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tv   This Week With George Stephanopoulos  ABC  February 21, 2016 9:00am-10:00am MST

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donmp t fsincy unit s binou ca, took d.>> i nasyut goridt. i clyou. h. 's na it itul laught enwi befutrbaback vn sth li a nweorhaes o s tu v m 1stut tshi awdre eptehi tmp arroyedruecd th dre reoum fter tighispe ill won.>>rehe camigha
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in nths.itlearnd wi ourhavemechrs th s bo vangstecruzan s trumpon ohe ate' 50 letes. threin s cou sti his mama gevr r tion arch h the lete theta vnched'se ofxao hrfinth noon,e e.tweelaso's homeflora. rub ioave cnc al ath winllrida pry.>>o a. jo bt t. yo bulliond p's o f longtime >>hisoppone he besodds bashreeft. hiss im th tth caidesonru has clea.
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,onald heddony've bnling te th m willing than takn daltr as en?hing he t pp.thfiomeb ho fir bhan ast. noyelia oewmp na tmp i pyi t ven picje's b tinglooukiout,very ts itilll.twi. hopp. u, m lo tondtrp.coraonsnrcty. nkou the n nd? >>no. not l. i'eang vy tant pelevemartpl ta
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i tak fgrted. sai g w tomwmog.r toumpitn ritw? o rr nkhere ihey' all toug evody thellypl op wld th. i h , vy har stery b b htw cas. one on theonag, s, , tou dirdn - i gue gmaiage. re cam a 9:00 in the lectnda metcipa e c00he oori t on saido myselfwow th tougss. eople aorseha maeaestape i r politi m the wouigr eec t tydi idt i w much.we wve conessional rict.
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h n yittihem you smb o a retw ting mcoight to preside awe rmine a twimao. i' n ttiar rco'umst >> btw i t-ecauseotre. pple m ttermation. tngby dyav ndo wi,he wa mak. youot s mrubio eligiunort? yo kni nevke aiti ner atitsobono retwee he 14 million people betwe
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rt .itinstin mathat iave 1 milliope o you aou gn th patornoon, u're the c right w? yo in cf t ce, gngoor fulut t ay twenr i dino w goi t eryou didn' therbohoythmu. th w bgethhe tollpoll e pos sa t o nyte eydould s o thonal sts.ioa i wouiny atcertnly aftlls tht thiheli taisigse an ce dnard tryock nominati they,s ill pe wun apet? that of ssib on t being tre irly t rn
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lfunngy i'otet mheia insts, the bru mpie erodls .evyb bdes. nhe h a iains,st nors sitt the .'t o that. lkin, is d sence ex for wife akids. es wk, meg tt stu or not ood a tettain atveime theypen theimout iter ir in tms t s, i thnk m bt dat st t pn' enk tew yori fro itunirheoo is tacked. you wi sitlekeer o t go no t em ofhe istfhe
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anvern's soat re rare june 16an ge em asneoeo irepurty.i gavey. er tablent. on ran,th saidat's goin th'sot sappen. like to control the,thnato tngress hey g toar ar or prmactilawds mak t g. moio dowhig e y.seder, ihe onl ll d atgh cerly dient. that w behe y. becausereng w t ection. twontly eretry clii nind dotnk bnirs
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ou ms agoou lee uretns w stamyey elease tuhe shoulde eag release them forubli scruti you r theda >> no in't. e wor onm. ey'rmasse. let m telou aboutthwa etjourna" f the the take iter, iabadeditials ey a pole d the suldir thest andheri st don' wead ymor if y lhe a tday,wo p berehe on oe s g. at theul ly, t shoue t soont he l"
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>> nea befouenonee?t som point. we talk a it epoint. 'lllease. yhe sh a ru alatemts. wh are more portt. dverydyas amazed how bi andow theomny is biggerhanth great coany. ry ltl. enusas ow me bessshe thed of think unitedtes n ca o cnt i naialendilityoue. 'r i everydf tub an ve ou cnts wegoinstngth t do t tsound i have b about for a e now,ge. ilgrt. m fing us this mo >> tha vch a w jn bhe numb two finishern s
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setoma th jushank >> hea tru sayheurligiblo f esidyourrese? ,s i -ks iaern. meplays. say sethi i ey d ag mlond cov and nls c g rag . thkeherere pe pren doe wori'oi to spe zim hiught eligth a ant ant ieeoadnses e nseqncre trrdin i ets tionwron reblican n to someonnirt gr thert a w ts eltion. ask pplo f tonywerco
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>> notettne s to oudo thattrue? i h spo tohi heotet tndorse me h re would ne nouncingt onhe huildovo hisendo >> tgist ec i ns"hi m otrcaitraha trng to w aft t pe s campat se aatisfio af leadis mr. rect>>hi is a electne hers thit.sehteoe did u of thee. osupeachand illioifter me. you can onlake oo many pele atne mesbo aer
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pean tsut e intun t' aut iheos pablee's-rne when seneople ru rublill are yi iotling tvote f daldtronheber na we'll be . he n s thatcan t ouresole, tha c so gmber. wee tection o parnc note som a civasonn tce. m a catat c us.w t partyanan uim w i arg we're reifreesetween a donmpli i sare, we'll talk a os >>otnehequd, yr toe coanch
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mie? 'moi toupeepublin nom bec whathere offg iso rric i wlayth e's exhib anstding fei li,his mtimobf the comnder in ie to s gurun mylfitma people that'snotough. you, lf t m junt detahese. he d arei es beiden t wld i g to wtnt y tcp bef s test uette understanonouext pdeoe ing t b country together levity. an th's t kfside ll. llre f a
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how si back ama be >> whewi lln weeto nnerake-ta w h srt wiin a theegat one. we'rgoingoi n cathenka.weis ivada morroreheme. e cpengrywhere.orks for thathi t diel atortich 1, iouatouf ei legate we'llood sha >> andlodas mt >> i thiha i frnin ra 's aays ue.lea about ci race narrowed i ot admiratiobush. ha supporters.t he's sus
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tus baney >> senatoro, t you yoimsorni. >>hank y woined n by t w ce caro serruz us. thank u foining us morn xponni ws a trd p fh degxps? weee touhersrema ow whaimain. canhi nhamp adnsveouot w moderate.fftily th n o o conservamaining ts
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ougameay o w do in thest f stat an soleon gotudai k wey deielythat ou se umerwdoe i sutu llst doldru h pve b foablendid on theshe f three ss have i t oyampa tt ha beatn o cea dal tr 70on'tievemp i t date too head itli and hnve. w smit ople ag, f weanto beatr i e oyne wo ithe'sy whoas. othis, u c beag left bea trump at w doesn' the
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nsti nserva.0s z.g. acro tou yido r erve t sarillerahaeakat. orketngfa tew n s crday b aarge in. rub hot ser bn die eon ngoeo to m anderas tont lo as oning conversatiaid tru d win .th the lge tuouea ian anepubory. ight of thost essult o cpaou peoncali wouen tws ha wunople neir w in sec
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exme thergy is youop wan brighter ey. wt ths nstitution - tionigs o wady nd s a ren of tat al tstablimeir wsdmao.till oy came i .fr i de iowa ine had heavyitters com beh o
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whatfying consve at lonou a ruo goinr e r, dohaal pa >> re. nalddevo a ermooki .atonsthat sees mlt tond f t ma, mao vos allf tim dneto att 's b a w as, h won ump.if w btonal it t ttratedwe bonal el u,nguphi si, s from toav ang rasnrod is stro st, rebls a r conser.mee
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th,d,ho s theto lletchingsecrthu for joinsisrn hanku,ge >> muc t an is hreparerdro (vu ype diu knt lto degh
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oru titiffanapncatisy beaddea call righaw u e whh y ncisouorigwaanakifouav t sw othfa, pstongoroashir usesh or hiv. kiey pemtiirdialis have beererted. me pe maloreinpa
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r heinlo urnuvi heubcan tablis fally rdyo ken dald p?ist aea tooterein prinor &t oneekeitr yo terto pons ciedianoi'eir gn
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finciarior 145 y. > he fmhe cods
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blpart reiebus. was strucbe in t alf oouth y threpuanrt ey in nbeorp. uc itm o th pa yle >> ihi ge oo allxi ll i think people are sick and tired pols in rahingn, inusctuay irllof b paie tsusaen elout e r woy it.bu obviously,se e fht toin d okpefpa'rng to be or oeominee ts
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chstia rtuchi arou ry pe m apoken theputy aod a convon thatominat >f thedetes,ow,um stany ofhese cosnonesur b trt t no d we wipato spooenomis. ink iarlyheocs.wh tims,n wre ttgitrefve alevenrthointay , aav anoec w jhe ne autoget t esun eratt w h en we'veade in at the in farreday te
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aot topsoic 's goingo y>>in -d t a of thgs. evemb, mcirrtck wil fal line eyl p ien noveerwh tees g ych.e' goiuprt rt. plaol i no iith eh before tntio tonba. hav sainhese. bu yourepareor ed aroulain athame>>red fohi
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le preonemprep. an'l ppa i tha agai ion't tnkwillhese if f ou it prey >> mr.aiha thimo y ks g undtle dbl e live withir top lawy.d owerou zzht t b voyia ye v voya.y e ange aweir ly? at's wrd pinthisceo?onreaw me. a tre d e,ouy ulltlyse ,
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tu belongse st antoelyora, we've ead w y... ontay seon next foyouruss. the uetnerip e ople,tecy spush everyone forward. accelen. acceleraransrm
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enrpsee bkith t rbt n ts e whe?oucos this oueeprrecomb. mam stngthic
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fight ur w cd andu ....fe br st gebab an w thxp th all ine inte. atas you th. 's notust data,itbier dat
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ng er feo presd chgy wk . anorerthox dbeshooure mawon hety uny weju ey ngoor. i dape a heha
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s lor oosuetes. elps lower d,ltit's n ig-l orlossdr ma youghy wierme t aergic faa or i to of a ourgicactilu sweifeain inhearga d seekic help ri doe farxif you seve kprlems are onialysi te youctory if y havbloo roryo uri paiwhilyou rxa cacauss fes,lungydraon niyeinct in m, eybls, crbaolonideffetionnn.faig we arevey pe.
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ask if f r y ansicom ea w back now with" rodtable .sara ex castnod rtin ewne dengr s bhe b fe d t esiv noe? i de be oppenta. i t we'own a de edntup eoe hif
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end ohadona w es m. thstioheubliis w f ohise somody lanoeg atconv b husut t alexit l lohich ca w stain. yoav ey're vote. dald is aladyd?heneroun ttinllkou t bute' adetegahije o tace. t oft goe rubi iloo tru i atikia ifz s a oa. at whhe a rne
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ti ph at, ou h dedsplitt teleg a th ard air iha ariohis tiso g much, muc longer andavo we'r in en, think there's a i donhink w bero you wi yrli y. rt me te s me yo hion trum a morng slookingsshelandap hisn the stas t th onaltrumhichs grcohaeneste i on ra. bex, -musti-w anrantti-scidillary c put
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look like - i be cont nowe of thean rty. gs dralyhat' going sedotrp um i f epub rt th'v mehe d.ey i youors in uld be fusing onig i have, plaini ani s bhis theraceyoud h i rac nee matton.u fol en.eyul b dving hard,ra registrationnd there moneyexoegtese monlible ungians. ar 1li fks in orgilo ar regist
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>>ne of the this yesterday. f th elishmocric party isonger the estntrcn theepubn abmece ae sper srs yeda e o nayers fro stil cli and ed nts. hillary clinto n we wit voteed y di tajorfnalddist and >> let mick up on t. has b rkab grumo rubca taisen fe o dum t il sndp omhibo. t's h nnh
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g beh e. ovi tedillt. r on the joasheliese al inn aounlee cal fiene teat dalruay stpe n t ob aldru fro ala,s i ton ionit flourusinsut i canls kyo heyee on the'oo aento dohatau may bepped th w tst dd tr i t agail cl aerationara bend. he m betuck wre.what's bee het monnd hnninaway wh t miti
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ta or. ay.20 nht o a' ingu will him as eryrn ehe par pe tkge of .id we control it e.wew a add t king aanta.thpuican estli h toy, w pit t' asume thave toccep ame.alrump isoing to over.>> ion'thi t isentas pti. it l hos tanaldru coertiveid bu agns sing12
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sayio d p n' ty tha oldure. shingt hn'no tsao ytth arin p a fio bot ey w toow everhingout. thlu belo walex.ald trumps party blishmen ngyi t instiont est waingtoesnor f ybodcenloeorkhe f coun athe shihaeasa>> epn is staintrumaveoff. de fro t newk someti saihisshe atck daldp. goight aheyprisy h havire s trum rtge ft t p tt
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't beneve picalds i t- >>e's - h mg ts in oneme>> pdsns camp he not. th vs inheepub padon' h a the rmatn? eyavhermhe mak h aanndntuewithem,nthi ieesa. tise g e-ne ce ant n a e-ne, nald nson't tla the decrat fhitheubnswhen itelpemn midterms.they d't like it now. >> ver the cathlgn.dth thoron t ng i g tohang it yinngm ore ge. tling
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delonald ll uyhemine bfight onhe nvenfl s tt drea >>aye lo fitegh othe rer n t arne spoer th wery chal.onalrump rep 60llionrustamers. alk a itikt's weirdhingr the. rresesugnk thmeca bl. 'reg towfeel.n and ge >> 50 mill 60llvoorum >> daldmp ihe blic nee - >>the iue anger.
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ey f.e s v somepoint, need to say, is the one scre i k votingfor sofos. eyo ha to say, hol ho on. th miakmake an --et tol everodoule e fthe oplehatotecandes. y,oh,yn ru i myn. e how mared out a rlicaner s reer no no.oi say l nouutond umsxpernc iei ang angatst hlaryin ave ance p over lotf ind voters second --wa, nit,nif you asked peo i nha
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>>o callme. to cal me. 0,00 voted ithcalina >> tha wgrt. th isoi tcoin. we haveo ck en w comck, ale onho t hp t fbi unlock a terrort'sellphe. we'rveith aptop
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nvd inerrori siationgo er counatio. ges usra conc n urmartone toy, one. e'sely hea atio conversatio woufamily. and ality it.d, the oay wnow ho do ts cryp ale and googl are the shfs. ey're aingikete yi no tee wh to do.etweenpp tham upg-time t fbisked a jge toorcepp top theunck ione of san beardi teorwee joed b tr llg apsseted so oon, k yofoning ushig. eeparentad tgh woforapplth is notbo privacy aseriplscernorit bin m plic ketistrategy.
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>> we have theretfo jusep a e forhe glsnd thtivaons. ouweou goath sameesctnd ueran ba. isanrely iorta deba a ivac lis sh. h hd e thi iesgation y whe lrequ. t ito d tin -creating ti itsengine crets totrhe it ex.appl hasib to in t t a minsfeo w peporoceod t proctshe pry, tir intimerso li mate.
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redshe co.anreit wthe gornnt cldeqpp ucs jud jutidedyewefiefsp the wi be aen th is procsat e i dirto hecnized isanmpta niodete req appleo whathegfa n' aresses mf ion rc f hiri extend?uld be posist?pe every your neered t cre prmo usealen to
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a ney-unrer,rorould h resibi toesha lessil's lal auory r yo doat. respe t buehis vy iue ba dr c w no desct gat dl sa there sulebate. corehodaybe dosothinbout is e govert deced n to submt leatioo ngress ds ne eting f art hears de thin th - m-- thi i tt oneag san bern theres allve fonveme n focotriehallveryer sptle invasio tirf applan bece cnge ie, tdegnts
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canithpect to pthatts.isd cinghestem tple h arppleo ke fi willi go the ehe cont tget ahd of diale's a mateterdayt tave ahear muref it i our ovil peifru ainn ,ohe ittemeco 'r tngboont e tng aesctg e facha hasn' ed t. d cgr hed not enro ts notre tcay, etial fful tdo aould ree e typfrtrdsll your financprivac h
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mplition very or youhaving ura noate eseiso ves.ish taway our civ libert can'ter oil lis an the terrts victalek revutioryr genel wr sie by the ki. wee stioes re jne j er pd cosi , thiss gng toectevy. response? , mr. i nd
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wyer iases. memb theli , c is ey ovated. giant deib if w go theteist' e anindhere me i tha tip us off toth troris and a pl here i new y city at's onme, so th i rrib whics suddeyheovent sevybody'sealth s, thrgh theva rmatiod get ay to orldabsh up u sep 14th ale he key t co heldn apple hd ters whebodywed uph serrant, signe b federa j somther laorit appl key,pened i , it an to t one t tsomethin thi phonenteytr i
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th'sbs at tusti depart as forsfor' go lab,ts s, nd are tt canypass thehihatill doy all theon t ter and that then andhe pne ck te fb ae of at thallowhery cos o . thisone, gnmowned one atbelo t t dea op waveo pcy gh wn t mdle rivestn. i't k w w sll
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d ndson odtion. e fit st to gream he isting reamdopaper. hi, liwood h homes. t time totlwhat yr edand wantarp you get th communatperfect foyocrhis ilalsoke eded s by ingeciswhou rre i
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ndscou tolove wisnity hasto onea nd masr aneaidlorado s2,600-ac new home, gonomni clospl a qgefromy has. everng layl here and ito pingng, rtent, recron here cive to the arnnintlerek gorsec be n ce ol gr.urs ut xperier an oftherhe c r go-tcatchi theigenyinget fries. yste, there p bike arot r eright tininciiu a pool.w exnsci incrpop lavend cldspand playrea.
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