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tv   NEWSCHANNEL 13 400  ABC  February 29, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm MST

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kill thebabies at's what planned parentd does he's known for his court outbsts.. and even admitting to shooting and killing three le in the planne parenthood shooting. we're asking robert dear... what about the victims? it was a daring g g hostage rescue eration...ow a vyvyeal l ivg one the e e 's highest honor r r s bravav detailontoday's medal of no good afteoon and thananyou r joining usor four.. i'm heather skold. and i'rob namnoum. the dry itions and strong winds.... making the conditionse for the potential of fires. we a unuer a red flag warning totoy. e whpiund out ere. near downtown colorado springs. ees swing g& in the wind... you can e how easi how strong wind ca
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one quick burst. you'reaking a liveveook at conditions and tempererure storm tracker 13's chief meteologist rachael plath is tracking theed flag warning. ng winds this afternoon kicked up the fire nger in southern colorado, but the wind is expctctdie down as a co front move throh totot. mo wilbe noticely cooler, but it should stay dry r mo. i'll show you how longhese dry conditions wl lastoming up. taking a loooo
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a woman who police say f fed a gun at her husband will be in nrt tomorrow. trieurkley facing arge atmp mumu.r bubuy' and told 0 police he wa driving away fr their home afr a fight early sunday morning.... when she ot at his car
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haminor injuries from broken gla but was not hit.t. p colodo springs police are loingnfor re men they sasasabbbb a ore lastight it happened in the 800 blocofmomo strtrt.polili sayo weapons were mened or seen. if you have any information... you're asked call springs police at 444-7000. richt was in court today. he is the man accused ofof sesual assualt on a chi.. todaay cora nglilili say jacob and urtney rah- richchthied entncing a 14 t ye-old into a seal lationship. ththcoup liveveinin apaptment i` t t area osout 8tstreet and fordane a thme of ththr ar. policeayhe coup mayav oked her ildren foseal encocors m& frieies snd mimire ururng t victct of weend homicide en lo. . polici s s s6- -oldldevin clk was s ot tside a r on eighth and maine in p pbljust after one sususungng tpototrswewe shout e in ttt hospsp veri. .
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ar bndthat when@s fired. frs of clararsatheh'r ( stunned and theyeyd of so much viencete in pblo.eye d, ey'r'rtireof thhurtnd t)t%t of the pain the pueblo county d-a acacd to the news, too - promimimto bring llot ueto the council regardinblic sasety, a tter t t ciquququ- this mu ctoto an end and i need your help, your primary duty is to public safety apd is soly being r rhththttw.w. & the self- oclalmlm plned parehool shooter tells t dheheaslt. . it's been th months since thehe shootingonblack friday... whe ththehp-ople were shsh d d d and nine other were hurt. we all have tpied understand whatappeped day.... perhapapthis no undersnding to be had. this past week. robe dear, in c, , vid t e di to s himim bebause he h an e clusive, sesr fe. 's aightro
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adtttdiller time? the only reason -- to find answer i spoke with bert dear. to ashzt abou the viv? 9:59 heather "do haveny guilt?" d ar: "no, i don't haveny ilt. i'm'mn a wa robert dear... the self- proclaimim planned parenthood shooter, rereins adaman-- 55 heather`rdo you valife?" de: "of course! that's's's's'sy i did it. i lled three a a i ved 3,3,0." ininisphone e ininrview.. robert dea lls s ose o o ed@on black fray.. "casualties of war" .... 9:09 heather "do the names garretsw, , jennififif markovy, or ke'a'ae ststarar- mean anynyin to y y?"?dear: "yeah, thohohore vis." 9:22ather r ere their s not imrtanan" arz2z2"w"wl, i ia wawata u gogoa a a e hud million babies e e e e , obododtalk t,t,obody represents tm, eye nono b betetetet constiwu h h he right life, liber and iness?" 10:31xher garrt asayayififif daovpkndnd rre art
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childr. t ere ararsix children withtht a ther aother. dyou ntnto those kids? dear: "i alrlrdy answered that question about her:`:` hahado y y y y y7y7y7y7y7y ar: "i not - sang anynyg heiririds." heatatd? you nodd "i care about a t ofofhings. care euthoceceodod innocentlood of allhose babies they're killing, andnd lltneir r s. t - holocausushat't't' an a a ay. 11:09 heather not care out six chdren who nod#haveve papant?" $ear: " alalad erer t t tquestion." cleaeaea dodging ququtions. dearalkekeke ababab roro ... paul hi... who, killed an abortion doctoronbnbepdodoorororbouard hill wicic gin e le ininctctctct@t: :
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ofourse i'm a christia cause actually ----ththg to trytototop aboronon nojualk and d d d not t stlay y e ga."."." 8heathehe"hohyou ffelelbobobobo mmananents,2 y y yalyoyosese christia andndf on t t0 c-mmandments its do not ki? dear "acty,y,y,ys, o o t murdererer&&diurdrr. killll42 deaeaeaeaea"k"k"k"ks not th m.m.t't't'o u kill. thatatat e --hahae eseson. if re k k kng to save lives, ah, 's a difififntnt ststy y y mug oplehaarar inince. i di . . ok esiden ..nd theses he dea titititi ninisc 1 de"andou ow what? rere something sese for yo tpu0mcojustice, scalia? heather - i don' wanto ar out at. i want to talk about blk fridayayi dododo$p$prereboou thou abo scalia. i don'ca- -& anwiwiwi
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dearhehe one. anate e e ntal coenenasas en ptponed until march. fac 1797979 counts. . cludinin mumu. attempted muer and ast.t" vs to plead guiltl ming up krdo newswswsnel 1 at tene. we' ving a aetired f-b-b!b! yzphone e llll a aa w-igh-in onlnls s pmpenteney.y. urururururl . eedidifoeadecharged d witi sexual asast toto chubb isisacg chars s rape anananussesealontata. from an incide that wbs reported in
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september, butut wawacoinind d jue. ananananedcoller faceded a judge i a da eaea rinald d maininehind ithoutut 32-1r-olol rgrgrgrgrge e rd of his wife - as well as a rookie police officer juststnenene@ after shshwawawawa n . authors say y fifir ashlhl guiuionand two othehehe responded to a 911 call reporting domostic abu sasard.. en ty arririd, officicis say hanene fire. so- t. hnathahapek ce wam coune pt. hen n`ws me esurgrgy y she passsshat t t defininini hitits?s?e e rected it at alalb, investststs ununltlt dsi the ho. s 11-yearrd sososos also inside, but unharmed. the prosecor sd he'l'@wikeke s the death penalty against halt. a memorial service is set r the pa cocotyheriff ty, , ot andndndndlledevuiui seserving g g evivtion notice.f oking ahead,
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th family, frieanancommuny mbmbmbwill coco tether toonor cocooror igig. the servrv wille at 11 in the rning at the faith bie chapel on ward adarvada. . corprprpiganannd two other officirs w shototle rvinan 0 evicon noticic bailey.. 7mimis rthwest of cocoradodo rings. r r r first timel l l ctive duty membeof e e as ce t medal ofonor nini chief special l l are operator edward byers, jr. is a member of vyvy fam sealeam six. 2, he e e e p rtipipedefn a r r rththscscscananan amican ststini& anisn.&&&&erus his body as a shieie rotect the stage fromive while multaneousus bdng anotr taliban fighter.todada esent ob prprprted byer with the nation's hightmilit%t% honor ^ . cacaing him a onsummate ieie prsionon. . nior chief spl`warfaroperat earbyers, jr r us navy "my entir lifi iived ay quiet and
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witt this award is not something i asked`for i`s 3omoing that a oup of peoeoe put t t r andn oughth my onshthatatatat were desving ofofhis award.d.d.d. sesend nav al to enter the building containing the&& hostu' thththt` entntnwas shotot and d lled. ( the ctctct wh& nt w wte a aook k abababhiororal. & yeaea oll s is t sipth@h sealalo o ceive e ththmedahohoho andndnd enth lservice efmbmbpbdto rececvevet for r r actions in afghanistan. 11dogs are getting their rsrs of f f freed eyspspt eir lili ppy mill and w w 're in colorado with a a seco chahae atatife. the e gs arerer rom p ppy m mls acro thehe mimiest.t.t. the natititi mimi d d rescue wi p t tse gsr opopop. but fifif.. t dogs wili vaccinated, groomed and pamperpavoluners aded d d d animana a one && g/brout
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whe t ththlittle dgy, shsh ididet'salher haven and d saididididi th. we are happy toto haveer a thththam thd to us n is named r r vovonteer thatsl2his battle to cancece llp have hehe and becece# luluhy. this group thinks this dog can al bring em cfofo too. w adifficult coutfoa denver driver... how he ended up on the wrong g g g sisi oe roadad.and h to fefe foris ownwn life near0 0 0 s s are about to get a jocleanup.explai how w rn@
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rning. after truck nt o the edge of terstste5 5 d arlylylyng into the souou platte riviv . police s t t dreras a ae e e toto wutptthth cab under his own power. he was treed r minor injuries a aa alal afrwrwds.s ers were then left t sk`k`kllininthe e
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anananre a liveveook at i-2 roro cocoitit f meorist rachael plath ere rachaeaeplplh isaking a lo a ame changes you can expepe ththt the nd wl die down tonight, allowing erires drop. a a ld frontnt vethrough ovght, and thatatilke s slightly cooler tomorrow. it will l mostltl cldy througho the$ dautt`should stst d d on tuday. your colorado spring 7d7d forecast sho mu warmer weather on wednesda but that wilco th a lototot wind! ur pueb 7y shows s on dneses pfrfrfr. n ty 7day forereststhows teeratures i thth70s byby sundnd. your tell countnt 7day fecast t shows s s s inthth40s and for the nextseve with a anceceor ereroniday ynd momoay. rachael on set thank you rachael
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colorado governon john hickloloer i i lalachina fededelly fund cleanupup a aost 50 old, inmines inin south wester colorado. ckoper endnrsededhe super-fundndonon today .. vironmentml protecti encyould ere the prpr..but& eed without consent
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governor andlol ofofofals. localslsn siertoan san juanou have alrdy superfun ststus after thmimiion gallons of orange, toxic last august. ( it w night of full of memories. we'lshow you some of the e major moments from last night's the focus wasnsn just on wiwiers. loradodo lovers t td abouth year's
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the oscarsre er b sia mea stillll zzininabt the wierd upsets of thnit. krdo newschnenenes danale reraps the biest awarar night in today's p news. . it was a nighto reme there weresome surprising upsets.. soso n n brainer wins ... and lear diciprio nay y an oscar. his grty performanc e as a wounund sma n seeking retribution-- winninhim gold for "the revenant"--hi s impassioned acceptance speeee--a direre warng-- t - dicaprioclimime change is realit i i hahaenin rit w. it t& is the most gent tpreat facing our enen ecics. a
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nt t script: nats: "spotlight( the moe spotligh.. thoughtful film about a newspaper --investigatat g see ostos s caolol priests won be picturere so- chch rock: 9 ty note hos--i uldn't evenenetethis job. but2i2i s oscar host--ris ro--who realal owned the night--addre ssssg g e academy's diversity y cororors y-ht o outut of t t gate.nats: fifi rody: m the dani the danish girl. placing black acrsn paroroes of severa minate films.s. natat fi parod you shld get me don't worry blk na. wewe will. even calling hollywoooo "racact." sot - chris rock hollywywd d is sorority y raciststit's lile we ke you rhonda. . but you'u' t a ppa. ---- on diciprprpr be actot win s th ststkeout nt e ni social mia -- gerating rerehan 444444ound tweets p p minute. as actuly the mo twted moment`t an oscar st everer anks dana. at w even
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media win --hen that win even beat oul thenext best social media win -- when ellen denes took tar- uddededelfie while shshhostst the ards. the convnvsaon ofl who wanonoonon stagagathe ososrs stole mef e light st night. l es were on cedian chs ck as he drse what's being called the "oaro white" controversy. scenwriters scar's watchch party inn corado spriris also tookotice. they callele the awards one of the most pocally- charged cecemonies ey'vever seen. a screen- er fm los ansays she sees problems inin hollywd onon dailbasis,hen it comes to creating diverse films. "this is a seconon year in k row thatobody of color, or rdly any diverse ople, have been nominated r anythihi."
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that h hs pressutoto quit the sw, and, thougug about i before mately decidingnghat he could gain greater inflflflflasashe stst if you missed thosr or want to re-l-le the experience, u u n find all of o acacamy ardsds verage o oououou website, krdo dot c/m. not every movie w s happy to tate home an award this ekenen fifty shshes of grey was the big winner at this year's raserezez awards with fifi ns in e awawds bigge tego. e zzie celebrate supreme uvderaraieveme nt in film. tenically, theiribirthdayayay havery four yeaea... but th are born on leap ar sti havava reason to lebrate. the cost of & your family vacation to disn thememe parks coululbe through the e roof...dependingng
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we're not u ed to seeing it on the calend...but here iisis agn.brua 29th leap yr cocos on y four ar pele bororon thth day have an interesting ti with their bihdays. krdo channel 1313 dada molina ows us how some c crate. bryry hills and morgan unun. hills is eight tp hauner is fithat's t. eight. ana&fiveve 15:44:58 - -9 i joke around ing 8 alllthe time.i'm a kid at heart, havavg a leap yea birtay is ki of fun form m . it epme youthful. 155:39 ty ki of lo a you likehaar yoyou talking abouou no,
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and hauner ha the ra rtrtay of february 29thth15:43:41 d ds when i dodot ve an ac lp y%ar hday, i tend to milk and have as many unofficial birthdays as i can. 28th, 1 1 seco eve several l you sh yoyo lea year stories- wiwis. like this family cebrating grs th rthdayaybuactually...h vingeap year birthday isn't that mmonthe e odre one in near 15 hundd.d. 15:44:njoy i itomhing fun.'re g a smal but spupiagroup of pple e thin standup leap year babies keke pre in the uniqueness. . d why not?t?n yourirthdada comes only obce every fofo years, you make tht most of it. . 154:14 is real cool, b/c i was 16 the last time i had a rthday. so it' nice t pvene. the next time she es wi b b20200. in colororo spspsps, na`aina, krdodo newschanne
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ites the earth about t 5 daysysnd one arter to orbit the e n, that's y we have e leap year ever four years. without , fufure years, , e seasons ululhappen later thehe calendar. inifelebration of ld day.. donald's i i honoring a local teher for his commmmme to the commity and studenen. p-e teacher aaron f/rd from russle middle school is being honored for r s long urs s work and volulueer hours heheuts in after school. r his hard wowo--- - rd i rereing four ticketetto a 2016 denver broncos home game, addidional broncos swag and mcdona's coupo... congngtulalaon s. you mihave to shell more casto have that family taway toey sneyndn califo and walt disney wowod inloriri are now basing ticket prices demand... which h pends on t time of the ar. & ticket pris will shoot up to 112 dollars s
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includes m mof& december, sp brbrk weeks s d weekends in july. here's what's ahead on krdo newechannel 13 fouou... pueblo officials coiu to o combat the cy's crime rates. learatat they want more control over. plus -- rertg potholes in lorado springn easisi with the uc a button. we'll explain


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