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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  February 28, 2016 7:00am-8:00am MST

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y. winds will stay eezy, but not t gusty as t od morningereca. hillary's huge victory >> thank yo rsoutcarolina. she'sowot mor mtu ading inin super tay n ienc ashe rlimuling gets even n ier. >> he'slygbround o oair mouth ohim, , bing, ngng bingbing, , ng. ahedlin fm an ofof virginishototnd lled oher rst day the job. two otr officersrsounded. what wenwrong on that seemingly roine call? fantast finish. >> bang, bang,oh, what a shot om curry! >> steurry's nht for the record books, shrugging off injured ankle, sinking 1 1 three-inters, , cludininan amg buzzer beater5 this thbestame of the
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d unown to oscar we're live othe red carpetllywood ge seto honor its bebe. whcan pullupse andndheaws to - >>"stoplight."." >> and that awardrdshow overnight.t. wiwi y be tweaking your car picks now? >> let's do this.. >> and h ht chris rock keeping eryone guessinhow 'll hand oscars so white. and thred carpet looks, who will go bold? we're live at the cars with everything you need to know for hollywood's biggest night. hey, goodmorning. happysc sua\. paula and b, right there on the red carpet. you look great. >> thank you > thank you, n. >> da inow i itksike we'reoing to om ght?but 'rnot.
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mornin >>t t ft of t ll st 0000 lucky cri and per playererwillp s late " yrea t e os. ehololo o news to get.let's starar witit at tblinhoril clton. a a the mbers.ea bere s by ne 50 pots. powerenargere by afn-americanvote this gives hugemomontum. anananis raisese wes about whether sders can bounce ba. we begin w with david wright. >>eporr: good mornrng, dan. ththths rightn hihiary clintonns leaving south carolinaith huge wind in her sails. tapped pressure is now on bernie saers o has just two dayys to ke up some serio groundnd >> thtnk youo o`ch, sout carolina.
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>> all: hiary, hillary. orte t i wt a 50-point victoec l li @row, tsampaign go national. >> reporter: comomre that to t concncsionon speech. >> in litics, oa g gen night, setimes you win, sometimes y y lose. tonight, we lost. >> reporter: the sanders campaign is hoping the voters in 11 sates that go to the polls supepetuesdayil come though their rescue. in south carona, clint picked up 39 more pledged dedegates, compared to 14 f sanders. shs now welllahead of@ him. tutuday,y,800 me delates are up for grabs. >> ande intend d w many, ny othem. >> rorte tod, hillary totoeads to tee a`d arkansas, hinin t ctiti h swpfh. er son to ma ancorado hopi the hugrowdsho havee
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ll shovote.cln is gh is i n n aatna cpa for botem. until no it's bnn ser of sta by scontes. nw it goes de to ha h md inhe delountcount a wewe. the question foranrsan he opher?& >> anwhe, on the republican sidef t ts race, donald trump out onhe trail a opening onis new mesis, marcrc rubibi trump i#i getting help now from his nalhris stie.bu rub hn keengit uilre, i not ntin mary bruce i in memphis, tennessee, this morning. ry, goodorng to you. eporter: 0hi, dan, good morning. with super tuesday aroun the dorn, the takak are getting supersized. it's ugly out here. the r rcan candiditesseem be using every chancehey t to take each other down.
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>> friends don letet friends vote for con tists. this is my couny, damn it! my country. >> reporter: this moin ey're e escatin eh other. >> butute'sin aun o ircee.r: marcio ting outtrumprump has@auncd on alt ain frrunn. >>e justtameut@ring. reporr: bio's camamigig is channeling rocky in a new highlight reel from the florida sesetor's l lest debate perforncnc there are hundreds eople waiting in e midfunieie g intnt t tsiraneangar to hear domd spk. lht wgh tal l t t igigig lile mouou o o o m. bing, bibibi bin , bi i >>epr: cruzsilin on.
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sh he doesn'tavuitess much mon as h h ssees>>onru iarly hidingsothing.g. itrorobly fthae est makeke a muc mon ae ys hdo >>orowow the candidites e crisscrossingng t country ead of tuesday's contest.t. trump will be in alabama, georgia, ohio, a k kentucky before waiting f the results to come in in flwrida. which, of course is marco rubio's ohmhome state. >> it's a f cry fm thehe lilin douglas debase >>'m sidtet t rmal wrr me. >> the cocktail wear memo. it oscar sunday. the big headline from overnight. hillary clinton trouing bernie sanders. does he have a viae path to the nomination? >> it's getting much me na. that neay 50-pntn win in south h rorona.. huhu, hug nbebe in t t
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she won af 85%% of th african-americ v ve i south carolina yohave six souther stecongp on tuesday. if sheweeps those, b bnie sanders ioing to w i innn rmont. he has t in t twowo ohr othe sta25 oheots ofhehe moatatries n-ic ernianders c ct srt to d ch, much, much betr with t unity, he otot ha a vblehe nati. >>il cnton seed to be sitig rselor run agt@onalaltrp. shshsh tk o his ogan. is it wt yar,dod t me ameat agn. erichaveoppebeingrt. alsalkebo edov dnes a clearrctfunrominsp. ofoh anr, i a wnimemeag >ttilleheesti e's earls you y,
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anti-trump i the genaltion willsir bn itselut oreep o rising and risingnd ring? can s sar both sides. and for donald trump,f he gets tpe nonation, can he f a way to reach out bond his core vase of angry voters. >uch an sbesintetesting year. george is going one o one with chris christie, ted cruz, andbern sanrs comg up on "this @eek and no sleep forgeorge. he'll lead our eire tea at 10:0asasrnuesdsupeesda les g t r for a a l a th headnenep gd morni you,da raoo morngo you. rookie pice ficer in virginia who was shot and killed just onene d d after being swo in.
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responded to call abo an altercatioiott homee w wn hots rargut. this was on saturday. fatally wounded her and woundeded twtw others a suspect has beenresteded > violelee erupting a at a k kluxuxn anti-immigration lly.eyereonfronon t b terptesters.s. ers theworouphed. reopleerbe ir dd d t t of e ceasn a. thrueemsoo be m m mosyl!san ace tag betenhe sian vevementnd rerelel forintohe c@ease-fire friy ght. isis launched a surprise tack. and carried out a suicide tru bombing. > drag race on a freeway in los angeles ended in this. two peoe were killed in this crash. one of thepeeding carsost
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sendg th tractor t roughe der ae congaffic. ll h bba lose t disn tim f denvroncos quarterback peyton manng. there are reportshatt the sooner future hall of famer has madedup his mind and will retire soon. the broncos saying he's not made aa cision. > and finally, s sph curry of e golden state warriors show why e may be the b bt pin the nba. an amazing game saturday. setting one @cord, tying another. and oh, by the way, winning the game by himself. >> ba, bang! oh, wha ahot f fmm curry! rororr:r:oh, t aht, eph curryad a aame@ for the cordrd books with his the-pointer from 35 fee out th the ge t td in ovovme.@. >> curry, another thre oh! 's od reporter:hen s rrior breakinthe the n
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mostthree-pointersn one gaga. curry, another three, o >> rter: watatatatins he s and shootith tnone secocoefn tlo ststlinghe victo f verr the klay thde heit f fr theirirstst haha. >>anot >ep in the third ar l loo likee woue delineneolol h ankle. hi ankleas ta eptt baco ame-nning st in uheinteet. cucuy t kob bryant and dadada marshall for the boaoa in aama. a s srsasttnd prerent eeeefen el >ust lik t tow ll up and it foundts way to the basket. >> he needs to start shootinin from the oer team's net. >> h prettyucuc was. >> i used to bee able to o that myself. >> to hav one gamamike that in yoururlile.. >> butut oklahom wasas wut one of their statata playerer
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who , if he was in the game, maybe a different outcome. sth curry, b d de. dude. iant to know what hete egame. >> fairuestiojo >> thana you ron. >> l's go@ backut to paula and b in hoywood. withchs. r f f f wnwn. i. t -hng eson thverybo w tookn.t what a the s eine ers. ra, we'rengo k.k. this is another . it's all going down heren t t red rpetet all the actct will be here today. the stars came out saturyor a b laideastt the fndndependent spiri award. >>nd tnceouldt be ffenthahere. 'see ascar pricto chssonnelloo itll .go s. u a b nigh>>t w kd of an afteoovidudoutsidee t t
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mal ssssns. ssmemess harbinger of t osca sosotime a fun d on t th. sosotititi aittle bit of bo.>> indndendede film@ makinggs no aut makinprofit it not aboakingeven. itboinitity y sisi momomo ererr:ocated a the pacific, the iepepdent sp awards hithe beach,to honor t year's's best.. >> theheeople make them,n a shoestriri, and there's -- psort of a grass roots vibe to it. >> repeporter: p plenty ofididy why wluld you w wep y on a turday morning?g? because it takes a l l o me to lookike is. >> nay y yl at the women as they walk by. >> reporter: "carol" rooney mara. >> i'mngver t fl dano furth infnf smin. rep wld later get
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>> reporte in supporting female, maya taylor. the trananenderr actress to winajoraward. >> very beaiful trtrsgender tant.@ you better get out there andnd put itn yourext movie. >> repeptetes of no n nn d u u>> i wantotore thid abtamthths foyo >>or 9ndououam atatatinningale lead. >> ienjo gting to gon the stage. that's my favorite part. on stage. >epor bje laon an unptedshut`tm her be. i lovyoyo >> thankyou, love yoyo >> repter: the afternoon's big winner. >p "st light." >> rorter: wh five awards. acknowdgments to the real-life activistsndndjournalists.
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d theyy don't nd or want the attentntn. they were about getting the ory righ >> reporter:r: andhat is a hug n for "spot ghgh" if you can beat other outstanding films among thein indie ud, youbre doing well.! >> you're a magic 8 bal wee goinpick yourrain ter. it's j reded carpet. lo oedarpet wo. yio give yrmio>>reatght.greaoaveou here with us all eyesn chris rock night. evyone wants teeow t thehe comean wilandle the biggest ntroversy emy has fac yeaakfs a a t t t mine >>kasmise hll n sh afrhinsiviv l's's is>p repor tonigh, mli eagagerot h acaawarhris rkill
7:16 am
iht reporr:uslyshp-tongueom isseepinglen plpls.s. >> cis ck. >eporte`:ock ihis rn to t oscs stages stststorhe f fstime since 2005.. >> a grereat nighd tonight. weaveouck noms toght. 's like thef oscarar j tot.t. >> rorr:here haveeen calls by rock t too join a boycyct. whyrere tyy d doingthis? >> reporter: will ith, predicted to be a beses actctor mimee for his role if "cononssionn" tell the truth. >> reporter: was among the first and bigst stars topeak out. e'rere p part of this commununyn at this currenttimeme w 're uncomfortable totand there and say that thihi is okay. repepter: dirececr rpike l l telling georgn janununu he'll be at the knicks game instead. >> going to tme. >> wew know what you're goi to be doing.
7:17 am
>> here's thehe thing. h he never used thehe wor yct. ror iaa"clusiv rvie thc' orucise a a m derli tha ebefo.>> we w wto the bibi st talt we cldt. that w wha t theest,estlent wee cou getetookedli. rncdi@r shgton. comm, john lend, a t weekend. and ava duvernet won't't be there h either. e'llllll be a at an e e vent t rarz michigan... any ia what c cis rockill do? >> he's going put t first ten rows on blast. i don't think he'll focus so much on the nomomations but on pthe power structures. that make that ses%% peo of c get.
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weeeoing to pic youn. > and guf wonder w rob and have an extra dploe, we cheated a little bit.te'ltell you why next time w w see you. >> we went allgllam. >> butyy secrets f froro paula and rob. news youan use.let's check the forecast now with indra. >> it's not the sunshine, riously? california, gorgeous o o there. i was very jlous out ere. i was r@ng bean.. d the ugug on. the midwt,0eges bore noal. today, nally.ear ai adg ininhe a a a s srtff the m mniin ch bewweezing.20 degessary the afte temperatures10, 15 av averere. keepgoinintorrow. owork beautifu down int the south. not say there's not something out there.
7:19 am
inging high winds and a few lightshowers.s. i'm nototot loo@okingt that. tempmpatures abovermal. today: it ll be coolerehind a weak front the same one thave us the cloud cover on saturday. tetperatures will still normal, but will top out expe breez@y coitions again, duriri the first half ff will`le e the 10-15 mph range with highehe gus spots. tqght: clouds wi be on the increase ahead of a qui moving system, b despite ehe extr clouds it will stille cooler. will also stay dry. win will stay breezy, but not as gustas this afternoon, generally ranginfrom 10 to 15 mph. extended: the next storm system ispected to arrive l le nday, giging us a chanceor rain anan snowowhowersrsthe lateteteodelsh thth o>> so w lookior @ opping58degree day. ou t tnk that's eho get a tan? >> new york city? 58?? i love it. >> youave to head inside. it's cars favorite. have yee he hteri n n
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kimmke alo.>> tretinge d`ings my wayayhis osarery luon wnneks .h.% never me ah!! >> ready sest shn hihistory. >> get ready for chrhr rock and jim mmy kmeme aftft the show. >> i couldave used that at family dinners. for the first time ever, nominees ho submit a list of thank yous beforend. l wiin s seches will have ascrollhohonk youst of sc. i i the 11thth im kimmel specl after the oscar >> he'sot a huge neup.. no t ters on hand. intereststg. >> mighde harddo book guests. don't forget, the oscars air live r rhtere on abcnit. the e eitement start withur redarpet show a 7:0:00eaeaeastern.n. donott miss our big "gma" post oscar p pty blout r rht here
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and we havav mucor ongma" this morning, incncding the aforee mentioned beauty s secrets from paula a rob.b.b. >> oh, i can't wait. nd your r car fore from e favites t t theong shots who could g heeith hardwatonit. >>usthe r cpet ohe ay. om md wildld expe in the way oason o o ywywd's most f rnight. andtrikike aosos why it's easr tnnver to ee thearpet from the stars' pointsf ouf. > thi it res to cucumbers on the es.
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it's 7am, nday, february@y 28th. i'm bonnie silkman. we'r following developing news is morniut of pueblo, one man is dead, and d o are hurt after a shooting at a bain pueblo. itapped at iron horse bar. reportrtof t t t shooting came around one@ oclock. police immediaty respded to the ar of gth d in seets. . we know ey e still on
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geor ld it's tim for cacacaa o' g gng t t t te home t awawds llywood'ss b bgest night? wpll l lnardo dicaprio and sylvester stallone finallywin? anan it's bightor faion. ""iven r carpepe isis morni wcountdowowtohe cacars >> andd rning, a heada into 88 annl amy awarhiilir rer c. rom n yorl.a. and around thehe orld, allll eyes s ll o hollywood's'lblb ear. at's whe paula and rob a rightw. >> >hey, sara. good morning again. n, dra.
7:31 am
will b ding ght.thege will daddlehve 20200wavsmils and somego. check tout. that beti chris connelly bac with us wh a look at some of tonighghs front-runners. can'wait too heaea this >> this is so ue. this year, the o oar produdurs say they're shuffli the order of the awds. just one of the things to watch for tonight, including kudos for the year's highesrossing fi. tawa foraaks" y not up f btpictur t yeik to hear te outououtuc theni yo hearr performcucucuf three ninated songs. by lady gaga, returning to the os dpars second straight year. weekend. and sam smith. ll be singne a aienc member. gng)sg dirtlyy le% lyleo. thiss foror you,ba@
7:32 am
reord drio,,too, a best actor osca and ieararnas a chanceee ke ohm theest actress. >> that's the cool thing aut lifefe it hands youhe opportunities. >> reporter: sylvester stallone wrote himself the role of rocky ball beauuwhat. cod it brirw him a best sporting actor oscar.r. >> yououe going to get knocked down. and you're going get up. and you'ree going t t seeee if you have the right thing. >> repter: bestirector@ looks to be wide open. withtal vori,eorg milleand ahut s s foror ckck >> i p p pingatn.n. weay bro ther e r re o ail s sools chrks i sw,on tell. d j jusu#id, thatnah,h,e' in tote
7:33 am
il-ber vena lit. the big short. ev ro.. they all have chahae toakee histortoght. >> i want a differere story. >> no, thi is the story that you get. >> reportet: still chance for igurprisen major cagory. no surprise thattou're terrifie by the bear. >> i saw the bebe, i i d to turn around that i sllll onen of t the mostt teteifying scenes. i can't look att aorse the same way. >> it'ss a big break for them. the bear i very castab. see maybe a sitcom for him coming. >> do youou think leos a loco >> think leo ia lockck hink the onlnlersonl that can at l@ is steph cucuy. >> he deserves it.t. at whole fils amazinin the nstop scenes thahaere mousnbima u sture. doou tt' a ck? >> i d'thi thas alock.
7:34 am
i le i'ng ethg on potl." >>t' a wonul filmlm itould very ll win. he b b short" is still a contender as wewell. >> n, think we agree on this. u love "spotlight" as well. >> o o the f thingse agre on. we all it >> i concur as we >> shu said thahaith an accecece. >> a soes this cricket. >> it's so ununusual that we journalistssould jojo "spotlight." >> importaork. an imptantntfilm. >> tnk you, guys e. we'll be back for you for muc more. les check theh weathth with indrdr >> nice how cozo theyok. the temperaturerearalreready in the up 5soror them hoping fororhahaor h y. big jp for us. it wl be rgh for th.
7:35 am
nd in lososleshtime, degrs.ablutelyeous.mewhilthhees coaoa foroca t'oo hos. th iopressi aer lookingtthat. an for ow lookom at showers. across the untry. a chance for rain,snow, wind, l of i today: it will be cooler behind a weak ont - the samene thatatave us t cloud cover on saturday. temperures will still bebearmer an noal, but will topoput in the 50s and 60s. expect b bezy conditionsnsgain, although not as brzy as it was duri the first half ofof the ekend. winds ll be in the0-15 h nge with higher gusts sts. tonight: clouds willll be on e increase ahof a quiui moving system,m,ut spitthe extra ouds it t ll still be cooler. it will also stay dry. winds will stay breezy, but not as gusty as this afternoon, generally ranging from 10 to 15 mph. extended: >> this weather was brougug to you by waltisy world. ry propate. th nor''eaeruesd in ugh ursd eirstst te another onehiind . iouake our forast and uper i theg.g. thgu it's tiddlefnigt. >> i'm not ging it tothem. >what it takes t tet ready for the osrs. paula androb.b. you head t corry.
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we' back liv i llywood,t's thcountdown to the oscars. we're at the base of the s ss. the stars maybenlyn f a m mutes here. the cebrities spend h hrs imping a a preening fhe bigh >> and so did this guy. asob and i found athe curee salon and spa, doesn't onlylyl applyo women, right, rob? >> that's righ is there >hi g eniped it a ltle totomu. >> ieearpe losha ful?>> whaoutome manspimayb hishe g waxe >>what? oh kly clar! >> i don't think so. yofooffering eer hni. ,
7:41 am
>> i thi hars we prpvd of me. >> timfor the e ence t tfaal,,b. >> i'm digging this. i'm lying down. this isot as scary as the nail thing. >> j justaitntililheyextract. >> oh my word your face. >> it' my wine mask. so an. this is the relaxing part? it's making me hungry, actually. >>rob,b,b, y'rupd to tcuer >>t' a sn e' not done ye tior say tan.>>k w pal i am.atky e. iss is crazy. this is crazy. >> rob's totally takin one for the eam right now. i'm taking a pho of f . laughter ] >> rob, youdled thaha manicure lik a champ.
7:42 am
the wes coas i'm sure ofit ,y'reblindingg.yo sho seese .- tueioas,,owan manicures have y zer. doughn holes. >> the cicle look good. >> i've nevad on >>claibobo i sensi groupcty. xt t grdcumbers cause guy isingfter them wa l shoo got. was a bonng ri. t thataula and i n ndudore bonding. i'm going. >> comg u on "gma," e're talking autscar fashio. the big trepds this season. and looks thatcould dominate e d carp. e you in a bit. days ago, phil wasn't thinking about dancini. hehe thinking about his joints. bubunow heak teo bi-fle and noting a readiffffence in his joint comfort. the feelg originates in th ea... spres throughout the body... to here,
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chobanly 1 . ithe only lieek yogurt witherpreserve tlove is to.natly. it's jusa coug 9ould yco yod see har
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gi tk to me baby one of the best parts of car night is seeing e op-deaesse here i june ambrose with more. >> good mornrng. >> what are we going see tigig that cem the runway? >> i'm hoping to see cololo% everyther award show a rm m hoping f m mecor, meg.itz. iiselto see the run trep h hhecarpetetet i'lookokg for high nececk looins. lot of that. the cuutsas a brepd 'mus pyiyi tt yytr
7:47 am
what kini,of desn d you ctofeated >>weaveeen a loloofofiddle eaea eastern signers. h pe we get more. marcsa. >> we love the lookf the celebrities. but areny of therees comfortable? >> comfort, fashiois never mfortablbl comfortable. i lole the drama. loved when you sawennifer r lawrencu fal onhe aiaias dssasst itgrapd. that w mat most as f d fsses can e, ion't think t t t actrerees are cocolaining. >> i ten up us. we'll all have o eyes peeled on the the red carprp. coming up, a spepeciciscar edition of "pop news." why so of the stues wind
7:48 am
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>>alal rig. time foror an osr-thmed "popop news the and irrepresblblhaines>> dgleweet a the endndf"p." if yououct properly, might give youou some. big i have. >> >ig if. famou faces lik ladygaga, rissen bryan anston some of my favorites gathered foar weinn'part k ugh w ay sang. iappy a ain iaugg cloudso dar upbo >> h srring he sw$
7:53 am
just d with thatman.n. lov a who can dance >> s sing. me on, together? one slolo t@wiwi aundn the da floor.>> i gueue'm outf tt nng. >> youere outf theunning awhile ago. >> you lt her r hello. >> a ts ar, i will be easier than ever to experience th os dprs your favorite celebrity's point of view. instagramill host a dedicated videohannel so you canind theost buzz-worthy bit all in e plac lookor actors, stylists, photographers to alllhosos clips.thmyilapshs of theomin coming out of t limousines limoines. what'sefty time the tv steps? in w hav seen it erywre.
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7:56 am
anddae. m goioeave youith this. >> no tap. we >t'ill workrkg fome. >> thebizao world r rer dance frfr rob. goodrnrn erica. a a t coache wh if you dttay up saturdqy ght a wat g gn state andnd oklaho, shame you. me othyear sfainhenbth one wtll e w t seso lilly. gold s d two. ey trail by double figures in this one. ke durant turns it o or.
7:57 am
he'll find uodala. igdala. th free throwsp ma. tiededt118-118. steph curry. his 1th three-pointe ad - thth s40oi gaga >rg. lcolbrybeirea eric. gsoter aen wh e gee'srothto ac pr brogdon.n. nothing theyyyldo. h k liehin touch isah willnsdouble-teaead. hall withhh slam. a lot of teams that the top of the c. virginia andnd north carin right erer sfliwill be a t of f tootcown t stretc that going to do i for us. he's x.
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enjoy your nday, everyone.. radodopoce are investigin a dedely shooting i pulo whfficics happen righbefo ots re firit at a bar. and it's a story opten ld in the cil rights era.... noitit being -lived today. a massive awat k-k-k ray - - at sent zens to o il and the hospital. and it's going t tbe anotr ndndout, wh we expect r r suay funyb fost3 gooror lorado. unday, 8th. i'i'bonnnnsilkman. a loof develo news get t ts morning. t fit , want totorito shootin happened rlis morng at aar inowntown pueblo. know one man is dead and two others


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