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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  February 25, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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p > > king new we'r'rhe s, thadlylyly rnrnonoure. at lea eigead, inclulung g 2-year-old. more than 30 twisterfrom t tas to p p pylylnia. homes destroyed. th truck blown over on the gw brididn new york. the coast guard trying to save this boat. the showdo tonight. is this the last chance fofothe ototr candidates to try y`d take down donald trump beforeuper tuesday? and the e-opoping newoll % tonight from marcorubio's owow state of florida. is trump utopp, even there? just 2hours after our exclusivivwithpple's c, tim coco, the fiery moments on pitol hill today. and just in tonight, applele answers the judge. new w popoing tonight after
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runway.. the emergency y acuation. sylvter ststnene coco back into focus. will he e liver@a a ockout pun the oars? have allone, right he night. goodnini.ananit's grere to have you with us here on a qhursday night. d we have sevevel deloping stories as we e me on the air.r. and we begininith the deadaz toadoes. mes wiped oufrom texasll the wawaup to pepesylvania.. more than 30 confirmed tornadoes now. this one in n rth carolina. tensnsf t thousds without p at this hour. angngnr twtwter cacaured on mera right t tre, ananwo night that among the dead, three peo@le in wavey, virgiaiaininuding g 2-year-old bobo this home in virginia torn in half by powerful storm. the e erceceinds, all the way up to new engla. a dramatic rescue in the w wers ofofnew w rk city today. is bt overturnrng. u cacasee cot guard loloringngn from above, and then
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water overturning, as well. abc's gio benitez, leadings off tonight. r%rorter: tonight, a ail ofdestruction after r hours of terrifying s orm a rare tornana&outbreak from >> it t s like the whole house kindndf shook. >> repeporter: the firstveve deadly tornado ivirgrgia in the nth k ktheheruar e governor there declaring a state of emergency, after a tornado tore thrgh the towof wavevey, killing three, including a toddddr. tookokover in their s4orm cellarar popodingnto the storm cellar really hard. repporter: when it was a over, root found vicicmshis s neighbors, tossedf3030yards frfr theirimobile home. >> 150 yards andheherace of god are what separated us om losi evevething. >> reporter:ur phillip mena seeing theheamage uplosese >> this emy lot is wre t tt mobile home stood. all th left are those st anpis s debris. >orter: i itaononk,
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including an i iant. homes inhisommumuty in lalalater, pennsylvania, flattenedft an ef-2 rrrrled through. oise was s lo, it bang, bang. >> rorten the midwest, it was snow. up t40 jackknifed dractor trairs in ilil. drerrand in their rs. sheets of ra and high wind wning power lines from pennsylvania to massachusetts.p gusvs stst eugh to flip this trailern new yo orgeashihiton bridge. >> we have a ahip that's run aground here. reporter: and off new york's s rock beach, seven crew members were rescu from this fishinggl, after 12-foot waveve r it agagagd. even thehe coastuard rese boat overturning in those ug waters. - the coast guard finally aiifting those fishermen to safety. david,o many close calls. and despite all of thihi devavaation, here in lancaster pesylvania, injuries and no deaths. but a schoolhouse was levelele@
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david? gioioenitez leading us off from pennsylvania. gio, thank you. the otr breaking headline tonighheepublican showdown this evening, and d e big questi -- can any onala, trump's opponents take h h down fore super tuesday, just five daysway now. night, tmp already taking pm, not just at his rivals, but at a aormer pridential candidat mitititromney,fter romney predicted a bombshell involving donald trump's taxes. mnmn, of c crse,e,aced his own questitns ababtatas during his n.n. and tonight,t,he former present of mexico, unloading on, and d ums insisience thatatexico would papafor that wall on the border. and tellllg new poll thi eninenfrom m mcocoubio h he state of florida. ump with a crushing lead, 44% toubio's 2 2. abc's jona karl in h hston at the debate tonit. >> reporter: for his rivivs, tonight jujt might be e e st big chchce to st donald trump.p. >> we weret exexctct to win tomuch and nowe're wning, winning, winning the country.
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rder. former mexicansident vicentetetete fox slammi trump as crazy guy, and a false prophet. as for that wall? >> i'm not going to pay for that [ bleep ] wawa hehoululpay for it. hehe got the money. >> repepter: trump, who's been dingng for hiswn n nl l language -- >> i would bomthbleep ] t of them. i was going totoay they're full of [ bleep ] but i won't say thatat and you can tell them to go -- themselves. >eporr: ---s now twting, "fmemepresident t m mico rribib used the f-wo w w discussing theall.l. trump could d d dingng o o somemeing g g , tototo his tax returns. he wowoworereese release them before super tuesday. pridential noninee suggege hehe hiding someththg. >> ihihi we have gd reason shl ininaldltrtrs s.
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pay. >> repte in sponsep unleashed a barrage of insults onwitter. caing ro awkwardgoofy,p, doped one he dumst a worsrsndides in histy. trtrp p so p pted thisishotototo himsmsf nextxto o tor of paperwrwk, w wh the cacaion,n, "signg a rect tatare. n'n'this ridulous? ing to take e truru tonight, ted cruz and marco rubio. th're increasingng desperara to kilil each o other off, but bot ararin dangnr of getting annihilateteby t t bililonaire. i'll admit, he's thth front-runner, i'm m rtainly anannderdog.g. but i've bn anannderdog my enenre life. >> we cacat be f fled by pt barnum. thtime for t clowos and the robats a a the dancing b brsrs has pa. >> and jon karl with us live tonigit ininde t t debate ll in houston. and jon, we saw thah poll in flolida. donald trumpmpith a keead over marco rubio, in rubio's home state.
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>> reporter: o / it t re is, vid. if marco rubio wererto lose flflfla, his campaign woululbe over. now,w,eam ruo is saying that dongteliehat poll i i i correct. i.ifac topubio adv todd d harris tweeted thatt"we are going to w w orida, pepeod,, taket to theank." but dadad, they are also preparing take the fight for ththnomionll the way to the republican convention this summerbecathey belvepe ere's a real psibility that nobobo, nomarco rubio, n n donana trump, would get a a majority of the e legates before en.. all right, jon karl, we'll be watcng right along with us tonighgh jon,hana youn > w, to the e mocrs, a a juststive ebys u uil ser esday, as i pointed out earlier, and southgrina, cocose, , ght befofo it.t. the weststollili showing llary clcnn n n d of bernie sanders by nearly 30 points inin south carolinana sanderp not even campaigningngn south carolina tod, , t drdring g ge crowds s across several states, voting osuper tuesday. abc's cecilia veve askskg sanders, do o u still have a pa agagasd hililry clinton? and you're abo to hear his swer.
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feeling e lolo in south carolina. >> we need you! >> welelfll be the for you. reporter: frfrfgymnasms -- >> thanknkou so much.. eporter: to churcheses - >> andill always rememb south h lina. >v>v>vorte the enthuhuasm here reflecting ju how strong cln's lead is in t t palmetto sta, especialal among african-n-erican v vers. >> we love some clinton. >v repepter: what do y know about bernie sanders? >> nothing. nothing. rorte clilionnd her husband bi crissossinghe entire state, making 13 sto inn south carolinanahis s ek. bernie nders? justtwo. bt he's drawing massive crowd ofs i super tuesdayayaytes and bend. 7,400 ininissoi, 8,00000n massachusett 9,000 in oklahoma. >> tether, we're g gng to trananororamica. thank you. >> repororr: sdersrsecently y tellg me, heheti has a path to the nominatn. there are a number of people right t w who say the th just
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how do youhink yoy can win this nomination?>> arereou ready f f this one? the aner i ibi getting more delegates th my opponene. >eporter: but h%(ll h hto get papa aouth carina firsrs >> m me degate his answewe cecilia gaive i chahaeston tonight. and cecicia, hillary clinton seems to be spenenng a lot of time there i south carona, en thougugh super t tsday looms large. this a calculatatatat t t t pard of f e campaign? eporter: it certainly is, ananshe has anototr evenenthat starts h he soon. she is hoping for a a ally big win on saturday, a with thqh,h the montum to prel her io next week.k. oking ahead to sup tuesday, david, she has vits to five fferent stes betwewe now and then. david? >> all rit, cecilia va,a, always g gat to ha you. weurn now toajor new $% dedelopment in the standoff between apple ananthe e i. late today, word a has now spd to j'sththt eak to that t teteorist's i honeft san bebeardinonono apple refusing. tonight, asking`the e dge to cate therd. apple's move comes just 24 hours afafr r r c usive with apple ceo tim cook... sked him, ,@es hworry
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lives? hianswer here in a moment. and fiery moments on capitol hill today. the fbi dire with his own rds forlape. nininiusticece$coroeoeoenerre thomas the ated d%bate. should bpple break io ththth phone? >eporter: tonight, apple defiant, arguing a judge's order at apple help the fbbreak to the san bernadino rrorist's ione violates e constitutionon sang the fbi is seeking a, quote,angegeus power.. thmove comes less thana 24 hou after apple ceo tim cook sown foanlulu tervw wiwiavav muiuiui alwhy y won'to itit >> this case is noabouone phphe. this casisboututhe futur whats at stake here is, can the governmentoml apple to wrwre softftre thawe bflieve would ma hundreds of mlions of customers vulnerable around
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system in order to unlock th onon this i i -- weavee no momo information about thth phonene ththonly way to get information,n,t least currtly, the o o #w#w we know, ,oul` to wri a piece of software that we view as sort of the softwawa eququent of cancer. we think it's bad nene twrite. we would never w w w it. we he nener wrwrteteit. and that is s at is at s ske here. >> but i iyour quiet moments, do u have a a concernrnhat t u mimit be ae to prevent a teteorisattackcky brng into that phone? >> dididsome thihis are hard, some things are ririri and some thihis arboth.thisisone ofofhose things. reporter: butoday on capitol hill, crctcts taki aim atatpple. fbi direreor jamam comey, just hours after tim cook argument, testifying this is onlabout one phone. >> this s aingle phonin a a very important investigation, whhere e e ask is, to write a piece of software that will work
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not in anybody else's phone. and you, applelecan hold the phone. >> i think apple leadership risks having blood on their hands a d d think k k cook is goinin to hav very hard timim explaining why he stood in thehe way o ojuste on thisiissusu >> reporter: a questionne asked coco >v t people home, stening to ts argument, who understand whehe you're coming from, who might say th was a terrorist attack on u.s. soil, ananthat if ever there w w a casehat t plwoulmake some e sort of exption, that this mit be that mome. do you really wanto ant the ag on privacy and safety on syedarook's iphone? i think safety of tububc is incy y portant. safety of our kids, safety of our families, is vy rtant. the otection of people'sata incrediy important.t( and, so, the tdehereres, we k kw that doing t ts could pexposeeople to incncdidie
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would create. thisisould be bad for america. repororor the jususce departmentas j j jreleaseded statement,ejecngngpple's argument, and vowiwi to fight in court. d just spokokto aegal schohowho belilues thihica ( is desned fothe e preme e court. >> perhaps all the way to the supreme urt. pierer thomas on case again. pier, thank you. now, to an alarming case in pennsylvanan. ththe high school honor student makingngeadlin tonight. camamtotomerica on n visa, overstayed that t sa, d authors say he chahaed his identity, even going to the local high school. parents now outraged, and, of courur, the questiononow, why d heheo it? abc's david wright on how they dioverer himnm >> reporter: ash potot wasas l l en souch s that en this@high scscol senior, active in rotc, posesewith a state r%r, , e tweeted a picture, #goingplaces. going to jail, itutus out. popoce s s a aer potts is actually a 23-year-o u unian nad artur samarin, who
5:44 pm
ma up phony identity, complete with a soci security cardnd a pnsylvania drer's cens he enrolled at j@hn harr h hh school aa freshmanour yearar ago. and was just a few m mths shy of graduatiti. >> i was surprised, i ought was like 17 or 18. >> reporr: classmates descscbe the student t ey knew as a straight arrow. >> i knew him sincnclast year when hwas in rotc. was n ne. >> reporter: parents are horrified. >> you have autiful girls in this school that are minors, that are underage. and d u have, basically, grown main h he, you know, misrepresenting himself. >>epepter: policicsay a tip finay led them to discovororhe hoax. the question now is why? david d d ht, abc newswsnew york. >> davad, thank you. now, to a new medicaca headli tonight, ananan breaeaough women struggling to have a baby. the fpfpt uter transplanbnin americaerformed at the cleveland clinic. a 26-y-yr-d woman undedeoingng e nine-hour predure. the ororn frfr dececsed donor. e operation r so women ableo rrprncto
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abc'sssef mededal editor dr.& richchd bebeerlrwro i wititus here t tight.a&d ririthiss the first titi here ithe u.s., and succccsful, could eaea a lot@ of hope here. reporter: that's t. -you knkn, it's hope f women who c't h hee b bies bececse of a particulalaproblewithheir uterus. the first american recipient is years old, pa of a clinical ial to see, is it safafand d fffefeive? and eveland clinic is gog to do ten of these. >> a lot of hohohoigere in the u.s. in sweden, whehe they tried thth, in limited number of cases, some sus? >> reporter: that's righgh they'veried it nine times and have had four successful deliliries andealthy babies. the e erustemporary, thoh. sosoafter one or two pregnancieieiehehereve i the womacan stoping transplalu drugs. fasnating. and new h he for womenen night ststggling to have a bababab rich, thyou. >ereris)sllh more eaon " "rld news tonight" this thursday. nenedevelopments. thair scare on theheunway. you've seen the pictures. the passenger jet aborting takeoff, b rncinon t t runwawa ththemergency evacuaon. ananwhat we are now learning tonight ababt the e lot.
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nighghabt sea world. the embattamusemenrk now mimiing g spypyg.g. ats s l about? >v> ananthejunn to t oscars tonight sylvester stalloback in e spt, a a getti another shot at the holllllld title.will it be a knockout thth time? sits down with ouououn robert just ahead. robob roborts, jt ahead. witit chantix. i cided toe antix to shut everybody el u u about me qtting g oking.g. i was going to give it tryry but i didn't really think it was going to really happen. afterfone week o&#chantix, i ew i could quiui along with s sport, chantix (varicicne) isroven to help peopleuit smoking. chantix definitely helpedd reduce my urge to smoke. some people had changes in havior, thinking or mood, hostitity,yt agitatatn, depressesemood anduicidal thoughtstsr actiononon w.ile taking or afafr` stopping chahaix.. some had seizures while taking chantix. if youave y ofse, cntix and cl ur doct right a a a our orboul anyny story of mental althroblems, ich could get worsrsor of seizureses don't take chahaix i iyou've hahaa serious alleic skin retion to it. ou have these, op chantix and c cl your doctor r rht a ay as some can be life-threateni. tell your doctor if youu have heart or blood vesesl problems,
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and d at unlimim% cacacaac from spark means thousands dollarsrsrsh year gngacintotoy buness....that's huge e r bottom line.what's i iyoyo wallele ne tonight, new velopments in the case of a us airwrws jet amming onto the runway in n adelphia as it was about toake eff. two years s o, t t airline suggesteititas a blownwnire. tonit, i iestititors suggesting sometetngnglse. here's abc's did kerery. >> oh, my y d, my y ane. my pla just crashed. >> reporter: it was a scramble. >> the plane is on fir >> reporter: for the 15454eople toet off the jet. ) s s ske down ere. wewee going to dispatctcthee ergency vehicles. >eporter: this aftft the fofo-sececd flit ended by slammingngnto the pavement in march of 201 first reports of a blown tire or ndingear trouble w we wrwrg. it was pilot error.
5:49 pm
the pilots didn't input piece of informationonnto the flight comput. so, the j j stataed to ke off, warning the captain n tststs nose down and the jet slams onto that runw andndndnces 15 feet tack intotoxo a)s before iding to rere the ntsb says, not folwing procedures and the "captain's decision to reject the takeoff" are the probable causes. the rlinsays i imade "seval chango o r ocedures, manus an training." nono oneas injured. pilots hav not f f for tpe airle since thaincident and neither has that damaged aircraft. david? >> david kerley,ho covers aviation f us.(( ththk yoyo when w%w come bk toninit,t,t, the mor dpartmentt store clososg locations the a aouncement. > > d major news cominn abououelelhapo. u.s.? and the amican amument park, adtting topying. but on who? janunua (sitagliptininis a onon-dailylylyl that,
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5:53 pm eliqiqs isight forou. > to the indnd of fxfxr news toninit, and el chapo. his lawyer telling radio station n w thth if el cpo is eptraditit to e u.s., , w l l plead guilty in change for a reasonable sentence.% part of that sentence, allegedly includes being hd in a medium secuty priso we turn totoeaeaorld tonight, andndor the first time,admitting it asked empyees to s ananal rights activists to getetnformation on oups suchchs ta, to learn about their r coming tticscs kohl's announcncg tonighghit will,be clososg g stores, llowing g other quarter of pping earnings. les down0%0% theretail giant will a a aounc a li o o tse stores set to close e@xt mon. and,etti readydyo make his first oscar appeararce, vice prpridt jojobiden toninit, s intntce lady gaga's performance o "til it happens to you" togeth. ey're expectedo highght thissue of sexual abus against t t n. whenene come back here tonight, will l lvlvter stallone
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loss of f deputy....kied while serving an how the mountain town bailey is ping with a neneloss... 10 yeyes after a a shooting. . outbreakn denver. ow how to stay healthy... tot ay 6. 2finally tonight here, our countdown to oscar sundada r sylvester stalloneneetng another shott anabdemymymy award. on agaga plala rocky, thihi ti in the movov "creed." revealininto robin rober thaha created r/rky w wn n n coul even get a job an ex i neranted d do is vie. thought, sk rockckis s unter intuitivto what rocky real is s signed.%
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that's the commitment of the artist. totoursue the e knowowow yoyore going to see an openg, puit right ohih)chin. thatill drop him. >> what doou remember from the osca 40 years ago? >> i h a represented tuxu and the t was a a littl loose, and i was adjusting it, and it went sprung anit b bke. so i take it, ani put collar out, which at the time was disco fever, and i go in. didi't think we were2goingo t t win. they brbught me e e tage, and i went, oh, no. no tie. heree go. ll t rockys in the world i love y y. >hen you id, this is for r all the rockys.>> we're all rococs, in a sense. we allllave struggle to4try to realize our d dam. which is sry be apprpriated inur o o l letime, say, you knowt? i'm not the e stes i'm not the prettiest, i not the tallestst but i just l ne totoake a shot at it. one me. >> we shall seseon sunday.
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the oscars," tomorrow cadets i i aiai... . tutu ficers learnrn ant lesssss thth cococohelp them wh their livesare on the line. new informatatn tonight... f fm a small townwn cing another bibitragedy. and i will ha you latest weather foreca good eveng and thanks f r joining us f f krdo newschannel 13 at 6. i'james jarman. and i'm heheher skold. wee following brbrng ns ponly andheren lololo... . we startrt nighd@at s s with bre ws.. tween 4 and 7 people are dead... and up t t 20 others are injujud in ashooting in hesston, kansas......hat's( southwest of kansas city... the acve shooter, opening fire at an mxcelel es plan.. where lawn nowererer parts are madede there are reports ... the shooter -- -ho i i now dead`d- was
6:00 pm
track this developipi y.... roroclosed in n n ose d fighte atrng tge cocoro a f thththrorout night. e frfron ty sriffff ofce s fire bning i a cen e e e block vallllllrive... right now.w.vava drive and oln roro are clos. & and no reports of any injuries. 're followininthe situatioioand we'll bring you more information when we get it confirmed. keept set to krdo....n t-v.. on are putting out hot spotand monitoriri a fire toninigheaststn el po co. righw .. calh. the e`aso county wdland fight the firi. what staed the fire .. or the act size. . forcement t academy pueblo is getting cadets ready case scenarios. a reality... law enforcement is facing - in jususthe last ree montnt... officers have been shot in rado.


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