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tv   World News Now  ABC  February 4, 2016 12:37am-4:00am MST

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[cough, coug? janet? cough hear me.donkbout it.took mucinexm phley coug .bout mike hasy scraing goon.gues? kss coug cough!guess ? ks ocoug atstdon'll m ler alt! she t t! li banco2 ur e ll. art th diry.end this oi bda y lhto il'sleg adesbe f vsi o
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aitd was bac450er ough >> tar. wlenday athe superbowl o ha tripp uf th in th past.e up allline" w ab jchan plause. orter:he g applause ar >> reporter: ly as bho wor de owgca as str mterful perin aound o muc"y mbveouai eemi u witonan ing hers owgesakg on amer an a its bstam nggr spne
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et's rla s aregh it5rs ago whi n belted o what stil conr t b of th sce a buy ofin h atat serv, ctina aguira forthewords. hao pudlyeed ten le ds d or20 c chip of >>ndanort rosne rrerfoce hetwilht gam sngls ly ga e footlly.
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the oo commy servrkinther,uden roble ild aptheiowleinhole thessronduticar orand arng tli. t urooin. vit: w.lende.v to >> torniworld neentialac. n andde tinhe e nipushg eachr ait l tedea or wh os ar disgta acretct ld pulounesavgomroems ws pva
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epor aing ticis t c aft t cram t e-m oncaus d sug den carson m lea>>t ter: donng cruf iteetiru io,e sleit. he benso dog at hdi that sgracez agi t ca. it for o t oorourten eptehiintosier on doc o. rn sanrsalli io qutiheer hla clion rll areive. >> se, yes. whennes t con c a sg sovme sandoubl d l the newre lls.>>ecause it'bouturrds, hey it, to win by rorter: and con o inde. thelin dats f
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deng gup o amerans. >> w oit amerin faly when partfur famil el sond class orrget, at vyabc o ti. the psio cge llywd s muims olesre unlated atcuri> the's a maj setb f the pce taloria civil r. u.nvasalle ampt to ationsl me leris mon es tsfailed eachidecc t othfusin the irun. secrof s kryaynm wld raeravolio th aolalon g oloda cledealthrgcy ca otheikvis. leainesf mouinene ddn or althlsieve casereeoe ract theisse whi elg to aed untr
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wakroor slisw sups t sav y, th watn contad oxels o withtate fal envientafficia blami athreeaw bnle f al t 's ld pes leg to redent home w c gheerr chan ahis hearin ts shamtelawme y.rnor r snyden'testfoerer iga f ss.g w, vernid anc tha wantond millio helphete renpay w bis.rendp? toumu. >>th suaault c aitilos min d.auded t agast comia a we turic rn rain inlv.aorho t
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hat ti rter:has w apogcabust by cn's llndnyai f o misimaon? o,ot g oaulnotehat nesty ted accat cnn po i andint, dioridstof haou d -- >>s a dri vot is to passon ine ulyoittrk iasoring bc y?or irtic pan n's r tt atcnn,iv sa cwa yi trow em s. 's s tolt he whomefla uote uuoteth thepaigfore is amp. rnn s
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he'sbc'sri rs.ep bnamaffs tfera nth on nbe72wh ond ll o na mm d be a rid th moviadisonsire hillowmi, for puing the est fil imin acan erlm. nfiein fk robb is sblic f rsnk he gl ht. i in wust,ou know, tearing him ie,. o come to a close. >> reporte m depicts how the one person who d out,arrykopog m rning. >>epnore fitouhaeasythis ponhee mito , foat is i scme.
1:41 am
a ate aud busiss, bc a mliheretitoy. t i >>ngneat ops,rove igr th bff. nce the mad an a ay i meeforms ckedn on61 oth ponemes nowwhar brrossewk.>> s tth stenin.'s fruting fli us wn't fan waysitig to pl c f hing a real by highin the fet, whet'snglynkno >>off" the movie a c.dahe b .i rg athi e rm of sdaq know, $lion he ok froveand
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1:43 am
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gls ng aor on theed rp.meer h at goen ob? e' she s vega is o spgh s l yepthrothbl a fuz bhr hiendsper smartub sideo loll ereionshe l trein rig? >> the rgwit upe r ya ugh.y sises kiing uh- m gonntaexnux. , wee o.dias new liidu're cg with wa?!
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1:57 am
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1:58 am
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1:59 am
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2:00 am
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2:01 am
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2:02 am
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2:03 am
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2:04 am
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2:05 am
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2:09 am
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2:26 am
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2:41 am
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2:43 am
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2:46 am
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2:49 am
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2:50 am
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2:54 am
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2:55 am
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2:56 am
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2:57 am
s m am n haire. ter: dald accuened c usdirty ks tn the iowa cs.the sationing afam sprrd ousayen cmighdroppiut. hined benn byg whatd toate. ror ca, thcruzsending su this mailhat the press is carson i taking ing a bigentn asyer toaucus fo bl he said e man has ju lef the race he saidduring us >>eporter: carson saying the st votes, t happened when his feca st a ocation.
2:58 am
e sed m t noon. >> cruz s now to carsonbut stan his cpaign's acti putti out misinformation going to d i would the ne thateam pas tr accure. rted aact,be ta ead of mpsharolind so got undand >>ortes itirtyckto con vot is dirrick tss our sto? re in sisswoulthin was a k ifas foring bc ory? orit jusdirty ick to pass on's stor >> yidn't ify. th j momeft id ive ying cryingquote, tm e drd hat home tor toote,hfr cpaign before ng h >> reporter: cnn sayg ey
2:59 am
no s throwing yet another temper tantrum, or l ynother trumpertantrumortehe carmpgn tells rsonoes senatorogy. rsan redt cz staf shobeed oifoesnrof th did. ll, abwsua new no t r. the rtsf mo s touea. thlate iasgeora.mangils d vet rmbase. nourorit t eh rninhe soheasth w adstonldat a demim cuririso fowon inlabaas mage > 's pnt say viruse frstarto stli e rnment in scrambling tstccident sa preveg rom ngs bese e born
3:00 am
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3:01 am
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3:02 am
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3:03 am
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3:04 am
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3:07 am
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3:08 am
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3:11 am
r hilarioation of sandy night live.member ts. >> i donpac, youave a backck. around loe inli a professor, you s. own pa of rwled it. oh, it was rea bu w p >> i love i i wah on k sandeceerfon a dget comedy >> d. n y exriend' ddption, a-- we're ming isup, fos-bi wendsto tails deliveri the bleg. >>s proo jusqut. w fre, agenc, thatll me. $2on here,y sp mie.what'see abofree ? i cake that
3:12 am
rnie if tntial inn' ybe acting >>eadad di batlarr dav"snlis a lor y hopefully, there e sander thway. >> absotely.e appntple ife stars of ic w l fmi cast of ttest showill b live from new rk. "hilton," the hip-hop interpretati of thfoundi of america on mythast ve frothshoway theater. >> "hamiltisfomy stlbumad the highess in hf a it nle to get a sh plans a chicafall. saancisco next sing. the ammys will be on mda fe i know you're
3:13 am
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3:14 am
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3:15 am
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3:16 am
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3:17 am
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3:18 am
rongamy u, amoue'renoiv tetrs tn w u erwaande rsslisouma alot id l ry mucfa ug dns 'se my.paltw daboer dr?llg ten' fonal so i fmywh i ntn trs, saidoh, n'parotinger own fitionf mi. s sd ry didn asonae t w ltotafr sd cr gg. lzi a ewyo>> aradivd, is diffiinit w fahey' trytoe , ap>> r cldreter die emeldiffict an be cen.eyigured shat wo. so, m. 't kowi myhousouulu?hat's agathat --
3:19 am
hat'e .eyut til rhtit g etoenrit e tet om t.don't you woy. wks for the
3:20 am
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3:22 am
litsrote town mpe. >>d rdersin idref.asas ae ni nredie e bu wen ovsaers and hiinton making their pitch to newamhili prid w eandtary iolvement abroa i can, mi>>epho sg fees did yave to ,000? >> i dnothateyed. >> ror andntmoldory om t90s. >>stilbelie the' vaiginconsracy y r s aut vense u ded o >>t'olns t
3:23 am
altharib or tax>> ideriramytas, d? lile bite in xe but lonoingoave pay plth in pr. orter: botidates even opeabt th fa>>y lityat we alto eaa enofprodigere was a ne that just a d thenef gratite. te, whohe most prreops. >> ce teress ret thenor sde hielf up t gatekr onho ia ogree. ror ss hi nowjuivdaroe rst nati pryd dnysre drabate
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3:25 am
pnsser ntor oce.e's now endorsing place candidate rco ru ntorum g1% of inowonda a aftin fthce io,it5%vokeat rpa h al dpp out othrace. >he syria pea tre on holeaide claing at the o siddoesn'nt e tthfi one thg carfi y cilarenolheous vio ke drin afte tit ten rus. thirdary ria, homs fierce tingetweenian-ck and the rebels. th ten by a to the kremlin. fugees drown wle tryinto cross e mediteanean ro so, this off the coa of greece cially uplifting ere savedan coast ard.
3:26 am
grantsd cros these camom k iq, s aerju dta t >>notohafreng pliord jlioveromia e t bb ew len e rcra rm thdyf waun t gfa ay if iwaa , no clmed sponbi > ck he ins y, aporfulinr orm is intoads he utas ateaste retestig en rid can fth be. rn't o her lem t.hereor stesu>> rcrcoun essurv cathe chool moe thrlae'no phos .
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3:28 am
> t alales a tul diern te 'scouns ionally seofreventccidt late the san ju mount por thwhch earli awmobiler was buried in a idaw. 'sette hntrolledalane thisith onein >ileran asideuar'mbassy lorso eait d. l veimsetoauitrr paruait ai c fue s idtritio ser facese altrg. w aea dhepone
3:29 am
no matter at happens there, itote any woevaner. hink t toe a ietesend anal at to intyeret bhesiness m acefldp. oh, boy. sd e ters woul yo to fe for him gh. oy goness y'vt ue apng >>h,y goness poorebpo j >>y thwa hwitt f dn mtihelee ap refee h tttee ies trumis t a fld wihaar t. >> tsnwastedheam e ununat , wo
3:30 am
, woo!thu. cing, somether pemanct rthy app ne o ut wba sur is yr?plus ler - >>h tor a's domnalillow ls o t yochinldw. >>nnouer: "w neww"
3:31 am
cine i'gary sise.u maknow me utenant dan theovie "frestp," ors thsslayein e ltn ba. h theon tot o r ldie aeteran 's aadacthatofarris, meounaon fistiten sting eilisthugsuide. e ishe 'sin. yr a tt le
3:32 am
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3:33 am
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3:34 am
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3:35 am
at ifouer to comelpe the mosquito erons be natou >> scaryt,s lengutvi t'ramistheecf h anscy tun. >>gnte'ay oy n wa 'vgos a w canho usl chol
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3:37 am
irl) tell tm nthe wtoavse3n`! h12w@q3ns6\ d$" dztq 4@tt4w 0 tt4w3n`!" \ 4w`td$" '$3n`! 4w`!d$" -9 honiu'king r th eae'en mor e ga s soe. wntguid h we hpyost appy i haoms a tauptor iny giis ygotaitly cleper.itlly grusle ca gik of youip.anadooesnd t you have of your youstic inc caups ev
3:38 am
wo t atauoue ofthn phond ut>>ke it r easy neow box. lo phoom cend iak llow. l. a ansopeand e a spl ing fo dayhtow r 25f > 'll t?keooks, eae .guides yet phone chas as a giftde, but check ow! tre tca phas,o ly >>he nul aecd e r
3:39 am
ani wao ad id. >> so ey'rportle ls.thare t se morn ae re gr preteaul suae f,heing porigin me henes ght re i. canets orrhone- . y'rehe g yove pble ght,.>> awow,ge >> snewe u wefos da g yorenks. iswi it'sly a connectedelet. smartec twhomtext endar rindersu gen e etomif icestato bue cohi aut i'rev i caretindiss tco
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3:41 am
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3:42 am
l thcarehehaard.a oc f acssty anriorlleoe salies snss sechtoa cu f.few es fo va f ume tm.razete of ama.ovliveuig ture take out ish scr dowthe my achi joint don't ju nmo i-oi eak eak i-oig lethstay nging huha hese achintssore knknac
3:43 am
my mpmo[ ng ] thbb a ssagfrom e iccamy ofedicur vithoio. s n're ml as a n hele provr twin withrition e d t babneed thbig e nu e ve h o foliacidnd calcm th vitin 're vitato y andr by'slt a le k nutt ha. n omegtty 's imptant r yos br art and pm owhat portbuil t nutrition.
3:44 am
a way o suppmefortied th agetaan srce dinclinrtaibrds o eggsmilken vamin soil. ur b tgheastk, but shalso an ninety pe of infant so ynowing you' giving yoheal lemore e ree do h, can y s bth o c the's l wo prdl ou d a t ight las
3:45 am
sig bacever sshdi >>too . >> andar>>y ga way ahel b p a iotried best pers in th a niglines ju changppe appl appe eporr: gotnty of plau as pop . >>epter: but laty dy ga h bn owg e rlve dfentid hen bi rep wow the acade
3:46 am
toentto r ger fno th g epr: now'sin s anthe ats b ga, sstar-spangle"er bow ahe ro >>epor thetare .as yeatney usn b o w coid the besperforncndhe home ter:ing heace aen t enf ng enerv,isti ra ft ths. roudhe ter: sver ved ditione 2012mpionsp. land free >> ror whoanort senebaperfnc nd t twtng repr: but sng
3:47 am
footballory. 'm on the e>>eporter:ujyork. you kctuallybet o lons lady ga t am on real? >>are e oing f 2:20.ou sl ta lon an tt ot?thov y mi cl. h ce u ysbeinonpeorncwi -sdne>>t waauti >>t's co[malnarrat ate eitr theiuntry pr toke care whene.26 years ie s ner suffered a pa changed on his but hiwi [j miner's my re as a cargir 's 24 hour7 daysk no baks. vingl rd iury isotikyo rtba hia lee. at] sileay-tdalivi reiresnoous sian ald retens are ndt up v
3:48 am
been fig er 60 ye to make re oureterans all th bets theserve. knotl tactly at t v-a nds i r nt aim ey'rcotenojuo sband asn dial theycod am
3:49 am
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3:50 am
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