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tv   Frontline  PBS  October 30, 2019 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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vo: the new show xavier riddle and the secret museum. coming this fall to pbs kids. marie curie: ta-da!i built this lab myself. xavier: cool! brad: wow! marie curie: here i can do all the science experiments i want an on learning. yadina: it's like a science clubhouse. i like it. brad: your very own plore where you can keepng and learning all about the thing you love. xavier: whatever that is. what is that? marie curie: and... all: wow! marie curie: oh yes i did it! i really did it! i discovered something no-one has ever found before! brad: marie curie followed her dream no matter what. vo: xavier riddle and the secret museum. a brand new show starting monday, november 11th on pbs kids. and on the pbs kids video app.
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- ready jet go! is made possible in part by: when children are prepared for success in school, there's no limit to what they can achieve. early learning academy, proud sponsor of pbs kids and ready jet go! narrator: with the right foundation and encouragement, curious young minds can get smarr and smarter every day. kumon is proud to support ready jet go! for all the preschoolers who love to learn. ing and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. and by contributions to your pbs station [together] ready! jet! go! - ♪ jet propulsion hat's his name ♪ ♪ jet propulsion ♪ he'll rocket to fame ♪ when he arrived, he created a buzz ♪ ♪ 'cause there was no house
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♪ and then there was, he said ♪ - ♪ people of earth! you ain't seen nothing yet! ♪ ♪ i'm from bort and my name is jet! ♪ - ♪ jet propulsion ♪ that's his name ♪ he looks like us ♪ but he isn't the sa - ♪ i'm a space tripper and a galaxy crosser ♪ ♪ my parents brought me here in a flying saer ♪ - ♪ and just to prove it was a fact ♪ ♪ he flew them out to space and back ♪ ♪ jet propulsion [spaceship whirring] - ♪ jet propulsion [together] ready! jet! go! he showed up, and now it's a blast ♪ ♪ looks like the future really got here fast ♪ - ♪ nice to meet you, human race ♪ ♪ tell me all about the place ♪ - jet propulsion! - jet propulsion! - jet opulsion! all: ready! jet! go! [orchestral sic] ♪
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[sunspot yells] [spider web boings] [doorbell rings] - sydney. sean. mindy. we've called you all over here because there's something funny going on that you earthies may understand. - oh, we sure don't. - all the houses in the neighborhood have changed lately. look at the petersens' place. - yes! what are those things? - pumpkins, fake spider webs, and plastic bats. - but that's not all. at the supermarket today, everyone was b all the candy. what on earth is happening? - there's a good explanation for all of this. tonight is halloween. - hal-low-een? huh. what's that? - ooh! ooh! i know what halloween is. and turn them into jack-o'-lanterns. dress up in a costume... - go door-to-door and say, "trick or tre!"
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- collect as much candy as you can. - get back home and eat the candy. - oh, yeahg] [steam engine blow - and last, but not least, visit a haunted house. - oh, yeah! - ah... a "haunted house." - hoo! sounds like fun. - yeah, can't wait to find out what "hated" means. - oh! let's go inside and figure out e how to fix up our plson with the earthies on this special holiday. - great! i want to do all the things on that list. but first, we have to make a list. huh. heh, good. sunspot already did. we'ls do everything on thilist, and it'll be the best halloween ever! - ooh! i almost forgot. one more thing. on halloween, if a full moon rises, a witch flies across it on a broom. [thunder roars] - really? - yup. it's super spooky, but i'm not afraid, 'cause i'll be with you guys tonight.
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- wow, a witch is gonna fly across the moon tonight? - right. a witch is-- - i-i know what a witch is. i saw it in a movie one time. "the wizard of something"-- no place like earth-- dresses all in black. huge pointy hat. green skin, right? h t what's this flying eahicle? this "broo-hoom"? a flying broom? what fascinating earthie technology. i wonder what powers it. antigravitating fluxinators? i can't wait to see it when a witch flies on a broo-hoom across the moon! - what? you guysoo there's no witch on a flying across the moon. that stuff is made up. - [gasps] mitchell! of course there's witches on brooms flying across the moon on halloween. - come on. have you ever seen one? - well, no. but that's what halloween is all about. tches and brooms and... - so who's right? mindy or mitchell? do witches really fly on brooms? - i'm that mitchell is right.
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- yeah, it is actually made up. but it is a cool idea. - ha-ha. then how awesome would it be for mindy to see a witch flying across the moon on a broom tonight [sunspot jabbers quietly] er- [whispering] very iting plan, sunspot. to see anything fly across the moon, since it's halloween and it's gonna be a full moon. - ha-ha! i love everything about this amazing earth holiday. it's even gonna happen on the night of a full moon! whoo-hoo! - i agree, jet. this is gonna be cool... and spooky... and spooky-cool! - yoo-hoo! ds. it's time to carve the earth produce into spooky faces. - ah glad you're here, kids. whoa. - yes! we're making this the best halloween spooky-house ever. - cool! - so, please explain the john-o'-lanterns again. - um, actually, they're called jack-o'-lanterns. - [laughs] , right.
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heh-heh. ah, jack-o'-lanterns. anyway, i went to the store to purchase this earth produce to carve into faces. both: okay... - yeah, the pumpkins were all sold out. - [gasps] these are even better. let's do this. [drum roll] ♪ ♪ ♪
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[both laugh] ♪ - whoo-h - yeah! they ! [jet, carrot, and celery sh] - wonderful. [sunspot squeaks] - ooh! excellke earth insect webbing, sunspot. - ooh! and that's a terrific fake giant earth iect. soon, we'll fit right in with the other houses. what else do we need? ♪ look at those jack-o'-lanterns, cody. everything that the propulsion family does is stran. [cody barks] just look at these. and now they're carving fruits and vegetables but no pumpkins? and who hangs an ant from their house on halloween? what is going on over there, cody? [cody snores] - sometimes, i wonder how dedicated a detective you are, cody. [cody yawns]
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- [sighs] well, come on,ody. it's time to get ready for halloween. [cody barks] - there it is! this is so exciting. not only is loween-- it's also a full moon! - not only that-- my mom just told me that tonight, between 8:00 and there's gonna be a total eclipse of the moon-- a lunar eclipse. - a lunar eclips fantastic! wait, ah, what's a lunar eclipse? - it means it'll get all super dark. - super dark? ooh! thnds super halloween-y. but, um, why are we getting a lunar eclipse? - is it happening right now? pe, the eclipse won't happen until 8:00. - why? okay. let's say this ping-pong ball is the moon and this tennis ball is the earth an- [tires screech] and this sunspot is the sun. so, as the earth orbits around sunspot,
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this little ping-pong ball, the moon, is orbiting around the earth. and sometimes, the moon gets on t far side of the earth, and it gets completely covered by the earth's shadow. - hmm.good try. - i, uh... i think i get it? [sunspot pops and squeaks] - sunspot's right! we don't need a demonstration with ping-pong balls. we can go see the real thing. - go see the real thing? you mean-- - yup, we can fly to outer space and see this lunar eclipse for ouelves. - cool! - wait. can't we just look up lunar eclipses online? i mean, it isn't happening rightow. what will we actually see? [horn honks] - we can s t the sun, the earth, a moon, all from the unique perspective of outer space. both: yes! - you ready? hop in, kids. ♪ - me and my big mouth. [sighs] let's gonto outer space. - sunspot! halloween road trip!
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♪ - okay, i'll take you out to look at the moon. but let's hurry so we're back ri time for your treat-oring. - it's actually called "trick-or-tr"-- - 5! 4! 3-2-1! doors are shut! gines on! everybody in their place? let's go into outer space! all: ready! jet! go! [tires screeching] [engine whooshing] - all right, we're far enough out and your moon. - so cool. these will be the "before the eclipse" pictures. .- so, i still don't get how does this eclipse work? - jet, you notice that sometimes the moon gets on the far side of the earth, and itcompletely covered by the earth's shadow? what makes it a lunaeclipse is that the earth blocks the sunlight that usually lights up the moon. jet and sydney: oh! - wait. isn't that exactly how i explained it back in your yard? arth?
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- yes, but it's so fun to look at the actual earth and moon and sun from space. - [sighs] you're right. it is fun. and i'm not even space-sick. - [gasps] i can see the earth's shadow covering the moon. it may take a while to completely cover it. - exactly, sydney. the total lunar eclipse will be later tonight. - is there an eclipse every halloween? - oh! nope. it's just tfun halloween surpriight. the full moon should get all dark, right whenckou're out treat-or-tg. - you mean "trick-or-treating." - ah. right. wonderful earth phrase. - oh, speaking of trick-or-treating, it's time to get back. we all have to get into our costumes. next stop, boxwood terrace! all: excelsior! ♪ - hmm. for mehis halloween? [cody yawns] pirate? no. clown? too scary. ooh, sherlock holmes. the gr detective of all. perfect for my halloween plans.
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hee hee hee. [cody barks] [engine whooshing] [tires screech] wow! that was so cool to go look at the moon on halloween night. - yeah! - ha! this is the best earth halloween. and my first earth halloween. [sunspot squeaks] ha-ha. right. wait till you see what sunspot a i have planned. - what? - yeah. what do you have pla - trust me, my earthie friends. it's only the best halloween plan ever! [sunspot shrieks] - have you eoked up at the moon at night and wondered why it looks like it's changing shape? sometimes, it looks like it's fuland round, and other times, it's just a half-circle. sometimes, it's not there at all. what's going on wi that?
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hi, i'm astronomer amy mainzer. i've gn the moon right here hands. well, okay, it's not really the moon, but you get the idea. th isn't really changing shape, of course. it's just matter of your point of view. as the moon is traveling around the earth, the earth is traveling around the sun at the same time, and that means different shadows are moving across the moon. that's wkes it look like it's changing shape. ♪ we call this the phases of the moon. the earth travels around the sun once a year, and the moon is traveling around the earth once a month. as the moon travels around the earth, we sometimes see the side that's lit up by the sun, and other times, when the moon's between the earth and the sun, we're looking at the part that's in shadow. that's what makes it look ke it's changing shape.
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so, the next time someone tells you you're just going through a phase, just ask them which one-- half, full, quarter, crescent-- you get the idea. [laughs] this is my kind of basketball. [ominous howling] [kids laughing] let's make the garage into our halloween haunt-house. - but, carrot, are you suggesting we let people in our garage where they can see all our alien stuff? - yep! - whoo! sounds good to me. but who would want to look at a prete haunted garage? ♪ - ah, halloween. i love it, cody. eait's a detective's drholiday. i can be in costume and go undercover. [cody yawns] it is my perfect chanc to solve three propulsion family mysteries.
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tonighres mysteries to solve why was sunspot carrying a green alien head? was jet sittinin a smar or a big clamshell? why did d mrs. propulsion carve so many different vegetables but no pumpkins? this is a big case, cody. ready to our halloween investigation? [cody squeals] goodoo. - aha! stuffy bear. i applaud yoe, creative choice of cost young, gifted mindy. - thanks, sydney. i mean, the coolest commander cressida ever. [siren wailing] ♪ - hello, doctor. - [giggles] [engine whooshing] - ta-da! - [sighs] jet. i'm not sure if it's the best idea - an alien? what? i thought i was an earth cucumber. "hello, i'm carrot and celery's son, cucumber."
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[sunspot beeps] - no, jet, that's an alien costume. and i can check "wear a costume" off my greatest halloween ever to-do list. - actually, you probably can be an alien tonight, since its halloween. - brilliant! - so now we just need sean. - you mean... neil armstrong? ♪ the first human to walk on the moon? mindy and jet: wow! - looking od, mr. astronaut. - thanks, you guys. - speaking of neil, i am so excited that it's a oon and a total lunar eclipse tonight. , my mom told me this-- the moon will also look red tonight. but i'm not sure why. all:ed? - hmm, a red moon? another halloween mystery. - and i will hope at a witch flies across the moon on a broom.
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- heh, me too, stuffy bear. okay, commander cressida, dr. sunspot, neil strongarm-- let's trick-your-treat! - [chuckles] - i'm so excited you get to trick-or-treat with us tonight, mindy. we'll have fun! now, jet, what's your secret plan with sunspot? [sunspot beeps] - it'll be worthait, sydney. - hmm. - is that your secret plan, sean? - no, this is my-fail scientific method formula to get the most candof in the least amount ime. t equals h plus c squared. treats equhouses plus. and the better the costume, the more candy you get. - [giggles] - want to know my plan? i just on the door and ask for candy. - makes sense to me, mindy. [mysterious music] - begin in costume, no one will recognize me.
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[snickering] [cody barks] ♪ nocking] [electric chanking] - ah, check. and the next item on my halloween list: "collect candy." - let's do it. one, two, three-- all:rick or treat! - ah, okay. we have a teddy bear... commanessida... you dressed your pet up. huh. oh, hello, neil armstrong, sir. and, uh... [elephant calls] are you a cucumber? - oh, i thought so too, but actually, i'm an alien. i'm from bortron 7. our house is actually a spaceship, our van turns into a flying saucer, and sunspois my bortronian pet. [sunspot beeps and whistles] [nvous laughter] - [laughs] [in alien voice] well, have some earth candy,
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son of neighbors. heh- bye. - wow, jet, you really can get away with being an alien all night. - [laughs] yes! [electricity sizzling] - hello to our first treat-or-trickers! magic trick? or mushy, wet cereal treat? - mr. unknown neighbor, who are you? - i-i'm sh holmes. both: welcome to you, mr. holmes - aah! - i really lovscary ha. the scarier, the better. ee - by the way, anyonesunspot? [all screaming] [relved laughter] scary. - scarier, the better, right, sean? all: trick or treat! - [laughs] okay, these are all awesome costumes. - dr. rafferty, have you heard of bortron 7? well, that's where i'm from.
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i'm an alien from far away! - ah, bortron 7, right. well, jet, welcome to earth. and soon, you'll be able to see the total lunar eclipse. all: cool! - the sun, earth, and moon form a straight line, e earth blocks the moon's light. - its shadow does, right? ma- [laughs] exactly, cer cressida. okay, now, as a parent, i h sist that you all brur teeth thoroughly after eating your candy tonight, hmm? all: we will. - mom, about the red moon. why does it turn red during a lunar eclipse? - aha! i thought you'd ner ask. you see, the color red goes through the atmosphere better than other colors, so even when the earth blocks most of the sun's light, the moon still has a reddish color. all: cool! - [laughs] i agree. enjoy the rare halloween eclipse and red moon tonight. i will. [doorbelrings] all: trick or treat! - oh! thanks for taking mindy around tonight. she feels so grown-up. - i really do. thanks, mom.
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sydney, sean, and jet: bye, dr. melendez! thanks! [jazzy lounge music] ♪ - wow! so it's not a saucer, but some kind of cool toy. didn't expect that. one mystery solved. aah! aah! all: trick or treat! trick or treat! - ooh, spot-on commander cressida. uh-huh, great! - wow, bortron 7, really? huh, i always wanted to meet an alien. - and here's an alien trick and treat for you-- a bortronian folk dance! [grunting rhythmically] ♪ - i really hope we see a flying witch tonight. - oh, you never know with a full moon. - yeah, and i'll be full of the most ndy ever.
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[sunspot honking] - but--but--how did-- how did--how did he do that? - [chuckles] it's sunspot. we'll never know. - [gasps] - hi, mitchell. did i ever tell you was an alien from bortron 7? - you're really from there? d you get here? do you speak alien? - silly, it's a halloween joke. - oh. so the green alien head is a part of jet's costume. another mystery solved. y barks] - okay! now i've done everything on my list exisit a haunted house. - ohhaunted house? there's a weird but really awesome one righthere. - hey, that line goes to my house. how coul be? oh, no! [elephant trumpets] sean and sydney: uh-oh.
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in - why is it vales day stuff? both: boo! - [whispering] ah, it looks like they worked really hard on this. can we act really scared? [all screaming] [laughing amusedly] - terrified. they were terrified. - yeah, that w- that was go. usha! went to a haunted ho check. ha! and i did everytng on my list! yes! - oh, my gosh. i almost forgot. e eclipse is about to happen. come on, guys. - sunspot, it's go time. - go time? come on, you can tell us. - [whispering] i need you to help bring mitchell and mindy to the tree house. tell them there will be something extra special about the moon t. l: wow! - whoa, it is red! the lunar eclipse is making the moon red. - so amazing. a real red moon! [mindy sighs] - if only a witch would fly across the moon,
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it would be perfect. - ah, mindy, there is no way that a witch-- [cackling] - [gasps] look! - it's really happening! a witch on a broom! wow! told you, mitchell. look, the witch even has her kitty cat with her. - [cackling] halloween. my favorite earthie holiday. whoo-hoo! [laughs] - yup, that looks like a witch, all right. - but--but hld that be? this is impossible. sydney, mindy, and sean: we allaw it. - you have to believe, mitchell. a witch really rode her broom across the moon. and this was the best halloween ever! sean, sydney, and jet: right! best ever! - lookyinow it's just the cat on the broom.
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[sunspot chittering] all: happy halloween! [sunspot cackles] : halloween on pbs kids is ndy: halloween is magica cat in the hat: simply fantastical! jet: it's stinky. sally: and hairy! nature cat: i was going for scary. vo: where ghosts get to rule. martin: oh yeah, creepy cool! vo: plus arthur, all new. arthur: yes! dw: i wanna come too. pink & peter: boo! vo: it's a frightfully fun halloween. all this monthn pbs kids and the pbs kids video app. both: happy halloween! meet xav new pbs kids! a kid o loves pretty much everything. xavier: then art, then basketball. vo: but lives for adventure. xavier: to theecret museum! vo: the new show xavier riddle and the secret museum
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as the air in the bottle heats up, it expands and filthe bal. zzzrr! remember, you o!n watch "ready jet ganytime on but now, more fun next. vo: question - what's pink and pinkalicious: th is so cool! vo: pinkalicious and peterrific, on pbs kids! where nearly anything is possible! girl: fairies are real! gertie: do you believe in gertie the dragon? vo: and the only thing more awesome than pink - [kazoo sound] is the adventure friends have together! pialicious: let the royalntiv! [cheering] vo: pinkalicious and peterrific! weekdays on pbs kids! and watch it any time on the pbs kids video app! ♪
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vo: the new showier riddle and the secret museum. coming this fall to pbs kids. brad: i love butterflies. yadina: they're ve fluttery. brad: they start out as just fuzzy little caterpillars. then they grow wings and fly. i can't wait to join the butterfly club so i can learn all about them. they're here! excuse me! ng the butterfly club star woman: yes, just inside. brad: um, what does that ten plus mean? woman: oh, you have to be at least ten years old to joithe club. brad: but i'm not ten years old yet. woman: you can visit the butterfly garden when we're done. brad: but i wanna join the club so i can learn more about butterflies. what am i gonna do? yadina: to the sect museum! vo: xavier riddle ane secret museum. a brand new show starting monday, november 11th on pbs kids.
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p.d on the pbs kids video the van eekeren family, founders of land o'frost, supporting over 12,000 youth sports teams across the country. and by the hamilfamily foundation, the segal family foundation, irving harris foundation, the arthur vining davis foundations, polk brothers foundation, elizabeth morse genius charitable trust, alvin h. baum family fund, and by the following. the corporation for public broadcasting, and by contributions from viewers like you. thank you! that's me, fred the housecat. when my family leaves for the day, i dot just sit inside watching the world go by. i become... nature cat, backyard explorer extraordinaire! ♪ oh, go go go tally-ho! go go go ♪ tally-ho! ♪ we'rembing up the trees now ♪ ♪ we're swinging through the breeze now ♪ ♪e're getting muddy knees now ♪
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♪ nature cat, nature cat ♪ nature cat, nature cat, nature cat ♪ ♪ so what are we waiting for? ♪ we're so excited to explore tu ♪ all that na has in store with nature cat ♪ ♪ go go go tally-ho! ♪ go go go tally-ho! ♪ he's our favourite nature guide ♪ ♪ we just can't wait to get-- outside! ♪ we're swinging through the ees now ♪ ♪ we're jumping in the leaves no♪ ♪ we're getting muddy knees now ♪ we're nature cat! y-ho! ♪ nature cat, nature cat, nature cat ♪ lly-ho! narrator: "runaway pumpkin." mwah-ha-ha! mwah-ha-ha! bah! oh! such a cute costume, nature cat! cute?! really? i was going for scary. mwah-ha-ha!
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hi, nature cat! really? nothin not at all scary to you? scary?! you mean like this? y-y-y-yikes! but do you think "scariest jack-o-lantern" at the halloween party, nature cat? nature cat? nature cat? yes, it's scary! really, really scary! (chuckling nervously) nice work, hal! thank you, kind sir! not everything about halloween has to be scary, nature cat! look at my fairy costume! ♪ floating, floating, floating ♪ ♪ gently, floating, floating ♪ floating to the ground whoa! nice pumpkin, daisy! oh, thanks! i'm going to enter it in the "biggest and most beautiful pumpkin contest." man-oh-man, i ju s love this pumpkmuch! i love it too! how it's so halloweeny and orangey and mpkin-iny.
4:34 am
it sure is a beaut. i st hope it's big enough to win. eh, i don't think i have to worry about that. ta-da! all: whoa! w that's a pumpkin! oh, they certainly grow up fast! all: aww.... i've been raising this big guy since it was a tiny, tiny seed. ♪ i love my prey pumpkin ♪ just so orange and round ♪ here lies my pretty pumpkin ♪ ♪ no bigger can be found! ♪ the fruit came from the flower ♪ ♪ that bloomed so big and bright ♪ ♪ the vines grew by the hour ♪ the leaves grew overnight! ♪ my pump n grew so very fa♪ ♪ faster than a weed ♪ it seems like only yesterday ♪ my pumpkin was a seed ♪ and now it's all grown up (sniffling) i guess it's time. oh, i can't do it! i just can't do it. ohy, of course you can.
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now the pumpkin's fully grown, healthy, and beautiful, all thanks to you! and now you can shrybody else how gorgeous it is! (gasping) (straining) how about a picture to commemorate this occasion of ppkin and friend? oh, i'd like that very much, nature cat. nature okay, say... "halloween!" halloween! d nature cat: ay, hold still and-- oh, wait, whoops. sorry not sure how to work this. uh, huh. did it take picture? no. i don't-- what do i press? (giggling) oh, nature c. here, i'll show you. just press right here, the big red button, okay? oh no, that's a selfie. yeah, okay, press that, okay? ah-ha! gotcha. so, the big red button it is! just stand back next to your-- pumpkin?! (shutter clicking)
4:36 am
where'd it go?! pumpkin! fear not! nature cat is here to save the day! tally-ho! don't worry, daisy! we'll get your pumpkin! in, everyone! onward and yonward! hurry, nature cat! hurry! we're almost there! sha ha! get ready coop it up! and...! (straining) whoa! oops. sorry, guys. my pumpkin! hooray! it's flying this way! actually, i think it's falling this way! look out! east we got my pumpkin now. not for lo! look out!
4:37 am
all: whoa! (grunting) help! water, why'd it have toe water? ha ha! tally-ho! nature cat, look out! waterfall! , this is not good. (screaming) phew... ah! both: nature cat! mpkin! never fear! i' got this! (yelling) oh, no! look out, nature cat! i can't watch!
4:38 am
pumpkin's gonna be crushed. not on my watch, daisy! tally-ho! ha ha! i dt! (straining) fine. you win. oh, nature cat! thank you! you saved my pumpkin! oh, i just love ya pumpkin! way to go, nature cat! you saved it, nature cat! yay for you! thank you. (straining) could i get a lile help... (straining) phew... so, what are we iting for? pk let's get this p to the party! yes! woo-o! sweet! huh? onward and yonrd! se (making trumpeting n) all: halloween party time! time, time, time...
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announ get set!go! woo-hoo! water, why'd it have to be water? yeah! ah hi! (screaming) ooh! woo-hoo!
4:40 am
(cheering) yeah! gather 'round one and all! it is now time for the mpkin contest! go, daisy! come on pumpkin! it's your birthday-- you got this! i mean halloween! hmm. quite tall. quite tall. rather-- how do you say? rotund, wouldn't you say? daisy. yes? daisy, this pumpkin is... absolutely magnificent! i've never seen its equal. woo-hoo! woo-hoo! you have obviously tended this pumpkin with much love and care. i not only ard you with biggest and most beautiful pumpkin... (bds cawing)
4:41 am
(chirping) ...but i deem this specimen our "pumpkin of the year!" (cheerin what an awesome pumpkin! (cheering) male animal: look at that thing! i knew you could do it. yeah! way to go, daisy! yeah, you won it, daisy! you too, pumpkin! nice work! hoo! there's always next ar. whoa! hey wait! what are you doing? well, my pumpkin didn't win and halloween is almost over. what use is it now? yeah. what use is it? man-oh-man, pumpkins are good for so many things! like what? we'll show you! everyone, back to our yard! you're all invited to the first-ever halloween pumpkin after party! -w the whoosy-whatsy-whatosy? a halloween pumpkin after party? love it!
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onward and yonward! welcomto the halloween pumpkin after party! now you'll see how much fun and how many different things you caith pumpkins after halloween! tally-ho! yep, we're making yummy food like ppkin pies, and roasted pumpkin seeds and pumpkin bread! whoops! so yummy! it, you guys! you'll have your own pumpkin birdfeeder in no time, and the birds will thank you this winter! and did you know you can put the pumpkin insides to the compost pile, or separate out the seeds to roast and eat them? yum yum! and you guys, you can use pumpkins in the garden. it's really cool. they decompose and become a part of the garden.
4:43 am
and get this, then in the spring, their seeds grow into pumpkins, like this! (bell ringing) come and get it! mwah-ha-ha! so, what are you gonna do with your pumpkin, daisy? there are so many possibilities! i'm no. but for now, i'd just like to sing to it! ♪ i love my pretty gempkin, just so ornd round ♪ ♪ here lies my pretty pumpkin, no bigr can be found! ♪ ' hurry, nature cat! it'time for our favourite band. dog gone! yippee! all right! ♪ come on, let's go exploring ♪ ♪ explon a cave ♪ we're ready for a big adventure ♪ ♪ we'll be so bold and brave ♪ ♪ng along a friend ♪ or two or three or four
4:44 am
♪ the more the merrier ♪ when you're going to explore ♪ ♪ put a hard hat on your head ♪ and a flashligh ♪ let's all go underground to this magical land ♪ dy♪ oh, we're r for a big adventure ♪ ♪ we'll be so bold and brave ♪ ♪ amazing sigd s and sounds abo♪ ♪ in the wonderful world of a cave ♪ ♪ oh, we'g're ready for a venture ♪ ♪ we'll be so bold and brave ♪ ♪ amazing sights and soundsbound ♪ ♪ in the wonderful world of a cave ♪ ♪ we'll see something new at every twist and turn! ♪ ♪ look, a sightless salamander ♪ and a glowing glow worm ♪ the deeper you go in ♪ the darker it will get ♪ there may be water in a cave ♪ so you're likely to get wet ♪ ♪ oh, we're ready for a big adventure ♪ ♪ we'll be so bold and brave ♪ ♪ amazinghts and sounds abound ♪ ♪ in the wonderful world of a cave ♪ ♪ oh, we're ready for a big adventure ♪ ♪ we'll be so bold and brave ♪ ♪ amazing sights and sounds abound ♪ ♪ in therful world of a cave ♪
4:45 am
♪ amazing sights and sounds abound ♪ ♪ in the wonderful world of a cave ♪ ♪ amazing sights and sounds abound ♪ come on, guys! wait until you see my flowers! oooh! i love your flowers! i've been working so hard to grow the prettiest rose bushes, just like granny bunny's. oooh! i love granny bunny! she's soranny and so bunny and all at the same time! oh, ma look at all . each one should bloom into a gorgeous, colourful rose! hey, these leaves are so pretty! i really love all the big les. oh, no! what?! what is it? did you see a worm? did you see a slug?! did you see a spider?! please don't be a spider! it's not a spider, nature cat. it's these holes in all my roses' leaves! squeeks: whoa, it looks like something's been... eating them.
4:46 am
(sniing) ugh! they don't smell so good. i wouldn't eat 'em. i don't see any leaf-eaters. i know what to do! we can get a really close look at those leaves with my... magnificent magnifying glass! oh, oh, oh! i see something! i see something! squeeks: whoa, look at those little guys walking around. i bet they're making the holes. they are! and th're damaging my roses! how do we stop them?! do not worry yourself, daisy. for i know exactly how to solve this problem! excuse me, tiny creatures! you are ruining my friend's beautiful flowers. halt, immediately! or prepare to face... the consequences! ha-yah ochop! boom! waho! row! pretty intimidating moves, eh? i'm sure those teeny-tiny creatures are running away,
4:47 am
frightened for their teeny-tiny lives. they're, uh... not scared and they're t running away. they're not afraid of me?! whgsdo these little hink they are?! that's it! i'm calling the expert. (shutter clicking) (dialling, phone ringing) hello? hi, granny bunny! ranny bunny! it's me! hal! daisy's friend! you know? m i'm the, um-- e dog. oh, hi, hal. i'm so happy to see you all. oh. but i see you have some aphids. aphids? where? get them off me! get them off me! and what are aphids, exactly? aphids are those little bugs making tse holes in your roses' leaves and drinking their juices. ey are just terrible for gardens. oh. what should we do,ranny bunny? what you need are some tiny beetles called ladybugs. they eat aphids. oh, i'll text you a picture.
4:48 am
oh! thanks, granny bunny! good luck, my sweet little daisy! (phone beeping) squeeks: so that's a ladybug. i've seen those at sunset park! uh, you mean to tell me that those adorable, little, polka-dotted bugs are going uh, no. sorry. they are too cute. granny bunny knows what she's doing. we'll need a lot of ladybugs to save es. let's go! onward and yonward to find lady bugs! oh, i don't see any ladybugs. how are we going to find them?! oh! oh! oh! i have an idea that just might work. i all help you! hey, aren't you ze worm whisperer? (in french accent:) no! for i am his brother, ze ladybug whisperer. (chortling) for i, ze ladybug whisperer,
4:49 am
will find all ze ladybugs and save ze garden! it is my... destiny. hal, you can't just-- who is this "hal?" surely you do not refer to moi! just go with it. (sniffing) a-ha! ladybugs are zis way! ze ladybug! voila! ah, okay. uh, her name ees lulu. nice job, hal-- i mean, ze ladybug whisperer. look at the widdle cutie-wootie wadybug. you are just adorable. yes, you are! but i do not see how this little cutie awn get rid of thosl aphids. i mean, guys, they weren't even scared of me! uh-- how you say? um, tough. squeeks: i like this ladybug's style. she's so sophisticated and she is owning th red.
4:50 am
zat red colour tells other bugs and anils that ze ladybug tastes terrible. yuck! how do you know that? because ze ladybug whisperer... knows all. and once i tried to eat one. le pew! (nature cat gasping) look at that! it can fly! whoa! and it looks like it has two sets of wings! daisy: precisely! those hard wgs on the outside must protect the delicate set of wings underneath. now that's cool! (sniffing) (whispering indistinctly) le good news! there are some ladybugs near butterfly fields. ng nature cat, please b lulu to daisy's garden while ze rest of us search for more ladybugs. toodle-oo! see ya later, nature cat. ♪ alouette, boop be doop be doo ♪ all righty! shall we go to the garden, lulu?
4:51 am
oh, ladybug. look at you. you're so small and super te. (sighing) how wonderful it must be to be tiny like you. then come on! wah! whoa! look at this. my wish came true! and look at the flower from your point of view! whoa! yeah! and there's a lot more to see, follow me! will do! onward and downward! oh! so feathery! and the smell too! .. (sniffing) . just le carrots. ah! (chuckling) thanks, lulu! no problemo, natur this is amazing! nature is even better when you're as small as a spider. a spider?!
4:52 am
sing) not today, spider. whoa! your world is so much more dangerous than i thought. yeah, well that's why we ladybugs are so tough! yeah! tough... and so cute! look at you! oh, don't you worry, lulu. i'm right here if you need me. okay, nature cat. but let's get that garden. i hear there are a lot of aphids! to the garden it is! well, get ready 'cause pretty far away. far?! (chuckling) why, the garden is just over... there. oh. (chuckling) i guess you're right. it is fal i forgot. i'm smw. we can make it. let's fly! uh, lulu, you may have two sets of wings, but i have no sets of wings at all and therefore cannot fly. oh, right. well, i guess we're walking.
4:53 am
tally-ho! worms are so smart, going underground where it's cool and da. (bird chirping) whoa! (bird chirping) (bird chirping) oh, thank you, lulu. no problem. most birds know that i taste pretty bad. ze ladybug whisperer was right. come on, nature cat! (bird chirping) i'm coming! ah! who knewrass could be so dangerous? ugh! hey! good news! we're almost at daisy's garden!
4:54 am
being small is exhausting! but i did it. it wasn't always easy, no, i stood my ground and stared it right in the eye and-- lulu: dragonfly at twelve o'clock! (screaming) what do i do?! what do i do?! i'm not red like you, lulu, and i don't have those awesome hard, shield-like wings. i'm doomed! oh, i got this! roaning) what is that disgusting, awful, terrible stench?! you see, nature cat, when we ladybugs sense danger, we release a really bad smell to conthnce our predators we aren't worth eating. (chuckling) it's, uh, pretty wild. impressive! ugu ladybugs sure are after all . oh, you know it! ladybug tough! ha ha. now come on. let's get to the garden!
4:55 am
daisy: nature cat! check out all these ladybugs we found! (making trumpeting noise) go now, ladybugs! to hide and le wat for ze thirst! ze lady bugs are set to live here and get rid of ze aphids! we made it, lulu. welcome to your new home, you amazing, tough, little ladybug! can those little ladybugs really save the day? you better believe it, squeeks. go get 'em, lulu! and so long, pesky aphids! it is truly g how different the world looks when you're so tiny. right, lulu? and a special thanks to ze ladybug whisperer!
4:56 am
hey, where'd he go? oh, hey, guys. what'd i miss today? , look. ladybugs! where'd they come from? le wink, le wink... narrator: nature cat, squeeks, daisy, and hal, are cartt n characters, and real animals. to keep all of our animal friends safe, checth a grownup before you bring a pet on your next nature adventure. yahoo! nature cat is brought to you today by slime. that's right, slime. - [children] ewwww. - [voiceover] it's icky, it's sticky, it's slimy. plants make it, animals make it too, a snail's trail. s even you can make somelime, so make some slime today. slime by nature. cautioing with slime may be habit forming. returns not accepted.
4:57 am
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