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tv   NEWSCHANNEL 13 6  ABC  March 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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eventuly offered some o em their jobob back. state dane esgarar from puebl sent uthis statement .... saying in part she's disappointed... anan"stands th the steelwkers here and in lorado.. and will continue e fight fobetttt jobs." both of represtive gar's grandfatrsp were pueblo o steeorke. a fifi has been burning south of past s senen hours. creweware working to put oue reear the wn of avondada. krnewschanl 13 katie encer morning. she joins us live with details. i'm ar red top road and yle ad whererthis f fe has been burning all day. it i is around 100 acrit now d hahastayed around that size all dada fire crews have had a har titi battling the fire becse of rough terrn. thereris alslsa lot t wood in the rir b%d.a loloof t t fi burned on the hv ranch out here. bunch h owner harr vold says he is
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got ititnder rol. "i wasn't home when it hit, but5.e n told me at it wenttt acrosshi ste hen matttt nutes." there e ructes out here but luckily the fire fights ve b bn able to keeeethen safechief mark mears sahey belieie the fire was s s teteby a downwn power line. . . crews will be out battlingrough tomorrow morning to me sure all of hot ots arar out. reportingngn puebloounty. ks nc 13 ndndas en theig story todadadaith
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sts. t wind will die down, but not t t l around midnig tonight. tomorrow i iwill not be a awindy ... which will make it a lot sh yououf f f wind wilkickck back up t near future coming up next. just as fire season starts colorado springloseseits s fire cef.
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seems to know seon starts ... colodo springs loses its firehief. t no one seems tonow why chris riley y announced his retirement with orornoce t t ththpublic. do newschchnel 13 scott t rrison live om fire department headquarters wi new informion. ott, the chchf is getti a severanc ckage? 80-thousanan dollars. it reprents six months' lary for riley. and mayor hn sutrs confirms he's gfttininthe payout u uer agret wiwi previo mayor steve bach. but suthers uldndn say much else. it's sll a mystery why chief chris riley is reting springs fire chief, after jt the years on the job, and w wh four days notice. while some firefifitersre surprised by riles departure.e. mayor john thers is not.
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toetirir and that was ananthat's the extent of what i will s about i was s t." administstr to pre e re vance notice resignation. but the mayor says he didn't expect it in ley's case, explaiainghy. he says hehe satisfied withriris ovl. "inke di mamang se fi pament wasasas its s le." the c)ti w wl conduca naonwidede search for riley's replacement. riley's last day will be this chief wi fililin
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live in the springs-cott harrison, do wschnel 13. ininstigator tonit are e out t at may crrash this morning in paum lake.& they say they of a the plane went down s of tracks that run rough toto. the crash tea sml re that wawa quickly put out.. el paso ty sheriff's office says it was extrely windy today.. and that could have played role in the crash. "w"wve h h high `wind warnings in the area along with firalerts for the last severdays beese o the wi blong t area d the high gususus along with thehe y fuels in t t area." the e tionon trsportati safety boa i i investigating the crash. inr decision 2016 coverage...
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night.t. hillary inton an dona tru ararching fuher aw from their rivals in the r!c!cfor eir rtieie nominationon the republicans did not caucususor winnnn here inin colorado. instead... party rutudictated that voters elt delegates - . whwhare t bound to a candidate.e. is ternoo.. we asked paso coun republan legas ifif ey w wld b bcomfortata vovong for dodo truru to beme the g-o-p nominee. ddedots cerin suort the republan minee. i n n gog totootet a decr or st home. not thusiastically but for the good of the countnt, think wld be t l lr ofof two il onhe demokoatatat side... bebeiesandnds woour spate e cocococing... besting g g gln by almt 20 points. a proposed state law wod require schos let stunts s use some fms of medical maririor risk losing ney from marijujua taxes. the plpl is to let a a parent put maririana oal, or patches,p,n ththeir kids .. onchool grouous. ho
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changes to the policies... partly becacae they're afraididf losing federal money.but the representative shing for th state law.w. pp to ccess i i ew jersey, whikh hahaa a milar pw.w. drdrers in coloradodorere eing reminders of jt how deadly the roqds can be. ere have be 45 traffic- related deaths in the stateo far this year. that total is displayed on ectronic c cot signs along e hikiways. c-dodoupdates ththtally every wednesday. when wfirst told you about th campaign meant totoeduce fatalities... there had been 13 deaths. c-dodohopes sengnghat numb climb every week... will be wake-up callririrs to seehat, ime tha crazy. mbe'l'l acal, other le willl actuallylyake it into account and ive better. a c-dot spokespepeon sasa there h h en 83 trfic-c- related fatalities ithe state at this time last year. the results arin for the first-ever puebeb counity surveu. people in pueblo ranked d d
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e most imimrtant.nely 1 1 hundd pepele responded to the rvey. poli and public c c ghest score... followed by road sety and repairs... then economic velopment. the ts g the lowest score.. 2-poin5.. . ed with p plic maininnancnc ipng ututrn colorado... + momota question with a fascinating answsw... why it so windy? thth's next. the hi wininis also`ong momo t ro lorado.
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grass firere so cauaung more trolele ross colorado. it fueled a grass fire in cocora springs thth afternoon. ta a look k this video oa fire in villloma papa -- near rtrtrtwers boulevard and constitution avenue. it daged fence d shed, but is now under coro the wind a ao made rk challenging r rbage collectors. i got t today and picked up a n that was blowover. got t backckn the trucuc and before i could dumpt, the windndw it ov agaga. the windnds blowinarouou stnd polle king it a a rough day fopeople with alalies. ppe w nd h h beheheigsty toy,ith ve s song guhed ll lie d dn, budud out. repti in puebloloounty. ks nc 13 the high winis alsoausing
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grass fire in colorado springs th afternoo look at this video of fire in villloma park -- near nonoh popors boulevevd and constitutuon avenue. it dadaged d fenc and shededbut is now ununun sontrol. t e wind also madede work chalalngfofo garbage collectors. i gogoout today blown ovov. got couldumpmpt, over ain. the wi i ialsoso blowininararar lergies. been the b verytrong gugus. the wind will d d down, butut not until dn tight. tomorrowowwill mama it a a t nir outside! il show youf the nd will kick back up inhe near future coming up next. just as re seseon start... fihief. but t one seememto know y chchs riley apnounund his rererememe with short notice to thblic. krkr nenechannel 13's scsct t rrisis is live from fir departnt hehequarters n n informatn. scott, the chief is gettiti a severance packagag 80-thousd- dollars. it represents six months' ' salala for riley. ananmayor jo suthers conf he'e' gettine paut uer an stbaba. it'still a a chchf chris riley ief, after jt the job, and with fireghters are mar jo e made a choice a ch on his part and d 's the extent of wt i i ll say about no, i was not." he expececececop city adadnistrator to ovide more advance notice fore a a retirement or resignation. but thmar ys he didn expect it in ririy's casa, , exexaining w w. he says`he's ana a th t overall. making sure e e partment w nationde the finin oint spri-seotthel 13. haane to roadthro ququkly y ayed a role ig windarninith fire alerts for use of the nd the highth the dry e national is in ycoverage...on supepe t. hillary
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their paidid not caucuc for a ead... pty les dictte ... who arno bounoon.....e asas p ps if they would b bld t tmp to o becomeded sots i the republican no vat or stay home. ut fotle gthink he would vivion thde. bernie saconvnvcilyby almost 20 po state law ul l l student edical marijuanany frfr plala to lelel, o o pat on schl o have sihe policieyeye raid ofy. the ushi f ints to succccs a milar law. dreminders of just t w adly t 45 traffic-thar this yearisplayed on ectronic c-doot updadas thehen we first tcamp to reduce fateen seclim be e or driversrs to seeaybe i'l people wilo acununan t spokperso83 trtrfic- s in t state at ults are i-ever pupulo communityed d whiareos importantt respopded to the surv. on public ghest scllowed road then evelopment. t the l. 2-point-5maintence. l this rn colorado othee mountains.s. a fafaining answe next a big story y ing so ch winght on krdodo ne stormtraer 1 live in colwe're hpping to tallllhis s nd! jau and speed numbs fe nscaa reon we has to do withrought many of us here...the mountai neate. 01:5 "it's i don't think i cod ." mes weher, there'e ontensgets gog.justin wood may his is stillll sgnore... :43es 's be oundnd a nstant bad s.ow thehe wind d d d tthe brbrneo me. bubu ananarspecen it cos." inhe ty windsds ththle of the momoherererere broughgh mountain they gete elemeito01:36 6& "i"i"ireallyn shhen owit gets rely colol" o o o wind is sec3c32 "seeing as h h dretty ba and something th w's sosoind heher,r, have to do windy s and heg wi mewas ivinincle. he s wheel over jusicic going straigig. it jut winere this evenirado s nel 13. .
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at 10 o'clk. firews all over southern n colora on high alert. seragrass fires broke out on t js wednesday. when wilwe
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tonight on krdo nechnel 1313at 10. thwind will gradualllie wnate night,t,t wiwi be slow to cool but eventually we'll
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30s for mo. morrow will bebe rmith s and s. t best news about won't be as y!ry nditions will rsist. your rado springs 7d forerest sho temperatutes warming on fridid, , , ing on turdayyoyo pupulo 7day rest sws a anceceor shower monday and d esday. your canon city 7dayorecast ows 50s anan
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7 da. your teller county 7day forecast shows teerat llllg g g the 40s byext wewe, with a chce f oweron friday, monday
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coming up in sports.. peyton manning's agent talks about his client it's march madness in southern colodo.. cocorary to
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ing's$agend ys the sheriff still m mling overeris disio whehher to remanning'agenen nver radio yoyoe truth i hasn't decided. condon ao said thth manningngng said he would really like play. the oncos have sent they will much time as he needs but he wl cision by ne brons rostst they will owe him nineteen bebeeve th bronons want to arterback that salary. cocoon did say manning will
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heoesn't play fofofoll i denver next season. the rockies played the first spring trainingame today ygainst the diamondbacksks 1 1 n arenado is already in mid season rm..back hander hehe thro frorofoulul terrority i love watching him play theh hot corner.. t dbacks win 6-3.. the doherty boys bketball team is hopipi th the sweet 16ill be sweet toght... as thehepartans will play rock cacaon in abouou half a ahour. rothschilil is l ve in sparta tonight with head c/cch rris krapcha thanks for jog me coachch krapcha ... . ) onon 2 d ds epepe fofothis gaga - what did yoyofocus s in practice? ). e atmohere ininere is crazy, , how d/ youou block k l t at out coco game time? you upguguys are geg hot at e ghti? 4.) wh's the key
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toninit? rertrtrt doherthigh school, ck rothschihi, , newschannel l sports ... pturing colorados up
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time now f tonight's cacaurg cololodo... get you up to dp on all thth test news and help you nbvigate that busy rushour afafc.
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time now@wor tonoght' capturing corado... tho cindy for thth eaeaphoto of the sunset. rerember... we wantnto see yo capting g co ctures ju them tour room. arth on kr
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tonigh an "e.t."." exclusi. >> don't trackp anyone. >> teresa andjoe's last minutet ove e fore he gez to prison. he t t t nejerseyhouse her husbsbd inn tears. what will l ey say t tir kids?? ughter, nia, tells me you,a,a golingg ay fr lot more mo anah mommy. >> and spepelation is thatyouuould be deported. >> then -- >> another " "ncwith the ars"s"shake-up.p. firirijulie ann left and now whyhyhy her brother, derek,k, iout. p now wait until you s%s the sexy star ba.


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