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tv   Good Morning Colorado  ABC  February 29, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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incue: and black ople did not prest ... outcueueto care who won bebt cinematotoa pher pllll es fuf dstars. an rors re othth gh.ahe cus heversity te. e are chges t air today!y! 're toave mild trare mornbut tonight. i'll let you expect. anthe firsti...we'relking rect to the self- and renthood ter. man n admits tkig ys..en asked if he hay guil y. go mnini
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clcls. anarinortodathy a loof cloure mon.itbeil unth ternn. e coart se a few atrere erhe liv loutsi fr or netwtwtwcara . orm acke 'sacone is in e her cent noacking ach by? ad-lostoabby..weher on 1 1 1 totoy:goin toe mi zy d d i soututrnrn lorara wit s ing into the 50s d 6060 wil clouer a guy imes. regellbe elevated for me red ngs gog inff omoon 6 p.m.or sther elaso,ueand frt unti. ds onally thicn up int e ten uer level systdeacrossn ra. otn shers for e weioth sttowow the hig country lle tou thrnn. ill t ow on'tt r veonhe ows e atd
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a in sy cothads orn w slhyre not out of t t quon by esy rn ex tuday d weesdawill guates but atur llm ans ll beble iday, before anothefront slid tough fridayht gi anoer slight chancfor s mainin er a near the moununins. everyone is waki up a t holwood fevethis rng. peopll over social memea ar melt...becaus e leonardo caprio finalal won osc
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tiplust surin th sportinr go c's er raps hooodsgg ards nit. scpt: nats "spstlighta thoughul film about a newsper --vestigatinin g sex abuse by b/bn's tholic priests- k oscaras top prprpr lastnight--winni g best picture. sot - chris rock: if they nominated hosts--i wodn't evenet this b.ut i i wawaca host--chris rock--wh really owthe ght--add ssg academs ve@rsit ntrs y-ight out the gat na: lm rody: i'thda ac ac acrsn paes sel nomid lms. n fiary: yosh me. n't rr blk asut enca lld is" - s ckhoyworor st's li wlike you rhda t yore not a ka acti nomition -leonard dicaprio's losing ak--final ly ended his ty manc e as wound ontiera n sein utio
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"tna"--hi impassione dire warning-- sot dicaprio climate real. it is gh it gereat fa ourenrerere specs. best aceses-as edic-w ent 's'se . e biggt upset the ening--the suppting ryce---- a cagorychk fufu avy hitters. and "theish vikand took home best suppti actress. but the most ard li of e nit--n the ive, seriwis fis donatete the awards--but instea-mad max fury --with a siwi oscar haul. lauren lyster t: and as the osr scene winds dogogo nd me -- wh moment stuck with viewers? we, on social media leonardo dicaprio's st actor wi gerated more than 0-thousa eets per minute - tha was the most ted moment of an oscar telecast ev -- beating e prevus recorl set when ellen deneneres tweeted s studde selfie when shwa host. uren lysterabc ne, hollywoo t, the convertion of bu the conversation of
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osrs stole the all eyes were adadessed wh's being "o"oar so white" controversy. party in colora springalso toote.they called the awards one of the most politically- ceremonies seen. a screeen- anles says she sees problems in it comes to crti fis. "this is a second year in a row that nobody of lor, or hardly any diverse peop, have been nominated for anything." chris rock also revealed that he was prsured to qu t sw, and, thought about it before ultima deding that he could gaingrear influence the host. controy is frfrtrunner r donarus swing tions abou inendo theme ad of e whe suemicgrthkl kl kn. k-leader dake s he's png his supporhind trump' campaign.
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he would reject the grp' support.. trump inity said h wod have to do som search... i don'kn an aut david duke, okay? i don't kn anything about what you're even talking about with the white premacor white pracists. yesterday, trump ma up his mind abo the tuatio he tweeted that he do reject thehe supporof the former-k leader colorado voters wl head to caucus sites tomorrow, along with more than a dozen other stes.. r super tuday. and democratic presidenal candidate bernie sanders just de a campaign stop in fort collins... drawing more than six thousand you suppters sanders hosted a rally at colorado state iversity's moby arena. he spoke about social issues that resonate witholge voters... sander visit comes one day after hillary clinton topped sanders in the south carolina primaries. 's c cnch time for the presidential candidates. super tuesda is tomorrow. colorado is one of twelve states in which vote will go out and make their voices hear krdo
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us live... with look at why it so o rtt r them tget a win in our state goodorng dana. good mng dana and jon. cacaidates on both sides big daahead d tomorrow. though the way they caucus different. on the reblan side... colorado on't teor one o the ndideses 'lchoose legates,hich willltat chse a wr.on t cr si...voters wi choose a caate. ich mes s s either hillala clinton or bernie sanders ll win the uc in ou ste. sanderma a final push in fort colns this weeken ....hopingo tract colle ents. his op in northern colorado shows he knows how rtant it is to win e ntennial s order to remain in the ce. current polls show clinton ahead of sanders. and trump is leading on the rereblicanid colorado is a closedaucus,s, that means independent vors w't voti. only regigied des and rereblicans can
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both pties on our r bsite, do dotom look under the hot button. porting ve... na moli, do newswswsne. okg ahead to torw.w. there zensnsaceses for coloradodo democrats to get out and ucus. manyites a schl buildingin southern lorado ucuses starat sen lock...but sis asthat you the earland place before i alstar. yon find a a liststf plac to us oour websit krd docom. comingp on morng cocorado...... accucud planned panthood shoote on whhe doesnsn want a laywer. incue: lisn to me ... outcueout ba any ofhem." fothfirst ti in years.... sohehe colorado fam isakin wit roof over thad emenus effortrom local organizaono ma it l happen. we're looking ahead to elevated fe danger this afternoon with spotty showewe
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joinusn orng colorado. here's a look atasou wake up this morning.
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toe ld a breezy d i i soutrnrn loraith hightting toto the 50s d 60 it will cloudier and gusty at t tes. fire dgewill be elevad for somewith red flagarning going gnto effecec fromomoon n 6p.m.or southern aso, pueblo d fremont countiescldsds winually thickeupnt afternrnn an upuer l lel syst sdes ro southern rado. otty rai showers fothe r r atnsns wi spottsnow ininhe hcountry wiwi be through the afternoon. rainilturn to snow tonight, but it w lt for very long. the showerll be scatred and d shshld endp being therlight, howow patchy aas wha dug of sw ver ros or even few slushypots a not out of the quesony tuesda mornrng. exteesy and wedneswill eing y at teses t erures ll wm 6060d 7070willbe posble by fridid, before a.other front ides tououfriday nht bringingngngth ig chancfofo showers mainly er and near the mountains.
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for ose born on a l've been waiting for a long time tolelcat w soso b namemses@sntntntmtmf ayaype. fi o whehe leapapayayayay rlhdays ca score a couple awesomeme
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locked up yoyo tire life.and filly being able to walk free. mo than ndd furry fries e geinthat chchchche& howlthe pu we rescue..ananan
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e e i 6:--. thks f ining o good morning colodo here's'uk you u4e morning. een@10 momohsn e making.. and w do ringfamily has a brbfmovan and her daughter lyssa... now have a placeceo lili ts to habitat for humaty. sund, freesdan milypcelebrated with thfamily..o mgnghth ficial paperwork kn frid. . the was ilt ground up , with helphrivt nal." habitat says it's an honor to@o help those in ed. it is a
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community partrshipi knowing at we are leading r les as we' been taught to hene another, to believe in another, and say hewe'r' hereo y u.let build a hous tother. @ th is the final home of 37... in the women stas neigod at is completely constructeby habitat fo humanity. you mighth to shell out more cas have tt fa tato sneynd in liforn awais e ba tiets mand..wh pendonhe me of e ye. ticket prices will shoot up to 112 doars on peakays cles most of december, spsp breqk weeks and weendsn july. a mbol move for starbucks - the coffee giants taking tamericano, to the home of th caffe. abc's ndis gibs and reena ninan ve the detailin this
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arcks al cfee anstbus is finly ready t ke its americaned version oflian coffees back to ity, with its fit outletet open in early 2017ox office- marvel's antihero blockbuster "deadpool" continued to dominate north american mov thears over the weend, earning anestymated $31.5 llion in its third week and best newcomer "go of egypt." leap day deals- leap day is here and there are plenf deals out there to celebrate. thtimew 6:. than for ining us on good mng lorado. here's a look at as you wake up this morning. today: it's going to be and breezy d in southern colorado with highs gettg into the s and 60 it will be cloudi and gustat tim. fi dangewill belevatefor so, with r flag warnings going into effect om nooto 6 p.m. for southern el paso, pueblo and fremont counti. clouds thicken up into thafrnoon as an upper level syst slides across southern - corado. spotty rai showers for the wer elevions with spotty ow in the high 's aoo atas you ke uis morning. leapay ihere t ther cebrat
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thks f f ining us od mni lorado. here's look at as y wake up is mornrng. y:t's going a ldnd breezy day in utcolodo highs g e 50and d s. will be ou and sty times fianger willbe evad for some, withed flag warngs ing inffect nn to 6p.m. fouthern el paso, pbl d fremon counties. clouds wi contily thicken into the afternn as anpper level system slides across southern colorado. spotty rain
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r elatns with spotty inhe hh h e ternoon. rain will turn to sn tonightbut it won't last for very long. t t showers ll be scattered and should end up ght, however cover thros not out ofhe tuesday morning. extended: tuesday d wednesdall end up being gusty at times, butemperures possible by friday, before other front slides through iday nig bringing another slight chance for showers mainly over and near the mountains. ad-lib wrap wiwi
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w,et's econour commut ewews erert kr newswsdio,05050505 and 124am with yr r fic. ad-lib traff e ept t"me, thenrerers w wh ilitito o& sesese chae e e& e.@. the e& i ompy sshe dwdwal dog rcue wiuthehe dogs up fo adopti bufirs t bebe ed, , meananmp ers loaded t ala,a,e brght t uo ot tep.p
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`eog, id l c haani sa , , that. we e hao veve`& mpanththrl us h-v5 n eethth h tore eewin ,phual and ble shy. a tsro kss g so brangthrl o. uthecolodo counit wa uppininshocto.. ururng the of ununann n much too@on. a towns reactis cond m mher ofofheear. it's a sht we'red t senglate.... hoananher state is dea b br-slidthat. ngtoh tr. ok a.. -
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mony 's-,onda febrry9th. i'i'n oli'danaclens. unty of rgia student ta i nortrefo two mo, is talkg rs me..anmaconfon. otrederick warmbiconfesse a ti aheccus ofryinstl nnerorn aipocal an t w of h pya
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to "pe,'vmadehe t stakak m but ease asave me.lethofy milynorean officis y thth coerence was ldt his re t n cleaif he was t eathe nort gome legermbienag by ive ivty et c-i- viin mi is urning....tete anfficer was ot kd work heveiroverhe ween oer eyuind was shot kied sdadu hir y on job. poce ses sincbeen eda memomoalauoritiey ofcer gun d otr ofrsre shot whil reondingo stic ase ll. nehbor ysd e .. "i the oicerlyg the
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offi re s inci arected reco cee t su aafafea hamil a sight 'vmed seeing id on major in anothebi on shutting -aess t nne. sl ockeoff 75 i fy...ti it inotdidectio e pe say thsle afctededig sepatets.p no.. officis sa ulke eks le up theess.drerhave ri tgh han hof tour swinges towehel wao on toour t y oinge wiwee e innotice bf changeside y. weldee a few afn sherte on. re's llosi om o o neigho ather neork mera sttrker y on vin th weatce ackillhe
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ad-l-l tto ..aton 1 s bmindeeayn sorn colodoh h s gettintoe 50s an60 wl be di and st t firegell bevated fo , wi r flagarnis goint frto m.or sn el and emon ticlds continu keup int thn uer lstem slideac sthercorado. sp r showerth lowe ttttow t h y be ssib tough the ten. ra wo ow tbuon l lfo ryg.hewill be scatred ldnd up & rath ghowevpa aas whera st ofmay cor the ros orn w slhy not he quony tuday ing. tend tuesy anandnesy wi d upng gustes, t ates ll warup 60d 70s posblby idaybefo anhefront slesou friday nhtbrinngngth slhtnce foows maea e motas. comi unext oomorng colorado ... the rv we've all wawug to wordrrom moh of serod, guil mrer. at rob dear sayenkeabout the revictwhliveve loack id. the - im ned ntho shoote krhe hnouiltit'seen ree montce t oongs blfrid.. wherree pe we sh dea a nine o
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atpened ov andear ththmountas. ming up xtononoomoing do.. the rvie we to hr. fr the mo a se-pclaimed, il mder. swhwh d abt rectims whs s were
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thlfpr planned parentnthood
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krdo t tt he has no g. it's been thre nths since t shootings on blacfriday... where ree e pele wersh dead, and ne other weret. a have ieto undmtaat hpened d....perhrhs theris norse haisee..robeea in cour thmedihiec h haan'sigwek -- why ul gan mitted kililr r me? e reas - fins. krew chne13's atheskolspokwi rorort. ask:hahaou e imim 9:59thu ny gu: i doha any gu i in r.robe dee e lf- la plan pantho oor,maant -55eathdo u value lide"o co! 's y i itkill asad 3,000." phone interview.... bert dear calls os who ed on black frid.."casualtie of" .. 09 her " the nanas
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mamaovsky, or 'arrewt aintoou?"r: ea t a im9:22 her thvet importt?" " arel in thehs s nn caal. e nna nathhud lliobiat we kiedthat nobody lks abouobody prtsm,m, eye voe, our cotion ss avthght to l lertyndput es :31 t ey nnif markov e ar two en. ther are x dr tha mhe who wa tsathoskidsds dear"i aea swer esti abo emeaer: hat do y to e ds?"ar"i yingth toheirs. hehedoou nore d cabt t s. ireut nt bod innood allsebi there llg, a llthba pa tt's caust. thaha an atrocit 9 yot t chdren do & not pa?"ear: "i adsw tquesoncleary
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alabouw` . pau ll. o, lln abortion or ae ctor bodyuaua. ( w nvted an the th inje 6:54eaer: r.e!r,ld youelchriia ar: h,eah. i'iabee acally meg ry sabtinojustalk nojulay e me07:0 atowo yoelut 10 coandmen l a riian,nd i on 10 mmants its ot ll? ar: "at , o not erdnurde i@."( 8:42 lis t t obt's kith's th te quesonif re kli to veives, thth dfe story muin pet incenti diit savli" hisrant. spoke about idt oba...s ri thethofti toni alia.. 1 d`ndknha
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sticcaa? he- - t wa tar about th. i oublacfray. n're outs autia i dot ca -- th .. rob arg he onane s al et hbe ptpon d withth.... r ar hung heon uate mecoeten h been posontirc he f ts ininin mu..
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eeayn put lora whighs inintoan60s. wbe dind gustimfiangewi bevad fo sowi red agnigoininfft fr nto m. ser elo,bld front un. wi connuthn i anevsylis ssththcococodoottyai erfo eleviothposn unwie poouafilrn sn thtt on'tasr veryonhe shers b atred d shouldnd buinra lit, howev pa are whe st sw ver e ros or e efew hypo are ouof t es b
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mo nd: esdaan wedny will enenen bguatim butempates willm . 60anwill be pe friday, forere anotr r ont idayayight gigi anoth showers s inly and nr the mountains.
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it was all smiles dg last nig's academy awards...but it was a very dierent story just outside the venue. this gro was noppy about thosca last night.t. wha theyto change for next year's nominen an democratic candidatbernie sasaers wants those inin colorado to el the bern. how histop at fort cn's stery migh
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th ie dddnewsannel 13 poweblock..... 1313inin of non-stopew anat d osra to ......t.t. hollyws est is ovovanere's a tch of oscalder he's rec of wook home gden hoywowd' t ni ov, anere's a n%w babaof oscar holders. here a recap of who t tk home a golden stat: spt won be picture. leond dicaprio finally n st actor for "renant." brrson w bebe are foooo b%btdireort to alero arri who dehistorby winng tba sesor thar buthe e didiy dedete allyk e lilit last night. ck
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soar e" contntntrsy. i'heret the y ds herwkn as thwhite peoplele choice e awards. protestors eveneneld a rally overheac color at t cars....gaeri ng outside the dolby eater in los angeles ahd of the cemony. the oup was tryingo popot outhe fact that all acting nonees w w white - for cmnd year in a row. l eyes across the cotr- enn soutrn cololodo - we're on thecacaso whitet contversy screreers a wat partytyin cor ringngalsotook noticic they calaldldldld e e4dsdsne ofofhet politica charard cerenies ever se. sc wt f geles says s s sees problememinin hoywood on a dadabas,s,he it ces t eaeang d dse fis. ust bee yoy're not wte n't mean ur sto i't eroror imantol. owlotoofof, ud lf aold thth. us o ep ititke making fil
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d,houg t t befe timatedeng tha cod d ear flflncncas ho. . ououse e e ear or wao re-le thexp]rice u n urcady ards verage on our website,rdo dot co friends and family are mourng the loss of a 26- year-old homici victim in eblo. police say vin clark was shot outside of f a bar on e ehth and maine e,pueblous ter one sunday morning. two ototrs were shoho but are in the spital recovering police say 're still looking r the shooter.r.a fight bre out near the bar and that's w wn shwere fired. frfrs of clark sasaey're stned d d theye tired of so mucviolence in pueblo. they're tired, they'r'rtireof e e rt andired of the pain the pueblo county d-a reacted to the news, too - promising to brinina baot measure to the council regarding public safety, saying in a letter to council - quote this mt come to an end and need yououhelp, your pririry duty i ito pubc
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is sorely being teteed rht now. switching gears now - you'll notice a bit of a change in the weweher today -- the clouds are taking oveve could en see a feferain owers this afafrnoon. here's a live look outside from our neighborhood ather networcamera at . storm trke 13's abby acone is live in the weather center now tracking all the changes - - abby? ad-lib ts to abby...(weather ons today: it's going to be a mild a ee day in utrn lorado w wh highs getting into th50s and 60s. it will be cloudier and gusty at times. fire dangegewill bq elevated for me, with red flflarnings going into effect from noon to 6 p.m. for southerer el paso, pueblo and fremont counties. clouds willontinunuly thicken up into e afafrnoo ppevel system slis acss sther colorado tyn owe
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ininin high untry wi ibibough the ten.n.&inrn to onig, t it w't last veonon t t owerc2 bsctered sh end up ing rather ligh howev patchy a2eas ere a sting of snow may cover the roads s even a few slushy spots are not out of the estion by tuesesy -prng. tended: esday ynd esday will end d einggusty at times, buteeratures will warm . 60s and d will beososble by fridbefo anher ont slidesough friday nht bringing another slight chance for shers main over and near the moins. p ib wrawith& ose
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eck ou comike lew is ov o, 1.5 fmfmnd 10 wi you sa fic. adib tic a co fpark ide...ado a coup from
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o lein dos tytyty happeneon ghghgh;3r ann ayight stattroooors say brn an jajaehr di afteing wn f ei morc joph ol rado ngs al hit.d is recoveng f inries. state patr puty stedina noz suspn drunundrg d vehicur homicide. a cocorado springs woman is under ararst after policeceay she fired a shotgugqat h h huhuand. he tolol@police he was dring away from their me after a fit rly sunday morning. . police arrested trae burkey...who being cused of atatmpted murder. her@husban has minoniinjues from broken glass, but wanot hit a bullet. a memorial service is now t for thpark county sheriff's dety, shot and killed while serving an eviction notice. lookinahea that service is scheduled for nday, march 14th. family, frnds and community
6:55 am
rporalalate carrigan. the rvice will bat 11 inthe morning.. the ititbible chapel on wardrdroad in ararda rporal carrigan and two other officers were ot w ile seing an evictiti notice in bailey.. 75-miles northwestf lorado spriris. corado governor john ckenloopers expected to take a big step launch a ferally funded cleanup of almost 50 old, aking mines in south western colorado. hickenlooper is set to endorse e a a perfun zone. the environmenl precon agency wowld oversee the project...bu n't proceed withououconoent from the gogornrn locacaofofcials. locals in silverton and san juan c cnty have a aea ked for supeund status after ree million gallons of orange, toxic water contaminated the animas riviv lastugust. colorado ters will head to caucus sis s morrow, along with more than a dozen other states.. fofoper r tututuy. and democratic presidenti candidate bebeie sanders justst stoxped in colora to rally young supporters. in y decision 201 coverage:
6:56 am
hosted rally at coloro ativerty stht. he spokebo socicis atonat wiolge vo... gehier edatn n ama ould benish'"'" ndercoonday after hiaqy inton toed saers heuth rolinananapries. wee ony tututuy... a a presenti candides. tomorrrr.r. colorado ver e ma throout t t cotrtr maktheivovo he kr nechan13'sda molina joins liv wyth lk aheaat bday tomorrow. ng nanagood andondefinitely y.5959delaga e upbs foreicic 5 r moat tomorr.. blicicvorsrs co wl ...t eyonacale choosi onef ndid. eyeyl lega whi willimely chseinner. r cr..t's ert. caucucoe will acty mama cice eehiy clinn bere sasaers. r n$er
6:57 am
withe ntenalta o at ie racerrt lls showowlion aheaeaapp teadinon the@ rereblan s colorado is a closed caucus, th mea independndt vors won't be votingly registered democrats and republicans can participate. you can nd your caucus location for our website, krdo dot com. hot button. repoing live... dana molinakrdo newswsanne13. it's expected that somete th week, we will hav officialord on peyton mning's decision to retire. that's from a denver post report. the article says thehf gendararq-b willllnnounce at he's ending s cacaer. however, the brons have t confirmed the report ....the vice p psident of icelatatns sayiyg on twitter that tyon has not deciced on his future. the plan remain u uto him to continue talks with the team this week.
6:58 am
deadlines s approainfo ththbroncos - this o with von mier 's not expepeed to reach a lolo- rm deal before tutuday'y'deadline for use franisisgs. if a deal ist d,iller wod gee frchisg.thonco d miller t b lkg about a ngerm de. teamn gn frfrispl....hod a e-year guantesa. r mier wobee an4 lliododos r the 6 seseon pueb cnty rms say eywo ououousing so o er r partrs athe pblo chien port aks me th farme`about ci an i iate bobo program.m. the colodo rrtion industri is discussing reducing0 offend labor program by 2 percent thisis year. you can read more in the puebhieftain. it's time to seu how you wake up colorado... melissa sent us this picture.f. an amazing shot o pikes peak seen
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toee h you& wake up colorado... send y yr r pictures to wake up colado krdo d d com... you cacaalso tweet them to us or post t em to our facebookpaget krdo newschannel 13. be sure to use the hashtag ke up colorado... comi u uat seven-n-.... thehe pueb cit county hlth partment is taking a look k new body art regulatis ... whwh you can give yr int on the proposese chges. lets get a check on your commute
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> mama.chs@ r saling ththe spsp the`ecarsrs well,'m het e ade dserwinoshe iteeos chohce > facing divsitybackcksh heon ou'r dnhtood's st >> l lnanao dicacaioly eaea thr win. io tak tononht f f ted. aty a ow-spping p rfmancnc hap to o happpp you peso t moenugevyotheiei. >>a rstararecepor ld trururu>> wow, iss amazg.g. commandnd a massiverowd inamam facing fire fmmllidesfter fag tomn kkk.>>otot only ishat wrong, it makes him unectable. >> but can anying stop the front-ruer's surge on the campaign's biggest day yet? and isillary clinton on the


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