our chip reid got a rare look inside. he's at the washington navy yard in the nation's capital. chip, what is the navy planning for all of this remarkable artifacts and this collection? >> reporter: well, good morning. you can already see some of them at this museum. a small navy museum at the navy yard in washington, d.c. now the navy is thinking big. they are planning a new huge state-of-the-art museum, and we got a sneak peek at some of the
8:13 am
treasu treasures it will hold. when the navy drops anchors, they land here. an immense almost seven-acre warehouse full of propellers, engine parts, artwork, and even a lion. everything from typewriters to torpedos. you've got torpedos behind us, guns here. how many objects are there in this massive warehouse? >> there's probably over 250,000 objects. >> reporter: and it's jeff boden's job to keep them all in ship shape. >> the story of the u.s. navy, it's a story of everyone. we're all connected by water. >> reporter: but the navy keeps this colossal collection almost 100 miles from the nearest ocean in richmond, virginia, until it can bring out its big guns. there's got to be a story behind these guns. >> there is. >> reporter: at a new flagship museum in the nation's capital.
8:14 am
like a scene from "indiana jones," in richmond, rows of neatly stacked boxes reveal relics from the navy's 245-year history. some so big they don't fit in the door. others so small they fit in a drawer like these officers' commissions from the 1800s. >> these are signed by abraham lincoln. >> that's his actual signature? >> that's right. >> reporter: the navy is working hard to ensure everything here is lasts. this is a torpedo of some sort. >> a manned japanese er torpedo. >> reporter: this was a suicide mission similar to kamikaze pilots. >> exactly. >> reporter: japanese torpedos led to the navy's largest loss at sea sinking the "uss indianapolis" and killing 900. this clock from the quarter deck made it to a hawaii garage sale
8:15 am
in the 1960s. we're in the lab now. it's now being restored in this on-site lab along with an unusual treasure -- sailors spotted it on a german ship after 9/11. >> we saw it was a sign that said "we stand by you," and an american flag. i'm thinking about it now. >> reporter: commander megan halinen never thought she would end up working at nato with a german sailor on that ship. >> we had 20 minutes time to prepare something. we said, okay, we have the american flag, we produce a banner. >> reporter: where did you get the material for the banner? >> for us, it was a bed sheet. >> reporter: now the navy hopes to display it again for the upcoming 20th anniversary of 9/11. >> at indianapolis, the legendary victory -- >> reporter: the story of the navy has long before told by its bells, and here there are enough for an orchestra.
8:16 am
this bell was present at pearl harbor. >> how can you not be motivated or inspired to do what you can to take care of it? >> reporter: the emotional heart of the collection might be this small captain's boat from the shipwrecked "uss saginaw." immortalized with the names of the few desperate volunteers who ran a rescue mission. >> there are no words, especially when i look at an object like this. it's my duty to make certain that their stories are told forever. so it really is an honor to be able to work with the collection that does that. >> reporter: the navy plans to break ground on the new museum in about two years. so in the meantime, if you need a fix of navy history, come on down to this museum, reserve your tickets on line. michelle, it's anchors away. >> anchors away -- i'm going to google a lot of history. there was so much that you hit on, and i want to learn so much more. chip, thank you so much. coming up, cocktails in a can. how the growing popularity of
8:17 am
the new drinks is shaking up the beverage industry. you're watching "cbs this morning."
8:18 am
this u unplugged d device is protectcting ouour beautifuful coastlinis and d more. put ofoff chores and ususe less enenergy frfrom 4 to 9 9 pm to help p keep our state gogolden.
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8:20 am
move over, hard seltzer. a new beverage is poise today to become the drink -- poised to become the drink of the summer. demand for canned cocktails, that's right, is bubbling up with drink makers from craft producers to major liquor companies betting on the trend. the cocktails contain actual distilled spirits making them different from hard seltzer which is made more like beer. janet shamlian shows us what all the buzz is all about. >> reporter: it's happy hour at rustic tap in austin, texas. ♪ a country bar on 6th street known for live music and more than 30 local brews. no longer is offer yevery bucke of beer.
8:21 am
there's a pre-made mixed drink, often vodka or tequila based with names like ranch water or canteen spirits, generally known as canned cocktails. [ cheers ] the manager says the boozy beverages have up-ended the bar business. >> whenever someone asks for like a ranch water or a vodka soda, it's a lot more efficient to just kind of crack it open and serve it. >> reporter: and customers, he says, can't get enough. ♪ canned cocktails have been one of the hottest trends in beverage sales, and there's shelf space to capitalized on the trend. the sales skyrocketed amid the onset of covid. up 182% in a year. >> 58 -- >> reporter: when bars and restaurants closed, customers hit the stores bringing the cocktail culture home. any idea of how many brands or choices you have over there? >> i believe we have over 30
8:22 am
brands right now, and last year this time we probably had one or two. >> reporter: khalid owns chris' liquor in austin. what is the allure, and who is the customer? >> definitely the young, but i see a lot of my golf buddies that -- they have them in their golf bags right now. >> reporter: portable. >> yes. exactly. >> lemonade -- >> reporter: new products are flooding the marketplace. one of the best-known names is ranch rider spirits. started by two business students at the university of texas. >> in the next ten years, 25% of all liquor sales are going to be in a can. we just see a massive amount of opportunity. >> people have beer fatigue, and people are beginning to ask for seldser. >> reporter: the duo started selling their blend in 2019 out of a single food truck.
8:23 am
they're now in 11 states, turning out 20,000 cases a month. >> when we launched we had three flavors. now we have five. one had one building back then. now we have three. we had two employees back then, now we have 38. >> reporter: they're facing stiff competition from the industry's goliath. makers like jim beam hoping to capitalize on demand for drinks with lower alcohol, less sugar, and fewer calories. >> our goal is to disrupt the canned cocktail category. >> reporter: as customers come back to the bars, the issue may be keeping the pop tops in stock. >> with canned cocktails, you can do almost anything. you can make an old-fashioned maybe even down the line they'll end up having like cosmos in cans. it's just something that's really fun and exciting to kind of play around with. ♪ >> reporter: what could be the summer of the canned cocktail tapping into a culture of
8:24 am
convenience. for "cbs this morning," janet shamlian, austin. >> like that -- >> cosmos in a can. that's something we should start working on. could be a retirement gig. canned cocktails. >> have you had anything? >> how was it? >> it was good. spicy. spicy. >> what about -- >> i haven't had the -- i've had canned wine, and it was decent. i still think -- >> decent is not good. >> it's not. i think i still prefer someone to make a drink. i'm like, can you put a little extra lemon, can i get the sugar rim? >> yeah. >> very specific. >> or the salt. >> all right. ahead, we'll talk with actor cillian murphy about his role in the highly anticipated movie "a quiet place part ii." it opened this weekend and quickly became the highest grossing movie since the start of the papandnd
8:25 am
good morning. it's 8:25. i am len kiese. memorial day observance happens later this morning on aircraft care inner in the east bay. uss hornet is now a museum in alameda. it will host a ceremony including traditional wreath loss to the bay. u.s. seeing a travel boom this memorial day weekend as coronavirus worries begin to recede. 4.5million in california hit the road to travel at least 50 miles for the weekend. increased car travel is a factor in the spare the air alert, bay area's first of the year.
8:26 am
officials are concerned about combination of hotter temperatures, light winds, more ozone pollution from tailpipes. there are quite a few cars on the roadways. a crash along 680. if you are getting ready to head out you will see brake lights because of this. this is north bound 680. a couple lanes blocked. the spare the air alert is in effect. you might want to consider using bart or cal train. vta light rail is suspended. bus bridges are in place. most public transit agencies are operating on a sunday or holiday schedule due to memorial day weekend. a lot to get to. we have heat advisories, excessive heat warnings in effect from noon today until 9:00 p.m. due to dangerous heat. we will see daytime highs soar through our afternoon. we have our spare the air alert, moderate air quality for most of the bay area though unhealthy for sensitive groups
8:27 am
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welcome back to "cbs this morning." it's time to bring some of the stories that are the "talk of the table" this morning. jericka, what you got? >> i have a really nice story about a beautiful couple out of indiana. they are celebrating their 100th birthdays together. now get this -- their last name is young, mr. and mrs. paul young and ruby young. so paul young turned 100 years old on may 20th, ruby will be turning 100 on june 21st. they decided to collaborate, celebrate their birthdays this past weekend with their grandchildren and their great grandchildren. mr. young is also a world war ii veteran. a beautiful family.
8:31 am
beautiful couple. of course we always want to know who is the secret to not just a great life but a successful marriage. but listen to what mr. young had to say about his life so far. >> it's been a good life. we've enjoyed it. we've had a good time. we got to travel and see several things. >> and to answer the question about what he said, what they said about a happy marriage, 70 years they've been married, 70 years! could you imagine? >> no. >> i love that they have matching chairs. >> here's what they said -- part is no secrets from one another. >> yeah. >> we would share if we had differences, we would talk it out until there was no argument anymore. if it was just that simple -- i'm not married yet, but i can imagine -- >> girl -- >> that's a big part of it. that's a big part of it. >> i always say -- it is. talk it out. >> that's right. >> all right. my "talk of the table" is
8:32 am
the manager of a public library in university heights, ohio, got a surprise in the mail when someone returned an overdue item. it was 48 years overdue. sarah phillips, the manager, opened the package. in it she found bob dylan's 1973 album "self-portrait." it was returned by howard simon who checked it out as an eighth grader in 19737 when he was at wiley middle school in cleveland heights, ohio. he wrote in the letter that he sent with it as a recent retiree i am taking the opportunity to turn my attention to some of the many vignettes of life that by career and family have been neglected these many years. in that context, i am returning an overdue item by my count approximately 17,480 days overdue as of this writing. he included a check for $175 and apologizing for what he called the -- this transgression of my youth.
8:33 am
he also included -- he's a musician and included his own album called "western reserve." there he is. which came out a couple of years ago. the library says they don't charge for overdue items anymore. right. isn't that nice to hear? they consider this matter settled. >> okay. >> unbelievable. >> surprised it was only $175. >> he calculated he would have oprah win owed over $1,000, but he couldn't afford that. the replacement area is lower. he came up with a generous contribution to the library. >> fair enough. i don't know how he found the book -- >> the mean the record? >> record -- >> he's a musician, he's been traveling with it his whole life. keeps his collection. it's very important to some, vinyl record collections. >> is it important to you? >> it might be. the queen of hip-hop soul, mary j. blige, yeah, she has joined an elite club. she was inducted into the apollo theater's walk of fame in new york city. the nine-time grammy winner
8:34 am
thanked her fans at the ceremony. she says she first performed there at the apollo as a background singer for jeff redd, and the rest as we know is history. other big names on the walk of fame include louie armstrong, aretha franklin, stevie wonder, and lewis armstrong, and i got the opportunity to dedicate that plaque back in -- >> look at that. >> in 2014. >> wow. >> you know, janelle prokope, ceo of the apollo. i spoke to blige about her career back in 2018 for "sunday morning." when she was up for an oscar in 2017 for "mud bound." just -- she's so incredibly talented, is now into acting, and i have to say still one of the most humble people i have ever met. i just adored her. >> yeah. she looked -- >> you don't realize how hits she has until you see her in
8:35 am
concert. nonstop. >> and she looks fabulous. so great. >> those guns. all about the guns with mary j. all right. the highly anticipated sequel "a quiet place part ii" opened in theaters last week raking in about $50 million between friday and sunday. it's the biggest box office debut since the start of the pandemic. the thriller about mysterious creatures that hunt by sound is expected to earn close to $60 million by the end of the holiday weekend. actor cillian murphy joined the cast of the sequel as emmett, an old friend of the abbott family from the first "quiet place" movie. take a look. >> did you ever think to come for us? >> no. the people that are left, what
8:36 am
they've become, you don't know, do you? i do. they're not the kind of people worth saving. >> a scary good film. cillian murphy joins us now from dublin, ireland. good morning. thanks so much for being with us. i loved the first film. i loved this one just as much. i know you were a big fan of the first film and actually wrote an email to john krasinski that you didn't end up sending. but what did you say? >> well, i just said exactly that. that i loved the movie so much. it was my favorite movie of 2018, i think it was, the first one came out. >> yeah. >> and i just said, congratulations, you know, i was a fan of his work beforehand. and i just -- i wrote congratulations -- i got too nervous, and i never -- never sent it. >> how did you end up getting this part? >> well, at the same time, it
8:37 am
seems that himself and emily were watching "peaky blinders" at the same time and he was writing the script and thought of me for that role. he reached out to me about a year later. >> is it -- one of the things that -- i know it's acting and you have to act under any circumstance, but in a lot of cases here you're dealing with essentially cgi monsters who are terrifying on the screen, but you don't actually see them in person. how challenging is that? >> well, i guess that's our job really as actors to use our imagination. that's what we do. and it was quite liberating in that there was no green screen ever. it was all -- you know, relocations and -- just john saying they're behind you, they're coming, look this way, was pretty basic really. >> i have to say one of the most poignant moments in the movie was seeing you on that boat dock. and it was a reference to milicent's character. and i don't want to give it
8:38 am
away, but the fact that you had opened up and tried to get to know this character a little bit better earlier on, i'm curious for milicent, that experience working with her, she is deaf -- >> yeah -- >> was it challenging, and how did it challenge you to move beyond? >> i got to say it was an education working with her. she's phenomenal. you know, incredible performer, incredible presence which i think is something that you can't learn as an actor, you just have it. and she has that. and we got on brilliantly throughout the shoot. i -- what i always see in young performers is this sort of instinct. you know, which as an older actor you tend to -- you're always reaching for a pure instinct. and younger pe er performers ha. she is phenomenal. it's kind of her movie i think. >> it is her movie. i have to ask -- is there going to be a sequel?
8:39 am
>> i believe -- i believe so. i'm not the guy to ask. >> jericka duncan here. thank you again for joining us. what a transformation you've made to see you like this and see you in the movie. it's completely different. but one of the things that you brought up is that your performance in "peaky blinders" is what sort of led you or connected you to "a quiet place part ii." we knw you're taping the sixth season. what can we expect? what can you tell us? >> we just actually wrapped on friday. so it's done, done now. again, you know, i'm sure you guys are the same as me, i'm not into spoilers. and i'm -- i'm loathe to give anything away. but it will -- it will conclude the tv series. i think it will be very, very big things we're exploring. and i think -- the word i've been using is gothic.
8:40 am
i think it's quite gothic, the last season. >> you spent almost a decade working on "peaky blinders." what was it like wrapping after all that? >> it was emotional for sure. for a variety of reasons. you know, it's been a big chunk of my life, and you know, i never expected to go on the journey with the character like this. and yeah, it was very big part of me, and the crew and the cast, we've become very, very close. so i don't think i've quite absorbed it all yet. >> i imagine it takes time to set in. obviously it hasn't come out yet, so you've got to promote it. so it's still part of your life. >> yeah. >> i mean, having just watched the "friends" anniversary and some of the film from when they all said good-bye, it gets very emotional. you become a family, as you say. >> yeah. for sure. >> there was a "peaky blinders" moment that kind of peeled over
8:41 am
into "a quiet place part ii." you want to tell us about that? it involves a bar and a bachelorette party. >> and emily blunt. >> yeah. emily saved me there. there tends to be -- it's become there kind of phenomenon where people have "peaky blinders" weddings and stag parties and you guys call them bachelorette parties, we call them hen parties. that stuff goes on. i should definitely not be involved in any of those. whisked me away. >> you would have been the star of the show. cillian murphy, thank you so much for joining us.
8:42 am
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we're continuing our coverage this morning of the 100th anniversary of the tulsa massacre. hundreds of black people were killed or injured by a white mob during a two-day rampage which began on this day in 1921. more than 30 blocks of black-owned homes and businesses were destroyed. the violence was covered up for decades. now the greenwood art project is supporting a technology nonprofit to remember the businesses lost with a modern-day twist. omar villafranca joins us again from tulsa. what an honor for you to be there. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it absolutely is. and there was an estimated 200
8:46 am
businesses that were part of black wall street who were destroyed during that massacre. today there's some tulsa students who are developing a modern way to honor that legacy but also learn some important tech skills. 100 years after it was burned to the ground, the legacy of black wall street will continue. this time digitally thanks to tech industry veteran and tulsa native mikel vaughn and his students the urban coders guild which keeps s.t.e.m. skills to kids in underserved communities. >> thises one of the crazy ideas that come to you at 2:00 a.m. there was a community of businesses that existed. the idea is if those businesses existed in 2021, they would most likely have a website, they would most likely have a mobile app and we're teaching kids to make websites and teaching kids to make mobile apps. so is made sense to do this. >> reporter: this is historic black --, for businesses including the
8:47 am
dreamland theater, the hotel alexander, and the red wing cafe. noted at the time for its swell electric piano. you're not only giving a computer science lesson, you're giving them a history lesson. >> absolutely. my kids are learning the web technolo technologies, the mobile technologies. but we partner with the tulsa community college. they're doing the research. there was another group of people from tulsa community college that were doing graphic sign and logos. so this is a collaborative effort. very much in the spirit of greenwood, very much in the spirit of black wall street. >> reporter: what do you want people who see this to get out of it? >> i want them to understand the importance of our history. >> reporter: brother and sister isaac and raven are two of 40 students in the urban coders guild. isaac researched vernon ame church, the only building that survived the massacre. what is it like creating something digitally but also physically seeing a piece of it? >> i think it's interesting that we're able to make it more
8:48 am
permanent in a way because physically it could be destroyed and all that, but when you make it digital, it basically lasts forever which i think is worth it. >> reporter: you can't burn that down. >> no, you can't. >> reporter: brenda nails alpert, a descendant of several survivors of the massacre, said she appreciates the work of students like the arterberys. it speaks volumes to the legacies that made black wall street. you all will carry on that legacy. >> reporter: for your young coders, do you think this is connecting them to a past that a lot of people didn't talk about it? >> it's connecting them to a past for sure, but we also want to focus on connecting them to a future that maybe they didn't imagine. a future working in tech. maybe being a coder. >> reporter: is this the next chapter of black wall street? >> i hope so. i would want it to be. >> reporter: so far there are only a handful of businesses in the directory, but they plan on adding more in the coming months. and this is not only just a tech
8:49 am
lesson for these kids, this is also a history lesson because a lot of them are just learning about what happened here 100 years ago. >> yeah. it was a history that was just wiped out. i mean -- in many cases just not talked about or ignored. >> this is such a great project because it actually -- those kids are making this current by doing what they're doing. they are -- they're learning history but also making it current. and as that one said, you know, you can't burn this down. it's -- and also it brings it back into the conversation. if those kids carry it forward, this story will not fade away again. >> and that's the key. >> no, it won't. >> thank you. >> tonight gayle king anchors a special "tulsa 1921: an american tragedy" at 10:00 eastern, 9:00 central here on cbs. we'll be right back. explore e floor and d decor your wayay, and comforortably shopop ovea millioion square f feet
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good morning. it's 8:55. a two month kayak journey to hawaii is now underway. he paddled off this morning, is traveling by himself. he is hoping it doesn't take more than 70 days to get there. let's check on traffic now with gianna. 680 south bound, we've got a crash blocking several lanes and a back up in that area. it's memorial day, so traffic is light in general. once you are through that, the
8:56 am
rest of 680 is clear. keep that in mind if you are taking 680. everything is in the green, west bound 580, altamont pass commute, highway 4 has been light as well as 101. a live look at the bay bridge traffic union seemingly with no issues out of the east bay as you head into san francisco. a couple things for public transit, vta light rail suspended. bart is running on a holiday sunday school because of memorial day as are several transit agencies. there is track work between union city and south hayward. it is a spare the air alert in effect so you might consider skipping the roadways and using public transit. a lot to talk about. we have the heat, the spare the air alert in effect for today. heat advisories and excessive heat warnings, in pink, warning in the central valley. also heat advisories for part of the north bay, east bay, tri
8:57 am
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