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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  February 18, 2016 7:00am-8:38am MST

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i just find har clinton are ngot sees tminoriers ead ada and so ca cln ruing is n ad artiod ithe lv e. >> i ethi ca >>ter: hishah temoth chicwhin cl spartrag e th heras ae ke >> rter:tod in vtualiee nto r ynadquheair s.s sanhat you'ot he'sightow you askt ou >>r:te myf s unte evuc ouedon forhaste knine w ig , cl'rg pt ryry
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>> oto t watdoo thsona win esarnoheir n.the noinnditlyro n'sehi wi thiwh is a mis at flo do. meme dontrumllin buo gewelour lt th thdomarcruo ts bush oy ch the line for je the jeb buse probab a n of now t thiheol anrsha s col ey'lhaucceuess is thstar malot his y gu as for to get ouraback t, ge okhe t li
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thinapple e forc c te hoatigng i jtice condt er w morniorinorge thtwis igna datountrym th eet whns ahone t hevel govent.itcath tud to hk hateort'ndunt ter act ngppdets oto e ofr od th asomethat he n ne dev te obamaypic fng >>hieirporci itathk 't tto hoo
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s n anar ocs rn cmuonhoitalpeth mn s hererets.o assuha hn compd aso es inc >>elng thtawe inigg theraptope obl ttapa t in g h mo ransren ngl anndd.y enurot t n. ont.alnka. > ou
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ae headliothe.upleas onhrnitis w tnkileve osmise ngood yohael. man monsibenndre'sti t o clmedtm cal t eereoe dt. a eryeo mni ciss d uer sm kascom mne w they numbe>> yrsthd sa jaarwiof tllioporb>>ptui>>
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rptheiraml o at tla, etinawye heepg as engikep bu reeyayt's otle a ettleen ost lot s. ealost lr n oo.t le tl e or'so ppseowace. rhthi i gids ss friy because ll b a ph >>r: rn holi frdnu te l t ngbc ws they'
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itwsg r sh t aigahete to te mi is seing the winnadvihi morninsang d leteople prre you. someo esor mail d mostnt ifes ong,on roonysnot familyhonsotan anously. ules arefent in e butr hea come mil.>>l,e aithetout eteoe. >> ler wt at s ke itusa cen. the ly. e ha m. he map n. tp this shows the s whveomforwd mfoo oridin mbourne beaut thinner c
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i'm rr d rrt.home >> time hat.80 jus er tug tro we h swebloundnds ss lirn inghi himaintrs doweges d g-s e 01inorerpas of
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reegrees imao. astym aday: is g v t85 bssibe hiit t stacro loio. owill gi exvera dayth tviest ow e this afte cult travel e wle blg wcrplnsreflwainre highwarn wi aorven ised mostlo... incath exoo jurkul t thatouowxpvempat are we is t wi, theteiat recoen > evg in rm 6c.r ingondrenemu was la
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taas aamanitar hea mngnawindghrt. i'm io#.w.remetesaodthoiat to's belie us t res ct s fire dr high. mret rmnd dry wemangssnd t y. regh are her clre r ng at m ..y ild on ev eronroug e s
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rt als morning,eet th entraitrt ery id cante fnaru ilry cnto'thri ane onthmosahecal? n oone g?e g. michae>>t idsona a msdrloai w anwe o-on-wi tto jos rnint. >>temoi -rob yeldus a medicalc wiismedout younsh arvw h grr.noheolmeinheg chleat5.ssfohelp pe se po son,he tee
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parentatg th analaan 86r-d centlyreed h s st, hrly atvis ovexchne ianl u acone tianrvdewhettousp,her. teout de fa paiu $3 o ide rtere y a mser ysa tvasin igie dcie ap u'view ll. r ta montdit.
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workifenc cld the enayinorlalpederetum> aeahe sss? aremihi>>re gng ed uhi tak for dr tote e em tanut torkis engere 'rols we y a: go morng, era. >>moever. cidro trewead of eittitfieste more l chl'tu o>>si idat b yknl. ye onison to t a budget >>ll,oo on budge
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an rll wante toe'in apartmentro dm room drab to post-college fa for ample, treeer. o rid of thatdresser. we said, no neeyo can d this home a end.we'r t h mpressndre rling i. >> s orthere.rhe rnndn. ormi. or aotte flu mce in canodgiweehe ath staus d d't. ts herdo. > w whde annou ch. 's a paroeio
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si vdgk 1928ndea face ism.n-americ lled ttfhenist'soly e,asemen > tco bn soroli n that tstsulas rs wh dalumpelthws t jng pceire av vtuie oth cz dargrump takodn hisim ov aegat cignnd fhe dillary in itrgold on nevadnd ins gre aadvoer pplut t toro he >>here bg a . tula r r bomnkat ki riaurkeherik rebelosro ll, be a rylth
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euletls >> ah aut ntlthdecethar c f bffesavliheic tn30 fea 's havenrete enire 4reore tffe a wtuysnscl mos ton ect. >> md t prmrooo aha happee t waen boxinped bere vgifr nd cou ad the roerilicear alhaceatmeahght. inan a r usoolut the morand,ou we'r o t owth
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onantt th roedhe down t . h . the got png ally loo n. beadgr gemoer toeor stu andostero more miln while tstyws som sig lits se lrisks. here.s go rs>>sage tessterlels norma dmi o men tak thi fo odinoot to sw it 20tu medicinele fst th is fston sohi e i menho wers aolrst t edhater w sluseionsica
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orngiaocks.okayisten...can u nde lawys sothg? oa) .ac? , y.oul t imye okoo iayt ..stroh e stgengy of 0% ree an i t hurr tn't la lg come srol cariean od a1-0-royaaribbe oby light greek yogurt with zero preservatives.
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nt tli uncert hep c.oronder shouek tre dybee tother hai.areat fo c chrhai upat ad nr tnecut' on, ayors.rt.. n h st 8 weekof hvoni, ere's no rf an orf you kidney nd, anabouthe ne you ke idingerbalsuppnts. kingmiodone haoni maca serislg ofr arte.mme s armatiess, adheeas.
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am r to ured are you k your hep c speal for you.i mi tis bwe iss ir tim card, we ur r its greaan) anu.trt you likeeayo get the arwith lat paymforgivs.
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ntinue to spendogr for the se ofhr ki.>> jarneren are fdly esom theyeithach other t thedreporter: a "people" mazr orirus ome togher a lyun th f snksgivinand ctmas togottet w valentinentenedon togr rero en fittle swyvatind litetaway omhool. rorte in ys-yeaol ass h d n r i ivg careend a hap famiifeertrugg to findanceer h split. jen wasind
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ut tid at ndf fa we uc lythat's lookk you vemucha. ow sndimes'swerfsage wor pas. thv masehin"sndal aeeveanghe j li und enhe getsurou w aewedalk'sp got ioacth thelpds sebar iethtsty. rter:mo i s peresretih pe s olife soid ts tan of in ger psiorback ar m spr yo on '"sc ow g witer."s,he aseaale
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av wha moseopl drejob. mere d oflevi. w a veryardnd i ve >>epsha ss for her he c. hs lht and ou aha u can't bivor grtns. >>epte b tha hum,hat spkusoppesomeo nyom thei ve theum the ein itoppg rkn' tengine f yo letdo iou he fee , >> rep dar ies?rerelpedin theer. aoddlerersooneys ough ather it'm goingo n s my sippy cup. an then southern w
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'm just wh mth itidn' cho rehaight my ahe,mma, wan pl and iay. >>orr:he sea ses at m lelyif and by m time pying than rking, found her hum again. >>y 24-ldnlyve ntolayh me mut oo bhe thk t theelsytsoth. iff misferptimn orda i t.nd moo ses toesk more aythere's s edence bac up tsa tts gooor u
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emnd ts us nctereg, now we'reking t ayef tki aslprat aor you plas no slp. ak totalns e ve rkaccontribur ry johns he wi , aswe. plinfff that, ie eneour u'n , yts ly g if donidsstil a wayth y canay thi t wholede bt yo ak inedibhath all in haovaheikeorki tha le being andhenhe asks wkison? atind oer s lingmo i t fcef le ingm, t makg wng uunog autat lot dsne re, ne youan rllyov
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ehe t s wn ynger cing t w g >>ri>>unndor ri oim but therere fee wn you'rat w'r,wh w eou rea someeeliearnthin. >>y. >> i tthesaying>>he ielst ccng a ayve buout and t shoaid st wre wor dit plandfitt5tes, ndwasyforcin f. vet wto d i or eyeoi to>>t' n aourched buth. eos iti t s misrele ho minude if
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tws. >>ut ten 'schce back actuhildd 6, le eyan tobel te to msurre afodhe mderser eeladhe inldhood t nob tngthmost binsbont s tes d,ok, nto their s, ittl l aygrou e itmucrtivi.ha prd.mor 5-a.toda sgainringnku. ari s i t - reol go t
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riinrs to us.e. wh greate tr to s abnd anomwh cu. nan w is chan o dro i ttis aosro utrnfo,n ll w u nohe.gous o a hin t whw d illain arere,coes p it goi beall w y thi acone. it's goin be aday! to 85mph will be possible in th high country with up to 50h ns. owil in coverage acheouugho theest xpecteby wl makeifcult te tain ow ss ains. agware gsd nddvs veor st olo inca ilben. fuouoor, rk iit wild gr e uresll whereould be this , thhe tentiato breeat
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u#4 `n\ s `n8 2wbmttatdzd s4 lq$ atu# > kiefesund srs iew akenndth snesisher and pla fa/s who nee to repair ship a re isgo i'm s i s e tha m it'now trueeer if you expecod toave yonn >>sulht there rha in you aua ch t a mnd youavndand or watr 3'veeen t acdtogeth wvene .
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rkhim whint w kre i kblephalre w th hoiha hanmyas as me,y co tho we mbe id bet ialo watha . hyak s we? ore remem n"realhoug n ja,t was t ke ts per p atdnyantid a aome rzed e ipof htealoat d. >> l le if. fetdi thnc iomhi
8:26 am
s ilas the r o cono aav seri cg survor ashetry sar thaas s of ca andhis e itap be pridt. >>e we talrlfo thingat mehi i f what r rd oor it kin ofa snalnd ks o o theosting drama ie an waitang w't f tis sday st gac y f ndme
8:27 am
mtteaom oyo s goode. d rouad >> a t stheeir a em hay e gitemrt laey wexced be actua b -t f greatortunate h ttas one fir i did yit smwayhe ke in tsw.
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lgreee u amg viral rty telogy t w. agin riding deimding a con outll bheagario c you fholhesesi urtual all ae touch of phe, orde >>seultipler to veryghet ha yurouoo y theio bete vinm twastu rtra. >>ep fexe,hi otrpitail ay a a gredding
8:31 am
tees i turthdmu f tor v sess twe-trained ent c g i sila thi c andabt dimi. tnk w brightfu. orteow "s o agvellhehiv a
8:32 am
lit fe cyo can lalk arod iusotly0 ine. >> ro y p you. i on think ian hen. eel.e t now.llyaz ishow. th isli ts rahfath i h youeneerlysing vehi i s s it
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our wmorningaom on yde'e righ " mnime is vo
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rkara u'on t t k r]ch yes tov. urneto a cet t r u? soccu i lo youer gbout a our crt the miaet -one medtwo, ichthwoit t bh di thom n. lle et ho mi20re ecset s i t20 chmi ye rm s 80eg w0 gree l:s kell y ear. sw wevt owchouor y: m nge f s. ne, gh er, enf


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