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tv   Good Morning Colorado  ABC  February 25, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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deputyun i a hepaunty. our thts go t to his fa. happinnow. errninouti urareaatnt. be mpng. peal rn tay buit'sllco co r. rert ga to isivin lodoprings be lki iis gi, what a youearng? dave, sah, pfing is stan issu seen drivs o extreme lengtheewa. eki cturruck iver thetill rug. tw is tver put e suitcas in drir seato t d be
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steal.hayo i get your , thurva viof sina r th wasufng. weald thhe of car.e , w abo tpu of drewwh heememhe fgot f dog his s stenhe thr ne oe ndo dveli sre t oer tos.arle07're he grea neighrhood he but can hanywhem nevedoat f i have t car i'm sittg int wi door locked, okin thetibecae m t ta any an" accotourte thgatt o othe 204 cars sten last ntinolo 1ca we ffinlilora sprgs, m
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kk, inmoow 'rexpeinan uaton tcastorr ofceas ral iac ofilli jk cquein rky fd. ueshotidhihome 14. ashby is facinrd aisrias beelayed tim idu gi je. wel leyokn wt inowng ovm laing l. l e pplve bn lledloguoa. keooatomvio of thedageefbe no the srms ting t vep th st c. lastht irgin, a tornado ri throl town. souarolina, a dairy farm
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ars arm r we'rthulo ald noneas hurtth's inhio ofowe het. ndre pestk ound t sveouea pgnt womeare stg potiveor ka 'sn ed t tra relate a to nepted e caso fbeen elatt the s n bebyes omosoe onora. isdelo rhtow.. six at a fili a lsu agasthe oba niti. / a ovethafrd a th tinncprer elvederal bs e suks an inju statespoible fofee. also askfostateso refuor wthaly .
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t,nd t gerntea 1rnwh hpeng i ongoing fe. moreeoe, iectewi mus... nowit's b calle an oeak. what we'earninout a sourf thtbreak plus aoois g... we inom weaemhaur
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cryalfoon65 m deasoundsatallyf spos. geiaup40eg i r ly. e! y uthern] lementinessel tvetonon. cks call... p megs of iernet sp a monthr. y avar nt ca and stch today. ng a cstthisrsdarninowpping en vey r s wi5- m urur anowi be t olert
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f sunshine tooof a breeze. friday throt you'vbe waitinfor meeather to gatday s the t dathhsin 6nd 7l br to ig w atis ..t chceorommoreay daghto esy.ha ao brg tha dn tudaantoam bwnith look at toy'trafc rert. ingstilloor ni cobuway. gs are pking up on t soutug
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brinth iol dowfor day. now amroh as afreti lki gyourpors . he b ray inhesoh d.5 nu47eso nv. nu pueb. ve tfftion24 ura day,go to web chl at k com and clraffic 're tracng an 11 er aor inrchae he l oses. 's hni a nstron sfilltrt i-n logs. the amps on fimo l close starti8 o'clock night.s ust ar
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riintulllsiny. anw am w ay'fi port ea t volou. no melay f s onmy h towninutes o wers braffic i moothl den puradi24hoday, o oub ne kcom fi dglle aghear se sundi a mad torsprisfomog il. ngp on ts g ni ie tr tobufit. caros. slyild
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ses r rvin wtonlyeaersl wdole alt.meing tosavohifabee rtdo conomyigged?ichest ameried more al twoea th them llion combi i'm bedeand provis.myn wetksd thula-chy r ir otaxe idngfowoinpeop, real payorenthddlawillnu sslethinfield.
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he look c c ght w. and i'm is your caony on a recall list? in th 11 ca acti everou nnow. numbshow one out of every fiicles in colorado has an uy recall. dentifieplaces ttate wre re moskely tnd fixed lls.sornorma list ra spresate th peenof vics wi unf recalls d pueb cesn nbefour wi 1percen ifouanto check to see if uraras ral he nk on r weitkk m. juli o ithor--rern mobouthe d attthatreseral en rus theeken rd sheic
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ta dog brusto cher . she hher chilen oith blood all over them.told deputth thrirclki, li w fo e ch to mo t e n d ca11 wrivingtohe h5: larpe wod on tf hiad i get dicalp o to at wbl am e dr wertread r ouinju ath hoal lt chk bue lee iothg's ner watied wi own erous gs. a jull oncain he case sunding enced to y in prison for g ch. co 11 news this appeni iuroom pl aook tsid
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lcome ck to news isin we'rstt thishursing... diinto the t and 20s. ve maicleaskieand wis een 10 mis per . thuray rnoollbit , wi erat ity of ned a a bredad ifbeainge wehe outdoor saturda est y th 70t ll bbro sl winme.. nexch fore re marriony niinue... walso iowr tuday.
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t dac no mroblr yourmornmmutli ed thc sot srough me thestructareale liratis o ouweb annel kcoanclick on traffic.e test on schoo secu guacip wen. is mtylts aob. rdg tnathe gatte, t d-1 sc boaotfire m last. securar a cornad school. acrdto court paper hamilton had a relationship wih he was arrested .
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do were ce ll brings soonet updat the casagainsthsed hood s we've bing robert eared in cster buduled hiing th ce cod. the jge likething. juaid, inr' c apanhe'see knn fooutburs anmostrentlyskedo re atrneyndeprent athege meal haluati meltevti winet ste spit latorexpecng lt a cer st s e t li heinabout laal violentredator. w fin out. ts call for acti alt.amhone
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liesmes ary landslid in colorado spris.slowlying e oeinde.el t ne cet d loan moright . "fse o lvedn thde ibao e mes. waomit cielyo apfoa t anmeoncayoo habeorbepicoci have newing to rea u. youvemoy laide r, thrado sgs pol depa youceiveds t the fed commis th infor ol t 1ca for entoday... theasate beforeuper
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ld tru tot's debainou, now,ubiogg t uminni onl because thotcaidat are ttg thri o edicelvibeeebianhi tois ghw.agimngousati c. puntuct,ane chch ament on a n reti e saona. 're gee if taon t sanns.. 'll e toyou hen ar. is m a eeawn us itigsodi n't haes ye/ cratvowed to n next year biided rmalpe legio e r ey pitefdeth hoy. here
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g nedepm on e to reinta 70 roglwood ny c-dohas -od ar althgh t istilso ean upk be neu' re, -me tcof t highy wa shut dn earlier isth ter rocks mb t road.go mapanre o tp arengd ma messre msy. acg ur per the onds ed ido mea ugin vi iendee ssanerve. / u'alar i-7is edn thre be aock e. inddee pass ied ghw.anmeisout ha e . a ettok a mar imovemt ann a loca ighbor. incdi di niklas. ilahead on1 wshis moin. w u n yr hed t iue. but fit...
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whemernc visits em toe spinfor t-of wn us athoue rn ae in f mem he emiasyo fort,ndmes eee you g he othor, 'r aaser swi soe we bngusfuofso chge w ttend w scer goaliee lo i ud 5 t nisacin
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'rsength cd star isda rng.dig teand s.haeaskndtw s peursday oot cool butill offereraturese 40s and 50s...plensunshi ana bit ofreeze. fday uge ekend oks t oubeai fom
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waeswi h e an70t ll brzyo slint s o.urt an forommoisre m arri mony nigh in tsd... ilalso brwi it coolown r tuesday. d jes wita
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gr your mornimmutvd. he t ro thre mi ug. nv mes. lira cs 24 hos day,o oeb
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trfic. thisorng. bi t is mor... to modernizstate'open s law ent down. / the repuate / ll h gontind foanap. ted erda /# repub co is iloping tourist arbung majuhey're e in emeency roo 's adinga new udthe of visiossibl lateto mijua doubl amg ouof steitoramong pele le incorathraf r
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gaze y lveocpiar in olleffan ial cominews mo who'exmpt om the law a llse ier this month but rst... a meetintoalk about a r imovemenlocal neighborhood. .. including di new bi lan. n ouss.
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togeth. country. welcome back to 11 newthmo's lo ght 's and . w -- pple arstill eiver proposed lan swf e swaps of strbe fidsn this a large p lastt to talk about thr concerns o apetween the cof colorado springs and the broadmoor. nd ehange for land the hthe idea has a loof pupse miaglino 13 "i tt they'r tryingt us to ir wafter the
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and what malldo for right."." otality get and wo incd ilubcl la.. an en h olocal imprements in on neigecal, pis peak avenue from colorado to colorado springs thosed projede adding blanes at the coscalanes... astreet ing.he meetis at fiv the cityinistriobuding evada aven. ri woman is us charges in identi theft case. lena i stealing al woman's ngthat vicna f t . /arrpers obtby sayin nss berresd,necoevenk d.. whiusthctna he susct eadttedpo shevi h mio call hery her w enti.
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sps po when found out one ha go a cord ca in r namedetectivooked inhefinger prit waasso with that tracked down the suspect. looking ahocport is celebrating new renovations. pethe pueblo merial apo. remo the terminal. the rport ing baatation to t look at this... new images, showing the entireil way. dad by thepescine.e ime owrean ithe fu aa ofazy,om tarth rnisphithe sharpesmap the milky y made t te uate isorni.... lohoalts tt bse fhas beild yea it'noer.
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"it nd od , an cpare it tenays we'v ing. they aot too late to get youfl leave your unoced ruin on cold rnings? alled puand itllegal ng u 11 his
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at'srs sai to keystone pi waffle e only cantefracki bee ng c eanr ou an. ndstar-r te chabuild a gy futur
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lhod r withigh-spd inet ry. anowd m h 'r aerstar th tda owdiin t s d s.e ha mnl clr ies and nds betwee 10 miles per ho. thsdaf llt er iloffer mpatures ith s d 50s...plty of nsne to d bi bez thugh e ekend lookgrifoue be g so wer etdo surok bthdan e s an70s.t wi be
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anore is m ri mday ni in tuesdatilg n toesroa lo at day'afc rert. incrsiraume nd wnno may f21mimythh wn mes pors bd.ra imongoty dr d pu r veraff condion24 s tchneatkt doclick c.ouraup eat fst bryoig a inreto nmaat t r rcadem mng nogape t peatmaur
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dinvpos ofe bo th at baad oeir ce it ogrthe a a ne lni wfoedo cl fome taiam aredhe aresaxpto anoing. re, ca oof all ofur 1eakiews alerts with the 11ews mole p. ifreeo ad thstppeng now. e fic p of os mabeepom e puffinlaw.ightow, 's cre toeaveoucar nn uttend. 11ewpoerina poto ngnt pr. o lu vera b th monn e e hoe. itldow dh wi te sinst t
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ne to theieave it ud left assenows driv starth oua ke nibill sta thdrneedo co th af orwithaw. iv m k reqtoov h inesng ay fr.thers to ahat lscan ure.icld u ntlyt puffg formalcarssta prm,t cabe pvent stha tey iic y e akesthr s f so eyaneadranhere i asd he e th mon. itow ie se. ifkes then ould effect ly as late yr. in colodoi'na esposito, kktv, 1ne in a en under arrt for ng aho e ear olisow lo
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got out abt the at. wasstheis o dia. - don'tto ol mith thctf a en w tan to sinekthcent. afcodouty shot ankill appein bley cowhic abohos hwest olorad rings.corporalcarrigan w one of eig servo a mahaosto while t . an hadk untyhe or3 ye suspect, 58-ar-old marti was portedlyo anti-govemented onlinabrees
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y haotl. veve a half feel e n people fger thanat. so it'ery ."." two otrs dep th in t hta nd derwayight n with yesterd's there haven corado fi s lindutyheasmohs agve he cou tr fanforcefias fafr th attace r ag h ed to th state,ny times- a amouor an than a the'no yet oen duty nate carrigan.
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ildren and othamily mbs inun. gha unerin violent prests otesting students torched budingtypokesmanminist ilu s ce, own onome dorm ssor. thsiiokly te asvateurds ttoreak-ue cr ing gas rub llets. yo if morewenefo g:y f icarl" it t de pial idatbeanders percof supke the ideaacing althinsunce micar buhen asked they would inue to suers' plan i tap...
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suppte woulepenflip opti dae igatffic in shoot happein enort eraccoto o stertatin deer, ofcerse stigating a esspsingl. two raom oer ae parely a atm. / poce supri at n. /# nd, d n.s fficotedimoohat's up nex this oming upvere stoave oodinger olongeast're invirgin the sys spawd ad tplus, whvelersay a jor
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