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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  February 9, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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nss fr soov autpotoasg moaus. t's ghd t s. ipshi lyetimesofso the trump camlearnedirn aft sore's hhem gru c ion i tl ,e ldmp un the causes d.onald ghsusffago yo b er bakor gerr jebu ig. spdi morenny oer ndathere impir $3millio and tonight abs jonatn the cign ail, finding hi driviehin jeshbudhad coti on e survive >> w drihrgh hesterf cour thebus.
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saerby double-digitsintohe primary.iswn struggl tngageyo vers whe sande has here ishat we' leaing exills cg ight now. re ien voter sayg stystworthine a haraeristics mt rtant t themnelyeven i ten demrac voterseseheves a . that's hn tpastand re sayghance inuali,onom bs a t top c' cilega out w er ane-oe wicln gh hryin spri te fh line tod teighe in mahester >>ha i yreio for t?>>the w does focusi t r eeringutdeol bernie sanike ckn backrd.
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himtornd youctrniheser tut. oingo jtne>>epter:owhein urs,he .>> gutdo. r:sng re theslint plokn 5 d al youeeehangnymis?>> weoo ppl whoe the f beten be and hiy gotmer repr: wilit b ou? in thi stehat h tlints s ch 99 - ewamreonigma bn e cockkid. [ >> rter: agan . d t proce n e. reayong o what min e t o h n.>>tourweddhedi she
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in a oa>>eput clns n ther o nds.asnwenothga>> r ton es, n f a me o n?>>nd ciaeg u htut t cln s tcia, theng agh o e,d. unke b tuc apngonht n bng bd asicto y. eyee bngorn sehe. t,odayclsm se ais of hdorsts sourona, hee alrey okinto mpast ts st gh cianisamn evep of th wa t alingumberig e ti, h ew hhigy sti chaeir m tours
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toda iet se tdedes y. hamhi rsermitoeir weart emlgo.voluel c . tera bri h an w impnt thisy? po epr:e t u he votfo hlantau rien hisotr slin' rgte thetera>>ec weot v at are cgome, o >>d o fgo caht' ay,ve ith a m so>>eporte int dehe w ms e hhiprary. imptantth n shprar a>>epter:ai ch a ropdislianode deceddoopl way
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is veterheayhile ic s tum.amhe way io >>e havhi e. >>r: mhunga junllege,herir vot urcisierni repr: wab relatle he 's mchanlikee ts se s. sla cnto. tas. t leswi. rorte yin odu? ry ds ma re>> rr: ade met loeew hre vors w pnirrole>> youovol natioprimary?ur >>? >> becsee get to vote.>>eethehe country.
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cirs a coterscidi bweanda thashehtrge stpoild cerths toni tin.orge o wfor? ononal he? lepshireor straitys i-d s aas menonreha in h perft match h numbers.pen again reverse that? reverses i tntr ndly, do thelt rfo of or morncti te cie itrf s tn nowhatantldws trump's gs t fi andn democticninday dingp he
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buwith mbadnle. ldn't get up in then i paleve pm ily one te sle a 12-ur pangstre oe.annow... ialeve pmora beatllbank, no b ls rates. 's a fa.l a i wao meetane. meou den f e ke prott ombes?e prt die? on fuin but is ste n ta tot anrriou eune. 0 or o
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ne, difficreathi, d may even p you in hosl.vebe with anoth pneumon prev prove additial pr i lt50elenfeofhe bte on yosh13 if youavhaio t vcineortsngdien if yimne syste u oweres the v. co se cts n, weatnjite,mitemo, ea me ite, cllshisonk yo dtor t t evnar oday. hrtov-3s. buthoma- in l errorekrl oil. unkeh oi maredisy rb by yr dy d. e ffs trb whs leadincarsin c
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oow caer ome.peedrkre. nd o wt er credibddottionub back guare. always dcree r bladder leaks d 'sri oise.y ittyoonac . y looku, iod allstariteahyz!prun w. eydeand lp kp bodan tnsesthe feelod eagrash and .
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wfas.-pm-m-bum-bu fiy ght,ro ewps, onpo age.checa orsad oronere,n ac new hamhi, ing go e and ex plsomg inrom e t t nprar alady. 0 demoat vs ying hosty trusin the characics impoant to them. thainican vorsing ey angr dissatfied with the way del governmentworkinand nearly hof republica votersaying tonight, tare incaate,te, outhe cal eshmen one moumbeat j can. 46ofepcavoteere nempshe sa ded inust e laew days
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eswebre res fr the namhirima ugutht.i'm ir i'll be joing or aite ter. unti, have gen wel e u ory. go n siing: on nd wel oghngl e " hekes meth ts ghreamazg.s awom thbrcos ed h h siing: are thchamons, my fend. we'lep til th, ths t he amazhis isawome." the on welce by mthan amillion opwntown
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