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tv   World News Now  ABC  February 1, 2016 1:00am-4:00am MST

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tertt is tndikou ongig yrai ttlle ianedis love.brandi repivs sch a abatka is sonesois hs inolte a t k etoi vtohe ucesepte onef e hiary clinn ficen wa btsn thgrnd time . theshiarlu a d lermio onve dth'lknoc somimouhoat dr a on ur lla>> repru , callin e ey knoere too aus. hiocatiois st f mmity ce >>orter:his voeeis a studt at istat dditiothe v a th cls, iowve ever bo w60,000ig 17,0 th hington
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usas r:ndn jul. iv ts s rt r olatn.of plic rdta dent de dethpe'sin score,hethhey' vedn rent eleio ima aboheirneigs. cauc oon tprorwag upic th vo ovnmten il's staf deno as de at the tse folks are still tly n e yogoing to >> mbe00 moow. i n't >> theing fr is
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ucs theheth ws d>>an t live faieex h hous "ca an i moes.lo forovageor ws sginia tas b connonh bducond mur 13olgirl inac annyeer t m keepsasee cn e earav een was clasd deg atiinorsayndvi kwac edvideee ve de thatt a whereacqu se relnshi t h vaag t abd a t ki b student a beieldwitbo.envtiin sngog. yeerteic src an tmrc
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camp ahrthrniaees are behind bars morning.urnder on fday a theher two captured saturdayight tnks a alert try deeho hel em. abate latest tails. rr: the taifr the roof.buauckth e fror wi a n iny >> aivveigin ov speatheed rorr:waa tin atelpewi tapre hus nre insco. sierheun be tiro max surit.
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say pded whpss ahopath. is thing you wistin?>> thi he t areel a die s facility jlro out . this one has more mern layout this t ofel separel gu,bc neta ana,caforn >>ththst now and ster fal in thsky.tharthiot fer ct dhcargcrshesave.itasee afaas awath w ar.ersofficd o wht meor observsesib thelinlralogike irt od>> tiverl tmsar sndin tir f nforn y a estann san jo, broncos ledquarton main laecper boye ar, naer
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y losy,e roy, wer nts. got loosely forhat one. don't this come downe yet. eetoo >> treou oksikm and d the thaou.t n of thyeo rt g th mh antic mia ichct hapns nighno if hlleri t rnot. hneavee cne yey rit. >inthmi caornd f atemfeatg we b anders in a fcesro wl passeers f getuyingkets and dn the otlihe.a.g.rd ormem les backndsngut a sc vers >> reer, fd on
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edioughiqd reli,buu he's t thatweeur weough qusdva ite relsiwerfulede as e exed relseiclasts r houct, aseees thaneadi cgh ld. da aht relief,y deym hour thisas bcts r de. ah, lishe pret mlives in rites dress.and t ex.eve ge allr it use osek s doto h and . sim e hatoo dro whxpt d .ler ff i go20 mutesli you freego.tide on
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dohinkut i i to mucex dr myphy h. ah..ut wt abt mike heas tt sctchygog on eswhat wksn coh to coh!eswhat orks ohito dot lle!oilet!shdoma i onucev bany 1ur t med. arreli
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>> e a ming tay tovagetized ce an. winds and r seas erorts owed.thnaynddasel runagrounro cembeated
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me ariaiayso flight theboei7o t hrerf edi mi ig.ri tje they ma fe paenrsadoetff one ro a a te tovoidip thunabai veevea o ath rlissh ios baaj but dpi s,aresee g. >> youave rk luckye govith t ways flyerr: alineprofflig fig dti dee ofuowfras.bu ifeing fin
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the sk >> t cadirhumbdeca, now e aib onha>> rr:hes sa thrd pfi are cko thsi t aliccostar 5%ceasar, hoou b?on usrfewchdom. pi aheteu rerly, iut ttohe site when ae s upu ge mail bigl. orte even you'ngs ok suay.e rgain se ifouitea tm award a t ckouseat a rorr:inth closest rpy t chpe.
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throei udmegarijua . ing urs in your ca it'srendy stes. >>stt, ywoosig aromg riacthuthi rder ary dif aair thatu'll she re wchldews no w. s ecmfianou frkeegg,mech
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hi we fansnotherround, big r cnho ke hsyearscars into theeen guinty rdmeur for hscarpredictions. all.>> o s phaps que h. ladas. >>he.a.arye n so. else tv. otomatedrn s ni boral a ea ofnaonmblec o way.or oyer flip tipew a wide of ld nopeop
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foro'es e i ew ack"r tards. jaso bemansentheedy m actor to the man whoyerresteddevelo onsparent. going t stoshg.or suppo fem act ic arded for nilineant ttin t. t g at m in t s pla a reay d bylf anskonethe c t danch ctf spotlight. frecast,ht" cmbed bac io s bes >>id yhicial you were do fthnute i felt i mywas a thing tha to be ldes m a on diecad his chiloo ty pa t forlitonrlmbiglying 13ea ki ae rs. he bes fal act win for "roo lmn.y i itight to ceow
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'mll gle s a sany bulas. rerice scess a r. ju ask h to t ait muer'sioladas. ur-ter.>> frre du dive t ofpowehen y oerfe, you so many things would n ct i'mchingpeop >> news,s an rott givenchmentar >> ua r our a cody .ut h eweicf guywh a h to hsc pr viis l s lytuinou t
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inexhe mcust, en'ling inke 4ours rgheacosllasts2 urm a d. ! yo ls. in wr mbro. h bye bletts and wo e reli. die mi leend y a bu garn rtr r het aat.t erhi mothg! owinhoes gehi atidisaer, an o t00bulyisy t eak doptic
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prsis he nkol wt,cakeha.y ififredo. baked-onitnevenna isstrur disasherwiascati pow.. through.yogheson f beern fi sce. leaghiqowreoducastslveur wee cid itanfowo edte reang pouledice atctfaste its teedre mine la houint, hreeeanggh
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een diwon't ophe . but ding with lysoe aped kmoregerman udg e aly mecoflsesoth.
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sousk-elitanodl ceofa icke and s inkehait me el.. it we eitfeel tnce wiultrag>> all ri it tthe a the big day,a , thowo st wh powe wd -s thoiio. ea of erbeeratshilook alernie thiswaou dor a c o sotof cer spos ta twti heon tnd oeas >> v . fe turnd s t >>rn.u l the tmoharnande
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yocas it'sirdnd like ptorrikdme helike bnks ree >>sin uah.isreyf 'sou ikou'snn ros totrtors ou t matot tr ierica. oue,s i a loo at te.ated at at. he bale and eryt.aty llermoin a bacrfik ab p abti a an so h cat tsnd d long huckee remb abee tte in e beliethatkas ne cphahe calnt . the waalso a e tse hs si a ahe llout,
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les swihrs at. agho y ert t oitbimon couhand wshi hve mseurl.40 hafu wrehi ecauseotesof comn hs . in hedha hwa gid a the co. herealth.
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>>h!en nin newal owa tocaes wh ary cln dihe moa showingdop frruerca ecarps ni>>xt werthtomernifut to ing heavy tdd ryrn aewhir, drithott'w enr recreationna sel'sigor e-thow. d lar,ig scr ex forhonyner. y his andal ns preiousrd th"ty" mo, ryny this nd ry a n th n>> er. ni iowas da
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bigio othe spitomg. so irsig seehe ad. c s erweta. prtiditefa fit thbainod iucus l rac bdidas et-mi rene icld has t leroseted cr co rn a acverage begins 's tom llamas. ,ld trump family tro cle ggest deall. e wibelest dear, tt ot >> rr:hakitogrut pusto turn potoea if yfeg holeve04ere, theocrounnav will the e oyoou
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uanave. yoll aakt. t of baucus. wa, hni hi >>t wriown tam nd's. ryg. >>s sho ing a their >> p where h, ry wel, ng tru. churlessg or. senator d church, both cth eelal >>or, happ.icto? d 'sil. nald trump enator r ywhattual
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bssd d vee epr:n e fil ysuzppunavfrru bnoth serco rubio wical ashe favote, se >> tedruz te ss he thdpl hinfo aru hnda v is i wlmbss u. wi crind can'eve i d fo ter: as fael te's hent wa t cam st aut onl tlingfepeopwon caucus toas, i omohiclintoshrno fulledfa thautels
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erowdsandi hilclinto ctinuoowestions abe thterst tvenear 300eswicehe grouncovered bernie her neare challge iede >>ig qiobe enough for ce ls. tol iowinananrsn da peedde ts nds hindan te isampara millin asserhat he o tch clidab reh nellgeob r ovfrowa ooiner ahe tireoliticalpo eni old new w.or to a ccuay. tecstudenbeing held arrr ap murder 13-yrl.
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heabc'pilgeporr: t virgen un nnecti wdeath athte io oldad isen ecen rorr:asd knad er theicm, atushaon isdvangeeiaus anng r ac she afileouc inmore sectuhore keehan accecc hezepo oe ay ppred ng of h broomw.00rs chorayaschild di k atldenoause alwaysuthing >> ry, policdiscoverer80 mil away father o, dest
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are evbcs,or>> w,ovoyr w bng lst evedin t werwos miy.ns e nevataha under y.nt .nto m rse t opsi dor hlt
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spupndof inouth america. a maj win t and vi auny.rongdsutalora.kisodirafllaon cicod to tw oppeo fofn of ro cuher' ll ts at trein goha pre swingdironengerosd owov r eachtrel an tnar evodeugho thst hng tds andin s ee wed weat of blowingsnow, travers. cce so h hs real one. rea,hillip ing mieg hrough
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with-up wi cutot iowjucros om hpi cal ofcis arextengt llelle - ishahe n ri>>ea soundsfrnd tsmbuit ath roedavinetitwain ou knowhero onatio >>o e 'sve g home.>> i pn brav r dead ocaale kickoffs . y hados e ofheogdrwo an a hon thmingympirangeay axcuh the alout heey havth
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el youdog? hamby. gdetrver. n'lio m . oy i t ow.t by ionif eallrte ryhay. hes yoremuch l th. is beca o dt ll thaas evoue upai a. comg.ers. u >> t > comi up ny get urs re lnit'
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po time partieto dowme vers.atching s verrech nli r ay mhell. i thalmoveryg! you 0 c t c ,
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ri ud byofsionals nk direigityothpung omecareouxtbuood baolve gh pce parb dil cos.e s t'sre aarmenturineaarinrampco ilizeme mensceey c e does saviou-ps. vern that taking formte alonthy ler th'sea tgocaowndsthifrguid ma tan of rpicle cfrn yobu.
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rp medarsupple pn coulgoong or you.e the lyice ntancersy aa, anrgatseine edof peoti ni os rveyey womiro mb, n, reest yo [disio and argaated toolhcoidenceon y buy, let tse yql li gw.x st m 's tamffer e ari-tom. se ththx usth't t!opsoin t b slf fr the lyolan
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t e eftcth. t'd is returtoy,auofprdidateworko up. iinhi branhere must en an ovngmoun aign asing, reporef top nerki in l.eneen iivow las is ee
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akro fac00adrt are go he aile upy'us. yanel usin r-uov thew io odoars e andosof a a neti h the . ndavoss edswstl unde goinin tay? >>te there l of cided voters. ther"des mne registivgatnumbers leading.what ierut pl democrat anikrs wer asked ng to ca cld yoursuad to chan your mf moid 45% ofli sd tose he ert miy
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th, i thnsad ahath?onruz tse at uwi tt? or or e am lditos uc. was ma tutanths viatand pu f plindith neighboecaperanouyour voting, g "fif't beein caucus tw ti g mut beca tt tsviatio'sfficion th can get. t tresponaidhey,reouge peoe toetut ccus w't tis ade w op e s ht afto druy.
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b ane oscndm sturco nn i. ncc tnoopdo he snns nno sk>>.ing hirn tanw s hore t suanceilm stiv. inthtwear tha tirnth p the ae drama,as 31 b er. the face his ck oversat t elmrecr a stke s me thilm oneth pecrti cngts fiasough chght r a co $17 mi>>ow. noe , to cumeareag e anjuri "inerbad fo n yk con thwien>> aa of pe tng abo "swarmy t dithe medve subject. a flat all. moigloaybe atle d. >> ion't kw.
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th night. re t rs the b faget smaleatmthvie stiln fo ssif th css t 'vbe ptt e tioool nemoizg aa aucekeyoghngh .thshe dyveten brdwayonit sandy annn hehos zzo, bente n lling i't s and i't l but i and i can fact i'll y nev but to cry inrof yo boy, nait an
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aw fcaer mchls e perfmae,huentwt e g s r maif, mo se" d nd is ctthe dimy kl es iltohe re yoseent ye i reagood. >>ucuy d g ck f t e i i i sut, "eain , the tati the 's clc "d danc a t mus w abigescast annif gr iconi of babyand tt s be l o ingrd to. youis it c iir t ling. n didalthinat wasri cord t
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d in f t nts ediohesp at ahtagin shd s sure e willaveerre tak renea justs ll looreat th. itg e 00inose praln'kn by finlyitnatu docuarie bo vo j kimbifeursnnd wifma beca alit is e. >>s monos?ohw.'sutthace toupi ne gpunky notr yk . aonioe to fplan, dve a 5000siatesnd
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pzanthi lie s,ople are r this free for guarteed aeptae life insuran ck through the loif youre oa learn t whole life iurance at gnts yourateeasefoany re if did rei inf, cahier ureptae uaraeed, n.std tmore. >>'m aek re tteouut a pulifensurancelan wi rlock loc in at r sot car cr you t yourreformn oteaseall is nbew. adablhrcoenprmco optfo $ a mth.urate keanp. yourepta is geed, no heuestiosee how muerage
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cafoyouratiot. ea cd yr hrsbut the a prataswe y oughqu. itanulwos immiately relsi porf medinthct exndleaedicinlafo12 rsinfact, ashr longe tng c aeltrym-t #1 orreisn
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sohen, t ll tecns.t goevhimo0 ld gec di d a o t r nt-xcientiy pro , helpavoiic das rid-x. the #1 brand u twns.ayasr is h... it efomesek r. y trelit enhceods tu c oft iw ha akesel.. whheoye. . iffencth ulag
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ba.yoree ut. le meut fh, yea >> me but ha wsn'te a pand unandapug inen ox of bo. th tthp ot--his wethe lmndusy th t get la wee's bard be it. he thinstall of e sa pulled milliith the r tehwi a $12 miladil>> iwa, entyf dr tirstotn e 20rausn wathth ae th'sheorth wke arg. wt ts ally ou
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abcilia ga rorr: t h sta hato be e mazi poto pork chopose thyed ids a spin inir r. d onchrkopa st ors eno ma a an sbut it comad e es. to drarsity. y're thus exper k ning estion.atk s it cso they s deion.thmocrroupth to c dat woar none teso nvcehe r n ei o oosc is e ib or re ve ia
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do. ift un le bunch ng adanc whe iacausic >>orutt ioid y cageorshes, anma m just launch the ear ofrlcouncil wa. ofhe f. >>ea m rioutoil e pork c
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1:51 am fsafe wit a tanerl eiqutis. ner imin..e ghco den dwae that wourgueh meconsly..d hogry ld gtowah othei r imag that held ltingouor ti woul havall answalys igineit dien anunr:if bngheart you alwa imane feelimpossle...
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u t w ways ima>>orni p . s . 'mrethopfothisind ow 's disioda ihe identi candafar fit test in thiseloneaso e cses. how ticewithadanto isl full>>, icatll alet pplasay bng forwa. is i resnsibilitatta. >> calnill t o e d inarnd barss moin onrrendereday and the other re capred on satudetermine who mahaveelpe dashcam video t atpp re hvens o saturdit was faywaon, a. e mer to
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t. anc: a new i"wor newno >>oornineg ts lfwithciayiowa.waedwhe is. >>ve d e y uthndof is llcuday tstlectn fothisr'presen idat on ses h d hge s mat tent d ieheca son th dem de, nestm"des ad oernderic tie. celia off cer wiocrats. >> stickstick w e te hlint ired .e,omcan't >er: brin
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e enre famage this whank youll you, leeeeel g nogedm. thckno >> rorr:nteeli tve>>ppni to aar as thr hd wndalt bi wl tm.ter: p ds clintrinre30mile ia. s, ocking 2ers dent you, t >> repn th message of unity. s land is d,hi lamyan eput ifi thentor son t accunglif smng him. >>ntleh ca
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sa carfon,nd c. rr:listthe shell relationsh pte sr, w deedect. clinthisinti a. >>ust vethatthmindof lea at hled to it concerning anant matr so. >>ep ala intoam snct voou ty lddraurehesa fr.0 voluntvonteers n anotes to vtrng to ge to hebernieders tea k on tha5,dooris weend ale. everdetaouwhen races thig gaouil ublin , t hurgeeaof hiosest challe,enat tedruz with marcoio i stanird e.e trumlyeewoerticlose
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whighan arring in a "hvideo andlfhing e ca't cou feel 104teerure.eante. ithe eou le leave u will not bo make it out of bcu ay. i love y. rump soon endse him rather than thvee fr iow ues int anodningme wirgbi des inesyo l fororverafromowanor nnit" anl t lo>> oess ing cluding e ar o coe stn murd o 13r-.igsemer acnteforppeae wsday 's cedh kiappihe rl a k h.the r stt algedl ed d oe e twval moto gandenv
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ti t. ofherdertoyc mad moce and mil at say o o club membed a gun durhe melee obu self. l of wased. philadwe may new abouthy amtrsh in ma a repo today icted in whe train sted into sharat double speed. ithe signint delopmenncvestors deteexspee s a fa ie ght opleie t and reha0 he werinre > fivewoer vevebe kild insefi nr trt.vibe t inhein t f e e ni, nthwe bu odeoit. cca fhterspt the ekd vengoted
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his eaha l teheap uto abc'ex pez h theest om f. >>ortembed mhi veorick yderfacing h crism the test reve in ininwais poseig re ped le wke flinteit befoesidts wofly ld dintes fe goveor sdes y?>>ado knofha ce. ror t e t mochidooilbedeas io"athepublicat doenome eaenrequem."e tyd the sanredes ofotalrmchal tatreemt heise fe t e fes ci yihelyrovithboled ter eloye teoryntha paulhel atas
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roulite abtdso faha piv knohayd,t'ha. n'slp ht rorr: a wainthfierth hded outoesen n b fecte ou tke tir ter sa. exerneint, chig. >> -yolth of stons an ts moin r at aea thave bn vi interveiothat sed hili. g w ctiown a tr ithwos i onopm vely iurg hile wrainhifotwo hos. yeld r lp a lki, hiprers d who happedberayi in toods. he pnt tus hse the'seenhere t wasuc t mebo heard h scrming for he >> w fficlsf it wer for at nun runack to hnearbyonvent toall for lpmalde laed thrht. is rehi
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> werf wr m li t souwet's macsshe cntry. y s ocov tes sercalirnilng atstnesoinan eg avradegh aaroodrre.w ngimeaai aweul thlate pl. nkee, p. rdinthroe es by t gntnd nigh whel en blito elve d crnsasd ro rito the grea dn rd zling sw and it won't be errohothe east ctheast'llperatu0 eeob tme oieolinesda
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anat te r oeveea t. l ltlelo rocow newrlns wi ahaefnadoes in the mpdo tmii. en pip alligpa, thk u. gapr ctinuth doware towd r we lev isix ars. e e a onof gatidis n1.thurtsro a s imlar.nativeee beloow fth b ofncplof crude well,o eareo delirger leravailawioday xt lgtery ch andard uee tt vle tot'sondrar bubefeatfor $5 o you ikjust hon.'sou aroun.
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>>gh theowo snhean pthar in carn ah cam wton pts tarolqb m fasht. ineb.the pae veyolt ever. thri a reans >> o sca esd ics esan'sn, b e y that'sizy loy bottom. this g has so mu swag right no .ing to be the he wri wtews. athatev thi lip. on t morrow.w a football li could b theyl out. w it is seeat onif ady not
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er youtod me i sitndil them ominupmhe tnd py s al timr th>> ihero h- can'itt. aadnetft mey"s,ing a murd" thth se.s who is taking ti lk at o foreca atinews now. eiquiyes f h but know todts for y lsym urou its immediately releasing ul mwhile its extended se medicin12 fac
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r l all orrecoendecoug. has bs fordelsym ffns r
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more typrmthan inthyohealthy cold and. lyth. nky edirlfa arbi. i theawup a t
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on $7 mo-xtillteheavic sti ofsions in their own sly?e do ynk youg?k, wu. 's tacesda u'reot touco heetid ofioohth'lswn hrs forg t t! pi wa! youros i s ing wr somb m h blataethasttst, ankewoint n 6bu fl urtce . >> cckhese a imagese ofhe canoes thmaolng ash a smghthe air gnwin.
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th 40 tiining ratimes. ing conce zis e d hethrgizto ldy meg toy.w. iokd tophe see icisind bthdect t vir i sqto ander t.s s maris itto.rer. rser.>>ortee nt tre fiereliit ziir>> te u. thban isou i3 mohsld btre rnitmiocha, bnorma he mothels nt zik i enas monprorter:pregnancyid you kthere was a problem anna
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iees a mr goeen ahras vit tosa loa ra >>t s mbo yo heo reth, ey do yt t toven t . epr:he inot eg d r symptoubsid. ere e nourgnt t.s tird a oate atarlarlvuln to s y ths leto qus how aredtondoutbn ths.>> it'new enon. the mleare gue peouideprtion conol eorts >>or bk at h 'sheisoing hihe f her ch , c t's rt breakg.eyls oerinome ce f wen lsates20o veabiesyon't knowly wt eng widisease'rengha tt akld prom, gi iunity s.
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anngri dowercae ey ohanghirean n'wa t r >> w wldouanto en y sd,ven riha mean it'yold d li 201 thaa lo me.>>e is>>s a loe. i scahuh. ced murder s foran>> w i mights that "worl." tion. 's next rld ne." te ouru crub dn th mn'n't juo mobo-oin] [ oi-og
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sit thnfo.g. messagfr thic aca ortedicurgeon tain'no more i stl wh iabout six yeme g om wh i took't w..
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ims arbe learned in the ho0ww(%42&w((iel@-8 0w(i@-tt0w!t% )8 0wh-tt!tw(% 6[0ww((i0ph 0ww(% h-ttw(x w((i'.>> tasantr.e er osaal and coerte 's sjef x ng aurd maelveno >>e a w fee toeyanayg opst tou ee no to clhis me. c's lgris the la tean a e tkingr"."techjas ne tweet dwttme
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2:13 am
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2:14 am
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2:15 am
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2:16 am
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2:17 am
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2:18 am
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2:19 am
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2:20 am
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2:21 am
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2:22 am
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2:23 am
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2:24 am
g io evening witiramig ast bh racight aclct. inowa ou, chela. >>r:otd rump brgi os. r faesllbe. e be dlmer, be maegotiato tha y that in p'wi m and intohter cheea. so please join me iwe o nt es rephellshs adthe rad uz ie if feing rribyove104 mpate,etutbed caus! eporten thmocr de's thtactwn ind sanise ne 24s e reerelavor turn andeteerngn ,000 thi d alone.cruzttend chn >>id pfor ct
2:25 am
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2:26 am
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2:27 am
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2:28 am
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2:29 am
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2:30 am
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2:31 am
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2:32 am
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2:33 am
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2:35 am
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2:36 am
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2:37 am
ays flht.oouohelighndon tocho,g 747 f antow a a oth ve ss of lding gligh itppled the anng and ssen had tt off e row at avoid tipping the craft. ve never hythi s be. lt yeheor artecd ithi coses, tpi dts s gng u heretillgato beyohavedo. ckfor we've bejarvit tolyheeror ats areying benetithe dma clin oes ctueow as om. tou'rexpting similangs the p o kehajustie
2:38 am
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2:39 am
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2:40 am
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2:41 am
mawhpledisatr rresvelopmt"ey tamb hanen charter on "tr" 'm goio st >> fmale actor ia vikandefo "dgirl mea inthad >> wt o t d cebre. >> did iel? >> i'mit ondetlly drunk by ryone in to with me >>heasspght.epteam oh r outandg ptu sttlig,"hiback into the oscarct ra>> you kw thas thinspiayowe dog? froe nute iead , i fen hea special ing that had to be own and >> reporr: bte act do llisldhood. tar, anyofo stinovlymbious slht annin13ear-d d.
2:42 am
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2:43 am
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2:44 am
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2:45 am
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2:46 am
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2:47 am
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2:48 am
going shoou surferokn leit marehan handle it cl it jaws, wave imu w becse i ts sfep. okt at fal 40 ft. who >>hanky 're ing th you bse this of ct on t he f hsaidhaheas g id agahe n erol > tt atw ouslightrifying r me as a mom, a young g e h. whoes do? takehirace t. t up >> way andesutto one e' ready
2:49 am
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2:50 am
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2:51 am
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2:52 am
horr, you 04temperat doctoou caavill he youd. can'le bleo igeout a ccu >> rorte manan win ia, hifeeliay side w tamily nkas toucus vio. >>ustriow t nam tr and aredone.'s itryexng. repr:umsso d jrnd ahog soundlotook da a great polhat lite ngeru w nger >>epte tru ih a bssg from . nator teuz also at chch, both canditecompg tho key evangelica or, ay d yoayicry? i pyeat wilbe didy fodona or r >>ouacal did. u iye thte w areg,gos bless aceande bpoem >> rter: i crlig und heavy fir ump. buanotrril, senor mar
2:53 am
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2:54 am
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2:55 am
here'sbc's evail wo vch ueresin nnecon wh th 13-ycole lovel >>s leyig ieson l us t d ese in th ent.ep polas chppg ic a that tlashtoisan. erri majo traar,eee in aprofile by our abc affiliaten phore e keargeasacss apiy. ll'saren diafr ng heddo n lurs or ds. load a trat as yochild needaily cati. >>idn't ink that wou haeno r. beuse e was alyshe stittlthr:sced h miles aw
2:56 am
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2:57 am
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2:58 am
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2:59 am
olloves. ou hava >> a -- hi me is .goldenever.t like thi. .toby donw i in ivay ito cau' tvechale >> he in be care o t a of yr alt astrh ev you shoube - did y tkth fkss t obisomintheryo. >> tnks,oby. >>miinskny persal jushour re lasnighs tv mic grea >>ls iedy nds fung do. a heer>>r,rgtabl momts om iowaign b ak all t
3:00 am
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3:01 am
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3:02 am
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3:03 am
fitcse ty, todawasee prenandate thrkinhao rso >>ndn s momorng. di tus hav b a erel amoun of adrtin h>>teefin top ading., you w in l. we haven't sn ivedas
3:04 am
ak from fact, 60, if youieve t ,000t he-uer e st f ds. miionss inspent, at ofre ne me v hearve di he tsedseld swayots? e nyerstunde g in tay? >>epr:herere lotf ded e'ewdemoes stpo tt er w ile ti p whemocrd an lik wer askeusing toou you b peded toswch cng
3:05 am
he oay ite.>>s thalthersome covsy uz oveer t? >> repord, camup to to catha ilert nte ter oln ciublireco pu theeople were fding wereir anhbames on pap. d gdeyo or viniv howg thet w ar elonffialld ahiec t th notingolatio no fi that anybody ed c nd aid,y,e' ryop gutndy. wening drespt yo bu did make qui a few peopleps >> saffect cruzay. hrertin g fr dess. anyo nkbr >f near e ndan f festal >ndate aording
3:06 am
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3:07 am
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3:08 am
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3:09 am
e'rekingut "grse,"sty rio t e alre tat reews e min sion of theclas tve beey goodtheductn tooomld newovtiling mulpl unstes alls a ve ce. >>seli, se e,inwirs juan h, ahehe aydy a veteran ay aaron ta. say and danny. stli t sw s zz pledy nessa dgens. o g mb shall iing a don't't ut i c and i can fet neveew to cry in f
3:10 am
ws ther er hadassed awrom .. yeah, bore the peormae dgtwtee s ing the ow ihis noannoou wldavma h faer vy utulbel "eaoohoat irecty th reorom who doe ilton," th, huge he>>e you thayet? >> hav 'sgo. luy's hd getn to>> hdotht's such aitree" wodands. >>ere at, the tati he 's clc daing" t mal wh abigail esn ca as jenner gr'sniro of by ldot o fu inor to >> cas y m,dy crs reri tdeli world. so, in c yout think thas, rpse cwford he annocent iannterew
3:11 am
h' etion emise," anlighmagazine. shs su s wilhave her urker e ten mo yet ot aa mol. s lki gre th. she itoding llime 200buntintoose al n'knowt thdiffce but twhy say. finally,iting news for fof hip andur domenties. >> i am , tual. fa j kmel feg p do vs ofilsoon by. he iooses?wo autheth a tgatoup i n't vese aator g nk bnoonoses reea yh, back . >>n onne petnose to delivered ant andhe fol o bbc, needs mor
3:12 am
cusp. righnow, people aeivi ree infoatn ki for guteed acceptanc iurancewi alockouthcoloni penogra y on xein,learn t afford ole urat guarantees youratecrease r .ifou dot rveyo imaon,llhinuerow yourccepe israeed, with no uestions.d byo re. 'mx treb reo ll apur fe iurcela th re thatksn ure for life socan veinea. diyoge fe foatn not, ea cl th nr w. is aore pl through the coaln ramhas coveransfo95 yourate lockeind n ver gop.
3:13 am
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3:14 am
put up all tght t ermo everything! yokn, tic disaster, anll of 3,000. onmo-xisy ovdo winuoipte #1 brand u prof tnk
3:15 am
yook jlit . > you jlikebuby. u'ikmeutldyoe me fatter. yeah. >>ou're kee t. >>h, woea gopanda. fu panda 3"n plentyf fice b th took the spot in weekend. lm indankful t getasd's blizzard behind it. >> itaf the
3:16 am
"theevt"ilov lli "sr whiln , py of dra t fst vesn e ceo e ithoe,utn ioway d tsite ffertly.he wdeinucsoatthy l t? omclithe i c'ceve >> rte thekeate iteo greeted bacon?g. >>ter:re p meo fpks,ose with cow made ofbutter, take a chdidetion por ch my pk chops pk op o ak. >>epter:snoug take policia sc. >>hh! rorutt t hdeswe c t dniit yore ccuxp b estion ec c ay? it'scomplicated.eyave us demonsrhedeats,ros atr thoos tes when g oto nomi e sides te t othedeo jir k titd- ro, pecior li>>r:oh al
3:17 am
ne. t s like of song a ncwe tus mul. o i ut just reiowaresiialun fojimmca t grgbush a back ey musht leadf the f d.liavega abc neil uffs lr world rockisso th itis iuriousa ted pk >>oh, for.eldisdhat y. >> oh, nodon't mis tesn ceok@w.c. . a: tabc' "wod
3:18 am
for twde bynt ugfera infor onfety drivdge.or hi. m istyre. anderal of t 200s. oic ach voeybam. re h our nds 3-nguinsd. i ice you'athe do eat w e big i atotof le avocka beuses thei re a b m all: eat well, plard,andakitalance
3:19 am
od forgibs>> i n. are sofhehenewee g is mo "d in ia asthe presidentan f fist iis s e iowaaucu e lsw t ras onotiditmpin lndde in ati tie fuoverahea in, a suicattack halled aast ple as peace talks may be moving ev isesibil r that inalorni a t o the esped teare be morrenreon fy anr tud on ay.hoin dermino mahape th. s whaas that sty fireba ithe y? dacao osh atpprso aetr reac hve satuayve.thene f awa theshingt, ea.
3:20 am
ouncer: ombc news, i"w nno" >>ning, in t houth ciay. wewae th >>have thda upo ndofowan cs inhe fstlen stfoiseapral caat. caatn s h ifd h last-min an ralli as pbl can. t dsi, ne t "moinegr" cnt thresa stical tie cecia vegaks offerag withhe democra. >> stick with me. sticlan. stick xperie >>r: hilon is red up. pouand ca
3:21 am
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3:22 am
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3:23 am
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3:24 am
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3:25 am
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3:26 am
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3:27 am
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3:28 am
thanks tall th heat, of severe fr over to n tons wh orninis domisippa,ip r, thu.> pric ce wardnd td loweevsix ar the pricllon of g nioow $1.80st week c s is tthalloow m ofre s c er kg roew tto love . thtrng all s. pay, vetle gstxt l drehen buery sathsebe e tw mbe had rger.
3:29 am
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3:30 am
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3:31 am
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3:33 am
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3:34 am
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3:35 am
there ca esalvad is all y body you have no strengtho anythingn t do. eporter: sheegnant to se arnoregnanmen u.s. he vand a nu of stth parcu os t owre a t an ou >>s a omon more rthe bett can e op a nd ctrol eff rorter:ack atr is doing everything she can for her
3:36 am
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3:37 am
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3:38 am
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3:39 am
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3:40 am
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3:41 am
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3:42 am
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3:43 am
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3:44 am
ter t geethnuteadley,att, baum go sa2 ashege for cwo yrs ia go i' iooor tan ta ca ting. g whon? p! >> , n g ! i ty,. hl at s kn th youp hid -upse ith at's the >>s the spo
3:45 am
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