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tv   NEWSCHANNEL 13 400  ABC  March 2, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm MST

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answers, aftft a a plane goes down n in palmer lake're ve with e latest. . the number o o adlyraraes ononorado roadadare growing.g. and we're asking if a new cagn to curbangerous iving is huing.g. th afteron, sustaiaid nds uld range betwtwn 20-30 0 mph with gusts to 40-50 mph. e red fl waings cover th25 corridor, frfront unty and eastern ains. good afdfrnoon and thananyou for joininin for krdo news ne at t fofo- o'clock.. . m heatheololol and i'm b b namnou we are monitoring a aot newewat t ts ur.... red fla warningsor the front range, a plane crash in lmake. wili,check in witgeli lombardi, who's live wthe detaili, t t cras ivvestigion. so t t t afternn- grgrs fire in n puloou fire crews e e rking a 100- acre brush fire in eastete pueblo c cnty. they say the fire started early this afternoon in the huerfano river bed ar , n nr broaacrend doyle roads-- that's jt south of avondale. no structures e threatenen at this time, but that could chge i ithe
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the strong wind i iing at f fe. high fire danger across all ouern n cocodo today . ththgustst winds kicking up dirt in la junta-- beware that e fifi danger is exexemely highg e wind blew this tree across pulo street. jt hpened mememe aer elev a alinoisis d d tete tree crews expect to field re calls like this - storm tracr 13's chihi meteorlogist cahel plath is stayg busy tracking the red flag wararars d wind out there the wind has been t t big story todada gith very son stst the wind wililililiown, but nountiound mi tonigig. morrow it wi t be as windy.y. whi will make it a lot nicer outside! i'll show you i ie wint wl ck bacacap p p he nearuture comip next. crews are
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determine what may y veveause a smsml ldane e crash th mprning inin 's uno if anyoyo surve e anntwn s o nortte e paso c cnt towowo kr ange mbar i ililili onneh details. b and heatr, t n t re all d long vestigating. onow e cause is stsll ununown. reports of thecrh camemen early this mornin afafaf8. whenenepututs arrived they found the
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road tracks in papaer l le. the crash created d small fyre that was quickly t out. thfificoumess pthan an acre of prerty. the paso county s sriff's office s s sit is unable to identifi thehe ple's numb because the damage is so severe. it unknown whatype of aircraft it was homany& pele weron ar detiesay it s trely wiwiy day d ththould have played a ftor in t t tra. "eye wititsses say the plana appepeed to be ving se mechanical issues and obviously the's high winds and gusty winds in the area athis time, but there's been no investigation at isisimimto indidite what exactlwas e rereltltf the crash." thcras haened just redsds yayas away from homeme so ews say it could he en a l worse. cong up newschannel 13 at fiv we'e- hehe from a man o witnesse e crash. we'll ve that d ththlatest formatn for you. li in lmlmlm la, angedeca loloardi krd
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the sur tuesday res are . democrat hillary clton and republan donald trump wobig across the map. boththf f e presesential contntdede one stepeploser to their party's nation. stephahae e & ramos has the e e details in decision 2016. pkpk: : super tuesday is ov with both fron h trunnersn each party cemeing eir lead. clinton thk you. thank you all l much. sotrump: if winner took l, this thing is over, we're just having a celebratn. these rerelts,the veer elti wilil lily be a match-upupf lly tonlald ldtrump-p- tr ....sweeeeng up big wins in 7 states making it much harder r r his rivals to tch h . t : rubio day night rally marco rubio winning only one state - minnesota... ted crcr grabng mostes his hoho state ofof xas ....oklaho d en alaska... sot we' done sometngng that almos nobody thoughtht cod de democratic pfrontrunr hihiary
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snaggg bins severara delete heavy states as super tuesday y apped up. and d th her comoandidi l in the d d date cot, taking on trp-- inton . ststd ofoflding walls,s,e're going to break do barris after a a ndslide h h home state of@vermont.. inton' democratic compmpitor rnie sanders singngg that same tunununand thisisne... . ts sanders singing his land is yr landndsanderer not showininany signs of ending g his cacaaign. sanderthis is nono a general electionit i not wiwier take e`l. tag: after s s ma v ves?.?.e gop field still has 5 candates including ben carson. all 5 say they're not inou thth race. on e hillararclinton but he mpmp race till the stephanie ramos abc news wagton foalthings decision 26.. head to ourp website... there, yououl findesults from super tuesesy and latest political
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debate is returnrng tohee court today in t t midst of raucous` presidential campai and lesshan three weeks ter justice antonin scalia's death. eight justices will consider a texas law requing th doctoror perfororng ortihaveve admitting prileges at local hohoitals anthat abortion clinics upgradadtheir faciliti to hospital-likik stananrds. epcoururis divided over t t regulas. the law s ready caus more than a dozen clinics to close. these la have no no o pact on improvovg the health of women @ut in fact they are hurting women by making i ididiicult for thememo accececeealth re ppororrs say law is ant to prprect t men'n'heal bnd safe...w.wle others s s it is meant totoimit cess taboron es. pueblo picaroking for he fin men cauahd o o camera..(.ing to break into a home. it happeneon february 8th.. in the e ththsand block of llllood avenue on the e city's southside. ts suieieance videyou can see two men
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one of them went around the side.f o o of f view. later,r, neighbhb who kn the meowowrs were gone.. confroroed the o o n. evevtuallye scar them away. yone with informatn on thcrooks.. ould call popoce or ime oppers at 54 st. the colorado springs fire chief is calling it t its.. after r fewer than ththe years on the job. the city ned chchs riy fire chf ininuly of 2010 onla few months after the black forrest fire end deating floods. chief riley y y leased a statement saying it's been ananonor rving this communitit her an that ... the chief ananthe fifi dedertmeme aren't saying much about this rerement. riley's last day will be this friday. e deputy fire chchch fl inin for riley until the city appois a new chief. forty-ve people have died in traffic- lated crashes in colorado thisyear. evevev wednesday cdct didilays that number on s eltronic sns along the hiway. 's a wayayay raisisareness about how w adly the roads can be wn drivers aren't caful. krdo wschchnel 'ss da molinin shows us how
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thnumber thteen. in nuy.....ot began langng the tally of how nynyeople ed on a corado roads so far in tht(ar. five wes later. thatumbebeis a 45. 1:17 23 3 at lot!t's crazazaz orrs of the mpai hope thahand o o retion wilompt drivers to stop p p dangers @ behaviororornd llowowraffic rulele 19 30 ybif ty saw w a4 the deolwas pgoing up,penhat they wou cng eir drivg, eveve ough they're a cdriviv, maybe theyeyl l slowowown whwh it's leceary. standup a ot spspespersonayayay there wewewetraffic- related deatn cocoradot ime last year. that's almost doublewhile they n't measure the effectcteness o thehe campaign, they he it's a wupall. 14 i ininit can be very helpful, if people are commututg g ery day, for r me drivers... i is t/o much. 8 - 21 i dont know t t twe need to knowowowy deaths tre are.
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information that we need. butheyll agage... d dvers need to pay attention. in colorado spririri dana molili, do newschannel 13. cdotlalao o continue the campaign thugh the rest of the ar. pls are e undedeay to maover the pulo verwalk. ead, we'& you mor the consnsucti pls and the anges that wille . plus -- states in t sou are getting hit with heavy weather. we'll take y the disasters
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vera southern state are gogog rough anher dose of harsh h ataer. ataleaeahree tornqnoeeses were reported d in alaba. at least four peop were ...theheinds re or 60 les an hour.r. more than dohomes were badly damaged. :05 - :08 happpps mighty quick.k.much me to think the mst, the's heavy ow. one wrk leado wiscoin s nfarlylyne hundred cident thads were hazardo
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o'ha...planes were slidingff the rowa. a ive jet slslped d thehe snow and an amicanirline jet slid while taxing. stin creatingigh fireanger in the front ra thth ia live look at conditions an temperate e storm traker 's cef ororogis rachael plath is monitoring the red d ag
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the wi wilill aduatly die down lat tonight, it will be ow to co but evenallylye' end up in n e 30s for mostst tomorrow will l warm withx50s0s0 and s. t bestews s out tomorrow iit won't be as windy! dry conditions will persist. your colorado springs 7day forecast sho temperatures warming on friday, then cooling on saturd. your pueblo 7day fore shoho chanceor shower monda and tuesday. your can city 7day forecast shows u s s d 60s for r e e xt 7 ys. your teerounty ay forecas shows mperatures falling into40s next ek, with a chan for showers on frfray, monday and tuesday. ank you chael housus republican lawmers e king t gold thank you rachael house republican lalaakers ar taking the gold ng mine spill
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yeseerday,they g glled ininrior seseetary, sally thank k u
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ththk you rachael use
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use e republic lawmers are takinghe gold ngine il into their own hahas. yesterdry, th grilled terior secretarar sally jewell, challenginher r cy's r riew w of t t enenroentata protecti cy. house staffers say at the seseetary's email about t toxic waste ould have id th the e trigged th ill. ththemail n't place ame on the- p-a,lthougthe as ken e e cide yihe lite unged some sentht wer gushing intotohe animer. l s st br r testony,y,y, sayi it was anan accident. it looks like planto expan the hisiororor arkansas riverwalk of eblo are back track. oupartne at thehieftainin rert, ate goators acd deae th cy leaders on a newewlan to finanbe the prect at you sesehere.
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expansn isexpepeed to include outdoor event center.. and a neexhit area for the pulolo conventi@i nter. thehagt ill needs nal l prov. a ryrynd schoho officerers ununr fi a aer slapping a ststt. how administsttoro took care of t tuation d what becece of the ofofcer. plus -- a camera catches by falling out of a van into traffi.. we're finding t hohoth
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investigation after r 's cacahthtn camera ... cussssg, s sppg and kiing a student. on the cell phone video taken bydy studt... e him al thehe younununn across theacac the titis then kicksksim, he w away. e incint took@klace at the ach rtnership scololn n baimore ryrynd. a scol official s thehe wereotre of theid until a cal tv statatn brought
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the hehehef the ltimore e school pole rce is on administtive ave-antwo@ s officers have beenene-e- sign kids saynd thearne ings.. a cafo mom had the ultiti scare wh her little girl had peculiar sinus problem. a safein got stuck up her nose" for months doctors coul't f fure out what was wrong wiwi khloe russell. her mom thought she had nus infection when she hado stop every five minutes totololo her nose. khkhe never complalaed o / pain, t her uncle e tice something strae e day. he totd heheto ow h r ne allyard and out popped the saty pin. :58 - 1: it s a huge objectcv.she forgot to ll me the pin was ababt one and a
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khole sa she was builllng a safeins six months a andndnd dodoors say the e n ner showed uen they ud a a scope ininen nostril. china. eir toddler on a aususstreet. the next vehicle picked up the child and followed the&& van, blaring their horn. thdashcaca was still rolling...when e frantic gra a ruing back fof the child in indonesia e lessssrightened this afternoon. learn why tsami warning was eventualal lifted.
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migrancrisis in n europe ntinues to grgr. how greece uld beco a
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debris found along the coast of mozambique is being studied fofoa possible connection ti the missing malaysia a alines flight t t t disappppred two ars ago, thehdebrbr is headed to malaiaor examination. urces say there's no cordrdf any otheheboeing 7- 7-7 missing besidee flight
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the flight disappeared in 20 wit239 ople on boaod. whatappenene to thela rereins a ststy. unam warnjng in donesisisis been lifted d ter an earthquak earlr r is morning, ofals sasaa powewe, but sh eartuait f the westn coast t tcountry.thirstst thought it cou ve trigged tsunami. u- geological rvic it hit far fr landnd in 2004, the cotry was dedestat by y deadly tsumi thth killed 230-0- thousand people the european union,`facedith a gring g refugee cris in grgrcece launched a newewew d prowrara today. european states have tened bordrd ctrols fofog the rival of me than a million migrants by sea last year.r. thththre appealing r lp housi andcaring for tens of ousasas stil arriving andow stranded in greece. "the commission will provide 700
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three year pthe cococosisi's propalal oved, will chl 300 0 mills-- $s 3illion dollars...o the nency assistance scme and 2milln euros both nexar d in 2018. here's what's ahead d channel 13 at f fr... sckelly isis justg ck eararth. hear why he says coming hohe is ttersweet. it's beeeex months since a 20-year-old man was kikied@in his car in pblo.o. how investstators s e moving fofoard wiwi lving the crcre.alal,the wind has beef thehe reasonehind downed trees anangrassfires in southe colodo. we'll take a look at fire
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joining us for krdo newew annel 13 at -30.. i'm rob namnoum.. and d m heher skolol a wildnd windy day... we've e en der a reflag warning r most of the da but at one point we saw brief burst of rain in some papas of colora spngs we've e t our storm trker 13 team all over the in.. windy weathehehed red but t let's get cef meteort t t rachael plath with all the wild


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