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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  August 24, 2016 3:59pm-4:29pm PDT

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and i can't wait to play. oh, me too. let's do it. i'm so excited to play with you all summer. me too. how about tag? wait a minute, where's the meadow? i think it's gone. gone? this is not good. we need the meadow. why? because this meadow has a special plant called milkweed that has sweet nectar we drink to give us energy. hal: energy to frolic? alice: and leaves for us to feed on when we're caterpillars. nature dog: so no meadow means no special wildflowers with special leaves. daisy: and no special wildflowers and leaves mean no food for you and no place for your caterpillars to grow. squeeks: and no food for you and no place for your caterpillars to grow means no butterflies. no butterflies? but that's horrible!
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exactly. without this meadow, we won't be able to stay. we need to find a new meadow with our own special wildflowers fast. we can help you look for one, alice. hopefully one close by. yeah, we got to hurry. there are a lot of us in trouble. we'll let you know if we find one. and i'll let you know if i find one. good luck, my new friend. oh, there's got to be a meadow with those special wildflowers around here somewhere. man, i wish my garden had special wildflowers for butterflies. ah-ha! that's it, daisy. why don't we make a garden, that's just for the butterflies. a butterfly garden! yeah. it'll have all the things butterflies need to survive. time to plant a butterfly garden. onward and yonward. this looks like a great spot.
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so we can frolic with them anytime. then it's agreed. i hereby proclaim that we will plant the butterfly garden right here. all: hooray! you go, nature cat. now we need flowers and plants. oh, i've actually been doing some research on which kinds of flowers and plants we'll need. but where are we going to get them? i have an idea, gang. tallyho. oh, grab a few of those milkweed plants. monarchs love those. copy that. oh. herbs. butterflies love the flowers on dill, parsley and sage. (laughing) karner blue butterflies love these wild lupine flowers. and let's add these colourful wildflowers, too, for the other kinds of butterflies.
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ha-ha here you are. keep the change, my good man. cashier: oh, thank you, sir. come again.
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significant access. -- significant success. nearby, we met a man who fled here from jarablus when i.s. took over. it is like we have been pulled out from a well, he says. thank god we got rid of them. i am so happy. would you think about going home now? "god willing" he tells me. it is over in a day. will be long and hard, but this will give renewed hope of progress. katty: becoming increasingly complicated. other news from around the world new york times" says the moscow bureau was the target of a cyber attack.
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claims is investigating that hackers have been active against several news outlets. they are investigating link tos russian intelligence. "the times" said reporters were targeted at the paper itself was not compromised. thebritish vote to leave european union is appearing at a donald trump rally. he wants to show voters how to beat the establishment. nigel farage compares donald trump to leaving the european union. an emergency meeting of the european security council after north korea defied an international ban by launching a missile from a submarine. it traveled 500 kilometers, significantly further than past tests before coming down in the sea of japan.
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the american university afghanistan has been under attack. one is dead, 18 wounded, after militants stormed the campus. witnesses report explosions and gunfire two-weeks after 2 university staff or kidnapped from their car. known.hereabouts are i spoke with seth jones from the rand corporation. thank you for coming in. it is not a surprise the american university would be a target for militants. able surprising they were to get inside and launch the attack? seth: it is not clear what happened. there was a suicide bombing and armed individuals that penetrated hartley the compound. we don't know how many or the extent to which they penetrated the compound. the number of people does not look large. this could have been worse.
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katty: how did they manage to get through security? was that the suicide bombing? i do not know that area, is it particularly secure? you would think authorities would want to put security around something even called the american university. seth: it is very secure it is very secure to the extent that students roam freely on campus. attacks onomplex kabul, including hotels, which really needed some kind of car bomb or explosive to get an campus,n point into the to have the car bombing or explosive followed by individual armed intruders can work if the explosion is big enough. katty: can the kidnapping of the professors have been a warning sign? seth: not necessarily. there is enough organized crime that this may have been a different issue. katty: potentially not related
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to taliban militias? seth: the kidnapping was probably more a result of organized criminal activity van insurgent activity. katty: i've had you talking about the struggle of the afghan government trying to hold kabul and the militants trying to take kabul. how is that balance? seth: the afghan government has secured control of kabul itself. in the outlying areas we see fighting. the concern is really in the helmand province and the rural areas. they have good control of kabul and the urban centers. katty: if they make more gains in the helmand province, is that more attacks on the city? seth: the concern is they will start to spread and it looks more like a taliban and potential victory. the taliban is pretty far from that right now. katty: you are watching "bbc world news america." still to come on tonight's
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program, i go one-on-one with the very tall kareem abdul-jabbar. the basketball legend is speaking out on race and religion. the nearest habitable world beyond our solar system might be closer than that. scientists have discovered an earthlike planet. it is called proxima b. it is the right distance from its star for liquid water and possibly life. our science editor has been looking at the research published in the journal "nature." beautyr: in the dazzling in the skies above chile, scientists have focused on the pin right of light coming from the closest start. they found an alien world orbiting around it. is an artist's impression. researchers know it is there because of tiny movement.
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it is a huge moment in the exploration of space. >> the nearest planet that potentially could have life and be in a sense somewhere to our own. reporter: it is hard to across distance in space and where the planet is. let's start with the moon, 239 thousand miles from us. further out, there is pluto, 4.6 billion miles away. he yawned our solar system to the next star, 24 trillion miles away. that sounds like a lot, but in space terms it is our neighbor. the reason scientists are so excited is that this alien world is the closest there is outside of our own solar system. our perception of how many habitable planets there are in the galaxy. the prospect for alien life elsewhere in the galaxy look
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more rosy. reporter: reaching the planets with the spacecraft now would take tens of thousands of years. bbc news. katty: kareem abdul-jabbar may be best known for his performance on the basketball court, but he has used his voice and public profile to speak out on issues ranging from race to religion. " has a new book entitled exploringn the wall" how america is fractured on so many lines. i talk to him about what he thinks needs to change. inequality inout america. you talk about racism not as opinion but fact. what do you mean? kareem: some people think the
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election of president obama arrow to the end of racism in america. it was certainly a milestone. so part of what america has been that i do not think that we can claim that it is over. the more subtle forms are still affecting us in negative ways. katty: a lot of europeans have said to me, it is amazing that america elected a black president. in europe we could not have done something like that. you suggest that in some ways electing president obama gave people an excuse to stop trying on race issues. kareem: they said that is a crowning achievement and there is nothing more that needs to be done. katty: what is it like being an iconic lack role model in the united states? is kind of like the best and worst of everything. people use you as an example of
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what can be in a positive way. in other ways, they tell people who have not achieved, look, kareem has achieved, why haven't you achieved? winningou compare it to slot machines in a casino. one person is allowed to get through. kareem: that one person is the exception that proves the rule, and the others spend their money and are not allowed through. the machines are rigged. katty: do think being the position you have then and that you have affected the lives of the younger black men in particular? have you had experiences where you thought, i have been able to make a difference? kareem: when i travel, people talk to me about the fact that i inspired them, or something that i wrote or said really illuminated something for them that maybe they were unaware of.
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i know that i have had some positive effect. if i did not have that feedback i think i would stop by now. katty: stop writing? kareem: stop everything. if you're not getting it done, you need to stop and figure out how to get it done. katty: where the books a part of basketball? kareem: i had ambitions to be a writer before i played professional basketball. i was an english major at ucla. even in grade school i competed in sa contests. katty: you are a writer who happened to be nifty with a basketball. kareem: i'm a writer who had basketball skills that got in the way of everything else. katty: the last chapter in the book is advice. what is your advice for the next generations? kareem: the most important part is getting to a point where we can talk to each other in america and discuss lingering
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problems. some of them are very in transit. poverty is such a weight on so many different segments of american society. until we get to the point where the education system works for everyone and there is access to education, because education make people move up and the transition to middle class, if that does not happen on a regular basis we have a stagnant society that becomes striated where we have various classes and no movement. katty: are you optimistic the next generation will do better than our generation? kareem: i am optimistic. the millennials have an acute appreciation of the problems, and they want to do something about it. it gives me hope. katty: thank you for coming in. this thursday marks 100 years since the establishment of the national park service in
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america. the agency preserves numerous sites including yellowstone, the grand canyon, and the national mall in washington. the national history museum has opened a photo exhibition. jane o'brien went or a look. these are the gems in america's jewelbox. this exhibition reveals another side of the parks. two thirds of the system consists of cultural and historical sites recounting the nation's history. the bridge is the story of one of the bloodiest days of the civil rights movement. the civil rights marchers on the summit of montgomery march clashed with police. in violence. it was a shift in the civil rights movement. those images changed the
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narrative about civil rights and what was going on. the edmund pettus bridge is part of the historic trail. jane: they also offer scientists study laboratory to diversity. it dates back to the 19th century when explorers from the west brought back rocks from the volcanic areas in yellowstone. >> the specimens influenced congress to establish yellowstone as the first national park in 1872. they were volcanic. indicators the land would not be good for agriculture, mining, or development. they set it aside for preservation. jane: the parks extend underwater with diving trails in florida. climate change is threatening many natural havens.
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>> we are seeing a shift in animal migratory patterns, habitats. example, iton, for is right on the island. rises, fortevel jefferson is slowly going underwater. jane: another challenge, investment is needed to preserve the existing parks and secure new ones to keep pace with america's constantly changing narrative. jane o'brien, bbc news, washington. katty: gorgeous exhibition. it makes you want to go to all of the parks. if you have a chance to come to washington, you will see the photographs. that brings this program to a close. you can find more on our website, including the earthquake in italy. it has claimed at least 159 lives. it is the middle of the night in
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italy and some rescue operations seem to be suspended for the moment. you can reach the team on twitter. i am @kattykaybbc. thank you for watching. tune in tomorrow. ♪ >> make sense of international news at >> funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation. newman's own foundation, giving all profits from newman's own to charity and pursuing the common good. kovler foundation, pursuing solutions for america's neglected needs. and aruba tourism authority. >> planning a vacation escape that is relaxing, inviting, and exciting is a lot easier than you think. you can find it here in aruba. families, couples, and friends can all find their escape on the
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