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tv   World News Now  ABC  February 12, 2016 12:37am-4:00am MST

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me entaythre. h fluedtaed to akreal test cg , aoue o pontlateovomac ls mpl esithdring foeemuarrod tid gionsst than threaftersandy hoo ne ouesics being mbthisyear'smm awards t i got say are lookintiful in ss he map. cls ma thefeel d ne li tth'shyhe e s. it'sre keinthkiliewwaes
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h. ro hrtrnth.d e'ng me . it has tonupur unigle it ie ti p fe trur mndatee saishwr. . bulyenss j e pos d ddd all that's le resc playiut sacram, califoia th h i am. in the f t, a ng i brorom a caountedn elme of efer sho t dog bein wskoy
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th allot saly.but anks toking sdector soheck ke dto tone>> seehe felys ma ee more thee ysie ps sankenta s in wtown, ec ones the memyf a g reer f t ar'sraawds ddy a>> p y t vo adamqueeeahe was kiher oom okntarn sh oisee ive. shti lrl. >> rr: jimurne his musito is ie
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andf an f t oksre words avf. w acaana had a nt rording a eaut fe"a'fee 4s hnia t ti. tyoukn,e wantto donat t pctiof a cointhatever time you elha y ae to dit. rorr:hatlb now note fwomy f ad , wouavrsnecsehe
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n >>idne yo > fasndutre fm fa'v t g o hphildn who lohesnd hopg to buha ehe say hs vynot the's gmm b wdhaed th hevout o isbum. weho boong nony nigamhod p outtogh : i 0"itar of on klerscolumbine.
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l beht b ,d,hi g tas . >>sngf im hi o a fir trer sheeceny to tenui tough her. i hize wit wlionsf ll help a her
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it raise ibo moderpareg.kikardqued ea,as an socialmedigro bytwo, that's som shell mr phi ineren tohef hda ie megay ce t twik eveg secot'motit by whnofent ovdre iv m dauttenon daker fl led >> ts ehayo wan yo rta to beke. relable. insstarn oved'she m tg f epbemingd farro t atu conduc tni chigan, 65% of womenre likely toe lespyn thtrwo a the birth o t secondild.
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new yor she was just getng into atineh firstn mhelc a ny tono.orng use to rea ea my wld unde wouldoakfa fim and geim t ol. wt' a lot oft ghtoet thedl t doornd theta tsll er ai wh or theomli kolopm a ba-srryer. spd tiitommy friends wh uerd sesnd due rfr ohild i g jout,lws so y'rey mino whu
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on t ootyo t -ilaiv rs th al ido wo i tre sthan rht w. th per chae fdi at th hr. i rig bk. si trodinw y uch gel for maage anintimacy. everuch,y inified. a lich iall itakk- a doing? enoue r yasis arkillmewait 'til we hit ten th i'm gonna take ms-ma o lawe're about thesast.
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yoreize i old stdo illhe? muci mali gel dist ea m sen me. arthe lief h e serys end th. .) rp eve eloughir oi, it. fo sci ng sothry u 's,soou an. a solve. carpet that lcomes yantrrt thmiraild ollectavingr destns leear leh tc l etowl ea inesin builuporesy.
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a kateussasaetnt l petla. ddetivr ti dpranlm, so ahat'left s fishet.there'ngth hasplrt yourntcabones. anli big pis, an one tiny p ftr
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derste tsrsd.>>bt. >>r soc fsoc ea" iale movie >> ivantin weekitan,benll and owe wsonin"z lder2"nopspany tries oessrean fhaos youeek laer
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st i m-a a ok was there. thae anymore. t y, m tt beaul ok me ttdiblmagn no ma, ma, >>! the-s to pecs ke zoo l2". i that clip wch only sced 39n rten t mat epz viallothe il as say the film's ansjeso offe. even w ty're mb.enteentweekly, emrr.,ggressely funn only good i that at the the fse vieon ather landill0. n lessolorom "howo sine.
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chilel w intrere decce inlife ithety omch bec it'ht, waours tosponds. soonere sour pabl wues tot resn ful snces if use emoji, il hyo >>ne > e didsns us a s did g pued. eingt 60% on ttentomatoes. rite varie the film playsike aonde slapash versiofex itheci irinflatri mparisons to escades carrie bdshaw a compy. thhiladehi virring ateast i hin
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te in that. >> teaso one o eo was sde rough thsas progra more ieesa dr fished high scol /1 g with high schodies , gned ur th. am vprou to he edy cotr ani'beitmynitoy if it wa'tory inry en mvehiewabridn mbh, was rown hard toheundanturemyspinald inr plac ice pazed y gh. en i wup in states i ware gla see my fily lookinck, m ju as ad thwas mefr palyzevens tensf ic a lp merything tosure g ally dicaand rehabenets. pvew wha anw to do i could concentra on ge go home . soe sa th p,
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ing ama's vens for ov0 ye ralyteraeric to learn mor visit >hinind deato ce. con bere the fst debat thamimary.e fve es fm for affai to nism ouolit team i vere > p scan notat hdc psouas.zefem. egati io ug mone andrrup t m i tr
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at defav look f impac thusic vi effectsit's friday, feb a f abc isworlneow rnin >> i'm kdis . a iee wee t wh cr do asasn dete numb ttes ced inwa ltnigh liralth cagratn aig mey dors, ty eac m pihhe min . it' yr voe,our oura bwiab bazini >>orr: stillmagm douit defea in n shon dega oft rders
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ot exp f sneru fti mi toed that is y,s a lblowonesgastaracoba.wa ttcaide. toet tgt es. afr-ameca f mitithe job edho criusti syem. anders n finans. secretarysac as inderstan recd $miioasngriod$1 m froalre. whn d'se doestete cpaig conttion gu jor o it.eyow money ar >> repp rod his landsli nampshire louis ashe caaign tra e's y next, ump. ter: a
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if w winerfter wsonmpsh allf ehact are i wee ingunhe tae. >> reporr:om o tho charte hav other idea do u anteriner inchief? >>otia hotealher c not foreig policy expericeepublican presen ct pain na dygh t caeang the llintonthday.n minnesota d neda a,ndis onk to baz the. ockoni ba aheoctsayin t the dferees ber resting hcall a piticvo la clilirself presint oba. c'olector
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a reade hil c rnrsr who eped t act the denda hiary clton sgestg that er no h aggtuersi a' crnie sdin his times.e trring o licy pic in re w in the st thirst date the new mpshir prary, sckin wi b bere ersdewould ar i ng recogng t t caates wl mim a agai iryinelay the yound little bit f fits to . toward thethte, ton bede iuefocu fusnam nancreform.arclnin broader tn . rin, abc shingt. > speing sey, canmorrthe rnmeatio ndre pagcoversclin om pteseer
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state dtmen t relea the maining bch o e-mai i urnsllme a sarday,thelea i r 1thha jus ucuses, t fin d uary 29 rig befeer esda > aatna wdlif refug in oregoning wl rain close foweowha aard stanffsovth last fouhoou w's h ocugor ays rrrefu da th w arrdilak aparans in toda th whoteas ove deralol o publahere's aense ofliefea>> aos a igs. i' p o w tt sod this uff. aon cdy r i anam clinbund the therf onef ego st's lde.'seiel o cha t
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>> dozs o prinrdsn gi icusty.fede custodysorni ed forggli caband anacceptingbi de opera has revehat'sled stringti arre omas tail rr:eoiate pronuards are e ones arinhaffs toy, bd afbi stin aedbeomnmat and dr drs aeged hd mas get ugin therin hehetrsport e ugs ugthste,eang eiunormssohae li bleik tm. allegatnsge inabanut alsongheicial ty tect what they believe to be drug io as. >> drloong. >>ds lth conge fbd e to mpseguds a iegtitye .tharst tatt pl aary ithis. moha0 in gd ouers d ju since ser. ge o isever beearged wi
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using celphon oras am includi a l enfoemtffia a nd tt vmsay ne er thos, abcws waingt. n nthn, a priri tns dyilling a le 4 iurgdon. it sed a benri dg g in ovcrowpentry.theriso has 3800 intes.that'sore anwice pacity authorities s inmat es it on ope rrival forx-dat. he mille exp t ofirlaing astis.sos t hav ariag ttsista onth peks. strik doak pfter esent obama autrizeo tack
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>>ecretaf sta j keis in munickiith otr atsntoppg sya'sivwar. y is mor the agrd a tpora tru s t nexwekesaest ohat i wth sya's liry rsan auallyimtit wouetheor a cse fell p ta>>ha b s b nple arreed f chaed wh n maufordl ga tev tbuil larpross say tuscts mpit g lhe rtnts ic rentan and d o iln.dozens othos t s. thn cleaking las since nerntl.ow ea ds hn upsc lngelesigod sisuedheadhenae beds th
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-y f reonamgmtheed owfomtopi an on esil depreon hal oyeprarppts westevely . > ssfe bause ho fal oilgth t losdathajs fallen thiswe al t opengorning least for m f>>ou out>> funme. br sheanic amarks.>>gle t ssion.essionng in ye ugh un h in e m ee apalse. samein>>eep torldret. holeoo 36 cer inoffthup cin
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e tce etoilltuuice stds aven tparls. oleoo is dpete thed s wald tr sers. irst 3repen ange ma to h tgo >>up. > ulyo tt $ e hd sell? 15 bus. nd of crazy. >> lab yb t yougo, tak t. it fink pot' cely s e few frsco sho avaible. easot' exp it,okight pce t beare with sci ferrs t mntns ofna. >>ofe ssrs s
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thersdiceve tppat olge no mu bah, w. >>omg m" fiin rn va rterob lsng g hes tma musvideokay go use zero avity t ken impa>>nd atigati involvdrug meyhe tax ma ir an tr k once wnanndtter're wing "weww.ugh. my ses are lling yeuswal we h tethousaeet. m goa taucinexsinux. o , tota o e ssasth'r g and u'in..itwh?! u realizi ve g? tiheil siqu gel ssve to unleaax strgth medicine. t the relief.
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les enis ndof bdshistling) muc inucw toge for and intimacynsie dorp erouir t oid it,ree .
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plwiewify sc a girms shftg us os lhe 5 mes e volume shd plpify easeezy beauticoverg thral buil it colctleaving gross rmidn ns oroxbo r thach tch fo r imes mil soosyt hean e her. d but on kafish j-dwiiv dryheprevenot
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y f darll nev woole u're lkit wt a gearsee n sent up aark ofmo mth 5 lo. ooireferou coai the f to jtwo budis. storg fuiturrecos,nd plastic peet eauf ire sti unown at thisur thirws n the ots fev week o newsey a the ca of t satred libbean chip increased fire, engers havever been busted for th central massrreste the af thea" ret to fsegapuring tsi oform, aw m
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>>cruise. i was just gra --hey i gt wn'he capt bseououldav , ,ellha elas on ppartlasn' the ptn. soon ee othsh i rran >>bi atlll a maa. it wn' marua b upons thi o pblk? i see l >>ormeir ant fnd f i le o oubl t of deg.c'slaytde>> m hat'? orteisenprosutsay a cebe m, pturan fbiden ca.ths now nt pauly,ngye
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>> rter:exrlgewn nk t p u0,00eloes tobiinseetdshe firsinat ce opounk gbeayth 99.e're rortoey clra w ne, f jtormcces afiseehu is busted.aded n guilty. a juryciding hs ife cvictedy, he couo toso ars.ton abc ne, de. >>algh inurex ur, a tch scrn glonotnub fezing eratan keee fr tngwa t sm butith
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enrelyero ck uli o hit>> t is "uide i" bthea bers drsli usfoin unhiin i p of fabove thearth. >>t is unbelievabe eve cameth>> rr: i rredwe a iaco nt. w fwn pne tteak ik th you feeis 2econds dole gtylehe p ishrow you io aiyoul ss7 seshio ck t>>ou oiteso tes frines rlane geakp to i ain. w wan t wid tweight. c u sonight ch ain am allnnd
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pe >>y g inoat.anheiraythe naal cscioe n "h i g " hey tne a c aheir"needing ttino.heow these prls youseomchalleng. os oplereweigss jus trt im. bhe otht pin ve thers1 hte lereio hiig ofated dbc new rk iol. >> t wtooked lik o
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beomre tabout gty. hinghe erya s ar .j 'tiit out.gonna mucinsinu to, wee . these dive fas
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waalize vest do ghe m necine sis-els. dissols to m sen cine. stt e relief this is at s setssed vae' adoeorine'oulderun to pr y. wd. ap y, c ts n' wor ren's someinhawo rk faos livtrea don a str f es wher ce. embeio h date on com. ane beginsh f o rosesbear
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ailaor adoions a y. esk abo y nd. he heow he f h b nt le toe.thatthheom asth mliinagmlow wn' he? . iheachaas ve rl vain nhoee sw outsst'po en ie a hou
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kso m squtrm. a wkend'le u moay an i vethitouapn mbu. ofri sain. piurys aance t a c aid iadttmyea nig ers way wod veurve seatbe cckg caescrin dichinbeepg due y sere hd inry, vemof anof thincints lp to caridt. whr tht suc all ick uld sa lif ckin
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extement 's frida fruar12>>: aew is w.moinvee th bfr.m rea n. 'mbsa a den,il pe ngineere it lfu e totartithliitstup ttookpload tohi use. thatn cher stign on be er blookfosft aan-ans a nos. edheelsi oba ndre cal oic ps.caop eitreliecwaic icminsane th ofanno l,anda clheonorgnti su.
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nder p re bsis edut afrin-er eorses ebs tonblk idit sas pporof vil rightsco tertharry bellefte. it' yice,r as te od m. d mornin r dti lirs last ghteshci ngivag escialpa bs. aast' arm witte eidd fired . le him
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leady.haw ow. ut raob s th cdidaansoov igpoliril's gng tbeicy boer o theomdas th mthfinahories wes ticae esouarvada ? lanouthosntromailom toivse osoat'ser aalge ded al them ased insments is m new h co tomor anotset februa9th, daforea's cr ucus. -mlsre dforeou roli ann tch hpe ic the bangouthnde cks themre i trum r lactor nhi weet m a jat
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va, ldruclf chih , aerlle arre itp. 'rinto t t, and wma acare agn. katepanft, is g tn si tv was ake er eaat'shat wantto treum aki ll bho t b cell orr: wav to or, ca tet uph i v rae sdat me u e rue? >> ie so epor why dp g yo he be ied.>>ornsid hac atene il
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li w auigastprosalo n pl yi d hed him d cotls rsines eroshilevo f o aralweto cil t thngoly? have la l t. atas areg ntelro seing gn fis quickiofog vntar isr puuingspr lo ren lee rarama tnt e imct pdua lae llndluf sm >>heeem ng hths.asmely pd hesthe ttoritig behir.icerss sn
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w ehosl cicory e olsut d ev chge >>raatffer anti, oo s anrealboxtremecold , t a l whe i scincrenvaniinstthe ating hi tems ngerouthis wthatso >>o th sw .ilt om aathe>> to wela todaygo vstsh cfron d th, t asagn ouad,he'stisome swbas,snsqh ulpu aof
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g w ad tee llow pal en gg swsrmredi ht den m? y>>waokfo keis imontd lf>> tquine nor oiny ies o ol akoerore aqu cbond ju a a mputer y plme impntislogy aot erraftt en virtu ,yr to- whoemove hie . >>ashiudyonto je he gh t wn garsh qckift.
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w"worews egism .. pi sur fatic transrmation oue edorceig age...yever wl. ris ayages antry renerist micrscptg esrl instalyydrate p a lt. oo t fel moreultra s iopport fourrtild sinpiret urov w
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t and supp. maconaru.. arofs ucms.bu ting w...arprovedthsaber s apoved to kres ofrms lox.stny !isd anseas sol . veroughnd dd soit ourm s en s ctvese
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an cs, soa ing? oughure infor mki.jt thousandm takemax.too we'rout ta th fast. ey'rw liidelrewie. wa have illil max liquid g ssolvefa
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, htme w mak y ange the stoorteoke inthe pit d d tok.d e feeinclught ant oke haried essman is sng airlpparentl lost h a hously defeata bi cressee. wanta b h ss he llherosiono heom tthflr t h.>>tuinnoher ndre p at wi hhi's bueoe wow hosvenub ee mpur, ye gt thlo ecscre ov reidet t f
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t.he reporteypgoldn b a p mys t e.>> ainulhave o the es e t t text. teularven'ith toen anree fas e ch y wchcturho. nickuy ot advises best gad 12 pairs o enveutel th ath n't vesetoing. >>o,heecy s edll i codton elicy a aechee i wen't argl. rorte tstor ucsc ily,ick mpedutn a tperatucoed
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ganow itith wi cutt. >>ld in degre to he beeilly. fp the di. gl bl typlyth thu >> repor nexorth rmr $50. thickerasxible.prvewarm they e. e says a theose conductir meometooui cfo th pnter thahehi >>iseyan ouweou tt waunceab. eporte gdeglovesol eou ttt'sbo1% oflos ataiy.wek u ourroct wit-d wla atavd
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w he pbeli getigitt ov sn ates o aewk.>>kn>> dhany oos >>tht? on'tthe bel glk kniitefhe pur >> ieft those. your importan unco t buy'unre eall dea the purpos a'r fre ther b she clext le alof yoloveineye reshui mi shtalkotalan onscarit covey.
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rs "ty" is innyki so skti ne ing hethis twa ka re w pushg the envope in a big way yesterwea hot ththe att me n
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neh the emie of nth alm if pabl"typiy bo and b o ofhes onhatbu west eipat swift that know and e a t rls atm kae st if u e thetrts han'sest >>t e taing oujametayl likth >> 2op to din sqfo e brotheahla o f pueance over c in va ilikehe ashin joyi t ta
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bau on h aswn t t dheam yr not st willowit m r al989.iso seveds inclulbumf yr "198 y alsoor t mycialte oundmemberlenn cuand er mrsof the eleg ac n wialute oayght. d mhe that'real to homaeach love thing to be wn shhe'smi. y. thr inup >>hon e rst evet'ngive theote der anrtss e try "weww,"
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v plug>> yeah, and tch usckdown to llywood'biesnight ar overshadowedsoite ntveghe rnnvelbg te thhorertt d thacney >>he fat two dr opking vot acady membhe , >> finally to scmihoir t y the farm h y $29 eques estate cifora, million esta
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gethisly hs.eliphanot a riff. ll n she wi invit over to do "ws fm r horse fawoof ne, us treu off checking out dicare optionsnt y'rxtfi, now oo tng kemimedivebout eierce of pmedical sts. the rest is up to you. whe aarmentlans inltarinmpy come ke a standardimere sumentnsance th could help pay somef what medicare doesn't, savi yn out-of-pocket medil costs. you' leaed tt taki informed ste
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that's weagoon . ca n ruest this frecisioguid.ull ma on dire a the ranaarp medicare sume pla to choose from based on yournes and budg alplans li theseet you oo a doctor or hospital tces di ts antherno networe.edalthcare iur y trty snd commienu, keeping yoon coue. l now and scover hown aarpare supplement pla d lonou e are the only medicare supplementurcensdo oioseing thenes peo 50r neras. plus, niniplan saeyld rnd tie
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caowyour fre ecgu and stt gatherinthation u toep rolliit idence go lg . (ugh rp eve d itr forma cingent,withvery use rol, d hebuitso welc ppe. introducing new gel cr ssage and intiery touch,nsifie
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chmoy.ultrhactn tr ur s ney pill yoove on w movee thfirsann-1 joint d sleep supplement.waso jam headne io >>rom riwl, re nour "friday are going tmake a great a mabefore ta
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shape this toottom. his caai reevery >> theviatourth eng witht reonable susci, g emitut cse and the amongershting aom was fri thing han an up t justexpl resenfact tha put 000 ople's lri u a s ted. t a g e,as athe of nd eiay wo speh t froe univ's pnd bro nto a cral settisuggesthe pres toncase. ccelopmentor kle and tiile progra
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chilci givehem the toope to tive. with ear support, theyann ns and feelings a kse h the home i'mo of mys it's en n lock roothaso me r he. 'mngdrk a t of tonht, r. vomillers bung. at a, unk.bueek ead,ll g to ntwhatheha. >>eehawes ammy mm othe in ondaeath
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seas ain on saturday.weive e ofmunion agethe riw. buisought cabrakescreeg impnt th youmorr wh youon roa veo w suitd by stunt
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1:59 am
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2:00 am
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2:01 am
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2:02 am
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2:03 am
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2:04 am
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2:05 am
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2:06 am
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2:07 am
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2:08 am
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2:09 am
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2:10 am
one thfa thhyhere'solda h kedathes lking orwasoheev fe. rk (souirds whi introducing l cr . r sscy. evy ently inteif a li is all it k-uch. your omes.
2:11 am
e megaredil. unlike gare esorb youbody... chakes heart, well, ga-hap. haier still, megaredis pven to incree omegles. ff iea to so huruhepati->>a bunot ip e apoved tber of lyso apov to kre dot pi wy thne!d sol that. i tariseotch mngfo!
2:12 am
prpill eaourorn.e'mongwieelt asrion for nts, d he tebilepi itll ion pill. ve free ula. get your move on. e sant. buonly jill en wet, spty kafiwith fwer acti dry dhed t s anfilm, t sne.r ,sh j-dryis is dramatic rescue playing out i hed. inside the family pet, aog, ding in oo aounted on the helmet o a firefighter ow g whto safety anunited with ly.
2:13 am
lks,heke dtooxidde gd sutsallthe iteen yearncthacre aokelemchootown cut. anf yng vti bred al of ait farre'savid mui g mi r:haou mbce o o st 6 yealdheshn cl sdy hoew. onist jiy >> aovbeautil lile girl. >> rorter:neto h deal ef. music lane
2:14 am
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2:15 am
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2:17 am
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2:18 am
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2:19 am
her firsrn when sh lcomed n baby nths ag>> ms edo ldnd w d restim ahi soo w 'sotf epg gh g t tdluthedo ain ov again wh neor en ag she k likkaan coslielrom ba-sitteor fer. spend me wmommnds who rstand ss hedue me a gular si >>your oer is elous orout, yys makthemcledta baby. >> so tt d when mort'
2:20 am
re's a rlot ofhe for countries thaave f liv litally o t e e-in-law rs. r>>s.e canatze rht >>o oft? >>peanger feing thisour. >>'lbe rig back. oner twour. >> il rig bac sic odg h . masse and ma. everuch, gentlintensifd. a lich is alakes. touch. how ya doinghressere for ugh. marki
2:21 am
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2:22 am
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2:23 am
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2:24 am
as the anymo>> yes >>flash ti mthatble n ast, wa now! >> oh! >> >> t-star cast wn' oughde critics t en le der i that cli o scored a% rotten tomatoes n "the daily beas says the film' ofnd. ensereumtainment weekly, assing, gressivelythe only goo at e ncse is ng, we wonther
2:25 am
dakon'hara kser nic yf she t n york joid child lson uc her tdence gle feg city. f totextich he n't beca itto responing s yo en ab oleooouspt resp inences. useilyoine. w as it us. yes, g punch its 60% on tt tomatoeni writeariety the f s like cdensed sdash ofsex the city" inspirunflring mpon theapad rriedshaw compan phil ir writat l it ha intent. thin, ow w sat tho he h. >> g st one.that le a fumo>> l
2:26 am
pasu oot d'to ter tllont'som gary may kn lieutenant t movierest gump," or as sslayer inband. i've hhe honor to meet f ouie and vetan it sad fact ome of oriors, some of r nationfinestizens, wastineir li throsuicide. suis thewer. itinal its u our cesa be l and aid hereak tor loones u don't have it al v.a. c aou. v.a. iachingut to vans who arthinki absuicid each bnow. doit. ll 173-talpr." lors will share ortionne.
2:27 am
your imageteet thr in ilikears, ing ll or younmen n nifo beared theicle i rin ed ojacameomn tee ca uni an f reauatma hne thnearedraf ama wae.d,u foon li 'l of st 1946lyraof acaasghtoe thatnaed rec al ened. acssibli and vil righ for aeople withdilitindpo alis. for our family.
2:28 am
paralyzed veterans of erica. improving lives, ningors moe.illaeihatensth roign af sm.lit vere prcandal it's notnmes icus. 'srison dof them.thstatn y and corruptix mainub
2:29 am
w muiaef ri uou feel oing down >> ancombc s ld nw. 's ay.ybissond reenaan ith thhon.hiind ernu ttefa in ltangling or heimmigrioan nors, and th pih for vo. >> it's your vuregwith abc zi >>eporte smarting he-d nir c a hli agaat her td of c tha aromorandet r pridct from ri fr
2:30 am
nominatireta th ie ofagbaama.s nothdi>>epr: nowto boom stnginie>>icmecahoac nati ith et, us crimustem -- sande clintagai fan tary cer pac as i understand it, ceiv million la rortingeriod,et. es w et mampaig contbu i gust for the f of it.ey want ow monund. ter:trump ro ndslidhampshctorisia rail w.
2:31 am
>>f we win here after nnn new hampshire, a of e charactersre give i. we're tounhe tab orter: those ch have eas.>> do yo an enainer ief?>> niaotelin r is noreign polierie ep theubdiag ih roat sa nhtand the e idates r e camp traary clinth today.sandnnesenens. thweng o bsndtsoueiencein iticolut
2:32 am
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2:33 am
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2:34 am
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2:35 am
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2:36 am
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2:37 am
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2:38 am
deer ell or wl ate ic an eno parlors. whe odisesrateo shed s ll bteage antracyoshrs e t 5 e s loan >>er ierng toow th gs. >>yes.i t sn u- weld you acup cofld b har t itzy >>el wbus,mae. >> y g >>ctlly,n cttake okt isw. it f shi it pur,t's tedutn o oth f fis b aa s ere 'svaab. e rs s esi i itto eig yea troce e fstro oea w grownhpecial rtizerinhentns o na. >>ofe oieu shibld erfr o
2:39 am
tw ccks i' go priainol not such indan. >> cg un "the nd rance vante's day, ces of hearhrob fao. ad,oi heigs toakmusivi oko es zo grity ke aim nnvtiti lvgeynd xn. ntig e. akors ofa, wnnfm tercwnn. u'ch"wew w. no" ug my nus kig . ahuswal itn sa ft.a ke x. , e keff e ssol f th're w ids. d u'reominwie. waitwh u alizi d us sll t mnecix s. ssve uaxgtcine t threef
2:40 am
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2:41 am
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2:42 am
thhy t olitrkitarshrets,epda loong norwa loveorhewi nere. yot wh is huge warehouse fire new t sentp a rk plume of smoke more than 50 mis lo it took firefighterso coain the fire to two buildi stg iture,ords, plastilletthe of fil unathothfireine s uld thenushot spfosevewes. >>lsn newje, as the caainfhastorbaered royaan cruehi s unc re two ge hen buste tts werrted the "ahem o retosse
2:43 am
he sto, a crewber smelthat tltale e comingrom throom is a lui s e. i wast gl >>thoutheye goin ie. as gfuitn' n beve, tthat eny tn. on th i >>he fbiarentlydthetell sign was just wmaa bu ti >>urotck t seliket. fr enun lbi ble e neuner. laano plai ni.>>s g on rep tis tom prosecutorsay irs a acce$15,00 bribe mcaptur f that is noformer igent meeting las the of is camaa shopbeinaudi rlegly td th hilecythud d e buor $ ll >> w irot i
2:44 am
methto the ney. >>eporexgerley aldly nts r kuo pa $. bu g fbi cretly records thersmeeting at coffee sh. 999% su we're >> hurs m e 20as not ibe,as pay jobto per accouservic riafteis mhuey te ple notlty. rynow dingley' . he isvictf brhe co ton fo cln sandel news, . a coming in ourtalfho, uchsn estverein teerates kp pe
2:45 am
hi-thhscrngles bu rsg muc videos t a wle n levtity er0,00amerans le ll theirassion toelget in donefor amer toakoucotry safer, smteanhethr, willakaction.
2:46 am
up d can f upsiow inside yofeel >> oe haveretty notive music videos over thearsh rece years. thke. hean o gered eid dn si outino it
2:47 am
oho e i iacngon thsod ide o feinbamembers ncers light teterforming stunts w in thousands th ea>> iisva just cam. >> rep it thr werainussi cocent we n a plane s this. whou feel is 20 secovity while is throw t airs whe u bk t tole taneudone ost lot aoakesoue mes r the tacup t iag wntheleeoo beeighess.utpthe s it chks eh f iingl
2:48 am
pe t an rut ohegaiting odepok g isnownor cr vid eporhey rhe to the nat cusness more thaen ygoith ere itoes agai urne a io a sient for their eedingetting" viede prbeeria in t yoot presentedome le.>>t ople's respoightness iswimming. uthe oth is just p ovens.etew y'm s relief tthapp. 't ttop
2:49 am
t'pret c te sty. looke"antof ss" lt >>oesagai a for 2 it'sf thr ng hey'lly,lly 're de musns b ly knoor tideo th areone.>> youso known really cmusic thin the middl
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2:52 am
u reizd ll? muci sinux liqust toshh stare lief dithmi. les th. >>haisha >>sadrsefoleine's da t lee' welou inob >> s >>ou'rll dressed>> alogies yestn c d'tor he's sethi thawo work
2:53 am
>>on rem perfec d bins wi fio ginos tals b inuger cats a aioriojos m. hesks t >>oe autsu, keis , thawhene p the ampa or g. f otouin t flufballf . is iexacthvalee' d veth is pomiagiffhease 2illionag dn nes t hle@gif. he'sesom the fe tha has lnched
2:54 am
alne pka u' nyosexour june f you' tt pun'attrt tepleaoron, u'o findryhettree l kereatquee ihesqe estra veot aeyoneju won open m did not wot s pepper sp sheen ughein s otal ls i fd wi benits harii've blu
2:55 am
meon wtin heal pkathano qu es hake. take out h soo mpo re [ boi-oi-oing ] [ eak ] oiin]e [ s down hall
2:56 am
heain'no m i [male narr when americans to servcountry, theipromises ttake care en they me ter 26 yeae military, james neffered a lyzinghanged bufe's. miner's wife] my rver it's a 24 ur, ys a wee ere'aks. ha a spinard iy otyou st yck evhis allee. [male rrat]si do-ling re enorms sice alor ardendanhe-a fothalthcareand nets geinthemane ovwhming pross palyzevera of erica in ov 6yes me su o verst l thbehey serv kex t,
2:57 am
're comm our f [male narrat ulp america te. visit pva t org. now,potillhesi r beandevi n debanwh xthedis. > leg naruhitih bu andows spnge ghfovo > w thise t h. >>heole ui spdi a a vle crash. t oics 's er her inthskny lar 'sir papan scelt are. annywestt .it'sriday,ebruarth.
2:58 am
ld new eo this busy friday.nd i'm kendis gire amadin squalion people in >> fashion w f fun. e'oingo get wihe of dust-up thatook place on r the white house. talkg about the kingo talaigauke>>illary bni ers t from a anti ton edd elf pba s orer o anitic>>he a tliits,ir of wticolio wilons ns d itoose baiers taninheay manericrighw.
2:59 am
sanderolies > th srin-ican ese d of debat meof tongral ack sidh clinanerorof entefaine enrtainer harrbellefonte. >> it's your voice, your vote. c's has more frdebate.ning. epg, athevti losin w e,urs hlaryli astnit'ba.s be ccid r vi aivsse peal cpad bni sandbuatast ghba, shrm wh ongog r erfobeina ngss ide focricg pridt ock le'll h wsant. wro a ak that argued voter
3:00 am
am s atante>>or twoandates al sparrve wet, foren pocy a crinal sticfo that's going to be t the bothero inn he cg ys atheyaktheinal pitch inors whostes are cr in th two stat uth carand nendis and reena? z,hank > a t ctrove-s f clins pvate rvay lger ov s comi priries. ordereall tm reasedn fourtallmeth m. new tch coming torro anr t r fe9t a dabereaddemoicus e-maireueay beolinary anden t'sal tch, houtus about the y'reing it for t nextf vo tacks ying.and maf n
3:01 am
w hairwe mnoombc l. repteauinhis , na t i arg, if eyan'tea hihe ica, won't h awh llf the rsre ing ge itp. wee g toun tab, anl acaat ai at i tu, >>orr:'s camn ysso confiit only goi ads.grand at's whai want orter: t ate l att. i'll be nethe thi d noer b thatanl yo >> rorte waveledo enouca, to et uovernorus aenusstaurant smedrrity mere of truam will you be ablnald trumpere? >> reporter: whyoe hitting he must be wo eporter: ihe hit do waentertner f? onillay wteewas -yotoak
3:02 am
>>eptear rio laiswnredet trump. altrp s orgnpoli peri. negoteleaancoy forpolier>>r: rllau adre h marco robo. is he inside? reporter: those mocking rio flowing himh caroli foresident geoush e headlinially his brotharlesto mond it's the l tha w starteds campa saying he is ond didn eve p his l namn mpgn sign i bon theame elp revi mpaign an karbc n uth lina>> isngbe weekin sthcana ed > i tme,
3:03 am
fff vari ah, puro foia aui agastpraln van es ngheic havheedot qt oktt.oshis ttle tevoinorthn. are u we dat on cl?ere noic >>now av an integ moment. well a prol i missour beicoiz for qui aencar collion. trr jim thuss wa speeding drivee clocked at mo than 10miles anour. woman's cactduced a larg fireball and a plume ook s. she justasnougti to barely toue forwnough to wheind of thethle tting it h be h >>ichus se on are n sa. e's in reh hosta fang aonrecory.
3:04 am
odanhe ifang sch >> bvo tthicer >>n timemon noexe hed e g taoo the scene i scraon, or with tempetus dropping ngouy lothis weekend, thre anytime soon. thomith e-two puncthnoin the .let's gethe tat now acweather. d odning tyou as welr on today, beng aery, v, est ofson. ageat, tintoe poiafo nosnow llchou putn lehe sw o t rig th w el in townextk,wel foheotalan ebi srm
3:05 am
. de evenger or>> t? s log inis>> ia moand lf. >> you the min n lge yourary dumhanks to some new tec t professor h creedid, a shatn chang e siz withewcks on a ness ease tel these. techhi signers craft andtsfirtually any .oh, my gour y,too.withoutremong clothin he manin. i e obot an w ook att. a kaan. >>deu ar jeanavhoght hewn g kardan bot. at briia >>uickt. at's goona.
3:06 am
?>> tgua l pre. >omin un e skny tlardoirublic arinceisealt sce. also ea opriney, og ot stt for arly 2ion bus. lookse a enom " colorpidn'?and stnchh ursmarring a frze.testing special gveslly click. you' now."
3:07 am
aiorrothng surelic transformation withrsyoeeht s ain nevolert. olay. es and y renerimio-sculpting eswi insntydras mpnd lt. fy. or r sinll ve freula. t your me . annotry
3:08 am
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3:09 am
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3:11 am
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3:12 am
rolled y, l one,g cy frosty, just aboveing we used aplayed mes. w my turnre tt's picks it's cold ihe. e our fa gl e ce we werere with them. epter: next noh l g for>> merial is tas fxibl but theye st w rm they are. >> reporter:k all the glov losectiv o pliwier style tt tri whi sell for29.99. >>heact theyan wear reporter:lideofll gloves l y.ckouprucwith a 90-day warranty anre gloves that hare defeive. loves wi grippi mnhe pm. thehone s
3:13 am
wira materl oreams the thes abity. news, new york. >> kw?u ve any of thos >> n or conc find - i don't undste are beautiful gloves oks likehand-knit.iteapose. >>t doose. >> ybi are un important buh, they'reed.d it reathe anyou't e, but she cand scripan probae.tle t jealous. ould s> cing up in the, the m of music, f kanye wt talkg is. all.en spielbe onar so whity. skiy" no nomchallenge in daughte ht nrition.
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your baby needs the big reients. the first two you've probably heard of: folic ac awi vitamin d. theyvital to you a's health.a lewn nutriha. it'sn omega-y acid 's int four baby'n, hed eylopm sts sht portilngck ofant nutrion. it helprote a hepregnay and preve late erm rth. you t it bting fish, bufer aneasier way isclude foor lements fowi a an s including bran of lkenat soymyour baby breastile can also get i th ninof infant formul.
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kiso s for " toou in t entha >> it really was kanye wt. pushe enlo way yesterday. west blew ai througcrsily sedanevt ri new onk, combining the
3:16 am
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3:18 am
a f wr of tuning of grammys. very nice plug. kip thshow itstcus. >> the clocks ticking wn to hollywood'biggest nighof the ye t 88tady ve bersh by so-c conty.w n thmennersptellporters not 10inademy' dirsy . he the fr of two childrs ops king away from mem p , m om areow re>inlyo-tiar miwh net y. bushe d buthrm >> h wireidearl$2 iofoqutr temoeco, californi the $50 mi e er alspaksng and 0 re ho th ally,
3:19 am
oshersel 's a ripof tt's e'll gw emn heowit wilnd then she llitlds he >>t wlde kd o ceay re you pu yr dicaioilxty-ve, get ke i, mecaveghtyce ofarb medical cos. thst is up to you. th's where amesuppmentnsuran pla
3:20 am
ca nownduest thi ecn ide]. ull infor me theange aa mppntlanstoos bne l choony d tcedicarepa,d there no n .alnsurcecos over thirty years experience aheomtmllngyou, yoon coursl now and diaaedicmentlago you.esthonicarelent ian p endo brp, organizatn servg the eds peoe r fotis. nen pl y ey w recommendheo frndmeov ythi.
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llowyour fisn e]d stt gag theformation u need elyou olling wence. lg gh ca er t it r foulth t, enyourt , sowanlso ree. weesouleestrucg w y touch l . fomaaninma. ertoh, gtlinnsd. litt tchs alitak.
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3:23 am
try to bm. >> nowe takes camp to e enti country we are go fifor everte in evate.>> they the fouent by sppinasci, by arinsi the amount that thing we shifting aund our room was littghtening. as n biis. as up here ajust enth p less stos ted. at g wast appate vae ard worknd espialllfade rk. >>heeditwhh to thi frothe ivsity'surviewndroht io crin sting gghathe precution lievesy ve son se>>he aelat develnt nth k nbaissse ras sereat t
3:24 am
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3:25 am
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3:26 am
re a big eat well, and mance. : for nys tohy... mngre he a sof helis g ismog "rl."> the, chge cln bernan a f omie, onths ed t liesd rectly tnority v weing a full reoming > opr g orinalus st i sngacse takg ibmaan dle. inth sggonabd unirm knock poli off thr trl. in mexira b
3:27 am
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3:28 am
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3:29 am
inamaile thilltoinurasvithseto n lit l? therwais ojabs onei weskheande cig manageheren e sp whadsenar foign li. an wgock tt eyouets li soon. oteworil reay len rdn to t iticisaternie erhain pt iticedidobut i digreemeyiha'dratho. wirent tcag the esidenak, callhim sappnt. ose nal ssd s es finicul oubl>> hbeen s on
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3:33 am
su.orr:e ye la te o diarilremembed site ecors ra iggethe wdaoule this supp g te are. d teegpi t g lese nehbinbuildi hidit finecrs ey tthdereows n and leonnto instige e ods e seme. >>y smd gad enthinte the wittaeputes lgave for aly ho gin?s hady faed ons the owner wan thoserto the bin soo pble anit moor theinspec all fourthspts arwianslghte pleaded noguil iurt. roclboe, a ns,ew york. utrnalornia mi
3:34 am
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3:35 am
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3:36 am
s st sppo eydo tpeon f wt th d eyhees otl e y so. >>haulbeh swt io aotnaone. >> s otnai wo e le m mcnaisan me dedo erng mti inne dhare ybed he diffnt.he cald itis mcmho 80 a.m. ifferentakfare 130 in the rning. asn't ter veras, wr mareaurants.nod ma
3:37 am
>>h,rust coup, f at m f "iomac t."> aip chle far w lt chin. y gofrom to or eelsmuder y d p moree yearndy horaonoungt ng yeas grds but things e in somrt >> announc:ow" atheres andheir co e learni schooling by cing clasooth unitice ts efselear s ju an ornaryde durg cl..afr ice ar s t nv i yi edmyra >>ersoes a woinstenol rl ms,
3:38 am
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3:39 am
t inne stee om hpe ustan e said, "mi ja, yo need to t ot "t way y want e trd." i oughout at aot. ill lifeost imant sson e bestearnn the me. e wacornere ourshe e ac asicia humeing son myothes nose th c c wase ouolfami t ca.anshe ed wn shwa only 56, sohi perna
3:40 am
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3:41 am
sa atets mi ally. t insmokde she smoetand e mox lahe out ly awe ath >> beean sas sand hkooinowic. d ofseicti emre apeciwa y le kid by f tyeds. 'sidr.eao.e mi kin rhaps me vcef ana marqgrldhen srhookmeinwn e wae dahterzzxo aed tve.waauliir rep jim turto h muto dwiis g. >>iclangge i self a lagha
3:42 am
>>eporr: wng s call "ans wa" h a hepua anlbbeti tna lifelp om m0 s anan vonteed thr ti. hey , y knoweon the proctf reing whar te u thayou'ble o it>>r: tt albunow
3:43 am
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3:44 am
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3:45 am
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3:46 am
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3:47 am
first bo when sh weed a ny two hs o.orni to y easy.myoulde up we d do bakfaor hndt him f toool. w otg atdl t an in aovinwbn.xpts k nd n i t li hp fabit mi meer s twi morids wnderan t rechulsome me ogur bas.your oer ijeout oual me finedta c%> sothe met do u ink? it is te.i twor s so aze
3:48 am
ilie that live liray rht on othe gothews uirs. t oureoe thmantth empze rht now. >> c kasa fruraon okr toaka ffen antoelpele i wa to ke de. i t inon th sheawomet. d a toly i sh ge th t w wes la was cepted intamerorps i' amerirpmb now. my service gr, looshp. ayheentora thshmepele o areras, an toch, weric alpele hoe i'm off to ser ey scommunity. they painted hou they made they prepafor dier erd peop in they cleaneaches. d wild togetherserved. to they ma erence gethy her
3:49 am
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3:50 am
l aite >> iocti fsomn " movr nt tedaovntine's weekend? we sta with thzany sue ben soar inolndng compies un theof
3:51 am
e.t's nony. >> i hmet begiblum>> f mnut, m, e on>>-sr st wn' ou trsderics t evik2. ie thiy orott tll "the daily bet" ysanof.y' db. ntinmently," embang,zy, assunfu onl good n at p t f is on't er030. kota johraer ea u her nicboyfwhenovesne
3:52 am
horo tcanc ibi iich beustiigwar urs reon ion- ainneli yoreee-depdelyapabf sile ok en rnd not ulnts. useoj >> anse unedics giving i60% on s. nick ws in "varie" t th f plays lik a condensed apas version of tion the "nspiri
3:53 am
s ods. again, yothy about to he>> ouch.that oat la l.ebelazing.miun youit on heease the easo b alday. >. r was the st of o an acto musn, ng.n she was with ccer, like ole fa got er. e died wshe waon 5 so terso opefulhetbis yke-up colorectis ndeadinger klen prevt is.
3:54 am
can em they turnnto cancer.een screened. if you thit you'reat an inserisk li ask doctoren to stscreenand e 50der,pleasecreei'd ingto havher ea dcany for yoand foil s lives. ell phone whe ivincat anro ving under e. st year,e distrae responsi 300,0cciden600
3:55 am
r hig on thiseo wmiedth ss e. more > kimecahi mornin-- ry ineatoin o wee liits. , threso tt eac>>ozpront gingre anin ha e ekenca > a malecue ceh thfillg thct gh-s c fthe inec.
3:56 am
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3:57 am
eporifwere s cr. wrerelo tr heoi i n asucandidate.i doie w in a le.>>r:on tryireseafing wallnew hamp gr cha tethan 9 in ioam buin cardeerco ari p dcan-ndato tes, emy
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