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tv   NEWSCHANNEL 13 Noon  ABC  February 8, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm MST

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'ripotlenc..e . the closed until three todafor teood safety meetings. is comes tea stak ofcares,inclan- lid ros. l 5 thousand ar meings nationwide. presidt a is ain t lpht tb e llars in e whe ys twi bedpa to inveen suinret wome doctorsa e vica a hard f wom cause ra birfe o cas irus beefod nebskisn'iceatm u do ithese seisathe to pntof inpl o fluihe y ev. strlgaed
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elonin .mk zu hida name in ch is ng-yu. e couple posted t message on facebo...speaki ngn mandin. they say the name means "bth until ja 17. a shire,grite
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ng philippines... don't nk we'll crowded lebration, coming up. answer our webquestionay: ok or . at krd
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seices a pti of e diwhtron d pairin thit ace an scdu onfans manghe o owll l yd ke oor jsi her'sar sp what gway e hwin in re ok at... ly s t da aft tempes exed er pan ghshou pril inhe 4thw ss hh pres ee itio aicros he do. to w ul nge r 10, buwe cld s br a forr plai. y q endebyhe mdl isee wie 5 ant ma d e fore pjothqu an rm wth! moui
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analval aljoyethe and feve d ths ag mo diasthirntue d lyine feste ofthe ith dazz fi lay. so known spstive vi s e of wod's mo oadc h ko atsuccl la oan ea obation satellth firework moay locadia shared ps of rtsng thetheir propmted criticism from nations serity council. they said the chgy.
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united states ked th sateite as i left into spe continues for e lebrating obe.s dresseion packed the streets to wad welcome in theye it chesdi calendar. me no chec r nepaners ais o dijoins here's
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r yowono moe >>: we ng tese nutes. yos arer >>oua ia arrest >> what? nnnc: da'snews in two, whu ne tokn oua cl rgen alw onth a l y.r arfeurmethe ts ?
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