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tv   America This Morning  ABC  February 29, 2016 4:00am-4:30am MST

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making news merica thi morning, big winners at the academy awards. the oscar goeto. >>eonarddicaprioalal inking home an oscar. >> i d d dt take tonight f granted. ank you soerermuch a hoschisk k inin racm . 'm here athe academy awards, otherwe known as the whe people's choice awards. >> a night filled with aot of laughs, surpri wins,s,nubs, glitz and amour. 're live in n llywood. and "yououvoicouvote," untdown supersday ththcandidat g gri up for the showdown. wh a bibi winin for the frononrunners w mean as na trump finds himselflfl& another controversy. wellod mmog. was he nighinollyodod hat a surprfobest picrerere at e th
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>>nd a a tse w ceing ovnigh- leardoapo takiki he e fifit oscar for his role in "the renan" >nd 26-year-old b be e rson whswept the cereni all awards season took home r ow little gold man for "room." a then ere was host chrisis rock, o immediately waded to the dirsity controversy, and e got ll covered ts morning, but we're gng t tget started right now ininolwood where our r urenyster is live e right above the red carpet. >> reporter: i im. good morningngreena anankendiu. yoknit wasasmad tt cocoeoeed the most oscar gdl and you mentioned that fst oscar for leo all a nhtht where taking center r agalong witi the folks winning awards was the broader contntversy over a lack of diversity in hollywood. >> "spotlight. >> reporter: a thoughtful film about a newswsper investigating
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priests took oscar's top prize ststight winning b%spicture. >>f they nominated hosts, , , wouldn'tn get ob. teutwas ca hoststhris rock who rerely owned the night addressing t t acacemy's diversitcontntversy out ofof ge. >> i i a danisisgirl. . >> repororr: placing black actors in papoes of seseral nominated films. >> you should get me. >> d'tor, ack@tr will. >> >eporor even lling hollywood racist. >> hollywood is sorority racist.t. ike e rho but you're not a kapap.>> leonardo dicaprio. reporft f fe ac notions, lnadiio's loeafinay ended. his gritty performance as a wounded frontiersman seeki rereibution winninhim gold for "the revant." his imssioned acceptance speech a dire warning. >> climate change is reaea is happening g ghno ie enre faci our entnte species. >>eporter: best actress as
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larson. bibiesttuphe evening, tjntpptingng aoro ridge of spies'" mark rye cory chfull of llywhey hiers d shir akandfr ok he bertg tr mowaedilm ofhe ght, not the sensive serious films that dominated thehewardrd t instead "mad max: fury road" with a six-win oscar haul. and as the oscar scsne winds b bind meatoustucucwiththieiers? well, on social media leonardo dicaprio's best actor win getetwtstserer . qh w w the m mt twted mite inscarry reena and keis. >> well, it'only bee y yrs the m mfor fant ayoknowi ess one of t t otheralked about moments the s, of course, vice presidede joe biden trododing ladya, lau reportebsutel. u kn, he camout to a a standing ovavaon and delivered
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he w w introducing lady gaga whoho was performi h oscar na "ti ihappens you," wchs fromhe cumentary "the hunting groun whicdedes with campus sexual ult,nd sheave a veemotnarfmance. she was joined on n ag abuse survivors holdldg g`r hands. they had dind d mananas, you llitonheirirs leading into that was vice presididt t den who encouragag viers d thdiceceta an anti-sexu assaultledge on a websdicateteto tha thth hasa cafor him. he's been a g g vocate against xual assaults. >> such h werful moment. it was great to see n and won n anding next to laly gaga in that moment. really inspiring. standndg ovation out there. >> reporter: great point, rea.% >> laen, thana you so much for joinus thehen ywoo to se hoseeses hoy. so, what's next?? yeah, partiti big time rit now. so, what's next for the e g nnerer well, eaeaier we talketo ipdudury insider senenedit ofofotten tomaes, grar drake.
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picture. sisy "spoight's" big wiwin?>> i was notpr. i wa delighted becse "spotlight," "the revenant" and d big short" allllaken differenawarar a a awawas season long, so it was a toss-up and atas a a ay rthy movie to win. >> and after five tries lefinally t ca wahe a lock? he was a lock. we all cthi win. it been a long time comi, and "t"t revenant" wasreat and sosoas h yea a brion, , te youe ininibletc e's s ly 2ol , pens nr he oh, what a ghghto b bold she . have so many y eat rfmamaes comg up from her. but i'reallyxcited about a big hollood movie she's going g to be ininwhh ng: skululisland >> andistory was made, of co, ano rituthe first repe winner in 65 years.0do yhink hcacamake it threee
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isarelachieved in cars ststs. and what i le about him is he's such an innovator in lm d l/ te n win three timekebecause ih guys really advavcing film and maki itfor views. >> grae, what about this year? how d es t oscars compare prus yearsast? >> i iot to tell you that even thou toscaas a v socially importantnee remo bored me to tears, you u guys >>&actlly joyed evbit the ceremon i gyou d,ut'l teteou, tcifre ones. >> thank youou ge ake t in., thyou u mucucfor joining g us. >> absolutely. >> and stay wiwi abcbcews for all the oscar coverage. ter in thihalf houclosook atathe fhihi, chris roco monologue andhe @ afr-r-rties. but, of course, we want to get to ourtherig story tt e llowth morni
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>>ruru takinatver controversial kkk endorsement. buis it tnough tslslis moment withthuper tue jusa day ay, it's "your voice, yo vo." c's s ephanie mo live e alexandriavirginiaia od morning to you, steph. >> repter: good morning to yoyo reeee and kendis. this cld be it, guys, super tueuday where 595 delegateare up forbs for t t repub and 1,015 fothe democratsn in 11 states incdin right here in virginia, and when it's all said and done, the xes checked d e llots are closed, we could be looking at nominees r both parties or not. they don cl itereruesday for nothg. on this onday thfate of thth rtiecobe decid and how weoterhasbbeen anying but typical. the gop front-runner donand trp taking insults froroall des. e n'eat, hes sweacause his pores ar clogged from the sprayayan tt he uses. >> if we nominate donana tmp,
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>> repter: trump has racked up susuort from se of the loudest names in politic an endorsement from new jersey ` goverfof chre and d teormentntrom abama's je sessions. trp is leading in most states d nowaireig on super ruesda b he sptnthekend erg questions about an endorsement may not want from ku klux anmeanzard du honestly i don't t ow davav duke. d/n't believe i've ever met him. m prtyuri dnee a a d'tnow hihihiabm. >>orr:the demoic siillary clinton has more legates and more momentum than be san aererictorys weekekd's south rolili primary, and sanders knows it teing geor stephphoplos on "thiweek" >> we gotecimated, george. g decimat >>eporr:exas, gegigid rit hehevirgia e biest opportunities for clton totoominate among african-n-erican voters and to te sandersrsearly strength among hispspics. no candidate can wrap p the
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this coue e d fo asront-rurners are expected ra tves frfr tir closest competitors. kendis a a reena, back t tyou. igstniramos joining us there fr virgininiwhe donald trump is l lding in many of the lls. r ks > d still ead, once ery fourur yearsrsleap day freies. > and more from llywd. ththca fashion and a aig ui overnight oprareo ken mistaken for whoopi goldberg. > plbreaking overnight, , bowing, crying and a alogizing, our r r fststook n american d dained ininth korea. mo hm, how about...? dad: hey halal, break a leg, huhuh girl: that's rude. pat means yououe going to do fafaasti oh! yo are you nervous, honey? a ttle.. bua sutemiih gockthisng
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clear andry st other places. breakingveveight, an american college student dein in noh kokoa r tw hshshifirsicappearance 21-year-old d totombr spoke atatewewerence in pyongyg. the univerty of virgrgia dergrad ologiz and begfoforgens fostngng banner with a politil slogan from the hotelel that's considered a crime against the ste. warmbiaithathu fe p h f then.nokoanfficiaclaiai e statemenens vovontary. syria's fragile cea-firir is holding b just barely. the governmeme andts russian liesesre a ausedeppipi up air strikeseon posision p forceshowever, the rebels say there areot a many attac as bere the ceair efct t t d ds o. th u.n. ss pns to deved to bieged rians during the lull in that fighting. anthere'e'a new call f f fgovemelalahe size of airline e at back in this countryew yk
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senator charleses schumer says passengers are being packed into plan like sardines heheayst he ll addddn amendment fufuinthe federal avavti admissi thqt uld d require the fa mim seeqreining e distanceet s sts. and d ere are dedes out there fofothosc#lebratatg a hdn this leay. u can gea freeessert saler at olive garden. pizzzzhut is offering a free personalal pizza and there is a a special deal o a doz d dgh uts at krispy kreme. l dea do que e phot i.d. e y hahay birthdayo e fofos,s,arday r thth. >okay, , reom thescars ahead. pl tpped in ttr lot ueter his as use crcjhip recelyttrein atorm
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guidasleswering .dododoicl ju o d tebeinorn . e mateof klili her an armyergeant assigno thpentagon.. ronald hamilton n also accesed of kliliisife before poce arrired wall, , andrews may takeke the stand as early as today in her civil lawsuit ainst a nashville hotel. th"danci wh e stars" st claims thtewas negligigt in allg a ststr fililher naked through a peephole. the convicted stalker will testy by video today. so wilandrews' mother who will talk aut themotionoll at the releas ofhe v ha h rautete >>m roleor t truise em of thse."." ipbyavesrlr month, , not on is thidiabkonew jeey aerri more rgh weather,rhere is pso an outbreak of novirus.s. theeruise line says thdecisisi to rnround was cause of the storm. an 87-year-old pilot from pennsnlvia has quite a
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asnto a tr nr gettysburgthe n hu nos wfour ururwhe scuers fedut to ge do. rst t spononrsrsaie man n aleverany y ngsosohey@wewen'n'in a hurryo g m downut l likik anaireo bl for e e ash. he's been ring this plane since thth'70s apparently.y. allight well, up next in "e pulse," all about the oscars, the must see moments plus s s rock's monologue. and all aboututhe fashio g hihi and misses onhe red rpet..mout but shsha ist so..kiki of li.she ididn,o o wi t prhealdvanan" ncto hhierum....r teetfrom one usinothpaste anmouthwash makes my... ..holeouth fl awesom and my teeth are stronger too. crest-pro alththdvand... rior to colgatetotal... ....n thes5 sdentis che c s s. p with est pro-health advanced.
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had to sigh thi the wildest, criest oscars totor host because we got all t t t contrororsies, no blk nominees, you know, and people are like, chris, you should boyct. chris, y shoululit. you should quit. u u ow, w co onl pled people tl yo quit somomhing? m su tre wnolalanoesofhoseea y '62 oror63, , d blk people did not protest. why? because had reathings to protest at the timem too busy being raped and lched carabt who won st nenegrher. jadadas ing to boycott the oscars. jaja boycocointhe oscars is like me bobootting r rannana pantie i wa'tnvnved. - if yanacop ere at the oscars, juststave e blaccategories like best blala
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llywood is sorority racist. 's's'se like you, rho but you'reot a kappp. becae "r"rkykytakes place inin@n world where whathletes are as gooas black aletes. so, "rocky" is a science fiction movie. >> hepdid take o orace. wegein actually mostly rave revis for e waed is expsi sject. he handled it well. ititas pretty funnynyi thought, d one of tight momts on the sw s rocdid a massr thrl octs yeah he sent out aumber them int the a aiee withy of giri sct cookies to sel the audience memaers, and they dug deep buying boxes and pasngnghem nd. rock did his part calling onhe stars to help out. >> t ta fey, get that mone - girls,`,akthat money.. tina fey righttere, right there. charzehero s, matt , okaylyyou t hi you t t .
4:23 am
come o come on.get son oh, michael b. je. chchl b.dan.yoknon wt,t, n you got engh girls. we, joan waseft emptpthanded, no girl scout cookies for him pa parently, t ey did wl. e es all right with the didi. okay, wh allhe buying wa by ters $65,000 f rock's daht girl scout tror >> gd cause >> y goojo and younow they were hury ueezing those drees ana tr to ok a asknys pole. it was a good call >> exaxqly. wl now to a slightly awkwkwmoment playing outn the red rpet and to the internet. >> okay, sohe was a a beau company that#teout t this image, ta a l lk, and it saidhad no idea was oprah was tatted meaning hatattoo wewe, as youan see, th'sot rah. whoberg
4:24 am
ter eean aloloo h,op a eon . sga gayle kingharered an image o a c csed oprah saying, we allove whoopi but we l l t al d ethi. let's stt blanet in seaam gown with floral embellishmhmts from armani. >>t up, charlize theron showing no fear lendin the redarpet with that show-stoppererf a ess from dior ugging nene is rerely a b thi. es, j'adore. st a aress wner @earson had a gucci gown withilve ban luofoo r rfles a bor t men, jared leto rocking a crion ped tedo and a red flower in place o a bow titi >> and ohaeleltrahan.>> he caneveng. mne afterg sothing. being,rrinin] t t
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fusicondn an doenomomormekk adavuk trump and hillary inton are leading instates as ey hentper tuy. >> acacollllstudththtainededrth kores sued an apolat a aews s cocoerenenenn pyongyang. to wier r id the slea titil sl from a hotel ich is condered a stile act. a nany s.e.a.l. . o protected the life of a u.s. ste is being honoredith a medal of hon. edward byars is the firsnavy man be n the naon's highest award for vavar in years. lookg at tod's weather rain in the nohwest,om sevetormhe mdl the try. mild readings fothe mid-atlanticictatete , statue hav en hded out. the ligtav fed ahe gne corked. >> o f ahe r etn fe nis hottest shinindi. here n n is somef ththr ge >>ocs for r rere az espially th started the show, i wawalike, what, did he j jt sathat. . >>et to hang out with everyby,gh, lk, drk
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>> ,ls t topigf hoywd. >> m mfavovote m mwas lear dicapriwinninand d hieech thegonyf atalys fun to watch, as well. >>heest th winni.g>>s t sond one ve be lkynougto. it m mes w winheririnc ite a bit sisrecause i havewo kids. >> thiss suchn amazing pie,nd it's so timely and so important that we remember what an assetthis is ouousociety and culture and decr >>an with h e ues charles randolph w won an oscar fofost adrafted reenplay for "spotlight." the film also won. this is probly one of thbest ghts of your l fe.e.t ity bay todaym yes d want t le>>all the ban ady felket had achied so much. >> youlutch that likyou're nener going g let it go. >> nobody is getting it. nobobo is gegeg it. >> m still very, vy overwhelmeme i kiki of okedntndnd
4:29 am
ohthis looks likan oscar and i can't real wrap myead around it but it's acally jt w wdedeul, and i'i' happy t herw)th mylococogues pey oututebrara tonight. >> imeans everybododwho ys great money to come here and esway tisfied and wants tot come back next year but we deliver thgood ran io harry coick jrandd w iurd inta 15-year-old rl and played with mymyha a a and he justst codn't be more chaing. i gotretty starstruck when danielay-lewis ccamam out of is party whe he w, and i so of st t iliti4i4 sak a a msb thankfully was there and was able to spspk on my bebelf a mp me. >> alwsyfun seeing celebriti get exciteto see o oer leitieie >> always fun to see them atat those nice parties as s ll. >>t was great night. i still han't worked up the courage to s s "the revenant."
4:30 am
carully. cedi thar.r.>> tt's at makin ananthe os es t... spspghghit was b b night at the academy awards. . we'll l ke a look at o'o' taking he th golden statu ' i'll hyour ststorecast... one e ebmily is looking for answebis mo...bfter theison was rded in pu. the laststn at theity's ct attorney is planning to do out e numbmbmbf shootings inhesteel ci plus. the ce to e white e u ah sertuday. at ndid ing g inin& v v n lodod a ze ototr states. good morning lorado it's 4


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