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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  ABC  February 13, 2016 10:30pm-11:30pm MST

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in-laws us.wain n thi ae sthi>> en theorirrienew rk's f ek whaente' s? usoonder 2reruay. ft wngrsar>>reed heplused modelsold out invg ges os.i iue >> o 3thean,hi ntme togh nkou fni u im i newor yks offon ek all thears, themodels,he craziness anthl-timed emiere for zoolander 2.
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ion,thri, ial onhe.t a auso she eerla sheon toworhegrammys.inheigeert rcarp ceort i s brin hi i wrow f beled cessyou ar b buzzing for daysveinew york fashion wee kickeff we were trs h el rway s. cg hme hell ato you love jn?s od a lo
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>>n it aom f.>>oou kw wthe b >> iewons the. >>nd pvi eracastndle kra in by bonhe ughter. atould t whe autil sts o hgout. us some sons shir bod of 'mroudofypeningn w rk ion weand ce those an a cl-dn with s phlamarng aakcrip t >> kin
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a b on th i he stor td amar al wa tupt shion showndlb dut antrenl.inarofisrevean ulgo thosta pliman tat he esndo. hazla,ouow, in be could ta bn incrlerney fo ctobhe g brnbaound unconsciou abr >>e isazinan e's, youus really, yono nursedim rightck.s stroest gir it anded a look aund,ere'anny
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sh overzedte ct d cais thero, stinth pichank age. w fhi is ch cofothe,enat$900lliothat is nearly triple tt of thenew yo cth a atherig ent, i a ingut tad pool, rn yn.'s w, bu nyo typva vier,mancis mind >>aven't madevalenti plyet, i wil wiometspecr. ostingol b theridfareac? i t ty ndiltys ge ma ho- fusd o i'mngghtht g ibo
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o t serow ths. irtsan of ec ie .'seen a t a forus, cae oferow d veeat>>rp,th miefogrps aric dglas norefosacemen, tist da atk? >>heva19 en he >>ndiaad a r er>> sed. e shea ed .irst sauid think got laa toivethis eyd o nooh, md.
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and utan s si mp h youkunhr ifuen'rdeyou younger mp f. eabr be aryoen ie r y k atapsi muip?ern ctit pfor laps th to celseagwhouo wi few rse ide riou ets sus ic, l,chrarein fe u ldeorere and deease youe d ce thstn siffecfl atoma prob r or aboane ll cs,
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y otdind, f you prnt orto be prnt, re btf orn toastf bohe m predl r relaing n , raom.o docabou cfid d another l sis. lghapo e oen os leon sal lavoreto wi bure a shr. onde bcoin cere. otll the sop ashe ars ok th offlsc clas ph 26. >> te ictuowin e,on
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ro that's leef i,ngto pttly, cldthr hataugh acoong ae a n a b lfer >> tin i ain fstme nonee,licikaer. >> in'm sll tg ed i inkdomuch te a u th >>el a fi. dt dicaio. 's rlly good groof peop.>> aeahabbh.>>avet. twoon also stagin, nle
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>> n fyro taing oaris mk ban cns its y athat t, you oh, mgo twa cool >> he auct- mineamit>>ebca, keneo l wov>>foth lchit onl sc ckil es. el m inpark midr hlered rpetou is r wouet ehen. u fall ipudd
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ootiieweith red vu ngeang sit t rs'mer >> a gd sw. y hpu i l u ow whlsinoureleoibe drse >>tiller s topi i t an oye >> eddie redmayn pl to eoy th mo>>traxnd yit ra ynk is frenzy.>> t socledia s day y j en law bsamthinhering t ery se h fe.>> lady gagaoste m
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dashto do. 'm honed be he, ally recze . 's cool. eo stg haightbeal le fr sly. adsed rsit sue nlm thfilmee" y we l y't won't ai yo o. 's t of y er st ght ta ttleer 'ven ao st a stfhey' lik k. th nawill on a scroll on theeen at w sth f t he cla ars.da m da
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>> king fun atgagalofthishi wor. t tl le fashi w dity iat the sequel i cus teeat fstio wehe youetinr. >> hthval in s itetidate shre aer attrti >> jtitherxba, bw he has owli-i expe wi a.our aersa wayestda >> a wuptontanalowut t s hasooans.i ei obssibo bung jacks. k her i s edas many shoes.
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ye.>>lee'sweekend, a plan>> ah 're gavroic d nht.r bir flse the daysre. i jeang t my crit .>> fm ls of goip tosg star so ng premt oas mite f -lifmols, gigidid. wi fllnd jusn oux, d yosidid u e thbreak dancing >> didee treak dci alw prately. i'lloujen, but0ar oheinghistblue steel
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what d y thinks theret asuccsf? hollywnot as senseumor. wethat's w o akesinner blefound >> what's ike wking wh yourfe? >> wh mywif >> . >> itre becai getoteha d e, iuae otway ound wha wa ieetng ody ter s? heseeowedo w amng mospi "zo2"seiesok. ty rsed 200or t stlerun krnold -- ifba et ll get ohe h that whall the models ar >> just a h ou and'm
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>> thaas crazypriere. so much f, d got shout out my winge. u it,an you ga iyo. ifou taut a wilred caet, look fur tn gram ou v oe, ron. as sme risque fon and bold cho ecenlymadet thawar sh a with our 35-year , t and-mm yl iecti toe inor,k thing ond. i deded ea
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a , back cistian dt e ter vers lastser, sh didw hissa old t hope forsometh go gaga ve ahna alwaysikes t ph vebut f herirstamwi s went ae one ofy fav designers.n of tff. tht picture i tried it fitperfecgrt. >>n, she d hing.t who cor the frte teencr
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kkicki naj's g. ati at made pur wthat hairirymother irton 'dere a wa snugfergie woreight orang orblacbrand granny 20. how a 19 wor asethk neath, a thong he pked herirmy. the chs er yore wit me all thee the over but it's beinhe >> e wo to ress oear underwear. secret.>> kri
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ste. e pr thunning blago sheore at tmontcp ards, around he bab hi split. you g t hoval? noe? you stay t it comes toshion? , sheikes meoay something, if sayl incure.>>nd nstdsyeas upor t dfere ammys. eacfward she ion nominee. wereountinwnhe biggest headnes, ushe s gaga oldpla ontrover eet.>>ma a m


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