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tv   Nightline  ABC  February 18, 2016 11:37pm-12:07am MST

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the i tac n >> rter:er b releed f jai o $21,000 bail, mal snith ne dou evee ho yessol r mera b rri to as d hse-rnd of. >>sgumr o seouelonserh t ibyo pac oepte in e arhi g r this med ic.athen polic d to ite in deovop clic pins a tient.>> ndcor owatfou aes sd youreed r. an tt' wt' inhehargsheet. >> t rcer officehe sh ce in, she myadhe wetaken, hloodss
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listened otan tt tre w ut oe ordaryf sothghat yple motherou. eporr:olic i wh hduer physal e thahey ated p con a mindst>> i am littleed bome of thingome rs t channin inner amy.heed ila id y forr. wit abaeidentiinims ys assico lca"cat u " hotd coid. donow iy' hingatatdo y wando'm aep eorddite
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imrsatg poceffic.shie cvicted four feha, arilaselea 20 en ces roon pic aow estiinheere tiasss a medal ct.thisry o cl>>is t bgmeca dlyddffente a ualare visible to e publi- t hi etscop ignn theooras t two cru tts. ." snn ooras due change >> have u ding? ve. hav shado cts. you're
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y tin compres a lot ofings>> but yeren i m ho s aotoring tt to n d. oes a 18 wme trningrh forl hoolal ope a mof? ask s buses pwelaimhanvd$100 inic. i judunti i knen t gavel hity t hng a ncou up tct te ahas g se yep. he's li you've got ons, a the wall sho enough houloon, do your ar, mak sureha the pesuall riste icev treat tn86-ywo ceayerrentlyeve schai
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in change for thatmoney? cthis. tionre merel saons. dseices you'd t fi that. whetheaid jt p, tt' up to r. ou'r not dt shedou00 or so? >>enyi that. >>re you a aud? i'treeoune aatay ptrayghisvito auallbe >>orter: the ment we 't>> i don't knowhere you're receiving this ifoattt i accurate. i'm sorr goi to
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ying hese thaisfeon death leg "gh" iineles topdurwi hits ollingfrie wt he' doingocial meat ha people really >> l oe show war wds between donald pope. lee 2016incolnkx for a on at yourln dealer. or leg caer centeountryon c
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hey,d fasteartburnef?y coolzantac a oling sein youutorn 30 minutes.neake 24ou meves hear.yo to kno perice oou t rt ex i' he mpfo at0 rr o >> hs gotit rords and mo but tonigh it'st k l don socme that ing m so mntion. holmes to mia
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ocl st" e. ter:ently t a they don want justn' u chee chseke ds tulep elyho t he ber of e bi ded hewa yppy, to f wa u to lose. wheia t d is b . the 3? ey >>isasicaler. e enedot they. khal reps tip-h prerdofhident l"aosn." ll dosinino matter wt geyn m min rr: oveast moamhis musecause of s ke thi you eve t? hair
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evaya ledle the ti o w a sapur ites turau -- rep brreparey h ch to ecal fraif be >> dan you or csi w hiper nds. yrsed me ting apch milliowlineor riny o al'snastarou lif at hi miami he cener plee f on. on or
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ra er o,t kn >>epteey tocc >>igown anie," thi u eveygr.s >>llo>>khedspialo er cut fm scial ee se wn s i an kw u,he nny? pti >>efeln an the w tw i'suou thiuskh>> reporter:d' msive apchudieates tmarkgo. >>he m sceomes yoveotveng moe s. shows.endy g . relyutine o rchae ed wt , we elionthe luveadioh
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fi lig, themi aurant >>eelsr. pary dream of bei gest l. winnto wiin mishellge m comouomgou e th fanlove? flovet'stphing r qush rp thwa 27li j on speal intcefa fan >>ord. no stha siingthneaker cl ones. >>ha u! >>epte h fs froal wks o . >> lnef hst ns. indhe nt ceb so
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it cs me ois momeb does h do recore heest themever ,he micdieaamutmy r>>ceus?tay iicll>>t a y. boesn w oran heriis arta. y c i'm ims i sa tha i fol ct tm supsedoing it ino i c le and i k tot me >>g toomof tk osbl ofusomo cry?>>he p s, ntiovpeabout. t pri scike
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passr:ontinues spatured om fnd w kingundrofiddle hoers th spre si i al icill orefeleouow hd tthatfe akmese rte ftlint.j.olin mmi ne,onald trum singith sisinap intn inpocse tradis a a izing poy.anke to... cut. som goa ke ts rtity iranyou,e'l yoeng,ilm no, aoser..
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ane our cow. mi i a ing y. en heaits fighback msesrtss thstou anutlis omh ac trc um
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mexi waspula tpo. >>origus eson'ssi'm p terin.thenghee a p te medemselvesd t him cehe taed isisanyoave onlyishedndrayed nald wavenprt. reptend t c town haght, t nackiwn >>he yireahad set autou y t m'm gng toavo iv>>, >>te oneinti o o ter the vaticas surun bars eovf tomorr yor day neinalep f ic umly et thieuin t h utna wavhe y sury enhe vo. cuou andou
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ne io gmhing ith morng. lwaye'relin our "tle"acebook pe ew fch nig
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>> t ut . 's newk s. fiouwh pe so ums. ki n lmld. d we fmano's ar ter btl e htoask yo i orouaxp b pti app sookgst nt?
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ann onfe yi,er prm fthen e goout j f mite. >>ute a wiye we ayingreory things imripper, s ehhe pboyt f h finan to hi feh torswif ka, do ye anng t?noo you lor if obnoous? razzgril hisd f with y ad s d iwa
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