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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  April 24, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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dispensary owner shot by an armed robber in oakland. >> they say it is just the latest example of their industry under attack. >> they say it is more dangerous now than before marijuana was legal. >> reporter: this is a brand- new dispensary that just open last saturday and we understand it was the business owner who was shot in the foot as he tried to stop a burglary in progress. it was business as usual and customers come and go and no signs of any damage but police say before 4:30 this morning a group of burglars tripped an alarm and appears the owner received the alert and came to investigate. police say somebody shot and injured him and it is unclear if anybody else was injured. bloodstains on the ground show a victim going to the 76 gas station next door. >> my name is josh chase on 30th avenue and i am originally from oakland. >> reporter: he recent the posted this video to invite him
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to the grand opening on april 16. the cannabis entrepreneur owns have a heart dispensary on broadway across from the police department and he has been vocal online about the hard work it takes to build a brand. >> from getting the building permits and zoning permits in getting the business license. >> the things i hear makes me shake my head but is concerned. took this customer says to have this happened during his first week in business is how dangerous it is to lose a this dispensary. >> how do you make a profit and how do you survive? >> reporter: oakland cannabis merchants have been complaining about the robberies on top of the high taxes and the summer threatened to leave town and most notable last november oakland police say burglars hit up cannabis shops about two dozen times. >> we are not helping each other by hurting each other. so i wish we could come up with some better solutions. >> reporter: i reached out to josh's sister this afternoon
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and declined and interview but confirmed that he is doing better. minutes ago union for stanford and lucille packard workers, their nurses, announced thousands of them would go on strike tomorrow at about 5000 nurses will be walking off the job as part of an ongoing contract dispute with the healthcare system. nurses say they want higher wages, bonuses and more mental health support. the union says it hasn't announced an end date to the strike but they say a formal bargaining session is set for tuesday. teachers from oakland unified school district are planning to strike for a day this week protesting planned school closures and labor practices and an announcement today, the strike is scheduled for friday will start with a picket during school drop off followed by a rally and oakland unified released a statement calling it unlawful and an unfair labor practice. this comes as the oakland
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unified school district drops its indoor mask mandates and starting tomorrow, indoor masking will strongly be recommended but not required in school buildings. the school district said it is because cases in alameda county have stayed relatively low following spring break. ukrainians around the world including here in the baar are celethe year, orthodox easter. this comes as top u.s. officials from the biden administration are in the country meeting with the president of ukraine. we spoke to local members of the ukrainian community who are watching these events closely. >> reporter: easter comes a week later in ukraine as they follow the eastern orthodox church calendar and some families in the bay area did come to this church in san francisco to celebrate of the weekend and it usually is a peaceful time to gather. but this year local ukrainians are focused on the ward and war back at home.
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>> we want to day positivity. >> reporter: the holiday with the rich traditions bringing families together on hold us people in ukraine struggle to stay alive and their loved ones here in the bay area try to figure out how to keep them safe. >> the majority of my friends pray for one thing, the ability to return to their home. >> reporter: she was born and raised in ukraine but has lived here for over a decade. she thinks about her mother still in their home country on this easter holiday. >> they just want peaceful skies above their heads and they want a chance to rebuild their lives. >> we don't really see this war ending soon because the stakes are very high for both sides. >> reporter: there is disappointment around the world that no cease-fire could be made on this holiday. >> ukraine lacks sufficient military power to win the war.
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>> reporter: visits by the u.s. secretary of defense and secretary of state gave them some hope. >> we all should be thinking in 10 years or 100 years, how we will look back and judge our decisions. >> members of the local nonprofit group say they are trying to send more supplies to the country but donations have slowed compared to when the war first started and they hope people in the bay area will continue to help. california continues to have the highest gas prices in the country. >> here in the bay area drivers are starting to see some relief at the pump and according to aaa the average cost of gasoline in the bay area has gone down as much as $.21 per gallon. here's a look at today's prices with the average cost for regular gas in san francisco $5.79 per gallon and in oak and $5.71 and it is a sent cheaper
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and san jose. a pursuit handled and ended in a motorcycle crash. they said they tried to pull a cyclist over on highway 101 but the driver fled and police canceled the pursuit and minutes later they did get a call that the motorcycle had crashed into a telephone pole and the driver died at the scene. another fatal motorcycle crash in the east bay in concord. a 32-year-old motorcyclist died after crashing into a car and it was this on the campus. a resident is under arrest tonight after shining a laser pointer at a contra costa sheriff's helicopter. they said they pointed the laser at the chapter well it was flying and they said it is dangerous to do that off-line and they could face a misdemeanor or felony charge. police creditor drone for
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helping to arrest a man who tried robbing him bank with a fake bomb friday afternoon. the bank tellers told officers that the suspect show them the device saying it was a bomb and after he drove off, police used the drone to track him down. the suspect now facing robbery charges. we look live at oracle park and the giants are out of town playing away games and the science festival is taking of the park. today hundreds of families enjoy the beautiful weather while they checked out more than 100 exhibits and activities. organizers say the goal is to inspire young people who want future careers in science. >> they are here doing hands-on science activities and interacting with people who work in stem who are excited about their jobs and careers. >> attendees could touch a real will bone and hold bugs and build and design wind turbines
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but perhaps the most popular activity roasting marshmallows using sunlight to reflect on a special mirror and it runs through next saturday. >> it must have been fun to be out on the field. still ahead, could a poison pill turn into a sweet deal? elon musk's $40 billion twitter offer closer to becoming a reality. people say here every recreational opportunity has been shutdown and they are looking to fight back and i will have that story coming up. what a difference in the sierra in a few weeks and the impact of the recent storm visible from space. we have a forecast coming up on what looks like a dry week ahead after the break.
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welcome back. there is new helicopter video of a high-speed chase ending in the middle of a backyard and this pursuit began on i 80 near 680 on saturday morning. the video from the chp shows a chase through fairfield and the suspect finally got to dixon and when they got out of the car ran away, hiding in some backyards. ground units were able to arrest the suspect and police say they recovered a gun inside a backpack and the back pack was hidden into one of the backyards. twitter is reportedly reconsidering elon musk multibillion-dollar bid to buy the company in the wall street journal reports that officials are meeting to re-examine his offer today. this comes a week after the board adopted a so-called poison pill plan to block the
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takeover bid in this comes after elon musk confirmed he has more than $40 billion in financing to buy the company. in vallejo there are plans for redeveloping the old navy property finally and the residents say the public is being left out and shut out from any recreational activities on the island. john ramos has that story. truck when the navy turned mayor island over to the city of vallejo it was a huge economic opportunity for the people. and while that opportunity still exists, lately the people have not felt welcome. >> reporter: the residents met today to discuss strategy for restoring public access to the island and those who use the area for recreation say almost everything has been shutdown and first to go with the golf course and 2019 and since then the nature preserve has had its hours cut back in the indoor sports complex has been shutdown and the historic brick building of the museum has been
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closed permanently. even the preserves visitors center, concrete building that used to store bombs has been shut down as an earthquake risk. myrna hayes, president of the heritage trust here thinks that it all dates back to the naming of a master developer currently accompany called the nimitz group. >> they wanted their culture to be overlaid onto these properties. that is really the rub right here. we had this established, this culture, in this community on this island. >> reporter: hayes thinks the developer is systematically removing all the old amenities as a way to clear the field for a wide ranging project that could take decades to complete. >> would we do in the meantime? we do what we had been doing and why were we all shut down all at once? >> reporter: nobody from the
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group for the city was availabltodae osy ur go on and the cabuildings were examin as part of their due diligence when they took over the project. they say there isn't any intention of shutting the public out and they promise there will be plenty of new recreational opportunities in the future. many of the old facilities were run and supported by community members, and some are feeling burned by the process. >> there always talking about what they will do from the island in vallejo and they never really acknowledged the existinge ghtson for the past 15 years. >> reporter: the city and developer and agreement that the way forward should be to start fresh and there are those who treasure the organic field of what they used to have. >> before a few years ago, people felt that they own this island and they said once the navy was gone they would take ownership and now they don't feel like they own any portion. and that is the way people feel.
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>> a lot of history out there. the city said there may be portions of the development that will take decades to finish and they say some of the new amenities could be in place by next year. >> a lot of people enjoy the skies in san francisco and some of them staying away from the water and there is a risk of rip currents and waves and beachgoers say they aren't taking any chances. >> playing it definitely safe and having a beach party over here. >> the sun is shining and makes me want to kind of get in the water so it really is a bit of a panic and it makes me a little scared to get in the water. >> watcher back. and new an impressive amount of snow in the sierra is visible from space and in fact you can take a look at a satellite
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image from nasa with a few patches of snow in the mountains on april 1 and now here is what it looks like three weeks later on april 22. side-by-side comparison and a dramatic change here. they say that april snowfall reached a total of 76 inches. >> not too bad. >> not bad at all. in the weather department, we probably won't add to that because there is not much in the way as we have blue skies throughout area today and it will stay that way through next weekend with mild temperatures not unlike what we saw today as we looked out over dublin and concord and at the moment it is 76 in oakland at 62 so cooler by the coast and santa rosa right now at 69 and no rain in sight for the upcoming week and paul put together this excellent illustration of the difference in bit of rain we got last week and the drought monitor shows a week ago that we were in extreme drought all the way through the north bay
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county so what difference did the rain make? look at this map. last week and this week and that is what when away. we went from extreme drought to severe drought and then it is a step in the right direction but we are still not out of the woods. this week won't help. we do have temperatures staying warm on monday and frankly on tuesday but the clouds will move in later tonight and tomorrow and the clouds will move in but the rain will not in the low pressure is not strong enough or deep enough. they will get rain tomorrow in seattle but we are not there. this shows that at 1115 in the morning we have some overcast in the south bay in the north bay looks good and it clears out and then on tuesday we do get plenty of clouds of the bay area and we will stop this at 7:30 and a lot of clouds are in the bay area but look how quickly turns out and later it is gone and we have a mostly sunny day and tomorrow the feeling will be dominantly
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sunny in the afternoon hours. and in terms of rain chances they don't exist and santa rosa would be the likeliest spot but nothing coming in but what we expect is high clouds moving in tonight with a few around tomorrow morning and sunshine and highs in the 70s and the warmer spots and it will clear out midweek and we will be dry through the weekend. tonight 40 still mild night in the bay area and tomorrow mostly 70s but if you are close to the shoreline pacifica had 60 degrees but in san jose 76 and pretty much the same in livermore and concord at 82. but it looks nice with plenty of thought and sunshine. vernon county know what these mean? >> with this that? >> it is not intuitive, isn't it? it means it is going to be windy. whenever you see that, it means windy and the reason i ring it
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up because there will be a few days especially on the coast where it is windy. and now that we know what that means we will go to vern. straight ahead in sports, the giants broke out the broom and the warriors were looking to sweep as well and the denver nuggets had a 17 point lead and didn't last long and how did
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nba playoffs up top in the warriors a nuggets. sometimes the desperate teams have it today. the nuggets in a win or go home state and they barely had enough and it was testy. green and gordon got into it and by the second quarter the nuggets were in a groove and the game, they got hot and they led by 17 and 40-23 and he closed the gap late in half and
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he got the playoff minute and this closed the lead to nine and in the second half, look at this fall away. and there is no defense for that. and back up to 15 and scoring 37 and back he came in thompson and foul trouble let it fly and thompson scored 13 of his 32 in the 3rd but once again the nuggets answered every warriors run and he made the lead 11 and jumped to the final four minutes and green found we can sear in a slam made the five- point game and back in pride city, the joint was jumping. 2 minutes left and green filed and golden state was down 1. and steph curry had his back and shoulder the load and this teardrop here tied the game at 119 and then the next possession was curry with the deep 2 to the lead and curry at 33 points off the bench and 37
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minutes and tied at 121 and morris inside and they took the lead with 30 seconds left and ensuing inbound and he tried to force and a turnover but then he got it past barton for the corner 3 and we are done here. the nuggets stayed alive and won 126-121 and to force a game 5 back at chi center on wednesday. >> we had a lot of life in the first half and a 17 point lead and he was into it and the fact that we had a lead in that half was speaking to who we are but it is kind of a miracle at that point. >> it isn't the worst thing for us. we have more reps together and playoff like reps together so it isn't all bad. that we do have to go home and take care of our business and close up the game.
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>> baseball and the giants. the roster, they keep dropping like flies. mike yastrzemski was placed in the covid list today and give me logan webb in the dugout and he gets the nationals and the giants got a fast start and how about jack peterson with a leadoff blast and 441 feet to get on the board and the top second the giants up 3-1 and he got one squared up and how close with us to going out? about a foot and the captain headed out for and rbi triple and back to web which struck out 6 and washington for three runs over 6 2/3 inning and to the top of the 7th, how about some insurance? the giants up 5-3 and peterson, again. within 4 feet this time at a huge day for the palo alto native and two homers in one double and three rbi and three run scored and to the 9th, wake up. you will miss gonzales driving
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in a couple and part of a six running with the giants sending 12 men to the plate and the giants up three games and the sleep in a 12-3 final and the dodgers giants are 1 and 2 in the west. >> check this kid out with the ball. a good right hand and we were at the a's and cole irvin is what he did to the rangers. mowed them down for five scoreless innings and got one hit and time to hear from one of amador valley high school's finest. and this is a two run fly in his first home run since july and that is all they needed and a 2-0 win win and they are now 9-8 and they are at the giants on tuesday. >> this will be some week in the a's and giants and tuesday and the nuggets and warriors game 5 on wednesday at chase center and the nfl draft coming up on thursday and all kinds of
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drama with the 49ers possibly coming into play. >> game day tonight and all of this as well? >> we are doing a deep dive and will address all of that. >> thank you. coming up, the first official u.s. visit to ukraine under attack. >> from cheering crowds to fireworks and teargas. dueling reactions tonight to the french election being watched by the world. the fallout from recordings and a lawmaker calling kevin mccarthy a traitor hours within a speech in southern california. >> the public is getting a close look at creatures from the deep sea and why they play a key role in keeping climate in balance, all coming up. since i left for college, my dad has gotten back into some of his old hobbies. and now he's taking trulicity, and it looks like he's gotten into some new healthier habits, too.
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you are watching kpix 5 news at 6:30. top u.s. officials meet with the ukrainian president and the capital today while washington troops focus their assault on the east and they battle to capture the port city of mariupol. >> as cole higgins reports, the intense fighting is not ending the resilience of the ukrainian people. >> it is less festive this year. >> reporter: some parishioners here ignoring warnings to celebrate the orthodox easter holiday from home. >> we want to keep our
6:30 pm
traditions and we want our kids to understand that god is with us in the helps us. >> reporter: supporting troops on the front line with food donations and prayers, this as fighting rages on and mariupol after officials say that the russian president rejected a holiday cease-fire. sunday russian forces continuously shelling a steel plant where hundreds of soldiers and civilians are held up. to the west of mariupol, the mayor there said putin's goal is clear. >> he wants to kill all of the ukrainian nation and of course he starts from occupation cities and now humanitarian aid. >> reporter: in odessa new video shows a russian missile strike on an apartment building and the mayor there said eight people were killed including a three-month-old baby and her mother. the white house said ukraine can expect more announcements on u.s. assistance this week. the first ukrainian born member of congress urging the united states to send more than money and weapons to ukraine. >> is important for us to be on the ground and it shows that our country starts with the people of ukraine and i hope president biden will actually
6:31 pm
come here to meet with president zelenskyy. >> resident zelenskyy did meet with the u.s. secretary of state and defense secretary this evening and kyiv. >> the french president macron is celebrating a reelection victory after defeating the far right candidate . >> he took to the stage this evening to think of the voters and he won more than 58% of the vote while his opponent 41%. european nations have been watching the selection closely while grappling with the fallout of the russian invasion of ukraine. during her campaign, she pledged to loosen french ties with the eu and nato and germany and spoke out against eu sanctions on russian energy supplies. on we do see dueling tiacres
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and infrench cities supporters of the president erupted in joy and a giant screen displayed that no the eiffel tower. >> that is not the case for the supporters of the presidents defeated rival and protesters through fireworks at a police car while police fired tear grandma -- teargas. and now president macron will serve a second five-year term. elizabeth warmest slamming california congressman kevin mccarthy over an audio recording city was going to urge president trump to resign over the january 6 riot. >> kevin mccarthy is a liar and traitor. this is outrageous. and that is really the illness that pervades the republican
6:33 pm
leadership right now. >> mccarthy was the keynote speaker at the california republican party convention in anaheim last night. he has been catching heat for the recorded comments he made after the u.s. capitol riot calling for u.s. resignation of trump and despite that he was greeted warmly by the crowd and avoided talking about recordings. instead he called to the gop to stand united. >> don't let the things that don't matter get in our way. don't let the media divide us. do not let them get off topic. they can talk about everything they want to talk about comp you know what america wants. >> president trump helped build the strongest economy in our nation's history. and you can applaud that. >> he is in line to become speaker of the house if the gop win control of the november election. today, senator bernie
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sanders and congresswoman alexandria ocasio cortez visited staten island to meet with the first amazon workers who organize the first union in the country at an amazon facility. >> you doing business in new york if the treat people right. >> this whole thing is about working people standing up. >> on the heels of that historic union victory, a second amazon union election is set to begin in new york tomorrow. in a few hours, hundreds of employees at a staten island sorting facility will cast their votes in order to see if they should organize with that union and it was started by a group of current and former amazon warehouse workers in that area. amazon is seeking to overturn the first union election arguing the vote was tainted by organizers. the lifting of mask mandates is leading to some tension among rideshare drivers and passengers who are not required anymore to mask up. we have that story. >> reporter: like on airplanes
6:35 pm
and buses and trains, masks are no longer required in taxicabs, goobers and lyft's. while passengers spent minimal time with the drivers company drivers spend their entire day with passengers in close quarters. this rideshare drivers says even though he doesn't technically have to wear his mask anymore, he will continue to wear it for a few reasons. >> first, it is my wife. she has really bad asthma and i try to help her. >> reporter: he said he thinks if he doesn't wear it, he would alienate some customers. >> i am sure if i take my mask off, especially for some people they would cancel the ride. truck but maskless customers doesn't really concern him. >> i am okay and i hope they don't pay the price. truck this uber driver is not concerned. >> me, i don't care. >> reporter: however, this is driver is not thrilled about the idea of a maskless
6:36 pm
passenger in his car. >> i feel it is potentially unsafe as the new variant is climbing. >> reporter: another rideshare driver not comfortable on camera said he preferred his passengers wear masks but he can't tell them he has to. >> it's like a protection. >> reporter: this driver said he plans to say masked up. >> i keep wearing my mask and i don't want to take that risk right now. if they want to wear it, they will and if they don't they are still free, you know. >> rideshare companies have also entered a few safety protocols. uber and lyft are allowing passengers to sit in the front seat again and drivers don't have to open the windows. still ahead, the first all private space station crew finally returning home after an extra week in space. how you can snag a picasso
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welcome back. the first all private division of the national space station is finally returning to earth. the mission which launched on april eight scheduled for 10 days was expanded for another week because of weather. the trip booked is offering flights to the space station for anybody with tens of millions of dollars in the back pocket. the four-person crew is led by a former nasa astronaut and they are taking a spacex capsule home tomorrow afternoon. take a look at some very
6:40 pm
new video of the severe weather in oklahoma city which is right after a football game ended and the tornado sirens went off and dozens of drivers took shelter under a gas station canopy right there in this comes after last night's storms left more than 4000 homes without electricity and as of today about 1000 customers are still without power. a lot of extensive damage left behind by a pair of tornadoes in western kansas last night and as you can see the twisters ripped apart rooms and demolished homes and businesses scattering debris everywhere. people living in sharon springs said the tornadoes touched down so fast they didn't get any alerts. fortunately, no word of any injuries and many families say they are in shock as they try to salvage their belongings and cleanup. new mexico's governor has declared a state of emergency there as multiple wildfires continue to burn and 20 of them in fact a burning in more than
6:41 pm
30 of the states counties with one wildfire in northern new mexico merged with a newer one forming a bigger blaze in the state and the fires are causing widespread evacuations in two county s a new study shows concerns about climate change having a significant negative impact on the mental health of generation z. >> we took a closer look. >> reporter: climate change in the warming trend is both a hot topic and a source of considerable consternation for members of generation z and that was according to a new survey. >> 3 out of 4 of these youth have some negative mental health impact as a result of climate change and the rhetoric around it. >> reporter: blue shield of california surveyed more than 1300 people across the united states ages fort teen through 24 about how climate change affected her mental health. the survey found that stress could be galvanizing or paralyzing moving us either into engagement or inaction.
6:42 pm
>> when you care passionately, it can be taxing and if you don't have the resilience or social support network to help lift you up and guide you into ways that will help you make the problem better, it is not a mall -- at all unlikely that you could have folks dragging you down. >> reporter: the survey found that they care deeply about the environment and the threat it faces and want to make a positive impact and struggle not to be overwhelmed by the enormity of the problem. >> there is a slight chance that we can amend the problems that have been created by this we want to try it. coming up, once lost for decades, and there were only two in existence. the dress from the wizard of oz that could fetch 1 million at auction. this could be the career for all of us. how you can make $10,000 by
6:43 pm
eating tacos. >> i am looking into it. but i will first look at the
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6:45 pm
after going missing for decades, one of dorothy's addresses from the wizard of oz could auction off for more than
6:46 pm
$1.2 million in los angeles. they are auctioning off this blue-and-white dress that judy garland wore for the same at the witches castle and the label is inscribed judy garland, and only a few of these dresses were ever made for the film. this is the second full dorothy costume known to exist and back in 1973, the dress was donated to a washington dc university and then went missing until 2021 when a drama teacher found it in a shoebox. the auction is set for may 24 in la. you can buy a picasso from the personal collection of the late supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg. her artwork and personal items are going up for auction this week including a curricular print of the justice herself and a mink coat with her name on the pocket. but the item is expect to fitch the highest bid are ceramics and an engraving made by pablo picasso. the proceeds will go to the
6:47 pm
washington national opera and a portion funding fellowships for the uc berkeley school of law and women. imagine getting paid $10,000 to eat tacos. if you feel hungry for a new job, this may be the right one for you. a texas-based food delivery company called favor is looking to hire a chief technical officer and the lucky employee will receive $10,000 in exchange for taste testing tacos, and they are supposed to document this experience on social media. the taco officer would drive around texas between june and july and stay in each city for a few days and eat tacos delivered by favor and i feel like they should be called flavor. and interested eaters can create a video application on their website. there you go. $10,000 to be the chief taco officer. >> it is good to know that we always have a future.
6:48 pm
blue skies around the bay area and numbers in the 70s so very nice and very little on the way. so we looked at san francisco from a variety of perspectives and here are the numbers of the moment. san francisco by the coast at 62 in santa rosa at 69 with a pleasant ending to a nice weekend which saw livermore today up to 79. so it is warm in the east bay and warm in the south bay and san jose was up 77 today and no rain in sight, and that is really the headline. temperatures remain warm on monday and even with low pressure spilling high clouds our way, it won't spill any rain. that low will kick in and rain will fall but temperatures will come down in the future cast shows more high clouds in the morning after 11:15 a.m. and high clouds over the south bay clearing up. here is tuesday morning at 7:30 a.m.. watch how quickly these clear and they are out of here by the
6:49 pm
time we get tuesday afternoon. we will indoor a few days of intermittent high clouds but in terms of rain for the next six days, none insight. we expect high clouds moving in tonight and we will have hazy sunshine in the morning both monday and tuesday with highs in the 70s and at least inland it will clear mid weekend be dry right to the weekend. it will be mild tonight in the mid 40s and a mild day tomorrow with inland warm is 83 and 77 in santa rosa and san jose, 76. san francisco, 66. in the extended forecast, it will be windy along the shoreline in the next week with numbers mild percent cisco and oakland. as we go inland, it will be warm again tomorrow in the upper 70s. after that, we cool down until next weekend. that looks dry as well. up next, we will go deep into the ocean for a rare look at mysterious sea creatures and
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the monterey bay aquarium is on a mission to learn about how mysterious deep-sea creatures protect our planet and how researchers are putting them in the spotlight with a brand-new exhibit. >> reporter: as the sun rises along the california coast, we head out to monterey bay with researchers from the areas world-famous aquarium. >> reporter: what are you doing out here? what is the mission? >> we are looking for deep-sea animals, far from the surface but really far from the bottom. >> reporter: he is the senior aquarium manager and we watched as they deployed this underwater robot to look for
6:53 pm
allusive creatures in what is known as the mid-water of the deep-sea. >> reporter: compared to some of the ri creatures we are all familiar with like sharks and dolphins, how do these compare? >> the animals we are looking for in the mid water are little bit more of the squishy weird looking animals. >> reporter: they are simply otherworldly, floating in the dark and what is known as the oxygen minimum zone about 3000 feet below the surface and the robot travels through so-called marine snow with a lot of will poop in fish skills and micro plastic from humans. they have found here this vampire squid and rare and brightly colored jellyfish and also this and it is a transparent domed had with upward facing eyes and it has
6:54 pm
been seen by humans less than 10 times. >> it looks like outer space down there and a lot of these things look like aliens. >> to be honest they are the aliens and we are the aliens coming down to look in on them. >> reporter: they let us into the control room where they remotely operate the underwater robot. and just a then they found this, jellyfish so rare it doesn't even have a name. for now they call it red x. >> we are waiting for it to show up in the collection. >> reporter: they extend the robot's arm and they catch the creature in this container. >> today we had a few good hits. >> reporter: they also collected this red paper lantern jellyfish and another with a name that would make dr. seuss jealous, the comb jelly. these underwater discoveries
6:55 pm
are now the stars of the new exhibit at the monterey bay aquarium called into the deep and it took nearly 5 years to design and build this elaborate life-support system of pipes, pumps, and filters to replicate the deep-sea environment. >> this exhibition is the first one in the united states and we think the world of this magnitude. >> beth jones is in charge of the exhibits. >> this is an opportunity for people to see animals they have not seen before. >> reporter: the science behind this is about more than that. >> reporter: how crucial is the ocean the way it comes with this mitigation of climate change? >> the ocean has taken up more than 90% of the heat produced by global warning and every year it sequesters about 25% of the carbon dioxide we emit into the atmosphere so the ocean provides critical life-support. >> reporter: scientists are studying the role deep-sea creatures play as millions of them rise from the depths at
6:56 pm
night to feed in the cover of darkness. >> this is the largest migration on the planet and every night at sunset they come up to the surface and they migrate again at sunrise. >> if you made that move, it would be a equivalent of a 10k to get your breakfast and another one to get to bed. >> reporter: i am far too lazy for that. >> reporter: what they are doing is no joke. by feeding on plants and marine animals on the surface, scientists think they may be responsible for sequestering up to half the carbon dioxide absorbed by the ocean. >> it provides a biological conveyor belt and only when the conversation and the carbon dioxide gets into the sea stays there and stays out of the atmosphere. >> reporter: that comes with a cost. the oceans are becoming more acidic and rapidly warming making storms stronger and more deadly and it could also impact the ocean life now working overtime to protect our planet. >> we are trying to understand
6:57 pm
how much of a role this migration plays and what effects it. thank you for watching. 60 minutes is next. we will see you back here at 11. until then the news continues on for now, good night.
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captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> tonight, the director of the f.b.i. on the rise in violent crime in america, lessons from january 6 and what he believes is the greatest threat to the united states. in counterintelligence, does anything worry you more than russia? >> the biggest threat we face as a country from a counter- intelligence perspective is from the people's republic of china, and pees communist party. they are targeting our innovation, our trade secrets, our intellectual property on a scale that's unprecedented in history. ( ticking )


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