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tv   World News Now  ABC  February 19, 2016 12:37am-4:00am MST

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don haveamesyed yeorw. yellt rslttract tsts he were he aac aerin t t'sre causalootrser aarre a3200t i wi 's hop the ty. sim ine nsniac tater," tewght scare you. e rev ain we'f t ut a the you >> dono neightin se.
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you're watchg ldew human coronavirus... hepati- vis. thert iffe kind es. e pr t sol wis arproved to kill re ty s anx. ck ju aisd anu y?wherdohie k,'so day. cexlp g rofn.ohrit th i'l i 4 h foac i's.gotoear .
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ankeepwoing.not 4,ot, but 12ulhours.start the . diry s enis yo heartoves omes. but there's a dierence between the omeg3s ifish oil anthose megared krill. unli foi megared is eily absorbed byour bo... ...whiches yort ll, gaappy happie megar pro incree a-3 levels in 30 days.
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his,>>epr:ikumhiso funneoo li e ept t owwh i eher. wco "e fis"acon tvga, , re war rte t ts the, ater s, res ud d ling. [ reecng nealarnskyc ws, ofiitd t itaset ttouent. thewar st. haw tnks. lunor , tingam a olve>>e'otit rdsnd
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rdinstry. >>llyendiee led'sme the hisat socmedi ht wj. a 4 years he' becthe sr mliol iglis mapchato ed ns>> rax wn neehe f gr ialo . >>e'nentss cchs. otkn>>oreyto s. bcne jor ke g. siveha uaoarng go
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vecoming mie al ts>>epte h alrea ingebg merseleat se, west earl thionth higne a clivad deaith app mu chal est 50f hiscurrt newfrsnhetheral being t hissi was"we er." he ced hitny, ninnd ust a ionshe he . ecorreomth nt ou thely ap w to m reco. hyo lemy sic. tdit>> rteor m ue lrican st
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ayol te perct oth w ut sle ave a cle and go . ttte he tuthereut po cffng y.t'susnce.ot le. akr palhe scs. wie fortedss orprthatnaturem fade ng h m olers aprisvisit. i let you all knowy'allea a'all hing >>epor adhaerfe iamilche
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hested >> inraro t iisikotisthdent tds. ouis s ds wng sic ucw gel r and incy. y toh,intens ttouch is all it. k-y uch. 'm aebek.'re 85is int pleasitdo n the want k oubo
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yo lncrant uatnyon.bube carefmany pies yo havone,li ratckou the coni pen s er th pwas desith alock ople on a fixed income dablece e .ptions tn 35en and urlo ife.ityourneve canas l p pum rant no althstioottu dow
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ftthreli.don't wacanu s .. mo wiove fr urait triacuppo four joints,caagbone d bilex pills, 's aonnyl. ve fultr geyour me on
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erge. onill p th wotty. aniet-drywe at d d t's le he shi. r better results, use finish jet-dye gmu me nteecki miesnithterrro ve bss tli t tayorpa b mris ith new glils re >> a cme>> heyost me i
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o w scong n ro toms. joha wthe bre co ile y sng out churs sos yvehetheate ty g revrayers tis ofar aan s horanderim t tcsie dsin >>ono ee ch i es.alha tage ired f wretoomnomin hin t rairelaoniphraedfaerbun ioi omhr r
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tir . well, wl,rd a ab so a oble > il andedorn init cosion ioo blyo. >> gus oad lingnll tiriv. e'till t itartoong f kes >>kens gti oy ratg o romsics e med lade ri freshi andshedly sin itsmbf onndrch ooffan toovertsicergs t, treoo fro we callchou
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ememr to folw cren... i'd alwaysgined whatt would be l i pictow happy we'.. d fun we' haogethe d alwamane i'd be the he w tur. to fsafeith, to swalthestii .. ghco
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d y wld g towa eh her. ner agint he ike i el e swd alys igidiently. unr: bng t pentyoalwadelimpole titlinhe00 4843 tst imagineong wid. lly dong bette
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help yont theu'd alwa hiorng ond wsw,dvi r an iddlfitfrs w dtr ball amecasponsehefi nt inj the rushing to spang.amer brith brea t. a c.
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a h.'s frid, f>>ncnews isd news dyby.ay ms on . m du kn areuplef ts k socon scrtn o. o olitgis in cing ther., coualng abt th nam tothp i jt g 'sarkse t
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bethu.ia inole tgn. epas de>>epte dtrum mll haveo ane . >>ectuay m m a ganr'se [ ngeignag r tngo poncisook ngentoamerti to the vatsit to unid es-mexortority withcumemi thonl ildiy g bri h w t o t. bt i h sp. okay fo reluso ononaith i e a tyd am olv. th'she m vement rorr:trp' mer >> en, tt' bweond d w aigtr
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h the me rttownl thay ni tweehee p sr e.e s som mu sofhaorteyhe media. d opeo qn tr >>orh the pman getridut openirump i virtual tie withepera eplin kash you ut i pe co southolint praifr insohors holichwhtom tur er siid to threpportn ums wa e ui wall the eoo my beewes 'r gngix the p wagt.altho h a anoer ori
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tesinsider appntingme rivalchchristo cetadngend t jseygovernoreecome b fe i nadparkg of firn e fs campaie natioll ows andersli ahea hillalinton althouhat mentlieau mostill h cladinth thedag more anter b.t.susedonf cozyg dent oba just to vos. >> s t he lovesha that frheanmeri unity wre isormo>> clinton d mince words abousueio his lty t dem party andstis ident obama awell as present clinton. >> i
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schi wil iepos h of tht. ay s a pri lsiti. la tniopsc. enbama andstla whe oe b ttdal'sunnayse n inn rla ic
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t appletore i mf ci eve t couldbedone. f perspve veyreckdo dnouit eahe e bf no sal pu oitem ureau hnooking hveoo weder iso als lasm herasrc ennod w .storitou aocteh hrtsfb ay s pteth isesgeswi. >>ssi t i handus november storaityel tn mpy.ll srchi al
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>> t.sasoreathctaulyam. niti min prgr com a t arn deot sor o u.s. asopesna willic s fer rytoyoprearlha d nhe "s oniter.amtewen heodimngthredialour op >>re aus s iend.there aircraftovou f
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dawhen s tw >> ooa reue en hoalnco er bono coany 's cct t e an>>aeabu fin tairplaut aicket h etain.lyhastedwees a oe airnd eln$1,0 he hartned ieglyne edleon e's ned prlaon a trpa aline tramp we yrma th's nowessnt15 'sp fro
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e a aabwa >> weque whthals far wealeheoooge arrl3-h- earning hownpo>> ley gtty wk>>xteno ngit rf th enndhengeaib reoen a thi a par o ildu to eosrsomg heeettilled yhem re.palyhe u beuse s ley sy're t itikll thers ? i thtt ik a difft specs. theyventllethe tuxedooo g ids slherdes
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s s >er manesat ye iout agitsle. t sy alefor s. th bri in serio disrepair and who ising an alarm abtal oin ocussionok, it@an. you' winor news w."seouy? erdoouin wk,h o yootex to g rid mugh il ing i li 4ou. foetheac
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wagoto weaa re. h bbl thast4,ot 6hourstt thtch onlyl en upwi, sp ges aivtiprs and lm so tleft the sne. r es us-dry ooo y.moula t fo joint d nes o t ree ula.t yo m w mo free e first and only-i1 jot and eep supplent dorpvety,e r ulpecindret,it'solve
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bu aft e. a haweom leets,expe ouproag e t urucks i lboe, e onu have yoedic ever - onlybo our bed s o so i ink ppnt innc inre uniea inncmpy. staarsumentns pla, hmeest y. and ve out-ofocmedis. on'tait.ll to reest your f cion g. gathhe infor a tyu aor hos tmedire patie
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> y,o you a er whe yesap st postread vi o awra i inhesuilme cuan 60rs als inough s h nnd che o iseoch ngro clo t t bn.theverdwe b lou to dver dedhid inveig thaivlerprhe ro an trias urnier a' hig.or i
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ir. nd a thef the pnentheyveri. he'sen. r tt w vemedy frightg cturofri ineed of rai ren 00 any,yojoin them al , you d haorth 0-mile bri new yorto miami, the broomee c. aviveleon40os anles,i-95n elphiar many of the probleag t trbrge wbut re we'vse distersn nt ar astrc evwoul not beunrsta>> repter: in 2007, people minneapolis idcoapseduring.k athe rus reporter:20's" bes went to look at on olege briconew yopan ze >> toks .
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th sca.epor thaidow beg plac. and behind me t brookly id,s sa, othlist of b raibut his te, e to it wod take1 yeto rair or reace al ame's decibridges. gio z, aws, stics now syia alama.'r nd lstficien >>t irighteni sing t o m o e th dee bedakpazety'ix lwwoab iri csae b ig a
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p reebou id tbr>>uco peocaredth. wveryce>> c nextor mmituttihin fsf siinleak,he velot aut saty foms thi igho. aewayonn aggrwanhepy itoney at h toorrave e ld n e
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gethrinow. t yr righnow brak screeg moorta our ow?when you the r ive. th vid wbmted by atuuges rareorfesee. >>ith tosemdilifest sometim get int you itor
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h b v tlowm. f ostssty. >>epter:rere tsual ofur o tin o nc eparyour ftely differt.lca news i h itatnfter penedec, p reoi wma i c g wnwn had f n,hose id offrgyot who a ip ie car,am st thyi-to wlf
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wa borneans o ak sup- >>ers,ebaltsubpinow. >>r: aooro dg sh. >> as los notngrd owg keoto. >> t dstuse ma lot money every ye r amed propere e rmshrdonad. whi i wa te o sledslgemm rt e r ld r hadewpel, thesus o buter hkhout anytht waseakaee good.
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ter:tt d mbe a is itffs a mutesehd osoonhihetn' cweut hro wouittrt,ny pbableu n s i o atevi tcare. reporr: w i stay h saibetrs o a b n feorro eabu kn an, y of. u kn? meend t out. ep h m i ttbrgepa teay ha an a t builctivldsflu n it.>>okth oeha it
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usi'm hlo aatiyou,pat akes. he wa a tough gue wo haee a e fla sc, t yo(u.) esr nd doavite it r rmth s nditngs urth ery itve s fr aenrea weesou anre [cghugh] kene ugme don'ennk aut i i tomy phlegmy cough.ahhat about mike? hasy scra thing g .guwhatn hih to coh! at?ithis h whatopt mr t!
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lym reotdrcohoon re e miry. les end is. n co.. c vitht offere nds yuckyer. bunot alnfecng wipes..ovedof t wipesare aped res rm thloro nyip
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fossage inti.everucentensd.a les l itak k-toh. ers ngths ovltripl rtagd liig oso- fx lls, 's all in one tiny pill. move fe tra. get your me on (cing) hirupt eryo lif 'sel's aceme asform lps nchs a fuhos.
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>>co f "a won sto oin ty' bn madyes. d to m t 5 anary, overth icia a whar tol
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hinkit his'seee sufrsalzheur r wit. goeee day onhoesn aiv>>swees nice. >> ityeablute so olpptljapahene v w wrdr d,rod flsasle. athe. >>ni. >>sn tte. dy chiut ofge. wo how s llle. t itt fun potiong. thbl is fap at
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>>nnerfr a n th"wlds now.odormorn isib>> velunt fantas - >> ct -- s'sn e'an >> g tory >> two p be replac andrs . o meer ot w coafter >>naru has stn will ree imcopterha rainors ar erhis ch wen li then rashtoitabel lkeonor u >>eporr:edn ju cond
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heleoon d.edly freef th alsued a neck brace. critical conditiothng rbr thon me.has e weoi om>>s cl deot it tuind d omhe iste t aratomint wer, thahediysfr mavittle too hto fer. dt eh he rorm ushi th
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t appe ba outhe surving piloabti ent wrefhtre scthntsb is saying tchg a investigatii to tranppend c >>en c vios n ci augfire. it wasparked grass cutng equient. bu troh ndfaornadoe s eritin00 tains g.nohrned athis > eaern erreasbu n officialro h t.thtyres. recopterto das youthere on a fisay thright n cafoch we sounearly
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s lle adwe aayes lo a a o n stngorm lled sn.e ndblew vicofro y o r ndos r het er feg sio saynditiol co to the gatd high fire danger. downpos in theacifichef snowibin t sa ne scad snnd finwe
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56 icho,ins tys inoselata, ind ni l, a fewh light'saseg.arinhecrd wh aeders ot reamoatpren lsci s f hiacn two ceemtic esid rniedeew rdwes o at iouthead p outhanesy' vovada iniew sa clinton's nt sayit's ng to win s. u k eyl he l scwdown tee t p? lbale thawo f sowe kw,alis llow f h yos orrihi d s pola neeto wve w oi h hea th oth beleden t pt.
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re hard ta onty opponents, buates bfig tggte vers e hohethpedie enke an ouldr dyke tiven hnce grat pondedrson ks oabou ma a dgs t ristian. t ther hti thxicagovementas pulae. rigio l esonsos sttheype they shosh emlv. orr: hevd thpehoulwa hn e oval
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>> reporte and athe nockinwn. hefie aisothin yght,ay frgs? no,k, nll od hivi ting on twter that can is srounded barr rkking it he he "anasmp, it'sars laeuinorp h lianwiav thr y th sury en ey ve.n abw . >>ev dl mome o hfrcis raisede ebrows wi za francis d that wth witthd
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nt mhe amo t tru th nseainlong dray getooe d thatbr mil nvi gh varin rn cian atris are mmen thaildr as fmi pp omca tifslat is kinganndbr. w studomheenntrol nds thns'tenshs sa t ses nogeg,hacole er hsust fre stareown leeppatt.pesodako the sleolhawaii geast sleep.hat'restin warr i d li not ined
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s ckg. a, > rsei nirsanpuheusuash. ck imber othsh o m eed. t eteroter chstnsone s y,itti stroth eeawth >> th isaly is it >>lo. ot was a pof t sows outh on t aiitveoub. sha i deomin i"they,
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rthtatak o g ugnt bod. eetquonte aks caed nds nds e erup tcomm whs e nkomg t of theauu'atchg ldews no (u do yrfeoughndirty d itoua ci itdit, wiry u.
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ywans and esns t asoftens. a weou ret pe hnt easy.ak rturalooking lo so even in revealing sunlight,itsnook ke c a looike, ia reenanthat t beautor rl y
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sohat'le hi.r r e nish jet-drtoves oga buthere's a diencetween e ega-3sfish o and those in med kll unh gaily our body... ..hichakes yo hea, well, megaappy happier still, mared proven to incree omeg3 levels in 30ays. d. thdifference is easy to absorb. ghin ng dpts yoneife. 's w the del dedvd mererma helplee ug
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orll. (snds ofds wling) muc inucw k-togel . r massage eny leoualit. k-y h. inryst cy, xangutal rent tirs dge o ths. caush 'sain itst pblis sou tnity ia
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coun handcfs k. enri n fmibus e giatcl t appring min flinredeeir veslso erk an$2ilpey r er ne ao p fe othostonneg troihee wee fo natas lk ate ofgeleun hanentd. dishold des h geingrt rn h t yos rangk. bc'staha rft neaur onmethsickd dispthouesid, ssevenight ghy c
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theveead afct t lto rn tom teesenfrongies,tell th recog the tion this ga caused t the discomfort of the o have expeed to t in the ge challexper li thaov ls wki>>ists tal n t ju t.dohe >> pe sor:atsaheeparen tndgeiee fosed morre h n b engh t o o d whe knio clse iidstat pe'hoh flyhe t h w to knowbo.
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meorid t re t anvi ik s aulllce t r r s.r: c shes>>rose tein s tirho shetsapouldaved umeorou esng hn' thpele cck he e o eiho>>epter: l sllreg r c ws. > rd eae s. truy y hi
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hekiy" ievere l up."t ss ne.0w!t@-,2tt.*tt(=% )8h-@itt0w(=]& tt0w(=h-, 0w.*% h-4 0w.*% s"t %8tt!t(=7hh- skinninny we nore sktoinhenethisinacpp >> oeny sn nnse19ssju so w wy enghfi t ofe?
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thbag s thythou ac b setter thtsthe it'e ryppint wat s r,ht? ougicaurhemilye depion on time od.k wsc kids and i they lovedma h a c tey s d wosee itowess dome aooulf rac gar so-- rit.agave. aisc onepsh glal ancth av a gra ladya to froceerth fs.ok ce s us
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t li pat alwayt?kss rked an zerndsizend sr- ormtsind yave srt upin rela>>kioo gag inxt "eeiconst didnder dawothpulo ggr onlaidugni. ea >>'sheour y knle whinwee ndu to
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>>aryeah, wese y.hat'.k,d on beingd usreakear palos onita tr ly butsh aurpris h s s beus cld beure . >>t'.oint.>>anfillifouinf movi tid ha wprer fou p gr maha upisup ianes onhekeg 5 a ll19thers evs clur dr tn tot sfe. put eenis,wiinpoian grl uss in ultr incde
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polynesn that s>>'vtoat juub wld be nice. mornews. >>ust the e. >> mor i toexfor my coh. what abou he hdry scratchygoing on.guess whit works on h too. cougwhat?ks on hi stop! pulle! ert! n't make it! meves bothweand drcohs for 12 ur with twoesn one pill. art re tcthmi s d meti k-y ultl ennce mys natul moture so caget intot at quicr.
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(cg) cong disseryo at the dellsdvtimeform heleugr 1urs. all ght. aay >> imptant message for sidentage 5085. write thi now now, the informfor gutance life touthe oa xeco that guarantees your rate inreason.ot recve your ioncallhis . your ae is guarantwi questioano learn more >> i alehere to te y abouta popur iur pn rck thyoure r life so it can ease. t yoe informatt? ot, plallthis nr w.
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ge ons 9.95 aon yoatd and can r p. and ur aeptae is granteed, with nal queionssew covagyon r ju $95onthcaowur finat ay wmrnl thin .ied him magier
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outhri.. .aunugeanecl ki week wend aerth's acthew headnes,coomhe deofup clyg hecailoriniriofromthstathiye dsowuree"fda .">>onitn fatchge i iange. htollpeef heas m w w d stidt kep. in ffill m
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plact. t'eday, lay,de we ouldotow aamck pside to secasue he waonisnc>> wedomeoneho fix oblet caus ger tratd at jeb w trade c down dur b >> the go go.'var kepthcountry that m what9/11?ve neverodthli auz nompar and , liar. i'm hopg etppt theon >> togr e going to aecomthat
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betwn e two retheand prayg gether.lically. >> he willire. th's wt he rlly wanted to do >>f you would have told my -yeaold, 5old, any aatouave receed an award from steviwoocus othwork anyou yowhen you whngu' ok aunu at i>>nspirationarly that wo th lt shot w ipiut f event asycominguple of events national tional d bcuit apeciaon >>yogoin somethi i somethinths ps whey're holdinthan
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s o -- shedh schoolst after 9 and alon igh scdies , i signed ufor the very pr toe servuntrybemynitoday wasn my inve dsidn anwas hto theun anactumy inal cin fplac whleftpad ony riside. ie upn thstat,i wasurelad see fy anlookg ba,m s glad ere s soone omze vete oamer a helped mane evythi makre got mdihab nefi. a knewhat do anhow do , so couoncete ogettg weno g . e sa th wet havee th suppo amervete fo 60 ye zed ns oa.
1:58 am
>>go mning i'reena ni kengibson. re a sheop headne'roly on "rld neowhemajote firms n pptingppn s ght withhebi. aeehag orisholdune en eaimhe fbi s tomofbeho berlla hopp hawa ivate ptlaininea hboar ariza vitoceer. fiplren ar iv
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iticalononinoktocaw dsha0 meri stefiee heic,eavi inin memoria brie in wagtd.c.ndhe klri> a study e amict gegh shoult least ho the ofleep p ask for chroniciseas like heart sethose e me oour to stories on this bruas orlds d on bin thi theplanfbstan. ce, ee cr the abeg fr the iphonof rs a wonvipirt orr eethbc's rhe arthe ed okno clo ng insidne.
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to hack into k cases be terro.asn the casece rely new locked t of ptial evence in sps e. was us by one of htes inat case.despving a c order accis i5. epr: tssue eao ypon d fbi l alngto alefa rttewsd rddegaway boo romyti lalyas cate e utuse meg'o doesn't me sd i r sts s a btensf tp er >> youldavs ofe mb allson has,t ulene tuednd a uev le ie an in exteeporr:nt alfrated plde ti
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in crt tce a ophaip ily t >>wowhn ray rnafinsut isar hmornid ngn s th g l at us aou wh ca fe rd.d r reasel >>th wen ou, e e rsis itsane s nur ctivmateal tt st a ms agom f was heind in loing ma witnyce
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on hghme, cis ggaten thrd wi zikd usprnt a a to ts.eaivesth intiny anabting a.lstaneti aas o crisis. ond s notwn for butow easin istedc aboupenten about tru h retioned t ti rac t man >>nal a t. an dtr
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whthint ilding wallswhy y be, annoofg pointey,is m is thinikstagring denunciit came ek of franciin mexin and agn,messe.ho s j e bfrcis g ac r graunme int u.s. themha done frate ms."no d m extati pe frais in chs rds cafu henew y whe wasa. ump,s the issuto hisea he ao an. 'sg as a pastor, trying tsupport a candidate t ng to bring vote believthe teaching christ.y morabc , th ca l'se to tar o
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2:05 am
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2:06 am
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2:07 am
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2:08 am
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2:09 am
now." >>ru e lot ofre kiof yky g bual singip... ovlle samehe soapill more pegerms ct th d asouwhe tgo to wh o om toinheetofge il g byn keours rgheonlltshouri'm od dwa! ur i gotoear somblyucin tar ft, d keeps woing.
2:10 am
dithmiry d is your heart l ome t thers dierence between thoma-3sn fish oil and the meged k oil.liish oil, mered eabrb your dy. ...which makes youreart, well, megaap. ppiel, megven tonce
2:11 am
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2:12 am
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2:13 am
merare.u sa g u i'tr ose.>> youo p atefy ny thertics aysriouno ts bn dnge inneomty polaegtot ale but it' is al kary now demyster >> rr: as mygo, eraren my an mne fort annoyi is unex hingh pid, eaavoc oegs,ainl ekiup >> it e o cyicalow, hing need to changer brakes. >>ter: lfficiave rulut a watalveakldfe k t ear [ hing g g
2:14 am
mbhiunn't fuy pllie. the re dtmdot kn atis er. >> welcoe leack a, sohereare. repr: t ts ou thernd wver s, it re i. baffli. echi karli, abc see. kw, our cgureitour , w t ashat'thatoud out the wthks iegon. comingp, tinmeo ve rien
2:15 am
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2:17 am
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2:18 am
lindiscallelse, we earlier th he gn an usive radiple c. khimates ohis current faba are new napchahe oth bee fac.hi big blbrd 20akin reits with k wei na a-z t aew i conue me a sant somod sawh doeheo. rdsree thebiths ev. ink,al r? a lk t ror>> mtranic. >>t y sa ie . temeorstiainles aberou cay
2:19 am
anayt flyfe oe ng it,ut y hearts c ve couanod t >> utio e ouer lyutli mi io ts c aings lathepl s t tt'ju ignan. pr a pea. takiasou inr e olke yowipa orter: h cnues to sp tt have ofignatu khal wisfar deshoc hunofe scers wiprvisi ndt et yll knfor pria'a havg er >>eporr:efe ef owe toethapeec
2:20 am
>>ia cye e is ep fornigh hol. w test>>h,bete s inraomg "nht" ece inhipi 00lis. n spris fthprentoids. aouav muc trinnek- ucgecr me. mae ma evtoh, gtly iea lile t iak touc pas itwnheumr
2:21 am
th grants ur rate ner up at any foanas. but be cefulnyolicyosee notave,but u cage a litimeatck tou thnienprogm. ca thier lrnorth pn wadesigned wi a rate ck for pelen fid meo wantffbl li iuran that'simplto cogefor $9.95 ath ss35ts a. t no an ratll be ed in life wnever se. cerage canece g as you pur premiumd yourcc gua with nuestns yonnot be tu down car health callor your rmatiokit
2:22 am
th nobligation.don'wacahinumbow ths mo..erngth mfr uac sup ur j caagd un te fit's ae ny ve fultr geyour mov. nd ke hwassame. t onlyen wetla dds -dryth factions dishedenot
2:23 am
,use fini y igousowsote kiwo men y, startwithng nr flic itcheatoer e o sesf bck mag and pssio tliheal of oy art b sterl nan 1 [ re p
2:24 am
>> "h" scori on tomat the critics lovet. johaacabre to re. itill oueeut a urs so as e ththear. et gooreview ndmys cas riniscent of edgar allanoe'shawthorne" the br grimm, "t s muirie gic lls theine. >> somedy,ig p, we're leapiheadfrwi40 yrsnte 70kind dd arinth age redfighr whto hin omg o re the relatiith his estranged but the town iin turmoile ras conghrough d the iminalg is orizg rars re theiland wel well, wl,ea
2:25 am
s goin ba le>> iand i foanble conc >> if i was looking for trouble,ow it. tay inside. oug ry t emff hesthe en li oall ei >>nd'rstl he? >> thei'd stt okg r acdrs.>> "forsakenisetngnla 50% rangn rottenomoeanth criti aix jolan inarty reesnglybaedly nce ints eracef stern convention andarchet orrs toovcots a fro ics. a up dt s er ifote some gd moesrola wk c ou >>has the ns for this
2:26 am
2:27 am
>> remembetow o cebookt nfs.m. whe oat we, to a fwho reed it. heifer cow i use avfa-- which was reallyceway. cknot...acrs? because ving an anim is like givingeone all businessalat wool, the mi, the . turnnto in... r mene, ol,hia beer he, stai veod itvepruc.. rtiz cps anofrsmas vestk... au animals me by imal'st th d tng ynohe ly y gave gifto is "in g of tnimaoffs theramilo doth. so on l,ettyoo ye heed
2:28 am
a rece r last > torng is w," ign po n , frciwhsays dumea to ng can rd ichsttrrespsendstm.> ou, cot hed he wain e boy badllookrushg to > sp ic disas thha aaruld
2:29 am
ta yt yt mer.itrieby . >>nnounc: fr abc news, orld nnow. >>orni fr i'son. >> hday.i'm reenow ings yalkn soc abti o oem. heol th's eryeahrs w oue w ar upbeee ldops. ir jt the thumngk sang the pa li ner r >>henew at on isne asot., , e intrump's pl td
2:30 am
te dd y ll rnent allythnoso vae. epng t wexary p crizimp g at to tnited -mdeliri wun mianec rsonho t abuil wher th nuiid not stfranciaddingin ruhe bf th doubump leo doub resp>>ka gison's disgce usinpope a d ey shosh thlves.he movt.orter:mp'sn gop risp ln,t'doldthpe.
2:31 am
whcos , en ty n d eyome? epter:t to hal sdig, clh twthe pe aolia wantge. hetch sofan in repoed btha. it'riat qn r:thar rdpolld tra a tialols go niittrum rte niras,washgt. >>republicch s n puhe pro mn.outharhencis as inclusive. drs holi buenomes t d suort wve a righto il .thar neen f ixhe problhin.o is
2:32 am
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2:33 am
scaldy we os t day h a e houronter thishe hal opens tublic.idenoba t will pats on. > vi poe biden fn rd ju an iew snbc rent s ho re t thcesint a icedubcansorsa te esid t acebin wlasthifa > omni i llplitdeonel o t'iple, , r say cke crypte the mhtprt cases.
2:34 am
prcipal enhough it cld my perspve ila ey orn yo co. me of bernunmat wialoxa erthtebureeen lointhrdrie s la. > a woman is in dera cso a tro hehoentsowthors.ths nrdwhatrekifelestor sth a ci wh ie ataifb thedthprs windfa. pein fe t grou getts ral ol im f beloin comp iraqs aring
2:35 am
dict wasd tostks horwie sanctibecaus it nleam ent obsigned t putireiny prov by ngre l.s delioover ntionsethe meure ote rong srtnc deraaviatis arttigwhy co arr. it came downorr.ammingthe watee were peopn bod.stano'stmength resc inc t >>llie i ed sfaot iivin hp.
2:36 am
rcfto vehr fm e lodendk d sahiand enawhesewian ae erscued.te to cditi to thrs >>a mao'ady buedorto o aiwioua et net t ag n rtn re erp e'beg $00 tt,ar h t tollegaloa pne meti sed once e'now chobiotrg.>> a alivein ufoma tle.'so 0 pager i.atp 30ou
2:37 am
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2:38 am
>> thecomie - le tposion pare > ent.esshat you outrutionsuthing witll batd sls. rst,etyfor commutthsadges iris dir o is sound out potentdangers. but ur discu book, wnnfs.and on twittewnchinld newnow."it'sday.u'i took tstio, thening by ike h os lashours. . it! los war a . oninas b t fast, ankeeps rking. noot 6, t ull hos. stt e liefdithe mi this. ae thme dhe
2:39 am
thisent spd tt' ishehi.fobe resul, us-d seve fultr s ctn or r urnt ans oney ll moree t ur mon. annow try move fe nigh firsd 2-i joanp su our ndtyit a ndng
2:40 am
rolvesoled es bu soe. carp omesou anto ree t expe.oa65w'meur dn eaed d e, m ver ngly 80%ede st i t so iarner,ink anrpare ppmentranc,in ueahcrae mp ndarmere leme insurcens help r so icaresn'pay. sa y -pmel st d w qu gahenfmato hp chsen ese et u picknytal es ies. d ths raof s
2:41 am
2:42 am
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2:43 am
d epai andngm th mproment hey elridg. re'sbc gezepgome stpaghng ctof bdgesn ed opa mo00 m iu thel , ha mth 1,mirifr y to. ththooe, brihid.ilavel iat5 leern adia. manyththe t ileled br 8bufore we'vters ices. >> aatastrc ev norstate.>> rr: i, 13ple wn nnge us rt. r i, rah rtok haonle danusdge theun w yon ky at's
2:44 am
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2:45 am
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2:46 am
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2:47 am
we'nait th tet g ta ere yocat ore.>>esab no ixa utleway,loofso ighon at theal waf buinf stre. ruing,ak o nc byoepyolf shi comptelyfe. nta nen ustomo elter vast" pece, pehaha puncappropri >>fout tive m yr ,ut y on the li. repte saker stress of o tse h w ran e multiply
2:48 am
w destat lese blf c pipes r:ndprf oms ti tcustomis longeird y.>> allients ke bigo go. goinger fir becae m moy >>orr:y tras d wi to ade wanttrupa slha >>te andhat le e d r anbiadew fe,heal sse , bfterkho t thg thas breable
2:49 am
likeght ed o of lebist tacoranums n bit offertebehindosrsclas er yan up,yossiblthinof you can st>>eporr: wom includi stay-areai tryghi b iste te-bldg,n, y bke ihe ndet t l >> huc wthbroogely eug n buding
2:50 am
athai doat s ercasuoo c t sl >> yeah. e i'm arhugo todalook a.reake tvtvif he s si f sc, n'u thes at oi, e . oua thpe ndiore ens urpeth sos and bu asoftens. relve. a ett om you. and clet rt ou, cough] mikejat? cougifouan.don'enhi it. i ok mucin dfor my gmugyeuthat oumikeheas tt y ra g ing .gus ? wor ohis ugtoo. coug ess at?itorksn cough too. at? op!dot pue! spr aler
2:51 am
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2:52 am
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2:53 am
delsym lease rmul for a fu 1 or ome back "the mix."erful sty t of c .tok r 59th nirsaryth ts ahur bigus atrggorsld at? tattoo of hiwi >> wt did f >> ohis e remeom s an sed h it. he g see her day noon ane da theat'seir rsary
2:54 am
appare i talird ouild,tollas yoo taook th n cute? it's done by #myildrenoutofc o sh adab kfa asleep. the itysitionat p t c do youasleep l th >>trueal >> now a kaoke v of th
2:55 am
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2:56 am
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thor now,horrif csh.e hept wlyint of slamming into the wate incation paradis ighteninam td rfin d condnsli day. newhis halfhour, a nation oprivleep rningsboutri a their ckti home
2:59 am
da feby 19th a: fromews, is i ns odng frida mo kendisn. i'm rnain ans. i lomilynt. utout onshhe i bue go seque wo reac, li ncwhisoio imno t pe tmer m.>>e na tmpas so sgeio owhll ple m. > crib imes, a unngelopr crh haii instattrng toetmine whyhichpe ntowli then t casositss problyesc'davikeeys orhan stco
3:00 am
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3:01 am
dad waington we now more fstle h elvewas ar grinequipment. but thheaze and the high win fanning itndtinghee tornit rning.noesrehreatened his me erar than two fiburn the most in years. ofcials hes but they donny a the lshas en filled with from the s. ghters are helis to dwater as ye ere se firnd
3:02 am
cond.s ple le and as long a a anutah a strong winstfoedd hesn e ndew , up a y sign ipowe thound r tit . teer f30egeriod. speang of today's weather thforecast, wind conditions will contuere the gat plains and t with high ger. urs the pac northwes anotf snow is iblehe sierrdand es. snezing stern nerk. nd we'alkingord wa in thdwt. n cho.70 insas . 60sn loses ata. dald phoe new y andbost,tormlouds th light
3:03 am
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3:04 am
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3:05 am
t.ep at th, trump ing down. >>hen you rsd the pe had saidhing about y that yught, ma goe to a s? >>no not>> ror ofisdviss pong o ottert the vatirounded by rs york daiakin seveer withhe headline, an for trull wer this te feuis hurorm, but utanr surda theyote. dan harris, abc news, neyork me. >oo on hlight rancis romeyebrows womment aboutthe zika veak. fransuted that wened wits could use ception,ayin evs a moral ence bvein ying lso mainhu
3:06 am
prnant mot are ahe mo vble toika rus. tha new nt against eastfeedintoo long chil may get littl tathat way.resereast m dnorovi enoug "d,"icarly in northern a so cs are endinghat childr who for the firstear. se news we ca late to on tt.deation. breaking newd brea study frtersf disease contfinds th inmerica't get enough s. ocking t n hourle we' gettint co to some sus hissues art e. uds a e re oeepi . oplen koet t mo sleut fks iwaiit thasee thas st inaii. d likeo be a not in. andust yi ates sse buveur g wenott
3:07 am
yea tt sockin>> nt th, cd e harllobetrrs arhavi t he nig heuat ow back o othem lg shot oyork's madis look at that. >> iledt, indeeit was sples er er christth, steph itting his shot 100 feet all above the >> oh.>> is this real? thed? globetrotters. rl. lobetrotters.ot w ponof this obetrott thern ca >> te go. one ime. it every >> i'm soubted y. >> goo
3:08 am
ng t skiemngng a ha pat sajak uge sanffluent ia neighborhd.the new safety queer a leak i >> a whoing swers drking waty hiy. whk gu c out ofhe yoornow.nnerw"ght toou b.) r rpet rou? t d it,formalit ingre carpese olve knowit can bu rp ttwe. to can solve pe
3:09 am
asy. we r. veng s lkeolorl. kse,hud rcismo b k sahwher.etge lydspwi wetotes fi th fpo d ds anprotd ,
3:10 am
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3:11 am
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3:13 am
and eight-day clock for nd resen e leakretu their homes to dents r rancsurrounds, i at iogniherupt th gaseak caed tyour thdifo othwhha exricempmsele ort t g, e leesxp b li tt hachorisplidke n he cou. opreaid gto >>eporr:t sahetmt yshe sd seg r quit bn ou tsint der hemithe se.omstats whis fpot in hwh we neo knut
3:14 am
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3:15 am
mef ti's ciz e theili ic isns it's f obancetter l d anhe loved on you ve to alone. ares a. a. i eteran o arinkiabouice. w. wa call-t"1." unileurtiitne sas ervead thcotoal w abouyo
3:16 am
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3:17 am
ly i ltibae' with sn ithelld al bse e igin s th bunowhatlate rht wouthl nnurth iolondpeod thsc k aast ekchit? th l it'smazi a cssroth lon tre rived thoue o owhaomess ecorgaca o tarit. nextisc dio s wo h at laa t rer
3:18 am
lo a acs'all ll.ere oeit di b a thersoaykeor i ri she loo shappy.thiz.oc ct furessi bl, bow aschee platf s stilld of ort.wir anxt20.>>kid,g >>t"whefo teavider n th gresthro. yog owthine u
3:19 am
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3:20 am
in t trmulutiger lin. i'vynil . ge ubni >> mgo>>t tub ul nicws. okucinm fo h. ..hake as that drrahy ing whih guess or ougat? oponreht uredic. reli e ry. t's d th. mes se ultral e bs tut ke and whe't, get into it and.feifreth
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3:22 am
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3:23 am
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3:24 am
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3:25 am
byoio rir tothge stioi tve s liball hll reay waed olmyr-d,at woue award fr su d t t th sik ouget e yo goiyo lookund you ll k at is >> iratit t y nt a ee a .nati b day cuon.naala da b>>be.arneth e'giarreer'rins stal ing ssenng. em.ys- en, ke othemyogu -
3:26 am
ews somniaor teeteet e iraq,li ws,llgmeanwon niformi aleh i watued o meomintenid freaucratic n he edtens oamerwas theyd,you focuon your halita d wef e st nc foughns ourl cora recvealthha alesli
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3:44 am
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3:45 am
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3:46 am
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3:53 am
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3:55 am
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3:56 am
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4:00 am
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