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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  ABC  February 25, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm MST

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. tonigh oscsc securi fears, snipers, hutdidden cameras, bom sniffing dogs, h h hollllood braces for itt biggest nigig. he sge is set, but why is ttthe s secret ser coming? i'm ve f you here at a adonene bea eater. >>ouresjoe zee gets secrets frr stylists. >> aa then adele tes.`.
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biggest ars partying all night after the grammys of enengland. andnd keley claon i j jt weeks awaway fr babyboy,y, w we have exclcleptos. > and is there blake and gwen a is there gng to be a wedding? hatllen nows. >> new w york's bigge tkshow ho asking ra qstions and gettiiiracy answers, but gpesttid he that far with? oh,h,my g ihink i jttt ru er. feeua 25 2016,,his is "entertanment tonight."." s reay unprececeed. 's the firstsacademyawards since the shooting i isa
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sniffing dogs annd s cretet security been arriving inin l. >> hereuototood t. >>that' nominee mama damon dressed down talking oscar odds just moonts after landiding at 0 l.a.x. om lond what was onhe same flight, that's actress front-runnmr brie arse anwnwlelehe in the httten a priv dier sam smitwnono for his spter the song h hays & hugeepot lhthh fan. tpe li showowust threedays away a a m mich turnen onn car's red carpet. >> today thehehedemy releaseses vidd andsta gram sketches of whatthe theatat ll look like on sundayay yes iisisretty spsptacular.
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eces comomprised ofoscar cr there i isome seririus sececurity hpere. >> "e.t's" seniorditor was todayy wth w wppie ldbdbg whoho has won an oscscnd has psented. >> i don't know that th is -- anybodydyas theheht expect anything butut go show >> "e.t" has learne thee academy is definitely sepping upup security t tis yyear. it w w just annnced that vice prident j joe bidede wi be introducin laddy gaga's rformance, so you knnnh at means. the seeet #rviceeiiill be also o ombsnifi dogs and ro@ much snipers,herere wilil be meras everywher na of them hidden,monitoringevevery move. >>odeeecurityamer can b betve verysmall, they could bn tipe and
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>> eln johnhn's aidesoundndion papay. >> we haveell the n structu@re i i plce, we ww with all the cal police. >> and a eyes today on oscar host cis rock at the essenn lack women in holwoodod lunche. rock made a a notso sure facece whoopie ld u u i's ki off a in-win situation. >> it doesn'tter, how good ysu arar half the ppulation is not happy. >> a wemeioned, lady gaga will be p pormingnger nominateded ng athe oscars and posted tse pictures of kekea and her sexual mssssss lasuitit >> adele was a g winner at ththe awardrd w wch is englananan versrsn of the aays, list hahaeurin r accepesec>> i want to taasend to
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take thik opportuniviy to support kesha. last wek kesha broke dodown i in new york civiv urtrt the cot saidkha mustt stay with the belitee her claims that dr. lukend drgged her. sony dr. luke both can deny ese allegations. >> and the winner isiseeis --adele. >> lt t ade got otiol in this dreseses winnng four awards. this is surprise to me. >> later e p pulled it t vethehe in valenti d hit an aftererpartyith h man s)son.
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adelemooched jujujucen bber, he leftlassy e e aer the -- >> she and laterdrake slipped out a5:a.m. e their onsntssaveve fla bac >> on toome tv invovoing"e vie ron n isis thismatssonon on thah s seveval tim. >hereing a gogo time. " view" nounced that after a rocky season,n,heyhavf pecked upfor anotr season. >>icked upp our 20th season sseason. >> the show's i creatorr barbara waers delilired the reewal news. >> when she came to tel
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lauau. > despittthe laugr, "the view" has fil over 4,000 episoanddcounting.. >> youou g gys. >> reaming g tarting tomorw on tflix thehe news caace cameronen fullhouse. >> you were on ch a long running show as a k, now @you'u'other long how, what's that le t have oing on in your life? >> it makes meme el cold. p>> you remember yoirst coveve >> i cacado. i had the mostt preposososous l early '80s haha >> i myir cover was marissssa tom. >how ma times were you married? >> i thi we werearried d
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i would sayayn ienent down in a fiery pla crashshanddam back@ acouple of y ler with aesi% i was t tththtltln in my garage. >>nd the soap stare, 's still gotoit. >> oh, my d, i i's so god. is just e, or my sp re ely my bluustelel >> whe are we going w? >> i'veot to wo on that, but i had a great guy. and i to ee systemoae o thosf guys again a the dytime awards. his big awwardsowowhis sunday, thtcars of course. so whwh wllest actress nominee brie larn be wring? >> thth was the first dress we tried on.
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very pregnant kelley arkson and why is she on a theme park ride? ut first, once againin wee - inside t e7thh oscars eswar ra arara s sster had, t we alwayswere, we didn't realize it.. is s we said, hmm,e should be sisterhood. >> t t party celrateses the progesswomnmn have made in film and television. >> i jeelelery torn,n becausus i'm a@ctuauayusies i ave e eer een and i'm ve ateful for it, i don't take it for granted. >> a aother working act,@s at the white house mon for a screening of her new sw "doound."."
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aen flashing back erwott0w!t! %4@-4=l tt0w!ti"hz! el@->:tt0w!ti"hz! ed@-88d tt0w!ti"hz% )8xfx&tt0w!thzhzkzh-e)e)tt0w!ti"hz% n-n-0@h tt0w!thz.'.'tttt!ti"hz% s"h->u0 tt0whz% ueh-=7@ tt!ti"hzhz7hh-!54 that is p gnant kelley clarkson at disneyland,he and heraughter ababsolute adoble withcinderella. bb she was happyto geget here @feeeeon the "'s a small world" ride.. remem kelley actlly won the first snflt"american idol." oen@n steteni isis g gng to be a judg on tice. >> t'talkbobo bla >> let in the ta about bleak. >>ustlo a piur aga bthe wayn gglglen s talkssou bla is just dodo rit sweet. >> they didn't haha enough
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>> i love you. >> tseoo were hanging out together at a wedding the night bboregw live video shoot. so we'e'e'otott surpprised that 0 ellen got awaw with this. >> when heeponderance popoed the wequestion about you being his mentor, hat was his response? >> okay, so no o edding bells yet, but theole has been so open about the feelingsor ch other since ththey started datinga fall. gwe an shng her love for ble inin h video. >> he was pposos to be part o itit >> i was going to beeeee piano play. i should have done that. >> h would haave been there until likeke:00 in the mng and he w wld be s i h ha you gwenssfani.
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so our dayp wiptalk show hoho andy cohen, we get t@ a-lier totodmit to a almost anything. > en the maki of an oscaca gown, making people think we're winning gold @sunday.. ur joe zee is with brieie larsen'stylist breaking downwn
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that's next. w totoght t at 1 1o'clock. a a puty shot and killed ipark coty while seinan evivti tonit, we'finding out ho deputiesesere handle thehe potentially plus're days away from the colorado republican candidates meet highlights
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oscar's it has been a red caretstandout at every rere rpet t t tseason e zee got th secretndndtd straight in brie's s ylist. >> you know, keep the shoulders back, feel it, feel it, love it. >> yiterally tried on fiveve dresses, this is thehefirst dress i triei on. iilerally s sn inisisis& st theheeekbefore. >> idn't have a dress uuuntil i got in at:00 a.m. this morning. >> did you have toet it altered? r did it fit you. >> i of wanand to close th boob a little bit. we're in the hotel u right xt to the elevator, we
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>> you guys are zro s ares are sewinn hotel hallway. >> we literaly had reeeople eroioioithe dls. >> and finding t t unto stry bhi e ech dres stylist christina ehrlich hadd this move to com up with thgown. >> c clvin kline tuly designed this dress, and they isn't sketcs. >> wn i was the mostx b bwn away is when i saw the beautifuful go thihis theyeyad a a a t t weaea that's bebeng supported b,like a haler neck, it's a commitnt.t. >> i love the eyeyeyas i tnk peoplpl were comomnting saying, it's soeird, it's so stnge. brieie that's where that came from. >>t about accessories? wrere sittinghere with ram with aloor fullf shoes. >> that's nothing. >> i know at's nothing.
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yoy couldn't even walklkn here. >> it's'sare for joe to come and seee b be is the riri apwards show sean. >>'m spending ds runngg around in thejule, sh comeme in, she knos my b dy, knows whai like. >> w do u guys eveveststt commnica to gege goig. ou get on a plane and d u fly tatria. - hahasome kype fifings, we ju had to each the party moving. rbie a fashion risk taker. 1414& 14-yeaead brie he@self. pp designgns are giving you clotofs and ery wants you to war eiclothes,, i think it woululbe coolto be princess.
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of hint off whatt we wee brieie wearing to oscars. >> maybe not to the oscars, but o theffr parties? thhe is some blblbl in her future, put it that >> let's do se oscar fashion mms, noticecehatrie l lrsenen as st arrifrfrfrlondon, even though shhwasas atuly shooting in stralia. so i i islondon alexander mqueen,ah rto mqueen's designer showed her fall line with one oscar dress after at. joe zee is going t joining metomoow withis ultimate to ask focastnd he's gog to be tling usyste secrs. if you are f -- and coh is a new york be selling auth. but his rea baby i i "watch what happens liv
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>> wre oohey owach "watch at happens lives?" >> theravo ex@xecutive hostttt only live show in late ght. >his s s realool, t tis likeener sgtx tum house inside alubhous didou take a little hlt? > yeah. >> ifif i you overr t my ususatatat hehest thingng would d w w w be toto you rinknk t t t harding theres not a [ blelele thatat th mananwould d excxcxcededrom. > haha you er had moment where you feel like,e gone a little bit far? >> yes. la? >> n have not.
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thin i ju rned erythig. >> have ever been wi a ly? >> yes, i have been with a d dy.. >> more thana ce? >> i aked lady gaga if she h h ev dne moy. >> i see selfies with both kim kardadaian and koe kardashia which is a bu selfie. >> oh, my god, thihiis amama "waahhhhhs liveve 100th sw next week andhehis ciciu a. >>this s srial hisiririririruest was susan lucci. >> out shecomes, full length
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@ >> when i was doing all my children, somethingabout him, i told him this, mething just jumped off the page. >> andy is anst ball of energy eery minute the day. >> you know what? it's a a fun for me, i'm passionate abouterything i'm doinin i a a vivihhhlili i i i i i i i i iwaysysdrea i i woulul m cissieean w wll tll nything.
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tonighgh bbthys, w wch actor stududd anthrolo nlllgeg the answer is coming up next. at "e.t"onadonna ma a -- plus isaleiley jeerki contrinoo >> and 999 a thrill t when we s s dwn wi the t thadorable pvppies?
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i'sn ine.m. wcomeactow, verydy. which m mdam seseetary star studied anthropology? college? >> happy birthday. >> wha l ltlee bir party. >> by theheway, it's going on th an exciting weekend, nan annii are hog a ape o sunday, it's "e.t"t"ivet the oscars. monony "t" oscars asasthe dream of gold. >> everybody says it's your year. >> we're going to have a gat me. >> leo, gagag lolo > z thehe recarp breakin the best d wor dressed of t night.
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>>mondayy y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y [ churchell tollin yore late. i know. she's worried. well, , m here now april: in trauma, we're concernedwith one oveiding question... ..owowid this happen? i didndn wt t u to see myet. i know. tatitoa, you l lk... ul what was e mechanism of inj how w we see st the mess and confusn of t traumum to figure out wh the damage actuallylys? ininte psibilities


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