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tv   NEWSCHANNEL 13 5  ABC  February 27, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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republicics - - w decrats heado the polls. they stpposedn sosoh li 're iting for thsusu& in the nt ceor the ite house. reflagag warnings in effect tonight, , mike itracking the fire dger, coming u they've proven their vavae inin hern colorado a aer two mass shootingn' t, emergenc respspspdede are training for new thatthey hope t ty nene facet again. good eveng, thanks f joining us for krdo newsckannel 13 at f)fe. i'm greg miller. rst t tonight, decisi016 - polls ararnow cl isout linana hiinto cruisingngo an easy y i day's south cacalina presidential
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after an up- and-down start totohe 2016 presididtial cocoest... her sizablblvictory ovov b be sasaers proves an emional bobot for both hillary and her her campaign staffers. it's also a chanceceo wipe away thehead taste e her 2008 loss isouth caro. he'sin t ll scllina - - ie s beencusi his attentn on states tt will vo in mamah. pulo s onacac e pprs we f flingng bern llow thnder aignere t i-b-e-wbung today t erupportrt e e pndate. ey couragag people t t tock on doors a a hand out papeork for sasaersuoror bernieecause s ppti theoplehaha outher ine stdswith using at has go doioi what an t tsuort the wos rothe
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person - they'get a chchch tomorrow aa campmpgn stop in - fort collins. tax issues and univerl healalcare will be amang the topics discuss. bernieieanders i scheduled speak about sevenethrally will beeld d c c c na, frerereen tohec.e e ocoururvevful ra oe evyo toow night, duringng s scialal postscar edidion wswsannlel 13 at t t. . so republicans ar starngfigh agagast their frtrunner - - donanamp. after anototr ory this week, it's's loloing morere and more like trump wi be pths presidential nominee. this weeeend, south carolina sen. l lds graham called trump a "nut job"... he even sasa all the divisive politics may hand the whe house to hla n.nd blames h hwnwn party.y. -3 sonana most dishones ononn amerera is a woman
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president. han that be? my party has gone bats- crazy." it's b rted som reblicanare ied trp p could iete span mpnonoties, independents and women, driving em to voteemocratic ininovembe warmnd winly weher ni - rereagwarn are in eec ss sououn ra stngwely windswere obvious th these fla whipping in pueblo c cntyt fire crews haven't ported y major grass fires yet - and they're hong it stays at way. ininint... this s s te mosterus fire wsaw today in colorara spriris. it happened about ananour ago. the propane tanknka barbecue grill briefly ugug on firir... evuati "cire s"el
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springs fire-ews d d pdownwnuickly. fionsouth nevava was brieiey held bay aa prection storrackererer 13's mike everett is tracking our fire danger tonight. ke, hohomuch longnb does this warning last?
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wawaingsn effe through 7p-- thihi incates that fire danger will be very high so please be cautioususutdoors. becaususthe wind is eoming out of the e&e& mountains, we wi stay warand as thclouds fill in and the skbecomeme overcast. tonit: it will not be as cold as last night - in fact it will be mild for the season. lows are expected to dropopnto e 20s anan30s. it ll s sy dry y th mostly clear ses. winds s ll be breezy, but t t as gusty as thisftereron generaray ranging from 10 to 15 mph. exexnded: sunday will be cooler behehd a weak front - the same one that will give us somemelouds isafternrn nt storst is pectarriveate ndgi u ce rn ananan owweit is monday's system that bringe srs,p with t penti f f in/sw w ast to y. tstm wi bhe quick-moxinge state by wednesday and like nonopooducinch in the way of accemulatingngnow. ter it's ge, highshsgain rnt the 50an erncy sprs are in puebl t for a osontrtrmaar..ananter r o ma sinlaealolodo spspngs trning a ^ segey.krdo anne13 katie spencer is at st marar cent ton, lengore t t ai gr..mof the trtrmatic injuries that come to st mary corwin are for falls ... but with the changing
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epg fodifferent ndtr... inat cos ms oongs. nats when accidedes happen medil profesons need to work like a lliled machine. "when we thi about trauma, we think about people who fal from grere heights or gunshot wounds peaps." 300 & doctors.. nurses . . and paramedicscs gather at e wi traumama symposium in pupulo turd t ma sur ose e reonsese arecise aneffifient he f fter wegetora enane abfigure o alale ju at are iolne in tra enthat occurr, the e be tir tcome " "the majority of the trauma calls s!inmary corwin receives is foralls" but dr. ededachtht says the rld of trauma is chging "us based auma has hiorically en motor hicle ash, and of course ththviolence associatat with it but organizeze lae scale violence is s reretively new" and events ke the planned parenthood shooting
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em to pand scope thr r trai "sowe lrnm do tingngwe&len fr n rno shooti, we learfromut miryry colleagues." turning events into a werful learning ol "th i w we cano o& ings better, it's a very very y portant part of medicine." because of the money raised from last year's's auma sympmpium. st ma cororn was abab to purchase a simulaonon dummy that medicaca professionals n practice with. reporting live in pupblo o tie spenr kr nc 13. state lalaakers were in colorado springs toy. and they gave us soso new insight into the sta buet. tor michae merrifield was in atendenc.. a a was reprentative pete lee. one g g"pic on the table... tar, a a the netive effect it's having on colorado's onomy.
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coloradans don't understaddow difficult its to rape state e fus under the testriionst pun ac thun states ny alininformation abt a fo surgy p technician sed d stealingng surgery medication fm swedish medil center. navy officials sa-year-old d cky allen was court rtialed fi y a r stli medine whipl an afisn. n was rgic technician at e ue... d s plpl with h armynit. e nver popoorts at allen's atat says the wa suffg fromom p-t-s-d... and began using the drugs s&terehis deployment. allen was fired ter r s s&enakg a sysynge fillel thnknmrsrsfr ererg ro mth concer ove hoovar ling... and ce agaihe danger has bn caught on pmera. wshoverboadhousefi reil loud pop that sound you just heardrdas a home security camera... capturing the e precise m/meme whwn a hooverbobod battery explodes in the e famimimiitchch.
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long for fireball to o spreadnd thns t fefe mmsi clslsls rbs unsa ananretas b pug themff e shsh anw rnqngs toninite t-t- veot ral. ananarar ngngire in a papapapack. it haenene buon o va tan acdentalsed he do . bunow fi crar warning of osheng. 80% of all fes wiwi-cigarettes s pp during charging ase. that's right... t all chargege are eatete equal. in nhihicase, the owner was yingchge u u deve at wasotot ed bther. imhe dada w mimir, b b it's s good rder to always use the charger that y yr vape kit came with. e weatatr may have been warm, bubuas dozens of diveve found out - lake water istill
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nat sound ofhe un the annualal lar plunge wald today memorial park. ams acss colocoed againson anwhile ing r the specolymcs. be foooed by al at sunshine. ipants tells the r s igid. it was ascck my system ere wereme teams th were rey to plgent a the ter d rshat werell ngto gn cis more than 200 people comted today. more than 10 thousand dollars was raised filmkersn stcity are ing the we& a sneapeak oa ne domeary beg ot rig he in lo the fina urs before the osrs - and
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cunt film ghghng t@ chchtof thf-f-stl l -.-.nigh 'rttg a sneak ak. thf-d-i stl in ebas t largof i kindurinth te hundndds. anit played role it ju lo's ecom.. but in helping the spread of
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railroad usisi apchival pictures ana recordrdfrom the cf&i a ahives ... the movie "fororng t we" will tel the story of pueblo s s s rkrks in unprecedente deil. the workers lived in company hous, they attended coany schools....... every asct of f eirilives was ntrolled. fofog e we emren th rock motain pbs has commititd aing the show... ddition to a few sele theater screenings. schools and libraries throuoho loradoill also b bgetting copies. ananspeang of movies...e're getting alset fofothe oscars here on newschanne13. ecout this coco time lapse. it shoho the prepepations thatatent t to putting the e d caet entryw. this clip shows an entire week's activity o oside holllld'd' doy th ofourse, y can tch all e osr ex, ri& re on
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coverage kkss off f morrrr... . livevet 2pm... wit red carpet appearces s
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this evening: : nd coin to gust a a d flag waings in effect through 7pm -- this indidites that fire
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high so plea be e cautious outdoors. because the wind is comimi outf the momotains, we e ll stay warm and mildlds the clouds fill in and the sky comes ovovcast. tonight: ix will not be cololas last night - in fact it wi be mild for the season. lows are pedr int the d s. i i sdry y stlekiki. nds bbreezyt as is aftftno, geney rarararafrom t15 m. tended: d& willcoer ba weakront - t sam one thth will give u somelouds thth apternoon. the next storm system is expected to arrive late mon$aygiving us a chance for raiand snow showers. it is mond sm atat ll bngk e ch forho t pentior rainw lasto day.y.him llhe quick-k-vexi ththste byweesday d ly t producing much in the way accuculating snow. after it's ge,ig wi again reboundnjnto
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thanks mike.e.
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'vrthe ni the e and we're all se for totight's stadium series match-up between the avs and red wings ... big rivalry ... breaking it down r ususonight li fm dene is srts
5:23 pm thhehef e red wingwhen ose e brbrls where taken place on the ice.. there e had to havbe times where av and rerewingng ayersa r meetououe. ths gog to happen tonight.t.he avsvs and wings will me outside at coors fid...fty thousand plus & fans are expected to fillin coors field tonigh..a mu biggererwd than f a are acsto ininnt ink adli itll jt ergy tt esn'ha hereo gogo
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gog rynd enjoy ititomouoy and realizize e how situatn to`bele tdos. duche so morere loe e better wl pl jus ke in the met't'an popoangame ously e more we enjoy the moment i ink the better we will play. igin sot i think there w)ll some eat memori i;m a baball fanoo so its nice get a ance to ay in this park a in a totly differert atmosphere."." p geg aw
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seco - steri keie ndesg abou lile r reversal with e colorara rockies ... "oh i'd do rrible, i dodo ow how my . balls i woulhit. "what if the rockies j/inedyou on the ice?" t m)ght even be worse, i don't know. . m hoping there might be a hockey player in there but it would fun to see yea a doubt." statatbtsketba playoffs continuing todod ... starthinin off out wiwisand creek and durango . scscpions only led by 4 at lftime... 1.) but t ey kicked ititititgh gear t ofofheak . ol sires thatth. 2.) tse ga to inside g... liahis na tst ... 3.) next possession ... davis - this time kicks to conner proctor ... gimme all 3 those ... the scorpions survive th dens ... 7 761 ... eye onto the eat 8 and
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tonight." welcome to "worlrlne tonit." breaking news on the showdown in south carolina -- hillary clinton projected to win the first mocraticririry in thsouth. it is a decisiveictory over be sanders cln ading intoerer tuesy thomenm er>>new republan teahitsherail. chris chstie a&a donald trump together. the frenems now doublingown on marco rubio. >> rubio stole from the republican party. reporter: the school yard taunts, and tonight, theheew comeck. >>e cannot nominate a con arti to become the heaofhehe rty. >> the factoorking coming face to o ce wh a gunm. a n n thoht w w he friendnd what tt shter told himight bebere he ed fire. >>ththnew w ncernsboboboe-e-rerees t tht, odid in pocketststtg cars on


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