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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  February 24, 2016 7:00am-8:59am MST

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thinhe cary yth ink wt n tapn here thoughis rac n tontinarserump yago,50% ho icanf publanen iadaho - not be ei neeut w didou pele rhtowavbeatm, t les n yoate ws t beinn y oom statatt,t whte u thk oing tbee ontrp? el wwiith w that governor buslo iedp halpn,s goi nt wlat he s e coacalihi uron inevastght. we oingking ha we inlready reght fornd aded to houstontexas, taydebateorrowe flat twe inha
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it butheeople t story hy fee td p.veskeb busem o t pe evat he idilasteo d no dond hig a tpeoplevedi th w e andk es bthubn , e onouded. e ofntatek geknhe iisoury ial would fot? ya c of poimbvuse hi carytoss chioin i guesopp wvo e boe't tnk thisountrypo and io
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an the as shemes thur h uianemor eves, >>eporter:tooete as tsd ilyoureedorar h ilosiana,deshed opled andther n anl condn. >>earde aigbl whontir hou akin loo thoandseesweedik>> loanr wahi tna diert? cod n ae vuer aa. esve ai. thes enobees
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inrnationaan natior president, whichis, o.>> ike d'tu?.thiniter teks ae s use of rs use ar 6thlsdau aepabotheonea the services tost ink known u thosecee survays mal ueat ecliur ardy poer cqline has a laui
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7:41 am
doad a gam >> iour >> repr:she lo tam p h mathndredllars. didn they . s the i ask fayhat thhould be askgfo >>epter: tt sty isouris tar wmpacksma arehensequeou'll lotity.yo w trct tt n't eporload aapeo vi tppmi oar oou
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mali. arm swor repor ahe shod a d happenn s che t sen t thr bank. whatpense c l,t spieon ca e k gy ot spp i ar whr rteast year re1s that gathrs sti inrman io amoerr itncde the foowg. pl fght bk bem th asnduttrte tysu i a contacts luild aprof on. >> reporteome app are ecngnfos, t federal tledsu o p brightt asigap ng tmiums peon
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d erbo y, andis i era, a whela number ofotar rica>> iov n wl et>>li th otcoea n thry. fheir billioe ill spend onhi i sde erdemocrac chales or opartilarlhite oplebeesouhose an tur exce n e us t unta w a n-an cithrouy. my d, as i mtioned, came
8:01 am
t know reporlint stevion tointervwher stt pely d clinif shead eve lied. ain t se b i evi bee will d t bes can thecaop. >> han you baden s a ooidn' has always inton ar as do be a crook. y theome r ofaitionjuayn o t se>>s thaioould
8:02 am
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8:04 am
yhi h c 20 chli i d people re about, not juscongreas heped s thathink wamo profounne y timeav intervd him thhout tce, ways s t sth ar'tittle risey, yenoy told y yrs ago t airstenme go theliachind em w sh, , ris m sg that h t in
8:05 am
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8:07 am
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8:10 am
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>> oiesndouas >> yh,waep>>orr:u as,oued this t yonoongeor ahe rs >> n n you alway wor abt thos b needecealyou , cch. >>orter:le thedardsedin owed cofoundess p o evoucebr w ter lebred eslican' e-yeaoldwhe ys to votn "o compton." why hey.
8:16 am
es butsl cats lik bularrd tawa." "swars." "sr ." ict lvter st ygood youon to e den m wo wl >>cele ep whe>>yengn wh ag n' to goywhe around we alr ere! >> hesepl lea d avto g b.owf ro
8:17 am
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8:18 am
>>er son win e. s diurg rurhe you're wating bs ts morning. for e 2, en orihe in ius. gendsow at a pri ve be ius. guysat thaoh, to. s lace ntau une lerg yr fflys o lie yohyry e and otherllerpray elieorincolete.
8:19 am
eate u eny anei dot onsimple p the new smtpanplve in for f huoin chrd d fr thin towo . che of valinentsive carloti,pptsheele g prec join uto hp llnsinris al sn. p enle avs. philadph garden vetle. cr.
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viws a trify momehiuleet he t insidhu bu wup. heouitga>>ll happays ti c! eres wl intsiabove or the l elevations. winds foetween 5-10 ho, bit breet i ld we
8:23 am
a bit of a beze inor... l cersday a t but fed ..ty nshi toofrid thrgh wed oks ea ye en r wer to gets!at the is d t ll brzyht wdyt metoo... our nt cee is m vey ght tuesutis s a b y for s.
8:24 am
stf senr pueb. rah thorngscntin kn bedit tomuch. e iente d au indy h ofsive wwide r.. lving of -maker 's what : design, isre di, athef a oplant, nit ct tairs bl fenths 13 ri hainw -- asunff fi n di tautto lk scenthe sherf'of tmastolsoe' usedt atalmas inco d lo, d n m
8:25 am
attorneys e tryingget eir case bacinto courtey're defending a -year-old accused of ll pu. ghmenction. inze of ing mu prosed th ge hlt i ath deputy k ge dety gwas ng tst lz oar viinin saulse rit no-- thee t won ll ia as ek a er pmurr ra ri poli tel a fx was tuing ftndt wa hit byh'r.e d exriveter reving nt inoladhelerk coergi p theyigavanged. yocachec jhe to c teco th you fyo
8:26 am
8:27 am
us latio now let's ma tham callhday' estionxander hamilton in thatam du hello? >> r $1 me omme
8:28 am
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8:29 am
hin ouewdr. is room. wh feme g. hae ot etomfmornins li wp r sam alito sa tmeourt will find a wa g its worke dr.cashe aiprco nrews wants miamages theyuse t hotelor
8:30 am
>> t winwasrsman ande0 f orou yesteay wh sold gotucfirers b adoo a sraughd yde mpe hneed dend gye a nsf r. y k >>esc>> iprisds yon yohan.nd't u >> wouin n ifue! whe >ll st jol" s omwocle er rt ssi and otice d comp eve pct peopoigt s.eopleho l ten w late
8:31 am
lo tyce ser $13d la10llst 4 olenniacesinen brascae t the bowlar t seis n itsore il womeryea cedimheme hehoowwon'symsre oo . t na is tnond alsokesn rnrtatgoni d g. e ri sie19 t aua me
8:32 am
th hloitalizioorminsndhe ltipnsoris e othea i agwoenve ular elder aou ntorslipetobacc and psych an thes er ey c sse mindeaffeiaire s oy no re aiagu. tha the qu, isn't it tre the fa thesousl ion? tnitudro anio orenen shed 2 crrend doneel
8:33 am
met toms d thew off a say'te ti tdoctor, i have toic uidrk y arair sehelois a lrninheof n' dse mer ho he thei heart ck efhevessdyleget theealtprtionan whoal to b hen his in ws o gmgnti alua giv t t gured trt. ay erngen els o? -eloman of tev e his tahinell wen vi u gs wanan inist d tk aboutour
8:34 am
orverydyhoulhouldn'tey >> mpeaintil theha le ty.>>ha accol keepoming forhe ay hit mal"h" tnedy p o.caew cketarolut thrght lstry oex yr. the ow ised o a mion sury eidke witeutwhed fatlife. in eptel, u kneorgwain soarer n bd ng alandehaon s,ou0 ar piur wtr xy. now isti h i thesp
8:35 am
at l a p-ho rk's mtke abowto histyn ev alexest known as theic t ollabi.atbraysoiltogranhe ve cofrsis thouav terthisave bey a. hbeen ssr:bo a blocks ne xaint iss.nowhych mca b ats e ?
8:36 am
use because is the only know h>> rte iis sigr of e constituon and fndf asgud e new ypo us? not rr: but f some people >> sle. r visionarundoubtedly. >> reporr: secure? oteorow >> rtal? >> people thatras on, thhi aim
8:37 am
, yo identyith him. >>orr: wight ded to tel his ses behinrap. arv ed c itchar. >>ieveors unique sdo t adiolte bge cnd
8:38 am
r:ie a of hisra gef vs hto remem wry alot.he diede than 200 years ago anw is t >>isis llin br a bth r a halt czeho gnoflongdo. n bon brt8 w six lha i 04 iirst i sty.i'm of ! ansoh, l
8:39 am
eehangly lych >>esom>> agrpl chanu or illy mng! l wainto ft ofco tit cr rrow. l see a rt to weeken60s and chshow k, bucuu..
8:41 am
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8:42 am
sanders s thst fing plmate cilengy fute. sders - peopleefore llsaer i'm bernie sanders and i provth si atcanyoudompairg s e peeng
8:43 am
d 29 d gwings lcery a sur oods are f hethve aoneyd fsas in f corie d fat ded alc tria >>e wtedo lk reods.lerey a l a nt a ge teo se w tionalse ode not rui to ovutonal infoidd whenedeoodsed
8:44 am
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8:45 am
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8:54 am
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9:00 am
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