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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  February 26, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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vote tonight,ighthterer the bombmbell endorsent.t. the esididtial race turning g personon. the new attacks leveletonight. rubio going afdfr trump. out rubio backckage at the dedete.. and chris stie tonig, now sang it's time for president p. breaking news, the motive in the e adad workplace rampage. the gunman's twstops before opening firet t rknkhvideo now visceved, and d the no the gunmat 90 44 nutebafofohootinin. >the new hene abobohe zika outbreak,ndregnant women in u.s. onon givin birirth to a a baby w wh deformed bin.. the miscarriag as s ll. and the sudden explosion.
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when a hovererard ig in the famkitchen. thehhome catching fire. . ananthe counn n on. thcars. is this matt damon's yeaeaforo bfst ctor? matt damon, rit here tonight. good eveni it'sreat to have you with us a fridadanight. we have breaking devejopmes in thworkple rampag a possib motote. and a jor in the race for present tonit. st hrs aerrt k-wn d doudede.marco rururuand dona t unhingliinw ta woe an l tt nighghghthat ibib to imimine. and ldrueilililili neweeapon, chrtie, and e e rprindment.. sayiyi h hnonobendrumpor esiden e debabate last night.t. trump taking incoming fire from both sides. but with trump ahead in nearly every state on super tuesdad. where were the attac f fm the opponentmohs ago?
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new fight playing tonight. >> reporter: donald trumpolled t his biggest endodsementntyet. wo aot o o press. >>&reporr: n n jersey vernor, chrichri. >> i can guarantee you t t onenenene personhilly and billlllion do not nt to see on t t sgegeome e s stember isisonald trump. know how t run the standard p pitical playbook agt ninienors run em aunthoc do t t ow t playbook with dontrbeus is writitplboter:r:hrtii alsos guo eled m rio the abcews neneshba and tay hcaed ruo's w tough tone despupat >> desperate people in campaigns do desperate thi f filing puncncs t last ys of a losingpaign. there is nc beur fighter than n donald trump >> reporter: but it susu looked like rubio hrump on the ropes la night, mocking himj for repeating simp talking points ohealthare. wetshouou have gotten rit of the linese we should have gotten rid the lines around ts. wp h get rid othe nes
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>> he's repeating himsmsf. >> no,o,o, no. i wadhim m peat himself five timesour weeks ago -- >> iaw you repeat yourself fiveimes four seconds ago. >> reporter:r:ndoday rubub sounded like an entitily new ndidide, l lnchihi trumplili ptacks against trump.p& >> lasghin t t debate during o o of ththbreaks, two o e breaks, he went backstage, he was having a melt first, he had d is little makeup thininapplying, kekmakeup had on those sweat stacae then, then he asked for ll-length mirror. podium goes upupo here, , t he wanted aull-length mirror. ybto make e re his pants ren't wet. i dodot kn. >> reporte we asked trump apout thatat he actlly suggested d u werere sweatingngngkstagethat you seed -- 'll tell you about b bkstage if you would like. i lked back there. hehes with a pe of makeup, putting it on his face. i id, marco, easwith the makeup. u don't need that mumu. but, no, i hrd he`had some
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but i sasahim backckage. waw p ptivg it on with a trowel. >> reporter: later, trump performed an oddmpssion of that infamous moment wherubio reached for his water bottle on nationalalelevision. >> it's rubio!@! >> r rorte rubioiolearly incurred theherathf trump afterippppg in him on at dete stage. >> ye ly person on thihi age that's eveveen finededor hiring pple e work on y yr prprects illegally. u hired@so worrs from pond. >> no, i'm the onlone at this ste that'sired people. you haven't hired anybody. in fa, me of the people -- >> and by the wa-- i've hired -- anby the way -- i'i' hired ts of thousands of people o or my job. you'v' hired nobyou'veveve nothing b b p pblems with hououcred cards, , , , cetera reporter: ted cz z imededn o. when i waleading the fight against t e ga of eit@ nesty bill, where s do? he was firg dennis rodman on elebriri apprentice.e. >epter:r:romp dnis roan to tweet,t,t, tedruz. dodold t tmp didire me on 'c'c'c appree.'
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crcr g g gnder trump's sn. relel relaxed. yoyore the basse.. ahead. n't get neous. >> donald, there nothing about you that makes anyone nervous. >> reporter: but tonht it's clear. thraces now a ttle between naldldrump and a newly aggressivevearcoubio. >> it's s me to pull his mask f so that pele cananee what we're e aling with here. whwh we' d%dlili with here, my friends, is a con artist. the whiplash h day, wh us live fr texas. you hehrd whe idididth people e e e whe were e attacks hs ago?? is 1 q qur, ght fore sututsy,ooooate? >> reporter: t tt's one e the est questions for the enti campai. for r nths, rubio dn't l a gle on trump. while h huilt up a strong core of support.&
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awaw, it mayaye totolate. n,hanknk > d now to the democrara de, four days until per tuesday. and soh carona t torrow. hihiary clilton in t t state again this ening. bernrf sders returning toda a going to ththsupe tuesday states.. sanders s team aware, owin inton wi a near-30-point gaga. cecicia vegagaas tre, and here's what ey said. >> orter: in n r final push in south colina -- tonightht bernie sanders a a hibib clinton ar coming face-to-face. >> hello, south carolina state! repter: botvisising orally black colgege right next dto each other. atatat same time.
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ititg see hilla clintonon she may have adouble-dit lead here, bubu on these mpes, ma young v vers a a a split. i in the midddd. >> rorter: you'rin t middle decided. ere'a big ne waiting here to see bere sanders, tow. what is about bernie sanderer >> he's consistent. >> reporte hillary is not? >> no. >>orter: con hopg momentum fa g win in s carolina will carry her to super tuesday. herstragy, coveringirtututu the entireretate... making 22 campaito here thiseek. while sands ooking ahead, , visititi eight oer s s sfrom supepetuesday and beyond. this mning i iminnota, sanders turninup the a aac. >> because maybe whahayou said bebend closed doororor a aittle bit differert thth what you're saying to the american people.( >> how are y >> rter: but clinton, pouring on the southern charm. unexpectedly crashing thih
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ring a stop a by. >> cececia vega th us. after that republicaawl lastst nighililry c cnton saying tonight, s thinks it's going to be trump? >> she sururdid,d,nd already raisingff of a ssible trp nominati. writitggg an eailo pporters i promisese youou i will fight to make sure he won't become president. she says he's s joke. >> thank you. anansuper tuesday, speci edionsnsamica.a. and orld n ns tonight." we'll be on n n n r bebenning 10:00 m. cacaern, s ser tuesd yoyothen. anto the o d dedoping story this friday night, the horrific worlace@ehootitg in kansas. the gunman's own video discoverd on h h hacebook page, showing an automatic weon the teteor at the ctory,y,hree killed, more than a dozehurtrt and that toll coeod haveeen mumu higher if not for aero police chief, the first on the
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here's clayton sandell. there tonight with the noticee the gunman r reived just befojoj the shtongng >> reporlfr: i ithis c cp p st to facebook last septemb, 38-year-old cedricord is firing an ak-style rifle. the same type sources say he used to gun down his co-wowoers te yesterday athananan wnmower factory. itegan at 4:57 p.m. policeceettitils about a nman ry shooting a drivern the shououer. not far awaw, shting anototo, ealili h car. by 5:04 p.m.ord ls pululul onto the excxc lot six milil awayaysyooting one person outsid inside14 more. people are gegeing pushed trampl. it was jt, everyone was trying get out of the shooting.. >> reporte three excel employees e killed. renee benjamin, brian sawsky and jojo higbee. at 5:06, the eirstp arris. it is ston's pe chief doug
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gun battle. by 5:2 the sotout i# over. ford is s ad. sergeant chris carter says what his boss did saved a lotf lives. if therers gunfnfe, w wgo to t t the e nfir we have totop it. if you're by yourself, you're by yourself. >> reporter: ihat a hardd instct to fight?t? most ofs run away from danger. >> absolutely not. we will run towardsdshe gunfire. >eporter:olicicsay just 90 minutebefore the rampage, ford was served at work with a a urt orde s saway from an e-girlfriend d o leges he was vitly abusive. shshwrote, "hes s esperate nene of dical l d ycyclogical h%lp."." today, the preside m me yet t ototr call to a mourni community. >> t realatragedy is the degree to whh this has become routine. reporter: david, rit noko the faory is still shut doun foe inveveigatat
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praising the police chief, saying he'@a hero. had he n n acted w wn he did,d, the dea tollll would have been so much worse. clayton, thank k&u. > now to baking develoloents ererer@ronight cease fire in syria,rorored by t t u.s.sand d ssia, ng effectctctcta t me. but fierce rnd of ai rikes in the hrsefe.ll ihold now? alex marquarar, from damascus. rter: bomomomouedel arars to just hobere the mpory ceasefagreemt ntefct. re i isysyhe ilitt pe it can ee are u opmiic >> not rllorte eryonagrere andndl qawilllltilllle e rgrgs r sis.bure's tro. e e e an r rime and d ei ruian backers e alalst a q q rebels arroris meing that only tiny p pkets of syriaiaill bebepad mobombing. caughte ddle, civilians.s.
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pepee will let them delilir much-needed relief to besieged areas. dadad, these fext feys are a crital test afafr five y yrs of warar this temraryryeasefire, it n mostly hold, could pavthe way fonenepeace tain the two weeks. vid? >> a ax, t you. >>xt, backe home, to the new headlilihis eveving on the ka vndndgnt eric. thcdc revealing what's haenedni wom ivfecd erseas it's sobering. here's the report night. th miscarriages, two chose ti oneneue to severe damamaman an ultra sound... one b born wi a aormalityssnormalatieand two veeen born healthy snsnsn. er with much more. iseport was s ncerning. .& >> it t . and morevidence that zikamay be caungheseseroblbls. these rell w womenho h
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it doe't tell us what part of prprnanculd d the most dangerous. >n t the antime#y were tellllg mememe a newewlert involving anynye hohong to go to the olympics. >> thehey're sayg preant women shouldn'n'go. poid mositooitesndnd t@ ddua t tformion for thtire p pancy. xt to the alarming adline from michigan, theh stununng a aegationsflflt. the water isishere. e-mailshowinlawyers ururd them tstop ung the wat ntnteforee contamination concerns s sface one of them callllg g g river doright scas not switchehefor anothehe ye aftft thearng.
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nextrs. tonight, a stunnnumber here. e vio heptook of her seen ne 17 llion tis. re's'sinsevivi >> reporter: a eyes will be on erin a arews mondad as sptscsstst and "dancing th the stars" co- is expected totoake the witness stand in her 5 mimiion vil triaagainstp a naville marrtt hotel heteststony comes after th videos at ceerf th case were playay fororhe j jy. videos tak by her stalker, michl david bat, who used hihicell phonnto record hein her@hoteteroom while s was changing throuou an altered pepehole. an emoonal andreweweeft the courtroom as jurors wahed the video, which is esmated to ve been viewed nearly 17 m mlion times. > kw of fo way get jt t ofof@ and doinincontinued resesechc puople are still pting the video online. >> reporter: andrere is now
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marrtt claininththhotel placed btt next door to the tv stataand failed to notice he med and altered the ephole on her door. the hotel claimsmsarreres a a criminal whohorickedhem m to gaining access. rors wl see barrt's depositionony viotape next week. david? >> t tnk you. d there'still muchore ahead ononworld newsonig" thisisriday.% the little rl that got out just in timeme what causethis hugexplosion inhe kiten of a fami home? e entire homomon fire, the moments s terf >>and the "reaeamoney" team ba. juju in ti leap p y. major savingng includingnghe department sts offerg one-cent deals. >nd youou mayayave seen him i ip"the mararan." the oscars this weekend. the big question, , thihithe yearoratt damon and be actor? t here w wh h bin roberts, as we continuepeonight.from diabetes? what if one sit-up could prevent heart disesee? one.e.
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four yea. leap d d bargains, with februaryry 29th c cing. rebecca jaish whe to nd themf preredents' daywout sale. >> reporter: presidents' day. valentine's day. >>&we want valentine's day to be every bit t perfe... >> repororr: eat your hearts out. leap day i i iming.. a holiday sopecial it arrives just once every foureqrs. e new american tradidion? bonus didiountthisisisy honor of our bonon day. 29% % f lect hels on the exexdia mobilepp. atatirgigiamerica, a s se. and free tickets f the 29th person to retweeteone e thehe y'y'y'r posts.. and at j j j j jalalnext wee bue itit from ththr r r e lal l llection, get@anotothe fofojust one cent. >hat's tting your penny's worth.h. >> reporter: plus,s,omethi specifally for theeaplings only. people like cam on "modern family." i w w born on fruy 29th and thererhave been n n of thoho in my lifetime.
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xt, a follow-vp on a sto weold you about last night. take-off in philadelphia. it happened two years loerror, not a blown tire. the plplslmed intotohe runway. engers qly eatetet and tototot, new video r rease of theomenthe plple toucucd down, collllsi the landing gear, , idding o the runy. twtwpe were@injured. > d a passing to note tonight. hollywood rembering "rocky star ty buon. the e@tor and boxer who appeared alongside e allone i ithe "roc" fifis has died. stlone posting tonyrton, reststn peace. ny bururwas 78. when we come back, matt damon is h h h ll this be his year r w)g best a aor?e to s s. r countdtdtdto the o oars, when we e me back. heaeaines about buness being hackek andndntellectuallrproperty bei stoton.
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suffers a w t injujuice e of his son's s murder. fifilly tonot, o o counown to the oscscs/ mattam up for best actor.. stranded on mama, he reveals wherthe tears me from. here's robin roberts >> reporter: a $600 million grossing blolobuststhat stck an emomoonal cho around the wod. >> i got it. >> reportete the story of " he martian" is rprisingly an tensely personal story. >> i saiaiaihis was gogog to b ba challengng had it not been for ridley, i wouldn't have done id. >epepter: and f/f matt damon, ridley was witithim every step o6 the way. >> we knew we e eded a moment where his armocracac. >> abobt two minutes left. how you doing?
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>> the other actors hadeady apped. they'd gone home.. ase started to dthe scen ridley did something tricky. he putheheound o othe otr acrs inside m! helmet.ittruck m%, ititasheheirst me i h@d anyksce in almost two years. >> go. command.d. >> go. >> pilot. >> go.( >> he saididi lost it. was that too much? i said, no, th was perfect. >> i just went, it surprised me. i don't think sprised dley. >> andobin's jououey to the ososrs tonight at :00 0 m. eastern.and theeosososrs, sunday night, abc cerageins at 70 p.m.
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good nht. other day -- ananhmr firen ououregi. we're tracking a red flagag rning for you.. . fifightersonce egain a put test. apd a new developmenenin the kelsie heg case ... a lawsuit that accused w fifirs o o mishandling the caca... thrown out of couou.. wewee tracking late breaking developments... good evening and than foror joing g fororor krdo newswsannel 13. i'm heather skskd .. and i'm m mes jarmanan first toninit.. new developments about that huge marijujua tradad showve been telling you about. thererare still some descrepencies in the permit, but organizers are confident this year's 4-20 event wiwi be in puebeo county. but marijuan spensary owrs are concerned.. and it's aut supply. krdol newschannel 13's katie spencer is liven pueblo t#t
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katiti ithis ppens, it t ulul bring thounds of peoplulto pueblo. imagine 35-thoand pepele ing thth space. now,tthinknk about wher eyl go to get their pot. the e ssibiby of thsands of peopleleoming to eblo for t t caabis cup... is citing for dispensa nersrs :07 "it would probably one or biggggt months that we'vhad wiin the year we'v'v openf" but ieshia jiron at leaf on t mesathe essure is on to fill the elves. "ave an influx of growers around us who are willing and able to supply us s`th what we's a key reason why organizersryave their sights set on pueblo county. this space is another. "this enables our event toave a nearby, fully legal, fulllltaxable, fully monitored source of cannabis" but can countyty dididisaries susuly the de of an event this size? "leaf ta a juju blocks away fm the e e iavenunuof thcaabisisup and fyay t treot worried about supply." "need jisot here" marisol l therapapapcs in n pueblo wesesisn't aring fo anhihi out of@the orornana. 1:04 "ju likihih corado s fair, peop/gininhe and geeducated about e craftsmanship and d uff like this.s.his is the same thing about our r dustry. but t e prep by spenenries for is event may be in vain ... since ththpermit prpress isn't compmpte. stl, ners are hopefu "my hope is that the ty and the county wilsee the amazing benefits and the quality the eve that we brininto the pepelef pueblo" "


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