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tv   Early Today  NBC  November 17, 2016 4:00am-4:30am MST

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i like to say there's always >> i know many of you are deeply disappointed about the results of the election. i am, too! >> but that's not all hillary clinton said in her first plus, donald trump is getting closer to namin key cabinet post with new names being floated. the police officer who has been now criminally charged in the murder of orlando castile. hundreds hospitalized from dangerous smoke. is there relief in sight neighborhood, find out why bob dylan is skipping his nobel
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lifetime. plus kate upton goes on a tirade over her boyfriend being passed up for the cy young reward. >> good morning, i'm frances rivera. >> i'm ayman mohyeldin. >> the popular vote passes the 1 million mark. an emotional clinton says she was staying away from the public for the forab >> i will admit, coming here tonight wasn't the easiest thing for me. there have been a few times this past week when all i wanted to do is to curl up with a good book or our dogs and never leave the house again. >> clinton's appearance came as she was honored by the children's defense fundamental. she conceded how difficult the last week's results were, while making her best attempt for the
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>> i know many of you are deeply disappointed about the results of the election. i am, too. more than i could ever express. i know this isn't easy. i know that over the past week, a lot of people have asked themselves, whether america is the country we thought it was. the divisions lay bear by this election run deep. but please listen to me when i say this, america is worth it. our children are believe in our country. fight for our values, and never, ever give up. >> now, this morning warnings regretting word of just who would be in president-elect trump's white house a. trump loyalist and vice chair of the team is emerging as a top pick for national security adviser. the news comes with a source familiar with the transition process.
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trump's presidential run, nothing is final unless trump says it is. south carolina nikki haley is being floated for the post this as rudy guiliani's history is under more scrutiny. halle jackson reports. >> through trump towers, a revolving door, a countdown to cabinet selection. another name now in the mix for secretary of state. sources citing southn begrudgingly backed trump, even after she said her constituents are embarrassed by trump. so far fork response from the governor's office. eight days in, president-elect trump looking a lot like candidate trump did, inside his transition, much of what happened during his campaign, internal jockeying, leadership changes, complaints privately and publicly, no one really know
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confusion going on about a chain of command coming out of new york. >> reporter: mike pence the new transition team leader, touring his soon to be home with vice president joe biden. the trustee blames the griping on sour grapes of people forced out as they purge lobbyist zpls we are doing great. i was if d.c. yesterday, both transition offices are engaged full of energy. >> reporter: while both bushes made their nominations within a two weeks, president clinton more than a month. by that time line, president-elect trump is on pace. >> every transition goes through chaos. every transition goes through turnover. >> reporter: trump's insisting his is going smoothly. in a tweet attacking the media, like he did during his campaign. >> also this morning, a sitdown
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they fight off rumors of campaign disarray, putting out a koul call of world leaders trump has been in connection with since the election. democrats list 169 out of 188 members of congress demanding trump release steve ban none. but perhaps the most boisterous ban none nomination may have come from bernie sanders. >> i call upon mr. trump to rescind the appointment that he made of mr. ban none. a president of the united states should not have a racist at his side. unacceptable. >> now, in a rare move the new set of police officer involved in the july shooting death of philandro castile has been
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he pulled him over because he looked like an armed suspect in a recent robbery. her girlfriend live streamed the after shooting. he is expected to plead not guilty in court on friday. nbc's blake mccoy brings us the details. >> oh my god, please don't tell me he's dead. >> reporter: the after math of philandro castile seen around the world. the officer is being charged. jeronimo why anez, manslaughter and discharge of a firearm, each carrying up to five years. he previously said he thought castile had a permit. >> i told him not to reach for it. i told him to get his hand off it. >> you told to him get his i.d., sir, his driver's license.
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protest that he wasn't reaching for his gun. there simply was no objective threat posed to officer yanez. >> reporter: minnesota police union add no one can speak to officer yanez as to what he actually encountered. the russian-led bombing campaign has resumed in full force after a three-week moratorium. u.s. officials tell nbc syrian regime is responsible for those attacks. among the latest destruction, the only syrian in eastern aleppo, officials say it served nearly 4,000 patients a month and had the only advanced maternity ward in the area. there are 90,000 children still living in eastern aleppo. dozens of firefighters scorched thousands of acres. thousands of firefighters are
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this is the largest mobilization of the personnel since hurricane sandy recovered efforts back in 2012. unfortunately the weather forecast is grim. >> there is a cold front moving in. it will not bring beneficial rain. in fact, it could bring gusty whipped that might make matters worse. >> authorities are investigating several ar zopp cases and at least seven people have be fires. ? just ahead, bob dylan says thanks, but no thanks, to the award ceremony. first, meteorologist bill karins with a winter weather forecast it seems. >> foorm, we have warnings out there. we will soon have blizzard warnings, too. we are watching pretty good show between jackson and caspar, wyoming. there is where police ard conditions will be ahead. the snowfall forecast, in
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wyoming, nebraska, south dakota t. heavier snow, though, central and northern minnesotach 245i could get snow. that's a big look at the closer weather story of the day. you can see the difference between the warm stuff and the cold stuff. it will be 78 to 80 degrees around st. louis, where it will be in the 20s and 30s through the rockies. one more warm day if texas, where the cold air head your way tomorrow. warm out ahead, luckily, no severe weather in this one. >> what a difference, thank you very much. just ahead, president obama faces his toughest donald trump critics yet. we'll tell you who. a flagstaff police
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woman in the osface.. we've got skthe details in just minutes.. or plus.. we're seven days away from thanksgiving - but before you run out to the
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want to see how one family saved big on their meal. and who doesn't love justin timberlake? - apparently.. mandy moore.
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for life.. ma ???adlib welcome
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???adlib weather new information this morning shows a flagstaff police officer - punching a woman in
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team 12's bryan west is live with our top story.. this video is making the rounds... and inciting a lot
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it's cell phone video captured... take a look. a flagstaff police officer is shown on camera
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during an arrest. the officer and another man who appeared to be a police officer were attempting to detain a woman when the camera
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arizona republic is saying they contacted the boyfirend of the woman in the video and that the two had received an eviction notice the previous
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deadline to leave. they identify the niofficer as jeff bonar and say kwhen pd came to lock up the house - that's when the punch happened.
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heard telling the officers they did not have a warrant to arrest her.
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a release from a flagstaff sergeant says "our agency is very what is thdepicted in this vide. live in the satellite
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after months of being closed ma construction job - the bell road bridge is on track to open.. that's team 12's brandon team 12's where we find open..job - the bell months of depicted in flagstaff arrest of the couple leave leave. they notice the boyfirend of started a police face during an police officer phone video inciting a lot team 12's police officer - information weather weather welcome apparently.. you'll want thanksgiving - woman in the a flagstaff police 3 officer caught punching a woman in the face.. we've got just minutes.. plus.. we're seven days away from thanksgiving - but before you run out to the grocery you
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a flagstaff police officer caught punching a woman in the face.. we've got the details in just minutes.. plus.. we're seven days away from thanksgiving - but before you run out to the grocery store.. you'll want family saved big on their meal. and who doesn't love justin timberlake? - apparently.. mandy moore. what he said that scarred her for life.. 3 her for life.. ???adlib welcome


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