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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  ABC  February 27, 2016 10:30pm-11:30pm MST

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get you stststoff in sparta ... dodorty ing lawo.. the 2nd quarar... ka in wh tppumu a scor... . ) lar ... b- rdy ofthe ce feed from emannu buesonl... 3.) itouldn't be a doherty highlight without dalven brushier ... that's a a difi brushier endnr there ... 4.) then@n.. brushier - from deep ... buckets! ... close me but the spartans are on to the sweet ... they'll host t rock cyon on
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"et.'s" cpletetguide to oscar. are you ready? >> our time wh thenominees brbrin f f hollywood's biggest ght. inside sly big come back and host chris rock'sst-minine jitters. >> it's a a hard hoho totoig yoursese out of. >> p ps brie la. getececrets from her th meck h tu >> also nnnn rnerakhe silce oner umblinmarr all aut b b and t nanny.
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find oyt why they ate s sll livingn the same propert >> sf's like,look, i ion't hate h h. yoyo don't have toate him. t's not beat t t g g up. >>hen -- >> behind the scenes of celine di's emotion return to the stain after 4& stage after her husband's's ath.& mid song s stopped. >> i'm so nervrvous. >> a rlityy star plastic surgery with the cameras rolling of the bandages,he tears. . >> bly idol, boyge,re back s sge with a t tally '80s flashback. and our h h improment reunion, with tim allen flashing back nearly 25 years. >> i ok le my younger brher. >> now, in our 35t5 season,his is enttamentnt onign anor joining eroditr week
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red we'v s aar ta out d abre bish >>hi w it lks ke onhe r oos bieses nit. bsuting r?>> bes sportqtgto i'd love for him to do it. >> that'satt damon, dressed down,lkgg oscarar oddsoment after landingt l.a.x from london. thsday night, a pre-oscar bash with a aunch of ars,includudg jenniferawree athe dinnerer for equality hosted by patricia arquette to sport equal p pay rr women.n. then jennifer garner made ns wi theelease of a cover story. did ben's affair with the nananan breaem up? >> we had made the decision long before the nan was hired. i thi theyyjust couldn' do
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>> avory, cche and d ment. that's'sow jen refer to nanaygate. bu her biggest loss reveal w why they le on t same proplperty. i lt thereamf d w w hdahtding.. loveneso reanan lye yo goini tfrs. ssaid wherad and jen broku i was deerate to see th t ty got back getherer u're sucked intott it. you' drawn in. but athe e me tim you know, hehenext sentenc washat u n't t m m life become aa ap opera. >>en looks somber but still stunngly beautiful in the vanityair phot shoot. >> she had like a come to jes one mng, andhere they pop up, the headne pops up, an she lis i can't go down
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ben's s ke,ow can y not care? she e id it's the opopsite i care too much. itititoo inful. but thi is onen minutep confess shsh laughed at.. >> shethe only person benasn't been ununfaithful to. >> she says i don'tate him. don'tav to bea the guy . >> she did. sheays he' the love of my life. what i going tdout that?? >>besis ha ieet t bing n ac it hrtbrkiki ase e l cas hi t t most biant person iny ro..the stcharmati spnhines on_, y feel en his sun shiss elsewhere, youfeel cold. s says i flet twice. whdid whs par ints. e knowoho h thii ben d thrgh ve pu b bkenhagemen andnd a ring o highrole romaes.
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th movie ar. i mared him. anan i i wld run down tt bea and marry him again i i haha 4 noretsbout that. > ext, oscar prere curity.. mielle tne was on the oscar red carpet. >> the academyreleased jdeo annstagram sketches ofof what the oscar ste would look like and yes, it is pretty spectacalar. there willeb totalal of 37et enes. but thehe is sious breakg rity news. the higst security here of any awards show wper.. >> news editototqas with whoopi goldberg who wo an oscararnd hostedhe show >> wre in a high-security kind grve. i'm se people are expepeing a lot of stuff, but i d don't ow that this is, a anybodyasas the right toect anytng but good ow. >> " "e.t."" hasearned the ademy is definitelysteppi
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wawajustnnouncedhaice prpridjo bididen winoducin dygaga perfmayouu fwhee that memes. thth secret rv wi behere. in a aition t m decrs bomb- bomb-sniffing dogs and cameras, cameras willbe hidden everhere. >> plus there was the luneon thursday matt made aoto- >> be funny o orthree other times throughout t t showow if you gff on the w wrong foot, thou, it's a real hard hole t dig yoursfut of. >> and onc again, we exclusively inside alfred woodard's suare.
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wibeecognized at the 2016 power women suit alongna withth vanessa williams. you mayyy n rlizehat bee rson who stata in"rm" so as aaodneomer she' h sever tv andmoe role >> ^hiss n'a red carpepe movi but she has evolved. josie talked to brieie styty about her incredible trsformamaon. >> you know, keeee the shoulders back. feel it, feel ve it. lerly tried on five dresses. this wasshe first dres trie on. and i iaveust seen it in paris the nday before. >> i di't have a dress unt i got in at 6:00 this morning. did stru to getetit altered or did itit fit you closely? >> i kind of wanted to closos th
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i'm a little meee modes runway models. >> we are in the hotel r fht xt to the elevor. we le dominatedeir hallway, we set up basally ee a table, lleralaz. >> you guy are in a hotel hallwa we had threrere different people sewing the details. >> the best part about brie' car style tnsformation is ndininout the unld stories behind e@eachhdres the stylestist ed this md board. calvin kline desigd this fofo and sent sketetes w wn i was theosot blown away, iaw this autiful blue thing they h h worn, and to wea a dresssshat heavy b supplik]k a haer 'sme. >> we' tterwith r fu oses.>>s nothi clned ip. was like, they aren't going to be able to walk in here.
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rare for brie to come meet christa in a showroom like this. she@ was o o scene i auauralia. chhpristina had to improvise. >> i'm snding my days running around notice junkin thehejungle. >> how do u get goingng >> you get on a ple and y to australifor 24ours. we had some site sittings. we just h to keepe theaqty moving. >> braking down her fhion, brbr is afashn risktaker, definitely eclectic, bac in 2004, 14 yeaold brstede rself anan had hopes for more. >> designers are gg clothes and everyoneants youh torheir stuf ihinkit wou asoso. >> more than a decadeelater, brie style dreams and oscar dreaea are fal coming ue christina wasdropping a hint abt wh silll@weon oscar night out cember
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ars butaybeon? there is bck inerut put it that way. >> she met stylist cisisna at a fifig for the m galala >> itis thibig ceceity exstbeganexstf ben sa >> and ey've neally shown how ulledt f. untilnow. it's lile lik devililil wear prada. y one pn did who ts, oudi ichieie or. canou tbeonou cl phe? w tain ustin
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atae ndouost mimim of $175,000 se ict? 00 cou tmama do you hetiti t hat?do`t`ty veubgre'sfofoan tpeym toorke i t. ."." h as ought u e redd cm. ilove bnshoud atyy pepepeop. >> ridig g g g g coa. >> that's rht, aby.>> n t d dentatatata ony may whi opens at theil fesesesgisyou upupntrama o oarr cag strghgh ead wh stallone's academy ar combackck nearl-40 years ockyky >>ndina ey's c(s ck. d ssaren up
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> "e."teyou to aend hoywoo biggesnight. it dsn get any bibigger tha is.. on t red cart alongside ho@llywood's hottest celebs. with chelel er.. "e."t th oscars live fox, 5:00easterer 2:0:00pacic. exelusively o ofox. >>ea we are v@y d.$& "e.t.t ioingivnn thered rpet diouee this earej ihe ek? chri this shott dresd as a naut. m h was weang it spoof temause he also wis on it angow y yeduc at f al aa sting.shdoehlorkee gold globe t imes
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toiths rroc i' lkingngor tth keecseisiss eatest vitand comean i k weha a a beertoacklee is yr anan f hor in it.t. >>@ina and margo humor in r-torn afghanisnn "whiey tango foxtrot." e p pys a woma reporter. inini hostile environment. e a f fum with diane sawyer and j lunnan london. >> with none other than prince rry. >> looking at this picture, i n't imagine you wereret
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>> i think he was hava housewararng pay,y, a a i thought i'llop in really, quickly. about six hours later.. >> thas awese. prince harry alaays seems to find the part we move on to a celeb bash of aa dierert kind. >> cast mbers of "days of our lives", "all my chdren" g togeth to celebrate soap opa di's annirsary. do y remr yourirst cover? > do. i h t t most preposterou kepe y hair. >> thisneble magazine has en ontands r 4040 yrs >> r marissa t. she e s m girlf onn
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d my ah >>nyy timemeere mad? >>e were married like t wice.@ i thihk wee were married wi. >> engaged 1818 times. >> i would sayhen@ i went dowown in a fieryplan crash i came back a couple ararwith amnenene and i was alind ost. >> t t alien in my garageg >> ae soapp s s?e still t it. >> oh, my god.d. so good. a home improvement reunion with richards. >>wee here tonight taping our 100th episode of home improvement. >> i k likee my younger other. whole titi. "e.t." wa the for t t first-ever tinin of "home improvememt "spshs almost a
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running? >> it's so much fun on e set. we would just cck up, i mine,ean and lose it.. >> for eight seasons,e were welcome gistuests at the yl home foror all the great movements. and we watched eoys grow up. >> my hip, myhair.. >> it washis ship. knit >> i seeac quite a bit, because he kindd of works wity daughter. see debbie dug. >> see ch a lot.&re figs atwe wein weiteyby tha t. astronau.. beachboys. ltle deucece coop
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e's reprising her role as tim'sseighrrrr o o"lastan stdi."tt's not quite the relationship they used to e. >> you make me feel better about no@ having a man i my fe. >>omes on this new show, plugs right in, it' a little dance. the old relationship showsup. i know hergestures, sots@ very muclike that. we both, you ow, matud aa little bit, but nothing it's like bei around family. i think you m med a lot.>> nt, we on setitih jennifer garnerer w new faith-based movie ve her strength in troubled time.
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heav", kd of chose me. over 707000 americans just like me follir passionon to helget things d de amica. to me our country safer, smarteteted hethier, i will take tion monday, "e.t." at the oscars the ar as dream op ld. >>verybody says it't'ssour year. >>e' goingtoave a great
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>> leo. ga >> j w. >> the rties, the winners & after hours.s. >> and jo@sieen the red carpet, breaking down the best and worststdrdrsed of the ght. >> n depth oscarerageou won't see anywhere se. >> it's really, really overwhelming >> monday only on "e.t" >hat jnife nein the w@faith-seddr "" "mleleomea>> in jenennifey nded itmo.>>llli"mleroheen"real che. f fthg atat puouerer me >>erewquen,id a
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helpeal? neverbtta day in ive. >> jenarr made"miracle heav"usttehe mos fficmen he h w hertearriageen fleckununvellsh plays a real-lifmom, and b%b ie ne seeouou>> i t st heraracr@ discovers he10 yearld daas a iurable chriyswienis asi. heas m. i'veageder ck e's takhe timreal outnd carand ask som real gre questio about whatitas like ng tif >> filming the m@e smedto a a awelcomeie f jho waseen smimiming a lugng with her cmates.>> youmom,yourdaour kyds. >ut seeeedor than st altisacti dung aouou time. th is all abo hdi to pe ananaith. >>we nd ti. n it no 'l it. >> w?
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howongou been rr 14s.>> you evenhe me crea >> you tellme that illd 4 ll 30eet aiter head righ tha it di her. pizh in itleler? yes. >> that'sib.. >>e blssing for me f this film iso be rememd a
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deev rk. hiov pceby o o reununed airirt fafafabad film ven ".". >> talut tns.musiltr as next mth palm sund.evhing a ahisprodon is ic as they tak the city of new orfs,ndndhat i where michelle turnrn v vited the s w where thth rehearsed. lookok intnt mys >> i'm doingemonsrom agine dragags. wow that's kind of dope. >>ithhj. >> youuys are doing a et. >> eah,h, it's kind of a ttle backnd forth. >> in the studi with the stars, incluling seal and tricia yearwood is where the real magic
11:01 pm
during thf telling of jesus' final hours befororthe s, 17sos will b bsung including cecine dion's's"le n move mountains". >> ,amera -- >> that'sctually the scenethe castas shootg when i visited the set. it's j jusndis diiples,s, including judas, you can see peryone prey much wears jeans and jaetet because this oductions set inin 01 >> you know what? what we're hearing issdo. an it' all live. andhey're heariri it. [ lauger ] >> y y workwi eva longoria on telenovella, when u tolher u were gog to play jesus, wh did she say? >>he w like, o esus! she's a huge beer, andhe a womanof fai, andshe wa veryveryvery excited about .
11:02 pm
the sh is jesus's facing ponoiuspilot. and ey s sg thisunbelievab duet of "w don need anothe hero",y tina turr. >> they're excited and have a a m5ssfor skeptics. we stick veryse to the bible andot ering off in weird ar can you g g goro when st with w tyl pryaye wilnt his le asartor fos loy nd him. mimi u celeonon tuto moth rescy a aer e loofersbr. >> he tellinge t bip it and artin>> then sylsterlo turno thears this weend ar yeaft
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if ye ju joining u storieie ummp five, cille cosby posed. she dodged porters outside her deposision on momoay.. >> ts is a defamation case brought by seven women who say that when bill cosos's representativeve publiclyy this happeneddit defamedthem. >> attorneys put up a black curtain tolo media, but call will return to awer more queio next month. umber r ur, erin andrews lalaui the spos reporter i i sui the shvillarriot bse s s @ai back 2008 eloloes the allegedly gaveichael david barretet a man who w late jailed for stockingng andrew erin's room number, 1051. >> telell them that sheas there d then p p him in a room next
11:07 pm
door videoping my hter. she'undress. she didn't know anybodydys at theh door th guy was a killershe'd be ad. numuer the,chareen vers deniserichardsds tell mom oeat pk anddie. you are both really expxpleti rude. your moms a loser. >> he will denythat he said them. h h dow witit d dr.z, and bmed some ofof his past irrational behior on steroids. >> a disengage.>>elania spea. many felelt like h insultlt mexicans. >> you are an immigrant. s. >>o y y y ever thi he's gon tofar? i followetheaw
11:08 pm
the slovene yan model tked to et. we asked her aut firstad prospects. >> >f it was somomngng te rious, i would take ses. and the numr o story this week, jen garnerbreakser silence about ben, ddivorce, and the nay. >> had nothingto do witith o our decision. we had made this decisn lolo before that nanny wa re >> unsasary, cliche and bad judgme that'sowen refers to nanayg >> s says he's love of m life. wh angdo about that? >> jen los somber and ststl stunninily beaiful in the nitytgair photo shoot. >> go toe." onlineom for latest. and celinee di returns to husband. now celine ha returno thehe stage perform her redency insidecaarar palace, the coliseum..
11:09 pm
celinene says was the most didiicult pformance of her fe don't want to be l by myself anymore >> so emotion t t s her fighting back tears. mid songng she stotped. ovcome tear overercome b emotn. took a moment, finished the song, cryingwalked o o sta she wawa reserveas she prepared inside her dressg room.she ayed focussed t with her musical director and going herself. >> renee i ithe only man that i have known all my life. an nothing has anged.we will always be one. wereoes mymy heartrtat now >> the showpene with a tribe video,s ree
11:10 pm
photos ofer as a en,celine pregnantnd alle auful ways tha he proroed han her bebehe scen eadedfiveve@ an a lf weekss after hi deathhetill talks to hh.. > talk to him. i thinof h all the te.e. i know he hrs me. and now i canan feel that he's tellilg meo zip it. d start singing >> talk about a fearless performamae. atatat int, cele walklglg downe aisle a few feet fm,me, dheansll stte swarmi he t tryk totoget selfieilhe ctied the ng a a didn't miss aat cheng f s thugut t night.shormallyy openshew with
11:11 pm
blkconomone. he fir sonwn andr spch, fans joi her rberi thth theov off h .ceneonfessedous th arreakthean>> i idhesese the sg in clet andentyyetter that. i go sstt l beingee lisese f thatperfnc whe lililiaspme hom tr s sctularhow, one aor rethe g sw thisd.d. thca. >vest stata seo an emwa neee nely ea s s "r"rky." eea otas bac in thith creed, w a t tf ce ba e'it yo nanaon, whens s g appen? > llerla coni to t face. eval iluy, lt ttwin.
11:12 pm
sylv gotha elusive actin nominationfter yra after pororeded tttt xerrmp hi >> i i cognizant of theact that rocky isy alter ego or sim bionic twin. >> when i d i i means something that i've done w w ve on thatt had seca@alal meaning. >> but he was unrebout the character'fufuture >> i don't know if this ise end, ionon knono ee i can n exceptttelo wedone everytytng. ei arsr, h sms mo confint tha wa y'ro > rely in any to ea ca totomu to , and ite en. ererng thaad le
11:13 pm
he's gone anvee ack. >> butckhas come ba, a a stallole's performae in c ced might tpst w@n him an ososcar.r. >>vething've t m on>> and after yes of not nessarily ing the mos respected actor in hollywood - i li being called the world's -- >> he's finallyade it back to e a ade awards. >> i've been ling aulll life. thisjust doe't happen. i'mllll enjoyiyi >> after winning both the critics' cicend the golden globes awards,,sly isuly able to appciate whahas happening. > is emional. iguess. iit 't xpest it. dnwhen yay stag atio ijustthe acacac cct keetayi in my . thin thill hyoidecog wt a bi dealoue? od, the f f titi i'een my kids y ove
11:14 pm
you undersnd tt hardor and discipline kind of pays off. this i a great lili lesson >p now the acady hahabebe knn t to use thet sporting actoro awawawa kin of like a lifetime aiement award. if stallonins at age69, h be onethe oldest winners inn oscar history. >y fixers arecrossed.d. we go insnside versrce's mansnsn yocan now sta in >> whatattiese]ookk a smin thipo? we'vetin eber.
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cl lclce to@othe yo. let mow babato enen i saur ked ererer.nely 20te t ied ma hecom ho inside ten beds, 11th00 uarefef terranan cadee. thi is vla e. is gni e' oy. isis the bgest bed ern in my li nd w wt c ceb he aye?>> oh, al ststh ishere kim karshian ays.
11:18 pm
scot having a rowdy moment ououid >> hwa't actually staying during that particular periodf me. > theyhung out. and this ishere they a hung out. uuee them all throwncros e bed chitchattitw and hanging ou >> the suitesun fr$1,000 to 200 r nigh worth ii intrate mosaics on t @rsrs gold on the fixtures, in the be in e pool.. kykye jenner swam in that auty, , d d ebs. >> he justinieber was clhed. >> partially >> jntad in thehe ven roomat $3,000penit. >> he ptu room service busy rounun t >> this very sizab be >> yes. >> was it just litle justin in here by himself? >> wewe, you know, i don't kw exactly w who wasn the d. bu iknow t tre wer quite a lot of peoplee in the oom.
11:19 pm
inin1992 a spe whopp ou formpront ton hn wt for the cheaper@m e broll h a-listp@ls. andince1997nd vsace's murder, h spit istillelelt on the prememises. > the whole p pce reallyli is an hohoge to mr. versace. quite a lot of people who lieve in the supernatura who fe tt t literally is sti here. e spirit of versace? >>y clai ty've seen irits go into certata om orsopnd clo andhings of tha nare. a bacto er, wre tolde bd a room afterer seeing a girlfrfrnd there. he had an enturage of people withhim, ayedup late and had spa treatment by the pool. nice,actually. still to com remember this
11:20 pm
she madeeadlines marryin a 51-year-old when she was 16 yearold. coming up we're withh her as she go under the knife. >> i not wd about thehebumps onon theeide o o m nose. then rr '80s flashback. >> whenhe fans arescreaming, whats ithehere saying most? >> get off. first,in the entertainment tonight birth, whi celebrates hisirthday the sa as his yoger dad, youelp me with this? sureriley...uggh..h-choo! oo! disgusting!! eeawww! gross!!mmmssss!! eat, this isisusgreat! guys, it's slright! when life ge messy, get clor. it cleans d lls germ and nonoing home disney pixar's inside out. when my y ctororold d i iave age-related macur degenerationamd ce ep wita plan to lp reducecey risk of progression. and erywhere i l lk. reminded tic m
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rexulti (bxpiprazole) has been shoto reduce sympto depssion. it may help phu feel better thwht giving up the progss you may have madee with youcurrent antidedeessant. rexulti is n n for everyonon call youctor about unusuaangein bavior, worsening depressi, or thoughtof sui. tidepressants can crease these in those 24 ananyounge eldey dementia tieits taking rerelti hahan increased risk death or stroke. call`lour doctor if u have high fever, stifmusules,s,ndndonsion to addressss psible l#fe-t-teaning condition or if you havencontnlalae muscleleovements, as these may be permanent. high blood sugar was portith rexuxui ananin extre c c canlead to comamar dedeh. her risks are encreaead cholestetel, weight gain... deeasewhite e e d cellllwhiccan serious dizyes stand seizures, trouble swalng, imedudgmgm mots.
11:23 pm for deils. >the anesthtas deniteickingin. that was couney stoutv >ne word, wow. the 21ear old reality st originally gained f fame in 2011 when she at16 mararriedd 51-year-d actor, dgg hutchiso since then,he had some plastic surgery, de me tv and taken lots of phtos.s. courtney let us g along in the o.r. when she ha herlatest procure. >> oh, i'm so nervous. >> how a a we doing? >> i'meally nervous. >>ouney y a bundle of rves, which i kind of surprisisi.this realytar her been shy abououun herlooks.
11:24 pm
ea". d r old has nini hadork nefofo shte t btt gm a elai veve itdu@ the bps onthe dey ne.pictesred carpets, i fl realselflfscious abouthihi bu. i sscared.>> coortjng couney er andououou n5555.hewasthre." the tw m met a cnehad he m tee geant.t. i was ithe nana gean( al t w v me ronl e me vottete >shshsayslaimr loturai' nur
11:25 pm
did tshi brings t'sprocedure. iototrv i took, oke a ry loim to owato. >>he hard rt'sve >> pcece w c0$,000sovereven thohe ve we arokinbaes no wi tni an seveno rs. norect m hpy bp isn or kslar,ourtney'ha with e lt andhiy ne h asttr t asasc s >ss ravi taking . >> courtrty's pla is oo othe mukic veo. anan o takpa lifememenenew ries "the mr daughtererimen lebrhty editn"..
11:26 pm
ook l.l. . oloj getting in the groovo. pis jenner wasn't feeling the love. afte introducing the bd, the cr booooed fr. >> good evening. from the moment@ i i hedbout boy george back inhe '80s -- >> bu dozens were singing along to mem the ggest music stars of the '80s. yeah, they still got it. le jesse's girl >> when the cro is screaming like rick, play thihat is it that t! say most? >> get ofof go! t believe rick for a moment. 1313 fs,lashg back to thth '8 diehard radio gave nothing but lo to tears for
11:27 pm
a comma mmau kauhahaleon >> nt to ain>>or magouive. l b geee a hey doofof80 anan t trs f r rockene sssss. hearth ts i c co ou >> '80s djaarara quinn hoed and there were '80s icons behind evecorr. >> p page to self. this was the jacket that i wore dung my first televisis perfmance at enickodeon kikihoice awards inn 1986. >> welelt was more like 198989 cory, bu atleastthe jacket
11:28 pm
meanwhilebibiy idol gave his rebell yl bare chested. >> what you h ve toav in your dressing rorm now?< is there sometetngt t t y idol has got to have? there's quiuite a few this in the olddays. > oh,h, well. >> what about this neweo of yours, mr.? >> if there a new sing, i don't know if they he singl anymore, the feit downad >> b grgrgughtheevento a ucngngtrutute daviboan s sred with us how bibi a fan he is. >> i did notnono y had that beautil. he's o audience network next month, but they can expepe to
11:29 pm
>> he's charmin has good onliners,, ande's not as rudedonald trump. there's another big reunion. >> look how awesome thi are. beyonce, kelly rowland and anyny


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