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tv   World News Now  ABC  February 17, 2016 12:37am-4:00am MST

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he will sopond afetuandof he' g t rr to e. >>o noduceyo tol ok is i aspir le chs. we hest.we hupkets cts nd i lidh tt eushe rsi. bls tt ve suctnupsth tt. h a ke itlss y tr d l.i ntouo d pe h tsereke kiet t et cotihemix.o me allfis it smuch>>t l o kidou detter t . t' l taf. look a tse bul fdprod. the a be it'ctth thr tson eye t feel sn-up i ry is
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it'sllnara> s n forains. thusiasts in trarther aldtrac youihis want yo k.wehiatic k.naps on we ourain. >> w. >> s whever weutth,t am. you caut twhe y wa'sese.we hha h y,olkidsoie. i wtaltobo"strs teri bt h flefno ustese"s where noip h ge fore. >> wh'st >>hobering.
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at gnteeur r uny t. t ma pols u sedo n have, t you can ge feti re lo thr e conienn ograll ts er toeaore. isn s degnwithck oplen fiinme o wa aoreli iurance that'sime gcora optns for just $95 aon, ha35en. acw d yolle loedr fe. wl ver cr urovecaner canceed asas y p urremis, anc gntd, nhealth qstions. you nne rnedowe y. callorr rmion td
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stpinghiuy i nee be. onkt' ous gcafu r: sueroeenthdi mra f a ye bor sppg heir it , i s t first movie w in, it s kd ofike wow. don'ow i i' going t in t qui goo ae. definy setigh but he h tth beuse en. fig h a lowerar toh. just ayouow,fteralut -- ng bout 20 pous omusclech was ry hd do ceainly aane. rte asid afeck adms theres s esreivpo fa expeations i really cebot a nt t d ll fl l i tor wh relyentedople.
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a ewhato d d w dit ouldcenttentting llugtoo me. so wy,an pweoun'ha de withouurup rvics tensfo0 year palyveraf a. toea more, dog. > thorngd ws no e weaernotco do tt smmeouhendcehaseeds den e nothe' a t datas he al nct. emerinand on stage du adl terrtt i ri rns tthraveserfolani >> p
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sje >ndeti lttm ow.the s m ceated ie iebruth.rine swone>>ednein kdibs. >> i'mni f sing d er testmin s as y,ng ofo14ye an a neal e14s m. >> gdu does exyoth wte. >>has a fun a wrengoal o or wi w tu
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invible sliy spots by thtus ash i nerseyestluckilyereinor cov of xtreme weegins wi z. i ds over 50our knocking ove this tractor-trailer othe walt it thehreat ext a theh. vionado captu capa wa ashemaetwise et ale ur st planrssecin s tttyte tordos 24 sa areue eldomulom he ror hho thees a human
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peve pile-u tonck crared, minnjie sup ft' min ferth newyo,ea inor ow morthan 2500 canceled cntin ppleded ate philly cludinh school bandom m bu r concern is flooding e when those tres op, we'reng have some ds and, hat is what ohoseacci ,ewyot els wintr st coast, is t e west coast. >> treebruy heat wave t los angeles with eegion. heny b l be m differentyorucf the w day. weather's
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o isene ipn ngus complns g ais gng toower of and t i oio aood of oreg rn and cen portion nend scatter showers r lite rt sound we're ers between2there. . aighw clo this mon lea anothe dain w . a lide dee narsta ge it forcingetr oflmos 15 miles.
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owafternoon.s llays no i jinienc rt'serra qck ohelvn the ea.eident st felt as ifaarit hisho thereverprfzun aanges annuscalia will en repose at the court. a prieralass will beaty mni in romc church waingtmalans to pick s t exseor repubcans n to o histh race house,aloyin in thet sou na trumpiticism from rivals andow esentbama isying tt bei psi seris job. osting show or
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l pren the rn because i havea l ofn e american people. t don suc fm t a . >>dent anandidas exg conrn oveir , fcrat it' racef tue but hillaryton is wayheadnie nders in soulina. aint ad both t focusi oeal b . sassg rican-ams in sou cand lintonakiner p i w york reere's cecil vega >>orteillarynton plisd e o k en a's eme urt tion.
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id u , thatn kewhat we'vd along, isn it? maepub talk oded raanagound rs.ey demoniden enurugliest impue parange. d of hand bi lace iour >>r: and be ers wi theirn the meri- thamot you c jus u el time d sae gh th andnk ten epter:h arlyeraile a cing fiat wt thr nuteooucay. repantendayrefast.>> i didn'm, d anhere tha
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presid the uted st totef soucarohe ary isaturdane cl has hld oesne grounrelong she'sottenoreers ernie but hercampaigns at th m they ar br for aery thtace s comes down tciliave a ws n yo pple heened to lp fbi hack i phoneft byne o san bedi shos. heveee beesiduk'siceecsey n'now .a fal judge spp mus su hized t grodes 14e d in thesi ror ta>mo rurnt ghtepaemeri banagsf deatetaliscert thettac aarardt wthere. >> repr:wasntional retu taris f eagof
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reonth a se90 pele we kilthe sw atheatache ndyedd o hse outse tous olyia co tre rs o t curi atrts ocke of me dtay away. wnds a t nervestill w. t e fe tkeor suorof t as we tpist a rea i sef pabu w aiffenten thtian dec rerens ayohaeadlnighth t snifinc w l no.>>ete a ment to meer >> rorter: for the eagle o h metalndhere, iwasomt tembed to. or maee berr werovr cce t ndho lled >> ih w hnd iwie ns bupy to b in e
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ed t ceacko paris to ni tirncert. th d tt are clely a mf for t o rq wsri echacst uteirs ha reconac oer anutzerike am treen t phichivwoer lsaciond s lee.there eveg hdl bere w c enunedceecovinfrom heartot yvetaort ent so be anmpacthor ia e40 las yend nir les lel dealecrees acro w iosti krne where rio w ru anllim lo
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turs offf i oduc. tre'sfd tn erhassia it inxaed>>anake shre op tcaxpoo ha abo ca tt' rum. >>ou aayswih>>n ti, wine t,ekn theeesl hh hs.
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me sinar and kendeain t celriifti cnythxtetheisls atigff o oth eroce wl go n'ce ary. o,he oarile ua8ig hn i pthne oe intesngs oitaps. >>eluy? iclke wtt'ibngry o. fhamu,hereuld om to ce t fu. c "mi" rng thfnucreatywe'l sw y the eati >>ls ah pannium atst dw falou oomtianheinomthpr f tp rpla cr. bo whahapped ase fw into co >>ndeur find u o fabo wnnns and twitr @azona wn o #w fa.rech"wld nno" sl e nk'rgo wyo it'sacesomokexhelpetofsyonioohghth i'lswn 4ou.
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anwhennow e's int,gein ian.. ncwi hrt omega but s difference ben the ega-n fish oil anos meged krill oil liisoimed as mes ur h ll, ga-h. ieill,ar protoncree omegleve in 30 days.
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asse a tg l atreth bigt foteing f dailsou aew she ae pi eadsfrom tport she plaep struck b gun based epte t vicanle ometin pope an i. o w jusme rlr. aar to tpo'sane. ah fouinn, ou 5mi we ve am. >> meg. >>epr:hepoirs a-0ollo oth rcra rigventn me cit whe voicen th atc recntifse the poilaye t,oo. e ler shining at us om o lef aut- >>eporr: t wo t ranemly ind o dable pit. inhi sehe
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>>caerisht' anthe lednwe. >> tinfg up hashve ws inlled cpogree hos bttarrierir ndiongftheom's desiohi jobxi eningaltrps oth rs doghireinng o iw westnsr kenne cb
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whnd-n do tt ne ofor vipr is er t-ir poioo hom osusineaw cout 140 wtminer ken clu mpjesser r o a exci. conte be chetion i alfi>> this super it's like world serie if yound youn, it'st ow.3,000 dogsere coet best in show. t compitors'eautyare colex. >> trr.hean aswould. >> h ahampoo
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ry c get iy. >>r: thentdivas d. >> thiog can onl lkbel but cann ae. reporte l s sdnt es mjd'thatfate. ter: what' curge>> m >>eporreree in crow seve i including t b rd. o j of rki >> rep o is ox rrie r: t t tr andruavor theed hasho 1 times time oulaic sor is a c d,og best dht f 16en s haired
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>> rr: theerman ired p. butan say al the contes are prett able. >>hi maky ror jes p new .>> s ing arperaor otrey moment. of peoha a hound is the dog so angry? >> becse-ng music introducinney touch l cr me. for timacy. ery toifiele touch is all itak
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es a?, it.foa speal coni idient, ft ct u'sits an s. solve.omouto cetses, ea er h nares...t magic 's not just ou otchegrea.
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it urcaile annes.hes, 's ione l. vereultr monnd k mehwla kate as fi j-dry we s ensps ft is the resuletry ough, coug ke? janecough y hear en thit.i toinex dm phy co yeut wou? hast dry sctchyg goon. ess at orkss cougtoo.coug gus wh?it w on hiugh whstopdoll m oiler alt! she n't make ucm otd ug 1 th twoedesn ll.arreef.
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umpnd t ltle hter s. >> tou>> a tsedn lis. ith cm tliar wit a li sng le o tev nego ste. fus o i l >>ou dnere.hengalp. anheeenrson d tt littlf tulyn'tines aebik>> b facke ok tst oen dongthot b on > thihipe arip f sm ut tria calle
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ent t ffoncos. tm aol hcoteth atoip ha youh s mos.k tts? t l bostore pst id ipot ki. hades. ,0iess wno plwa0ap apce atnointhno
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gptehe ods.'s . i at.>>haakesot of rk>>eidesd cora ostevlundyo s h s. bn noitus us g t runrend . s aama. i'm justisacd. akout e bbh scrub dn the r achi js n'jumpo re [ bo-o][ oi-o] [ k ] siortho. a ssage om the ic acamyofhopaicurge tois reor
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to s he acoun sop rtioer cl. you'r thethering a heanackive boos bertnt, it s tht sid t toat on t f u' gde f fays to hlt, itwwllepov >>ni on ewsorona hinampg inhe pich caidatro polisurprifore t
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t.wh lp hiarop whaen aatonou e. char thery a niol the futh twedny, fery 1 annfrom a isno ke>> i ree n st nd suorres woats. u hcoanng beuth nabut thmuch in ne and don tris at e top of the reblic fiel ta a look athe lest mbers. d cruz aistant secd ll bruo anje
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abs na zak ingheat obo se veome lo w he sou colina. i ink we're going toure oper>>epteor rublins and det wackthei igtraiouanusow on tand e t and that's en >>orr: sas d hillary clinton battng oafcan-amican vot while the republ second amdment taw, you gay word i bif don't havtary to back iup's dangerous. >> reporter:ting this un with hi printed onong with onea.thp candes alsin dean mao rubicr vdet wduce otngdoprt. cruz ta ldmp wral n it ss ri, ers towe insts
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rte dald umtang onvee,ngrent obwhsahiearl >>on bie . ump ll not besent. and reason icausha lo fain theric le>> tmahane sbad h s uack sfar, a for hat auallu wa the h. bol amnamp.hed e fire o cy t gge h of supreme court justicanto play. speg o alia l toessarday ae picalkenssp ov hreemseocedars w edilliin eme urfr a
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na rublicans w thne pdenoteact, psima t ckindo. i iene re ari lerehe sei exolar pect to bee.ten heed e s l moder replace scun said no. t he promised will be dy iwelllign then bertanuta fo ame22s lth avov ecd val ofhe plas ct iebor af noh fired long-r rocke rlier mon an'rarng ts moin atma ainatn haal bkll tr lkfe th cothneyou. hn elore bettk an
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dens unatnsenheow id a iwod ha gen prenamalrnateso if tks h n beesuessf. coauard hringo the oar this lori e shdownast octoth 33 pear terd ttiwas revealedhat e captain hadxp las two eks. nownd wtrial nusr sut as trim slr.loe rsilngen re a'satt gu rorr:n cot the precaid e bespcl le franin w sothinother aaffae a.uto chan. evidencinhis case will tell s.
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teacsed violthen 85 nogenk x reea hasle n glt twee8800he legerialdere dormarniheonik m sl" e alexwas onlyheas the st n'ome?errom lly led fr s orna, not hihia wa desbut hin's. instor ily a mplice opia, ihie s pk. rter:n hith ctf meldveorg n pap serth'sspecd nopo he nad idfyomofho them nv fnks h ttmabcs,
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t gast bl co g to ee abanlpud danpp tal t s se cola adi atey thaould ged.cosbulgen year ison if 's ced >>w mmenda t g et au ear ry ha cudhat e' tcrn cldre beeen d onthd.grou ets s mrearchs nesehe fitsndms osare pas add ee hearlyns autis>>itwar inicn l recen s l lsn nd h arece a hisardoastend igs wn tha b
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int rents ve tig thr fo fn fla fe wve t swhen e a trodotheerst m ssbackt. e joto j uer $1 borrywi dawego iden onneroendim han m e,n n ee w c tofheeieck rly miion. but tk thmp sum wch i$3illi.joteus tir lis aosi ins ey'vrece lofles asng fonrobi say'ski arddo somtrin
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was mheneyamorward b ty'vesee thd th ug a thyf se ver h. ihinkoa wl be stin >>here a n besin d at e naon'sost estiou bt moha 00ertl by 8tis's won a show p. >>ins amilgra rlon t ionor ahewensrenl cnd cjwienniamerichi als verati hi'here mbe hgo t eyla>>idknhat'onth i to mog ama" iey
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iniew ind,moiningn reds augh man. >> aaheaprahfrey's et pland herret weap s noightcher and oet lvercord.n'oron thcaier ndior anleininanr mexicothlo js e ca ouagaftofocama wehoul tl that ja's "blo updateas now reiv nearly 2,0 ews. >>ergood niceoi, ja. gngck corovipac vithiffe kiof gbut ip... t sar he pe ilof
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ck a wne seas soth (u.)esr r a ddot avit,r thconiensoft carperyse.
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ou ans . buitlso rp welc leserelve peooseele s s, cartagans in one tiny pill move fe ultra.t .and w trann-1 d eesuppme. e bl tn. ocr! wn utbelly der, nkieishefion e y wo stth pepayre frothindramicrafoio e lers
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olegent. olay. and trregenerist miulptineyesrl it italyydte to plu a lt. ouwhhioug? wk, ttuda you' ng.i okinheetidonstion.
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wag eaa taetstd wo4, not 6bu12 fl s. arthre. h the t's eh, a boendeinfr a ert bri erfi ohepi o ohithlo ring. tet al dn 30 f ththrp itime ty. ansn'tmili.ich en i meil oo, ai'd be srrd. >> t i don't sing,ke >>the ason? >>was af th ys whode os nny?wow, you'row ou well, thanou f that uplifting no this morning. inarmentn in a tal rel te
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ns of llofilt urednte gumexico. osthat her rvissesi tefe llowt. w wwithn. ter irohaver a tmeosthe mptrl.arercingng listcompanieanindubo 10yeldpadeon400 bsmel th te. rorr:is hu oan s ey'rlosi their jo t bec clear te b way ta comtind to ectheusins f longm i movoducti from fy aniso ntey
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ben age.e gegog to in mo r. >>epter:400 ie sitiont joia twdedetungxos thatn miio movsoutof t iri that sion nodrinfi fth campil.>>e' gng ttax u whe nditioneom streourer ild thunited cris og beneverancpack, enoneyorolgeryto soften the bw. >> i'm jt trying y , i'm tryto e. or w arngilbe .n sa ns, de. >> sry thpe. whco why rda us broke dn
1:45 am
"the skinns next piano i thought ld happen to me it d ll nnk t same edys aarcciden myelat night there'no w i would ha svid. seating ee cache in due y se head injury no me of e s at led up to the car accident.
1:46 am
i'm anassey, and a seat savedlife theo submby a srothe sprmore itionerg(=! eltt0w!t@- 7 tt0w(=@i!t.*% kztt0w!t.*(=% n-(o, (=tt.*(=% t !t.*!t.*% 7h9: kiin op ointhisusakdown inn ier t air yesterday, torr
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em hr c hsud. n s ord s , m 'm i litalttan inmylf ith ac i'm th, at a no oes [e. ne, sa isg thani looked u has jus i nd toavbi.neayvesyontirecoomernjieanispeedo reth r. n ol hernd m everythi yhibout s the hlesake thr spt d ice,t' er >>
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me oth0 coen.le are h.loofatagns he"een lehand s y. >>hey th did nextcoup makinges. reynoldsshedh jas prs et fddth gbbth iarea's chairnd, coue, kingy the st intqus.o u ev a?>> notce9. y'rrgeous. two- twinnyou're an oscanonated ac homuf jac's mense rawal how i eoonct t y ngrom ximan ive >> >> we all >> we'reld. >>ho itt a itie
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continue to veot w woul? rt the e tliverhe b cs "deadol" fod woe >> next val d m t verong. > nedgst butler aarght cutana ito rair neso one thtionostrionsthtist, iz tth f social m. prohe feral alll ts alis noese ev bee fed ye b there instigatwa naulbeto $5,ven six ntn
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n'gomecaur nco'sfo toe ernall ino .2-ye-oanor helorg sinste dn t tieople arheonocl media r k . om th he ig ah ir ap, okistheyvilldiise frh otr. ce pps fore prncedyeow ah and the cn r in >> while she mayadopteele' stualips a rkates, voe,sue in atto krpetveelnd avoid r formulwi ngre soft ct vese ou ans aneshe it ao s. ree.carpethaomesouand an pe
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ne's life. therem. lsdvd leforma helps nce coug r full2 hour alt... orllay s s vi ov. r ur jcartagd o-lex s, it's an e ree tr .>> impta mge for sidents age t85.e ts nuer n.ghw,pele are reingisree information kitfogued a li iurce thlogh e loni pn prra
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n aburcethuanteeyoaten nevecrease for y reas. youid not ryour iormati, ca thinu now. ur aepe guarad,witho health qstns stand by to learn more.>> i'm ale re t youbo a polalifenscelan wi alo thks iur rfor t seyotreinatkit? not, call thisordaplanough conin ogras coverage ju9.95 m.yoatd in d car up. d your atanc wi nalthstnsse cag yocan t $9.95 a mon
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1:54 am
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1:55 am
so evinchateditatio h p lwe,ll t e to makesions. eppr there's a coectionnd it editn sethe lels o is a re hmo. y havstss, thenou la bel f reporter: many nists alinweight must include seriouchs meta a wl no f e ig.'simrtt to nth oo os por ty oneighlo ll metateand theth medion froop nfwille suhose ps. etofbeeportey dabcne. >> i heir meditatn. a rlfr -- it goodne. i'vbeoi ir ekd havet agl
1:56 am
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1:57 am
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1:58 am
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1:59 am
atck the in sev hundred survivof ich le 8le dd.>>e joys drivacteolorans r rolit do inrs0,willre wfos comptely rpenefa a fr- dr. ern orha cj wased inho westmiht ewhe 1 i tlds the ar of top stie tdnda brry 17t a: frbcs, orlds > po ri hn ly y a w8 ti'rayintherr ou.>> sws'spo y yert this
2:00 am
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2:01 am
e pous arinul19, enusti s we reagst nin rert rk, who ter ng, debe. ag tnomid ssntveiain e se nthsdeatth1 n ams cy, ere's plenty ocom jue. prida s as suld ashe's ing toinate a moderate to rescalia, dy who would havepo from republicans. the prident tha shakno assumption he wl nonaxcthwimebody who i naan k a nite
2:02 am
ump ccithresinttehats notednd tmp sar ft aally insout carin whene wa inrrupd roer su eted the presr were invited to speak. >>it wt . tr hen't thy us wav wve oo like of jumbe t i16s ahd ted cre latestth carolina poll, fwed by anjeb sh>>n thide, hillinn g leadover bernith rolina.t a m c r neclton spe may maer t rican-amicoter e methla lde i neyorky d vod to proteconicppores and nder ieeaime also de simarppea he attend a ayer breakfast an-ameministintharola mewi thughterlicekehold viim ec er.lar avedkeo oung v
2:03 am
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2:04 am
t a assic. cicky brst >> uikyoging kngog pa amecai' en today,h anted moth xico i be wldike mygi hvisi thebord and he torhe f t puby sh s o riti imagthate ome ovr ns nepled h ope loo soed n isn'beseis >>y. >>reme n ilabouarent stken thnemelandinasek. y reasudrod ntcan heaarning pilotstrike. thworry, of coseis that thlots cane d by the bright.bupelaand withouci
2:05 am
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2:06 am
wn and edhe. >>eptehe cinter m.s. sectary ommceerhis ingor aecound of talks scussing evemore oppo e statn on csefor sine ong atlre evy. marshews, washingt >>ank u soh,ena. ullo t t >> ichif untr b bttthere in fannt owt e minsdon ou erenso. yeah,opsetohewestnsr ow, s thstamstit n as pre a re f, wodn y e?miere givece to sofy d theviy.e r ow wut by r ieovt
2:07 am
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2:08 am
the miow, i'ate. the miamiow, iperate nehear othem . wan th ofngreenth sooueradwoolrk (cg) ughing dpts evne le. why dsym.delsand e lps sie foa fu 1 alt. or. yo hes os. but thers ff tween e omega- ish anthose in meged krill oil.l, megared asily abrbed by ybo. ...which makes yourrt, well, me-hap
2:09 am
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2:10 am
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2:11 am
sttuls. there wereoles in tualat be manyned r thon,ve hour and they said, ithe wa >> d h s att deli >>oo isod >>as hfoct.. omngkeishecritis g th'sl sioneroodell e harnings. ue new relta dos ods i2014ren of ts nuthatiathprio yea 24 s ffulye fhefls alt wierieigh
2:12 am
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2:13 am
geam m g hior but ygeju es. tean was sir having erare taht t for signsve ar mad a i i aya bells fu, ey're a nsthight meanother rent annent.and so >>ling seeiner wenrowith rementeeat's te me thap thbo go as llis dity kna wwsgeles. > te te that m and tllonst it fviussewh you watce wrt'lyntdo . te
2:14 am
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2:15 am
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2:16 am
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2:17 am
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2:18 am
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2:19 am
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2:20 am
les . (snds dshing muc intrucinnew togel massage and inmay touch, gentlte a lilees. k-y touc 'mx if y're 50, is ta. so pleas it the num th i want talk to youboutt e onouor a ratlock
2:21 am
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2:22 am
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2:23 am
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2:24 am
bupesen badg n trni f yearefe eppi io their suits. yh, i saw thestovie wasn,wandli wo t ow im gointo be t itgood a. efset a hi butls tbe tt h e he's an i'm ju you , afr all,ut --ting oabs scasea. nly at m agete aside afmits thereme pr to li fans' expectns. i ry re abo it o el i le gototh al tend op anit w -- rely p
2:25 am
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2:27 am
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2:28 am
care hdeath.thnt l ghtthees dog aldas lebrat cin is esday,ruary 17 er fs, is ld nw." edrni'm ks>> i rna naheeserun >>eeoin 1 ar nyel math >> y ac h sthams ow? no thl. e'll tal abo. >> t, let tohe e with set t sla oaod a t ee stoas m,
2:29 am
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2:30 am
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2:31 am
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2:32 am
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2:33 am
predict i iev. umwien theeaec i hava t ain the thi man h de bad usba sfa an f himohatua reatfwao tr the psintlso ccan essice o ewnus, gr d clatan >ll,or t moat it aightacinevada aheaof sury's tebut hilly tons bedeou rona hng h spenthe day foc heruci bla v sas adsi ans s carolina and laa. an makin yo. the,arabs cecilia vega. >> reporter:ry con implngm i threa the t obams ritynomi. >>e aayg h d aig toe.
2:34 am
prt. you know, tt'seehatwe've d lialciguage aaks se theyemonize esidt oba anencoagthuges impulses of the pa fring is kin h big haolarolit r or con asaershe o rizeth ou canust shoat ec tanthe gh k at enoug >> repr: berec nearly derailed infittednt o
2:35 am
prayerakstth>>n're have caic apridenthe ed stoday? repr: befeou lina the pma ts rdnevada clton h fieldicn ound there nger.she's got m volunsn rnie sands. but her campaignelli m are aerti ce cos o rn cea ganews y onan utors theeeun ok'sviauseyno passde erudges appleus pplyighl speizsoftwad -ducatur peod the -iror emoonaluras ght in emerica ble h mefied cce thorty inveer. abc'sle marchquasthere. >>orr: is amo rern to for eags
2:36 am
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2:37 am
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2:38 am
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2:39 am
that putraagheris atiinl .e preedslomesany. ar w th ren ho oll quy tt te item$275oi >>s thatike yeit's cl tisha dcrib- litoavryomthha, th shod sheoak yo c i raisgh ea.'lowhe ls an atestminsthowth na rndftion ak tize.>therehe po aila nes abohat happedas h flewntmexi >>e s t fd us o ce,co and u' w ttu yo c mo he g of mcusy cont 'll g by in ke 4. forg t tos
2:40 am
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2:41 am
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2:42 am
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2:43 am
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2:45 am
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2:46 am
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2:47 am
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2:48 am
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2:49 am
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2:50 am
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2:51 am
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2:52 am
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2:53 am
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2:54 am
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2:55 am
acl aot glng aap e g is en lun itlu gp.c. es, ce liog.oh, waw old h d - wait for it -- there's a mera! m distcted i'ryisu ma me asutenant from trestump," athe balayer ine lt. band. had t honor
2:56 am
's s fact thatome war meounaon'sfistit arstineiliverough suicid ice othewer. 's f ryou of your chcesfoa beerif anbrinain d arak to youd ones dot ve got on v.a.ou. aching out are king t suide. eaw. dot wait. 1-873-tk d prs "1 our counselors will t ar ur informatih anyone thsaofeters ve h thuragto c hoabouyo.
2:57 am
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2:58 am
decaeade>> st amere11-yeldan chaliftwhedp t t-ope. dayger p a oational rft "the ny" o this wednda febr 1om a,c ev nihiesda kendinan. hempgnl.candcrbl boter ines of ll hil cng be nders srona t r i muclosen nes athe top of tepublin eld.take aookt theatt nuers.
2:59 am
la iin the ndatn bot sides. >>e comongaye sthro urpreople . rorter: for rubnds, was their baseheamnai >>ou jw u a elti tim aay r th andsgh or dem be ilry cbang oanvohiresd heseco lisi od ge. evy wostene .ou d't mary it upt'sda epor b tweet oto aith hie prind oit, angith e ,ic
3:00 am
for rd et wseeni'm going dohe m est. raca islic terris wagead onniatthswers totwt iul . orp king inc t ie i ctitoie trumwill ne pr and the reason i b i a fain aman lehis m d aad b, h set bfa a im say ay gomimowutte a bgeboshlpanra me fon anned fof se ortsggth o supre courtay ha bee cse b foulplay. >>u. >>inf courtjue wil baid to rest ourys the polikentenfies up oris plemeneeatccd f30 arow dpe allhesue cot iday, andiverill
3:01 am
se repubns want pdeoomeacem but pde isg do.>> i t nine somedyre te t to expeheo tte he w awaleg tg a de reeia, esen b sd . bute prod wsomebodylified. new si mng o owgenonenno a stha. ae, fouic22tethigsver ko ed to re ioetens boirfth fir-range rocket eaiehi >>an w lrns morning thathe obama ministon hfaback
3:02 am
cordinto "the rk taborkanghtow is wohaleir's a deic systemsve eow gdnd gen pridt obtees to r in talkse essf >> faro"town dur a hurrla with 33 ople on board. ng yeerdasesnysleheapilerio et becausofto e hexpd las twwes. lthe t o aotor mde spt n the gri slr. lon ofli yogeicmt y ol re c' mtgu. >>epter: inion rank thing thano
3:03 am
's nowlllyinkedx more at. as pleaded not gutytwn 1988 and2002heled ser wt rman t mikri sl 1faer t tor hepter fmingmeepor anklinsubu d sdn b not in tas hiwaso iesgara franklin tgoa sa ce of fork rde h in tou ctur other estotograpd were severerctedof k picav med ti tomen alhem. fas e
3:04 am
ea aexua assault blosby gngtoro. asuandehi j deedomn's ap of judgusal to sby'awyersistad ise avis dic atrn tha h ner ou get yonhe'svi a necommending t t dtautirlier. a leadingdvis p ludhe's no nd t sc allchen8 snt grofxp say rearcsd t tfivsalreenin t paren are adved anyeorhearly sign of >>pi a t wan an,ti'tfe nt tesleadevels innd hce a waste. and publ hestigato rn t m be t hh for wa fte tha.atu fin fntents ha paying theighe
3:05 am
kn a, il ne tamain afod asmonth' massiverbal jac the t o jus under .6 bilon fhean th ing. todae'reo l identity of second nn wh is haiomen a sain wer the cir sof tckpot. th cckd ny$5mi y t t l s w memillion. doob us t vese b chaic sce go the reed lfetor ays lorrd t meavel buya rmnd hse f hllinorwardausaidreoing
3:06 am
vet s tmai raughr aot o studennst t w to they seeme very dn t eah. wille jus newnationstus .is j.he gnshairepor. >> out00 otheto che ti th t y,he 18 me hr- cee sho >> wniinc. his g win at mitel club. a busahead him. "ng amehe iolren w ahe may he con't k ioonomog ama" t ts.what he ihe gen
3:07 am
ry rnodh ja>>op ie t wt waterd notve eise food. the latest uproar involving arononerplt,eangnaor mecos titalouefter tos fect p. weul te you that ck r" up hasow rece 2,ws>>y good. g, ck. aounc: "wonews atroug to u by lol wipemaviru arof are pr k
3:08 am
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3:09 am
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3:10 am
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3:11 am
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3:12 am
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3:13 am
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3:14 am
nounveig nns >> aouer "wod ne now hi. i'm may-t and i'malsh t8 s. eyba e'rewi iend2-1 ui s... l:atell d playar i nice u'reot rr ta wht do h bth eat l f varick aana becaitiv m thenergy ed fore a big match. eat well, pla and makance.
3:15 am
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3:16 am
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3:17 am
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3:18 am
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3:19 am
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3:20 am
at wre'sel aand me lpsie ugfor fu 1ho l nior d. e'movingthe ee ult tplacrt jnts,nes. d ig flls, 's alln onti pill. move free ov. >>essagefor des 50 to do tnuerowrighnow,pele a recng freformn ki aranteelife insurance with rate lock thre colonial pm. ou aren a fixed co, arn abafford
3:21 am
thatranteeur rat caincrease r y reason. if y urnfon callhis ow. ur accepnce israntee witho heth qst. std tarmo. alex tr, tell you abo a po pla th a rck th locksn your rater li it can vecrse. u t youre foatn kit? if, clth nbew. th aordae anhrough enn prra vege $ a myo locked in and can neve and yoeptanc
3:22 am
witho alueio. sehomuchovage you cagetr $9. a mth.yoe informn kit. i eve woman it's all very woman it'sll i>> i khanry? >> that whitne wh s the,sh ogh seigh.e swhil eoygea
3:23 am
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3:24 am
meditation can help peopl los weig stillooma sol cosions.yeas's nndrks. >> medatiohelelsf rtol,hichs ss rme. en youress r my nutrst saakes ce diet >> mne wak off theit's impotten theypeodti he clyllfo weit. >>eptel,on c tate. and thishe mitation ho are be rens ttr s the>>6 y besties. >>r:s,bc,yo. ab,16. y wa bhmeon aht's aon
3:25 am
an i singlepound. >>ally even idhonkoue pre t bo fat. >> ihiou ndo sup wit >>nn:his abc newimag ver iwhlc. t e wainq, ke aar is takmen women in unibeyzenhelewadi o an f reaticightre sto gethrvese ed. ango pyzvetera oera e. eyaid,yocu youhalionwerethst
3:26 am
ourrdnjur recei l thcarehey vepvaloces sslity civirits fll people diliti and snsors resech d a cureoralis fe is llches r oumily. thank u, pva f paralyzed veterans of america. ovg ves, building futu te t e cr dthoor my n' jt mpre [ i--o] [ eak eak ][ boing tulep e [ g huffleowthhall seinso o [ s ocng [ i-in]
3:27 am
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3:28 am
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3:29 am
urusti ain sca has beend in black is hono and wd to rest saturd abc's than k more therrans and pol b ahead. ep itbe t tofhe c wheranalia'sy will lie in re not f omha nak i blke udor 3 yea a justinli, presimaid trica a e cot but a matle hrey hi ien nom so,osent t ican, torese the ate. tmdvote. >> b republins main, insisng resided reace scal ent 'sthonkennrm
3:30 am
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3:31 am
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3:32 am
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3:33 am
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3:34 am
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3:35 am
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3:37 am
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3:38 am
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3:39 am
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3:40 am
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3:41 am
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3:42 am
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3:43 am
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3:45 am
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3:46 am
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3:47 am
hd hoin drent urse, h goi - wow. >> -- i wano introducos l hhis avupakts, keets c w erhine wilsus r si heitupbo havan al mixenlhingou needdmir oitgo ahe ata m cre. hehese ghistu., e mi gak all s the i er. hat'ay l t alookbel shoducandsus for .
3:48 am
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3:49 am
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3:50 am
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3:51 am
e , hineo ot "t yt to thout ab at a l 's mpoons arrned ime thrnstil as a m um b whemy mwaagdwianitasikoufa gocad e ed wn she wa only 56,sos is pnal.and lly eakis you-up corectal canceis nd leading canciller. caeventthis disease. screening finds precancerous poly so they
3:52 am
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3:53 am
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3:54 am
f afppisy, if. ihinkit'stinrefuoruper h ar't daeadirain sppin int irstwa was likew, i ould bn quite that good of ap h nite s higba has b i tt ecauhe's, f i lreusno alt ttnbo 2 p ofsccheally h donl m ad orte jokesaside,flec adm t iom to livean ns. >> a do we e w i'really pud of what we we orte p
3:55 am
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3:56 am
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3:57 am
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3:58 am
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3:59 am
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