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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  February 2, 2016 10:35pm-11:37pm MST

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sl earlyis or p is apire[ laught ]the big announceas madely t moom aled bb . >> i w t hanchi wter com nd. therhado ! e sgyorecas t thheg th yo[ bleep t ur fr o oy - im: 19 bntis, wro5 me almt asfsho ingsanes [ ught ] yo kn,veat show for tot. ge coneit ]new m dcoen brothhaarderleavh anil [ ch]herought witim bobcat
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."[ er ]ou anyer i et e tmnodaveht a grnd yoowogrs y lit bifferehe iosanle ctetend hiogno y,da h areouing? he jimmchrsppe >>imo tdhog i gues am ttp.e holhe. my so w t l. rsionf gundhog dayswhen bteupomesut holeheoe for tno etn goeor kal wre i f meksnterl gh ,uthoow on grndnd swhapnshenutte cos -- hofuy cut orxogme [ ht th >>tenhe ?>> ah,he ihe. >>my.
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whatouedoing. i'l s hth>> j: youell h the'ssfio f as h for t ->>'scide as f as weather it s. >> j why dohe groun ut o holen t i peiand n ? hi a comfortl fau hou fo >>im: rea she's getting attackanvil way ] >> fr, fawa fm >> jim . okay.reatriment.laught>> i che plseimmyn't ha ans.anks a leter. bught o als wi rse otuodiceremb, thiis vy poan bse a satyconcns nef anils g loo
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ugerki ofanals,nahien coued shing cd orichy titemens wil eat a rd bcken wi dure sup this ar i didn'the w a chickencouncil. d like t g chke gatnd coingdecisisonder if turkeysre seetly ahe chic we eatn super bowl su they, ye tha how l on thng bustdaupl media whete ga t g wd f ces a s. desands, w w apl, isow a oaasr, g aon whsrbk n whoofll cav be greateste sceerma jackn mehi s jeajty apeacde cimrilsev tsee ceeaicimjongil
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tew estemangoing t lachos nguyen me but iid hul w dn t sps a d. jmys ore must b h ot cith.apna kn. i c i wouldav dhe babyg. wldav [ uger hi aut it, fe oksfolife. st nhts iur y aucuhtiodnen e .he%f evo. doldp,ho wd cn son 24%. an mcoio r b h go conri
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in ttcoio g yoay ithe smm [ laug ]t conat t tiswin. n nhepriden 't it yumble concession spchhich pected t m thinkor a veinprerwaa t it. thxpts s ldthere. iecd e.ce."th hstra izeizind "bec d n do en vlee e, fr of acaa strse. nenete deal. "t med h ner mlohorenow fair ind g ndheote tnst"ll an "i don bvenenanyrethe fse mcampai e ly kp doi t north
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wo?hese wre gratowuch m snt owncaai.laughter [ plpooron thas him thnlso ilrifo d t the who h toelim wouavet his daur . s ret. m he' beal wted. tleebus ise nied iceit ofheotortedlnts o $2 p vote o he haveuruhne hoverd[ lather ain for arynton be [ lauger [ apau ]
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rsity ight . thissrethiss omenance po. among w cruberumpnd bi b a po. g blas, s, aothe n/ [ [ ughter ]lohetantewh ro pce blk. dex ty'redeto n hahi k methg.itrdow w d 's l l ghe opleewes te wtart fdiut very elsks.[ lauger ] iow i .ndonct.kabearmautthe d i onl w y drop ou a r none htrtwiisouar sheth cov t "jus bo[ ht d,ft ted cruon h venr-icpe thanng g a his wwas for o-ia valu ononuny h ver
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inor him.ctut ptt we marcubioonaldru haveee d t very importantart pmary most a of thdates go o their t tou bib theai wehotoutein t rl qs fr themacaates thes t tseuy aclysaidde want g ia o wh the wld snderoefjes. [ er harrdofhes as s ms d lkour beuseoue t peo o e e.loau y loin[ >>acishatdaprieet a rp u shldedmitdnthe s athipo [ applau ] sad g ay
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ounydy vuh b f i'b ck t oerhing wis youout es sele v les anco au >>l balill l. a! us[ applse jimmy: wake a
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mp's st th cd d a rmaeal lierook l k,ea cfergy at nrabamade f.buyihole fa is e. no t-mob
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checoulfsm onof oospune gee se ot e. ney he g fhph he, neli t ssu la smanymo. huto-milha o artpne whi i d e falysmneod
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y eet u can'heutw. [ a ause >>th. lman wle aorth anreacta. t rsit lrng me. iehildre aou- fes itreanyw.el cou re. gller a i, whe'renoking, t a s p to hel kiithmewo kidsl in q andwe help.we'v bng tfor, wha abt ye: yeahthinge thought might to somof what w with yought. t sd g s
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ason he hoper [ psind yo wan to we elr >>myhellergo afoo m. is ilo. arehemerk hys ur vid ctesre gomht l ,gu >> .>>immy , ie a tu s gh whr nas? e i johni xth-er.d myhis fe hnisouwife. - >>t kinues ? my: ihougssoqu.thots mattie>> j:ti a ce ttyou. h y with workelat es?aybeou'ravgomeinof reseein aal>>we,'d whaasfi
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wh we uigab>> sng e other. jmy:ye uhod vesh otri>>ne>>:ev djo i y wea onde y ne no jmyno.ok ss hs not ane.>>e donavth kinofthin ay scho. im: w tha beeve. our g wedg >>ade,yoiv o a d? >> j:hingavey ge ah[ laer tut air ou k what srlieis? don :linou takeur frs,f headth toibowl you f toile nd h hairll ice camon, [ im: w help
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g?>> t notn thesacal it e >>he is-els 2. ho t brolncor' he ] so's nnoolanym ea dnot'goon ,ren uest makes se ou havether -you have aer qu ok.nephew.myou dve. >> i neraid wasg. >> jimmyyeah,utnknna assume that, >> .he only 5. why ys fiwhatth qo ve ysoio wca ah.immy: wit? the emythe a of thear wasimanue
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wereoto s no w s no nget ri ank. m in say u oiln k. j: le . im weetill wi- l filtit a rpbrylly. as ug l t,? thk dai ho the.anoo a scolok? >> .>> jy leho l tay te ho lg d ys s youwe maie weroerndsier >>my i the t in l uger thksain yng le anhas t eryeho tcng. a merkpeys rembds yon d homor
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ys chrsndppus] >> jmy an,ki. tonighonhesh, d ons heithiercanals, ande'll brit ba theorgcly. [ ee alaus dkypoio of "jmyiml are ou
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wi fshak digrno zz 'sotivigrnmaevemem l oj estionoreei ga myights (mdrintey) but ik,everget.t ou he 2fo be unsab
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im: hiweck ght ani p one remal oylanet,salm he wi uribobcat, a -ot st ld bo, a ran boanky c eiechic ealookin kens and w tt ig cintatu giinand sic omkooursguesis b m hoinisewov, s big moe ar ihifour colon wel &anhe verail, caesa, we t osethinhingf v orome so of spiritualension t pbussha
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ipop -hahetod circ th w,outeno bust ck snk ahe sdio hbeen g to yound eveel who re.r heardmthin mr agait bhioreaveuosselu i yown duould never do. shu >>il cr"ns in thte ay eaay h tgeoonecheepp ne.niceroup :'vgo to thrrt nhtichard dreyfwas he >>t.
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stood . ani told, oh, ny er up, w tell no an laugbe thi w e sh[ ]>> jll gas h some er ] , fee'mooki inmiy te'rre. la ] it is odd, sebi : wwere i'll.ho au? ngllri eallodacryod jmyhey,hen u' ing t and aga- ye salme imow s ncn uetocke im:s h jy sl. butnod reesdo te overn, h dn'unrsta. [ laughter >> jre yi std.henk it er htagn. wethat ,thu or andrag dtorstrelan th er i see. treaughglot. >> jimmy: we're in iddl of awardsre. >>s. >>: a isad
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bu i't bdange bng in aovie he brotrs? i mehat est reive a don-ct't actouldhe wng e f t calle s a mie aou d t -- [ se k thk uer i eve tit >> jmy w sd mohele>>erabd th plause ]classi my:ig jto apse bs tt >>utbeyveipthalle up sino e,yoe iit li ahthey liko o rehe scpt 'mo beit dirrs you reawant to w myhi fitot grtest tvetoyb or ynow you'r ben moe >>br e. jmy:yeah.
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beuseye is -he stanne to eonit whe otinghey haveug they kd-e hahoeou dta. thook ha, ha, . la ] very odd.>>im:th eve wotors a ehe. oue - >> i tryitm ainst.yeaht'mu, idse y he>>o seten tlm?reallyonknow 'sonanight ee t. ey ylnd at otherme jmyhe ty a e- tre aeaifulscen tsmovie. e ar . busc a danne andn k it it
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mb. dtey, i t ys"ae ." likine th. dt'hron trning ug ukn "rns."soeas : yot oyoid t wr aoman whut-lddeth? >>onw yod lthmi[ laught >> arg nd -- n s ]cae't th unrida nig and ioneath. ] y g bgog. yow,sothet table. ou wer aarwhereki i >>myas aota
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my:ndouaw --ve a he mthndcourse dmy pen gtsouber bng wheou t w bec hay b yon't ince wch jus brutal you're holdi e innsou ts drag be u doge uger ]: he a lhiorng ce joey. jimmy: g $5or aneral a $5 for aweddin thereo wt ard,re was dife bet and y same[ ug c teahogs im wou gnf?>>remy:haasrd b rk wright? >>we, first y srt oonionn u',oukn, 7rs d. and i remberfeing
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mean l aul [ la ]pl ]dy hahaon p hind tha reen. uh tak thiac and try itai ugor j tods ali wan to tlimhe alins. t basi. domepit le w m toer.>> mudetend w i sool we'eath bl whe s abbn s a nd for nae. byifth , aun pele,ouw knouvoi'tssha i was imp for ho tcaref. anou fhoes grand jtofy be. tn cleansed uger >>im: it weirdei thic ity is
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did tha don'teep doith. >>immy e oin ahile you have to d it n. >>us forfun. >>im we a knoour rs reaour b e.rirsndla thatas brit exciting. erex isw i'atchll the timeen we come- ver hroio .
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eers and applause he 1eks ke sgt stopinasscboters thre y t 'lsar.
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d i'e rit ba ood.te. ave bely good todase. s get mais n ce p.
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bscl. medy b mealis a b aall? ,xc i know i s to bu r'syous -mngnd we tti ofe. er[ laug ] ja margies?>> jah she'in "good"so st. nle y, b gsss agisaco eriq
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eneoon comtsue->>myunioer>> wneoloey s he's for anre >> j: -heo dsit t? alht you , id gom yo , it- [ rs as jos. hie." >> iow. ear y."?>>hn o ."
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l ri,lose ouou h ascl? el l mse we vereohhter ]oh.h,s t imngng? tt teibhter ] >>im thereg , o.oty. bu j i - i ddo micsu alrighwelletn wipeon gu >>ay you thi weimmy jt operate on wh you wedbeinple.oh m go g. >>.il.
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neysdongntomuispt fa er venartapn ve whais ildn' .co'tmehter ]>> wa h atsoul cle. [ uger ] ljimmy, stayh ] >>is sndorre..oo essu.if weia ac cav -hat'it oi meon ayjin,mycomeon mmross, isotin
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yt of e be [ se p, hippy ipop't s o bab tthenoou heominback! >> ie! [ >> wve >>,av se thi. >> id p-av>>os'r. >> yiu forng a [ ht ]my bhank ,no, sth avin m life dr dou ross s'vayand
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>>e to >> re[ chppe jmy tas rll gd reunank yo.hugheoee "sar."
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ch a ala] >> jimmy: b itrynd, our gst hned he grho hlo tm masr ilas andho anil whenday y watppy wl12." heth tn, vemo. chee alaus] >> ton t gs. >> j: l righ them b tirwing by ewings. ho couven fin >>ve tngs. er ] >>immyo kn i wou b rrizy ke oing t e those on hter ] >> figur i'd sta oh
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th ie imt fuoft'near nohe i wgr ngs? cae table. see? myrscoorblmi's fint. [ uger y akt? dmn re yo g juraeet upite nd yougo. im whaut the oueot go.youot s. chicken wrer. jim lk aatal am. [ hter >>you w tohim?: no. i'orta atare ukiddg? ht se aled ch >> j: bechey esilkheexre he theerhe ane, h bmeat. f i werocken breeft or brstain likou ted, isblk. >> jimmy:eople the n'y.>>immy i st tnghatpl
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jmy: 's so beti thathey, i to be beau on the o blacs night on the inlaughter ] se a the c ourupowing- : oh, y hav t e eequles.>>ah. >> jimmy:ndpiesat icke? ts cck dsomeing? iee som ng. yo.>>myhe ae lmuet tha chic, [ er ] iy'reugh ingt iould b u. jy dohe lay aumhe he ey a l o10 aarwhen rm jt'sy g am. d tn tye otl eyust lookeay w eyebabi. vyte ohinghas t e t tt rou t don ha, thi
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okggood bit. jmy: it's like somebodyed an u iide lauger ] y, dyouuys w achkeye unowowoolem t hum pt wn t wli i jmy:, ustrnd. ythe.>>im:hais aut - this abt. now nice slow e oyean sayha uypaicul d't isobo'sovin ov th. >> jmyne yowl t ar . laan h gelile b oro er : laht s y're oo en. >> jmy sul yotake co wha- >>sing.hi i a a hes a yndoc
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ug jnd what he ?>> ty eatostthing.go boy>>whehe ce om aoefrover ntherica. u ca com in >>my d't w m ey t' notlagyecot. iyo stys pfe ats. ey ave bn ad anhing. becayof- nters. l ratr or rabbi o immyicke io . ddy. lot hi j ay bcs,y e y? arehe n ug 'm g tlk around g a bu u're goobo jim:'r mak eye act. lauger ] i .iught couet him move. viousle's irose's got >> how m likular tsre tsets if iadas poi ball y o --[ laer ] reehe ys ballf ynhe g wld andy'reededats.
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thanouroukat. >> jimwell yeah.>> bs gayeik hunt tngt wouldeus ke s the. >>immyeee ye a se ghat leasught ly spes sto hsn't r i toilur auen. [ uger ] >>ou d'toullnimtoch is gueiuc goods going to ln waitke, for sog tete cse an h j . hyf eighbu >>d what'siggestanimal he'capt oh md, t's a n. ah. shs t mak bot okot ugh. >> jimmy: yes,lsoumiliated. congra. it smste. w tht' laht>> jim:ille a youll oveer >>yeah. >>ou'r goi t k i ur nd
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t a -t'n acteght?>> thi eur. i'oome arou and ta otrgive mnoth haful. im held k t skf wted uger ] onefou nd. you' a good bo jmy:ow it him ? no ug ]yooio lik. you'oing t h your cendlatndou gto s i u hosnot. laug ] donant y? j:ktow gro ut >>ook h se is ay si j:e'soang ath mout >> gy. apau ] >>im:t'osbl >> tyou. u ala that.[ applau on, iny. itting down yo>> jimwhhhy i os? woue howwesome would tcaught in >>'rthenlpers way trea nownd he's goi to sll i wn
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yeapplau jmy:asn'tlo amy hand.look at. it g like froth hter ] >> arigh.ji we suppo ging - >> kw.oh., mygod. ome on buddmy h ts a i w t atck >> iusks whit' tree jim: >> b -'m yibo hom he kd ofdly in a wa on,own nice and le. good be tusks on om a r sh whll do tisead real rllyast lly gouge it's actually fun ysk use the typ qui aggrve t gngryheca ally,eay diomaa l g laht u ngi j dhe lapt t thhuntght? h the th. andf uustouhese guys dangerous.
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>>immy:ou shonots with al lis a si >>mysi >>our hanup -ah tine. ouave it. i' so it on. me here, buddy ris. jim: bis i me you're sl >>mye'said. ce, goodbo>> trained toyeah. si coere. si sit. immyoh, boris. th's ptt go very smart an sion st. >> jime're goioa cial k, ris. yollnoth of the sgtiit ro
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htap [ ]immy:ant tnkeorgi woug ur. ogsoatmon. an o o i, thank you so much.
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an tnks to u,s. een aood"nnesxtthks wchg. od [ nd app >> i " t -he c stg t
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tot.ntti ca g. ith rdco who's sing n v the ,nsehe big i i.s ory. ffarall et oos d inside mf cro thela him the nise>> i'm a rainma >>ter:e ornevenearsthe semam cre fa jew ioff f o io oll >ndth
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