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tv   GMC Early Edition at 5  ABC  February 18, 2016 5:00am-6:00am MST

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mperes wil welars to the to eak heat reighs r the elevill he 6 and 0s. extenda ak fill ve t tonight, droppi temperes wi sll b breezy, t ouldffer so relf ryin itns pa e next col o ri o , drpi hig r nd th weekd in t 40d 50s. bring e ne anceor rain and t rncolo. ansystem wiove in ay aften,bringi anoth of rand ow to he lorahat willt toarlyes mo at t,n't apither e sy bri
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thstro st wihave reten gh a t. anthe y ndit we expeto control. wsch olina islive outsi rado rings fire ion..wit hodemeot y for da go mni odningnaoni'tsfi atio#.riw.e fi d mer at..buthoiit us vye toy'wind dantoon e reect rmndrywer maki grandusicy.fighte e at y. t'r anytthig p.on rg rning daysy tiy
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reme...dugtts t nd an erel wi youror tivitiay portg ve olado sp da li...ko neannel . m to ice snow from our bisnow storm earlier thish. e ty colorado that sto largest one,oo. e city ss ithan 430 thousanddoin materials, de-icesand, overs. 's nea pcentthtes dg. a spt thsa doars ertiorworks. ggest impa . we'v telyd beenn scled rebehe onecome citys thallye dgris januanbrua
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sn andce a le are ll ove we ask h wos prtizerepas. thenowin t caterihi pit siations th e avelth n'edate atten. sideetare nsidpr. dee ir . ere still fiing nyt mage t 1857t' my tt e a g an tre an prey matreeso i s sused waat bad ci tfix 300 po we 'v paedhure the . ew has tholtrol y poobpo ays sa 10-in deash onddarst the cha his ri yocapost
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t kr t on. w n enle- husle atas mghy sh do. i-rogyps od sps edre- todaybut n pped w isyingcoul eeksnt thretcisdr ere stndg nyse s.ane isn'taf r el and th toy'wis, it ulmakeor emo riskiv the ghwa osedday use ide. rs tze oall rsbl down . st rathon bomberarts hasasfedeaps cot to pone wys tohand h dea ltap. heo replace most ers whdend durithprti ih pes. e tapin ne bldo his am neismog, osutor
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r to. guel ntres-pe isus of killing seeant ry rarattharns coeconal fatyn emr 'sls suteof stabng rgori gaheam da le unist ss llthe atpe evhougrica er h hi demoat arking afinal in newhiclds s moicuc tsa. w llg sa is ce..cnbionor in s n mahe e ers ahead tunede es to e ll .er nder hong il me ow his ee mp imy. esid
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"ery my tells momentum here this." but ary ton sayshe smart y ohe fosier ste gnggo ouand us on saturday going on new cnn/or sander t....with 48% ofel saying they t cln, and 47% back s dg range topest tsest thatdided tmyrespone thtit raceotr fa - re it: as noming ntes sfr stas a n hashir..o stesitmo dive ecras. sanders gesuppt hter of gawho wakillednfatwi nework police in 20-14. need to lieve in a leadeie sanders." prentialndidat he afric aman communi s that oan giday some innoerson li saland c inarnd t thdays l enand jail.e sanderked ndra b. ton baof d's own th: en ble to be ableo uce thtast lady right." i'minn,
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at the o ti it's t metiononherepu side. publ sid batt co soutro. seral republcaates ..ta pinsocali toll bl frt-nn um.a alon m-n- ..he his ow counte fiery deme. senatorsuz and m . dr. b on..l gothano addr s omh ro te. uz.wpp out e mmonru..ft ina ce an leer sen uz op: whid then u actu got the ? uz:i'll co lat loud. n't think anyone isu threto thsorona pr on turday. thf-nts he breango rrison.. t one mpy is br niol
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t ato erin whpele e ng itananre so st re hoyou n t thprlem xee loin aheato hh firege todaour
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tots to 85wi pble in the high uto 50m gusts r elevio. snowl tod in cogeosmouns ug th he scted owsn eaue ro t ai rn, atwatc h ws annd viri hav ue ... anindi da tra fu j uld take eailexiv h erabwh shoul this arhanktoiabreak s. r elevatio wil 60s, tendedla slly o. fridayll b bree shffelief th wndns pateon sdth xtd t is t h weekd he 40an50 suay afternoowi brg thnext anceor rain anow coanotsy wille inayafte ingingnoround of snowo colorado tha er willsignanacmulati cora wra
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fiting thes ruli. --"theottolis, e liev t shlde anqu infiacss th tt pracof invialreinva e f-i yseyap rfaro's .b nto bl thatats ones taer0 ong ssrd atmp. th awod y k e de o. ll w wo te for unloinigors?s bsonndenanan find on rnin tech today's te bes.. a tt of prcipl t apisfusingit k e encrtionphuse beno rsul d ite th to ite code unne e? uter rity pes say t difft at it takee just afrnoo
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ac to acss all eir ss frle scenso, os noco lac filtus g-m they t- do a ec 's bei cawod'ficoluex tp. it . the users rough e is p t just otot ri
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igoing gustso 85h bee inthghryth u 50m rohelower at snowill be d in geos the untain throhohe wihe w pe b teblinsnow wi me ryiflt trav in tas,hi indu w crtesssshe ainsreag rnin, wer hes,igh wngs annd adrie beued st o fdang wl be aconc please bextra ca outdoor, jark is allt ke crte wdfteeraturl be welabov t year thato th th break reco evations will be 6 and even 80s. extended: a akough lateht, ping tempures sllyfrfray wille eebu shld f rydyndions tited ursdthe xtolt ispected to on sundcond half weekto theand
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cora. r st ll nd n,brngerunaianow codowiinarda mointhis poin idoesn't aparitthe sts willng
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cora ibwi by ose nerkmang tes i lt sn.. sdes ngth , ou, ma a lo s llegki w yorkiver o es deo. th insiditig an pres high id tec rnste ff atr wn lee leng a! tr drs etand
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thery a ps the mbles. mont ofxiom e an rie readto tak acosut wmitrouwhicstate' cour d on-rwaercathd a cha yestth
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5:--, thfebruary m kal. i'cl bili thst althtodospref suts. krdnenn 1was erfor the ca poere asg down
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re narre sd offirsevjuck a r. wedo co himanth r sutraway butuyone a hff x hs ae g ing mispill ent thn gaof t waer ie anas..cot taki aine ot ag tnl atthatont a co're fernmentt.navajo as s alsoin tolodo eygel, con,in decisitonv , red li veransho arokr a loing ead thorni. life prm es for a 's between and th.. at
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e iopto ous wel estas fr t sings poir pames d mo otr emoy wille onan y big athe st..he wildntyo evyo. lot of ro win wi b boerme y.'s le ok out no weat networra at storm tracr 13bby acone is li in e wehenter tracki tse stngus - by ad-l tosab. r 1s to it'ina ve nd o hiouwip 0m ac t weelevio. owilbegin toxpin
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e motainthrohout ty wi afg owwillcu th uninowg l tess acaire infireweatr wngs wisori d r of ... ditoatngil tdoor,t a k is a d take to explh es wilell ab where we s be of thathe with thtentk heat rds.ighs thlowe atnsilbe 0s70an 8. teed we fntilvehr tepi ur ig oayfr szy, t shlder rel the innditioanti sday. net is
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droppingigsuafternooin n, ngnorod o soinly t n'apheof b gn latitosodo. daro wico obfiters y's stro s ul y r e wot. any arin nd io ex hpoteial ut ol. do li out spring station. ho rtme refor da good morng na goningdana jon. outse at e fi danr says ...moderate...bu
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in fi0 pothhapointiat wst t day o.olill e re oles poolu'lio rt caar hos on r we kr the hot tt the elunty sheri ceo fi er po m uaf - 16 .. e ofceayhe ofhomele kno t t stn stidof do rind matou ris. shiffs fi stheye worrie out hisafe you hany ha chandler0 - 72. ecuts theyill sh a t untythat's
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attorn thatfs instatioars aghoowen't warr may meer li s at wen wrinjanu..inors y damain lled hanhen robbhad n crli a man molest tworl ringspd ners so-year-riop derelyexassa ar d sealsa rs in tionf t. thviims' th spo at e ntci out e im ti had her ughterlive udinsi. she he edo de ses ri. 0:53 gheoi oi ts won' ely. s ate isevalono detein ally vienor he'll be bacin
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evaluation dramic stimiaof del t ntancu cu ofth su mireed e auosecutors l lanes th a lamp aber andcuttine baby t of homb. ne fes atmpte mu ate egnc arer wi rember mont oat nigh reme kindi hought ho int e,s plancall 20witns, a to re side of th case by mo
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ke s . was seenebree ago. r pa atefpulo poli dep dy la th hellinparents ar suing thpo de, sang e ruin statn. thitaie dre pueblo toalk uct prncyocan daft flu seonhe the therwe
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y: it' a ve wiy y!upo h ll beossioup stweatilgi ve thincove a in cross thinth y wihethis mveryifcultthe ins, w blow wileass . re rnreweattcig w visori hav enuer stf car fe ng wl co extrcaful our, jis irourow osy. hig erures w wwhwed t tentl rdig thwe l . exro wl mo t onpimpates igly
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but ouldff so ry w co tesdaytholont cto ve on ndayighse lf intos an ternoowibrinnechan forai d tsohernlora syemwillay afoo brgi anoerrod ofn d sno uthe lo t t po it don'ar eof syst ificlaons
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ccineoe e bure lorado fcording tohe coloradof publltd enviro rasyestdahey 200s of es or foery rawere bought in 20ats ancrease thanlion ainen t tse i erarw, nonel to therre fs,one inth co certai kier: cy buhey has ov docty form exci gr sus caus it'w ct a ckf un mion.ensea lotime we beer t kis s in oain th ccrease leve
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ularly, itelp lowew mis cu rry er isching pedethts anyosc. you n rien tion tnchi at cs ntaswi re in h
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ados weather s wiy up to h willbeos ssloio owill n ge thugut tdawiheaved bthrnn. ow me ryifcu ithinleg wl crss nsd r wa h ni an vies id r mo of toir ng wilncn.plsee excal usa sp it ul cr cou g oselteates wl ov ul time tnke nd, withthia rdfoe elnsbe he d 0s pi erures frid bbr,
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f e d he 40s 50 xt raid sn rn e nderd of rn sn to soutrndo that wiy podoesn' e st ngac -l wrawiab o thrr pott fse
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exg medinow hatt..wi licnvi ni i vere thi rninyw o e ar thitw a ssinand a ma. i s ucge." t nd th b lume two has in mas the mo crew late adve "unrof pe pald conn ne new additions: kurtel mored layingfather etll d-winnin actrse brng alilewn ofisto the b enth lloo
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lden arta s." od ds seonhe op wo faraal er scon. ar brma anaionsfis due onn er knu d r y into h l pre of "hartterntwithin dinduns. bue mue perfmed aphy cht'll em wh orcer'n ianethhoywd ni y ptab day
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bin uait ndrayd ir wthiswi he w he bs.ter livese two diet, . bue wos ra iofr hose ir dosagean t wa . se prezi suisin fl! and we wt ow kerado. twa olad doot c... aleeth tus posth t ok pa akr nene13bee the shg kep do.
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. gh e lead sefi ng aannsotl y al o's unhi cut om 'lhe wki' teimy ahd. ..xt unof imie only a erng co upe
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urayry s. lati ek comn todaexy ndnsave le ut ra l raer'sbb inoronosto atheons to is toe a g th ll posthghry u0m sts ro giin vecrosthtain howi henoy ow makryifcu travelmoinhi g iltessro t plnsfl wa tcs,igh ni
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il a erl out k ata to es atould g mperuresl l wher shoulbe ttimeto nd e l ealor t 6, nda ntl vehr t piur frfr tieezybuld osomeieomthve itio d thnefriso n , pie ndhathe we s d 50 ayafrnwi orai rador ndternbreraiow to rn lo that wiarines eit sywisiif cu sohern do. th wid seroblfi y


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