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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  March 2, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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gegegegegeeaast antsoffour bucks.p eakings s s s o o of e ca rop p p p tetedonaldld strinin ctoror tighttrtntntnomisisis >> i'm a unifier. i know people are going to find &&that a ltltltlt o o&belili-5but beeve ,,bm a a ifie te@rurud marco rubio takiki a a at t"t evevblfofofofo opheherepublan canandate thehehlegatethey nd?d? night here, we do the math. and the smiles gone. will it be clinton versus ump? rererererererethththrnadads s s hinmown. nigh w o othenenhomedededodod.d.and e nenenyririg s ow and bitterold.'soving ea... breaking news.
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nearar d d d m m makininoff with severalr-15-sle ririr th manhuntright now. the zizi`iutbrbrk. a,tonine inn ththnononorthehet,sp t numumumumum oses here in the u.s. no grgrs. > > > > astronaut sclly, ckckn n h ninit. hreallyler r d yor ter a yeararn s a#e? the stunning reveal. gogo e eninini..and 's greatato have y*w*w usererer a wnesdsdsnsnststststst and thththst0hasowowettted after supeday, a a thihihihievenenen two c c vtors have e donald truru, wig seseses% stut hihiary nton, wiing sesen, donaldlmoved righthohoo oridididter his , one of momono takiu a a the way the n nination.n" tata a a the m tonht marco rubio winning minnesota. on the democratic side, hillary cltopullininaw f2fm bernie sandererer the states s won, a sw
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babayaya. sandmts anananonight here, we tackle the anpublanch uto ldt this point? and this evening, a major gn, at lst one c cdidqte could (( on b out. #0s tollamasasleadusff from mgan.n.>> reporofr:r:onight, the e e candndatdiving thehe bebebebew plplplng to g togegewp >'m'mninierfrfrow peoeoeoeoe gogoinin that a ltlt rd to believe. but believe me, i a% a ufiereonce we gegeal finished, i'm goinintoafter r e person....hh's hillinto >>eporter: b bldldmpmph pects the gop to fall in line, g/g anothth thing >> usuallywhen youe e e front-runner, everyone i saying, please, everyone, get out of the race, so we can unify around the front-runner. whatple are saying nog i ease, everyone get togher so weeep p p front-runner from wininnanana destrtr reblicic @ @ty. r r rtrtrtrtratatbibibibjiagan night, aertitititieaeay .vo iorora a is momng we, jeanette.
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too la. you're caca youousupportersrs y y're still v)vblele>> welelhink thehesee path f fwardrd we're e e e g up delegates. tunue to gain delegates thug the day as t t tttntntntis cinin. on a nht tt wasn' suppepe tobeururtrtrgegege nht > repepteteteay, in a%sies ttet t tmpg liei rubio lost big, llililililililigdedeererereran and rububowowitngngngngng ti-truruot wh a newly energigid senanar r r ruz.z.z. tha y>> reportetetete iallingngngng e o o candadas t x x xet bend him as theru alteteatp >> i ask you to prayerfully ouromomg togegege. unung. eporter:ighthtowthat's $-$-$-ening. which is why top republins are shshsening their knives in a last ditch effort top trp. t tororw,w,deliveriajor sech,h,h, laying out the case against the billionaire. pilingn? slew of top republican donors and conservative groups,
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>> t pic on workersrand wsws on't to a a in china a mexeco. >> reportrr:r:n n tuesda p, pa lay sha palm beach golf c cb, watatinin( returur. picacagngnuggernrnrnrolling g andvevehihihihiheheght,t,t. barsoso jcatatataeall sooo# t nononuhe o o tablbjbjennamemememeump'cornrn, nenejerseyovovchrichchstie.@ any y ople e emimi h last night, standing behind the newewerpe g c ciswrit " "'re e d u witit gornrn cis chriss p rogance. disgsgwith his endorsent ofodonald d ump. wpadn ememrrasasasashqt utter disgsgce." dodoldruru, brbrhing it l off, setting his sights on hillara a ininn. he to make ariri wh d d tr to figu whatatthth a?mecacarereregagns going to much betetr than mang america wle again....0 g gngngo o vererininsti cecehe
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ig. d tom,en carsonas dropped oututut the f debate tomoow night. what does isisean? >epter: that's right, david. his campaiai is now w@w@in wn. bubuwhwhpeopoprealking about, what many peoe are going to be wawahing at that bate, donana trump is going to be face to f fwith o of hi biggt enemies. fsx @' megyn kelly. you'll rember, theyad that epic w w of wdsn@heheste&ereratet t`ts campaiai seasao nit, shehenenef the ererordada >llt,lalassding ususususht. totmtmhank y. >ndd wewewoioi t b tctcngetse. this numtonight. the rean prima re drivg an eous vote turnou ke rerehan yi\i\ibl vod d n ninates fer tueuday. 3 3 lln re t tthdemo yeyeseagheheplete e po 8 million democrs vovod,hehh ypararararoba a a nonona > u u a g gd night t t hillary y.r ti a n mo
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e is n n f fuseded`,`,`,.. cagngnngngfrvivisandnds jujuoeoe'te thth math to defeat her. sanderho v ving g takthis f fhto thththnvnvtion ababcecilia``ahtith a reality check. >> r rortete hilrylntn%t, on n ctory lala >> yesterd wasasne f t hiory s. reportete but clilion n laser-focused on the verer man wheeddi shence attended, ge money to her senate campaign -- donald trump. >> you k kw, t stakes in this elone@ver been higher d d e e etoric from thehother side has vever beelower. r rortrr: in her v ct sfchlhclintonlnlvecece mentioning trump's n n butpter wawa >> wknow we've got work k d but thatatorhaworo is ` not to m me e erericicict againi.. ericicnevevevtoppepebeing g g g gr wewewee >> rr:rtrtnini t t t's "makakakerica g eat egain"n"
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>> we have to make america ole. ave toill in. r r`rter: tingngngnon wh message of unitytyv division% >>ou k kwhatit works.. instead ldinininlls, we'e' going to break dn baiers. >> reporter: but clinton still fighting off bernie sanders, toon at a rly today in mae, thehe senator r defiant, still tururng outhe crcrds, and turning up the heat on his rival. >> we werea idate supported bybyhe enenenititalalalabliment. somedy almivll anannteds e itable@ nominene well, ess wh e's not so itable today. >> sande vowing to fighthtn. cecilia v%g% d de c ent right re in neyork ty tonht. and li bernre sanrsrs
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das poioiut ther campaignini saying dhat's(albut t imibib >eporter:yeah, that's@t,% dad. thhispn my mem from the c papannnager. i want to read to you what he said. n order r rcatch up, senar sandern't just havavavavavararwig g w stateslshu eds to winvevewhere and lalae margin." the clinton team thinks they san haha the nominatn wrwrwrd d in a coue of weeks. david? back to yoyo >> cecilia, thank you. looking morend m mlilili race b bweonond trp an hiary toto n karl here the telestrator tonit. jon, bottom line. t mathemicalalsiblat this oint f, say,y, m mco sio to landnthe e tes hehenes to%cure the republican nomaon? > ittilly le, but it's extrely difficuland unlikely. jujustake a look at nuers.donald trump already has deletes.s. 25% of whahe nee to clin. rco rubio has less than 1 >> te us to the mas then, jon. the 13 states you're watching xtwhatwould, y, aar rubio haveo doo pull this off?
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he would get all the degates buthen he has to winn mostst of the other big states ana ep winninin t t states that fo >>, essentially, he has to run the table fm hereren out. whatbout ted cruz? >> r rorter:bout the same for ted uz.and he doesn't'tave anynore me states to win. he w texas, thatat thehe . home state he's got. >> all right, long night last night, jon karl. great to have you babkitus. but we movov onto otherews this evening, and to a night of terrifying storms in the south. two confirmed eded tornadoes in alabama. in one ighbhbho, look at this south of birmingham. rooftops ripped f by an ef-2 tornado. nds, milil an ho. look livivg room of one of those h/hes. the ceiling clr r r he sky. abc'c'e e unsasi scenin alaba tonigig. >> reporter: this is what'left tonit ofopine valley drive, south of b bmingha the view from m e alabama sky shows the roofs peeled off homes and the giant trees pushed on top of them. the tornadaes set o sirens
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there were two of them teari through the state, the strongest that ef-2, with indd speeds near 125 milean hour.r. grsims says he could hear the flying two by fours punch holes into his house. >> and t wind, youknow, it ju sounded like it wasoming straight through -- straight through the hohoe. >>eporter:got t bad, the electiononrecinc nearby hastop the v vininin ben allison and his wife ran for ththlaundry room. >> got on top o o her and i heard roof leave. >> repepter: families here in alabama say y at a a this haened in annstantnt anmuch of this material came from t t attics of these two hos.s. david?>> steve osunsam a a ama tonight. steve, thanks. hind tt storm system, temperatures falling fast. icy roadways and dangerous coitions causing a massive piup near alo, n n york.k. 33 vehicles ininll. no majornjuries. bitter wind chills from minnesota new england in the morning and our her te teg g , enen newtorm moving out of the miest t
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rning. > arou the worldight, and to east afri now. debris that could be from malaysia airlines flight 370 washing up on the shore mozambique. a u.s. official confirng it coululbe pts of eing 777.. mh-370 disappeared over the two years ago this month. 239 oplp lost alalg g ththhat t plane. back here at home now, a to the supremeourt tonight, and to the first major abortion case in almost a decade. and the first since the court lost justice antonin scalia. it centers on a case in texas at has alreaorced clinics close, and could forceven moreo close down, as well. onhe steps of the high court today, abortn foes facing off against abortion rights supporters. and of crse, that split ininde the court, too, now with only eighghjujuices. aby bruce at the supreme cour >>it y? >> reporter: t de ov ortion croarg ba to
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justicesear what could be the most influential abortion case in 25 years. tensions here outside the court running extremely high. the two sides literally facing off outside the court. at iue, a texas law requiring abortion providers have admitting privileges at nearby hoals, and that clins meet stdards surgical centers, such as wider hallways to accommodatgurneys. >> this laishnot aboututaking whheabortion should be legeg not. th is about making sure that the lives of erys sasasa >> r rorter: clinics say t t law is not about women's health, but ther, designed to put thut bususess. their sole purpososis to prevent women n a aessingng safe abortion n re.. reporter: half ofofhe stateabortion clininiave e oses.. if the laws upheld, opponents say, t or fewer c inics will remain in a ste e27 7 llion pepelelele just weeks after theheeaea of justice@al -- a lome ababtion foeoe- all eyey on swing votetetiti kenendydywho day yvggd he might want t
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>> and mary bruce live with us from the supreme courtonight scsciaiaof courue, the possibility, mary, o o otie e this case? >>eporter: that's righ . vi an aie he wouldeanha thatas law isupheld, but the one thing justice kenne spggested today,8he may want to nd this caseko a lower court, which would punt on the question of whether other stes can enact similar laws.p.p david? supreme court tonight. mary, thank you. we turn now to the new headline involving the zika tbreak here in the u.s. new hampshire is now reporting its first case of the virus. another one spreading through sexual contact. that case still being confirmed. the offici cdc tally at this point, at least 7 cases in 24 states, of course, they' looking at this new case in new mpshire. next, to troubling cell phone video from inside a baltimore high schoo it shows aniformed police ofojcer slapping and then kicking a young man. another ficer standing behind them school officials confirming the event, but it's not clear tonight whether the young man was a studen
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the school system police force now on administrative leave tonight. nextere, to the erin andrews case. the sports reporter d "dancing with t stars" ho suing a stalkee tel gav him room nt ers. well, tonight here, word of a new nt, showg that the video of her shot byhat stalker and posted online, continues to expose her. abc's eva pilgrim in the courtroo >> reporter: erin andrews' legal battle for $75 million in damages from the nashville mamaiott and the man who secretly record her getting out of the shower continues. >> and to try to explain to someone thatas questions about why i have trust issues, why i'm incure, why m humiliated. >> reporter: last night, one of e key players in this case, reprentative othe ner of e nashville rrtt, was dining with friends whenen restaura empmpmpe tweeted the grouwas looking t nudedeeoeo
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him millions, he was going to watch it and show everyone." then, he and his guests proceeded to discuss her body. peskind releasing this statement today, explaining that his vivio. "i asked them totop and while they did so, it was noas q qck lile as i had d.d. i sincerely apologize for my participation in what happened." david, this case could be in t hands of the jury by thehend of the week. david? eva pilgrim on the case againin eva, tnk you. ahead onworld news tononht" " this w wnesday.. the mantmanhunt under way at this hour, and the rerd now. dramatic video. ta a look. ten thieves storming gun store. smashing through the front door. those n makiki off with ar-15-style rifles and we willll ou t tthscene, coming g up. > alal tighthtwe're llowinintrtrn n railmeme, neighbors evacuateteand nonohuhuhuravel probms f#fseveral l ererer citieiefrom chicago all the way to new york. and, astrout scott kelly backckearth hpnight.t.
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alka-seseser h hrtburn lichewew y e relief. > xt tonight, dramatic new video released of a gun store inside. rushing out with t t arms full of hikh-powered weapon abs s ayton sandell on the rewara bei o o tonon. >> reporter: with spspd d d ecision that w uld dmpress the crew of "ocean's 1" this dangerous crew, call them the houston ten, showsp ata4:30 m. t tsday outside a hstonon gun stor heads and`fac covered. within one minute, 19 seconds, using a chaiand a piup truck, tires squeaeing to rip the doors off the hing. they mobilize inside. this thief jumps theounter, ignong other guns and goes straight forn assat rifle. others take armfuls of rifles and shotguns. the hamm man moves down a w of glass casessmashing ahe
5:49 pm
others folloright behind, filling bags full handguns. >> wt it potentially means is, you've got that many people now distriting firearms on the >> reporter: fm break-in to the last man o, one minute, 11 secos. more than 50 wpo gone. a block away, the thieves switch cars and, tonight, are stilln the loose. police are now offering a $5,000 reward to help get those guns clayton sandell, abc news, >> cyton, thank you. when we come bk here tonight, the new item banned from your flights heren the u.s., and these are not the batteries themselves. it's something else. also, the ceo killed ia car crash. also ahead, the train derailment forcing a neigorhood to evacuate, causing train problems tonight in several m cities. and the new g headline tonighinvolving robin williams. you're goi to want to hear this, coming up. hey marc. how you feeling? don't ask. this is what it can be like to have shingles,
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to the index of othet news tonight. a frfight traiaideramentnt ern n w rkrk c !rsheracaboutut 60 mimde efelo. injurrted.dneorfoe&ate r two& t cs bega - akininno amtrerce drupted tonight twtween n w york andhihago. a mememehere. > now, to oklahoma. lice invti the ceo killn a ca csh oil angas ecive brey mcclendodidin s suslammed into highwayrpass and htire. e crasmi less th4 hours ter hidictment on federal charges. popoce say m m mndon, papawner of the oklahoma cici thunder, was drivinghwell beyond the d limit. > a new ban totoght for yingasers will no longng onboarddnylanesnto or out of the country. passengelrdy banned from carrying e-cigarettes in their checked gs.
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robin williams. a sign outside theunnel betwsafrancisco's golden gatedge and marin countyty now bearing his name.@ tharway already paints rainbo, thas nor oth clsuspsprs ocour madam bis chchacacr tas "mk & nd love roia. whe k hehe to we ul't bve to tront ott llowack. younger d uple inches tallerea space?
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earth. repter: carried from the capspse,ommander scottelly happily breathed in the frigid kazakhstan air. the cold r was aming, you knknfresh air. >> reporter: 340ays tasks avd scscnce on the sce station. kelly is a lab rat osos, ing coared withis brother and rmer astronaut, ma. they're idenencacatwins. but all that time in zero gravity changed s@ott kly. he's probably two inches taller w, and lhter, losingnsclcl nesi.d 's eyogethan inptheinste's rulul o lalati4 orbitit 17,,miles s r,e's 1/100th of a second younger. what next? mecal tests, to find out what elseseas changed between s stt ananmarkrkelly. ey'll be reunited hehe tonight in houon. lly tweetedn hiway home, "rdy to ad tho s gsor t earund kidadakerl, absouston. >> thankou f w wching.
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goododht. wned trees... and red flag warnings. wee keg g g an eye on the windy coionsns in s/sthern colorado... and d 'll ta yove ta ass fire i pueblo cnt d w tas toght the rent thcolodo ngs fi chief. plus rereon f e mamamaon is surprpre announcement. . goodvening, and thanks for joining us. i'm heather old. d i'm james jarmanan fifit toninit... 7070eople ll lo their jobs at t t steel mill in pueblo.. after evraz announced a new round ofof lalaffs. the compananis shutting dowow s seamless p pe unit. our pane at t t chieftain repopo, , e compy y a slowdown in u-l and gas drilling... along withigh amounts of fofoign imported ststl. la year..... evraz temporarary laid
6:00 pm
eventuly offered some o em their jobob back. state dane esgarar from puebl sent uthis statement .... saying in part she's disappointed... anan"stands th the steelwkers here and in lorado.. and will continue e fight fobetttt jobs." both of represtive gar's grandfatrsp were pueblo o steeorke. a fifi has been burning south of past s senen hours. creweware working to put oue reear the wn of avondada. krnewschanl 13 katie encer morning. she joins us live with details. i'm ar red top road and yle ad whererthis f fe has been burning all day. it i is around 100 acrit now d hahastayed around that size all dada fire crews have had a har titi battling the fire becse of rough terrn. thereris alslsa lot t wood in the rir b%d.a loloof t t fi burned on the hv ranch out here. bunch h owner harr vold says he is


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