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tv   NEWSCHANNEL 13 5  ABC  March 2, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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stard further up the road but has prprprss wardrdhe ver. momo than 100 acres have bubued b so fafaonly gra and trees s rned. there e ststctures the area but the e e f fhters ve been n safe. chchf mark hardest t rt besidehe w wd is the terrain mears, pueo o county chf ars ys they believe the fire was started by a downed electrical pole. - we will have more covage toghghat 6. porting li ks nc 1313 thatire isn't the onlylone at f fe isn't the ly one ews have beedealing with. two brush fires broke out in la junta toda but bo havav
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rson ss wind kickedeup smokokand cacaed hot spottola upfrom twowofires thth recent broke out on traing ous andndnwe repoed, colorado spngs fi crs s`st got a ass re u uer ntrol nearar powers and constitution. a fence and a shed were damaged by ts fi, but t hos were reatened. a li look rit now a chief meteorologist rachael ath acking lolo the win will l. the wias p been the bigig ory today, with very s song gugts. the wind @ will die down, b not until ou dnht tonight. ow it ll
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... . ich will mama it a a t cer outside! i'll show you if the wind wili i ck0 back u uin the near future coming up next. ththhigh winds
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fuel fes toy... t winds alsoso ocd down a tr in pueblo. take a l lk thik pto from the areaf illlnois and rout, on pueblo's souou . cae thtreel ght ss streno huhu, ther wanoag e nd'see guguand using problemscroshe cococodo all dpy. krkr stmtraer 13's mike everett ins usive.. mike, wewe derstand someththg a a litt d dferent ababtoday's nds. goodvening jas, for the most part, gusty windndnd these are ways a concern,ut these windnds ararar a litt diffent from last weeks. last week's winds came in fifi and starts, givi lulls in between the gusts. today's nd has been fairlyonst all day long. e e lt has been a ahole lot of dowowd rbagagcans ananpatio du pollen, making it tough r r oswho work oside. but yondhe mihief, the
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fire concerns, even in the wier. . hn murphy kno is a a too wewe. "when i was a child, i was here fothth1950 f fe - ananthatatat happened in the wiwier. i lhink it happened in janunuy. big windndand dr.. and d ols. that's all it takes." for now, alle n dot wait, nds and dry..... d fools. that's l it takes." r now, a a we t can dot wait, watchope that the w w w d-e down without any more accidents or fires. that red ag rning is still in eect thugh seven o'o'ock tonight, but we're going to he to keep our guards up p well bond th. .&.& live in colodo ngs,ik everett,rdo newschannel 13. thanks mike.. . and you n stay ead of the weather atrdo dot com. clk on the her tab... for your forecast.t and watcheheand warnings. the wind may
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contbuted to an early morning plane crash palmer lake. thf-a-a d n-t-s- stin iti unifanyoneurvived. the plntntdownth o the e@ilroad trks tt run through the paso county town. do nechannel 13's angelica lombmbdi is li on scene with h tails.. investigatats s scene. james, the ntsb is here, tryg figureutow this happened and who was on board. instigators coco through the w2ec ... searching for ues ... aftea smsmplane hit the ground andnd burst to ames. "the planene is a complete ss d d to the fire. w ware unable tidenti a tail number andr whethehe not t trere were anytims."."." roger momoley, a former airforce st pilo,aw crasas " " assume it was a loss of control due t t turbululceceme other r sue engine faire or even a a dical issue, it's just very usuaua ace to ompact the grou." but he says s errors are comm. "there wat of wind out of the north andming across the motains througug this patatth wouldlde quite turbulandnso if this guy was trying to sneak ov that low spot that coulda been a problem." "on a day like today with extreme e re danger, crews e creditg the e fife d dartmts response time sang it could have been a lot worse." "we'e' had high wind d rnings in the ea along with fire alerts for the last several days becauseof wind blowing in the e ea." firereghters were able to contain n e fi to lthanan quarter a#re. t selyly ys t t ls of life ... eveifhe pilolowas exrienced ... manot have beenenvoidable. "it's amazing w yoyo can get t2appepeeven an experienced pilot omeoneike e usededo flying high performance airpnes
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a nearby hiking and bing trail is currently osed bsese of the investigation. reporting live in palmer lake, angelica lombardi krdo nenechannel 1313 air@for academemcadet has be restst i i boulder cocoty, on sixl l saulcharge deteteives say n-a fromom1 yeye old jack warmolts matched evidence llecd from ththalleged attackck the female victim sayayit happened she was hanging t th sev cadetscludidg warmolts, la apl, n nr the univsif colorado. the aiforce academsays the school is coopering with bou police. thscho i coopoping she wahaing ouwiththeveral cadetsincludin reporting live in palmer lala, gelici lombdi k m
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an bir forcece acacemt en arreet iboulr coty exual assault charges. detectives say d-n-a om 21 old jack warmolts tched evidence collected from the alleged atatck. the female ct says itit ened d dn she was hahag out witheveral cadets, including warmolol, last april, neaeathe univivsity of colodo. e air r rce acady sasa the scho is cooperating with boulder polili. the family of f murdered 20 yearld in are ustrtr a aests hav the death of eir son. today marks six mo s)sce while drivg his s car in puebl vipands recently made a statemt @ stating enough is enoh, and we reached a breaking poi due to aecent homicidede we absbsutely agree with the d-a's statemenen but why sn't it a breakiki point
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when our sonon was innocently murderer?" the f-b-i is offering a 10 thousand dollala rererd fanyone who has ininat about s de pepetuda rereseseo beur ue at ome republan candndntes. and it lolksksks like the end of the road f f benen rson. . today, carson said he se no o th forward and will not atnd the republican bate morrow night in michigan. carson is expected to formal announcement fridid. meanwhilil hillary clinn and nald trtrp wowobig last night. trump took ns in n ststes, making it much harder for hisis rivals t t th h& up. - d clinton is exndndg hehe lead over bernie sasaers. nders, won ur statas, includinin colorado.. and says he' take it all the way to e convention ininuly an unexpecte announcment, 2012 r rublican presidential nominee mitt romneyill speak about the state of the race. we're e ill inininins d emailslsro voters w o are mad about the way the caucus system is t t in corado. on t
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delegas, not voters decidid nominee.anasrd wsanl f ex, tt seehe ocws-lelete lot ofroro. lookokm a ifie kneo are e ing to f thatd to believe, i im ifieie wsesen sur esda ie nald is thever . lala night's getsim he loseto reblic natitir pren too wi 'te caus nnk ` isisngs , justavin atn. dpdpllltff isn elaso un g-p& don' r trwhwh fad th a a tet t e e co a convenons s lathng....i wivote dond trump i itouz ud jergensen's first ce. the black forest delegate says she could support trump. it would be interesting, we'd probay ve a new cabibit every y tpo weeks bui & uld. he saying ateo
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opennded es e deletes are e d candate that hbsbs some colora blblans up this s irst cs, itas ual waea wasn't favo. dokn ij wo it agn.f ent prararyou cod ca abaot fm yo j ip it inhe m 12thouound democratat caucused statewide, breaking the recordrom thousand- - - -- 8... but the ararment to switch t ta presidential primarar crosses party linene peopop don't understa w wt ey'r' doin a lot ofeoeoe yesterday thought they were goingo caststalt t d gointo votot it's a,a,using system ta t ofof people andhe ju don't rticipate. out 6 percenenof registered vote particed in the 2 26 6 presidential nononating ess.s. colorado rings, eric fink, k-r-d-o newschanne
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publ y ok sa aill is the s o anm ca prar coraraspspngngis of e co tofive best placeseso live. today, u-s news and world report ranked colorado springs.. the fifth best city. denv.. austin,t,tas.. fayeyeeville, arkakaas.. and raleigh- duamamrth caroli were the top f#ur.. "this is aer clear incati that people e e the united ates, in nheknow, are recognizing the very positive trajectory tt t colorado springs is on. colorado springs was the only ten cy toet a perfect sce on the "desirability" inde measus the eagegeess of people wantntg to live herere you'll fd a li t tthe e ll st .on o stort dododo. . ratside e su
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takecentstste. the ift t tionase e cas.. atat nt.
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court is hearing arguments today, in what's beinincahemost sigigntntnt ortiti casasas acacacacco d d deses e sesese alalaleses202020exexexaw thatatmposes avariety y latititititi ortiti c c ccscscscscscscs susuororor y itititbout protottititi women'n'n'alth. ose against y it pcean unduduburdrd on women trying to get a legal tion :5:5julili rikelman, litigationon director, center for reproductiv e rights sot: art of the se we're making is there is no medil justification r the law - it's just bueningp women, mang tm less safe,:35 clke forsysy
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united f life t supreme court in case case upholdl tse the supueme court ling could impa other stes a how w eydn gute abortion cnics e pepeaeon sasa it s s be hacked. tpns department i ch spececets to try tbr teet pages. e rai#aed atindmnm& anfixixger sesety` lnfrilies. th department's systems get probed and attaed llnsimes y. seararasas cacaerayespo" tititi participate. stclm m m g grgrgrgrgrg camera yesterday at the store southeast tltmtmtm e man goeses theouer make rcrcse, , , the copops s u u reerhehehes a a a a the #w#wds enenhelerk his hand. anahahe e tstsim he c cgisterer he ran away d she grabs a hammreadady r momo.
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part of e e eel l ll pupulolottg .. 7 7jobs st. 're finding out mumuore totoght ko channel 13 at 6... and hihihiinin k.ocked down trees and fed grasspfires toda your lateseses fore. . d a lololot ththfire dadaer... tonight at 6. . . m wiwi die dow comingngp. the wind will
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toght, it will ol but evallye'- end dp in th 30s for most. torrow will be warm with 50s anans.s.he newewabout tomorrow iit wowot as windy!y!ry co wl rsis yr lora spngs 7day rerere shows teteererures warming ononln friday, th cooling on saturday. your puebebebday ( fofocast shows achance for shsheronday and d esday. youruranon city ecest shows 50s and 60s fofothe next 7 ysysyour tellll county ay f fecast show temperatur falling to the 40s byext week, with a ce for smowews on , monday a.d tuesday. momo ition' - coming.. in the fid of streing t-v ers.s. up next.. fi ououthe next big
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mix. sports auauy y chcpter bababypt. e e ilil plans c c@ or sl l l t 140 stores and two distribution centers s denver and chicago.
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competits s comingngngth field of streamg d(v v prpriders. up next.. find out the next big
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fifor chapte11 ptcy. therereree c cse centers in denver and icago. ththy, d ouofofofeneloohamore t es in n st thot& wiwiwiaiop nghe e compmpmp cecahe ed f f stor, , cacae reocsususususu arop ne. listf th orlopg has t been reasedet. &-t isls gettttttto tcae bussss the cellphone idererill beinllilg cablbllike bules of t totototome rouga a w app.& bscrcrcrs won'n'need a a a&t w welesese or others to access the e rvicic sisilar t/
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stomers ll down t t txx app, sn n ` creded c cd d cath begiamamg dhow. . . the n%w seseice e llllave e t- dididi brdingngstststs won'n' need a aellite it chalalale pvt the cell oneses- - t ee i i creamam k fil a promises free ice crcrcreaea famamy erhohoho lelenchtir cece phonenenene ps devi insidededeox a able. the chn ntntei stauruto& idida sensep ocococtc for ststers wherez ands share qualyt ue. w aidl rehan 150 lo $ ososbebebebe ts stocks pososngng dedededeaidaha tives from eney y mpmpie@es.thththw isisis 3434oioioioioi the nanaaq i i upupup and e s and p isisisisgh ints. . gmc.....'ll te yoyohohoe sososo cololsls organiti i i i ime teouou ojojll have yourur colpte recaststtartin
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od m mning was just picicd us u %two breqkfas oissants for f fr r hennthis b br attataed th o swiit devouone of the croissas. en j jow upp to`cofofof beaea, so could escace. d 's what happened to o ur breakft crssssss d yo s s sved.
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gegegegegeeaast antsoffour bucks.p eakings s s s o o of e ca rop p p p tetedonaldld strinin ctoror tighttrtntntnomisisis >> i'm a unifier. i know people are going to find &&that a ltltltlt o o&belili-5but beeve ,,bm a a ifie te@rurud marco rubio takiki a a at t"t evevblfofofofo opheherepublan canandate thehehlegatethey nd?d? night here, we do the math. and the smiles gone. will it be clinton versus ump? rererererererethththrnadads s s hinmown. nigh w o othenenhomedededodod.d.and e nenenyririg s ow and bitterold.'soving ea... breaking news.


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