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tv   Siouxland News at 9 on FOX 44  FOX  February 16, 2016 9:00pm-9:30pm CST

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"this is siouxland news at nine on fox 44." 3 3 we're still four months away from the 2016 edition of awesome biker nights... but we already know a few things about this year's festival.for starters... the festival is moving *away* from its longtime home on historic fourth street to new digs at the hard rock hotel and casino... and now we know some of the *bands* taking part in this year's event. 3 3 and tonight that announcement is first on fox. 3 festival organizers announced the four headliners for the event's concerts this evening at the hard rock... inclcling one that's just been eleleed totohe rock and roll hall of fame. 3 our nick popham was there and he joins us now. nick, who do we have to look forward to hearing this june? 3 3 diana, larry-summer is right around the corner and for siouxland that means one thing-awesome biker nights!this year however will be slightly different because the performances will be held at the battery park outdoor concert venue at the hard rock hotel and casino.the hard rock hosted the announcementntparty ininde its indoor venue--the
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for the concerts in june. 3 "it's a great siouxland tradition and we really believe that awesome biker nights and all their fans are going to love it here at the hard rock."some of the headliners include bands like pop evil and in this moment.but the big headliner will be impending rock and roll hall of fame band-cheap trick.for the last 16 years-awesome biker nights took place on 4th street-these are some images from last year's festivities.but even with the location change-a-b-n chairman brian hall thinks this summer is going to top them all. >> this summer is going to top them all. >> this will be one of our best years. we have a lot of hurdles to jump. it is a big hard push. but yeah, i'm ready. >> reporter: the annual rally has brought in more than 200,000 guests over the past 16 years and is expected to bring an addititnal 25,000 this ar.
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information on how awesome biker nights is going to happen as well as where to purchase tickets, head to our website, for more details. guys? >> thanks nick. police in sac county are looking for a man wanted for runs over a man sunday night. the sac county sheriff's office says 36-year-old jeremy werneburg is wanted for tempted murder. he is believed to be the man who hit an iowa man with his car sunday night. the victim is currently in a serious injuries. werneburg is a six foot three inch tall whi man weighing 205 pounds with blond hair and blue eyes. anyone with information on his where abouts is asked to call police immediately. >> one traveler's valentine's day trip turned into a snag at the airport when officials discovered a gun in their carry on bag. the incident happened just after noon sunday at the
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check point. sioux city police were called and took possession of the loaded pistol. the passenger was interviewed and allowed to continue their journey. this is the first gun discovered in a carry on bag since 2014. an incident on the north side last night. according totoioux city police just after 11:00, 30-year-old michelle myers was arguing with residents at a home in 800 block of 16th street when she left vowing to return with a gun. a short time later she returned to the house, produced the gun, and attempted to enter the gun before being stopped by a friend. police say she then fired the gun hitting the pavement. she is charged with going rmed with intent. she is being held a $25,000 bond. police in vermilion have
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connection to the vandalism of a fraternity house. two men have confessed saying they were intoxicated at the time. the fie delta house they say they were kicked out of. the blizzard two weeks ago left more than big piles of snow. it also left behind scores of potholes throughout sioux city. perhaps one of the worst outbreaks in years. crews have mixed tons of hot asphalt but say it is an uphill battle. >> a lot of times these don't it's a temporary fix. longer. it is like a black glue. they will put it in the hole and put the asphalt on top of that. >> they are going to catch up with all of the patching needed.
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pothole, we have the contact information in this story on cloud cover was the name of the game. temperatures didn't move a whole lot. only a threrededeee range. this is a view from norfolk by square fire. satellite and radar imagery, we are seeing a little moisture trying to poke its head there in the form of a little light snow. lit continue moving toward the southeast but our best chance of snow is going to be around the iowa great lakes. temperature wise right now, down to 32 here in sioux city. that's the cool temperature for r the day so far. currently in sioux falls down to the south, 35 in lincoln. it is generally just overcast skies throughout the region. as we look at the evening planner, we will continue with the cloud cover. temperatures 26 degrees or so
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then we are looking for a little fog to develop with temperatures getting into the mid 30s tomorrow afternoon. the big story heading into the weekend will be a warmup. we will tell you all about it coming up in a few minutes. a s. supreme court is marking the death of justice antonin scalia following a court tradition. scalia's seat on the bench has been draped with black cloth as has the entry into his chamber. his body will lie in state at the court building on friday. his funeral will take place saturday morning at the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception. scalia's death could lead to a 4/4 ruling on some major issues the supreme court is deciding. that would mean that the lower court's ruling wouldbe upheld. >> that is not true for one important case the justices are deciding. our national correspondent explains. >> reporter: they challenged
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school admission policy. the lower court upheld ut's program. judge scalia angered his critics with a scathing review of affirmative action and seven supreme court judges were left. all eyes are now on justice anthony kennedy who has rendered unpredictable decisions in the past. >> he is likely going to vote for the majority. a 4-3 majority. the question of what that would be is the big question. >> reporter: the supreme court ruling could only affect the university of texas, demand more transparencies nationwide on action policies or out-right ban it as unconstitutional. >> that is probably less likely going to happen just because it would be a pretty big change. but, it could happen. >> reporter: with a written decision on it expected in this term, it is back to the drawing
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>> very few leaks come out of supreme court which is a good thing about what is going on behind the scenes but this changes everything about what they are doing. >> reporter: in washington, i'm jeff barnes. iowa's senior u.s. senator is leaving the door to consider a replacement for scalia nominated by president obama. a town hall meting this morning, chuck glassily says he won't make a final decision until the president makes a nomination. >> i think that it should wait until the next election. and, i believe that is the right thing to do because it is a ry important position and it would be kind of in line with what democratic leaders said in the tail end of the bush administration. said that bush had not appointed somebody to the supreme court because they had to be concerned about balance. i'm concerned about balance the same way they are. >> 18 supreme court justices
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confirmed by the senate in an election year. most recent being justice anthony kennedy in 1988. president reagan's final year in office. still to come tonight at 9:00, sioux land women got together for education connections and empowerment this morning. a special guest was in asen tans. >> we are going behind the inspections hanging in your favorite restaurants and how that grade is determined. that investigation coming up after the break. >> you are watching sioux land news at 9:00 on fox 44 with larry wentz, diana castillo, and sioux land's chief
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this is sioux land news at 9:000000 it's a problem some eateries in siouxland face: restaurant violations. tonight we bring you a >> it's a special problem.
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report on how the health department tracks down violations. >> how they try to keep food service operations violation free and how they could have fewer violations than noted on the day of their inspection. >> reporter: when it comes to food, you want delicious grub, a nice diner, and a good experience. but you probably have heard it before. restaurants shutting down across the country. >> chipotle subpoenaed over the norovirus. >> bad news. >> reporter: most recently chipotle due to outbreaks of norovirus results in customers getting sick. here in sioux land, there is a group of officials trying to prevent any outbreaks happening. the sioux land health department. >> we are really aiming for this control. >> reporter: the department is
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procedures be it restaurants, farmer's markets, gas stations, hotels, motels. hospitals, cafeterias. where there is food, there will be inspections. so what exactly makes a good inspection? i spoke with michelle rozenthol to find out. >> we follow up on the critical violations. sometimes we can correct them right there on site. sometimes it might be something that need to be corrected listen term. >> reporter: violations include chefs or cooks not wearing gloves or even washing their hands prior to handling food. violations during food establishment inspections are divided into two main categories. a risk factor violation is considered to be one of the more critical violations and the good retail practices. risk factor violations have more potential to get you sick while good retail practices might not be a threat to your health.
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discovered, tyler broth takes accurate samples. >> we stain it and make sure that not only does it help us to see it but depending on the type of stain, it allows us to identify that bacteria as well. >> safety is our first concern. >> following health guidelines is not always a top priority, but a reason to keep consumer's safe. >> you don't want anybody out getting anything from the food that we make. and you know, we label everything. we date it. we make sure everything is as it needs to be when it comes comes in and out the door. >> reporter: the family business appreciates the help and feedback they receive from the health department. >> they deep you on your toes which is really good. some things may not be at the front of your head all the time. they do a good job, they have helped us and we help them and we have a great relationship with them.
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corrected a lot more easily if there is good cooperation. >> reporter: overall, good sanitation and health practices are important priorities in running a restaurant. >> weare not in there, you know, trying to pick on them. we are sometimes trying to tell them what to do. we mostly just want them to follow the food code. >> we want to make sure you are one step ahead of everything that need to be done to make sure everything is absolutely served and provided to consumers. >> reporter: if you want to see a full list of food establishments and their inspections, we have a link to the department of inspections and appealing and the siouxland district health department on this story on i'm jetske wauran, siouxland news.
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chad will tell us "first alert weather with siouxland's chief meteorologist chad sandwell." 3 3 3 3 larry, diana >> just hang in there. much warmer temperatures coming. >> 30s today. cloud cover keeping the temperature in check. you will see the same thing tomorrow. cloud cover will keep us in the 30s . after that, big warmups in store as we head toward the end of the week. look at the sky watch camera. this is a view from dakota dunes. the same thing we have been seeing all day long is overcast skies. here is a look at the extended forecast. 37 tomorrow. then 50 on thursday. 60 on friday. near 60 on saturday. near 50 on sunday. and for the end of the middle part of february, this is
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here is a look at the satellite imagery. plenty of cloud cover. a little bit of light snow showing up generally north of i- 90 trying to work its way down to the south. we are looking at some pretty dry air so it will be a tough task for it to make its way to the surface. we look ahead tonight. the boundary just to the south. plenty of cloud cover. as we work our way through the overnight hours you see a little bit of snow showing up generally northeast of sioux city. might see a few flakes certainly not expecting any big accumulations. the cloud cover is going to stay there for wednesday afternoon into the evening. then as we head toward thursday, the boundary kind of sets up and we will be looking at a warm front pushing through the area. behind that warm front, we will see maybe a little bit of sunshine by the end of the day as temperatures will be pushing up toward 50 as the winds will turn to the west to the southwest. west, southwest winds here in sioux city and siouxland are a
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be the case. 32 degrees under mostly cloudy skies. temperatures do have a little bit of room to drop as we head into the overnight hours. looking around the area, still looking at the mid 20s to the east. sheldon, spencer, storm lake all in the 20s . low 30s across the rest of the area. temperatures are going to dip a little bit as we head into the evening with temperatures right out of the east, northeast look at five to ten miles an hour this evening. overnight, overcast skies, patchy fog, 26 degrees our overnight low. a little bit of light snow generally north and east of sioux city. near the great lakes. tomorrow, overcast skies, a mild afternoon. high temperature topping out at 37 degrees and we are look out over the next seven days the big warmup that should start thursday. looks like it keeps going all the way through the weekend. >> i might be sick on friday. you know. [ laughter ] it's such a nice day. i have to spend it outdoors.
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students get to taste test empowerment and education were on the agenda for women in siouxland this morning. >> empowerment and education were on the agenda for women in siouxland this morning. iowa women lead change held their second annual siouxland's women's leadership conference this morning at the marina inn in south sioux city. it was attended by 400 women including 150 college students. organizers say the goal is to allow women of all ages and backgrounds to exchange ideas. >> well, the reason it is important to come to a conference like this is because they can leave here motivated, educated, and ready to go out and make changing in their world. >> they hope they can grow more
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the lieutenant governor made her way around siouxland. kim reynolds visited two elementary schools to see how they have implemented the stem initiative of science, technology, engineering, and math education give it is kids to use computers for many subjects. sioux city students are doing a great job. >> the siouxland area is rocking it up here. i just am so impressed with what i have seen, the level they are implementing, stem initiative, that the different schools they are putting in place. the aver school programs. they are doing 3d printing, they are building robots. i mean, all of those are such great skills for our students to learn. >> reynolds will continue her tour across the state's school to see the implementation of the stem program.
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middle school got a sneak preview of possible menu items. they served as taste testers this morning and sampled the foods that may end up on lunch menus statewide next year including pepperoni pizza, ranch-flavored potato wedges, orange chicken. >> they are the ones that eat the food. we try really hard to provide them with healthy meals but they are picky eaters and we are trying to eliminate the waste by providing them with things they really like to eat. >> it helps people make a choice for what is good for them and best for them. >> this is the first time in about ten years this kind of testing has been done at west middle school. >> kind of different from the times i used to get grilled
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3 well, we wake up wednesday morning with plenty of cloud cover. may be looking at a little patchy fog to get things going as well. temperatures should be in the low tore middle 20s across much of the area. then looks like we will be back into the upper 30s . the warmup comes toward the end of the week.
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>> can't wait for that [tapping keys] - wow! bummer, dude. you have a time machine, and somehow, it got programmed to this crap diner? - i must admit, i am quite taken with steam punk. - oh, steam punk, right. i remember that trend. it happened for, like, ten seconds back in 2000 and-are-you-kidding-me? dude, seriously, you're sitting in a public place tap-tap-tapping on an oldie typewriter? what are you, in the league of extraordinarily pretentious gentlemen? - aren't you being a little aggressive? - yup. that's how people are here in the present where we live. but don't get me wrong. i'd like to go back in time, too. maybe stop 9/11 or that creep who had sex on my shoe, but i can't. - present? where's that uniform from? like, 1998? - oh, stop, or i'm going to have to shoot you with a smith & wesson
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