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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  February 3, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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p is losin.uestiserament,rump ien t,htre, how pla jyseforg m lladffom npshi reporr: t, do acngat cru ofsing dtyrickto w t iowa causes.e cuti cg team cr scaus that d b csomit drpi o. hinlt b carn do hd enn. ais ror t caus, thcrig terss ma, gorng ca iakg te off" te ind "makg a bunnt n
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aid e n hajust left e idt during the cauc.r:son today sayi me cost him vot what haenhiwife candy s cauc locaty wife went to ccruz rresent spok t wa in factnointo contin e obousld him oftion > reercr now ologo carsbut st hispaigacti ll forpendon gn p miortion o, notngo egoaany. d woulno thathws y m ed andcce. cnn po iann d go fda ite of w mpe, osoutcaro anso - >> rorte a dirri to cse vers? is irty t to ss our neries? you' thebuss wo think i a dirty tr w towardiabc st or is i just a t cnory?ter: tt mont
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r here's s tol that o id qnqam sumiis aits epnng they r ed anying aba speciaannouncent. p noing fo ation. weln, i surise thawi t anothetemperantr, or ou likeet a taru >>orter: cz takt rer. on't knoan wouldomfortomho bes in h n tbu meoake u oninnd he president, would he duk tom now lth w hauzow apologito . do dr.n pt apy?>> rorte iustotff itcarsmpaign d ey tl me tt d carn
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plthrustfershod f, lyf cruz d n apovof tirctio. davi t ls adg offagn nit. m,ha y>>d withussiys now l d w mpprar hiarcltoargug she' atler nds'ome binig eretng hpod fo ssma gabby t sas tng reers, thers s anf 'sightex his he sin thelintave be cpan har c's cecie exnsame i gng to be out here -- >> rorter: hlalion at she h homturf. >>urcord heyto win lide otu>>eporteing e h's nnging.
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he. ror g ste in sa bd,buths inn countrple meder t s ckn 20 - >>ou kw,his very rsal f me. >>eporr:ndrad sbd,ears haoumu rorr: b nebale. mph ien wwi rorr: t vmoenator asd hilrylion i rely pessive- >>h,omdaysye wheouncha p mode. rter: w h.>>t of usenhte ssfighd geg relts op aecegve w as , t.
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flt,icgares you knowdad,hehave bn alg tt tecrisis a rhtcelive, with us tight. celi tnk y. and usda bereewamhi, rdha o candates mig sn o re. pl yse o. ilnofos -ect t sat en rick ntum w ia ur yrsgo. togh he's exctedo opout o ta bir. lerigh a's nathar caus weavneequ o polbe wmon. thightetwe do aedruzve osesa sgest ben w din the o t iucus t epory vid. kw, tmp is ndat iowsul ed n goiha. ifhere ie th hard t dold umt'enstria n et one of e couetomeaner haerway he ctaly h gteri
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you,heerth leshie st imao bi thonwhnohewo pelehaca iahead h inowloedn a atmah. >> a rhtthdeta ok pttyre hi y thyou uresjust tee tpubl te, reits bo, thghforehe bwee llz e th, saasterihen ab >>t onigh anpoweinomo ine. eazz windto s da,ma r s, spng. alswordin w, manalf n irrertna. dage omef-2 i alaba,eani w uto35mis r ho. ste is ese. rtecroct un, tee,rvllcamethhighchl ows thmomee crhing cssros. nigh there'so por an hools edevybodwas gonee. >>es. epnd tt ved live >>es
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rorm e mii btet icos. rorr:wists miall gh g gter:er serce te erals f-esere ye iraful g brhrough epteheto was suoso r y,ut try llth ts e rao hatoreue fr ring outde shvie d laa. hetoivke hernginon rr:heerve ador mb,th a iseann midsteystl inal rta0 eba. tha cd. i's lofotoachffhe choornripphiof cloff. pult ir cone tottionthervi sayst thrnadat h
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davi>> sve, ank u so mh. i ntget gh r nit,or comg of yet otr poib tdo tohdoworr:h,e d on ow j i norea geour na atasinimisd. t e alhrt g foarisoi t hvy rain. you seittrmi i fld tcs ross theloda paandland ineoiaamg l e y tcanada. dheno pac fmas ek bar n helnghe siio eecll i nnlviawel seetwo, repoib ncfain tast as nd ouiethe ntouef da andhen coldt the eken ok athe mbers ue moin wellelow fezin n end newmpshndth f ishhaeld anormom on primatuday engl we'lchiny re hardy i nand. cd rohanks. xt to your hea tonithe breaki headline aika viru the s.floridnoaring a
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east ns and ng int stbrin t to ows 13tes. ju a lt illas on ton tmiion te ctact.e gs fm auit . d thon.>>orte tht, e epid connueso spad flidw fistth has e riy mouito to cla th e us ncain fr unties just4 hos afteanrt abouneng aveletnghe om ites. e latease of ll wasratted slly, personted s avelrom neto passedheirus onto the risk frore me at pentiisk for b deformities.dore alnglogica cation ithgera may ltogrzil, the omittee ng athl
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car brazilhepi i'tnowha it'sp t hely epide ntrol he same me. >> a d besseith us ain tonigh an ri you well e oridaeclaring healt emery no and,coursee case da, persono person trission a sex. so, whre the wnings tonight americanwhen it comehe ziks? orter: somarng for ditionalreven, men who have countries whe canseec fifrt pregnanrying tothat will insu that e do not trans nd in the time ton drbessthe rew taking a as well it mes toing blood n >> rep ainmagic mber is s. e d crosecommend that awho has a where zis ansmitti, nating blood r 28 dayd e reason f uncertainty as to whethe virus could be in
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have n hat our ood supply stays safe.d? >> allighterus rithank u. we turn ne tonight to details in the murder mystery that 13-year-old girl in virginia. ahoriesayocia media might have a role, and that' how he met ofhe college ss now d, a former hil .here's e p from virginia epr:ht t mito ther-olughto orstilngo toeras lyrienel a news, se ne lo w at ho lf-ciohe ed a bious chilooilessee hamul acco --faok,ag sn,ki ehemetidauhe aorme
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>>ll's h last tay out, pusngss bom or,biut herindow. saturday morningavidenhauein hrm argin afterno, au lovell'saway in noh cahe accomexpectack n co rrowoning.ths nd b nindrienill ry lovl torr. vid? >>vathanyo ne thttoerin15s hithbieshemen s. buisvening aewseesris mawhlor sa ther lel oth sndlers outhereig now, and one, he sails, b s ys, ggern . 's's ros >>eporteonig beard ma is his feprisn noroli.pris6172o olled llf
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thlar an hou beie! ut as ped by richuss in tabc moe, m is consi nius b hisw in p off t bigst narin amhi foer cat.d in pr t me ton >> te ad to . nkas yinimp dewh w . thk w glafor it t meo e. epter:heovie alsdectw e onpeon w gud llut, harry maopos - >>'m ag hiofunni a nzscheme. >> rorte - w ignedy e. forea. waithaobou thaea toige t aszi he? oo fines ow, ,t i nzsche epr:arko now nng a ivfr ctbunesstobc wsrereorke >>hereree y. ing thr ibonollanz heto ror idingne,
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defo sinhef an a inhati 's coow ainst61 aegednzi scmes. novihehamarkol cal, e s.c. lists. >> the st. brn ssthk u mh. d suld rendveon atmadoff" rsonht and torrowt 00.m. he oc.foomrowighty a abc newspealadft 's109::00 p.m. eastern br tou. thtih aheawoight edto wer a w ouatmixplosi.thria jet 1,00etanhepassrsab >>wekitogh bcoy. aas jciin casagnshi alhati spe i to eus
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k pres, in, divinds. eqummore thatsos thstratings top yssingle....95 onne.s trades, lower than td eritrade, scab, e thsmartest investing idea isn't just what you bu
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t thstery pl11 fee a holo rou of ow kssenge rom ththers r. did kle reporr: e,wing thole lled b deti, meed t pasitti o touftonss unaccou foa body w on thhesse ve. e saw hole in the planwoy abouis, , ally make it? t abua-1 ha o fshu, w11,0t heelags tope r lotobc ns, a ma expts bieit w a mb hef e tscan' m th i enar he mt woie
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an rcraeith boufor thu.r in u.s>> reptethofthis admitight b answe ex inves may be trave dangertry. dake, c news, wash david, thank you.> d en we comenight, rememberingom lend. adlln ght, up fos.
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