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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  March 2, 2016 7:00am-9:00am MST

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tetecruzuzazes three looking to stop the billiaire from making hihiory. >> that would be a distetefor reblicans.p >>nd mar rubio promises fight to the end. >> the presidencof the unid d statesesill l ver be held byby con tist. >illary clinton alao a a g winnnr setti her shts trump. >> thihicountrbelongs to all of u u not just those at the top. a lliscourses the fight for president tatas a dramatic rn. al oveight, terrifying twisters threqten n ters. atateaee tornados reported tearing through the coast. miio facing a ssy commute this morning >> breakiniaerninit, rocket n rerns.s. aptrononscott kelly za on earth aftean epic 3434days in space. the momont he emergegevictorus fromhis capsule and how all
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e goododode on e eth >> we do s s good mornin america. hillary clinto^/and donald trp. the two front-runners each winning seven ates on super tutuday. > donaltrump claims vtory ovovhe. l thwafromrkans tototo ssachuseand sosoot susuorom all kinds ogop tete, buhis succesnononono threatens to split that party y democrats begin to unify behind hillary clinton, hereven ws overerernie sanders incled ant viviory in texas. e bubuup a b leaeain that t alimimrtant race for the cofoenenon. you called aollisioi cose. is c c d set uananpic batt by november. >> it could. our team coverinevery an b b b with abc's tom llamam outside of trump towerin new york. good m mng, , m. >p r%rorr: robin, good mororng
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su an i&creded night, not t exy trp tidadawa but rookie politian wiwiina jority of the states last t ninit, this as morand d re the p aryingngf somemee is going to beat trump, oer candidates need to droout. ert, donald,trump going g g fr beihe front-runr to aping unstopblbl>> t ts isn't likeket's s s ososos h. i ion too b that t nner didn't tatatallecause winr took all this thing is ovov. we're just havina cebration. >> trump soaking up hugegeuper tuday wins all ovevethmap. his victctpartin a f fiar place, a room lledith cacararaanrepopoers amam ououlive om his floridid maa- resort. >> we'veone e thing that almost noboby thought coulbe done and i very oud of it. am a unifi. . >> trump introduced by his nesuper r n, n jersey gornor chris ctie. the internet expng with the nenepolitical g amamam
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brinheountry together. that, , dieses genenemen, is not a campaign, it's's movt. >> r%rorter:r:rump scoident t he`eould win, he didn'n'spend any part of supepetuesdainin suesdastat t he took alststvery one o themem recococournoutrginia, so many voters there that one county ran out of ballots. republican par. republicanwant trump aeir candndate.nenemoneand stafngoing into an anti-trumpuper pac th's e en hihihib b sh's former c cmunications director to stop trum in tex a a oklaha voters suppord setor ted cruz over ump. puzuzpeaking to georgafafr wi >> wel george,e,ht was a terrrric n)nht... wewead`dajor victories in tes, wel of super tuesday, the most delegas any one ste. a lot of replicins vieit if nomine donald trump it'll a disister for republan and a dister f t t country
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pwhat i iope we'll see inhedao come is publics unng a coming togethth. r senator rubio wit a despererely neneed vtoryryn nnesototing he will st trump inlorida. rubio's home ste. >>wo wks`srom night, rigig here in flor@ida,e argoing to send a aessageoud anea that the@partyf lilioln and d reagan the p psidencof the united stes ll never be held a con art > reporter: nowenat rubio and gogornor kich bo caaigng michiga cruzpaigig in kansas and a g winnerdodold trump, taking the f.f. tomorrowow b gopopate. itl be the first te trp p d fox nene' megyn kelly ce f on a debate stage again. george and robin. >> high stakes at th oneneas well >> we e ve on to the demrats.% they are rallying behind hillary clinton after she swps tough atat. that could m mn n e ginning of the end for the bernie sanders'
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good morning, cecilia. >> r rorter: g orge, good morning to you there isiselebratingnghis morng sisihe clion takes@one e epeploser to securing this mination, but r bernie sanders, whe s ancenow look weaker, he mains defiant. fofohillary clcltoit truly w was a super tuesday. >> thank you all so much. >eporter: o ornht moatic front-rner declaring victcty with b wins in several delegate rich states. >> we have t tmake amereca ole. we havto fill . cheend applause ] fill in what's been hollowed out. >> a: usa, usa. >> repor cnton also nonoso btly taim m gop front-runner donald trump.>> nowit might bebunusual as i've saiaifore for a presididtiti candidate to y this, but i'm going to keep saying it, i belieie what ed in america today is more
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inead of buildinwall we're inreak dogn barrie. >> repor hemocratic c c oppone echoi those ntntents. >>hen b b peopl thwh we doow naruof t world to de usp. rter: bernie saers g onfident as er in hihometate of vet nnthere by a landslide >> it is goo bhome. eers and applalae >> reporter:anders capping off the night by brereg out in song ostaga' this land is your lanthis nd`ds my ld >> repep`r: def a a the tuf f f cacacagn. >ou're e ing ee a aot of f election resulul come in. these are not -- this is not a general election. 's n winner take a. >epter:, hillarar clclton's tete is not ready sathis outright t thihi nononation itheirs outrigh pfor the kinghey do believeveve
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mimarch but here's thehing bernieandersca agrees th that timable. have this nomination locked up, robin. >ll right, cecilia, thank you. c'jon ka i ihere now with h re on where ingsgstand for the repeplins and dedoats after supur tuesday an jon, let's star nana trump. winning thnomination? how far? >> r rorter: well, robin, it not over yet bututell on his way to clinching the nomination.look at th stase' already won. ten states comomred to fou for ted cr. one for rco rubi ofofours whaharely m mtersrs is delegat and here's where thththtands, donald trump, 279 plegagas,s,uch more than tete crcr or marco rubibiand a a t moelegates stiti t allocated baseseon lt ght's s vong en when at i iover, , neeeee 1,237 to w w. hasauo get to a t w th evenen whennhis s ll@l dohe coun canning from last n nht he'll be less t`an a thirdf
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ucial. looothe states vovthehnextxtxtks, florida, winner take all, the bigge prize, ohio, winner ta a g ntest inichigaga in n lino. nono if donaldrumpmpan sweep those states, robin,s over. will have g gten he witi ve guaranteed hehel ve thehe nomination. >> a lot can hapaver nehe two weeee. as far as hillary clclton is concerned at is r path? >> reporte well,l,illary clintolos a lot lileonald trump except stronger. look at the states shehe won twice many as bernie sandnts. but,t,gain comem dn toto delegateand d llllclinto degate lead is much bigger th donald trp'p' shalreadadhas a ousa legates@compared to only 376 0 for r rn sande they neeeemore on the democratat b b is abouou40% of the way to clinching t t tominion. >ll right, jon, thanknkvery >> okay, robib. jon will join@us h he e matthew dowd, donna azile and let'begin with donald trtrp. you got to take breathere, matthew wdwdd d naldrump said it himself right ththe.
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is aut tcote hoe of e reblic ptyty>>s absolululy atiti takeev.itits peoeoe@eay wodn't win a y priririesr ucus he's woten of t and d e ofhe t tngs i was struru about as we watch that, ery ngleerson last night in theirirtory speech was talkinabdonald trump including donald trump,and this is still a re at's bei defined d manys on both siby donald trump. >> that's right d d anile, jon narl, y#were a audinto it rhtrethe fact all of his s opopsition stata i ilast night t spe the e wi in seven states gives him a much more clearer path going forward. >> hns twicece getti a a east delegates b granteeing e posision raied. now,eorge, it re lks likendhe otherwill knowledge thisiso you privately eir only hopof stopping dond trump is making suree doesn'n'majori inin theonvention, in other words, ting to defeam through a contested convention, something we haven't seen a long time anululbe a very steep clb.
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the republicananty. meanwhile,e,na brazile, as i sang earlierlrdemocrats appear to be n unifying behi hillarclinton. of course, e dedecric party will come gether b th iing to be a race that will probably go till ju. ie sanders has notojususus money,ybut he has a messagat resonates wiwh a vast majority of democrats. hillary will b bin to consololate hugegetates lili ohio, like illinoi like michigan but bernie sanders will abl picup states like kanaas and nebraska so this movement wililowd june. >>t alaly hapeople talking abouthe tentiamamahup between donald trumpmpnd hihla clinn in theand some crats sa oh,hlo, t ts wiwi `easav he'll momize latinos and ricaamericans. others say, no, en up plesike io, michigan e e publicans. >> i d'tnk this is a sm du. so manansaid don't nominate naldltrump because he's t beaten bly. both parties arereo inat
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going to go againseach other inin titanic racacac outside mate insnsns. >>emococts g gri up,p,onna braze.e. >>o tion that t t ldldru wiwiose a threat t tthth blicans bububuthink hasas to win t civil warefore he can ce a challllger can build a fire wall with minories a a womenenndhas the key to w wning thihi >nee e atatat la n nht. donald trump didn't have a victory rally last n nht. haa ess confenceith chririchriie right behind him m which didiset t tom llamas said the ininrnetetn firere >> it)looked to me like chris christiehwas the slseper agege in "manchuriananandidate." ( yodon't want to show h the quee diamonds. >> lookingor the d dr.hehe needs an exategno om hedsexit tininom thld trump camn. >> i i'tnow. wel thk yoalvery much. t'go to robin. thank you late nht fouound ouream. now to that severe weather erninit affecting voters acrohe sou.
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alabamam abc's s s e osunsasami is on the grgrhereren bebuemer with ththlatest od m mningngsteve.e. >> reporter: good morning to you, robin. it g so frightening here last ght at nearby polling places thth had to voting ununl the orm paed and here's why. ta a look. the nds were strtrg enou to knock off a ction of ts home ansend pieces of theheoof in the neighbor's yard. ju after supper r atatlo like a rnado stru famies south of bigham. >> happed mighuiuihen yoyodon't have m mh timemeo think. >> reporter: at lelelefour were sesly hurtnd the winds were w%wl over 60 miles s hou more than a dozen homes we badly damagege >was justo at wh had happened. >> repepter: t high winds ocd this steeple rig o is crch. power crews had to worthrough the ght. here's the same storm sysyem in
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drivers off the road. in the midwest it's heavy snowfafa leading tone`wreck ter anothehehe licecen n scscsialone havesese nea100 acacdentsn they're e ipping a slididi michigig toooo at chicagogo'hare they're sliding off f e runways, a a a privatjet slippepein the sno and an american airlines jet sl while taxiing. itado bebeowed back to thehe teinal. erniweweweoing door to door check filies. this morning, yone is accound fofo robin.n. >>hat's great nenene hahaou >> tto a wite moing'other top heli artiita trtrairailment ovni thahas rit, robo dodonsf homes have been e acuated afr a frght trtrn carrying hazardous liququs railil south uffalo, new york, alg lake erie. cararcame off the track and one w s leing ethanol whicis at leak is nowowontataed. thererwere no mediate rererts of iuries. ana deloping stoto ofofraright now.
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at u.s. special l eratatnsns forcesehave cacacaed an isis operativwhwhis described as a significicicfigure in the organititi. is repertly being qutionedt a temporary detention facility. overnit e filed a formal appeal presesng a court der to unlnlk the san rnardi shooter's ione. on c!pitololilesday fbi dictorames comomittedf ents made a stakakwhwhhey tried totoeses theasswfor syed farook's icloudhich loed theout t t ant. unclear apple's appeal wiwi delay a urt hearinon the sue set for@marcrc22nd. meanwhil senior execive facebook has en arrestst iazil fororot rning over databout suspec a drug case police say the suspect's mmunicated using an app that facebook owns. and a heart-ststping momt in china takeke lk. that is a toddleb falling ououof movin the mimile oa bud. the driver apparentlunaware
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the e r behind resededhe boy. caught up wiwi his grandfather and we show u thth video becae amamingly isoder s nonot rere >>nally difff thrillor pe t rara of f a lk at glalide thione thbeg buon t t s se ofofof u.u. . nk towow ilos s ichas to b bthtallllt di othe west coa. you' be able to slide do fr the 70t0tfloor to the 69th floor r@th notng but gss low anjust for 8 b and on n e 70th flo there i i a bar eninaybeiqiqd urage will help u u ide down. why wh es beg the q qstion why. >ecau thecan i guess. 70tol gss and bar. what cldo >>o the math. thanks, amy.y. l right now to rockeman scott kelly finallllback on earth th morning after endingearly a yeye in spaca.
7:16 am
llion miles sharing thousandnd phos on ttter along t t way. abc'c'dakerley has tpe @latest on key's epic jrney. >> rortete overnrnht -- >> dcent rate of 80 meters per second. >> reporter: -- the russian soyupsule touches down. scott k%kly back on mother earth. >>epter: commaer scott kelly is lifteof t t cacaule the ss on the ba of his suititecause of al that t te in space. as he's rried tohair pumping his sts, two thumbs up ana peace signgn reportedly asd why everyone bundled up saying their fes gogo. the firstimee's felt earth's aifor 340 days. by t t numbers, nearly 5500 orbitsxwit2 sues and 2 sunsets ch te. almost 144 million milesqual the moon d back 300 timim. one ofofhe purses ofhepmission, measu the effects of space on the dy. >> herere thehehings you n'selili be lossss
7:17 am
he's a lab rat. while in spa mclcl shrhr esight c c g w becauseseseh of pressuse changes anth ininstretches mang up to how wi themeasure all ? by testing his twin, of cose, fofoerstronaut mark. so a batteryryf medicasts ahead and now memoriri and pictur, the astronaut who tweete my last sunrise and >> auccessful landintodoy. reporter: is on his wayome,e, uston. david rley, abc news, washshgton.p>> welcomememee. welcome he. >> whohoeeds pilates, go to space. >> what did he eayayboututetting tataer? yeah, three incs.s. to rob now.@ the storm hitting dhe northeast mamang for aessy sommu >> if sct were sti up p ere wld be taki sweet ctures. this is radar th s srmw pushing off the east c cst. 95 gettingp rougnew rhode i`land, this through
7:18 am
throroupatneyork and winter weather aisories the e frfrt ing through in the 50s in newor boy,ilweee things drop f. windchls ithe teens momoowsosounde up for that. marcd. i'abby acone. toda as an upper lel system slides past colorado, windare expeed to by ve s son sts to 50 mph lle possibib thro the w w w will eaue fire daer. d flag hahaeen isor mt st ang a easti2i2his wie rms a suf the gustnds, wit
7:19 am
60s an70s for the lower elevatns. tended: the windndwill calm on trsy, withthighsexpected t rereinn thth 60s s d 70s through frid. anotr cold frfrt xpted slidedehrough friday nig, briing a vy sligigighance for owers mainly and near r > so, a big change othststfromoms momoing to tonight. winter not quite over but next weeke are e g up. will feel l ke spring g ross momo of the coununyn c w wget atiting? >>ver ththold hump >> d d put m mon a aimbnlikeke that. >oming up on "gma," erin andrews back othtstand facing grueli crossssxamination o the impact thastalalr haha her ere >> y have done very n yoyoareeeesince 2020. >> yes. what she says about how she prects her privacyow. > at o o. simpmpn miniseries putting the trial of the ntury backckn the spsplight. kris jner eaking out.e don't cure pink e. hi. how w e you doinday? that's how i i
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it's 74 am, dnesday rch 2nd. - i'i'abby ano. today: as an per vel system slides s paststolorado, wis s e expeed to o ve strong. gugts up to 50 mpwill b possssss throhout the day, w wch wl increaseire danger. red ag warnings have been n issued for most most along and easd of i25. highs will be& wawaer as a ltf gusty winds, with mpmpatures gettininto the 6060and 70s for the lower evatatns. . tende e pwiwill calm on thursday, with highs expepeed to main in th 60s and 70s through friday. another cold front is expected to slidehrough iday nig, brbrging aery slslsl chance r showerermainly over a a nea the mountains. this weekend i ilooking y ana ld. it does appear t tt nene week wililbe more a aive... weave a ququk time-saver trtrfic alert for u is moing.g....
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you thth intersection of nortrtcarefree and powe on the noh-east side of colodo sprqngs is back opop this
7:27 am
shututafter a crash last night. police tell us that a vehicle crashed to a trafafc li pole, causing it toall l er. . the driv fferer serious, ,ut n life threang, ininrmes. inveigator say the driver may ve had amecal condition prr to t t csh. the nveststation is on-going. asonaut scotkelly is on solid ground this moing... aer spendingngeay a a ar in space. how one e colorado colle isiding him in the next step ohis s ound-breakin
7:28 am
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here's a liviviviv look outsisi welce bao "gma u ararlog at the "anthem of thehueas" right now. just moments aga it pulled bk into pt ck inew jersey forced to tu around for the second time in a month after a powerful newewtorm and, ge
7:30 am
novirus thhreaned the ship's trip. >>also rig nowonald trump and hillary clininn n celeleating big victotieieon supetuesday. conteses iseven states eacac trump nocallg himself a wantntto me americicwhole again. >> inaahe rolling stonene annonocing they're gng t tperform a free concert in havana in march5th, the rolling ones and presidentbama saying he'e' attend the major league basebebl e in cubub >>hat t ng to o something. michl strahais back re. sth curry,y,ust shattering basketball right now >> they y y have to chan thehe rules of the game basketball to possibly make it a little morehallenging for steph curry. weave that coming v` >> t three-poioi is nonoing fofohim. he just drains it.
7:31 am
'll keep my dadajob. >> you have a few ofhose. >> oh, yeah. we begin with h e latest on n e erin andrewswsrial, the "dancithe sts"s"ost facici an nse cross-exinion her $ milllln wswswsagainsl l e hol analker who posted a nude video of her onlini as the defense argugu it did not hurt her caer. abc's eva pipirim vering t trial nashville for us. good morning, eva. >> reporter: good rning, robin.n. tpe defensis expecteto call more witnes people who worked with eriri a seco emotionalay on the stand for r in andws. >>you believu will ever geover this? >> no. repepter:he popul spsptstssternd "dancinwith the stars" co-ho dailing how her life has changng since a stalker sted a naked video o heheon t t it. >> i cerhe peephole and i do a check of the room. i will look evywhere, i lo for lights, , look for red
7:32 am
camemes, i iheckhe bed, i check the ararock, i check h h the phone. >> reporteud aftft the te a ueling crossminanaon. >p you have doery well in your career sinc2009 >> yes. r rorter:orneys for the e marriott hotndndws is suing arguing the nunu racordings have nohad a a gative impact her careernr >>2you also got an endorment for reebok. yes. >> you a ao gogoanorseme for degree anti-rspirant. >> yeses >> you also got endorsement for diet mountntn dew.w. y y. you also got an endorsememe r r ida orange j jce. >>es. >> repr: andws g gng aft e mamawho secrcr rded her chaeaedavid barrt and the hotel asng for $7575 miion. clmi the hoteladasy fobarrett toilm her r s goouofhowere the marriott maiaiainshs bartt is a cririnao them intoaining gcceses
7:33 am
stald. >> repepter:r:ndrews says whwhe her career has done ll since the video's releasasher personal li continues tbe struggle.e. shsays s worojes about the y she e s totexplalahat vio totoer future chen.. >>hat hahaens when my ki home from scol and they y,00 ds areayayg yoyore nak on the inet. that's something always in my mind a a i'll always have to tell my ki mommy didn't do anything wrong. >> reporter: t l l caseould be ininhe hands o o the b b the $ d d the week. bin robin. >> we'll see. all right, eva, thank you. we brara in n nnhostin to o lk isis how is s doioi, inndwsws thend >> i think she doing very wewe. e e to prove to e jury that she's sfering2grom severe and permananemotionol didiress so she h h to exain the jury that this has h h an extreme efct upon her anshe e isink, exhibitinthat on the witness and.
7:34 am
the ju sympathize wither? wihey relate to that story but e's rt of, ihinknknk aingvery wan's niare. weweave anxiety dreaeahere we showowp naked. shshse is sayayeveryoyo has seen n n henaked and will continue to see r ked. i i ink that could resonate with some o othe jurs. >> in the cross-exinatn they went after her hd s yingngy, this has hurt yoyo hohodo you t tnk thas going to play with thjury? >> i think that's a realal imrtant part of it because she has to prove that has affected earn.future and current eararars. the botttt line`is m my people believe that she hasaseen more successful after the leakiki of the video.c. >> shohould that matter all? it wiwi m mter. do believe it will matter and, remember,r,e are sort of in this, you kn, post-kim kardashianorld where you do become fous sotimemebecause e of leaked videotapeso i wonder if e jurors will k, well, yove become momo famous how w has th reallinjured you? anthat is a esti that
7:35 am
>> inow you' doioi aot of talking wn thehe a youave an idea about the makeup of the jury wch c cld go a long way in decididg e case. >> is t is generational? will theree younpeople on the juryhat empathize $-wi her. >etadd my welelme t tabc c i should say welcomomck to a. >> tnk y smu, roron. >> thahas, guys. we move on to new developments in thatild r chase in southern liia whera kiapped his exexirlflfend and theieitwo ki, to them on a scary ride but didn't get far before police ackedim wn and secured afafr a standoff. abkayna itworth has the details. >> reporr: this morning, fugive thomas ueno bind bars spending nearlrlrlo ys o oe % run leading officen a bizarre chase d ststdoff in southern califorora. thchase putting cal nehborhoods on high alert. >> it's veve unsnstling. we don'n he anything likis really happeneng. . >>eperte police sathe e
7:36 am
holdhis former girlfririd their o young g ys insid this vicle. ththsuv v avg slslly through affic for morereran two o s ross threeee highways, finallycomimi to a a op b b the standodo notver. ueno talkingo nenetiators on his cell pho gettingn and out the vehle severererimeses sosotimes withthhe children. en nearly six hourter the oral began as policelose in, uenoakes a break for it.t. policeceirinnonlethal rounds. >>ll of a sudden seven or eight shototring out`tnd t t ect in a hoodie comes runninup towardse d says i'm hi i'm h h and thty shshs mu. >> reporte police say unde the cove darkness and heavy g he r r through this brush a.d esesped up the hill. almost 48 urs later and more thth 300mileleaway, uenonoaught pole e ci multiple arges including doicic@ vivience and ghildndangerment. for ood morning ericicic
7:37 am
angelesn oh. >> that wareally sometng. coming up p the niseries bnging d e trl of e e e ury back to ljfe. kris jennespeaeang out about thj.@.impson ce e e veveinhoo.j.eacheded toerfthe murders. > latethis mor h s se is y yhome? what wdier wn n put a gopro a's l ler. 7 days agokarewasn't thking about joining h`r daughter's yoga s. e was thinking abouter joints.3 buw thheheaking osteo bi-flex, she's cing a reaeadifference in her j jnt comfo. wiwi ctinued use,e itupports increased flexibility over time. karen: "she's single." it also supports wonderful high levels h hiliation iher daughter. kaka "she'a litt bithy." just 7 days, your joint com can be your kid'discscfofo. osteo bi-flex. you were made totoove. so move.e. 's presents hoto f fd the perfect t tch. wow, they're so perfect together. it's likikthey were madefor each other. they were, by the experts at hgtv.
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ing it. how did u u that you didndn even move your hand?! it's all in the wrist schwar.. alright, another game. alexa, what time is it? it's 5:43pm. i've g`t tleeadi at 0000. alexa, how theheraffic? the fastest t e is 45 minutes tontnt can we take e b)ke?! c'mon hchctzy! jason... get in the e de-car.
7:41 am
it is7:41. we a a bac nowith the trial of t t cecey.y. the e w mineries "americic crcre story" the people versus o.j. sqmqmon capturing the nation's attention ahis morning kris s nner isakak t about whatt reallyappened and theissed signs thatttill unt her. abc's ryan smith isere with more. good monning to you, ryan. 4 >> good morning,ar "american crcrory" a huge tpespecially with viewers barely old enougto remember that ial. fo tse w w w l lived through it like kris jenner, theain of that time and thattt trial stiti
7:42 am
it's ststar-studded minisisie bringingngthe so-called trif theentury backk to life f miions of vieierspincets prierere >> absoluty 100% notguilty. >> repter: fx'samerican crime stor tustinghgackknto enotligig the filiaiaaces of the trial a again.j mpso f murrs of ron ldmaand nicol b bw simpson. kris jenner played by selma blr. >> i i canan believe she's's gone. >>epte jenner now the matriah of the kardashian empire was one of nole bwn simpson's close frids now speakingngut about thehe afteath t t k klings when o.j. reacd out to her.r. >> h called mooewimes and, y ow, wanted to talk apdxpin how hfelt. reporter:evealingng details on "ellen"bout the abu nillegly sufredt the has of o.j. > i didn't know that therereas useent we heardrd andndsaw,w
7:43 am
unfold like everyrydy .. shshand i were supseddd to have lunch the nexttday, the da after s was murdeded andhe saididantedo showe@e thinin, hahas probly wt she edo reveal t t m m mm t t t n vt da whihi broke m heaea becaca i alwaysl horrible that i didn't payugh attentioioio >> repopoe theheardashia a simp f fiesereclose. se here vacioning together, youngim at t e f right, jennmn's le ex-sband robtt kardhiananas p pt of o.j.'s dream teammlawyers. pwawaery diffifiltecause my e ehuand w on o o s)se d, you know i was kd of on n the othehehf 0 e kidsere inn tiddlend it was trying to explain thi to chchdrdr then h lled and, you ow i lost- everybodod lost so muchhat night. >> rorter: jnene findiut ababt nicole brown mpson's' death fm nisile'e mom. as for o.j. jenner said she knew him since she w 17 meeting himwhen sheetet herer ehusband and
7:44 am
brotheroer andhe strteses thah was long long timeeagag, >> anks, an. >p> the u ultate g ge change & is surry soood at basketbaba they may actually have to change the rules for him? > the "dainwith the stars" mamae, kymh and robert j jn us ve with the l les on their engagament. we knewwit, didt we? >> we did.
7:45 am
7:46 am
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an$tou this > can't touchch is. that's righ@. nba star sph curry@s volutioning ee of sketetll he s good in fact thatome people are now ying the rules snead change. too ey fofohim m dd abc's t.j. hoepep is here with more. >> you know it's one thing on tvvtoot threes. om where you're stitg the threpoint li is fee of&& thatatatighte b b bs ki them routinelyrom aboul herere that's'ss far asse can gout some peoplplant to@ov thth line bk to his range one man. >> 7hat about everybody ese? else obviously. >> he's teiing p a a nba
7:49 am
many are calling thehe three-point revolution. >> bang, ng, oh, wha ahot from curry. reporter: changing t game weeno it. cuy lea growi trendndfor pimetet s sotin b2bin e record heet himselft arar causiericks o o ma can toalforhe n to mov thr-poiline.. cir ay rter: but an w w ak at6060 ftm the basket. and h got it! e8ortete the threeeeoint lili is jt child's play >>currrrnothth the. >> reporter: his rd-breaking ason has l l man t b b bve curry's greatness can only be mpared to othededed unrstakene greky and ththevererer is@orked ce on. ututome pepectivee here. whs thethth point grd th rolutioninidd sketballll magic, mag jopon. c c isaree d not m make as many threes a ste curry is
7:50 am
>> ste rry, he'ss tinin morere tha ady b b makggg more thahabodyut changg the ge in tt you areette off shootg 35% fhree than you are 50% roro pyou can change the gameme re kidididill be 6'2". >> a lot ofnumberss flolt around here. >> you c can't movep bac othe selili or youe shooting o5t o o boundnd thank y v%vy much. comingng "a's" kicked u sides brout toou b l p
7:51 am
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hi i'm kristie. d i'm je. d d d rerehe b chicks. 're a nanonousiness.s. windows 10 really helps us get the word out about how awesome bugs are. ds learn t t ave anancuous analds speak the languaue ef bug.$ hey cortana, finmyxyd video." oh! thiss so good. if youreryizg totoch a kid about a prcis. jukekeh itn e screen. i n'ha touch screenmy mac, i'm alous of tha you put a big bug in a kids hands and change their world view. [ laugh $/ to the couple wondg what a goo looks like... no. riouslsl l ve it a 6 fofo coition. scary. wow, whahaabout just puttinina faea, no hgle price the window? nonozany eugh? metimes the be dea
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hey, welcome back k "gm okt t lss ofrystalal momotain on mt. rainier. mt. hood sing g milar mbers. another storm coming into calirnia.
7:55 am
frcio down to san dio. >> "od m mningngmerica" is brough tooou by windowsws 10.. upgradeeay andgrgrt things. it's 7:56 am, wednesday march 2nd. i'm by acone. today: as an upr level system sdes past coloradad winds are pected to o
7:56 am
h will be pole throughout the dada wchl inininseseire ngng. red flag warnings have been ised for most most along andnd st oi2 highs wi be warmer as a result of the sty wind wh mperatures gegeing into t 60s and 70s for e lolor epevatat. tended: the windwiwiwialm on thu with h)hhs expected to rema in the 60s an70s rough friday. anototr co front is expected to slide through iday night, brbrging a verer slslht chance e r showers maly over and near thmounins. this weekend is looking dry and mi. it does appear that next week will b% more a aivf.f. eblo police need help to find two o who wereaught on camera in the ddle of a burglaly. investigigs s we will be momo activ.... & pueb police need hp p p ind d o mewho re caught on cameme i i ie le of a burglary. investigators reed rveiance video of incident ... w wch happenen early last mon in th two-thousand block llllood aven. thvideo shshs the two mekiki to e if anyone wawainsise the housus.. before one of them walklkound the housd out of view.w. a neighbor who knew the owne were g ge..
7:57 am
aneventually scar theheaway. anynne with informatn is asked to call crime stoppersat 542top. tronaut sct kellllis back on eah.....d now coradodotate university is going g id in a resech study to looat h h his bodydyas changed aftete livingac c-s-u will study w kelly's blood and body has changed afr livingngn the rnational space station for nearlyne year. they'll use samples omom ott's bobo..n comparto his twin broer, is al an astraut, but s s s ivg on earaj. u is one teniversities that will help to sear kellyly ysicnd iologicaca changege news cfefenc wednesday nationalalecogon for cocora cprings ming uata4:27 a manawho a man who landed on the "most wanted" list is wa up aiaithis morning. h hr how a trtrtetek9 offifir ed make t t arrest. and hehe's checon y yr
7:58 am
7:59 am
> good morning, amama. it's 8:00 a.m. arararinton and donald t tmp tauper tuesdayayfter millionsnsf amicans go to e polls.s. trp scores seven stas,ruz
8:00 am
inton rolls maj victories in seven, , well. ththrace between the fronlnruers heats up. i t i w wt to mry you & in love and engaged. >> oh, m mgosh. i hit the jackpo the hark and the dceceget t ready to say, i do. robert and kym opening up for the fifit time since hehpopppp the question and they both join us le this morningng if i could turn back time - >> good-bye, undeye bagsthe videos taking overour facebook edhowing amazing rests in a matter of minutes. caa new crm really banish your uereyeybagsgs we're trying iout here live. and how safe iyoom ut a gro on a 15th st much t turle he n gein fr t disther to the frge, surprisisi disasrs that could be big daers. dr. besserevealing ghayo
8:01 am
all l at aheas we say otood d g,meme. on y dare okk ep urs one d shutand dance oomoing,meri. -ppppppweweda how abt bertnd kym rhthtthehookekelly ppwee inoearnbout eiany. eaking o o og "dan with the sta" ws, is mog w going t r reveal e first membe o t st esiere gme untdtdn clk ng and e ery dancer - t hi tt wa ght e. you h hav aueic >>to.lieno thsongrela right now. do y hr it? let's ju saygog to b llisso owhon kd he- >> dn't t t clcl d. you'llav w tunveil no. ll, al'm'my y cite
8:02 am
collororns@th high-e-e sis vy affoab pre, wl, ara-new o abououto banunced. vealg s hond 'sth i i prprably won't't't't't both jackikiededand caieieie shawovis brbnd.. orgean >> , not o>> s. er g>> i iould use alue. wegonnd thethe re e thithous nit laht, ld trp and hiary y intoboth n g g supsdsd seven statesache voday of vg twn annove. abs celivega mororfrom inhequarrsn brklynnerkrk od mojngngcicia.>> repte geoe,e,d morning to you andhey lebratinherehirng.supetuesday ng hillary clinton that commandad putting heheone c cseto secungnghis nomination,nbut let's take aook at thamap. seven states, as you said, for llary clinn overnight, a big victory, alabamaarkakaas, georgia, massachusts, tennessese texas and vginia a d for sands ur of those
8:03 am
memetate of vermon h@llclinton crusng b bnie erhose southn stateses fued in part by hesupport, overwhelmi supportrom mier and she is rey loinaheaeatotohat comes nextthat victo pheasght ri, on ofhe stes the lend ct sh nts ind e ha her sin do tmp as you caneafafrom h h b ctoreech. take a listen. >> instead of buililng w wls we'r'rgoing g breakakown n n barriers and b bld ladders of opportunity and powermt so every american canive upo his orer potential because then and onlthen can america ve up to il poteial too. >> rorter:utnie sanders s isisot giving up. p is defiant this morning vowing t ttake his cpaign all the way t# the convention, robin and georgegeand far he'e' raising a loof ch to dit. >> he is raising a lot >> they have a couple more debates s go.
8:04 am
o the republicanide, dold trump domating super tuday as we'veeeenelling youu winning 7 of the 11 races as marco rubio and t cruz try to gaininroununund stop his ntum. abc's tom llamas i ioutse @ trumumumwewehehe in new york with more. good mornini, toto >eporter: r, this morning donald trumpore than montum, has vicesnd imporlye ha s,e chk k of deles rig now, d algh satoredruz inas, alalokma senatubub w w inneta, t bio,o,o, cruz en gornororohn kasichre en a circ fir uad peelinawrom o o tru jtpkeeps s growing stronger a strger apd woalover theheap and tookoa shot at senator rubio. as you know, the t othem, rubiand trump were in a heed war of words all of last week. here'shat ump hahato say last n nht. w lk, i always like rco untiabout a we ago when he decided d ` o hostile. he decided to become don
8:05 am
has a lolomore talent and honestly i did, i always did like him butute became -- sobody told him you're losing very badly, the only way you c possibly win, take the hail mary, they cled it hail mary, the folkinheheack and go hostile. 's hurt him. >> reporter: n thehere sti waiting on that il mary a&d u* have m!rypp f tno ateniwow in psstheh hixl ta d fight te t t cooi flfofnf robi >> >ll thtanthehxe e dede is torrorig on n x.>>8t8xt't' we'teoi th@ % momoinijb& h h hhere m@jng weegin with those powerful storms roari across the southebst.atat threpep tornoeoeearinghr alabama sesesey injut t ple.e. ppin mesho damaged re ta zen n n s inthththf a a chchch ndns wererer bad super tuesesvotitititily ltn somemeasas well, a developing story overseas right now, investigigoro
8:06 am
d d d g the cococoofoffra frororolaysys airirnes flflhtht that f fghghdididieared frfr ther twtwyeararago with 239 le on board.thththarararororhehehehehee cococococos s s heheheiaiaocean. the new debrisas found o@f the coast of mozambique. is no confirmati y y at it is from that plane. st summer a piece of the wing was fofod he samarea o o the indian ocean. ll, overnight asonaut scott kelly returned to eart afafr r 0 days in space. he gave a thumbs up after landing in kazakhstan. he will be reunited with his fami late tonight in houston. that's a doue thumbs up. and highchl teher in south rolina is ghting t ke her jobobr t her job back after atudent ole her cell phone andre a semi nude pho of her with the class. leann arthur said the school strict ford her toesign amed her leaving t phone locked on her desk. the photo was also posted on social media. the student has not be
8:07 am
well, there is new proof that genes may be as much to blame for your gray hair as your age. researchers in londodo say they have isolated gene that appears to contribute to the ceular process that grgrually causes the loss of pigmt that gives hair its color. scientists say the silver lining there is that this could one day help them develop a drug to prevent gray hair. and if you shop at whole foods, you may have some contaminated cheese in your refrigerator. whole foods is recalling maytag bleu cheese after listeria was und in some samples. but so far no illnesses have been reported. and finally, a record-setting delivery for a california super mom. ke a look at her. well, that's her litter. sheepdog named stella gave birtrtto auge litter, 17 puppies all at once. it's bieveto be the largest litter ever from that breed. as incredible as the number of puies,t's remamaable that they all survived. they're about a month old and
8:08 am
the owner plans to have most of farms. she delivered the first two on her own and then she need some help, sohe vet said theuppies just kept coming and coming and coming and coming. they were all -- >> 17? -- asde 17. hey look liklitt sheep. they'll be herding them soon. >> thank you, amy. >> thank you, robin. puppies is a lot of puppies. morning menu." in love and gaged, robert and kym, they're joining us live with allhe detailsbout how popped the question. we can't wait toear that. and could cream turn back time on the bags uuer your es in just two minutes? we're going to try it out live on air. d, plus, emeril lasse is here, and he's spicing up your side dishes. ok at that. mac and cheese. all this is comi up live on "gma" " re in times square. >> all we need is a a rk. >> all we e ed is a big fork. "gma's morning menu" is brought to yoyy new centrum
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tellllllr doctorfu u re in a region where fungng infectionsommon,n, and d you havave had tbtb hepatitib or c, or are prone to infectnsns xeljanz can reduce the symptoms of ra, without methotrtrate. ask k k rheheumatologist about xeljanz. welmemeack to "gm" everybody. "s"srk tank'k' r rt d dadadaprprkrm tad d dp r's y into their hearts oneason 20 of "daing with the stars" and now thehere getting ady for a a epic dance down the aie standing by right nono before we talk to thth here's a look b bk at the romance tha bloomed in the ballroom. it was a year ago on season of "dadag wi the s srs thsavvy "shark" first met the llroro s snnereraired as rtners on the floor. >> this is not reality. this must be a dream... >> if win, this is s urur there you go.
8:14 am
i hit ththjackpot. >> reporter: "shark k nk"" star and businessman robert herfavec and two-time mirror ball chahaym johnson announng their e et in this weekend. johnson posting on instagram, m the luckieststirl the world because the love of my life asked mto marry him and id yes. >> the c cmistry you guys have is incredie. >> reporter: rumors swir t the duo's relationomip ushroughout e asonon #le you. rr: taiaiaished inixth placeceerm. >> repr: s seeping an air of f stery right after being booted >> you may not have woa mirror ball trophy but i'm suecting you won someone'e'heart. [ cheers and alause >> t, i'm not sure i feel that way t you. >> but now the cple has been ciallylyating for lele than a year. herjavec popping the question with a me than six-carat engement ring and while they didn't walaway with a mirror ballllthey will be dananng all thwato the a. and joini us now from los angeles, the h hpycouple, kym
8:15 am
congralalions you two. >> cgratulations. yes! >> thank you. >>ow, kym, take us back. we want you to set the scene for us. how did d bertrtophe question? >> oh,ell, he had been acting a little strange, have to say, all week. and he ended up having these -- you know, the day that we did it, he had these flowers all set up in the house and we went up to the rooftop and there was swan and the@ring and -- >> kym has a thing for swans. >> so it was v vy romantic, ry sweet, and he godown on his knee and proposed. it was beaeaiful. andpthen we e dedeup goi back to his condo, and there e was a g s rprise par when i opened e d#or and my momomos thereraspp wellll she came over from australia. ice. wow. >> yeah, it wbsspt a reay @ gical l ghth@hh >> a surprise y all set . confiden >> yeah. robert, you must have known what
8:16 am
ththth vack rate how long d it take y y to o t it ? >> oh, it took m% long time i i dndnet a abody know until a week before beuse i'm bad at surprises and i wasfrai i was . butt you khen ied kym she started crying and didn't y anythin so asked the second,, s s s kep on c cing and i askedhird timeendnd s 't saynythingnd i sayinghigett d. t she saidesesinly. oh, of course, she did.u knknknen we e re w wchchg at homchchchthcoco@o@oonl& "dancing with the stars," over the e ararevededwawawawa oh, ey're -- thinknkg g g u they're you truly became o o.d y a a a >. rht. i i t uki w w w w oking at, i think. >> as soon as i walked in, it waobvis that kym really wanted to be with me. >> oh, yes, absolutely. oh, my gosh.
8:17 am
no. nono i i imean,,,re t to.. " " "inwihe s srs." and was reay nice wayo meetett4 obsly w%ad so much fun ncnct#t#thnd i remember r u asked memen a a teort of a a month into it. and i i saidid to o starf wind iht out itouououl l l dadaand d@ iiin' want -- i thought i n't do it. i i n't want to mix it so at t end of rehearsal i said ian't me it aus le and i ihinkp -- ad this whololplan we were going g0 go for dinner, the whole nine yds thinking about ititnd t tn she e stomes u and she goes, oh, heay, tonight, i can'to o d d lks s ououtheh >> but then we wenon anolh date aouple weeks lateand orked d d ..ndndt workedededed% >> yr perseverance p pd off, robert. we' v vy happfor bobo of yoand wish you both the best. we ow, m,ou'll chchchh a ajajrerereeefit e wiwi your >> so`muchressure.e.e.% ututongratululns. atatations, guys. >> thank you. all l t,t, i rn bohohohahahwe le playthat
8:18 am
the cream that claims to be an inant solution for erang bagsgsgsgs y yoyoyothe e d%d% tre. these are videos of the prod aacking hundnd of thousas of v o we'rabt t ee h h hell l l works live hererintuo t t t c's juju changs here 0 wi more. go morni, juju >> well, good morning, a. frfr wririlele they a a theelltalalsignof g, d d dcicicis,s,s,fy bags, k k d for concfaler anfofofo thoso o ayedp p lleeee r susur r e#dapcococoge, , orge, you knowowhey m% isisisni iwhat iu u uld t rid of the droop in a matter of minutes i .. ipip knono i'skeptitil.l. th are the videos at seeeetete takinovev my facebook feed. n and wowon asing dark, puy@ba under tir eyes. theyren't ususg g to g gngununr ththknkne e e e e @ agic@c air brush. p t h hpens(rt y in as two nuts. thme-lapsed video start wiwi lililion of an e c der just one eye.
8:19 am
hererees, , metimememm t f felof e fananaba waing handthe under eybags teteinin thththfferen bwe oneide d`d`d`d`r rererkle. ptht dedeppeaea t t imyrsisi t real. gepweifd ouououou okayhere thehing, uallsms thestys s a aaggeratis but thesesos e erywhwhe pt goi, , alalhodo i d dinonoi'xoxoxoy riveted see iv i ireally works..rit? s sictltltlr joururlist asasp.>> c puosos. nini m mowarcertified dedeatolist . ney bowe will heuj and the rest of us see ity does w w`. shs bebebepplying g e crcrmm under shshg's . tas effect. while we're wawa4whahacaes gs u uer eyes toorm in the -- rst ac >> so,o,o,e a ath so as agegethththpad d der the eye, it actually herniates
8:20 am
( the way a heheiaiain the gutut b bicheheernad ructures tt nolyly those fat pa in pl t ty y get lolker a t t tthth bulgl out, thoho fat ps,s,ndndndtgs at people e)babaananitmakekeyou look rere >>ll right, so how did the ts rk?me,, c c@imim thehe m meehehehehefat padsds. tase? thi abobo a cse finger trap.. so to is woven isusu way that it tightens as yoyo pull. now, verersisilarly the e moleleles s t t t t tavavtogethth t tly y yththth y ononhen creang that smoo con u eernratth e.@.@. weininin invislelefififihairy tititete thskin le anor sndex. i ceeha tuallylywoing,o atnjredien shohod yoyoyo looking for for under eye cream? >> the main one is from,w, thehe silicat mix
8:21 am
u liftinening,g,g, otner r gredednts oofor ararcaffeineneit constriris blooooveveels, hyalonic acid hydrates from beneath the suace. anti-oxidants utrali f f dicaca aeptides trigge llagen tthicke kin. >>wewedeplititn n n n bere and aerererthonghe eye cre d dsook le it makes a bigree. >> my goodsscais nlnlnlstou houos.ppsp y y y yher s s>> wheit t2tes yavav holdldldldnd that isisey or elsesedoesn't t t er>> t tn how longngoeoeit las%ple of. >> a rigigigigi so she'sa coupup of's'so long tm dudududugo for now. shong, you look amaminin nknkyou, and you, shshogn.n.tststo h h, ththe guys a f f d d d d a beautifufumomoinintototort b b things will change in a hurrrrrr not just in n@n@n@ but a aoss ththenti e etern thirdrdthe coun wiwi so w g oing see those cranking. gusts er 40 miles per hour.
8:22 am
yourureighboboood. be o oat andndnddchills tomoow will be signtntnt ross rllllthe eaeqern lflff the countrtr snow,w,w,e e ow irough agq, anither cououou 3 m abby acone. today: as an r level stsn s sdes past colorado, winds are expected to by very strong. gusts up to 50 mph w)ll b b poible throrohout the y, w wch witl crease fire dangd fld& wawaings have b%bn su mokt most along and ai25. ghs wiwiwie rm a aa result of the e y winds, wit temperatures geto t 60s and d s r elatat extendnd: e winds s llalal trsday, ighs excted to remain in the s an70s roroh friday. anananr r ld onis e eected totototo through idid n nht, ingi very slight chance`e`r owers mama and near this weekend is looking dry and mild. it does appear that next week will be re active... bacacsisi t lara. >> lara, back side to you. >> thank you very much. "pop new begins with some movie news. rveyeinsteinins hoping to supersrse hichances next year. he already thiniing about it. moving up release o
8:23 am
thfifit is aiopic based on mcdonald's founder r ray kroc and th will be m m m f fm novemberer augug it is comi out sooner make room f anonoer big movov llel "thth "" uoike an a a a nning g cipepebo an indian o getstsost on a train and tries@s@ find d s fafala 25 years later that stars roonenehe mama, dev p llnd n bole e e kidman.. the founder will be ayed by michaeaekeat ssarveg spirit. re wenen whene% d m ababt "spotltlht" nday redpet.t. lolo t ts movie.lovevehe enseme. >> yeah, great cast. goodovie >> y yh. eah. >> i iwas all right.t. >> i w w he last i just do -- the only momoeses do are best picture nominees. >> he's confident, you know. >> "birdman" two years ago, tligig." thaght.. >> he's on fife. tht man i i on a roll an harvey i g gng to try to kee thththththgoing. storory of rayc. michael l s s ying theheheha lo twiwis and turnd lt's a a alllla very ntroveveialfilm >> ooh. ly? >> yh,very iesting.
8:24 am
morning, thehe aitite bit of fast food themememning. thinto cluckckut. chicfil-l-i- helejarts beer commucate wh thr r ds aerer or any time ffereng whwh t fre cling ll phone coopspsdiners i ithe restrant a being encouragege to turn their phoneto c a a plpl thein t c the table. ifhehe phohos stann theox for r ntire meal,s a $% challenge, dirs a rewarded with a free ice cream dessert.>> f fe iceam. >> >he onlnly my kids wodododo that a auay. >> a g g g gdea. >> a no-ainer. >>hick-f we l le thisis the coopopare the brbrnchihif wiwiiaiaiaho o os twtw chick-fifias in ge it's takinglight nanaonwide.. cell phone coopsprururng n n nto morehan 2020 stotossn n e aiai >>ovth >> t teds to transfer to home.. >hat'shat ------ unny that you said that. theentl who started it id i'm h hing this cates new w w t. >> as long as s 're not hang ice cream mfmfy night for dinner
8:25 am
freeee ( finallllll our fast fo rning, big n ns for fansf g sandwiches. get out thth meaeare and get your money's worth at subway. you can tha group of angry cuomers o toto the sandwich h ain toou c ciming their r foot long dinot live up to ththr 12-inchhclm. subway hasasow agreed takak steps includi a measurgg dece -- gege, whyae yolaughgng,gtotonsnse thr sanichehe-- >> theuys arlaughing. >> as advertise that's so weird. whwhwowowoall the guys be ughing? anyw, they've alsogrgrgo legal fees --- $ $foototong so subway will l y y gagagaes plus -- > lara i is just powering through this.. >> $500 to each of the peoe heing g the lsuit. a er f subway stating that, quote,t was difficult to prove monetary damag because everybody ate thehevevevce. >> o >> s smany sididjokes that 4 en't approro for mornintetevivion.
8:26 am
>> i was trying so hard not to fos on the w wleleize thing at i d dided -- >>e e e hildn here in n e dice. > you notice, iememd coosed? >> you're a o. >> andlso have the first new cast member of "ncing with stars" in mimite. >> yes.u# s "a&o8 tt2watu# s4 bm`n-d4 tt4watu# s4 " dzlqwfd . 4watu#u#4 " en $ 4watu#v#4 " gzl& >e\ i'm dadada clelens. we'rackcng eaking news inin northern el pa county^.. ergency
8:27 am
sponding to a ane h papaer lake near hihiwa - the crh mama have ao arted a smal grars fire. both palr ke pole and the el po un sheriff's office are on scsce....and are asking people to avoid the e ea. we hav on the w and will let you knkn as soon as we learnrnor we'lbe r rht baba. m abby ane.
8:28 am
today: a aan upper level system s,sdes past colorado, windndarar expected to o very strong. gugus up to & mph ll be possib routut da whwch wil increaire danger. rere flag warnings ve bn issued fororost moststlolo andnd east of i25. highs wille warmer as a result of f e gusty wis, with tempmpapur getting into the 60s d 7070for e we elevatio extended: the s wi calm on thursrsy, with highs expected to remain in the 60s and 7070 thughghgidayay another coldfroris expectetete to slide throuou iday nig, bringing a very y slight chance for shshshs lyover and neaea the mountas. th weekend is lookg g y y d mildldit doeoeo appear tt t xtxt
8:29 am
d d't youou dareook backkkk 7 >> weelelmemeuack to "gmam momont a a way from r revealing the first cast member of the ew ananan with h e stars"s"seasonon s s c c move. >>h-huh.
8:30 am
speakakfancingnge haha more exciting this mornrning. "modererfafa star sarah hyland is joining t cast o "dirir dancing."." it's a e-hour mususicalal ent, it will star debra memeg,bb grai brein andmomo. >> good case. >> nobody puts baby in the corner. >> that's right. >> love that li. iove that line. george, yououee changed. i know. ll,,t's hd to cross y yr le ---ot aot of@ legroom. >>well, you know,eoeoe was up lateithuper tuesday soe s he till 00n the morning so we'll h hold dn the fort clues all morning andnd have fallen shoho ofra. timeoow who's making seasoso 22 a "fl house."@ >> a a a aastemberrf "full house." >> come on out, jodie sweetin. >> hi. >> hi, jodie. >> good d morning.g. >ice movesbk ere. >> thank you. was dog everythinin -- ias like,, all right, let'sake it .
8:31 am
>> we're g#ingot y in a momen fifi we want share your joney withevevybody. hehe y y. >> now it' t for mee to step up >> st am cing myched d'm movin i wh m st rorte reprisi r re ass ssieie tanner in the new netflix series s ululr house." >> surprise. >> f eighteasons jodie sweetin played thed mdlee sister >> how rude. >> on thehe hi abc showfull house." ababtn unconventional family. evevewhere yook >> now a@erovercoming some roughhife battles and srtg a familyy ofer own, sweeten isreturng tohe otlght. > chahaed so ma of her ers i feel like there were two of her. >> reporter: following in the fpststs o o her t big sister, candace@ cameron bur they can it o o >>he you leamomom? >> ,, i n' every week..
8:32 am
>> hey.&& >> yes.p>> go,irl. >> wow. >> y'r going t do just t fine. t. >so, youou havee turned i i dow thepast.why. i w wldldave lov ton t st b it hu schengonflflt with "er e" at e teo wn't ababootut'm'mn f he ow. >> we caneeit thatad h too wheou were dan himnhe ow. . ididi d.d. love th. i to dgthis.i wa t tsor re.- sosottefinitelyel s th up. oe dancing c ce naturally you. it certainly looks like it does. >> i'veays lovoved to dance. stephae was acer on the show growing up. i dancedd growing up.. not as much i would he ked to. i dinitely don't cal m melf a profofsional but i have some perience. i have somerhythm. i think'll be okay. . >> can youou tel us who your dance rtne is. >> i can. i'i' dci wit o. >> . >> going tot bee great totoogethth
8:33 am
>> we have just had the first couple days, so -- 7>7>tel?? >> it's s s sofun.n.n. it's s s fufu we got through some bas moves of like seral difretys dancendndndttotf fun withit. g along wl a he' so excxced tbe hll havee a chance to make ittast week@ threreor four. he'ssad som bad luc sfles's ahenononall dancer. >> i can't help b notice -- >> the gament. >> yes.s. youriance knows you'll be spendi lototf me. >eoes ands idibl supptivend asked ,howe your ves. no, i - oh. >> i'm' tititi >> y kidsreexexted. they are. i mentned ittery befly themecause t they're ando they'reeortt of untrustworthy withth s%srere s iaven't told them -- i was lili, mom might- thisittl d dancing sw thing but now ian gome and be like, yeah yeah, here's
8:34 am
they'll come to rehearsals and pings. >> they'll beo pud of >> mtly they'llll likekehehe costumes. extly. >> is candada givingn youou t. . >> s e has - she's been really great anan excited for aandas ared with me that t is going to be one o the most exciting overehelmlmg like physically and mentally demanding things'll evero but it' worth itit >> i thi you've alr been ncing. >>he isode, n just "fuller house" utack in th day. >> oh, yes. >> loie. yes. >> ys. >> got t ind way t o ipcorporate thth. >> i a a aost wore that thi morninin sosolad i didndndn ah tha would havavene awkward. >> w just wanted to reremind >> oh,no, ipember tt episodeell because i led thatatress and when they -- i had to change into t l little shortsoutftf i h aotal ltdown.the o only --- i n't want to change.
8:35 am
>> you'ravgikee an ethelel murriman moment. that'hen theheolddmeme sing like ethelmerranah i don't kno whoho ethelerriman is -- >> classicallylytrained. obviously, i,,ou know, thoseov were oo well, allhees to yo jodi >> thaha you very ch, i'm so excited. an i'm'm finally glad thatt i can sasimething because i've been keepingt bottled up. >> thanks for sharing that with us. >> the big "dancing with the stars" season 2222ast reveaea ll be live on "gma" nt tutuday, march 8 season 22 of "dancing with ththststs" emieres on march 21st right he on abc. whehe doe the time ? >> knowome t othe wedo. htoit >> exci >> we can't wait f tt but now we an importa renting art about ming sure you kids are safe whilele 'ret . ere are a lot of hidden dangers right around therr - ananbchs c heah and medical edir.r.hard besss going tohow u w
8:36 am
tof ynorel.>>15-monon-o ggerer t little g with the haiai keket his mission t t get@nto thingn. all y. evy day. >> th ca@abinet,, the dishsher, e toilet, he'll try to cli into t tub. reporter: erin and her @huhuan have all the safy locks to keep him out o the pcabinets, thetrasas even the toilet and it's a good thing because homes are ful off dangers youay n have thouoht about.t. >> k kp out ofeach of childrenen at youo if youp d idn'tock tngs u at would happen? our house would be a disterdister. reporter: s we tookhe cpild loc off t t kitchen cabinet, outftfitted agger with a gopro and let h h roam ee. ok what happens. he quickly get into the nets and drarars. he eve emptiedhe f fridge w wh a littltl hp but there are things he can get into by himself. one big danger, annsecured dishwasher. iss like aplayground f him. his is h favavite
8:37 am
sendo g int th.>> rte theshwawawar bum a a cld heandndnd provides eyccesso sharp iv anderntroro ngerous. diwasher d dge pks l lk similaoo l lryry pks icic resembleleandynd iured hundreds of dr.anotre danger batts. nonoto the uth.h. - that'shathetl os do. > yep. >> reporter: 20,000 b eryngestion between 1997 and`2010.. ny litum bteries thaha wn roat. liva triers ahemical actiti t tt can b the esophagu maufuf batatries a lococked where a ahildan't g tto them. something else rprising, moututath. inactive idient alcohol, %. so tt's 40 proof. >> tt's a lotf hol. >> reporr: alcolol can cse alcohol poisoning so keeping esecout of the reach ofur child canave your little one's
8:38 am
like jagger can c@ononnue desty cabets for manyeaearsrs to co. for "good moing g eric" dr. richard bessss, c news, nene york. >> s sehinis yououou migig not have thought . thanks toor. besse for thah backutde to rob. >> hey, what's goingon justanging out. she says i'm from ts.0 op fm t%t aree op f brooklkl i'mt fpom ooyn. dallas. dallas. >hat do you thinkf thi new@w york athehe ce. >> we l leaving you here from llas, texa t's take l lk at t e weather recastpt acrcrs t t t west coast. got someecoror highs building in palm spriring, 93 degrees 9191n phphnix. tied recordd therer spri-like weather moves snto theplai. al dnesday march 2nd. i'm abby acone. day: aan upper level syem slides past colorado, winds are expected to by very strong. gusts to 50 h will be ssible throughoututhe y, whichchill incrse eir danger. rere have bee east of i25.5. warmer as a result of the guguy winds, with tempatures gegeg into t
8:39 am
elevations. and this younglady, i asked where you're from and shesa. >> n new jejeey. >> y y said jersey. youueft the n part out. this weathercast brought to you by&ms. frsrs. i alwaysikeour s sk game. u bring t soclclc gaga. yeah. >> line >> ting to pop cor. when you getirededn the rninin yououook d dn and wawa wll tal fashn. cong up, tget isnown f itssmamang collaborations.. we're exclusively reveuling a
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
>> he is briritt4w`tkfkfd* btbt tt2w`tkfd* "a"ajfd 2w`t`td*bmamamamtt4w`t`t" tqtq=$h tt4w`td*entq m ( tt4w`tkfkfd*" gzt& t'p 4w`tkfd*" t& d)< `tkf" tq d tt4w`tkfd*" jnjn ou know, oveve thehe years designer collections have held
8:43 am
target int tarar-jayay they aayssollolo the anououment of a a n n partnerip and it's a to ppen again. a hay for fashionistas evevywhere likik when lilly pulitzerollaboratewith team bull's-eye. >> a a frenzy. shpers flooding or. >> reportete and this morning target annouuncg he ca cococoiv on "a"aheir latest a arightest dig ner. >> our teamberally scocourhe wowod. is year we traveled to f fland to parer up wh annredibl brand marimememe >> the finnini desesigner thada tatalted ioigh fashion ter jackieennedydy donnedd eir pk shift on the cover of "sports illustrated" and count on carrie b bd somehow's l lalty asaswell. >> i is known for briwit and ld cols and b beautiful printnt and p pte andel designedd products. >>eporterj takingg their
8:44 am
summer of finlandrom swimwear to beach accessoriesp to hammocks and padahdle boards. >> oorrplay. thth word thattould encapsulatat thisolleion is joy. itjoul. and maybe two ppess. >> and if t t t pararershipips anythtng like the one in evious yeyqyq the willle a lo of joy and happiness for targrg. ra. thanknkou so mumu, jess. ings nowitit a look at some of the new i, jie guggos, senior ffdesign's depm marikko. >> i soxcedo s thi on whu. it is alllbout play >> is play, it's cor and loe ofhe pieces of thth let' starttith outdoor. use rikko has cra big vibrbrt patterns. >> theaddleoardss my farite. it's a aaddle boaoardnd wil be a standododon the watererith this great bold prt. 's amazing. >> how m mh isthat. it's $499. it's oururost expensive item.
8:45 am
e whole colllltion. >> it's a gre, great lu >>f you d d't wt to pdle and wdn to be lazy you can lay on . >> t f raft i love the tent. i know kids will fin to bee ththrhabsolu favari. it's designedor outstse. >> s s it can live, doesn't have to wor abobout rn.n. >> not at all. same goes with the pililws and poofs. incrediblele s. >> how manyiffererere patterns are there in your collection. we have about 2 patterns,, fouroloj thememes it's reaeay brht. really cheerful a a rlly designed toake peoeoeehay, . get outde andplay. % >> a speakinfououtdoors let'so lite tdodr dining. >> everybo nds a gat outdoor collection for sumr enteaining and what i lov about this, you can s the collection o o patterns. > lehe brightolors. >> g great f fixing andd mahihg. re r te yourwn ok, absolutely and great thing about l of these teris,s, cannot
8:46 am
they're indestructible then the table runr is ananher one. p pnt onithe s se a a it's ve v vsatilel so o u get a two forne look. >>8>rice point on this. >> as low $8, allllhe ay up to 0 b most pieces,yeye@,,, pdle board and most pieces are und $50,eallll great value. we are soassionate aut -- let's talk fashion before we have to go. we havav thr models. our fit mol. >> allllrit. so this wholelection -- oh, msh i lo . . black and white. what i iove about it, she is sportrng o one piece beltete swimsuititit a gat rh guard which i really important f sun ottitn. >>hashe shirt so you don't t sunburn onourr eses one of our bod boardsreatat r gettingouososide. >econd model plea, come on ou >> all right, what we have here is a great two-piece, ilove the lazzo pant perfect for goi
8:47 am
eaea cer-up d, again, a a fantasc hat so you don't'tave to worrybo@ yourai wch is -- >> i lovov t the bla and whe.& you loo verychic. finally, oh, no, who is this bebety. . >> shilohoh >>,>hi, slo and s slolo is weweingurlack and white patternesuit. weave mini-me versions f@or all thekiki. e looks fafuastic. everything i goi t look. >> iloh, give u ussrrrig modede pose ere you go, gi. >> that's right. >> you look great. >> you lookk fantastic in your marimekk thks fororing it to "good morning america." >> thank you. > everyrydy lov target d it lle e ailable in storessnd online april 1th becau you know when these thingss come, they go >>y go i i a day sometimes. >> thanks julie. coming upup, emerilpicici up
8:48 am
8:49 am
stay th ur friend emememel lagagae is
8:50 am
the kitchen revealing the secret ingrednt in som of his most pulalalaideediuh. wulcom my friend. >> good to be he. ththk you.u. >> good to here. >> tnk you. >> you are asokman f ras >> ye >> and tell meut this v event. >>on petit's tenth anniversary of the venetian lazzo hotel. grand tasting at caeaesars palacece lot o fun, gordon msay, gigita, aot off chefs. rely an awesome event andnd'v'v be the for over 20 yrs so, you kn, i have four restaurants there. d three o property o the venetianan ppalzo soe're lookg f f frdrdit. april 28t to may 1s a lot of great food. >> a lot oreat od. jus can't talk about howgreat the foodl iseusehat happens in vegas sta inn vega >hat's right. >> so letet uset cooking. what are you cooking up here. >> we'll do some sid dishes and we'llnveil somf secret ingredies wh this.
8:51 am
we'll add -- thisss isoing to be a mac a and eese. yostir.. >> ok. nd when itt start geteeng thick, we'll add a lite sal and -- >> wt ishe seee? >> right re, t ts i the spcret cheese. a lotf chse. mac and cheese buthe sect inient balalorhihere aagical gredient caledd truffle ellthat. >> smells likik truffles. >> i i'tt ? >> all bight, se'll adddd thahat what we, get i it i iide the cseselele and t tnn we'll sple b badrumbs and bake itijn the oven a a a a a a350 degeses anddjt looks like tha and@u@u can ttetethat. >t looks lik that loo lethat. >> a taste really od. >> what do we have next. . >> brusselelro with a almonds and the secret too tsjs aft we saute t bs sproros w add the almomos, here is right here wawah this. , yeah. maple syrup. >> maplesyp?
8:52 am
>> we'll drizzle a little of that a y can tas thaust rithere. okay. >>o t tn we hahe b bruels sprouts, alalnds, isn'tha awesome. whoa. u knkwwhat y're doing, man.>> yeah, i imean, okay, s sw twicbakeke potatoes, a great side dish, take it out and now wel ake he potato d add a little ch allion, salt, pepper. we mix a of thatin. >> getome butterer got toavbubuer. >> got to he bubutter. bres torld goo round. >> so we d all that and stu it bk int t t tato, pop it withe b b t magic inedient for this --- >> bam >> bacon. con, it't' a por f` ing. can you say?y? >> that smells good >> , yeah, loo att this then what w w d d i i weutt ght bk in. you get to taste one there. three amazing side dishes fororor an azing,mazing e ent coming
8:53 am
youu all right, baba? >>hawas delicicis. , man. yoyo know atyou can gethe recipes onnur websit on yahoo! nobody like emeril. thank you, my friend. we'lllbe rig back, everybody. "gms" kicked upides iss ought youy las vegas.
8:54 am
8:55 am
dance amy, you're enjoying that.&
8:56 am
trfle il face. rrrr we "al st also insifts. a great, ever good.. it 8 8amam wednesday mah 2nd. i'm dana clemens. wee tracking bpeaking news in northern el papa cououy... emery crews e rereonding ta plane crash in palmerake ne hihighway 105. you'reakg live lk at the enw.the h ha ao std a all grass re... but flames are out. both pme ke pole an e paso o coun sheriff's office are on scenen.. and are askyng people to
8:57 am
krdo newschnel 13 at noon. happening now... ththcolorado state patrol is at the scece o oa a mar crash on northbound i-25 at mile mark 135... t tt's near fountain. at least fiviv vehicles were involved. e northbnd ne i i compmpte ednod es just weupdadada yoasoon as we lore. m byne. todada as upper lelel syem sli stolorado, wis e pect to ve str gus upo 50 mph wiwi be possibib rougut t y,hich will increase fire dangererred flag warnings have bn issued for mt most ang a east of i25. highs s ll be warms s result o othe gusty winds,s,ith temperatures gettinininto the 60s and 70fofo the lower elevations. nded: the nds ll calm on thursday, withighs expeedo rein in the e 60s and 70s through frifay. another coco
8:58 am
slight chance for showermainlyly overndear the mountains. this weekend is looking dry andn mild. . does pear that next
8:59 am
>>jivith ll mi toda fm th neweriesl "the family," joan alle and t ttt,, eli dish from "o"onge is theew black" star
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plus, your qutions and comments on another edition of the "inx." all nen "live." [captioning ma p pe by disney-abc domomtiteleviuion] >> a nowo he are your my-awardinni co- y riic san! [chehes s d plause kelly: hi.aeavav a s veveve sea key: ion n. chael: y wons. lly:ra today


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