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tv   NEWSCHANNEL 13 400  ABC  February 15, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm MST

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asing "vulut" ughr- i vio d de mann d arch ghtw und anpubliser collins. day news - ta r veion of fts in that se . she claims the book st a negative light s ch aida sorncolle. tbd brn wl this hasever real been de a bi of. was
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rsatof a hoe fire t this weekend. isdahe hck rtea of e attime o fire, but their four ds we. reters wereble to sawo of dogs... bu dogs were ed. the red croslped the find place toy... ig wang thihaenhis nds vastinrrleal arbrki 'siv here foea dot tsa nooryeon cseth . k hien sts y theyanth icea. ey tir tear ghou tr oue blk ern lo act" s y s o per abe the state avage. e rates
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yoior isdeny a 25-yeama a hoatta theake of a prostituon an he hturday's incide... and soice hanot inrviewed the le victimaid she s itzerlfr .nd atl ght tu icalshe deinedtoss ar.. tectes a stl inin wt ppen you decion6 ..a t
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rocamp hot republicpolical opular i lmet whh e nation'st ary thsatu w. bu rm bushl al ghje's brhed war rc mina fir ace. wa beldtrp d is escaadhe s imary... t s confru.. callhim e"r. th ci. e ru ad ump ro- ceanti-g ghtsanlirajues to supre h b ing thon 16t willu
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n case we've be llg you thatkeue, ri pon worareat' t rht ad wesbethe'sto nypothesha td use wh there'trafu n'sw tovo t th plan to res thh saincr l apbusome saunti, oulddvanceone dr an, ts abouto he
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