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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  February 4, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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intonis causesplease inforany cars caucoersthis nand urge tto cs for ead. reporr: we jt gothe emaithpe alonhhe whate oatte yeewiedhi tt you li w i h satpeopalkibo .d 's ir. i s t o mo, e mayb r bod, uzru's alo wn s , t . r: afee.tedotrp. amak>>otendoen en f cruatta ad. >>f had oiceetwe uz t, thinwod ch t.>>te cisutita
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nghat wldicerru atsaha e'gogo t. d h ta hs tot,ou'r e allhe cigwa of shiing pol numrsn hairto cnc rr:t'ri davi i ju skeh na t momes ago, w tls m he's t ing ry onheol te. ndsisplto vo f h. nauz is noci aubio rge. but ayhean trend te he n hpsrehe woth ccus. setoruo men ir acon inonego. dalama dd umto to thas. d jabt 48ou l e reic deb hereubno e ere in wl groe uhe pollandt, endmaen h a haime liany rubicomplimes. jonaar t
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orteenatubio w isgoinweetarcoiomp bef pr eebeeyfiemll>>n'hem.wee gegg roo >>or we spli arg haerwe awi rio bksget th l me ie mp t nt idt,ar bi epr:e'drgg crdsd thhem,or atckfr hiss. mco rioas bn e prec cdlandaten is eirrace ansoatid be islet e coutth .epr:saysou're be.yo' pte. e mosipted cdidate welenythinountime right to me.i mean, e seven s. nother o people askything thewa.eporr:stio a bi inteenk st
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hico can you ntop compshy g on mtremen tgiftifooat nistatte ia w nhing- fo arwhotote? i gus it'sard ay tre acs. epor whyo sof uprterhaarme youaccomes?i m iean,k ju sigd onurmpai jus literay sied olast nighanso, ou rhafod ispa d ore.>>te witbio re ishwi, anetndr chil, lookr a tos uts.ban e wlkmpgn , gi ? >> i tthbest and to alwayt and ce. that's what i tell you at england. joealorhat stage righ >>eporter:ell,e, he fult bu, nd ctie will gonim.
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stn thestag t's onl muc c doba inct, da holmehate boat a ngle of trevis des the's . aghonn' t y w ire. an o weee j , tigefe the wlarme,ere de nigt 8: m., rihec.>>me, ti , ghght . rnie s lean new gi arsa s. has been goo so, th will make >>orteust star's dat an firsupporrs >>tly sos n ine mo.>>eporteer comg un self iown hall.
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withongres iis notcrid tsay it's wher wk with oblican f ornt put o spo,verse big shelectedeakis. but d youe e pa $6? 'tnow. 'sthff -te opres , gh nge s he ln andhowing ha lic liasd itmeicises hoha t ahot thsions gref he tll lasght, de tonig cih us le fm the batel impandlia, newight a recrees o ste a e clionign ing >>orteeah,.the dent nows n pond staffs fo condzza riceke hil cltoormation s on p e
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they wanma blic, davianee at's i. ri cec ga wrs ton cam thwe nnedeve tonthe zi viruthe healrgeclare nowening.ey areing toni now, a fifth county alt. at lea more t and now rd of the rst meseontracte thh a oosfusio abc'nzie jflor rige at lo rpi up s figh agaithe ka v. >> theasesn flida tesa isn ri>>eporr: t gnow are mee cotiare ey p ora has li
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zirnngnk t pele walng ath the ve nly 1 in 5 individualsho have been bitt andnfected byosito actuay sw anygnymoms of zika? fever, rash, joint pain and metimes muscle pain and hehe.s s that the vis d sexually has manofconcned.d igtht cafr brasi rtedbril.da he inioherereerm hh-sk unagd tre >> w ire s lo liie > tni n dls in mdeof 1ye-o aknaon hin. thsasoalia li pyed ro in at ison theookit, forme olra iendcois achtoro
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muthe d pl abc's lgm is vi ronig, che er13olnielyi b tegedacsed's ed aer osecel thert 19r-talieper ed plathmuer oe venth nevet potoyihe w e,ito par inetd ec h f dideinherkeer fy g unned. n saanngbo youdat l? lauesd, leshimd of bndcangnly r phone d nilaet. veigats th werab to theasmeesn r er. erocutoaygn ofceeadirni dor, trastitd tmucati
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d,eeermb ou ofowveing hugeeavi go se's. fri -li ke picke they sa sold themsenh lled nicand r body is l. thtwo th alleged drove wi the by in tar t tbought suesclean trime e precut sshe even told invtigators stcase th tang ppes andle mnet wda kee wie. m issalreadbeinlledo question.her er sayg in c todaomet's wt augh d? >>, you. w,o the msth nightoclos hofor rr wint wea aoriein t at frovirgia aheayupo mae. w rk, through an so, t't t obtrkihistto he r>>epte hvit rohthe ve wth tthea y ald d de.
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heshrop overni toowm d.ndy throrkrd a bost theda iltern maachuttinte s rigon o ts oet om nk ckil. sn d f bn. t t wh ulbethne iltrnghat r ne we f thery l ri r, thk yo tonighhe slledad bo phaeutica stirrg up trole aga rtin sre lghing a heatg in wton. outrageiked e of lg more s mary brug him down today >> rr: toyf ceuticorld a on tollrmhi since. ment anis >> he's t e swinesepid wateaw thpporni at. i. aho g, doled idiss. laerriedimbout th dghike
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anhi ong?>> tdv unl, i inifme ege. >>epte t fme fangepatcrinchge rtefud sw. >> intd seheof cnsnot yo epteak iw u'mit m sussi somsa ous an iividua whvery mucwolike tpld.eporter:en, shkrel- that thespresenn r rnnt."david, silce li t always spoke with his follors in video eari wapathetic. david? >>y bruc capitol hill fok w, to an abc news exie mad sears scme hist thniriesown viw ngeris thof c's ian ssonig o
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weisbod . rte tig ct oe anru doff jinjewe tis dewali.evythi tadfs o. sd a0, ep y h in new a, ari bn ff ims.and thk,unceer about >>ion instsgiy ff.ou sf vihenmen aowp lar crom t edy fr s n e-me nr ldn thisgroc o ta tlper tosu mad hiomew overru n edfileeg rt exbut ar, da no of anddenoff ney. all r, brrossh us
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and two o"madofirs ni 8:0p.m. ern follow by aew spia f: afthefall at 10:00 asrn n, thank ere is stillre ah "d news tonight" this t remember the voicthmost ras ev. only hostinhearthg ld moerrsseco desid yoll sa mor.deents toght in oswhaty disced o plane w ryha ale jet, g a enger out into >>thviy ionscross isry. the ing intoea he oght as she listensartbeat.its america stroay tuned for this. odwas made f things than rheuhritis. rerheumamo ta biol
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med ol mo agu boo e lit-ecn atedher.bcdeth ngleill -- -- banhheis a this check-shgreir tes. po s chrerewot toocam st ata. wh thbuthguttleorr:e ul ther trkhe twofce wrey wainorstmonturff.[ n 'sshim rorr:t's ug video. the hostscperswa reinat oic mes then tohon aboua nd lfest tfo hrto o>> e or w it gh deth aelthat wight deonthe sahe . the st ay>>eporr: o hosge stil shan up- ages. >>y ma giso tehefit tkhashot
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>> rorr: mt tm, ab ws, loges. >> mat touwh wco, payi t tthvohi tonacrs soneclni thte p j nvgars f oth bht it nd t, tobe rht itot thi lit i'm the dang... somes, iusdon'teat way ould so inkoosto geeitth'm mng lealnks esstial vam d mirainudinlcium and ta srttrbo an10ra of prnto hp inuscl l eat taste. n ow soon.
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(bec) i stted g whi 16. i end s cop ip is; yousmin your "fr only goouyg(aerou h call 1-800-quit-w. ti worki peanu hat ifyou ann you? 'sig talkfulldery 7 g of n d 6 sentianutries. eree peanu take day o i thin ess hardingpower of theeanu youmy iaviso but gobrinup tock n?
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hamp i own o much. gotta mar . an switch to deca an hest ev if th so, it edwarjokesee i. to the index. thnew cl itheadlst thiawe ahole e. a ed rht outnow finding at e residue om >>e t ow h namut will>>ple wn jews. oela osbuwe bi as ass 63 anre rememb
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uneah, winre died aft atlwi parkinn' e was 74.>> back t lions ha hebrk ebause wh h wsthooninedible sry, righ afthe brk.zi ] ld d ket... romme the [ ]
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