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tv   NEWSCHANNEL 13 400  ABC  February 24, 2016 4:00pm-4:29pm MST

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jill.what istomach? $6d n. atai uhwe $ ipre.itrd ,0plse. -leutho40 skp toou d
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s a cuckoo cloat is thr systlastall ri so at , ich yoth you te us h rlext t' teynima ppngra$2se wh is ar?ye uhdisney f $40 whs "b"?at sney $suzy whats "toy s"? ye di for jill. at is eay e bet"go suti
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, jill com toard. hei'dist cit fo$4. an easc dog adt atraedpl ushu d e ll pemi, whdoec ir sti g ] a skice atightle to . jill at a amphis? nce, $ at is right.scfor n. at qs?qu. . e fo00. suzy. what is methane? mean.
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n. e tr poi are ster cy, atisaster city, ea deado orqu. ifped behn cabe lifte wh ton th youd. zy. righ, decace llre ts? s. uhcadeance $800. zy whrehe20 cadean $6plea
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ecce $ pasn. res? coect.disaer $0. sprede nee asckpoed s aull at is zm scl t] di0. cko aowme d t cheshat , hecoel try hu ..ia ci heir low c
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aayfrhatu: lahter nothe lastluel. bynnts ts peof g s i l vetilathd a bodiri. [ ud n:e!zy what ia flasade? no. what iflas fl trigh t u wiat20 e ve w
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onar i kn to see what for this dblll sho we band esul aome t?d r whs k? that's it. tefo$4 . atre is t. llavct$8plea. ii?noll
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.wofact [ ep a ahhaakes for40n.juand ye've fcentughrpi00 be wh nn? he, su is dennier [ cks ] ll.o rns
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jill. who isgama? you're15th cenot whye uhulha 2or $ be reonrve d labouryoitback t-thrinhers, . the tcst ergu isliinwho erlajunder. correct.
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hrrs00sier st$4 be whs back ostri$8 od.st00 jill. wh iboarod uh, stri$1.
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15enot ben.isorzomaif $1 su.atre new rkrsit no. cumbil? thosares 2, er the- ily le aha! [ n ughs ] t. l be aer m 2,000. he is the clue t take2.
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'e se agaiitak 2,0ji
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whs ad 0th nty noes $2,000. ]e s n haa mite o cu0. [ o? [ be ] ahe slk yo agcue, .mayb'l r va cu,0, ea., i n? no
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t is. subjma ndwoll: l riokme[ sewhy ctor have red macunedplheripr anevhere i loo.. i'm rend tick topl. insion 2ocid 2 ha the eye e coelp cek of ogssn oferate to advced d... o clesds 2caareryt lfpu o sotind?ll, oue it bhait cane t ait, whiccan ke it hard to g a in. tald sa. symbort coulhelp y breathe better, arng within minute syict don'replnhal for suen syms.syicorhelps prove ificimen of youioor cd, cludg chonchis and ituld aken more than twice a day.
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mecirolincrease the rk of death om asthma oblems. syicort may increase your risk ofuninctio, oporis d yeroems.yoshou tur dto ifou have heart nditio higbld pressure before taking it. mbort coulme dayeath tcgi mbor eabe starn 5 nus. call or go onlinto lrn me out a riff cor ur
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sec. l ome fis wn'uray the hereicho sna d s seugh, ye up th t crectponse fal sa tda wabh gend t real.t.cost0, mptoittle il but he did write something d ro dever ats thcot on d ur?$4,0 y gia $4 lead.
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at p neay ka y lea? a auts re. d toev y spire pu, lld injuriwo ot. the parkntsherfs es seme i 9ngs the t en repu usa eppoly12 year untye.lked to aro aboutha
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kn aal ree ld ist wetoldf e nverta hrni t d de icted idotave liriesecti tlearrmdungthedrig inn ho. po ikati lt kv 11ew wee so linre a thsu its an inone wities back and forth with auorities etled in a bsomomle thfoclrece itio accordg to thawebse, wirth had enn t er his optyhe waslso e py denv te oa case iolving the adlyofloepy.s austzer his case muve co ntshf' erekeer.ti a nu of ge inuding muer. la wk,d woar hi an t the dea o geer. thaccuanrentod r,de it day.11 nrter j e corinace. t's where de is s.s atd crtod?
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ma ge reimr s meh al cpled erorree ecber t llf deould be fit to reprinrt a dearad sd t d t el give re iht in deallcae osorpecaus s couw ndof chdavid r/er04:15: iweminethat rnlition s h oat jpuefs cuas fr e ea cod 1h. newswhea s i coli i


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